William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 72 of 91)
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Philadelphia, and November 24, 1879, was dismissed by letter from there to the
Mt, Morris Baptist Church, New York City. December 3, 1895, he was elected
a Trustee of this church, which position he held until November, 1903. His resi-
dence is in New York City.

Since 1883, Mr. Chaffee has been preparing this genealogy. He has spent a
great amount of time, considerable money and has visited the state and town
records throughout the United States, searching for information regarding the
descendants of Thomas Chaffe. The many copies of original records contained
in this volume attest his industry and thoroughness. The toil has been more than
offset by the pleasure of the search, and he has given some of the best years of
his life to this research.


The various printed question blanks sent out in 1883 and years following were
the means of much interesting and valuable correspondence, which has been con-
tinued up to the present time.

The business house of Chaffee, Morehouse & Carmichel, located at 43-45 Worth
Street, New York City, was nearly all destroyed by fire on the afternoon of Feb-
ruary 4, 1908, the fire starting about quarter past four in the afternoon. A singular
feature of the fire was that the original matter of the Chaffee lineages stored there,
though in close proximity to the raging flames, were but slightly burned, and but
little injured by water, to the great joy of the compiler. Even had this valuable
matter been lost, the book could have been printed without the loss of a single
item, as three copies of the completed manuscript were in the hands of the pub-

The editor and his other co-workers think the family owe him a debt of gratitude
for bringing to light the rare and interesting matter now presented. From various
parts of England and Canada he has obtained abstract copies of early wills and
family records. His great effort has been to make this a history that will be read
with appreciation and interest by the descendants of Thomas Chaffe and all others
who bear the surname.

6101 i Bertha Eliza lo Chaffee, born in New York City, November 12, 1875 ;
died in Liberty, N. Y., January 30, 1904; she was baptized in the
Mt. Morris Baptist Church, by Reverend William C. Bitting, January
30, 1887, and was an active and energetic worker in that church until
her removal to Liberty in 1900; she was graduated from the New
York City Public Schools wdth a high average; she was engaged to
be married to Floyd Mayham Grant of New York City, formerly of
Schoharie, N. Y.; he was graduated from Cornell University in 1895
as an electrical engineer, and later was employed by the New York
and New Jersey Telephone Company, in New York City, being sev-
eral times advanced; during this employment he was taken ill with
consumption, and in 1898 died in Schoharie, where he was buried;
in the late summer of 1900, Bertha E. Chaffee, too, fell ill of lung
trouble, and September 11th of that year entered the Loomis Sani-
tarium, Liberty, for treatment; the trouble soon developed into
consumption; in 1903 her parents made their home there, and there,
in 1904, she passed away; she was a bright and active girl, jovial and
loving in disposition, visiting and bringing cheer to the homes of
many, thereby leaving in sweet remembrance a life that was dear
to all who knew her; a memorial window has been placed to her
memory in the Baptist Church in Liberty, of which she was a member
at the time of her death; she was buried in the Chaffee family lot in
Somers, Conn.

"Fourteen years ago there came to our village from New York a
young girl who soon won her way into many hearts. Year after
year Bertha Chaffee returned to be greeted by an ever increasing
number of friends. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Chaffee
were also greatly appreciated here. No one marvelled to see young
Floyd Mayham Grant attracted by the sweet stranger. It seemed
so natural that these two rare spirits should joy in each other's pres-
ence that when it became loiown the two were affianced envy and
jealousy slunk away and smiles and blessings followed the youthful
pair. Six years ago just when life's cup seemed brimming full of
gladness and promise, young Grant suddenly passed into immor-
tality. Bertha Chaffee bowed in submission to God's decree, but the
body, weaker than the spirit, began to droop. Father and mother


love clasped arms about their only child, and held Death at bay
till January 30, 1904, when at Liberty, N. Y., Bertha Chaffee died.
Mrs. John B. Grant attended the last sad rites at Liberty. All
classes and ages here are expressing affection for the dear girl and
deep sympathy for the parents, who have lost the light of their
home." [Schoharie Standard, Februarv 6, 1904.]

"Bertha Eliza Chaffee, daughter of William H. and Eliza S. Chaf-
fee, died at her home on Wedemeyer Terrace Saturday morning,
aged 28 years. IMiss Chaffee came to Liberty about four years ago
for her health and during her residence here made many friends.
The services will be held this afternoon at the house at 2 o'clock,
Rev. Dr. W. C. Bitting of New York, officiating, assisted by Rev.
S. F. Frohock, pastor of the Baptist church. Remains interred in
the Liberty cemetery and later will be removed to family plot at
Somers, Conn." [Liberty paper.]

5377 Mary Ella 9 Chaffee (William,^ Elam,? Cyril,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Jo-
seph,2 Thomas i) was born in Philadelphia, Pa., January 24, 1853, and married
there, in the Broad Street Baptist Church, at five o'clock in the afternoon of De-
cember 19, 1876, George Washington Mixter, born in Somersville, Conn., February 2,
1852. He has a light complexion, blue eyes, and is five feet, ten inches in height.
He is a salesman and at the time of his marriage, and since then, has lived in Phila-
delphia. At the age of thirty-eight he united w^ith the Baptist Church.

Mrs. Mixter is extremely interested in all ancestral matters, and is a member
of the Daughters of the Revolution, in which society she is most active. She is
a member of the Baptist Church, in which she has done much work.

Children, born in Philadelphia:

6102 i William Chaffee lo Mixter, born March 16, 1878; married in Trenton,

N. J., May Cluxton; residence, 1908, Trenton; is a salesman. "Fu-
neral services over the body of Mrs. Frances May ^lixter, wife of
William Chaffee ^lixter, and daughter of W. R. and Ellen Cluxton
of Trenton, N. J., were conducted on the afternoon of June 3, 1908,
at the home of her parents. The officiating clergymen were the
Rev. Dr. A. J. Weisley and the Rev. Dr. Samuel M. Studdiford.

"At the services there were many of the younger people of Tren-
ton, among whom Mrs. Mixter was very widely known.

"Interment was in Riverview Cemetery, at the convenience of
the family. Mrs. Mixter is survived by her husband, parents, two
sisters and one brother."

6103 ii Lillian Belinda Mixter, born May 8, 1881 ; a dramatic reader and mono-

logue artist; residence, 1908, Philadelphia.

6104 iii ]\Iarie Aline Mixter, born August 3, 1885; an interpreter of child and

folk lore songs; residence, 1908, Philadelphia.

6105 iv George Washington Mixter, Jr., born July 27, 1890; residence, 1908,


5378 Edward James » Chaffee (James,^ Elam,^ Cyril,^ Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3
Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Somersville, Somers Township, Conn., August 1,
1836, and married (1) there, March 28, 1860, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Alexan-
der King and Margaret (Snodgrass) Young of Philadelphia, where both were
living at the time of their marriage. She died in New York City, April 20, 1886,
and was buried in the Somers Cemetery. She was a member of the Plainfield
(N. J.) Baptist Church and of the Mt. Morris Baptist Church, New York City.
Mr. Chaffee married (2) in Schoharie, N. Y., July 25, 1888, Mrs. Mary Cynthia


(Baker) Drake, daughter of Daniel and Hannah (Durand) Baker. She was born
in Ransomville, N. Y.

Mr. Chaffee has a florid complexion, blue-gray eyes, is five feet, eight inches
in height, and of a jovial disposition. He united with the Plainfield Baptist Church
at the age of forty and later with the Mt, Morris Baptist Church, in both of which
he has held the position of Trustee, and in the latter that of Treasurer also. For
several years after his marriage he lived in Philadelphia, and then moved to New
York City. About 1871 he moved to Plainfield, his business remaining in New
York, which city he again made his residence in 1878, and up to the present time.
There he has for many years been a prominent dry goods and commission mer-
chant. He is interested in the study of his ancestral lines and is a member of the
Empire State Society, Sons of the American Revolution, and of the New Eng-
land Society.

"Edward J. Chaffee, of the dry goods commission firm of Kibbe, Chaffee &
Company, was born in Somersville, Tolland County, Conn., in the year 1836,
and at an early age removed with his parents to Philadelphia, in which city his
father engaged for many years in the dry goods jobbing business. He graduated
at a prominent mercantile and classical school, and as soon as he was prepared
entered upon a mercantile career, in which he has continued actively to the present

"Early in the year 1864 Mr. Chaffee accepted a position as salesman in the
well-known house of Billings, Hoop & Company, Philadelphia and New York.
He began in the Philadelphia house, but remained there only a few months, being
transferred to the New York house. The firm of Billings, Roop & Company dis-
solved in January, 1865. The house of J. M. Billings & Company, of which Mr.
Chaffee was the company, was established in New York, and that of Roop & Kibbe
in Philadelphia. Succeeding J. M. Billings & Company came the firm of Billings,
Chaffee & Company, and at the death of Mr. Billings the style of the firm was
changed to Chaffee & Shreve. Subsequently, to enlarge the business, a connection
was formed with Mr. H. R. Kibbe, who had been long and favorably known in
this line, the style becoming Kibbe, Chaffee, Shreve & Company, New York,
and Kibbe, Chaffee & Company, Philadelphia, which continued for over ten years.
In January last the firm-name was again changed to Kibbe, Chaffee & Company.

"Mr. Chaffee is very popular with consignors and customers, and some valuable
accounts have been with his house over a cjuarter of a century. This long and
successful experience in the handling of knit goods causes his advice to be sought
after by young manufacturers, who have found in him a good adviser and friend.
American industries generally have found in him an able advocate of their in-
terests, and both by voice and pen he has done much to sustain the cause of pro-
tection. Mr. Chaffee has been for some time a member of the Chamber of Com-
merce, the Merchants' Club and various organizations of a religious and social
character. He has had many positions of trust, and is one of the executors and
trustees of the large estate of his relative and late partner, Mr. Billings.

"Notwithstanding his business cares, Mr. Chaffee has always found time for
literary pursuits. He possesses a large and well-selected library, the contents of
which are not for ornament but for use. His reading has been unusually ex-
tensive, embracing all classes of literature. American artists also, among whom
he numbers many as personal friends, have found in him a wise and liberal jDatron,
and in his collection of paintings may be seen valuable examples of some of our
most talented native artists. A carefully chosen lot of old Chinese porcelains of
beautiful forms and color adorn the cabinets and shelves of his home, and some
ancient classical objects give evidence again of his connoisseurship." [Dry Goods
Bulletin, December 11, 1886.]

Children, by first wife, the first two born in Philadelphia, the next two in New
York City, the last two in Plainfield :



6106 i Margaret Sophia lo Chaffee, born February 12, 1861 ; died in Philadelphia,

February 12, 1861; buried in Somers Cemetery.

6107 ii Charles Edward Chaffee, born June 9, 1864; died in Somers, September 21,

1865; buried in Somers Cemetery.

6108 iii Edward James Chaffee, Jr., born April 29, 1868; married in the Mt.

Morris Baptist Church, New York City, June 21, 1899, by its pas-
tor. Reverend W. C. Bitting, to Anna Florence Sears; no children;
he is a commission merchant; residence, 1908, New York City. Sfey

6109 iv Aline Blanche Chaffee, married in the Mt. Morris Baptist Church,

New York City, June 7, 1898, by its pastor, Reverend W. C. Bitting,
to Doctor Arthur Melville, son of Doctor John and Jennie (Sammis)
Shrady; no children; Doctor Shrady is a graduate of Princeton
University, and of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New
York City; he has been chief of staff in Roosevelt Hospital and is
resident physician of the Hotel Majestic, New York, in 1908; he has
also a private office.

6110 V George Alexander Chaffee, born November 19, 1871; died in Somers,

July 1, 1879; buried in Somers Cemetery.

6111 vi Mabel Louise, born October 15, 1874; died in Plainfield, May 27, 1877;

buried in Somers Cemetery.

5379 Theodore Spencers Chaffee (James,^ Elam,7 Cyril, a Asa,5 Joseph,* John,3
Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in Somersville, Conn., December 21, 1840, and died
in Avondale, N. J., January 31, 1902. He married in Philadelphia, Pa., Janu-
ary 4, 1866, Ellen Walker, daughter of John Spittall of that place. Mr. Chaffee
united with the Baptist Church in Rahway, N. J., and was a Trustee of it. His
wife is also a member of the Baptist Church. He had a light complexion, blue
eyes, and was five feet, seven inches in height. He was a commission merchant.
His body was interred in Somers Cemetery, Somers, Conn. In 1903 Mrs. Chaffee,
who survives her husband, was living in South Rutherford, N. J., and in 1908 in
Nutley, N. J.

Children, the first two born in Philadelphia, the last four in Rahway:

6112 i James Spittall lo Chaffee, born December 26, 1866; died March 1,

1867; buried in Somers Cemetery, Somers.

6113 ii Eleanor Harriet Chaffee, born July 19, 1868; died in Rahway, Jan-

uary 9, 1885.

6114 iii Theodore Spencer Chaffee, Jr., born June 6, 1870; died in Rahway,

March 2, 1875.

6115 iv Walter Spencer Chaffee, born August 30, 1874; died in Rahway,

August 8, 1882.

6116 V Arthur Billings Chaffee, born March 16, 1877; married Helen Anita,

daughter of Christian and Elizabeth Fleuraus; she was born in
New York City, November 4, 1885; residence 1908, Nutley.
+ 6117 vi Clarence Le Roy Chaffee, born September 27, 1880; married Anna H.

5380 Arthur Billings » Chaffee (James,8 Elam,7 Cyril,8 Asa,5 Joseph,* John,3
Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Philadelphia, Pa., June 19, 1852, and married
in Saratoga, N. Y., May 14, 1879, Laura Caroline, daughter of Merwin Gideon
Putnam of that place. Mr. Chaffee has a light complexion, light gray eyes, and
is five feet, eight inches in height. He was baptized in the Broad Street Baptist
Church, Philadelphia, and became a member of it in 1864. His early education
was gained in the public schools of that city ; he prepared for college in Williston
Seminary, Easthampton, Mass., graduating from there in 1869, and entering
Rochester (N. Y.) University. Thence he went to Princeton University, com-


pleting his course'there in 1876. He is a graduate also of the Rochester Theologi-
cal Seminary, class of 1879. His first pastorate was of the Baptist Church in
Franklin, Ind., where he remained until 1889. During this time he was Professor
of Latin in Franklin College, and spent one summer in Harvard University, tak-
ing a special course in chemistry and physics, later organizing a department of
those studies in Franklin College. In June, 1888, he accepted a call to Seymour,
Ind., remaining there until September, 1890, when he went to South Bend, Ind.
In 1895 while there he was President of the Indiana Baptist Young People's
Union. Later he was President of the Baptist College in Marshall, Tex., and in
1908 had a charge in Kalamazoo, Mich.

"Mr. Chaffee is one of those useful 'all-around' men in denominational work
who maj^ always be relied upon to perform the service he may have in hand with
business like promptness and accuracy, with skillful use of opportunity and mate-
rial. As teacher and pastor he has been most successful. The church which he
serves is doubtless the strongest, with possibly one exception, in Northern Indiana,
and may well count itself rich in having such a pastor." [Baptist Union, Feb-
ruary 16, 1895.]

Children :

6118 i Harold Putnam lo Chaffee, born April 25, 1880; married in Pella, la.,

May 29, 1907, Fanny Winifred, daughter of William C. Smith;
they live in Grundy Center, la., where Mr. Chaffee is a minister.

6119 ii Eleanor Billings ChafTee, born November 17, 1881.

6120 iii James Foster Chaffee, born June 9, 1883.

6121 iv Arthur Billings Chaffee, Jr., January 2, 1885.

6122 V Margaret Caroline Chaffee, born February 6, 1887.

6123 vi Mary Ellen Chaffee, born August 29, 1889; died in August, 1890.

6124 vii Lawrence Erie Chaffee, born November, 1891.

6125 viii Kenneth Chaffee, born in Pella, November 26, 1896.

5381 Harriet Elizabeths Chaffee (Spencer,^ Elam,^ Cyril,6 Asa,^ Joseph,^ John,3
Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in Somersville, Conn., April 25, 1848, and was mar-
ried there, June 20, 1867, by Reverend Mr. Douglass, a Methodist minister, to
Clayton, son of Leonard and Ruth (Rockwell) Grant. Mr. and Mrs. Grant live in
Wapping, Conn.


6126 i Gertrude Mabelle i" Grant, born in Wapping, July 3, 1868; married there

in the Congregational Church by Reverend O. G. Mclntire, Novem-
ber 20, 1888, to Frederick O. Boynton of Manchester, Conn., where
they were living in 1907.

5388 John Norman 9 Lacey (Nabby Elvira ^ Chaffee, Norman, ^ Calvin, ^ Asa,^
Joseph,'* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1), married in the fall of 1860, Catharine Woods
of Enfield, Mass., a teacher. In 1883 Mr. Lacey was a teacher in the S. P. School
in Monson, Mass., a position which he had honorably filled for twenty years. At
the time of their marriage, he and his wife were both teaching in the same school.

Children :

6127 i Carrie Elvira ^° Lacey.

6128 ii Hattie Lacey.

6129 iii Edwards Norman Lacey.

5390 Noah Davis » Chaffee (Edmund Dwight,^ Norman,^ Calvin, e Asa,^ Jo-
seph,4 John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., January 22,
1844, and married in Avon, Conn., May 1, 1872, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of

(See Page 544)


Roland Weatherby of that place. In 1886 they lived m Southington, Conn.,
where Mr. Chaffee is a machinist and die sinker.

Children :

6130 i Roland Dwight i° Chaffee, born in Union\'ille, Conn., February 5, 1874;

a machinist.

6131 ii Austin S. Chaffee, born in Southington, November 16, 1885.

5391 Robert Dwight ^ Chaffee (Edmund Dwight,^ Norman,^ Calvin,^ Asa,5
Joseph,'* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., July 21,
1846, and married (1), January 12, 1868, Mary Elizabeth Knowles of Springfield,
Mass., who died January 20, 1882. He married (2), January 23, 1883, Emma J.
Hoisington of West Springfield, Mass., where they were li\'ing in that year.

Children :

6132 i Chester Herbert i" Chaffee, born in Enfield, Mass.

6133 ii Etta Elizabeth Chaffee, born in Springfield, Mass.

5392 Norman Seymour a Chaffee (Edmund Dwight,^ Norman, ' Calvin, ^ Asa, ^
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., Janu-
ary 1, 1848, and married (1) in Springfield, Mass., March 25, 1871, Juliette E.,
daughter of Aretas Janes Cadwell of Enfield, IMass. She died there, February 20,
1872. Mr. Chaffee married (2) in Monson, Mass., November 26, 1874, Anna Jane «
Lanphear (5396) (Amorette Jane » Chaffee, Norman, ^ Calvin, « Asa,^ Joseph, <
John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1), born in Monson, December 21, 1846. In 1883 they
lived in Enfield, where he was a farmer.

Children, the first four born in Enfield :

6134 i Rufus Seymour w Chaffee, born May 13, 1879.

6135 ii Mary Amorette Chaffee, born August 11, 1881.

6136 iii Rose Irene Chaffee, bom October 8, 1882; died November 27, 1884.

6137 iv Blanche Christine Chaffee, a twin, born October 8, 1882.

6138 V NeUie A. Chaffee, born January 20, 1884; died September 15, 1884.

6139 vi WiUis S. Chaffee, born December 8, 1885.

5393 Sarah Amanda » Chaffee (Edmund Dwight,^ Norman,? Cahan,6 Asa,'
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., Janu-
ary 16, 1854, and married, May 18, 1878, Eugene C. Bartlett of Montague, Mass.
In 1883 they lived in Orange, Mass.

Children, the first two born in Enfield, Mass., the last in Orange:

6140 i Fred Lucky ^ Bartlett.

6141 ii Harrv Dwight Bartlett.

6142 iii Lulu May Bartlett.

5394 Nabby Davis ^ Lanphear (Amorette Jane ^ Chaffee, Norman, ? CahaUj^
Asa, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Monson, Mass., July 12,
1841, and married in Windsor Locks, Conn., August 9, 1861, Charles Howard
Lanphear of Chester, Conn.


6143 i Jennie Ehdra i" Lanphear, born in Chester, November 27, 1864; married,

March 5, 1885, George Shaw.

5398 Sarah Amorette » Lanphear (Amorette Jane « Chaffee, Norman,? Cah-in,*"
Asa, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Monson, Mass., Decem-
ber 13, 1854, and married, June 30, 1884, Lester C. Stebbins.



6144 i Walter lo Stebbins, born October 6, 1885.

5400 Mary Elvina^ Lanphear (Amorette Jane » Chaffee, Norman, ^ Calvin, ^
Asa, 5 Joseph, ■* John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in Monson, Mass., November 1,
1859, and married there, November 26, 1879, Milo Adelbert Gold of Stafford,

Children :

6145 i Amorette Chaffee lo Gold, born in Stafford Springs, Conn., August 23,

1881; died December 9, 1882.

6146 ii Norman A. Gold, born December 11, 1883.

5401 Emma Jane^ Chaffee (Ralph Tyler,^ Norman, ^ Calvin, « Asa,5 Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born April 10, 1847, and died in Athol, Mass.,
October 1, 1879. She married, in 1867, Everett C. Towne, M. D., of Springfield,

Children :

6147 i Edward Everett lo TowTie, born in Unionville, Conn., April 2, 1869.

6148 ii Ralph Chaffee Towne, born May 3, 1871.

5403 Ellen Amanda » Chaffee (Ralph Tyler.s Norman, 7 Calvin,6 Asa,5 Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in Windsor Locks, Conn., June 28, 1857,
and died in New York City, January 28, 1899. She married in Brooklyn, "N. Y.,
October 15, 1878, Frederick Deming Green of that place, where he was born
July 3, 1850.

Mrs. Green was educated in the Hartford (Conn.) High School and later gradu-
ated from the ]\Iaplewood School of Music in East Haddam, Conn.

"After a residence of some years in Hackensack, N. J., Mr. and Mrs. Green re-
moved to Thompson, Conn., in 1885. In 1889 they united with the Congregational
Church, bringing letters from the Dutch Reformed Church in Hackensack, which
they both joined soon after their marriage. From the home, over which she pre-
sided with so much grace and efficiency Mrs. Green's death removes a beloved
wife, a much needed mother, a model housekeeper, a gracious hostess, and a kind
neighbor. The very house, which had been gradually transformed to express
her ideas of convenience and comfort, is eloquent in its emptiness. A husband,
daughter and nephew, regular members of this household, together with her
mother, who spent much of her time here, and two brothers, will naturally feel
most keenly this loss from their family circle. There are others, not all in the
circle of kindred, to whom she had greatly endeared herself, by whom her death
will be felt as an irreparable loss. The charm which fitted her to shine in wider
circles, and gave such zest to her years of citj' life, was never lost. She owed even
less to her brilliant repartee and nimble wit than to her ready sympathy and un-
erring tact. Appreciating the central place still held by the church in the thought
and life of a typical New England community, Mrs. Green identified herself with
the church more completely than at any earlier jDeriod of her life, and was an in-
terested, active and efficient worker as long as strength permitted. She was to
the last a constant attendant at all the Sabbath and mid-week meetings. Not
least important were the services rendered her Sunday-school class of young
ladies. These last years afforded opportunities for intellectual and siDiritual

Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 72 of 91)