William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 73 of 91)
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growth which were seized with eagerness.

"Mrs. Green was a woman of unusual versatility and of great force of character.
Her life had developed in unwonted measure resources that might otherwise have
been latent." [Obituary notice.]

Mrs. Green's fimeral was conducted at her home in Thompson on January 31,
at two o'clock in the afternoon, b}' her pastor. Reverend G. H. Cummings, and
her body was interred in the family lot in the West Thompson Cemetery.

(See Page 544)


Children :

6149 i Helen Aletta i" Green, born November 10, 1879; residence, 1907, Thomp-


6150 ii Florence Louise Green, residence, 1907, Thompson.

5404 Ralph Giles 9 Chaffee (Ralph Tyler,^ Norman,^ Calvin,^ Asa,^ Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in Hartford, Conn., March 16, 1865, and
married, January 20, 1887, Grace, daughter of Doctor Hosford of Thompson,
Conn, She was born July 19, 1866. They live in Hackensack, N. J.

Children :

6151 i A child, 10 died in infancy.

6152 ii Helen Elizabeth Chaffee, born in Hackensack, September 25, 1890.

6153 iii Doris Chaffee, born July 25, 1895.

6154 iv Katherine Gay Chaffee.

6155 V Joseph Gay Chaffee, born in Hackensack, March 6, 1900.

5406 Ellen Samantha ^ Wood (Betsey Samantha « Chaffee, Norman, ^ Calvin, ^
Asa, 5 Joseph,'* John, 3 Joseph, ^ Thomas i) was born January 24, 1849, and married
Lafayette Gilligan of Monson, Mass.


6156 i Minnie lo Gilligan.

5407 Elliott Edmund 9 Wood (Amanda Holly » Chaffee, Norman,^ Calvin,«
Asa,s Joseph, -1 John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born December 17, 1846, and mar-
ried Jennie Hulst of Richmond, Va.


6157 i Fred i" Wood, in 1883 a physician practicing in Brooklyn, N. Y.

5408 Merrick Lyman a Wood (Amanda Holly « Chaffee, Norman,^ Calvin,6
Asa, 5 Joseph,'* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born in Springfield, Mass., Novem-
ber 5, 1848, and died in Chicopee, Mass., December 31, 1881. He married, Novem-
ber 15, 1871, Emma Cornelia Hubbard of "Williamsburg, Mass. He lost both his
wife and infant son in the flood caused by the breaking of the Williamsburg reser-
voir, May 16, 1874. He was in partnership with his father in the hay, grain and
fertilizer business in Chicopee at the time of his death. It was said of him at his
death :

"He has shown a remarkable fidelity to business and we believe has not an
enemy in the world. He was one of the most constant and studious readers of
the books from the public library and was termed a well-read man by good judges.
His character was above reproach and marked with great purity of speech and
conduct. His most intimate friends can but think of him in connection with the
saying of Christ, 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.' "


6158 i A son,io born about 1873; died May 16, 1874.

5411 Charles Elmer » Harwood (Lydia Payne » Chaffee, Thomas Elmer,^ Cal-
vin, ^ Asa, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born January 27, 1851, and
married Elizabeth Ayres of Enfield, Mass.


6159 i Ada Lydia ^^ Harwood.

5413 George Sanford ^ Harwood (Lydia Payne « Chaffee, Thomas Elmer,^
Calvin, 6 Asa,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born March 9, 1856, and
married Fannie Taylor of Pelham, Mass.


Children :

6160 Mabel Edna i" Harwood.

6161 Anna Harwood.

5423 Charles Wilbers Chaffee (Edward Brooks,8 Dan/ Calvin,6 Asa,5 Joseph,^
John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born on Pickle Hill, in Richmond TowTiship, Pa.,
February 16, 1851, and married (1) in Mansfield, Pa., May 2, 1869, Louisa, daughter
of Lewis Evans of Blossburg, Pa. Mr. Chaffee married (2), August 17, 1879,
Nellie E. Allen of Hinsdale, Mass. He has a sandy complexion, brown eyes, black
hair, and is five feet, nine inches in height. He is an artisan, and in 1892 was
living in Mansfield. He formerly lived on Pickle Hill, Richmond.

Children, by first wife:

6162 i Jennie May lo Chaffee, born May 26, 1870; married Albert Done of

Athens, Pa.

6163 ii Lora Ettie Chaffee, born June 18, 1872; died in March, 1874.

6164 iii Charles Lewis Chaffee, born November 21, 1874; died April 20, 1876.

Children, by second wife :

6165 iv James Garfield Chaffee, born June 29, 1880.

6166 V :\rurtie Fidara Chaffee, born April 27, 1882.

6167 vi Minnie Chaffee, born May 7, 1884; died :\Iay 7, 1884.

6168 vii Hattie Belle Chaffee, born May 23, 1886.

5424 Mary Melissa 9 Chaffee (Edward Brooks,^ Dan,^ Calvin,^ Asa,^ Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in Richmond Township, Pa., August 22, 1852,
and married in Mansfield, Pa., July 3, 1871, William Wheeler of Burlington, Pa.,
born there February 14, 1845, died in Thompson Hill, Pa., May 18, 1888. He had
a light complexion, gray eyes, and was six feet, one and one-half inches in height.
He was an artisan. In 1887 they lived in Bentley Creek, Pa.

Children, all but the first, fourth and fifth born in Bradford County, Pa. :

6169 i Wilmot Wilson lo Wheeler, born April 13, 1872; died April 16, 1873.

6170 ii Martha Jane Wheeler, born August 10, 1873.

6171 iii Emma Adelia Wheeler, born December 20, 1875.

6172 iv Merritt Reed Wheeler, born February 4, 1878; died October 7, 1878.

6173 V Chariotte Deborah Wheeler, born March 26, 1880.

6174 vi Esther Ann Wheeler, born July 2, 1883.

6175 vii Ida May Wheeler, born July 14, 1886.

5459 Celestia Rosahe ^ Chaffee (Jarvis Sexton,^ Comfort Bliss,^ Nathaniel
Bliss,6 Comfort, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born December 21,
1847, and died in 1904. She married in Rome, Pa., February 3, 1868, Eliphalet
Mervin Clark, born there, January 17, 1844. He has a light complexion, blue eyes,
and is five feet, nine inches in height. He fought as a Private in the Civil War
and was slightly wounded by a shell. He united with the Methodist Church at
the age of twenty-four, is a Republican in politics, and by occupation a farmer.
At one time Mr. and Mrs. Clark lived in Charleston, Pa., but in 1891 lived in Rome.

Children :

6176 i Loren Marsena 1° Clark, born May 29, 1869.

6177 ii Reese Emery Clark, born April 12, 1871.

6178 iii John Henry Clark, born March 19, 1877.

5460 Dora Parmeha » Chafiee (Jarvis Sexton, » Comfort Bliss,^ Nathaniel Bliss,^
Comfort,^ Joseph,* John,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born December 6, 1849, and
married (1), September 19, 1869, Harvey Ellis Dimmock, a widower, born in


Orwell, Pa., January 10, 1829, and died January 22, 1890. His first wife was
Susan Jane Case, who died February 14, 1865, and by whom he had two children,
Charles S. and Susan F. He was a farmer and a member of the Methodist Church,
which he joined at the age of fifty-two. He was five feet, six inches in height.
After his death Dora (Chaffee) Dimmock married (2) in Nichols, N. Y., about
1891, John Ackley. In 1892 they hved in Orwell.

Children :

6179 i Minnie Myrtle i" Dimmock, born April 27, 1871 ; married Fred C. Boda.

6180 ii Herman Adelbert Dimmock, born March 16, 1873.

6181 iii Mabel Clare Dimmock, born December 10, 1876.

6182 iv Arthur Fremont Dimmock, born October 31, 1878.

6183 V William Harvey Dimmock, born January 12, 1884.

5462 Ida Mays Chaffee (Jarvis Sexton,^ Comfort Bliss,^ Nathaniel BlisSj^Com-
fort,5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born July 12, 1855, and married
in Rome, Pa., in 1877, John Hamill, born November 15, 1852. Mrs. Hamill joined
the Methodist Church at the age of twenty-three. She has blue eyes, and a light
complexion. Mr. Hamill is a painter. In 1892 they lived in Le Raysville, Pa.,
but the following year moved West.

Children :

6184 i Burton lo Hamill, born October 26, 1878.

6185 ii Orestus Hamill, born September 20, 1880.

6186 iii Ray Hamill, born August 26, 1884.

6187 iv Birney Hamill, born January 15, 1889.

5467 Olive Rosettas Chaffee (Nathaniel Bliss,^ Comfort Bliss,7 Nathaniel
Bhss,6 Comfort, 5 Joseph,* John,3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born November 6, 1849,
and married in Orwell, Pa., February 8, 1886, Robert Arnold, a farmer of that
place, born in Warren, Pa., July 28, 1845. He was a Private in the Civil War,
and is a Republican in politics. He has a light complexion, blue eyes, and is six
feet, two inches in height. In 1891 they were living in Orwell.

Children :

6188 i Edward Bliss"' Arnold, born January 8, 1867; married Carrie Aurelia


6189 ii Tamar Antoinette Arnold, born September 7, 1869; married John Cur-

tis Pettes.

6190 iii Clara Syrena Arnold, born December 18, 1874.

5472 Merton Douglas " Chaffee (William Douglas,^ Comfort Bliss,^ Nathaniel
Bliss,6 Comfort, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Potterville, Pa.,
October 25, 1856, and married in Olean, N. Y., April 8, 1883, Ida May, daughter
of William Nobles of Sheffield, Conn. She is a member of the Methodist Church.
Mr. Chaffee has a light complexion, brown eyes, and is five feet, eight inches in
height. He is a blacksmith. They lived in Olean in 1891.

Children :

6191 i Leroy 10 Chaffee, born February 28, 1884.

6192 ii Clifford Dewitt Chaffee, born January 4, 1885.

5488 Charles Herbert » Chaffee (Merrick Joel,^ Joel,^ Nathaniel BHss,^ Comfort,^
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas^) was born April 11, 1870, and married in De-
troit, Mich., May 14, 1890, Mary Cecelia, daughter of George and Eliza (McCarthy)
Fraunfelder. She was born in Cleveland, 0., July 12, 1867, and her father was


born in Manheim, Germany, In 1892 Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee lived in Detroit, where
he is a member of the Roman Catholic Church.
Children :

6193 i Sylvian Herbert lo Chaffee, born June 24, 1891 ; died November 19, 1891.

6194 ii Raymond Virgil Chaffee, born August 31, 1892.

5523 Leverta Hamilton (Lucy » Chaffe, William,^ Joseph,^ Isaiah,^ Joseph,^
John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born in March, 1850, and married in Erieville, N. Y.,
Harriet Ransom.


6195 i A son,io born in 1884.

5525 Frank Leroys Chaffe (Francis N.,8 William,7 Joseph, e Isaiah,^ Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas i), married in Erieville, N. Y., May Humphrey.

6196 i Francis ^ Chaffe.

5527 Hiram Eugene ^ Chaphe (Thomas Grant,^ Joseph Manning, ^ Joseph, f
Isaiah, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born near Morrisville, N. Y.,
July 19, 1851, and married, January 1, 1872, Adaline Elizabeth Annie, daughter
of Edwin and Chloe B. A. (Hichcock) Hinman of Colesville, Broome County, N. Y.
She was born September 17, 1851, and being left an orphan at the age of seven
went to Stockbridge, N. Y., where she lived with her uncle and aunt, attending
the district school there until she was fifteen and later the Oneida (N. Y.) Seminary
for one term. She was a diligent student, and after completing her education
taught school successfully for three and a half years, up to the time of her marriage.
She is of medium height and slender build.

Mr. Chafee lived with his parents up to the time of his marriage, attending
school in Richmond, Mo., Stockbridge, and Munsville. After his marriage he
bought a farm southeast of the latter place, but soon sold it, and losing in another
farm investment, went to Michigan, where he bought eighty acres of railroad
land near Manton, Wexford County. In June, 1879, his wife and children joined
him, but being disappointed in the country, and his health being poor, he moved
into the village of Manton, where he worked in the pine woods through the winter,
returning to Munsville in the autumn of 1881. Soon after this he bought the
Sloane farm on West Hill, Stockbridge, where he was living in 1906. He bought
the Putnam and Adams farms adjoining, and has a fine fruit and dairy farm.
He calls his place "Cherry Heights," from the number of cherry trees on the farm.
Like his father, Mr. Chafee is of commanding presence and firm disposition. He is
well-read, intelligent, honest and enterprising. Mr. and ]\Irs. Chafee have for
many years been active workers in the Methodist Church. In 1904 they attended
the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, accompanied by their three eldest

Children, the first three born in Munsville, the last five in Stockbridge:

6197 i Grace Bell i" Chafee, born May 4, 1873; moved with her parents when

six years of age to Michigan, where she attended school in the log
schoolhouse near Manton, later returning with her parents to
]\Iunsville, and after a few months, moving to Stockbridge, in
both towns attending school; at the age of thirteen going to live
with her grandparents in Morrisville where she graduated from
the Union School; after teaching a district school near home in
1890, she entered the Oneonta (N. Y.) Normal School, graduating

(See Page 545)


from it in the Scientific Course in 1895, in the fall of that year
taking a school in Walden, Orange County, N. Y.; after four
years' service there, she went to Port Chester, Westchester County,
N. Y., where in 1906 she was still teaching successfully; she is an
industrious and earnest worker, inheriting her mother's energy
and perseverance; she has musical ability; is an active worker
in the Baptist Church; she has adopted her grandfather's spelling
of her name, Chaphe.

6198 ii Cassandria Annie Chafee, born November 11, 1874; educated in the

schools of Manton, Stockbridge and Munsville, graduating from
the Morrisville Union School, and later from the Eastman Busi-
ness College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; taught school for seven years
and since 1900 has been a bookkeeper; in 1906 she was employed
in that capacity in Great River, N. Y.; she is tall and well built,
with much ability.

6199 iii Elsie May Chafee, born February 26, 1877; educated in the schools

of Stockbridge and Morrisville, graduating from the Union School
in the latter place; after teaching in the district schools of Stock-
bridge, Madison and vicinity, she went to the Oneonta Normal
School from which she graduated; taught one year in Harrison,
Westchester County, N. Y., then joined her sister Grace in Port
Chester, where she has since taught; she is of medium height,
well built, and fine looking.

6200 iv Sylvia Eugenia Chafee, born in Morrisville, March 20, 1879; educated

in the schools of Stockbridge, Morrisville and Oneida, N. Y.,
where she graduated from the High School in 1903; before and
since graduating she taught district schools; she is the historian
of the family and much interested in genealogy.

6201 v Arthur Edwin Chafee, born April 24, 1883; educated in Stockbridge,

and lives with his parents, assisting his father; possesses marked
mechanical ability.

6202 vi Thomas Barton Chafee, born July 19, 1885; educated in the schools

of Stockbridge, Morrisville and Oneida, where he graduated from
the High School as Valedictorian, June 23, 1905, although his
latter years of school work had been interrupted during the spring,
his assistance being required by his father on the farm ; he had
intended to enter college in the fall of 1905, but an affection of
the eyes prevented this, to his great disappointment; his desire
for learning is great, he is keenly ambitious and a tireless worker.

6203 vii Gertrude Elizabeth Chafee, born September 26, 1887; educated in

the Stockbridge school until the fall of 1903, when she entered
the Oneida High School, where she remained until the spring of
1905; the following summer she spent some weeks with her sisters
in Port Chester and Great River, and also visited New York City.

6204 viii Florence Rubge Chafee, born August 31, 1889; educated in the Stock-

bridge school and the Oneida High School, which she entered in
the fall of 1903, being forced by ill health to leave in the spring
of 1905, to her great disappointment; she possesses marked musical

6205 ix Robert Manning Chafee, born December 4, 1892; a student in the

Stockbridge school.

5528 Thomas Francis » (" Frank ") Chaphe (Thomas Grant,^ Joseph Manning,^
Joseph, 6 Isaiah, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born near Morrisville,
N. Y., September 18, 1855, and married (1), June 26, 1878, Mary S., daughter of
John Fisher of Munsville, N. Y. He married (2), December 31, 1890, Mary Cooney
of Syracuse, N. Y.

T. Francis Chaphe went with his parents as a child to Missouri, remaining there


six years. He received his education in the schools of Stockb ridge, and Eaton,
N. Y., followed by one year's study in Cazenovia (X. Y.) Seminary. He helped
his father on the farm until 1877, when he learned the carpenter's trade, and worked
for Armour & Company in Kansas City for a few months, soon returning to Muns-
ville, where he continued to work at his trade, being a good mechanic as well as a
carpenter. In November, 1884, he went to Florida, where he bought an orange
farm, but in July, 1885, left there. The winter of 1886-87 he spent in Colorado,
and from 1887 to 1888 he ran a saw-mill in Morrisville, manufacturing cheese
boxes. From 1890 to 1905 he was employed by C. E. Tayntor & Company of
New York City and Brooklyn, erecting monuments, vaults and mausoleums in
Greenwood, Woodla^vn, Salem Field, and other cemeteries of Greater New York,
and in various parts of the country. In April, 1905, he started for himself in this
business in New York City. He is a man of great mechanical ability, honest and
faithful in the work, but in poor health.
Children, by first wife, born in Munsville :

6206 i Edna M.i" Chaphe, born June 26, 1879; married Clarence Henderson,

her cousin.

6207 ii Arthur E. Chaphe, born June 1, 1881; died in Morrisville, September 16,


5530 Anna Sylvia ^ Chaphe (Thomas Grant, ^ Joseph Manning,'' Joseph,^ Isaiah, ^
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in Munsville, N. Y., November 28,
1862, and died July 19, 1890. She married in Ohio, September 19, 1883, Dwight
Graham of Eaton Center, N. Y. They lived in Morrisville, N. Y., until 1889, when
they moved to Hamilton, N. Y., where Mr. Graham had a machine shop.

Anna S. Chaphe was educated in the schools of MunsviUe and Morrisville, and
later learned the millinery trade in the latter town, where she worked at it for
some time. She was tall, well built, fine looking, of a kind disposition, and was
respected and admired by all who knew her. She was buried in Morrisville.


6208 i Anna Chaphe i" Graham, born in Hamilton, June 30, 1890; her mother

dying soon after her birth, she was cared for from her first year by
her grandmother Chaphe, who died when Anna was fifteen; she
attended the Union School, Morrisville, where she received the first
prize for speaking at the closing exercises; in 1906 she was keeping
house for her father in Hamilton, where she attended the High School.

5532 Franklin George » Chaphe (George Franklin,^ Joseph Manning,' Joseph,^
IsaiahjS Joseph,* John, 3 JosejAj^ Thomas i) was born near Morrisville, N. Y.,
October 29, 1855, and married in Sherburne, N. Y., June 9, 1880, Flora Buell,
born December 5, 1859.

Franklin G. Chaphe was born after his father's death on a farm near Morris-
ville and lived with his mother in Eaton, where he received his education. His
stepfather, who was a builder, taught him the painting and carpenter's trades,
but he gave this up at the age of twenty and for two years was a farmer ; from 1877
to 1881, he kept a store in Earlville, N. Y., where he sold hardware and groceries.
In 1882 he moved to Valley Springs, S. D. Here he bought a farm four miles from
the town and became a farmer, dairyman and poultry raiser. In 1898 he went into
the hotel business, conducting "The Lake Park Hotel" in Madison, S. D. For
five years he was interested in mining, but not finding the undertaking profitable
returned to the hotel business in Britton, S. D.

^ '<yirt-<^^^^i^^^<.r^ /'C^5<:^iL>^^^

(See Page 547)


Children :

6209 i George Franklin "> Chaphe, born March 6, 1883; industrious and ener-

getic; is manager of the telephone exchange in Hailey and Sho-
shone Falls, Idaho.

6210 ii Edith Buell Chaphe, born August 20, 18S5; lives with her parents.

6211 iii Richard Lee Chaphe, born August 19, 1887; attending school, 1906;

named for his mother's father.

5535 James Manning 9 Chaphe (Andrew Jackson, » Joseph Manning, ^ Joseph, «
Isaiah, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Hartford, Conn., Septem-
ber 30, 1860, and married in St. Louis, Mo., June 15, 1881, his cousin, Nannie
Gertrude ^ Chaphe (5543) (William Henry,8 Joseph ]\Ianning,7 Joseph, ^ Isaiah,5
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas 1), born August 2, 1859.

James Manning Chaphe moved with his jDarents to East New York, a part of
Brooklyn, N. Y., when three years of age, and at the age of five was sent to a private
school, later attending the public schools. At the age of ten his parents moved to
St. Louis, Mo., where he continued his education in the public schools for seven
years. At the age of seventeen he entered the St. Louis Water Works, where he
served a four years' apprenticeship, thoroughly mastering the trade of a mechanical
engineer. In March, 1881, he was appointed Assistant Mechanical Engineer
in the St. Louis Water Works, which position he held for sixteen years. After
this he still continued his profession, designing, superintending, erecting and
improving the machinery for water works, electric light plants, shoe factories,
printing establishments, iron works, and so forth. During the building of the
Louisiana Purchase Exposition he was employed as Mechanical Inspector and
during the progress of the Exposition as Assistant Chief INIechanical Engineer,
Early in 1905 Mr. Chaphe was engaged to go to Vicksburg, Miss., as Chief Mechan-
ical Engineer of the City Water Works. This position he resigned in September,
1905, on account of the yellow fever epidemic then raging in the South. Follow-
ing this he was for a few months in charge of the installation of the power, heating,
and electric plant of the State Normal School, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Mr. Chaphe
has been a member of the Engineers' Club of St. Louis since 1886. He is a faithful
worker and a diligent student in his profession. He has a pleasant, cheerful and
sociable disposition.

Children, born and buried in St. Louis :

6212 i A son, 10 born May 22, 1882; died in St. Louis May 24, 1882.

6213 ii Ada Marv Chaphe, born August 7, 1884; died February 5, 1885.

6214 iii Robert Allen Chaphe, born July 19, 1887; died July 10, 1889.

5536 George Allen » Chaphe (Andrew Jackson, s Joseph Manning," Joseph, ^
Isaiah, 5 Joseph,* John,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Hartford, Conn., Novem-
ber 28, 1862, and married m St. Louis, Mo., September 24, 1890, Elizabeth Har-
rington, daughter of Benjamin F. and Elizabeth (Rielly) Lewis. She was born
in Jefferson City, Mo., September 24, 1870.

When an infant George A. Chaphe was taken by his parents to East New York,
Brooklyn, N. Y., where they lived for seven years, at the end of that time mov-
ing to St. Louis, where George entered the public schools. In 1882 he was gradu-
ated from the St. Louis High School and later from a business college. For nearly
four years he worked in a wholesale hardware house and in 1887 entered the
employ of the United States in the postal service, where he has remained in the


mailing and registry service of the St. Louis Post Office for nineteen years, an
earnest, diligent worker.

Mr. Chaphe has always possessed a remarkable memory, was a faithful student
in his school days, excelling particularly in elocution. He has committed to
memory many passages from the Bible and from the works of his favorite authors.

Children :

6215 i Gertrude lo Chaphe, born August 31, 1895; died September 5, 1895.

6216 ii Isabel Augusta Chaphe, born January 7, 1897.

6217 iii George Dewey Chaphe, born May 16, 1899.

6218 iv Homer Lewis Chaphe, born June 28, 1902.

6219 V Xanny Gertrude Chaphe, born March 31, 1905.

5537 Ada Mary » Chaphe (Andrew Jackson, « Joseph Manning,^ Joseph, ^ Isaiah, ^
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in East New York (now Brooklyn),
N. Y., November 15, 1864, and married in St. Louis, Mo., October 26, 1886, William '
Reinhart Chiv\'is, born in Memphis, Tenn., June 3, 1858, a descendant of William
Chivvis who came from England and settled in Virginia in 1746.

At the age of six Ada M. Chaphe moved with her parents to St. Louis, where
she entered the public schools. In 1884 she was graduated from the High School
there, reading one of the two class papers delivered at the graduating exercises. The
following summer she visited Hartford, Conn., Philadelphia, Pa., New York City
and other places, the trip being one of extreme interest to one accustomed to

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