William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 74 of 91)
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life in a western city. A desire to put into practice some original ideas concerning
the art of teaching, caused her to take charge- for a year of a country school in
Bonhomme, Mo. Her school consisted of sixty scholars and was ten miles from
the railroad; there being neither church nor Sunday school within miles of her,
she obtained permission to conduct a Sunday school in the schoolhouse. This
service became so i^opular that under the auspices of her successors it has con-
tinued up to the present time and bids fair to shortly develop into a church.

Mr. Chiv^ns was for eighteen years connected with a firm dealing in hardwood
lumber, in the successive capacities of bookkeeper and secretary, and in 1901
established himself in business under the name of W. R. Chi wis Hardwood Lum-
ber Company. Early in life he and Mrs. Chi\nds united with the Hyde Park
Congregational Church, St. Louis, and in 1906 with the First Congregational
Church on Delmar Boulevard, having moved to that section of the city. Mr.
Chiwis is a member of the Congregational Club, composed of professional and
business men of that denomination. At the club meetings addresses are made
on topics of general as well as denominational interest, ladies occasionally being
invited to speak. Mrs. Chivvis has twice been so honored. For seven years she
served as Recording Secretary of the Congregational Foreign Missionary Societies
of Missouri, for four years as Corresponding Secretary of the Missouri Federation
of Women's Clubs and is at present President of the Tuesday Literary Club, one
of the largest of the women's clubs in St. Louis.
Children, born in St. Louis :

6220 i Leland 10 Chi\"v'is, born August 21, 1887; educated in the St. Louis

public schools; graduated from the High School in June, 1905,
and is at present a student in Washington University; imited with
the First Congregational Church, St. Louis, in 1906.

6221 ii Xorman Che\^ds, born February 3, 1891; a pupil in the Central High

School, St. Louis.


6222 iii Ruth Chevvis, born December 8, 1894; a student in the St. Louis gram-

mar school.

5541 Byron 9 Chaphe (Andrew Jackson,^ Joseph Manning/ Joseph,^ Isaiah,!^
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in St. Louis, Mo., April 6, 1871,
and married there, December 12, ICOO, Bertha Margaret, daughter of George
and Mary Burs. She was born in St. Louis, September 27, 1878. For some years
Mr. Chaphe was in the insurance business, but is now a clerk in a railroad office.


6223 i Evelyn May lo Chaphe, born November 5, 1902.

5544 William Henry » Chaphe, Jr. (William Henry » Joseph Manning,^ Joseph,^
Isaiah,5 Joseph,-* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i), was born September 23, 1865, and
died May 14, 1900. He married, November 24, 1891, Emma S. Schad of Bingham-
ton, N. Y. She and her daughter hve with William H. Chaphe, Sr., in Corning.


6224 i Helen Katheren lo Chaphe, born December 30, 1893.

5545 Charles » Chester Chaphe (William Henr}',* Joseph Manning,^ Joseph,^
Isaiah,5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born October 10, 1867, and mar-
ried, June 5, 1899, Martha Avery of Newport News, Va., where they live. Mr.
Chaphe is employed in the Na\y Yard.

Children :

6225 i Peggy lo Chaphe, born September 3, 1900.

6226 ii Elizabeth Chaphe, a twin, born September 3, 1900.

5546 Robert Brown » Chaphe (William Henry ,« Joseph Manning, ^ Joseph,"
Isaiah,5 Joseph,* John,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born November 23, 1872, and
married, October 24, 1900, Wilhelmina Helena Peters of Brooklyn, N. Y., where
they live.

Children :

6227 i Helena 10 Chaphe, born November 26, 1901.

6228 ii Augusta Chaphe, born June 27, 1903.

5548 Lillian Gertrude ^ Short (Gertrude Lo\-ina « Chaphe, Joseph Manning,^
Joseph,^ Isaiah,5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born August 24, 1867,
and married in Eaton, N. Y., June 13, 1892, George Arthur Cole of that place.

Lillian G. Short has a bright, cheerful nature and was a diligent student. She
entered the public school of Eaton at the age of seven and at sixteen the Hamilton
Ladies' Seminary, from which she was graduated with honors three years later,
being President of her class. She is an excellent musician and clever with her
brush. She united with the Eaton Baptist Church in 1882. Mr. Cole is a graduate
of the Albany College of Pharmacy, and has a fine drug store in Gloversville, N. Y.,
where he and ]Mrs. Cole settled soon after their marriage.


6229 i Kenneth Franklin 10 Cole, born in Glovers\alle, December 27, 1895.

5549 Ambrose S.a Long (Mary J.s Sweet, Esther ^ Chaffe, Joseph,^ Isaiah,5
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Cazenovia, N. Y., October 13,
1854, and married in Chittenango, N. Y., March 16, 1881, Jennie E. Tonkins.
In 1890 they lived in Perryville, N. Y.


Children, born in Chittenango :

6230 i Herbert Arthur w Long, born December 28, 1881.

6231 ii Clara Anna Long, born March 23, 1883.

6232 iii Edith Adahne Long, born November 14, 1884.

6233 iv Emery Ambrose Long, born July 17, 1886.

5552 Ambrose » Sweet (Aurilla Jennette « Holdridge, Anna ^ Chaffe, Joseph, «
Isaiah,5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born August 20, 1852, and mar-
ried, March 23, 1875, Flora Rieley.

Children :

6234 i Mary lo Sweet, born January 24, 1876.

6235 ii Ralph Sweet, born August 12, 1878.

5554 Emma ^ Sweet (Aurilla Jennette ^ Holdridge, Anna ^ Chaffe, Joseph, «
Isaiah, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born February 7, 1857, and mar-
ried, July 6, 1876, Peter Holland.

Children :

6236 i Laura ^ Holland, born June 19, 1878.

6237 ii Harrv Holland, born March 24, 1882.

6238 iii Frank Holland, born Mav 5, 1885.

6239 iv Archie Holland, born April 22, 1887.

5559 Frank » Chaphe (Albert Henry, * Stephen Fisk,7 Joseph, "^ Isaiah, ^ Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born September 1, 1854, and died July 4, 1883.
He married, in 1878, Mary Wilcox.


6240 i John w Chaphe, born January 26, 1880.

5560 Charles 9 Chaphe (Albert Henry,^ Stephen Fisk,^ Joseph,^ Isaiah,^ Jo-
seph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born October 6, 1855, and married, in 1874,
Fannie Partello.

Children :

6241 i Albert Henrv 1° Chaphe, born August 6, 1876; died January 10, 1898.

6242 ii Harrie Chaphe, born May 30, 1878.

5566 Catherine Josephine 9 Mabie (Rebecca Armstrong » Chaphe, Stephen
Fisk,7 Joseph, 6 Isaiah,^ Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born September 18,
1870, and married, October 13, 1892, Jacob Andrew Lynk, born December 13,
1870, died May 14, 1895.


6243 i Frank Mabie lo Lynk, born September 15, 1893; died November 17, 1893.

5567 Oliver Chaphe 9 Mabie (Rebecca Armstrong « Chaphe, Stephen Fisk,^
Joseph,^ Isaiah, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born September 4,
1872, and married, March 30, 1892, Flora J. Bull.

Children :

6244 i Edgar Bull lo Mabie, born February 1, 1894.

6245 ii Thelma Rebecca Mabie, born July 8, 1898.

6246 iii Darius Lucilla Mabie, born June 7, 1903.

6247 iv Donald Francis Mabie, born June 10, 1905.

5569 Jennie (or Annie) May » Chaphe (Elmer,8 Stephen Fisk,^ Joseph,^ Isaiah, ^
Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born July 26, 1881, and married, Feb-
ruary 10, 1898, Charles Hudson.


Children :

6248 i Edith May lo Hudson, born November 28, 1898.

6249 ii Ruth Hudson, born July 2, 1902.

5570 Blanch Ethel » Chaphe (Elmer,8 Stephen Fisk,^ Joseph,6 Isaiah,^ Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born April 21, 1886, and married, November 17,
1901, Herman Peterson.

Children :

6250 i Elmer i" Peterson, born October 7, 1902.

6251 ii Albert Peterson, born May 13, 1904.

6252 iii Floyd Peterson, born July 3, 1905; died October 3, 1905.

5571 Muguette » Forte (Ellen » Chaphe, Stephen Fisk,^ Joseph,^ Isaiah,^ Joseph,*
John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas i) was born in Clyde, N. Y., July 18, 1873, and married,
July 2, 1895, Doctor Dafydd L. Edwards, born in Waterville, N. Y.

Children, born in Syracuse, N. Y. :

6253 i Finette Armstrong i" Edwards, born June 9, 1900.

6254 ii Brunmen Forte Edwards, born February 25, 1903.

5576 Clarence Luther ^ Chaffee (Calvin Peck,8 Luther,^ Joel Israel,^ Joshua,^
Joel,* John,3 Joseph,^ Thomas i) was born in Ellsworth, Conn., February 18,
1849, and died July 17, 1886. He married (1) in Chicago, 111., May 28, 1872,
Alice Elvira Roberts. She died May 14, 1873, aged twenty-two years, and he
married (2) Ida Belle Hazen.

Child, by first wife:

6255 i Alice Elizabeth lo Chaffee, born in Chicago, May 10, 1873; died Au-
gust 4, 1873.
Children, by second wife :
+ 6256 ii Myrtie Sylvia Chaffee, born April 5, 1880; married John Lang.

6257 iii John Chester Chaffee, born September 17, 1881.

6258 iv Florence Chaffee, born October 25, 1883; married George E. Gierke.

5604 Ezra Jfi Chaffee (Levi Marvin,^ Chester,^ David,^ Ezra,5 Ebenezer,* John, 3
Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born March 24, 1845, and married, (1) March 2, 1871,
Florence B. Farr, who died in 1882. He married (2), February 12, 1882, Maggie M.

Children, by first wife:

6259 i David A.") Chaffee.

6260 ii Annie A. Chaffee.

6261 iii Levi Marvin Chaffee, died.

6262 iv Edna Chaffee.

6263 V Edward Chaffee.

Child, by second wife:
6263a vi Flora M. Chaffee.

5605 Albert A.9 Chaffee (Levi Marvin,^ Chester,^ David,6 Ezra,5 Ebenezer,*
John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas i) was born July 11, 1847, and married, in 1870, Rosalia

Children :

6264 i Vina w Chaffee.

6265 ii Rhoda Chaffee, died.

6266 iii Vernie Chaffee.

5651 Theron Augustus ^ Chaffee (Sereno Silvenus,^ Eber Kise,^ Rufus,^ Ezra,"


EbenQizgr,4 John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Campton, HI., in 1846, and
married in Blackberry Station, III., September 7, 1869, Isabelle, daughter of
John B. Lowe of Medina, Mich. Mr. Chaffee served as a Private in the last year
of the Civil War. He has dark hair, blue eyes, and is five feet, eleven inches in
height. In 1890 he lived in Chicago, where he had charge of teamsters.

Children, the first born in Campton, the last four in Chicago :

6267 i Clara Pauline 10 ChafTee, born April 29, 1870.

6268 ii Eva Luella Chaffee, born February 7, 1872.

6269 iii Eugenia Chaffee, born April 9, 1874; died in 1876.

6270 iv George Sereno Chaffee, born in August, 1878; died in August, 1882.

6271 V Fred Chaffee, born April 8, 1882.

5657 Rose Ann » Chaffee (Sereno Silvenus,^ Eber Kise,^ Rufus," Ezra,5 Ebe-
nezer,4 John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in 1859, and married Clay Parmly.


6272 i Ralph Edward i" Parmly, born January 2, 1890.

5774 Ella B.9 Chafee (John Gilmore,8 Benjamin, ^ Benjamin, ^ Francis Green, ^
Benjamin, 4 Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born January 17, 1856, and married
Lieutenant Horace P. Mcintosh of the United States Navy, then stationed in the
Hydraulic Office, Washington, D. C. He is a graduate of Annapolis, and retired
from the Navy in 1892, after twenty-five years' service. In 1883 Lieutenant and
Mrs. Mcintosh lived in Washington, and in 1892 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Children :

6273 i A daughter, 10 born about 1879.

6274 ii A son, born about 1883.

5782 Leroy9 Crofut (Patty M.s Chaffee, Julius Bachus,^ Zebediah," Zebediah,^
James,'* Joseph,3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Gaines, Pa., March 22, 1855,
and married in Avoca, la., September 15, 1875, Livonia Bowers of Wisconsin.
In 1884 they lived in Smith Centre, Kan., where he was a farmer.

Children :

6275 i Charles ^ Crofut.

6276 ii Orrie Crofut.

5783 Verna9 Crofut (Patty M.s ChafTee, Julius Bachus,^ Zebediah,^ Zebediah,^
James,* Joseph, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Gaines, Pa., June 27, 1862, and
married in Davenport, la., September 2, 1882, A. N. Lowe, a teacher, born in
Hopkinton, la. In 1884 they lived in Plankinton, Dak.


6277 i Albert 10 Lowe, born November 21, 1883.


5913 Almond Victor lo (" Victor") Chaffee (Ezra Messenger,9 Williard Dilling-
ham,8 Ezra,7 Benjamin, e Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,3 Xathaniel,2 Thomas i)
was born in Rockford, Mich., August 28, 1867, and married, August 1, 1898,
Anna , whose father lives in Canada. They live in Grand Forks, X. D.

Children :

6278 Hazel " Chaffee.

6279 Ora Chaffee.

6280 A son.

5914 Mary Rachel lo Chaffee (Ezra Messenger ,9 Willard Dillingham,8 Ezra,^
Benjamin,6 Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in
Algona township, near Rockford, ]Mich., September 16, 1869, and married, March
25, 1891, Thed Samuel, son of Samuel Hutchings. They live in Grand Rapids,


6281 i Ruth Alice " Hutchings, born in Alpena, ^lich.

5915 Guy Willard lo Chaffee (Ezra Messenger,9 Willard Dillingham,^ Ezra,^
Benjamin, 6 Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,3 Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born in
Rockford, Mich., March 16, 1873, and married, April 25, 1895, Laila May, daugh-
ter of Cornelius 0. Cain of Land Lake, Mich., where she was born. Mr. and Mrs.
Chaffee live in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Children :

6282 i Beatrice ii Chaffee, born February 26, 1896; died March 15, 1904.

6283 ii Wendell Cain Chaffee, born July 18, 1904.

6284 iii Guy Willard Chaffee, Jr., born February 10, 1906.

5916 Owen Russel 1° Chaffee (Ezra Messenger,^ Willard Dillingham,^ Ezra,^
Benjamin, 6 Thomas, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in
Rockford, Mich., October 8, 1875, and married. May 10, 1899, Pauline Louise,
daughter of Addison Miles Fairchild of Marinette, Wis., where she was born.
Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee live in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Child :

6285 i Miles Fairchild " Chaffee, born in Marinette, April 22, 1900.

5917 Glenn Dillingham 10 Chaffee (Ezra Messenger,^ Willard Dillingham,^
Ezra,7 Benjamin,6 Thomas,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Xathaniel,^ Thomas 1) was
born in Algona township, near Rockford, Mich., June 18, 1878, and married,
October 10, 1904, Grace Lillian, daughter of David Munro of Embro, Canada.
She was born in Edgerton, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee live in Grand Rapids, ]\Iich .


6286 i Marie Munro n Chaffee.

5918 Burt Kilpatrick 10 Chaffee (Ezra Messenger ,9 Willard Dillingham,8 Ezra,'
Benjamin, 8 Thomas, ^ Jonathan,* Jonathan, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas 1) was born in
Rockford, 111., January 3, 1884, and married, June 20, 1904, Edith Anna, daughter


of Arthur Currier of Grand Rapids, Mich., where she was born, and where she and
her husband Hve. Mr. Chaffee is in the furniture business.

Children :

6287 i Eloise n Chaffee, born April 4, 1905.

6288 ii Maryalice Chaffee.

6055 Edith Blanche lo Armington (Eliphalet Ide ^ Armington, Betsey Ormsbee »
Chaffee, Caleb, ^ Jonathan, ^ Jonathan, s Dan,* Jonathan,^ Nathaniel,^ Thomas i)
was born in Providence, R. I., December 18, 1866, and married Ralph F. Ketchum
of Cambridge, Mass.


6289 i Eleanor Armington " Ketchum, born in Dorchester, Mass., March 5, 1888.

6117 Clarence Le Roy lo Chaffee (Theodore Spencer,9 James,^ Elam,^ Cyril,6
Asa, 5 Joseph,* John, 3 Joseph, 2 Thomas 1) was born in Rahway, N. J.. September 27,
1880, and married Anna Hall, daughter of Daniel Hall and Ann Jane Wootton.

She was born June 8, 1884. In he lived in South Rutherford, N. J., and

in 1908 in Nutley, N. J.


6290 i Clarice " Chaffee, born in Nutley, September 12, 1904.

6256 Myrtie Sylvia ^ Chaffee (Clarence Luther,^ Calvin Peck,8 Luther,^ Joel
Israel, *> Joshua,^ Joel,* John, 3 Joseph,2 Thomas 1) was born April 15, 1880, and
married John Lang.


6291 i Ida Emelie " Lang, born May 24, 1903.

^^ r;^ -^ Q5«'^ '^4?

(No. 1, Page 1)


6 \Cll

(No. 16, Page 24)

(£cs^ <r^^^ yvas-fa^
f^ 'c rHtr£K,y^cu^ 1112

(No. IS, Page 24)

i7 i<>

(No. 90, Page 56)

-i^f^ &^ /s-^i-

(No. 337, Page 81)
Signatures from tlie Bible wliieli belonged to TJioma.s Cliafl'e, the Ancestor.

There is also found written in tiiis Bi])le complete records of births, of the children of
)siah and Sarah Chaffee. (See Xo. 97, Page 80)



Thomas Chaffe mentions in his will under date of July 25, 1680 (which wiU is
recorded at Plymouth, Mass.), the names of two children, Nathaniel and Joseph.
Nathaniel is spoken of as the eldest son. Joseph was made the executor of his
father's wiU, and on the loth day of May, 1683, he settled his estate. In the in-
ventory of the household things, a mention is made of a great Bible, and two
other books, valued at lis. 6d.

On the 22d day of September, 1694, Joseph Chaffe (the younger son of Thomas),
in his will says, " I leave unto my son Joseph the Great Bible that was my father's."

This grandson Joseph married for his first wife, Abigail Hills. His second wife
was Jemima Chadwick. He removed from Barrington, Mass., to Woodstock,
Mass. (now Conn.), where he died in 1759.

Josiah Chaffee, the youngest son of Joseph and Jemima (Chadwick) Chaffe evi-
dently came into possession of the Bible from his father, and from Peter Chaffee
of Woodstock, one of the direct descendants of Josiah, this highly prized heirloom
was received.

Upon one of the blank spaces is found written, "Thommas Chaffy his Booke
1649." Over the Christian name is written, "1664, July." To the writer the
earlier date indicates when the Book was printed, the later date showing time of
purchase or possession. A photograph of the entries in this Bible will be found on
the opposite page.

The other family names with their various data have been found recorded upon
the ancient books in the to^^•n clerk's offices at Swansea, Mass., Woodstock, Conn.,
and elsewhere, pro\'ing the inscriptions written in this Bible to be correct.

It was observed that the title pages of both The Old and Xew Testament were
so badly worn, and in such a dilapidated condition, that it was impossible to de-
cipher the date of publication, which date, however, was correctly proven by the
successful search made at the Library of the American Bible Society in Xew York
City, where a Bible of same edition, and in good state of preservation, was dis-
covered. In March, 1886, there was forwarded as per purchase from a London
book house, a Bible of Uke edition (but red lined). It was shipped on the Oregon,
which steamer accidentally sank in Xew York Bay upon the day of its arrival.

The Book, badly water soaked, was recovered in July following, and the few
loose sheets, including title pages, now fastened in the fore and after part of this
Bible, were taken therefrom.


Joseph Hills was born in Billerica, Essex Coimty, England, in 1602, and married
Rose Clark. He emigrated to Xew England in 1638. He had :

Gershom Hills, born in Charlestown, Mass., July 7, 1639, and married Ehzabeth
Chadwick. He hved in Maiden, I\Iass., and had:

Sarah Hills, married John Chaffe (16).
Abigail Hills, married Joseph Chaffe (18).


Humphrey Atherton, father of Watching Atherton, whose daughter Patience
married Da\'id Chaffe (9) , was one of the earhest and most prominent residents of
Dorchester, Mass., and was an active persecutor of the Quakers. On the 16th of
June, 1661, he attended a mihtary parade on Boston Common. On his way home


in the dusk his horse stumbled and fell, throwing him upon his head with such
force that his brains w^re literally dashed out. The Quakers openly declared it
to be the judgment of God for his persecution of their sect. He was buried in the
old gravej^ard at the corner of Stoughton and Boston streets, Upham's Corner,
Dorchester, Mass., where his gravestone bears the following cjuaint and curious
inscription :

"Here lyes our captaine and major of Suffolk was withall,
A godly magistrate was he, and major generall.

Two troops of hors with him here came, such worth his love did crave,
Ten companyes of foot also mourning marcht to his grave.
Let all that read be sure to keep the faith as he hath done.
With Christ he lives — now crowoi'd, his name was Humphrey Atherton.
He dyed the 16 June, 1661."
His sword is also engraved upon the slab.


Ephraim Bound was born in Boston, Mass., January 14, 1773, and died in Co-
lumbus, Miss., February 21, 1S40-. He married in Boston, May 20, 1792, Sally
Francis, born in Medford, Mass., September 9, 1769, died in Middletown, Conn.,
March 12, 1855.
Children :
i John Bound, born in Boston, October 25, 1793; died in Montgomery, Ala.,

July 18, 1835.
ii Harriet Hall Bound, born in Greenfield, Mass., July 25, 1795; died in Charles-
town, Mass. ; married (1), Ranney; (2) James K. Frothingham, who

died in Charlestown, where both were buried,
iii Martha Willard Bound, born in Norwich, Conn., April 16, 1799; married Reu-
ben Chaff e (420).


Henry Baldwin was born in Phillipston, Mass., August 21, 1790, and died in
Brighton, ]\Iass., April 18, 1833. He married Mary Brackett, born in East Sud-
bury, Mass., July 25, 1795, died in Brighton, October 22, 1866.

i William Henry Baldwin, born in Brighton, October 20, 1826; married ]\Iary
Frances Augusta Chaffee (952).

Ezekiel Spencer, son of Ebenezer Spencer died February 26, 1820, aged seventy-
two. He married in Somers, Conn, (now called Somersville), Elizabeth, daughter
of Seth and Elizabeth Chapin. She died February 17, 1819, aged seventy-two.
Children :

i Ezekiel Spencer, Jr., died; married Sexton, and had ten children ; lived in


ii Polly Spencer, died; married Coy and had one child; lived in Enfield,

iii Chester Spencer, died ; married a sister of Doctor Hamilton of Somers, and lived
in Somersville.
Children :

Salome Spencer.

Theodore Spencer, died; married Dorothy , who in 1906 lived in

Somersville, with her daughter.

Mandana Spencer, residence, 1906, Somersville.
Two other children, names unknown,
iv Elizabeth Spencer, born April 7, 1787; married Elam Chaffee (1577).


Qt H t c 1 1 p I r ; ■• t oc^ t tit 1 1 ."E PtiecQ C pen t tci c D f i ci^f f :cC CCCC rjcc'tf y

r»] '^'-Mi^Vj.'^

Reproductions of the title pages in tlio Old and Xcw Testament. a>i they
ancestor. This Bible was 6| inches wide.!* iiiLlie^ lun<:. and 1^ inclie.'? thick.

•^ Jl^^.l.. - ^ Lj^ ).- "^^Lic^- i °F ?°^ i ^^^^ ^r^^h^^^M"^'/.^^ ,^^-r' ^ ^-^■^-— ^^ ^^


Mg ^M»».gm#<.5#- Kj


7- A n V 1, o N ■ '^ 1 1 f f r r f 8 6 r c f f f r [.{ e r r r t M ! c 1 1 1 1 r f n c f H e c f r f E c c c [ 1 1 1!

at one time appeared in tiie "'Great iJilih-,'' so called, of Tlionia.s Chatl'e. the
The bindin" was originally embossed leather



William Allen of Cazenovia, X. Y., died there, aged seventy-seven years. He
married Abigail Dill, who also died there, aged seventy-nine years. Mr. Allen
was a small man, while his wife was a large, fleshy woman. During the Revolution
they lived in Xew Jersey, where their home was burned by the British. Their
daughter Susan remembered hearing them tell how the British officers broke up
their furniture for a fire to cook food.

Children :
i William Allen, Jr., born in New Jersey, July 15, 1S03; died in Cazenovia, No-
vember 3, 1865; married, May 12, 1827, Alma Holmes, born March 2, 1796,
died April 23, 1864.

Eunice Masters Allen, born in Cazenovia, October 8, 1828; died there,
January 4, 1888; married, December 9, 1852, Orin A. Blair.

Annie Allen Blair, born in Cazenovia, INIay 17, 1862; unmarried;
residence, Cazenovia.
ii Susan Allen, born September 17, 1805; married Joseph Manning Chaphe (1653).
Seven other daughters, names unknown.


William Reade of England married Lucy Henage and had :

William Reade, Jr., born in England, 1605, supposed to be the man of that
name who came to America in 1635 and married Avis Deacon, a fellow passenger
to America.

Children :
i William Reade, Jr., born in Weymouth, Mass., October 15, 1639.

ii Esther Reade, born in Weymouth, May 8, 1641.

iii Thomas Reade.
+ iv John Reade, born in 1649; married (1) Bashua ; (2) Bethia Frye.

v Mary Reade, married Thomas Dyer.

vi Margaret Reade, died May 6, 1659; married John Yining.

John Reade, Jr., born in Weymouth, 1649, and died in Dighton, Mass., January

13, 1720. He married (1) Bashua ; (2) Bethia Frye, who died October 20,


Child, by first wife:
+ i John Reade, Jr., born June 5, 1674; married Bethia Cobb.
Children, by second wife :
ii William Reade, married Mary Richmond,
iii Thomas Reade, married Sarah Tisdale.
iv George Reade, married Sarah Whitmarsh.
V Mary Reade, married Joseph Atwood.
vi Ruth Reade, married Captain Joseph Tisdale.
vii Hannah Reade, married Josiah T'albot.

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