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The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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John Read, born in Weymouth, June 5, 1674, and died in Barrington, Mass.,
1739. He married Bethia Cobb. His will, dated June 6, 1739, mentions all the
children given below and directs that his land in Willington, Conn., shall be divided
between his sons, William and John.

Children :

i Mary Read, married Tiffany.

+ ii John Read, born August, 1701 ; married Lydia or Elizabeth Caswell.

iii George Read, born May, 1704; married Abigail .

iv William Read, born in Swansea, Mass., February 28, 1712-13; married

Elizabeth Wood of Rehoboth, Mass.
V Bethia Read, a twin, born in Swansea, February 28, 1712-13; married
Nathan Watson.


John Reed, born, probably in Taunton, Mass., August, 1701, and married,
October 7, 1733 (?), Lydia (Elizabeth) Caswell. In 1733 he was living in Willing-
ton, Conn., where he was still living, October 25, 1751, when he bought eighty
acres of land in Tolland, Conn. February 13, 1756, he was living in Tolland when
he gave to his son Shubael, for love and affection, a piece of land there.
Children, born in Willington:
i Mathew Reed, born May 16, 1735.
ii Abigail Reed, born July 18, 1737.
+ iii Shubael Reed, born September 27, 1738; married (1) Mary Taylor; (2)
Hannah Chaffee,
iv Mary Reed, born August 31, 1740.

V Hannah Reed, born October 31, 1741 ; married Thomas Chaffee (135).
vi Anna (Ann) Reed, born July 17, 1744.

vii Huldah Reed, born April 11, 1747.

Shubael Reed, born in Willington, September 27, 1738, and died in Tolland,
September 22, 1790. He married (1), there January 1, 1758, Mary Taylor of Col-
chester, who died July 10, 1767. He married (2) Hannah Chaffee (136), under
whose lineage is given the names of his children by her and further biographical
items regarding him.

Children, by first wife, born in Tolland:
i Matthew Reed, born May 26, 1759.
+ ii Samuel Reed, born October 16, 1760; married (1) Lydia Pearce; (2) Mrs. Rox-
ana (Rawdin) Crandall.

iii Rachel Reed, born April 1, 1763.

iv Mary Reed, born October 4, 1764.

V Grace Reed, a twin, born October 4, 1764; married Iram Grant,
vi Annie Reed, born April 18, 1766; married William Ripley.

Samuel Reed, born in Tolland, October 16, 1760, and died there, July 25, 1851.
He married (1) in Tolland, June 22, 1781, Lydia Pearce of Scituate, R. I., where
she was born 1761. She died in Tolland, March 7, 1808, and he married (2) June 2,
1810, Mrs. Roxana (Rawdin) Crandall, born April, 1773, died January 23, 1847.
Samuel Reed had a light complexion, blue eyes, broad shoulders and a heavy
voice. He was often jokingly called "John Bull." He served in the Revolution
in Captain John P. Wyllis' company and at the time of his death was the last
Revolutionary soldier in Tolland. In 1832 and 1840 he was a pensioner, in Tolland.
The Record Division of the Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C, gives the
following as his military record: "Enlisted, September, 1777, as a substitute for
his father, as a private under Captain Johnson, in the Conn. IMilitia; ser\'ice two
months. Enlisted May, 1778, for six months as a minute man under Captain Elijah
Robinson, Colonel Enos (Conn.). Enlisted September, 1779, for two months, as
a private, Captain Wood. Was six weeks on board a privateer, name not stated,
and was in a battle. Enlisted June 1, 1780, for six months, as a private. Cap-
tain Shipman, Colonel Hoyt (Conn.). Applied for pension August 3, 1832. Claim
allowed. Pension issued March 23, 1833. Residence at enhstment and at time
of application for pension, Tolland, Conn." He was a member of the Baptist
Church and his first wife of the Methodist Church. He and both his wives are
buried in Tolland, where he had lived all his life. The last years he lived with his
son Samuel.

Children, by first wife, born in Tolland:

i Delana Reed, born January 9, 1782; died in Tolland, September 7, 1823;

married Howard.

+ ii Alexander Reed, born December 8, 1784; married Abigail Daniels,
iii Samuel Reed, born February 11, 1787; died in Enterprise, 0.

iv Sally Reed, born January 12, 1789; died in Cincinnati, 0.; married

V Ephraim Reed, born February 10, 1791; died in Tolland, May 28, 1832;


vi Luther Reed, born July 2, 1793; died in Hartford, Conn., June 24, 1814;

vii Orpha Reed, born October 16, 1800; died in Tolland.

Child, by second wife:

viii Bradford Reed, born in Tolland, April 22, 1811; died March 9, 1820, from
injuries received from a fall from a beam in the barn.

Alexander Reed was born in Tolland December 8, 1784, and died in Boston,
Mass., September, 1858. He married in Tolland, October 27, 1803, Abigail, daugh-
ter of John Daniels. She was born in Tolland about 1789, and died of dysentery
in Enterprise, October 18, 1857, aged sixty-eight and was buried in Milan, O. She
had a light complexion, dark blue eyes, a sweet disposition, was short, and at one
time weighed one hundred and fifty pounds. Between 1823 and 1825 she received
the rite of baptism by immersion at the hands of Joseph Howard, a local preacher
in Tolland, and united with the IMethodist Church. March 19, 1808, Alexander Reed
received from his father "for parental love and good will" thirty acres of land in
Tolland. He lived there many years and later in Pennsylvania and Enterprise,
where he was a member of the Methodist Church. He was for many years a farmer
and school teacher. He died of consumption at the home of his son, Luther A.
Reed, and was buried in Boston.

Children, born in Tolland:

i Francis Reed, born September 14, 1804; died in South America,
ii Dorinda Reed, born October 7, 1807; died in Tolland, December 17, 1807, and
was buried there.
iii James Madison Reed, born September 1, 1810; died in Oregon,
iv Belinda Reed, born May 8, 1813; married William Chaffee. (See 3501.)
V John Pierce Reed, born January 31, 1815; died in Massachusetts,
vi Luther Alexander Reed, born May 12, 1817; died in Boston, about 1889 or

1890, aged sixty-two, of typhoid pneumonia,
vii Samuel Henry Reed, born April 28, 1820; died in Enterprise of consumption,

and was buried in Milan; married; no children,
viii Ephraim Crawford Reed, born October 16, 1823; died in Enterprise of con-
sumption, and was buried in Milan.
ix Lucy Maria Reed, died in Enterprise of consumption, aged twenty-four, and
was buried in Milan.

John Danield was born in Scotland and died in Hawley, Pa. He married

King of Tolland, Conn. He came to America with his older brother James. He
lived in Tolland and about 1803 moved to Hawley, all his children except his
daughter Abigail accompanying him. He was buried in Hawley.

Children, born in Connecticut:

i Lemuel Daniels, died near White Pigeon, Mich.; married Olive Hammond of

Vernon, Conn.; removed to Oak Openings, Mich,
ii Esther Daniels.

iii Amasa Daniels, died in White Pigeon ; removed to Oak Openings,
iv John Daniels, removed to Oak Openings.

V Russell Daniels, died in Hawley; married Cynthis; residence, Hawley.

vi Betsey Daniels,
vii Sally Daniels,
viii Polly Daniels.
ix Abigail Daniels, born about 1789; married Alexander Reed.
X A daughter, married Bidwell.

Henry Short came from England to America in the ship Mary and John in
1634, settling in Massachusetts; married Sarah Glover and had:

Henry Short, Jr., who married Sarah Whipple and had:

Reverend Matthew Short, was graduated from Harvard College in 1707 and
married, in 1711, Margaret Freeman; they had:


Matthew Short, Jr., married Susanna Snow, and had:

Glover Short, married in Providence, R. I., in 1760, Elizabeth Paine, and had:

Glover Short, Jr., married Lucy Richardson, who died in 1863, aged ninety-one
years; they had:

Bela Ward Short, died in Eaton, N. Y., October 7, 1880, aged eighty-four
years; married in Lebanon, X. Y., June 1, 1838, Ehza A., daughter of Captain
Wheeler; she died in Eaton, August 23, 1889, aged eighty-four years; they had
four children, the second of whom is:

Franklin E. Short, born November 16, 1841; married Gertrude Lovina Chaphe


John Piatt, a farmer of Clinton, N. Y., was twice married, his second wife
being a widow at the time of their marriage.
Children, by first wife:

i Eliphalet Piatt, died in Rhinebeck, N. Y., where he was a physician from

1835 to 1850.
ii William B. Piatt, died in Rhinebeck, N. Y., where he kept a store from

1840 to 1860.
iii Isaac Piatt, died in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., about 1862; he was a farmer in

Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, N. Y,
Child, by second wife :
-l-iv Henry Piatt, born August 8, 1808; married Abigail H. Knowles.

Henry Piatt was born in Pleasant Valley, August 8, 1808, and died near Thomas-
ton, Ga., August 27, 1849. He married in New York City, April 11, 1833, Abigail
Hart, daughter of Levi and Elizabeth (Hart) Knowles of Knowlesville (now
Titusville), N. J. She was born June 22, 1807, died in New York City, June 7,
1887, and was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. Henry Piatt was
a merchant in Philadelphia. He was killed when travelling near Thomaston,
by the falling of a tree.

Children, all but the first born in Philadelphia:

i Edwin Knowles Piatt, born in New York City, where he died aged three years,
ii Edwin Augustus Piatt, died in Philadelphia, April 2, 1906; married Annie E.,
daughter of John Scherzer of Annville, Pa.; they lived in Philadelphia,
where he was buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery.

a Effie Abigail Piatt, born in Philadelphia,
iii William Henry Piatt, married (1), March 19, 1868, Fannie D., daughter of
Joseph D. Murphy of Philadelphia; she died February 5, 1869, and was
buried in Philadelphia. Mr. Piatt married (2), December 12, 1872, Hannah
Jeffries, daughter of Edward S. Earley, an undertaker; she died Novem-
ber 21, 1893, and was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia.


a Cornelia Murphy Earley Piatt, married Alexander Kerr McCullagh
of Philadelphia.


a Helen McCullagh, died in infancy.
iv Eliza Shallcross Piatt, married William Henry Chaffee (5375).
v Mary Knowles Piatt, married in the Broad Street Baptist Church, Philadelphia,
November 25, 1868, Charles John Carroll, son of John Hollingshead and
Caroline (Parker) Taylor. Mr. Taylor was of Philadelphia, but in 1908
lived in New York City.


a Mary Piatt Taylor, born in Philadelphia.

John Knowles, died aged over eighty years. He married Sarah , who

was buried in Pennington, N. J. He was a farmer and lived in New Jersey.


Children :
i John Knowles, Jr.
+ ii Levi Knowles, born May 17, 1773; married Ehzabeth Hart,
iii A daughter, married Joseph Burroughs.

iv A daughter, married Stout.

Levi Knowles was born May 17, 1773, and died in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1854.
He married in Pennington, ]\Iay 1, 1799, Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel and
Abigail (Scudder) Hart of that place. She was born May 4,. 1779, and died in
1852. Levi Knowles was a farmer and kept a store in Knowlesville (now Titus-
ville), N. J. He and his wife were buried in Harbourton, N. J.
Children :

i Nathaniel Hart Knowles, born May 31, 1800; died January 29, 1873; mar-
ried, May 3, 1824, Ann M. Lambert,
ii Ralph Hart Knowles, born April 11, 1802; died October 17, 1857; married,

December 6, 1826, Mary Hoff.
iii ]\Iary Knowles, born April 30, 1804; died February 5, 1840.
iv Abigail Hart Knowles, born June 22, 1807; married Henry Piatt.
V Eliza Knowles, born February 6, 1809; married, March 6, 1831, Lewis Shall-

vi Sarah Knowles, born June 12, 1811; died July 16, 1816.

vii Levi Knowles, Jr., born October 27, 1813; married, in 1836, Ehzabeth Croskey.
viii Sarah Ann Knowles, born July 15, 1816; died May 19, 1837.

Ralph Hart, died in 1749. He married Sarah Furman. He moved from Hart-
ford, Conn., to New Jersey, and lived near Harbourton, N. J. His brother Edward
was the father of John Hart, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Children :
i Benjamin Hart,
ii Samuel Hart,
iii Ralph Hart, Jr.
+ iv Josiah Hart, born November 8, 1716.
V Mary Hart.

Josiah Hart was born November 8, 1716, and died March 22, 1799. He mar-
ried Mary Titus, and lived near Harbourton, where he was a farmer.
Children :

i Elijah Hart,
ii Rebecca Hart,
iii Andrew Hart.
+ iv Nathaniel Hart, born July 16, 1746; married Abigail Scudder.
V Sarah Hart,
vi Elizabeth Hart,
vii Titus Hart,
viii Mary Hart.

Nathaniel Hart was born in Hopewell Towmship, N. J., July 16, 1746, and died
August 19, 1830. He married Abigail, daughter of Joseph Scudder of Lawrence-
ville, N. J. She died December IS, 1820, and was buried in Pennington, N. J.
Nathaniel Hart was a farmer.

Children :
i Elizabeth Hart, born May 4, 1779; married Levi Knowles.
ii Josiah Hart, born October 21, 1782; married Elizabeth Moore,
iii Mary Hart, born December 15, 1784; married Ephraim Roberts.
iv Scudder Hart, born September 14, 1788; married Abigail Moore.


1 Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, born a. d. 742; married Hildegarde,
third wife, and had:

2 Louis I, King of France; married Judith, the Fair, and had:

3 Charles II, King of France; married Ermentrudis, and had:

4 Louis II, King of France; married Adeheid, and had:


5 Charles III, King of France; married Princess Edgiva, granddaughter of
Alfred the Great, King of England, and had :

6 Louis IV, King of France; married, a. d. 939, Princess Gerberga De Saxe,
daughter of Henry the Fowler, Emperor of Germany, and had:

7 Charles, Duke of Lorraine, eldest son, excluded from the throne of France,
who married first Bonne, daughter of Godefroi d'Ardenne, and had:

8 Gerberge, Countess of Lorraine, who married Lambert I, Count of Mons,
and had:

9 Lambert II, Count of Mons, who married Ode, daughter of Gothelon, Count
of Lorraine, son of Uuke Charles, son of Louis IV, and had :

10 Henry II, Duke of Brabant; married Adela of Thuringia, and had:

11 Godfred I, Duke of Lower Lorraine Brabrant, and Lother; married Ida,
daughter of Albert, third Count de Xamar; also married Sophia, daughter of
Henry IV, Emperor of Germany, and had :

12 Adelicia, the Fair Maid of Brabrant, second wife and widow of Henry I,
King of England, who married, secondly, William d'Albmi, Earl of Sussex and
Arundel, and had :

13 William, Second Earl of Arundel, who married Maud St. Hilhario, widow
of Roger de Clare, Earl of Hetford, and had:

14 William, Third Earl of Arundel and Earl of Sussex, who married ]\Iabill de
Meschines, daughter of Hugh de Cyvelisk (Wales), Fifth Earl of Chester, and had:

15 Lady Mabel d'Albini, who married Piobert de Tatteshall, and had:

16 Emma de Tatteshall, who married Osbert de Cailly, son of Adam de Cailly,
Lord of the Court ^Manors, and had :

17 Sir Hugh de Cailly, Lord of Owby Manor, who married Agnes, daughter
of Hamo de Hamstead, and had:

18 Sir William de Cailly, Lord of Owby ]\Ianor, who married Catherine ,

and had:

19 John de Cailly, Lord of Owby Manor, High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk,
who married Maud , and had :

20 John Cayley, Lord of Normanton, who had:

21 William Cayley, Lord of Normanton, who had:

22 Jennet Cayley, sole heir, who married John Lake, Lord of ]\Ianor of Norman-
ton, and had:

23 John Lake, of Normanton, who married Jane, daughter of Robert Drakes
of Yorkshire, and had:

24 John Lake, of Normanton, who had:

25 Lancelot Lake, of Normanton, who married Margaret, daughter of Henry
and Elizabeth Twisleton, and had:

26 John Lake, of Normanton, who married Catherine, daughter of John Peeke,
of Wakefield, and had :

27 Lancelot Lake, of Normanton, who married Emma, daughter of Robert
Northend, of Halifax, Yorkshire, and had:

28 John Lake, of Erby, Lincolnshire, who married Osgarby, and had:

29 Richard Lake, of Erby, who married, secondly, Anne Norrelly of Clazby,
Lincolnshire, by whom he had:

30 John Lake, of Erby, who married Margaret, daughter of Colonel Edmond
Read, of Wickford, Essex, and had :

31 Hannah Lake, of Erby, who married Capt. John Gallup, Jr., of Stonington,
Conn., and had:

32 Benadam Gallup, who married Esther Prentice, by whom he had:

33 Mercy Gallup, who married William Dennison, by whom he had:

34 Esther Dennison, who married Jonathan Wheeler, who had:

35 Prudence Wheeler, who married Joshua Holmes, who had:

36 Edward Holmes, who married Mary Grant, who had:

37 Silas Holmes, who married Surviah Wheeler, who had:

38 Mary S. Holmes, who married Joseph E. Morgan, who had:

39 Charles C. Morgan, who married Elizabeth M. Chaphe (5537).


This remarkable geneaology covers a period of twelve hundred and four years,
but it is easily carried back to the very dawm of civilization after the overthrow
of the Ancient Roman Empire, and would give a clear genealogical record cover-
ing a period of more than thirteen hundred years.

Traced by Judge R. A. Wheeler, Stonington, Conn., member of Historical
Society of England.


Matthew Chaffe, so far as the researches have disclosed, is the second person
found upon record in America, bearing the surname of Chaffe, the first being
Thomas Chaffe, the Emigrant.

Matthew Chaffe is first mentioned in the records of the First Church in Boston,
as follows:

"Mathew Chaffe ship carpenter Admitted The 1-ith of ve 6th Moneth [August]

And five years later,

"Sarah Chafey wife of oe brother Mathew Chafey admitted The 14th Day of
ye 1st Moneth [March] 1641."

Beyond this we know nothing of Mathew Chaffe 's wife.

"Mathewe Chafe" was made a Freeman the " 17th of the 3d mo \}lay] 1637."
Records of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay.]

There was

"Granted also to our brother ^Mathew Chafey a greatt Lott there at the ]\Iount
[Mount Wollaston] for four-heads [man, wife, and two servants] The 19th of 12th
Moneth (called February) 1637." [Boston Town Records.]

In 1639 in Boston

"There was a good deal said about erecting a new Meeting-house. At length
the Church chose a committee of five of their number and gave them power to
fix upon a location as they saw fit. . . . While these gentlemen had the
matter in charge, a paper was drawn up and signed by a considerable number of
the influential inhabitants, strongly urging that the most preferable site for the
new house was at the Green. This place is pretty clearly designated in this docu-
ment, and it is very nearly that on a part of which the Old South Church now
stands. Mathew Chaffe with twelve others, signed the petition to locate at the
Green." [Drake's History of Boston.]

In 1642 "Mathew Chafey" was a member of the Ancient and Honourable Ar-
tillerv Company of Boston, says Whitman, the historian of that organization.

"This 27th of 1st mo., 1643. [March 27] . . . As also that there shall be a
high way reserved through the milfeild, two rods in breadth from the west corner
of Mathew Chafeth's garden, unto the little howse by the sayd swamps, and from
thence to the windmill as directly as the land will beare." [Boston Town Records.]

Later in the same year:

"This 29th of nth mo, 1643. . . . At a meeting this day. . . . There
is liberty granted to ]\Iathew Chafeth [and others] to make wharfes towards the
sea before their proprietyes in the ]\Iilne-feild." [Ibid.]

"Chaffie's lot extended back to what was the end of Hanover street in 1643,
when it was ordered that the way be continued further, two rods broad, ' from the
west corner of Mathew Chafeth's garden unto the little howse by the said swamp '
which Christopher Stanley had just bought of the to-mi, 'and from thence to the
windmill as directly as the land will beare.' " [Boston Book of Possessions.]

"The possession of Matthew Chaffie within the limits of Boston.

"One house and lott bounded with John Gallop northeast: Sampson Shoare
southwest: Thomas Mekins northwest: and the Cove southeast." [Ibid.]

The Salem, Mass., Court Records show that "Goodman Chaffy" made a depo-
sition on "29th day 4th month 1641." He was also a witness "9th day 5th month

In 1645, a suit was brought by Captain Smith, a negro trader, against his first
mate, Kaezar who, when his ship Rainbowe was in port at the Barbadoes, and


the Captain absent, had set sail, and brought ship and cargo to Boston, on pre-
text that ship, cargo, and crew were in danger. In the course of the case, we find
the following reference to Matthew Chaffe, his judgment as a ship carpenter being
of value in the case:

"The shipp & pceed of ye cargo to be delivered as now shee is to Capt. Smyth,
he paying such due charges as hath necessarily bene layd out about her since her
comeing liither, that shee is now ye better for, to be iudged [judged] by Goodman
Chaffye & Goodm Garret, & that ye ship may be stayed till ye order is satisfied."
[Records of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay.]

"This 19th of 8th mo., 1646. ... A generall townes metting warned from
howse to howse. . . . It is ordered and agreed on that Bro. Tho. Marshall,
bro. Chaffy, bro. Xegoos, Wm. Francklin, lat Constables, are to be presented to
the Generall Court for to answer the defect in not payinge that which is behind
on the Garison's wages. . . . It is ordered that ther shal be a ratt of 60 I
forth with made by the townesmen for the satisfienge of the Garison at the castle
this year ensueinge." [Boston Town Records.]

"This Indenture Wittnesseth that I mathew chafie of Boston Ship Carpenter
doe for dew Consideration me moving therunto left graunt bargaine & sell unto
John Capen of Dorchester in Xew England a cerajne parcell of land Contajning
twenty foote in breadth lying and Adjoyning unto the land of one Daniell Turrell
on the South west side & my owne land on the north east side & the north west
end abutting uppon my owne land — fower foote within the fence that now is
there that is to say a litle below my well & the south east end of it to Runne do^^^le
to the sea as farr as other mens proprietjes doe. To have and to Hold to him his
heires Execcuto Administrators and Assignes for euer, also I doe for mj^selfe &
Successors graunt that the said John Capen shall have libertje to make windowes
for light on that side next to me — without opposition or hindrance & also that
if I build, or sell any land next to him the said John Capen that then the said John
Capen shall have the Refusall of 3 or 4 foote of ground for a way to goe behinde
his howse. In wittnes whereof I the said Mathew Chafe doe sett my hand & seals
the first day of the first month 1648.

"Mathew Chafe & a seale.
" In presence of viz

Xic: h. Vpsall
his mark

William X weeks

Cognit Cor. me 20 — 50' Richo. Bellingham°
Entred & Recorded. SAprill 1652.

"Edward Rawson Recorder."

[Suffolk County Deeds, Liber I, page 193.]

The Treasurer's Account Book of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay [now in the
possession of the X'ew England Historic-Genealogical Society, Boston] shows that
"Mathew Chaffe " gave toward the Xarragansett Expedition £3, " 1648. 7mo. 21st."

In 1649 he bought a farm which was mortgaged, as is seen by the following deed:

"Whereas John Clarke hath mortaged his fferme in Xewbury to John Ward
vppon condition of paymt of xxxiijli vis viijd [£33 6s. 8d.] the 29 (7) 1650. & the
like summe the 29 (7) 1651. & since hath sould the sd fferme to Matthew Chaffe:
The sd John Clarke doth assigne unto matthew Chaffe his now dwelling house in
Boston wth the ground thereto appertaineing vppon this condition that if the sd
John Clark do make paymt of the afore said summes to John Ward according to
Covenant, that then this Assignment shall be void, otherwise the sd ]\Iatthew to
enter & possess the sd house & ground to him & his heires fore [ever] This was by
a deed dated 1 (3) 1649. & acknowledged before mr Bellingham 27 (9) 1649.

"John Clarke & a seale."

[Suffolk County Deeds, Liber I, page 113.]

" 9: 2: mo., [1] 649.

"A meetinge this day ]\Iathew Chaffey [with thirty-eight others] doth bind
themselves and there successors to pay sixe pence an accre for their land at Long


Hand bye the yeare for ever: and that to be for the use of the scole, that so it maye
be proprietye to them for ever, and they are to bringe in there pay to the townes
treasurer the first of februarye for ever, or else there land is forfeit unto the townes
disposinge." [Boston Town Records.]

"At a Generall Corte of Election at Boston, the 2d of the 3d mo, 1649. . . .
Upon the petition of Charles Saundrs for some iudicious & able men to be appointed
by this Corte to appraise the goods of the wreck, Mathewe Chafe & Arthr Gill, of
Boston, are appointed that so a certificate may be made to give satisfaction to

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