William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 76 of 91)
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his owners, in England or elsewhere." [Records of the Colony of Massachusetts

May 10th following his petition was granted as follows:

"In answer to the petition of Charles Saunders ffor men to be appointed to
apprize the tackling and other goods in & belonging to his shipp, that was bloT^Tie
vp, so a certifficate may be made to give satisfaccon to his owners, in England or
elsewhere, his request was graunted; and Mathew Chase [Mathew Chafe] & Arthur
Gill are appointed for that service." [Ibid.]

"Matthew Chaffe doth graunt \Tito Anthonie Stoddard all that his dwelling
house together wth all his land Scituat in Boston, also all his fferme at Newb[u]ry
with all the houses buildings fences timber trees woods &c: to haue & to hould to-
hi[m] & his heires & Assignes for ever, & this was by way of ^Mortgage, vpon con-
dit[ion] that the sd Matthew paying one hundd & thirty pounds, to wit 30li [£30]
in money merchantable corne bief or pork at prices current at or before the 24th
novemb next ensuing, & 281i at or before the 24th Nov: 1651 in like pay, & 261i at
or before the 24th of nov: 1652 in hke pay, & 241i in like pay at or before the 24th
nov. 1654. the sd grant to be void otherwise to remaine in force, dat 24th Nov. 1649.
& acknowledged before mr Hibbins 26th [ ] 1649.

"Matth Chaffe & a scale."

[Suffolk County Deeds, Liber I, page 113.]

He also owned land in Hingham, Mass., but when is not known. The will of
William Hersey of that town, dated ]\Iarch 9, 1657-58, gives to his son William
"ye Lott I bought of Matthew Chafey at ye Capts Tent" [now Hewitt's Cove].

The records of the First Church of Boston contain the last entry regarding
Matthew and Sarah Chaffe, as they did the first:

"Oe Brother Mathew Chaffe upon his desire with his wife was dismissed ye
10th of 6 mo. 16.55."

Whether Matthew and Sarah returned to England, or whether they settled
in some other part of the country we do not know. We find no mention of any one
else by the name of Chaffe in Boston at this early date, nor for twenty-five years
after this last entry.

Whether or not Matthew and Thomas Chaffe, the Emigrant, were related we
have no means of knowing. Both owned land in Hingham, but whether at the
same time or not is unknown. The name Matthew does not appear in any of the
earlier generations of Chaffe children, as would probably be the case were they

Thomas Chafey was born probably between 1756 and 1760, and died in Hor-
nerstown, N. J., June 24 (20), 1828. He married there, the last of June, 1785,
Sarah H., daughter of Joshua and Rachel Horner, her ancestors having founded
Hornerstown. She was born April 7, 1766, and died April 26, 1842. Thomas
Chafey enlisted in the Revolutionary army as a Private, from Monmouth County,
N. J., in the spring of 1780, and served in the 1st Battalion, 2d Establishment,
1st Regiment, under Colonel Matthias Ogden and Captain James Mitchell, until
the close of the war, taking part in the surrender of Cornwallis. He applied
for a pension in 1818, being then, according to the record, about fifty-eight years
old, and in 1820 about sixty-four. His widow applied for a pension in 1839.
After the war he was a farmer in Hornerstown, where he died of dropsy. He is
said to have been temperate and industrious. April 6, 1828, Fuller Horner was
appointed administrator of his estate. Thomas Chafey and his wife are both
buried in Zion Cemetery, Hornersto-svTi, where the former's tombstone bears the
following inscription:


"Thomas Chafey, A Revolutionary Soldier — Patriot — Gentleman."

[It is thought that this Thomas may be 316 descended from Joseph, * Joseph, 3
Joseph, 2 Thomas,! regarding whom nothing is known after his baptism, but no proof
of this conjecture has been forthcoming so far.]

Children, born in New Jersey:
+ William Chafey, born June 8, 1786 [date given in pension claim]; married.
+ Rachel Chafey, died March 4, 1759, aged seventy-two years, three months,

eighteen days; married Daniel Oakerson.
+ James Chafey, born April 4, 1790; married Caroline Simpson.
+ Samuel Chafey, born about 1793; married Mary Potts.

Thomas Chafey, Jr.

Job Chafey, married Sarah Ann ; had one son.

+ John Chafey, married Ann Curtis.

Jonathan Chafey, died in early manhood, unmarried.

Charles Chafey, born about 1812.

Joseph Chafey.

William Chafey (Thomas), was born in New Jersey June 8, 1786, and died.
He married.

Children :
+ i Thomas Chafey, born October 4, 1820; married Ann M. Powell.
+ ii Charles Chafey, married.

Rachel Chafey (Thomas), was born in New Jersey, and died in Hornerstown,
N, J., March 4, 1859, aged seventy-two years, three months, and eighteen days.
She married Daniel Oakerson.

i Mary Oakerson, married her cousin, Fuller H. Chafey. (See below.)

James Chafey (Thomas), was born near HornerstoTvai, N. J., April 4, 1790,
and died in Recklesstown (now Chesterfield), N. J., May 11, 1856. He married,
in 1812, Caroline, daughter of Robert Simpson. Her mother was the daughter
of an Irish Peer and was disowned by her family for marrying Robert Simpson,
a poor Englishman. Mrs. Chafey died August 7, 1858. She was a member of
the Methodist Church as was also Mr. Chafey. He was licensed to preach and
was noted as an exhorter of the early Methodist type. He was held in high esteem,
was a man of great force of character and of indomitable will. He had a light
complexion, blue eyes, and was five feet, eight inches in height. In 1812 he lived
in Hornerstown, and in 1821 in Upper Freehold, N. J., where June 21st of that
year he bought land. He was a carpenter and farmer. He and his wife were
buried in Zion Cemetery, Hornerstown.

Children :

i Charles Chafey, born in 1813; died in Chesterfield, N. J., in 1895; residence,

1893, Recklesstown.
ii Jacob Chafey.
iii Mary Chafey.
iv Rebecca Chafey.

V Joshua Chafey, residence, 1893, Ellisdale, N. J.
vi Fuller H. Chafey, born in 1826; married his cousin, Mary Oakerson (see

above) ; residence, 1893, Hornerstown.
vii Caroline Chafey.
+ viii James Herbert Chafey, born January 18, 1831; married Emily Garrett,
ix John Wesley Chafey, died before 1896.
X Thomas S. Chafey, died before 1896.
xi Anna E. Chafey, married Oakerson; residence, 1893, Hornerstown.

Samuel Chafey (Thomas), was born in Hornerstown, N. J., in 1793, and died
near there, February 13, 1837. He married in New Egypt, N. J., Mary Potts,
who died April 21, 1844. She was a member of the Methodist Church in Cross-
wicks, N. J., where she and Mr. Chafey were buried. He was a farmer and lived
near Hornerstown all his life. He and his wife were buried in Crosswicks Cemetery,


Children :

i Holmes Yanschoix Chafey, born March 4, 1823; married Martha McCabe;
residence, 1893, Crosswicks.
+ ii Josiah Middleton Chafey, born December 31, 1828; married Susan Halloway.

John Chafey (Thomas), was born in Egypt, N. J., and died there, September 1,
1846. He married Ann Curtis, a member of the Methodist Church. He was a
farmer and lived in Crosswicks, N. J.

Children :

i Damaris Chafey, born August 28, 1814; died November 13, 1814,
ii Sarah Ann Chafey, born September 5, 1815; died March 10, 1887.
iii Elizabeth Chafey, born July 25, 1817; died in October, 1887.
iv Damaris Chafey, born October 17, 1819; died July 14, 1831.
V Margaret Chafey, born October 11, 1821; died in August, 1878.
+ vi Mary Curtis Chafey, born September 17, 1823; married Anthony ]\Iiddleton.
+ vii Susanna C. Chafey, born October 28, 1825; married Doctor Zimri Wood.
+ viii Hannah Ann Chafey, born June 27, 1828; married Joseph H. Lippincott.

Thomas Chafey (William, Thomas), was born October 4, 1820, and died near
Jacksonville, N. J., in June, 1883. He married near Mt. Holly, N. J., Decem-
ber 24, 1846, Ann M., daughter of Jacob Powell of Smithville, N. J. Mr. Chafey
had a light complexion, and was five feet, nine inches in height. At the time of
his marriage he lived near Smithville, and later in Mt. Holly, Lumberton and
Hainesport, all in New Jersey. He was a farmer.

Children :

i Franklin Pierce Chafey, born September 16, 1847; married ]\Iary Price; resi-
dence, 1894, Burlington, N. J.

ii Jacob Powell Chafey, born near Smithville, March 26, 1849; is a farmer and
has a light complexion, hazel eyes, and is five feet, four inches in height;
residence, 1893, Jacksonville.

iii Elizabeth Chafey, born September 28, 1852; married William Thomas.

iv Charles Patterson Chafey, born November 11, 1856; married Cornelia Cobbs;
residence, 1894, Mt. Holly.

V William Chafey, born December 24, 1859; married Martha Ritchie; residence,
1894, Mt. Holly.

vi Thomas Chafey, Jr., born July 13, 1863; married Esther Barber; residence,

1894, Mt. Holly,
vii Samuel Powell Chafey, born March 30, 1868; married Lizzie Clevenger; resi-
dence, 1894, Mt. Holly.

Charles Chafey (William, Thomas), married.

i Winfield Scott Chafey, residence, 1894, New Egypt, N. J.

James Herbert Chafey (James, Thomas), was born in Monmouth County, N. J.,
January 18, 1831, and married in Trenton, N. J., December 25, 1854, Emily,
daughter of John Garrett of New Egypt, N. J. Captain Chafey has a dark com-
plexion, brown eyes, and is five feet, six inches in height. In 1854 he lived in
Hornerstown, N. J., and in 1896 in Reading, Pa., where he was a razor manu-
facturer. He has also been a butcher and cattle dealer and a carriage manu-
facturer. He has lived in New Egypt, Camden, N. J., and Alvarado, Cal. He
is a member of the Methodist Church.

Captain Chafey's career has been one of adventure and achievement. He is
a man of the keenest intellect, of undoubted uprightness of character and of the
most undaunted courage. At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted as a
Private in the 14th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, organized in Freehold, N. J.,
August 26, 1862, to serve three years. He was mustered out June 18, 1865, as
Captain of Company K, 14th New Jersey Infantry, having been promoted three
times in six months for distinguished bravery in battle. He fought in the battles
of The Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Monacy, Opicjuan,
Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek and Winchester. He was personally commended by


President Lincoln, who placed upon his breast a medal conferred upon him by
Congress for gallantry and ability displayed in battle.

Children, the first, second, fourth and fifth born in Hornerstown, the rest in
New Egypt:

i Harry M. Chafey, born March 12, 1856; married Rachel Evans,
ii Ernest D. Chafey, born August 1, 1857; married Beulah Rudderow.
iii Ella Chafey, born November 22, 1858; died in Camden, February 28, 1888;

married Herbert E. Marshall,
iv Charles Chafey, born February 24, 1860; married Lavinia Mitchell.
V Laura Chafey, born January 23, 1862; died in New Egypt, July 29, 1863.
vi Amos Chafey, born May 25, 1866; married Laura D. Rudderow, a sister
of his brother Ernest's wife.
+ vii Walter Atkinson Chafey, born May 15, 1868; married Kate O. Williamson.
viii Caroline Chafey, born August 7, 1872; died in New Egypt, January 2, 1875.

ix James M. Chafey, born March 18, 1875.
Josiah Middleton Chaffee (Samuel, Thomas) was born near Hornerstown,
N. J., December 31, 1828, and married near RecklesstowTi (now Chesterfield),
N. J., May 28, 1863, Susan, daughter of Peter Kester Halloway of that place.
Mr, Chaffee has a fair complexion, blue eyes, and is of medium height. At the
age of fourteen he united with the Methodist Church of Crosswicks, N. J., in
which he was Steward for three years and of which his wife is also a member.
In 1893 he was Town Clerk of Chesterfield (formerly Recklesstown), where he
also lived at the time of his marriage. He is a farmer, merchant and general
business manager.

Children :
i Newton Halloway Chaffee, born September 9, 1866; a physician,
ii Mary Coombs Requa Chaffee, born April 15, 1875.

Mary Curtis Chafey (John, Thomas) was born September 17, 1823, and married
in Crosswicks, N. J., February 14, 1850, Anthony Middleton, born there, May 13,
1813, died in Yardville, N. J., April 1, 1883. He was a shoemaker, and a member
of the Friends (Quaker) Church. He had a dark complexion, hazel eyes, and
was five feet ten inches in height. Mrs. Middleton is a member of the Methodist

Children :
+ i Miriam Edith Middleton, born November 20, 1850; married Joseph K.

+ ii Charles Edward Middleton, born February 22, 1852; married (1) Hettie

Sparks; (2) Ella Allen.
+ iii Phebe Ann Middleton, born June 23, 1854; married William Sprague.
iv Bertha Olivia Middleton, born March 12, 1860; died January 11, 1871.
V Albert Alonzo Middleton, born November 11, 1864; died March 18, 1893.
vi Elmer Brecount Middleton, a twin, born November 11, 1864; died May 15,

Susanna C. Chafey (John, Thomas) was born October 28, 1825, and married
in Crosswicks, N. J., November 14, 1849, Doctor Zimri Wood, a widower, born
in Spottswood, N. J., October 3, 1822, died in Trenton, N. J., January 11, 1873.
His first wife was Catharine Jones. He was a druggist and manufacturer of patent
medicine. He had a dark complexion, black eyes, and was five feet, eight inches
in height. He united with the Methodist Church when about twenty years of
age, and was for seven or eight years' an exhorter. He held the office of Justice
of the Peace. At the time of her marriage Susanna C. (Chafey) Wood lived in
Crosswicks, and in 1891 in Trenton. She is a member of the Methodist Church.

Children :
+ i Charles Henry Wood, born August 5, 1850; married Mary E. Brock.
+ ii William Jones Wood, born June 6, 1S53; married Amy B. Mount.

iii Catharine Jones Wood, born June 13, 1857; married, February 19, 1878,
Albert F. Williams.

iv Ella Smith Wood, a twin, born June 13, 1857; died June 9, 1861.


Hannah Ann Chafey (John, Thomas) was born June 27, 1828, and married in
Crosswicks, N. J., September 18, 1851, Joseph Hamilton Lippincott of that place,
born there June 4, 1830. He has a light complexion, blue eyes, and is five feet,
ten inches in height. In 1894 they lived in Trenton, N. J., where he was a mason.
]\Irs. Lippincott is a member of the Methodist Church.

Children :
+ i Theodore F. Lippincott, born July 8, 1852; married Julia Brown.
+ ii Lavenia K. Lippincott, born April 19, 1863; married William H. Potts.

Walter Atkinson Chafey (James Herbert, James, Thomas) was born in New
Egypt, N. J., May 15, 1868, and married in Reading, Pa., February 9, 1892, Kate
Orr, daughter of Charles Henry Williamson of that place, in 1896 Director in and
Superintendent of the Reading Stove Works, one of the largest establishments
of the kind in the United States. Mr. Chafey joined the Methodist Church, of
which his wife is also a member, at the age of eleven. He has a light complexion,
blue-gi'ay eyes, and is five feet, five inches in height. In 1892 and in 1896 he
lived in Reading, where he was private secretary to the Superintendent of the
Pennsylvania Railroad.

Children, born in Reading:
i Charles Willard Chafey, born July 26, 1893.
ii Clifford ]\Iaurice Chafey, born October 30, 1894.

Miriam Edith Middleton (Mary Curtis Chafey, John, Thomas) was born No-
vember 20, 1850, and married Joseph K. Pittman. In 1893 they lived in Trenton,

i Raymond Pittman.

Charles Edward Middleton (Mary Curtis Chafey, John, Thomas) was born
February 22, 1852, and married (1) Hettie Sparks (2) Ella Allen.

Children, by second wife:
i Harry A. Middleton.
ii Elmer B. Middleton.
iii Ella A. Middleton.

Phebe Ann Middleton (Mary Curtis Chafey, John, Thomas) was born June 23,
1854, and married William Sprague.

Children :
i Anna Louisa Sprague.
ii Bertha Alma Sprague.
iii Edith Edna Sprague.

Charles Henry Wood (Susanna C. Chafey, John, Thomas) was born August 5,
1850, and married, September 3, 1871, Mary Elizabeth Brock.

Children :
i Melvene E. Wood.
ii Bertha 0. Wood,
iii William M. Wood,
iv Harry C. Wood.

William Jones Wood (Susanna C. Chafey, John, Thomas) was born June 6,
1853, and married, November 12, 1876, Amy B. Mount.
Children :
i Ella C. Wood,
ii Albert F. Wood,
iii Milton R. Wood,
iv Alvah V. Wood.

Theodore F. Lippincott (Hannah Ann Chafey, John, Thomas) was born July 8,
1852, and married Julia Brown.
Children :
i Clifford Lippincott.
ii Charles Lippincott.


iii Elmer Lippincott.
iv Mabel Lippincott.

Lavenia K. Lippincott (Hannah Ann Chafey, John, Thomas) was born April 19,
1863, and married William Henry Potts.

Children :
i Alice Potts,
ii Isabelle Potts.

Seth Chaff e, died in Canada. He married in Pompey, N. Y., Lucy Ferry of that
place, who died in Jmie, 1840, and was buried in Concord, O. Seth Chaffe is said
to have been the son of a Revolutionary soldier. It is said that when he was a
child, one morning at daylight an alarm was given of the approach of Indians.
His father took his gun and started for the fort. His mother in her bare feet,
also started for the fort, which she reached safely, carrying Seth in a blanket, and
leading the other child by the hand. The Indians burned the house they had
just left, tore open the two feather beds, and scattering the feathers, had a war

+ i Reuben Briant Chaffe, born August 26, 1797; married (1) Olive Lane ; (2) Han-
nah Kibbe.

Reuben Briant Chaffe (Seth) was born in Pompey, X. Y., August 26, 1797, and
died in Thompson, 0., August 20, 1879. He married there (1), in February, 1821,
Olive, daughter of Joseph Lane of that place. She died July 19, 1835, and was
buried in Thompson. He married (2), January 28, 1836, Hannah Kibbe, in
Thompson, who died March 23, 1893, aged eighty-one. At the time of her death
she was living with her son, Reuben B. Chaffe, Jr. Reuben B. Chaffe had a light
complexion, dark eyes, and was six feet, one and one-half inches in height. At
the age of fifteen he enlisted as a Private in the War of 1812, he served one year,
was discharged and enlisted a second time, serving two months. After his death
his widow received a pension for this service. He moved from Pompey to Ohio
with his grandfather Ferry when he was nineteen, driving through the wilderness
with an ox team. At the time of his marriage he lived in Concord, 0., and soon
after settled in Thompson. He was a Republican in politics.

Children, by first wife:

i Salathiel Chaffe, born March 17, 1822.
ii Lucy Lovisa Chaffe, born January 12, 1824; died in May, 1866; married

P. B. Turk,
iii Olive Lucretia Chaffe, born May 20, 1826; died in May, 1849.
iv Mary Ann Chaffe, born November 10, 1830; married H. S. Brocklehurst.
V Ruby Artemisa Chaffe, born March 25, 1832; died March 12, 1874; married
William Barnum.

Children, by second wife :
vi Ruth Elizabeth Chaffe, born November 16, 1836; married P. H. Towell.
+ vii Reuben Briant Chaffe, born November 24, 1839; married Clara B. Anderson,
viii Maria Hannah Chaffe, born I\Iay 27, 1842; married J. H. Tuttle.
ix Lovina Sarah Chaffe, born October 30, 1845; married D. M. Turner.
X Fidelia Sally Chaffe, born January 5, 1847; married P. B. Basquin.
+ xi Gilbert Benjamin Chaffe, born November 9, 1849; married (1) Lydia R.
Scott; (2) Clara M. Whipple,
xii Delila A. Chaffe, born May 8, 1854; married H. M. Pike,
xiii Ettie M. Chaffe, born January 15, 1857; died January 2, 1888; married

C. E. Sidley.
Reuben Briant Chaffe, Jr. (Reuben Briant, Seth), was born in Thompson, 0.,
November 24, 1839, and married in Conewango, Pa., February 10, 1881, Clara
Belle, daughter of Lewis Anderson of Scotland. She is a member of the Methodist
Church. Mr. Chaffe has a light complexion, blue eyes, and is five feet, eight inches in
height. In 1881, and in 1890 he lived in Thompson, where he had a farm of one
hundred eleven and one-half acres which he cultivated.


Children :
i Artie Belle Chaffe, born September 6, 1882.
ii Jennie Eliza Chaffe, born August 22, 1884.
iii Reuben Briant Chaffe, Jr., born July 2, 1887.

Gilbert Benjamin Chaffe (Reuben Briant, Seth) was born November 9, 1849,
and married (1) Lydia Roxana Scott; (2) Clara M. AVhipple. In 1890 he was a
farmer in Thompson, Ohio.

Children, by first wife:
i Rhoda Roxana Chaffe, born in 1876.
ii Jesse Namon Chaffe, born in 1883.

Andrew Jackson Chaffee was born in Ashford, Conn., September 16, 1824, and
died in West Springfield, Mass., October 28, 1874. He married in Thompson-
ville. Conn., March 6, 1846, Carohne Ashley, daughter of Moses Phelps of West-
field, Mass., where she was born September 6, 1828, and died November 8, 1889.
She was a member of the Congregational Church, and in 1883 lived in East Long-
meadow, Mass. Mr. Chaffee had a light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, and
was five feet, four inches in height. In 1846 he lived in Chester, ]\Iass., and later
in Middlefield, Mass., and Agawam, I\Iass. He was a blacksmith, paper maker,
and engineer. He died of consumption.

Children :
+ i ^leribah R. Chaffee, born June 23, 1847; married Samuel J. Billings.
+ ii James Andrew Chaffee, born February 12, 1849; married Nellie M. Goss.
iii Charlotte Ella Chaffee, born in Chester, March 8, 1851 ; married in Ashley-

\'ille, Mass., Theodore E. Barnard,
iv Royal Edward Chaffee, born in Chester, January 23, 1853.
v George Wallace Chaffee, born in Chester, May 10, 1855; residence, Chicago,

vi Lilhan Belle Chaffee, born in IMiddlefield, Mass., April 12, 1862; married
in Springfield, Mass., Willis Pingree, and in 1892 lived there and had
one child,
vii Albert Henry Chaffee, born in Middlefield, August 12, 1866; died Septem-
ber 12, 1881.
viii Frank Phelps Chaffee, born in Agawam, January 12, 1870; married in
Springfield, Clara Bowers; residence, 1892, Springfield.

Meribah R. Chaffee (Andrew Jackson) was born in Middlefield, Mass., June 23,
1847, and married in Hartford, Conn., Juty 2, 1864, Samuel Jerome Billings,
born in East Longmeadow, Mass., June 19, 1841. He has gray eyes, and is five
feet, seven inches in height. He is a dealer in browTi stone, which is quarried in
East Longmeadow, i\Iass. In 1893 they lived in Springfield, Mass. ]\Irs. Billings
is a member of the Congregational Church.

Children :
i Edward J. Billings, born February 8, 1866; married Edith Nichol.
ii Nathaniel Andrew Billings, born September 1, 1879.

James Andrew Chaffee (Andrew Jackson) was born in Chester, ]\Iass., Feb-
ruary 12, 1849, and married in East Longmeadow, Mass., Nellie M., daughter of
Horatio Goss. She was born in East Longmeadow.

Children, first two born in Longmeadow, Mass. :
i Andrew James Chaffee, born October 18, 1880.
ii Lena Belle Chaffee, born October 12, 1882.

Two other children, died in infancy, names unknown.

Samuel Chaffy or Chafy of Pontiac, Mich., died March 10, 1847. He married
in Royal Oak, Mich., July 9, 1839, Rhoda, daughter of Rufus Squire of New York
state. She died February 6, 1861 (1862), and was buried in Royal Oak. After
her husband's death she and her children made their home with Mr. Squire. Sam-
uel Chafy was a carpenter and joiner. He had a brother Thomas, who has not
been heard of by his nephews since 1853, and who is thought to have been un-


Children :
+ i William Chaffy, born July 18, 1840; married Julia Ormsby.
ii George Chaffy, born June 10, 1841.
iii Horace Chaffy, born July 17, 1843. ^

iv Squire Chaffy, born August 15, 1844.

V Joseph Cirus ChafTy, born in Pontiac, February 28, 1846; married in Detroit
Mich., July 10, 1872, Mary, daughter of John Redwood of Tivertor
Devonshire, England; in 1884 Mr. Chafy lived in Toledo, 0., where he
was a cooper; no children.

William Chafy (Samuel) was born in Oakland County, Mich., July 18, 1840,'
and married in Royal Oak, October 14, 1861, Julia, daughter of Marcus F. Ormsby
of Michigan. He is a blacksmith, and in 1883 was living in Commerce, Mich.

Children :
i Oretty Chafy, born October 1, 1862.
ii William Chafy, Jr., born November 15, 1864.

Tabitha Chaffee, born about 1760, married William ]\Iathewson in Woodstock
Conn., March 17, 1780. He served in the Revolution, and at that time is supposed
to have lived in Providence, R. I. After the AVar he lived in Woodstock, latei
moving to Broome County, X. Y., and settled in what was then known as the
Triangle Township. December 22, 1837, Tabitha (Chaffee) Mathewson, age<'
seventy-seven, applied for a pension.

Children :

i Joseph Mathewson, died before 1854; married and had children,
ii William Mathewson, died in Perth, Canada, November 25, 1852; married i
1819, Betsey Wood, born in New Hampshire; no children; he was at on

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