William H. (William Henry) Chaffee.

The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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Online LibraryWilliam H. (William Henry) ChaffeeThe Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th → online text (page 79 of 91)
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Robert, son of Hugh Chafy;— 1, July 1588.


John, son of Hugh Chafy ;— 2, Sept. 1591.

Thos., son of Richard Chafy;— 21, Dec. 1591.

Hamnet, son of Richard Chafy;— 27 Nov. 1594.

Richard, son of Richard Chafy;— 27, May 1597.

Ehier, daughter of Robert Chafie;— 28, July 1619.

Walter, son of Robert Chafie;— 10, Dec. 1625.

John, son of Robert Chafie;— 10 Aug. 1628.

Mari, daughter of Robert Chafie;— 2, April, 1631.

Marie, daughter of John Chafie;— 31, Mar. 1622.

John, son of John Chafie; — 1, Oct. 1626.

Walter, son of John Chafie;— 31 May 1629.

Ann, daughter of John and Johane Chaffey; — 27, Dec. 1635.

Hugh, son of Thos. and Ann Chaffey;— 5, Feb. 1639-40.


Samuel, son of Richard Chafy— 2, Sept. 1597.

Thomas, son of Richard Chafy— 22, June, 1598.

Walter Chafie— 19 Feb. 1624-25.

Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Chafie— 23 Jan. 1632-33.

Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Chafi— 31, Oct. 1633.

Hugo Chafey— 27, Nov. 1634.

Joane, wife of John Chafie — 9, Sept. 1638.

Christian Chafy widow— 25, Nov. 1639.

Elizabeth, daughter of Thos. Chaffe— 16 Oct. 1650.

Katherine, daughter of Thos. Chaffy— 12, April 1663.

Joane Chaffy, widow — 14, May, 1663.

Hugh, son of Thos. Chaffy— 18, Sept. 1669.

Thomas Chafy— 30 May, 1671.

Elizabeth wife of John Chafy— 16, Oct. 1698.

Records from Stock-Gayland, Dorsetshire

Mathew, son of Thomas and Margery Chafy, — 22, Sept. 1602.
Richard, son of do do —27, Feb. 1606.


Thomas Chafy, clerk, and Margaret Forward; —27 April, 1612.
Thomas Chafy, the younger and Rebecca Forward; — 10, Jan. 1615.


Margery, wife of Thos. Chafy;— 2, Aug. 1611.

Mary, wife of Thomas Chafy, clarke, Parson of Stock; — 4, Nov. 1611.
Thomas Chafy, dark; — 28 Jan. 1616. [Thomas Chafy was Rector of Stock-
Gayland, Dorsetshire, 1603 to 1616.]

Richard, son of Thos. Chafy— 11, Jan. 1628.

Tombstone Records, East-Stoke, Somersetshire, j^iNGLAnd

"Here resteth the body of Maude Chafhe the wife of William Chaffie, minister
of the parish, who departed this life the 31st of March 1615 aged 52."

"Edward Chaffy, son of William Chaffy departed this life 12th May 1677
aged 81."

" George Chaffy died 2nd Sept. 1693 aged 67."

"Richard Chafie, the elder, buried 6th Dec. 1631. Anis his wife buried 25th
Sept. 1634."

Records from Holwell, Sherbourne, Dorsetshire, England


Ambrose, son of Thomas and ^largery Chaffy; — June 19, 1654.
John, son of William and Elizabeth Chaffy; — Oct. 22, 1655.


Hannah, daughter of John and Hannah Chaffy; Oct. 12, 1658.
Mary Chaffy, Sept. 29, 1661.

Mary, daughter of John and Mary Chaffy, Nov. 29, 1662.
John, son of John and Hannah Chaffy, Nov. 8, 1664.
John Chaffy, March 4, 1665.
Mary Chaffy, Dec. 27, 1666.
Thomas, son of Thomas Chaffy, March 2, 1668.
. WiUiam, son of John Chaffy, March 10, 1668.

Ruth, daughter , March 12, 1670.

, daughter of John and Hannah Chafiie: 1671.

Nathaniel, son , June 30, 1674.

Edith, daughter of John and Jane Chaffy, March 7, 1675.

Jane, daughter of John , April 30, 1677.

George son , July 27, 1678.

Thomas son of Thomas Chaffe, Nov. 13, 1679.
EUzabeth, daughter of Martin and Elizabeth Chafey, Jan. 17, 1682.
Mathew, son of Mathew and Hepsibah Chaff ey, July 18, 1684.
Mary Ann, daughter of John and Jane Chaff ey, Nov. 1, 1685.
Job, son of Mathew and Hepsibah Chaffey Dec. 14, 1685.
Elizabeth, daughter of Mathew and Hepsibah ChafTey Aug. 14, 1688.
Prudence, daughter of Thomas Chaffie, Jan. 26, 1695-96.
Hannah, daughter of William and Maude Chaffie, July 31, 1698.


Thomas Kiddle and Elizabeth Chaffy, widow. May 22, 1655.

John Chaffy and Elizabeth Curtis, Jan. 3, 1655.

John Kelway and Abigail Chaffy, Oct. 8, 1660.

John Chaffy and Mary Loder, Oct. 29, 1661.

John Goddard of Caudle, Bishop and IMargery Chaffy of Holwell, Feb. 5, 1662.

John Chaffy and Hannah Mullett, Nov. 18, 1663.

Lemuel Lodge and Arrestine Chaffy, Jan. 13, 1673.

Nicholas Hopps of Lydlinch and Elizabeth Chaffey, Jan. 3, 1680.


Thomas Chaffy, Dec. 11, 16.53.

Humphrey son of Thomas Chaffy, Jan. 1, 1653.

John Chaffy Nov. 16, 1656.

Richard Chaffy, Nov. 20, 16.56.

William Chaffy, April 11, 1657.

Byile Chaffy Dec. 8, 1658.

Elizabeth, daughter of John Chaffy Nov. 4, 1659.

Mary, wife of John Chaffy Nov. 24, 1662.

John Chaffy Oct. 20, 1665.

Margory Chaffy, Aug. 28, 1668.

Ann daughter of Josiah Chaffie Jan. 2, 1670.

Ann wife of Josiah Chaffie Feb. 14, 1671.

Hannah wife of John Chaffy Aug. 14, 1674.

Ruth daughter of (Short) John and Hannah Chaffy Feb. 16, 1674.

Elizabeth Chaffy May 16, 1677.

Elizabeth wife of William Chaffy June 11, 1678.

John Chaffey Aug. 23, 1687.

William Chaffey Sept. 27, 1687.

Elizabeth Chaffey May 23, 1690.

Elizabeth Chaffie May 27, 1690.

Ruth Chaffie March 29, 1693.

Henry Chaffie Feb. 18, 1693-94.

Record from Chaffcombe-Chard, Somersetshire

1681. Thomas Chafye was buryed the first day of June in what was made of
sheep 's-wooU only, as appeared by an affidavit brought unto me the 6 day of


June 1681, made before me, Edmund Sanders, Rector of Crickett St. Thomas and
attested mider his hand.


James Chaffey was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1747, and died in Indian
Island, N. B., Canada, March 20, 1797. He married there, about 1774, Elizabeth,
daughter of John Le Fontaine, or Fountain, as it became anglicized. She diecl
September 10, 1829, aged seventy-five, and was buried in Indian Island.

James Chaffey's father was a resident of Somersetshire, England. He had
twenty-one children, and besides James, one other son, a brewer by occupation,
came to America, but not liking the country returned to England. James Chaffey
learned the goldsmith's trade in London. The last Christmas before he sailed for
America he dined at his father's table, surrounded by his twenty brothers and
sisters. He embarked in a vessel bound for Boston, Mass., but after putting out
to sea, the captain found that his sealed orders instructed him to go to the Coast
of Guinea for a load of slaves. After getting their cargo of human beings, they
once more headed for America, but a storm disabled their vessel, and leaving the
slaves on the sinking ship, the passengers and crew were taken off by a passing
vessel ; James Chaffey said that the sinking ship, with its human cargo, was a heart-
rending sight. The vessel landed her passengers hi Philadelphia, Pa., and after
a brief sojourn there, James Chaffey started for New England, and settled in
Gouldsboro, Mass. (now Maine), where he engaged in trade. Soon after he went
to Indian Island, where he entered into the fur trade with the Indians. He is
said to have been the first white settler in that place, and his store and house were
the first ones seen by the Passamaquoddy Indians in their own country. After
living there for some j'^ears alone he was joined by a settler from Port Royal,
John Le Fontaine, whose daughter he afterward married.

James Chaffey carried on an extensive and lucrative business in fish and fur;
his fearlessness and integrity gained for him the respect of the Indians, and he
gained great influence and power over them. It is told of him that during the
Revolutionary War Colonel Allen sent a party of Indians to him to make him say
he loved General Washington. Although he was ill in bed, and the Indians gathered
aromid him with uplifted tomahawks and dra^mi knives, he refused to renounce
his fidelity to his country, and the Indians left without doing him injury.

-f- i Susanna Chaffey, born September 19, 1775; married Justus Justason.
+ ii James Chaffey, Jr., born February 16, 1778; married (1) Elizabeth Heney;
(2) Mary Hurley,
iii Elizabeth Chaffey, born May 7, 1780; died May 24, 1864; unmarried.
+ iv Thomas D. Chaffey, born May 4, 1785; married Susan Hurley.
V Catherine Chaffey, born April 9, 1788; died young.

vi John Chaffey, born April 12, 1792; died March 31, 1835; unmarried; he was
considered the most active and energetic merchant on Indian Island;
with his brother James he owned and controlled two vessels and two
brigs which carried on trade with the West Indies.
^- vii Eleanor Chaffey, born December 20, 1794; married Richard Ferris.

viii Martha Chaffey, born July 9, 1796; died in infancy.

Susanna Chaffey (James) was born in Indian Island, N. B., Canada, Septem-
ber 19, 1775, and died May 7, 1855. She married there, Justus Justason of New-
field, N. B., born in New Jersey, in 1777, died in Pennfield, N. B., March 17, 1855.
She was buried in Pennfield.
Children :
i Elizabeth Justason, born April 8, 1803; died March 19, 1842; married Joshua
+ ii Isaac Justason, born March 29, 1805; married Jane Hawkins.
4- iii Susan Justason, born May 31, 1808; married Samuel Caleff.
iv Thomas Justason, born October 31, 1810; died January 1, 1883; married;
residence, Pennfield.


V Catherine Justason, born April 19, 1812; died May 1, 1852; married Enos

James Chaffey (James) was born in Indian Island, N. B., Canada, February 16,
1778, and died there, February 4, 1853. He married (1) in Deer Island, N. B.,
in 1797, Elizabeth, daughter of Josiah Heney. She died and he married (2) in
St. George, N. B., July 4, 1814, Mary, daughter of William Hurley of Waterford
County, Ireland.

James Chaffey and his brother John did a large trading business with the West
Indies, owTiing and controlling two vessels and two brigs. Owing to competition
with American ports, the business of Indian Island with the West Indies grew less,
and where it had formerly taken thirteen vessels to carry on this trade, at last
there was only one, the brig Chaffey, to carry on what had once been a large and
successful business. This boat was wrecked in 1849.

Children, by first wife:

i Thomas Chaffey, born June 14, 1799; married Mary Ann Floyd; residence,

1884, Deer Island,
ii Martha Chaffey, born December 12, 1801; died August 31, 1859; married

William Hurley,
iii James Chaffey, Jr., born November 22, 1802; married Elizabeth Hurley;

residence, 1884, Deer Island.
iv Ehza Chaffey, born August 20, 1805; died August 27, 1882.
V Ann Chaffey, born April 28, 1807; married Caleb Hawkins.
Children, by second wife :

vi Ehzabeth Chaffee, born April 28, 1815.
+ vii William H. Chaffey, born September 20, 1816; married Wealthy A. Cum-
viii Mary J. Chaffey, born September 28, 1818; married (1) John Heney;
(2) William Todd.
+ ix Horatio Nelson Chaffey, born July 27, 1820; married Sarah Moses.

X Catherine Chaffey, born September 7, 1822; died December 23, 1849;

married H. W. Chapman,
xi Susan M. Chaffey, born September 7, 1824; married John Kay.
xii Guy C. Chaffey, born June 10, 1826; died December 23, 1849, probably on

the brig Chaffey.
xiii John B. W. Chaffey, born April 29, 1828; married Kate Moses,
xiv Phebe E. Chaffey, born February 6, 1830; married John Ferris.
XV Alice A. Chaffey, born April 2, 1832; married Moses Prescott.
xvi Harriet ^I. Chaffey, born April 28, 1834.

xvii Oilman A. L. Chaffey, born April 9, 1838; married Isabel! Kay.
xviii Georgiana M. Chaffey, born May 8, 1840; died July 16, 1864.
Thomas D. Chaffey (James) was born in Indian Island, N. B., Canada, May 4,
1785, and died there, February 24, 1863. He married in St. George, N. B., in
1808, Susan, daughter of William Hurley of Waterford County, Ireland. She died
June 24, 1847, and was buried in Indian Island. Mr. Chaffey was King's Pilot.

Children :
+ i John F. Chaffey, born ]\Iay 28, 1820; married Sophia Johnson.

ii Ellen Chaffey, born February 4, .

Eleanor Chaffey (James) was born December 20, 1794, and died December 29,
1877. She married in Indian Island, N. B., Canada, November 15, 1823, Pilchard
Ferris, born in Cape Breton, died in Indian Island, November 21, 1827. He was
a merchant, and at the time of his death lived in Indian Island, where his wife,
who survived him fifty years, was buried.
Children :

i Mary Elizabeth Ferris, born March 20, 1826; married, September 12, 1871,
her brother-in-law, James E. Dixon, born in Dorchester, N. B., Novem-
ber 29, 1818; no children; he is a collector of customs; residence, West
Isles, N. B.
+ ii Ellen Cornelia Ferris, born December 27, 1827; married James E. Dixon.


Isaac Justason (Susanna Chaffey, James) was born in Pennfield, X. B., Canada,
March 29, 1805, and died there, September 13, 1883. He married in Pennfield,
Xovember 11, 1841, Jane, daughter of William Hawkins of that place. He was
a farmer in Pennfield.

Children :
i Justus Edward Justason, born October 7, 1842; died January 23, 1844.
ii Margaret Elizabeth Justason, born February 23, 1845; married her cousin,

Howard D. Chaffey (William H., James, James). (See forward.)
iii Susan Justason, born July 23, 1847; married George Gillespie of Pennfield.
+ iv Isaac .Joshua Justason, born July 17, 1852; married Mary J. McFarlan.

Susan Justason (Susanna Chaffey, James) was born in Pennfield, X. B., Canada,
May 31, ISOS, and died October 17, 1883. She married there, Samuel Caleff,
who died in Bird Island, Minn., where she was living at the time of her death.

Children :

i Kate J. Caleff, born February 15, 1836; married, Xovember 3,1863, .

+ ii Lizzie S. Caleff, born September 9, 1840; married J. M, Bowler.
iii Dora J. Caleff, born November 24, 1843.

William H. Chaffey (James, James) was born in Deer Island, X. B., Canada,
September 20, 1816, and married in Indian Island, X. B., in September, 1840,
Wealthy A., daughter of William Cummings of Deer Island. Mr. Chaffey is a
merchant, and in 1884 lived in Deer Island.
Children :

i Mary E. Chaffey, born June 11, 1841.
ii Susan H. Chaffey, born February 5, 1843.
iii Helen A. Chaffey, born December 29, 1845.
+ iv Howard D. Chaffey, born January 30, 1848; married his cousin Margaret
Elizabeth Justason (Isaac Justason, Susanna Chaffey, James).
V Catherine C. Chaffey, born February 26, 1849.
vi Sarah Gertrude Chaffey, born January 3, 1852.
vii William W. Chaffey, born November 1, 1856; died in infancy,
viii Madeline Chaffey, born June 20, 1859.

Horatio Nelson Chaffey (James, James) was born July 27, 1820, in Deer Island,
X. B., Canada, and died at sea, December 23, 1849. He married in Roan Island,
X. B., February 15, 1843, Sarah, daughter of Captain Thomas Moses of that place.
Horatio X. Chaffey was a sea captain and was drowned on his father's ship, the
Chaffey, when she sunk on a voyage to the West Indies.

Children :
+ i Horatio Xelson Chaffey, Jr., born January 10, 1846; married Annie L. Gilbert.

ii Charles G. Chaffey, born September 15, 1847; died in 1870.

John F. Chaffey (Thomas D., James) was born in Indian Island, X. B., Canada,
May 28, 1820, and married in Deer Island, N. B., January 20, 1866, Sophia, daugh-
ter of Lewis P. Johnson of that place. Mr. Chaffey is a fisherman, and in 1887
lived in Indian Island.

Children :
i Nellie May Chaffey, born in Indian Island, November 3, 1866; a dressmaker;

residence, 1887, Eastport, Me.
ii Annie C. Chaffey, born October 3, 1868.
iii Thomas Lewis Chaffey, born Februarj- 10, 1870.
iv Charles A. Chaffey, born August 10, 1872.
V Maud Percy Chaffey, born December 9, 1879.

Ellen Cornelia Ferris (Eleanor Chaffey, James) was born December 27, 1827,
and died March 6, 1868. She married in Indian Island, N. B., Canada, Decem-
ber 27, 1848, James E. Dixon, born in Dorchester, N. B., November 29, 1818. After
her death he married her sister, Mary Elizabeth Ferris. He is a collector of customs,
and lives in West Isles, N. B.

Children :

i Richard Ferris Dixon, born October 20, 1849.


ii John Chaffey Dixoii, born November 28, 1851.
iii Charles Weldon Dixon, born May 9, 1854,
iv Mary Ellen Dixon, born November 13, 1856.

V Horace Dixon, born July 12, 1859; died August 23, 1869.
vi Sydney Gordon Dixon, born September 14, 1861.

vii Arthur James Dixon, born February 22, 1864.
viii Cornelia Ferris Dixon, born April 7, 1866.

Isaac Joshua Justason (Isaac Justason, Susanna Chaffey, James) was born
in Pennfield, N. B., Canada, July 17, 1852, and married in St. George, N. B.,
September 8, 1872, Mary Jane, daughter of David McFarlan of Bocabee, N. B.
In 1884 he lived in Pennfield, where he was a farmer.

i Alice Lilian Justason, born August 2, 1882.

Lizzie S. Caleff (Susan Justason, Susanna Chaffey, James) was born in Lime
Island, N. B., Canada, September 9, 1840, and married in Minnesota, November 30,
1863, J. M. Bowler of Lee, Me. In 1884 they Uved in Bird Island, Minn., where
he was a farmer.

Children :

i Victoria A. Bowler, born September 16, 1864.
ii Amy G. Bowler, born November 14, 1870.
iii Burton N. Bowler, born November 7, 1872.
iv Kate C. Bowler, born September 25, 1874.

V Madison C. Bowler, born September 26, 1876.
vi Frank L. Bowler, born August 9, 1878.

vii Vossie A. Bowler, born November 1, 1881.
viii Edna B. Bowler, born August 14, 1883.

Howard D. Chaffey (William H. Chaffey, James, James) was born in Indian
Island, N. B., Canada, January 30, 1848, and married in Pennfield, N. B., Decem-
ber 2, 1874, his cousin, Margaret Elizabeth Justason (Isaac Justason, Susanna
Chaffey, James) of that place, born February 23, 1845. Mr. Chaffee lived in 1884
on Indian Island, where he is a fisherman.

Children :
i Cecil Percy Cummings Chaffey, born October 25, 1875.
ii William Henry Chaffey, born May 12, 1877.

Horatio Nelson Chaffey, Jr. (Horatio Nelson, James, James), was born in
Indian Island, N. B., Canada, January 10, 1846, and married in Portland, Me.,
September 5, 1871, Annie L., daughter of Josiah J. Gilbert of that place. In 1883
Mr. Chaffey lived in Woodfords, Me., where he was a clerk.

Children :

i Alice M. Chaffey, born August 7, 1872.
ii Florence M. Chaffey, born March 11, 1876.
iii Ethel G. Chaffey, born June 9, 1881.

William Chaffe was born in England about 1770, and died in St. Johns, New-
foundland, May 20, 1848, aged seventy-eight. He married in St. Johns, where
he lived, and was in the fishery business. He had a light complexion, blue eyes,
and was of a jovial disposition. He was a member of the Church of England.

Children :
+ i William Henry, born May 29, 1807.
Other children, names unknown.

William Henry Chaffe (William) was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland, May 29,
1807, and died there, June 22, 1868. He married in St. Johns, November 10,
1831, Mary Snellgrove, who died in Charlestown, Mass., December 9, 1877, aged
sixty-three years, and was buried in Woodlawn. She had a sister who mar-
ried Chafe. Mr. and Mrs. Chaffe were both members of the English Cathe-
dral in St. Johns, with which the former united when a young man. He was living
in that place at the time of his marriage. He was a retail merchant of dry goods,


and was also in the fishery business. He had a dark complexion, black eyes, was of
medium height, and of a jovial disposition.

Children, the first four born in Pitty Harbor, Canada, the last six in St. Johns:
i Edward Chaffe, born March 12, 1834; died May 31, 1834.
ii Sarah Jane Chaffe, born December 31, 1835; died August 16, 1889; married

William Stetstone.
iii Eliza Chaffe, born May 14, 1838; died February 6, 1840.
+ iv Eliza Chaffe, born November 30, 1840; married James Mallard.
+ V Hannah Chaffe, born March 31, 1844; married Robert T. Marshall.
+ vi William Henry Chaffe, Jr., born October 16, 1846; married Georgianna
vii Samuel Chaffe, born July 20, 1849; died January 4, 1852.
viii Elizabeth Ann Chaffe, born October 25, 1851; married (1) William Mar-
shall; (2) Rufus Hanna.
ix Mary Ann Chaffe, born December 14, 1853; married Joseph N. Either.
X Samuel Harden Chaffe, born February 28, 1855; married Eliza Cooper.

Eliza ChafEe (William Henry, William) was born in Pitty Harbor, Canada,
November 30, 1840, and married James Mallard.

+ i Mattie Mallard, born September 23, 1861; married Ely Rogers.

Mattie Mallard (Ehza Chaffe, William Henry, William) was born September 23,
1861, and married Ely Rogers of Portland, Maine.

i Ida Amelia Rogers, born October 5, 1880.

Hannah Chaffe (William Henry, William) was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland,
March 31, 1844, and married Ptobert T. Marshall, at one time a leather merchant,
and also State Inspector in Massachusetts. In 1907 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall lived
in Arlington, Mass.

Children, born in Boston, Mass.:
i Lilla A. Marshall, born December 28, 1870; married in 1895, Walter Worth of

Salem, Mass.; residence, 1907, Arlington,
ii William H. Marshall, born May 31, 1874.
iii Florence C. Marshall, born May 16, 1876.
iv Maude L. Marshall, born June 25, 1878; married in 1900, Eben F. Dewing of

Revere, Mass.; residence, 1907, Arlington,
v Minzo L. Marshall, born January 25, 1880; married in 1901, Jennie Furness

of Brighton, Mass.; residence, 1907, Arhngton,

William Henry Chafe, Jr. (William Henry, William), was born in St. Johns,
Newfoundland, October 16, 1846, and married Georgianna Emmons of East
Boston, Mass.

Children :
i Udi villa Chafe, born in 1873.
ii William Henry Chafe, Jr., born in 1875.

John Chaffe lived in Rattery parish, Devonshire, England. In the old village
church there, hung a bell which bore the name of the caster "John Chaffe 17 — ."
This bellmaker was probably one or more generations earlier than the subject of
this brief mention.

Children :
+ i William Treeby Chaffe; married.

+ ii John Chaffe, Jr., born April 30, 1815; married Hamilton.

+ iii Charles Chaffee; married.
+ iv Christopher Chaffe; married.

V A daughter, married G. Glanfield; residence, 1883, Ponder's End, Middlesex,
England ; had one child :

a George Glanfield, a clothier; residence, 1883, London, England.


William Treeby ChafEe (John) was born in Rattery parish, Devonshire, England,
and died in Exeter, England, about 1860. He married.

i John Charles Treeby Chaffe, born in Devonport, Devonshire, England; came to
the United States; residence, 1883, Minden, La.; a grocer and druggist.

John ChafEe, Jr. (John), was born in Rattery parish, Devonshire, England,
April 30, 1815, and died in Minden, La., October 14, 1888. He married in 1844,
a daughter of Colonel William Hamilton of Macon, Ga. She died before him.
The following obituaries are from the New Orleans papers :

"Mr. John Chaffe, the senior member of the firm of John Chaffe & Sons, of
New Orleans, died here in Minden, La., at the residence of his brother. He had
been sick for some time of flux, and was thought to be better, but became worse
and soon died.

"The deceased was born in Devonshire, England, and came to America just as
he attained his majority. Obtaining employment on a farm on Staten Island,
he studied at night and laid the foundation for the education which in after years
served him so well. After spending some years on the farm i\Ir. Chaffe was em-
ployed to take charge of the business of a gentleman at IMorristown, N. J. Con-
tinuing his studies, he soon mastered all that was essential to a thorough business
education, and, declining offers in the North, he came to Louisiana in 1839 and
established himself in business in Minden, in Webster parish. Here he made
quite a fortune. When the war broke out he was appointed funding agent for the
Confederate government, which position he filled to the satisfaction of that gov-
ernment. In 1865, when the war closed, Mr. Chaffe was called on to pay $20,000
to New York creditors. Although he had paid this amount to the Confederate
government, Mr. Chaffe, with that strict sense of business integrity which had
marked his entire life, paid the claim in full. After the war Mr. Chaffe came to
New Orleans, where he established the cotton house of John Chaffe & Sons, which
firm now occupies a high position in commercial circles.

"He was never an active politician, but in 1879 he was elected a member of the
•Constitutional Convention of the State.

"Upright, honest, kind and just, Mr. Chaffe enjoyed the esteem of all his busi-
ness acquaintances and the love of his friends. At the time of his death Mr. Chaffe
was a member of the National Cotton Planters' Association and Perfect Union
Lodge, F. and A. M." [New Orleans Times-Democrat.]

"Sunday night towards midnight, at the residence of his brother, in Minden,
La., Mr. John Chaffe, a well known merchant of this city, breathed his last.

"Mr. Chaffe had been sick just three weeks, and although his death was hourly
expected for a number of days, he rallied to such a degree on Friday last that his

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