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The Chaffee genealogy, embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee descendants of Thomas Chaffe, of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusets; also certain lineages from families in the United States, Canada and England, not descended from Th online

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bonds March 17, 1729-30, filing their account soon after. By her will Joseph
received about £15 worth of personal estate and half of her share of her husband's
property, which reverted to their sons at her death. Joseph's share of the home-
stead being the "North side of the Home lott" according to the provisions of his
father's will.

December 18, 1730, he sold to Samuel Allen for £197, 3s., eight and three-quarters
acres and two square rods of upland and salt marsh in Barrington at a place called
Rice's Neck. December 22, 1730, he bought of Jonathan Hayward of Ashford,
for £250, two hundred acres of land in that place bounded by the land of Jacob
Boutell, James Corbin, Benjamin Read, Robert Serls and the common.

In 1733 appears the last mention of Joseph Chaffe in the Barrington records,
in that year he being Surveyor of Highways. In April, 1733, he was in Woodstock,
probably visiting his brother John, preparatory to settling there himself. On the
5th of that month he bought of John Scarborough of Woodstock for £1,150
four tracts of land; one containing seventy acres, a dwelling house and barn;
the second thirty acres of meadow or mowing land ; the third fifteen acres, and the
fourth three acres; "Always reserving a way through the land for the watering of
flax by the neighbors as there may be occassion with as little disadvantage as may
be." The same day Joseph Chaffe sold to John Scarborough land in Barrington,
as the following deed shows:

"To all People to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting. Know ye. That
I Joseph Chaffe of Barrington in the County of Bristol in his majesties province
of the Massachusetts Bay in Newengland Husbandman For and in Consideration
of the Sum of Twelve Hundred Pounds Currant money to me in hand before the
Ensealing hereof, well and truly paid by John Scarbrough of Woodstock in the
County of Worcester & province aforesd Husbandman the Receipt whereof I do
hereby acknowledge and my self therewith fully satisfied and contented, and
thereof, and of every Part and Parcel thereof, do exhonerate, acquit and discharge


him the said John Scarborough his Heirs, Executors and Administrators, for ever
by these Presents: Have given, granted, bargained, sold, ahened, conveyed and
confirmed, and by these Presents do freely, fully, and absolutely given grant,
bargain, sell, aliene, convey and confirm, unto him the said John Scarbrough and
unto his Heirs and Assigns for ever, Three Certain Tracts or parcells od Land
situate lying and being in Barrington aforesaid one Tract whereof Contains a
Dwelling house a Barn an out house and by Estimation thirty acres of Land &
saltmarsh be it more or less as it is abutted & bounded viz Northerly & Westerly
on highwayes southerly of land of mr Peleg Heath about 40 Rod from ye highway
to a stake then westerly sd Heaths Land till it meets with the Land of Samuel
Allen then bounds on sd Aliens Land till it meets with ye River then Easterly
on sd River to a Pond and then on a Creek to the highway on ye north foremen-
tioned. Also Ten acres more or less of Land Lying west of and adjoyning to the
west mentioned highway bounds south on land on mr Heath aforesd and on
highwayes north & west: Also one other Tract Containing by Estimation fifty
acres be it more or less bounded North on Land of Josiah Humphreys East and
west on highwayes southerly on Land of Mathew Allen or however otherwise the
said Tracts are bounded or Reputed to be bounded [Reserving four Rod of ground
being a Burving place in ye first mentioned Tract not to be Defaced.]

"TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said granted and bargained Premisses, with
all the Appurtenances, Priviledges and Commodities to the same belonging, or
in any wise appertaining to him the said John Scarbrough and unto his Heirs and
Assigns for ever, to his and their only proper Use, Benefit and Behoof for ever.

"And I the said Joseph Chaffe for me my Heirs, Executors and Administrators,
do covenant, promise and grant to and with the said John Scarbrough his Heirs
and Assigns, that at and before the Ensealing hereof, I am the true, sole and
lawful Owner of the above bargained Premisses, and am lawfully seized and
possessed of the same, in my own proper Right, as a good, perfect, and absolute
Estate of Inheritance in Fee Simple: And have in myself good Right, full Power,
and lawful Authority, to grant, bargain, sell convey and confirm said bargained
Premisses, in manner as abovesaid. And that the sd John Scarbrough his Heirs
and Assigns, shall and may from Time to Time, and at all Times for ever hereafter
by Force and Virtue of these Presents, lawfully, peaceably and quietly, have,
hold, use occupy, possess and enjoy the said demised and bargained Premisses
with the Appurtenances, free and clear, and freely and clearly acquitted, ex-
onerated and discharged from all and all manner of former or other Gifts, Grants,
Bargains, Sales, Leases, Mortgages, Wills, Entails, Joyntures, Dowries, Judg-
ments, Executions, or Incumbrances, of what Name or Nature soever, that might
in any Measure or Degree obstruct or make void this present Deed. Further-
more, I the said Joseph Chaffe for myself my Heirs, Executors, and Administra-
tors, do covenant and engage the above demised Premisses to him the said John
Scarbrough his Heirs and Assigns, against the lawfuU Claims or Demands of any
Person or Persons whatsoever, for ever to warrant, secure and defend these Presents.
In witness where of I the sd Joseph Chaffe have hereunto put my hand and seal
the fifth Day of Aprill anno Domini 1733.
"Signd Seald & Delivered

" In presence of Joseph Chaffe [seal]

"Timothy Manning.
"Samll Chandler.

"Worcester ss. Woodstock aprill 5th 1733 Joseph Chaffe ye above named Granter
freely acknowledged this Instrument to be his act & Deed before me.

" John Chandler Just Pacs
"Reed May 2d 1733 Recorded by Samll Howland Regr."

[Recorded in Vol. XXII, p. 15 of the Bristol County, Mass., Land Records, North-
ern District, Taunton, Mass.]

Thus the Chaffe homestead, which had been owned by the Chaffes for seventy-
three years, and on which four generations of Chaffes had lived, passed out of the
family, into the hands of strangers ; with it also passed what was probably the last


resting place of Thoma ; Chaffe, the emigrant, of Joseph and Annis, and their
children, Dorothy and Mary, of Abigail (Hills) Chaffe, of Doctor Hezekiah Chaffe
and doubtless others. But the deed contained a proviso that this "Ancient Chaffe
Burying Ground," should not be defaced. John Scarborough sold thirty acres
of this property to Samuel Barnes, September 19, 1733. The deed contains the

"The said John Scarborough did reserve out of the above mentioned land
four rod of ground being a burying place in the first mentioned tract not to be

Between April 5, and August 5, 1733, Joseph Chaffe settled in Ashford, as on
the latter date his wife, Jemima, was admitted to membership in the First Con-
gregational Church in Woodstock, having been dismissed from the church in
Barrington. Joseph was also an active member of this church.

Some few facts regarding the new home of Joseph Chaffe may be of interest.
The town of Woodstock or, as it was first called. New Roxbury, was settled in the
summer of 1686 by men from Roxbury, Mass., and was a part of the Massachusetts
Bay Colony until 1749, when it became a part of Connecticut. The name was
changed from New Roxbury to Woodstock in the spring of 1690. Joseph Chaffe
settled in the western part of the town.

In 1733 the town arranged to have a schoolhouse built in this part of the town,
and the settlers increasing. West Parish desired to have religious services of its
own for four months of the year at the expense of the whole town. This request,
it was argued, was only fair inasmuch as the western half was obliged to contribute
to the support of the Church on the Hill (in the central part of Woodstock) . But
the town refused to assume any of the charges. After trying the experiment for
two winters, the West Parish people found the expense of supporting both ministers
to be too great a burden, and they therefore again asked the help of the town, and
were refused. They still persisted and petitioned that the western half might be
formed into a distinct township. Town meetings were held, and at last permission
was given them to address the General Court in Boston on the subject. But their
petition to the General Court was dismissed. The West Woodstock people insisted
on the formation of a parish where they could worship God in their own fashion,
and not be obliged to aid any church outside of their parish. They were willing
to give up all ideas of a town of their own. This modified request was made to
the town, and to the General Court. The General Court complied by passing an
act in 1743, incorporating the district as " The West Parish of Woodstock." The
West Parish was now called by the old name of New Roxbury. It was also called
the Second Precinct of Woodstock. Thus we see that the same trouble which
caused part of Swansea to be formed into the separate town of Barrington caused
the establishment of West Parish or New Roxbury, and as Joseph Chaffe was
active in demanding his rights in one town, so he was in the other.

This first petition, dated November 2, 1736, was signed by thirty men, of whom
" Joseph Chaffee " was one, [Larned's History of Wmdham County.'] April 5, 1743,
another petition was presented and also a further memorial from Joseph Chaffee
and Samuel Chandler. [Ibid.] September 15th of that year "the west half part
of Woodstock" was incorporated into a separate parish and held their first meet-
ing in the schoolhouse, September 27th. [Ibid.] At this meeting, Joseph Chaffee
was chosen one of three Assessors and also one of a committee of three for calling


precinct meetings, in which capacity he signed warrants, November 26, 1743, Feb-
ruary 4, 1743-4, September 10, 1744, and August 18, 1746, for meetings in re-
gard to a minister and a meetinghouse. [Records of the Second Ecclesiastical So-
ciety of Woodstock.] March 12, 1743-4, he was chosen Moderator [Ibid.], and it
was voted "To petition the Court to lay a tax for building meeting-house, on un-
improved land — five shillings per acre for five years — Joseph Chaffee to present
petition." [History of Windham County.] This necessitated a trip to Boston on
the part of Joseph Chaffee. April 13, 1744, he was one of three chosen to secure
supplies for the pulpit. It was found difficult to decide on a spot for the meeting-
house which should be satisfactory to all the inhabitants, so three men from out-
side of the new precinct were asked to pick out a spot. They met March 18, 1744-5,
and Joseph was one of a committee of six chosen to wait on them. The site se-
lected was that of the present Congregational church in West Woodstock. [His-
tory of Windham County.] November 18, 1746, it was agreed to pay Joseph Chaffe
ten shillings a day for work on the meetinghouse. [Records of the Second Ecclesiasti-
cal Society of Woodstock.] May 15, 1747, he was again chosen Moderator. [Ihid.]
August 24, 1748, he was chosen one of a committee of two to seek a suitable spot
for a burial-place, he representing the southern part of the town. [Ibid.] March 13,
1749, he was chosen as Assessor and also one of a committee of three to build a
pulpit and "body seats" in the meetinghouse. [Ihid.] November 1, 1750, he and
one other were appointed a committee to procure a schoolmaster [Ihid.], and
August 30, 1753, one of a similar committee "to take care of setting up a school
in the southeast district of the society. [Ihid.]

The first recorded act in Woodstock of Joseph Chaffe was the purchase from
his nephew Joel (77) for £85, of one hundred acres of land in Ashford, March 12,
1733-4. This was his last purchase of land of which we have record, but soon
thereafter he began to give to his sons for their "advancement and settlement
in the world" part of their shares of his estate. The first gift was made to his
eldest son, March 12, 1735-6, "in Consideration of Love and Goodwill and Effec-
tion which I have and do have towards my loving son Benjamin Chaffee of Ash-
ford." The property was that which he had bought two years previous of Joel
Chaffee. The next gift was December 31, 1743, to "Joseph Chaffee Jun of Ash-
ford," one hundred acres of land there, the southerly part of the tract which the
grantor bought in 1730 of Jonathan Hay ward. The next son to receive his share
was "Thomas Chaffe of Woodstock Weaver" who received, January 13, 1745-6,
twenty-three acres of land, in Woodstock, valued at £230, on which land he had
already built a dwelling-house. " Samuel Chaffe of Woodstock " received the other
half of the Hayward tract in Ashford, adjoining Joseph, Jr., May 24, 1750. Sep-
tember 26th of the same year James Chaffe received a house and twenty-five acres
of land in the south half of Woodstock, for a nominal consideration of ten shillings,
the property being really a gift. Stephen received sixteen acres of land, also in
the south half of Woodstock, February 17, 1758, and July 4, 1758, Josiah re-
ceived three-fourths of an acre of land in Woodstock, the value being stated as £3.
Whether this was also a nominal consideration or whether the transaction was a
bona fide sale is not clear. Perhaps it was a wedding gift, as Josiah was married
nine days later.

Joseph Chaffe left no will, but the following inventory of his estate was filed,
August 30, 1759, probably soon after his death:



"An Inventory of the estate of Mr. Joseph Chaffe Late of Woodstock in the

County of Windham Desd Shown to us the Subscribers Appraisers under oath

by Mr. James Chaffe Administrator on said estate, August 30th 1759. Which is

as follows viz. £ s d

The orchard computed to be Two acres and half of Land 20- 0-0

About 20 acres adjoining to ye orchard 90- 0-0

About 12 acres of woodland &c. 48- 0-0

Two acres of medow land by the grate Pond 25- 0-0

A Peace of Land on ye west side of ye way about 2| acres 10- 0-0


Mare sheep and cattle 16-13-0

[Other items, wearing apparel, household and farm utensils etc.]

sum total £233- 6-0
"Thom Chandler
"Abel May
"Nathl Childs."

The following agreement of the heirs was signed two months later :

"We the subscribers Children and descendants of Mr. Joseph Chaffe Late of
Woodstock in the County of Windham Desd vizt Benjamin Chafie of Ashford
Eldest son of ye Said Desd, James Chaffe of Woodstock, Joseph Chaffe aforesaid
Samuel Chaffee Josiah Chaffe Stephen Chaffe Joseph Wright & Abigail his Wife
all of Woodstock and all in ye County of Windham and being all desirous to settle
the Real Estate that j^e said Desd Left to us in Love and peace and notwithstand-
ing our Late Brother Thomas Chaffe Late of said Woodstock Desd haveing in his
lifetime Reed of our Said Father about six pounds Lawful money more than any
of us Reed of our Said Father in his life time Yet we are hereby willing & Desirous
ye Real Estate Left by our said Father Desd to be Settled to and amongst us in
the following manner and from vizt So Benjamin Chaffe aforesaid one share and
half in leiw of his Double Portion of what is left and no more And to the Heirs
of our Late Thomas Chaffe Desd one single share of what Notwithstanding what
he in his Life Received of said Estate more than any of us And to the said James
Joseph Samuel Stephen and Josiah one single share and to Joseph Wright and
Abigail his wife one single Share making Eight single Shares and half in all in all
and as Ebenezer Williams Esq Judge of ye Court of Probate for ye District of
Pomfret has given a Comn To mess Thos Chandler Nathanl Child and Theophilus
Chandler to divide the Estate Left by ye said Joseph Chaffe Desd to us the sub-
scribers and to and amongst us according to the Instructions therein Set Yet we
Dessire ye Said Distributors to Divide ye same according to our minds herein Set
to all which Instructions and Directions herein by us given we bind and oblige us
the Subscribers and Each of us our and Each of our Several & respective heirs in
the Penal sum of Thousand pounds Lawfull money to stand to and abide by ye
aforesaid agreement in witness Whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals
this Tenth day of October Anno Dom 1759

"Signed Sealed and Delivered Joseph Chaffe [l. s.]

" In Presence of Benjamin Chaffe [l. s.]

"Nathel Child James Chaffe [l. s.]

" Thos Chandler Samuel Chaffe [l. s.]

Stephen Chaffe [l. s.]
Josiah Chaffe [l. s.]
"Windham SS Woodstock Oct. 10th 1759

"Benjamin Chaffe James Chaffe Joseph Chaffe Samuel Chaffe Stephen Chaffe
Josiah Chaffe Joseph Wright and Abigail his wife all Personally appearing freely
acknowledged this Instrument to be their respective act and Deed.
"Coram Thos Chandler Justice Peace.


"January ye 1st 1765 then this deed was reed for record and by the Judge ordered
to be recorded and kept on file."

At a meeting of the Second Precinct, December 11, 1760, it was voted that
"the person who had been the highest or most on the Grand List for the five years
past (except those who have pews) shall have the pew that was ]\Ir. Joseph Chaff e's,
late of Woodstock deceased. He paying or satisfying the heirs of said Chaffe
therefore." [Records of the Second Ecclesiastical Society.] This is the last mention
in the record3 of him.

Child, by first wife, born in Swansea:

+ 90 i Benjamin* Chaffe, born September 11, 1710; married (1) Hannah
Chapman; (2) Priscilla Green.

Children, by second wife:

+ 91 ii James Chaffe, born about 1713; married (1) Beriah Hayden; (2) Rhoda

+ 92 iii Abigail Chaffe, born March 5, 1714-15; married Joseph Wright.

+ 9.3 iv Thomas Chaffe, born October 18, 1716; married Dorcas Abbot.

+ 94 V Joseph Chaffe, Jr., married Hannah Gould.

+ 95 vi Samuel Chaffe, born about 1722; married (1) Susanna Lyon; (2) Mary
96 vii Stephen Chaffe, born about 1726; died in Woodstock, February 13,
1800, in his seventy-fourth year [entered in an old Bible found
in North Windham, Conn., given by him in 1798 to Chloe Chaffe
(331)]. February 17, 1758, his father gave him thirteen and one-
half acres of land (see above); April 19, 1762, "Stephen Chaffee of
Woodstock" sold to his brother Josiah of the same place land
there for £20; February 20, 1767, "Stephen Chaffee yeoman" sold
to Josiah Hammond four acres of land in Woodstock for £3; the
records of the Baptist Church, the First Society of Woodstock,
December 12, 1785, show that a vote w^as passed that Stephen
Chaffee dig the graves for the Society for the ensuing year; July
7, 1797, he sold to his niece, Chloe Chaffee, two acres of land in
Woodstock for £6; he sold other pieces of land there; his will, here
given, indicates that he was unmarried.

"In the name of God Amen I Stephen Chaffe of Woodstock in
Windham County on this 16th Day of October 1799 being advanced
in age & under bodily infirmity but have reason to bless God, I
enjoy my reason & a sound, disposing mind & memory & calling
to mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed
for all men once to die.

"I do now make & ordain this my last will & testament &
prencepally & first of all I give and recommend my soul into the
hands of Almighty God, who gave it & as for my body I recommend
it to the earth to be buried in a christian like and decent burial
whenever it shall please God to put an end to my life in this world
wholly trusting in the rich merc}^ of God thro, Christ, that at the
Gen'l resurcetion, when my soul and body shall be reunited I
shall have a remembrance among the just And as touching such
worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life
I give devise & dispose there of in the following manner and form
\nz It is my will that in the first place all my Just debts & funeral
charges be paid & satisfied out of my estate.

"Item I give and bequeath to Corbin [Calvin] Chaffe son to
my brother James Chaffe ten pomids to be paid to him by my
Execrs after my decease.

"Item I give and bequeath to Saml Chaffe son to my brother
Samuel Chaffe deed my bed and furniture, also my great coat.


" Item I give and bequeath unto my neice Chloe Chaffe daughter
to my brother Josiah Chaffe ten pounds to be paid her by my
Exer out of my estate also the exclusive right of my pair trees.

"And all the rest and remainder of my estate it is my will that
it be divided in equal shares (viz) to my sister Abagail, my brother
Josiah, the surviving children of my brother James deed which he
had by his first wife, The heirs of my brother Thomas Decc & the
heirs of my brother Josh deed & the heirs of my brother Saml deed
making Six Shares.

"And I do hereby make, ordain & constitute Dr. Jesse Bolles
of Woodstock sole Executor to this my last will & testament, who
is also hereby fully empowered and directed to make sale of my
estate, real & personal to the best advantage for my heirs, & give
a good title to the purchaser or purchasers, cheerfully confiding
in his care and faithfulness to fulfill & execute the same in every
part hereby disallowing & disannulling all other or former wills,
testaments & legacies, ratifying this and no other to be and contain
my last will & testament

"Signed, sealed, published, pronounced & declared by the sd
Stephen Chaffe to be and contain his last will & testament
" in presence of us Stephen Chaffe [l, s.]

"Wm Hammond
"Isaac Hibbard
"Christina Smith"

May 5, 1801 the executor reports, "I sold the whole of the real &
personal estate of Stephen Chaffa at the Inventory prices at private
sale (except bed & coverlid & sheets given to Saml Chaffa) to
his brother Josiah Chaffee & to Chloe Chaffee," for $250, May 4,
1801 ; Josiah was the principal creditor of the estate.
+ 97 viii Josiah Chaffe, born September 1, 1731; married Sarah Cady.


31 Rachel ^ Chaffe (Thoinas,^ Xathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., November 1, 1698, and died there February 8, 1762. She married in Re-
hoboth, May 12, 1726, John Sweeting, who died January 25, 1762.

Children, born in Rehoboth:

98 i John ^ Sweeting, Jr., born February 16, 1726-7.

99 ii Lewis Sweeting, born January 27, 1727-8.

100 iii Molly Sweeting, born April 24, 1729; married her cousin, Timothy*

Carpenter, Jr., (61) (Experience 3 Chaffe, Nathaniel, ^ Thomas i),
born in Rehoboth, October 24, 1721. [For further descendants, see
Carpenter Genealogy.]

101 iv Rachel Sweeting, a twin, born April 24, 1729; married Charles Peck.

[For further descendants see 428 and Peck Genealogy.]

102 V Thomas Sweeting, born November 9, 1732.

103 vi Susannah Sweeting, born April 15, 1735; married Joseph Bliss,

32 Mehitabel ^ Chaffe (Thomas,^ Nathaniel,^ Thomas i) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., November 23, 1700, and died. She married there, December 31, 1724,
Dan, son of Richard and Patience Bowen. He was born in Rehoboth, November 26,

Children, born in Rehoboth:

104 i Mehitabel ^ Bowen, born August 22, 1725; married, March 28, 1755, Caleb


105 ii Charles Bowen, born November 18, 1728.

106 iii Esther Bowen, born September 14, 1730 (?).

107 iv Huldah Bowen, born February 21, 1733-4; married September 24, 1756,

Nathaniel Green.

108 V Zerviah Bowen, born May 16, 1736; died June 10, 1736.

109 vi Amos Bowen, a twin, born May 16, 1736; died June 6, 1736.

110 vii Ruth Bowen, born August 20, 1737; died August 22, 1737.

33 Amos "* Chaffe (Thomas,^ Nathaniel,2 Thomas i) was born in Rehoboth,
Mass., July 17, 1702, and died there. May 11, 1736. He married in Rehoboth,
May 12, 1726, Freelove, daughter of Samuel and Patience (Ide) Carpenter. She
was born there, December 31, 1706, and married (2) in Rehoboth, January 27,
1742, Samuel Mason. She imited with the First Congregational Church there,
January' 9, 1731-2.

No mention of Amos is found in the records regarding transfers of land or ac-
tivity in town affairs. He died intestate, and his widow was appointed adminis-
tratrix, August 17, 1736, her bond being signed by Samuel ^lason and Noah New-
man; the inventory had been taken the previous day, and the estate amounted to
£149, lis. 9d. July 7, 1747, Samuel Mason was appointed guardian to his step-
daughters, Lillis and "Unis" Chaffe. February 14, 1757, Samuel and Freelove

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