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Cloaths for the Soldiers from the State Store. M'' Crisall has Orders
to forward Beef by the first Opportunity, as it is probable that
Article may be laid in here on better Terms than at Baltimore, and
until you receive it, you must continue to subsist the Troops on
fresh Provisions. M' Randall is directed to leave a Parcel of Cloth

1 6 Journal and Correspondence

Liber C C in your Care and you may also expect a Parcel of Linen from
No. 22 -j^j-r p^Yv, which are to remain with you til further Directions are

[Council to Mr. Abraham Faw]

p. 40 Sir. Being informed by M*" Randall that the Oznabrigs Shirts

[Osnabng gent from Frederick will not answer for the Soldiers, it will not be
was a kind , 1 o -r^n • ■ V , ft, t

of coarse proper to buy the 800 Jills you mention m yours of the 9"" Inst.

. .'"\^" Please to desist from having any more Shirts made up of the

originally o .' x-

made in Oznabs of the same Quality already sent and forward the Linen and
Osnabruck Shirts made up, to Cap* Keeports at Baltimore, to remain under his
Care until he receives our Directions

November Wednesday 17* November 1779 —


Liber C B Present as on Yesterday. —
No 23

p. 80 Ordered — That the western shore Treasurer pay to John Lambert

Wilmer Esq"" Sixteen Pounds ten shillings for the use of Benjamin

Palmer due him per Account passed by the Dep^ Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to John Green one hundred and
Ninty four Pounds, sixteen shillings and Eight pence due him per
Account passed by the Dep'' Aud. —

That the said Treasurer pay to Cornelius Mills Two hundred and
ten Pounds to be expended in the Purchase of Wood for the General
Assembly & to be accounted for. —

That the said Treasurer pay to John Fowler Fifty Pounds to be
delivered over to M""^ Fowler due her p Account passed by the
Depy Aud.

That Serjeant Welsh take into his Possession the Military Stores,
belonging to this State which were in the care of Captain Campbell,
and that he make application to Capt Campbell for the Key of the
Larboratory, and any others, which may be necessary for that
Purpose. —

Commissions issued to John Scott, William Bordley, Robert Max-
well, James Claypoole, William Henry, Jonathan Worth, Morgan
Hunt, Samuel Davis, Thomas Smyth Jun"" William Granger Jesse
Cosden, William Maxwell and Richard Miller appointed Justices of
the Peace and John Scott, William Bordley, James Claypoole William
Henry & Thomas Smyth Jun"" appointed Justices of the Orphans
Court for Kent County —

Upton Sheredine, William Beatty, Jacob Young, James Johnson,
William M. Beall, William Luckett Jun"" John Lawrence, Joseph
Wood Jun"" John M'^Alister, John Ross Key, William Winchester
Jun"" Philip Thomas, John Kleinhoof, Fielder Gaunt, George Scott
and William Magruder app"^ Justices of the Peace and Upton Shere-
dine, William Beatty, Philip Thomas, William M Beall and John

of the Council of Maryland. 17

Lawrence appointed Judges of the Orphans Court for Frederick Lif>er C B
County.— ^''^- 23

Joshua Beall, Chrisf Lowndes, Wilh'am L. Weems, David Crau-
furd, John Harrison, Rich'' Henderson, Thomas Gantt Jun"" Luke
Marbfiry, Thomas Clagett, Trueman Skinner, Alexander Howard
Magruder, Osborn Sprigg, Fielder Bowie, George Lee, Thomas
Magill, Thomas Boyed William Lyles, William Berry, James Mulli-
kin, James Beck, Henry Rozier, Frank Leeke, Samuel Hepburn,
Abraham Boyd and John Smith Brookes appointed Justices of the
Peace Joshua Beall, Chrisf Lowndes, David Craufurd Thomas
Clegett, Richard Henderson, Alexander Howard Magruder and
Frank Leeke appointed Judges of the Orphans Court for Prince
Georges County.

The Petition of Jesse Bennett complaining that the Election of
Sheriffs, for Worcester County, was not held agreeable to the Con-
stitution, and Form of Government ; having this Day been presented
to the Governor and Council : It is ordered that a Copy of said
Petition, and of this Order be served on John Selby son of John in
the said Petition mentioned ; on, or before the tenth Day of December
next, and that a Hearing be had on the said Petition, by the Gov-
ernor & Council, at Annapolis, on Thursday the 30''' Day of Decem-
ber next, and that such Summons's as shall be applied for by either p. 81
Party issue for Witnesses —

Commissions issued to James Clandenin appointed Capt in the
room of Samuel Ashmead Grafton Preston i Lieut, James Preston
2'^ Lieut, James Creton Ens — John Maccamson i L' of Gabriel Van-
horns Comp^ Aaron Vanhorn 2^ Lieut, William Maccamson Ens.
William Amos Capt in the room of George Vaughan, Griffith Evans
I L' James M'^Comas 2'^ Lieut — John Farmer Capt in the room of
William Morgan, Ralph Smith i L*, Samuel Kinley 2^ Lieut, James
Rancher Ens. Samuel Bailiss Capt in the room of John Patrick,
Richard Ward i L' Robert Caswell 2^ Lieut. Andrew Ramsay Ens.
Joseph Gibbons i L' William Jones 2^ U and Benjamin Rigdon Ens
of Capt William Rigdons Comp^ belonging to the Deer Creek Batt°
Harford County and also to Cyrus Osborne Capt in the room of
John Wood — John Ruff Capt in the room of Jacob Forwood —
Hugh Smith Capt in the room of George Patterson — Obediah
Pritchard i L* Michael Gilbert 2^ Lieut and Edward Day ]\PComas
Captain in the room of William Bradford belonging to the 23^^ Bat-
talion of Militia in Harford County.

Thursday 18 November 1779 Xovember

Present as on Yesterday except Daniel Carroll Esquire. —

Commission of Letter of Marque & Reprisal issued Thomas Con-
way Commander of the Brig Alexander 80 Tons burthen, navigated

1 8 Journal and Correspondence

Liber C B by 40 Men, mounting 12 Carriage Guns & 20 small Arms belonging
^°- ^3 to John M=Lure & Comp^ dated 25 September.

M'' Nathaniel Smith of Harford County in the State of Maryland,
is appointed an Ensign in the fourth Maryland Regiment of Conti-
nental Troops, and it is requested, that a Commission may Issue to
him accordingly from the Board of War.

Commissions issued to John Thomas appointed Lieut Col°, John
Hanson Briscoe Major — Samuel Maddux i Lieut, Meveral Locke
2^ Lieut and Raphael Neal Ens of Capt Charles Jordans Comp^ —
John Shanks Capt in the room of Gerard Bond, John Blackiston
I L' William Bayard 2 Lieut, Samuel Tennison Ens. — Francis Mil-
lard Capt in room of John Thomas William Thomas i Lieut, Clement
Power 2,'^ Lieut, James Thomas Ens. — John Hooper Broome Capt
in the room of Thomas Attaway Reeder, John Cartwright i Lieut,
Zachariah Hammett 2^ L' Basil Hall Ens. — Robert Briscoe Ens. to
John Mills's Comp^ — Richard James Rapier Capt. in the room of
James Roach, William Rapier i Lieut, Joseph Woodward 2^ L*
John Greaves Ens — Edward Mattingly Capt in the room of William
Bond, Jonathan Edwards i Lieut, William Cartwright 2^ Lieut,
James Boroughs Ensign belonging to the Upper Battalion of Militia
in Saint Marys County.

Commission issued to Jeremiah Jordan, Henry Reeder, Vernon
Hebb, Ignatius Taylor Bennett Biscoe, Hanson Briscoe, John
Shanks, John Ireland, Ignatius Fenwick, Robert Watts Robert
Armstrong, John H. Reade, Thomas Bond, William Killgore, John
Mackall and John De Butts appointed Justices of the Peace for
Saint Mary's County and also to Henry Reeder, John H. Reade,
Thomas Bond, William Killgore and John De Butts appointed
Judges of the Orphans Court for Saint Mary's County —
p. 82 Commission issued to Nich^ Worthington, Richard Harwood
Jun'' Henry Ridgely, Elijah Roboson, Samuel Harrison Allen
Quynn, Reubin Merewether, Samuel Harrison of Richard, Nicholas
Dorsey j'' Andrew Ellicott, Samuel Chase, Richard Dorsey of John,
Henry Hall of Henry, Joseph Merrikin Samuel Godman, Richard
Harrison of Rich*^, and Thomas Tongue appointed Justices of the
Peace for Ann Arundel County. — also to Nicholas Worthington,
Richard Harwood jun"" Elijah Robosson, Allen Quynn, Samuel
Chase Henry Hall of Henry and Joseph Merrikin apointed Judges
of the Orphans Court for Ann Arundel County and also to

John Dennis, John Selby Nehemiah Holland, Ebenezer Handy,
Thomas Purnell Sinepuxent, William Hopewell James Selby, Joshua
Townsend, John Purnell Robins, John Postley, Josiah Mitchell,
John Paramore John Pope Mitchell, Isaac Layfield, William Steven-
son, Peter Chaille, James Martin and Elijah Laws appointed Jus-
tices of the Peace for Worcester County, and to John Dennis, John

of the Council of Maryland. 19

Selby, Nehemiah Holland, John Purnell Robin, and l^eter Chaille LiUr c B
appointed Judges of the Orphans Court for Worcester County — ^^

William Winder, Peter Waters, John Stewart, Levin Wilson,
Gilliss Polk, John Williams, Joseph Venables, John Span Conway,
Henry Jackson, Levin Woolford, Josiah Dashiell, Henry Miles,
George Waters and William Stevens, Justices of the Peace for
Somerset County and also to Peter Waters, John Stewart, I^vin
Wilson, John Span Conway and Levin Woolford appointed Judges
of the Orphans Court for Somerset County —

Friday 19 November 1779. — November

Present as on Yesterday. —

Commission issued to Andrew Buchanan, John Moale, Benjamin
Rogers Thomas Sollars, John Beale Howard, James Calhoun,
Hercules Courtney, George Goldsmith Presbury Isaac Vanbibber,
Peter Shepherd, John Craddock, John Merryman lun"" Jeremiah
Johnson, Charles Ridgely of William, George Lindenberger, Christ"
Vaughan, Frederick Decker, Jesse Bussey, Robert Lemmon, Rich-
ard Cromwell, Abraham Vanbibber, George Lux, William Aisquith,
Samuel Stringer Coale, and John Elder appointed Justices of the
Peace for Baltimore County — and also to Andrew Buchanan, Ben-
jamin Rogers, Thomas Sollars, James Calhoun, Hercules Courtney
Isaac Vanbibber and George Lindenberger ludges of the Orphans
Court for Baltimore County. —

John Browne, James Kent, James Bordley, William Bruflf, James
O Bryan John Register Emory, Samuel Ridgeway, John Fisher,
Charles Downes, Thomas Carradine Vinson Benton, Philemon
Downes, Aquila Brown and Charles Price appointed — Justices of
the Peace for Queen Anns County and also to John Browne, James
Bordley, William Brufif, James O Bryan and Charles Downes —
Judges of the Orphans Court for Queen Anns County.

Walter Hanson, Daniel Jenifer, George Dent, John Dent, Robert
Young, Warren Dent, Richard Barnes, William Harrison John
Parnham, Walter Hanson Jenifer, Joshua Sanders, Walter Winters
of John, Samuel Hanson Jun*" Jonathan Yeates, Haskins Hanson
John Morton, Bennett Dyson, & John Digges, Justices of the Peace
for Charles County and also to Walter Hanson, George Dent, John
Dent, Robert Young and Warren Dent, Judges of the Orphans
Court, for Charles County

Aquila Paca, John Love, Thomas Johnson, William Smithson, p. 83
John Archer, William Bond, Abraham Whitacre, Ignatius Wheeler,
James M'^Comas, Samuel Groome Osburn, John Rumsey Mordecai
Amos, John Patrick, James Giles, James Philips and John Hall son
of Cranb'' app** Justices of the Peace for Harford County also to

20 Journal and Correspondence

Liber C B Aquila Paca, John Love, John Rumsey, John Archer and Thomas
^°- ^^ Johnson, Judges of the Orphans Court for Harford County —

Charles Jones, Edward Burgess, Eneas Campbell, William Deak-
ins, Joseph Wilson, Samuel W. Magruder, James Ofifutt, Gerard
Briscoe, Richard Thompson, Walter Beall, Henry Gaither George
Cullam, and John Harwood Justices of the Peace for Montgomery
County and also to Charles Jones, Edward Burgess, Eneas Campbell,
William Deakins and Joseph Wilson Judges of the Orphans Court
for Montgomery County —

Sir, By Virtue of the Resolution of Congress of the 9* Day of
Ocf 1779, and this Order pay to Col° Richard Dallam, Twenty
thousand Dollars to be by him expended in the Purchase of Flour
and Wheat for the Continental Army. — Tho. Sim Lee.

To Thomas Harwood Esq'' Cont' Treasurer in the State of

William Wright of Queen Anns County, Licenced Dep^ Ass' Com-
missary of Purchases under a Commission from Conrod T. Weder-
strandt Assistant Comm^ of Purchases agreeable to Act of Assembly.
Jacob Giles jun*" of Harford County Licenced Assistant Com'' of
Purchases under a Comm" from Ephraim Blaine Dep^ Comm^ Gen-
eral agreeable to Act of Assembly and

William Lyles of Prince Georges County Licenced to Purchase
Provisions for the Continental Army in said County and to super-
intend the Post at Piscataway Creek to cure said Provisions, under
a Commission from Thomas Richardson Ass' Com'' of Purch* agree-
able to Act of Ass^

Commission issued to Richard Mason, Benson Stainton, Nathaniel
Potter, Mathew Driver, Thomas Hardcastle, Hugh M'^Bryde, Henry
Dickinson, and Charles Dafhn app'^ Justices of the Peace for Caroline
County, and also to Richard Mason, Benson Stainton Nathaniel
Potter, Matthew Driver and Thomas Hardcastle, Judges of the
Orphans Court for Caroline County. —

Liber C C [Council to Mr. Jacob Giles Jun'r]

Sir. Enclosed you have your Commission, with a Licence to pur-
chase within this State ; agreeably to Act of Assembly. By the Act
alluded to, no Authority is vested in this Board to licence, unless
the Commission of the Person applying is previously produced ; you
did not transmit yours when you wrote for a Licence ; I believe that
was the sole Cause of Governor Johnson's not complying with your
Request. Our Treasury is in a very exhausted State at present,
which renders it impossible for us to supply you with Cash, if we
had been expressly directed, but as matters are circumstanced we
are of Opinion, it would be more convenient and proper that you
should draw your Supplies from Col° Blaine. Advise us frequently

No. 22
p. 40

of the Council of Maryland. 21

of the Progress you make in your Purchases and your Prospects. Liber C C
Every Assistance in our Power will be afforded you in the Execution ^°- "
of your Commission.

[Council to The Honble, the President of the Board of War]

Sir. We had not the Honor of receiving your Favor of the 1 1"'
of the current Month 'til Yesterday. Before this its probable the
Prisoners destined for Washington County have left Philadelphia.
We lament the Necessity Col° Rawlings was under of discharging
the Militia Guard ; we are yet ignorant of the Cause, but conclude
from our Knowlege of the Col° that the Measure was a prudential
one. Orders heretofore given the Lieutenants of the several Coun-
ties in the Vicinity of Fort Frederick, to furnish the necessary Guard,
are considered as still subsisting and we doubt not a Proper one will
be in Readiness to receive the Prisoners upon their Arrival. The
Powder furnished the Continent in Consequence of the Requisition
of your Honorable Board was sold under a Resolution of our Assem-
bly directing the Governor and Council to dispose of such Quantity
of that Article as might be spared. Frequent, and the most pressing
Applications of Individuals had little Weight with this Board when
put in Competition with your Requisition, and it was immediately
determined the Public Interest should be preferred : thirty thousand
Pounds, the utmost Quantity we could spare, were accordingly de-
livered to your Agent and, as we are informed, was removed to
Baltimore, returning it again to our Magazines would be attended
with much Expence and Trouble and, all Circumstances considered,
we flatter ourselves you will not view our Conduct in not consenting
to credit the Continent for the Powder, in an unfavourable Light.

[Council to Capt. John Green] p. 41

Sir. You have herewith an Invoice of 62 Barrels of Flour and
5 of Beef, the Cargo of the Dolphin, which you are to deliver with-
out Loss of Time, to the French Agent or his Deputy ; one or the
other, we have Reason to believe, is now at Hampton, for the use
of his most Christian Majesty's Fleet or that Part of it which may
be in Chesapeake Bay. In the Absence of the Agent or his Deputy,
you are to deliver your Cargo to the Commander of the Fleet, taking
a Receipt therefor.

As the Fleet may have immediate Occasion for these Provisions
and their Stay in this Bay limited, We trust, without repeating it,
you are sufficiently impressed with the Necessity of Dispatch. We
wish you a safe Voyage and are &'^^

[Council to Capt. George P. Keeports]

Sir. Being informed by M'' Randall that there are a Number of
Blankets, at this Time for Sale in Baltimore and as we shall have

22 Journal and Correspondence

Liber C C immediate Calls on us for that necessary Article, we request you to

No. 22

purchase, as soon as may be and on the best Terms you can, any
Number not exceeding fifteen hundred and advise us thereof.

Liber C B Saturday 20 November 1779

No. 23

p. 83 Present as on yesterday
November •' ■'

20 Ordered that the Western Shore Treasurer pay to Thomas John-
son Jun"" Thirty Pounds to be expended in Necessaries for the use
of the Council and Accounted for.

That the said Treasurer pay to William Tuck Eighteen Pounds
for the use of M" Elizabeth Tuck p Account passed by the Dep''

That the Commissary of Stores deliver to D"" John Archer, three
Pounds, ten shillings in Cloathing for the use of Abraham Gurrell,
and three Pounds, ten shillings in Cloathing for the use of Laurence
Connaway both Soldiers in the 3"^ Regim* for 9 months and regularly
discharged due them by the Act of Assembly to procure Troops for
the American Army. —

Commission issued to James Woolford 3*^ Elected Sheriff of Dor-
chester County

Commission issued to William Hindman, William Perry, Jeremiah
Banning, William Maynadier, John Troup, Richard Johns, Howes
Goldsborough, Thomas Sherwood, Henry Banning, Joseph Bewly,
Samuel Thomas, Robert Lloyd Nicolls, William Goldsborough, John
Fauntleroy William Dowson, James Thomas, and Chrisf Birkhead,
Justices of the Peace for Talbot County and also to William Hind-
man, William Perry, Jere. Banning, Richard Johns & Howes Golds-
p. 84 borough Judges of the Orphans Court for Talbot County and
also to

William AUnut, Samuel Chew, John Bond, Richard Parran,
Edward Johnson, William Ireland, Walter Smith, Daniel Rawlings
jun"" Isaac Clare, James Highe and Samuel Lane Justices of the
Peace for Calvert County and also to William Allnut, Samuel Chew,
Richard Parran James Highe and Edward Johnson Judges of the
Orphans Court for Calvert County —

Justices of the Peace and Judges of the Orphans Court for Cecil,
Dorchester and Washington Counties are reappointed and continued
under their former Commissions

Coroners Surveyors, and all other Civil Officers of the Appoint-
ment of the Governor and the Council are reappointed and Con-
tinued under their former Commissions.

of the Council of Maryland. 23

Monday 22'' November 1779 Lir>cr C B

No. 23

Present as on Saturday. — November


Ordered That the western shore Treasurer pay to Capt Charles

Baltzel, sixteen thousand Dollars two thousand part thereof to be
by him retained, the remaining fourteen thousand to be delivered
over to Captains, Christopher Myers, Michael Eoyer, Lieut* Martin
Shugart Jacob Gromett & David Morgan, Ens. Jacob Raybolt and
Alexander Smith Surgeons Mate all of the German Regiment be-
longing to the State of Maryland each two thousand Dollars in leiw
of the Articles allowed by the Act of Assembly intitled " An Act
relating to the Officers and Soldiers of this State in the American
Army & other Purposes therein mentioned "

That the said Treasurer pay to Robertson Stevens Esq'' three
Pounds, fifteen shillings and ten Pence to be delivered over to
Samuel Hooper for the use of himself & Comp^ and the further Sum
of Fifteen Pounds, nine shillings and six Pence to be delivered over
to Capt Edward Staplefort for the use of himself & Comp^ per Ac-
counts passed by the Aud. Gen'

That the said Treasurer pay to Charles Scott a Private in the
I Maryld Reg* Twenty Pounds allowed him by Act of Assembly
relating to the Officers &"

That the said Treasurer pay to Commodore Thomas Grason one
thousand five hundred and forty Pounds to pay for Plank for the
use of the Gallies on Account.

Tuesday 23 November 1779 November

Present as on Yesterday

Ordered That the western shore Treasurer pay to Matthew Driver
Esq*" one hundred and fifty Pounds to be delivered over to Col° Wil-
liam Richardson the Gratuity allowed by a Resolve of the General
Assembly to the Officers of this State then in the Cont' Service

Wednesday 24 November 1779 November

Present as on Yesterday. —

Permission granted in Pursuance of the Recommendation of Con-
gress of the 2^ of October last to the Sloop Molly Commanded by
Peregrine Dunk, to Lade and Transport to Virginia for the use of
that State, a Cargoe of Flour, a Manifest of such Cargoe being
Lodged in the Naval Office at Baltimore and the vessel there cleared
out, and a Bond being given to this State in the Penalty of one thou-
sand Pounds with good and sufficient Security conditioned that if
the said Cargoe shall be delivered to the proper Officer, appointed

24 Journal and Correspondence

Liber C B to receive the same in Virginia, the Danger of the Voyage excepted

°- ^^ and that a Certificate of such DeHvery from the Board of War of

p. 85 the said State of Virginia shall be produced to the Governor and

Council of this State within two Months from the Time of the said

Vessel clearing out then the Obligation to be void &c.

On the application of William Smith Esquire of Baltimore Town,
who is to this purpose Commissioned and authorized by M'' Holker
who is Agent for the A-Iarine of his Most Christian Majesty Licence
is hereby granted to Lade and Export in the Sloop called the General
Wayne now lying in the Port of Baltimore, her Cargoe of Flour and
other Provisions for the use of the Fleet and Army of his Most
Christian Majesty in the West Indies, the said Sloop clearing out
at the proper Office and the Captain previously thereto, delivering
into such Office a Manifest of her Lading, and together with two
other of the Principal Officers of the said Sloop making Oath on the
Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, that such Manifest contains a
true Account of the Lading of the said Sloop and that no other Pro-
visions have been to their knowledge or Belief or shall be with their
Privity and Consent, Laden or put on board such Sloop, other than
such as are for the Subsistence of her Crew and have been or shall
be allowed and permitted by the Naval Officer and that they will
use their utmost Endeavors to deliver the whole Cargoe of Provi-
sions aforesaid to the proper person or persons to receive the same
for the use of the Fleet and Army of his most Christian Majesty;
and the Agent employed in directing the Loading of the said Sloop
also making Oath that the Provisions mentioned in the said Manifest
are shipped and designed to be transported in the said Sloop for the
use of the Navy and Army of his most Christian Majesty and for
no other Purpose to the best of his Knowledge and Belief.

Pass granted to M""^ Ann Stevenson Wife of Docf Henry Steven-
son, to repair to Camp to solicit Leave to go into the City of New
York and to take her youngest Child and a Negro Boy with her, and
to return; agreeable to a Resolve of the House of Delegates of the
23"^ In*

Liber C C [Council to The Officer Commanding at Elizabeth Town]

p 41 Sir. According to the enclosed Resolve of the House of Delegates,
we have granted Permission to M*"® Ann Stevenson to apply to you
to solicit Leave to go into the City of New York and to take her
youngest Child and a Negro Boy with her : we have to entreat you
that this Lady may be indulged with the Liberty of visiting her
Husband and returning and shall esteem your Compliance as a Favor.

[Council to Colo. Samuel Smith]

Sir Enclosed you have a Permission to lade the Sloop Molly with
Flour for the Use of Virsrinia. We are concerned it is not in our

of the Council of Maryland. 25

Power to remove tlie Inconveniencies that attend the sending to Lihcr C C
Annapolis for Permits, be assured we would dispense with it if it ^"- ^^
could be done consistent with our Duty. Your Engagement requires
that you should produce a Certificate from the Board of War of Vir-
ginia, of the Delivery of the Cargo for the Use of that State, and
we cannot be of Opinion that you have complied with it by producing
the enclosed Receipts, and therefore cannot cancel your Bond

Thursday 25 November 1779 Liljcr C B

•No. 23
Present as on Yesterday. — p. 85

Ordered That the western shore Treasurer pay to Col° Isaac Ham- 2^
mond of the Soldiers Delight Battalion of Militia in Baltimore
County Two hundred and twenty two Pounds, ninteen shillings and