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Bond, Thomas, of St. Lawrence, Southampton, 21, b., & Jane Smith, of St.

Thomas, Winchester, 21, sp.. at St. T., 28 Nov., 1834. Aff.
Bond, William, of Highclere, & Anne Andrews, of Collingborn Ye Lower, [«V],

co. Wilts, at C, Highclere, or Whitchurch, 27 Aug., 1725.
Bond, William, of Highclere, & Elizabeth Sylver, of Baughurst, at H, Newtown,

B., or Whitchurch, 16 May, 1726.
Bone, alias Bohtjn, John, of Upton Grey, husbandman, & Joan Chamberlaine, of

the s., at Basingstoke, 3 Jul}', 1725.
Bone, George, of Alton, labourer, 25, b., &Mary Silver, of Uptou Grey, 25, sp.,

at A., 3 Oct., 1803. William Bone, of A., bondsman.
Bone, Harry, of North Waltham, 21, b., & Henrietta Taylor, of the s., 21, sp., at

N. W., 17 Dec, 1827. Aff.
Bone, Isaac, of Southwick, maltster, 40, b., & Jane Temple, of Newport, 24, sp.,

29 Jan., 1763.
Bone, Isaac, of East Tisted, tailor, 24, b., & Ann Ford, of the s., 25, sp., at E. T.,

14 May, 1811.
Bone, James, of Buriton, husbandman, 25, b., & Sarah Binsted, of the s., 24, sp.,

25 Apl., 1758.
Bone, James, of Hayling South, w., & Mary Ratyon, of the s., w., at H. S., 14

July. 1794.
Bone, John, of Eastmeon, yeoman, b., & Grace Gravatt, of Hambledon, sp., at E.,

H, or Chilcomb, 8 Oct., 1720.
Bone, John, of Olanlield, 26, b., & Mary Bone, of the s., 19, sp., with c. of her

guardian, William Bone, of Buriton, under the will of her f., Henry Bone,

deceased, at C, 14 Nov., 1784.
Bone, John, of Worldham, 21, b., & Elizabeth Atwater, of Kingsley, extra-paro-
chial, adjoining Binsted, 21, sp., at B., 22 Dec. 1784.
Bone, John, of North Waltham, labourer, 26, b., & ilary Taylor, of the 8., 21,

sp., at N.W., 1 Sep., 1800.
Bone, John, of North Waltham, 21, w., & Sarah Wyeth, of Basingstoke, w., at B.,

1 Feb., 1833. Aff.
Bone, Richard, of East Tisted, b., & Elizabeth Wyatt, of the s., sp., 12 May,

1711. Edward Wyatt, yeoman, bondsman.
Bone, Richard, of H.M.S. Windsor, b., & Eleanor Evans, of Portsmouth, sp., 6

Dec, 1711. William Evans, of P., bondsman.
Bone, Richard, of Medstead, blacksmith, 30, b., & Mary Winderbank, of Wield,

22, sp., atM., 9 Oct., 1776.
Bone, Richard, of Medstead, farrier, 22, b., & Lucy Spier, of the s., 18, sp., with

c. of her f., George Spier, of the s., yeoman, at M., 17 May, 1817.
Bone, Robert, of Bramdean. husbandman, b., & Mary Batt, of Hinton Ampner,

21, sp., at H. A., St. Thomas, Winchester, or Headbourne Worthy, 12 July,

Bone, Thomas, of Wickham, farmer, 21, b., & Mary Didymus, of the s., about 21,

sp., her parents consenting, at W., 12 Feb., 1784.
Bone, Thomas, of Selborne, labourer, 19, b., with c of his f., Henry Bone, &

Sarah White, of the s., 18, sp., with c. of her f., Joseph White, at S., 22 Oct.,

1811. George White, of Hartley Mauditt, yeoman, bondsman.
Hone, William, of Owslebury, 27, b., & Grace Ball, of Goodwood, co. Sussex, 25,

sp., dau. of Robert Ball, of Epthort [s»c], co. Northamptonshire, at Chalkton,

Bone, William, of H.M.S. Ranelagh, b., & Ann Yalden, at , 9 Oct., 1709.

Bone, William, of Soberton, yeoman, minor, with c of his f., Thomas Bone, of

Hayling Island, & Elizabeth Silvester, of S., 21, sp., at S., 14 June, 1805.
Bone, William, of Bentworth, farmer, 19, b., with c of his f , John Bone, &

Elizabeth Godwin, of Binsted, 25, sp., at B., 1 Jan., 1814.



Bonham, Cary, of Old Alresford, gent., 25, b., & Mary Mills, of Brarndean, 20,

sp., with c. of her f., Joseph Mills, at B., 19 June, 1780.
Bonham, Thomas, of East Meon, gent., b., & Elizabeth Crockford, of Bishop's

Sutton, 23, sp., 12 May, 1733.
Bonham. William, of St. Michael's, Winchester, servant, 25, b., & Grace Snawden,

of the s., w., at St. M., 2 Dec, 1800.
Boniface, John, of Eastergate, co. Sussex, yeoman, b., & Mary UckfUl, of the s.,

sp., at [? Winchester], 11 May, 1703.
Bonn, Stephen, of Farlington, & Mary Morey, of Havant, at H., 9 Sep., 1789.
Bonnenzi, William, of Carisbrooke, w., & Martha Whittington, of the s., 21, sp.,

atC, 27 Aug., 1807. James Whittington, of the s., bondsman.
Bonner, Benjamin, of Lockerley, yeoman, & Jane Williams, of Nether Wallop,

sp., at Eomsey, 2 Apl., 1741.
Bonner, Thomas, of [? Portsmouth,] & Mary Miles, of Portsmouth, w., 23 March,

Bonnerant, David, of St. Thomas, Winchester, 40, b., & Mary Chivers, of the s.,

28, sp., at St. T., 14 June, 1813.
Bonney, James, of Portsea, shipwright, 21, b., & Jane Clark, of the s., a minor,

with c. of her f., William Clark, labourer, at P., 28 Apl., 1788.
Bonny, Adam, of Portsea, b., & Mary Issich, of Portsmouth, sp., at Portsea, 12

Aug., 1711.
Bonny, Samuel, of Sunbury, co. Suffolk [sic], 23, b., & Jane Scamp, of South

Molton, co. Devon, 21, sp., at Portsmouth, 26 Feb., 1783.
Bonyfeas, Thomas, & Mary Mathis, at Alverstoke, or Gosport, 20 July, 1708.
Boobyor. William, of Newport, w., & Elizabeth Saunders, of the s., 35, sp., atN.,

25 May, 1795.
Booker, Joseph, of Sheet, in the chapelry of Petersfield, gent., 30, b., & Elizabeth

Curtis, of the s., 29, sp., at P., 20 Apl., 1804. Thomas Booker, of P., baker,

Booker, Theophilus, of Chalton, 37, b., & Anne Lee, of Bishops Waltham, w., at

B. W., 12 Nov., 1730.
Booker, Thomas, of Yaverland, yeoman, & Elizabeth Newberry, of Newport, sp.,

at , 10 Feb., 1710.

Booker. Thomas, of Warnford, husbandman, 40, w., & Eebecca Hockley, of the

s., 28, sp., 20 Aug., 1755.
Booker, Thomas, of Petersfield, baker, 40, w., & Anne Geard, of the s., 30, sp., 21

Dec, 1757.
Booker, Thomas, of Petersfield, baker, 26, b., & Sarah Adams, of the s., 22, sp.,

at P., 30 March, 1793.
Booker, William, of Eogate, co. Sussex, yeoman, 38, b., & Elizabeth Windibank,

of Bramshott, 23, sp., at B., 6 Feb., 1811. James Windibank, of Kingsley,

yeoman, bondsman.
Bookiiam, Thomas, of Plumstead, co. Kent, potter, 25, b., & Anne Forder, of

Petersfield, 22, w., at P., 1 June, 1758.
Boon, Nicholas, of Farley Chamberlayne, yeoman, 40, w., & Mary Murrell, of St.

Peter Colebrook, Winchester, 28, sp., at St. Maurice, 12 Apl., 1777.
Boone, William, of Alverstoke and of H.M.8. Modeste, gunner, w., & Sarah

Hayter, of the s. p., ep., 4 Oct., 1773.
Boorn, John, of Milton, husbandman, & Mary Bound, of Ringwood, sp., at

Ellingham, 15 June, 1730.
Boorn, John, of Stock bridge, 21, w., & Ann Footner, of Lymington, 21, sp., at

L., 5 Apl., 1785.
Boorn, Thomas, of Christchurch, yeoman, w., & Mary Newman, of the s., sp., at

<'., 17 July, 1725.
Boorn, Thomas-Morgan, of Alverstoke, 21, b., & Jane Boorn, of thos., 21, sp., at

A., 1 July, 1833. Aff.
Boorn, William, of Christchurch, yeoman, & Mary Hopkins, of the e., at ,

3 Dec, 1709.


Hoorn, William, of Portsmouth, 64, w., & Betty Reeks, of tlio s., sp., at P., 24

Dec, 1780.
Hooter, William, of Portsea, baker, 21, !>., & Jane Walker, of the s., w., at P., 25

Oct., 1796.
BOOTH, John, junr., of Ecchinswell, 21, & Mary Ayres, of the 8., 21, 26 May,

Bootii, John, of H. M.S. Endymion, seaman, 21, b., & Jane James, of St. Andrew's,

Plymouth, co. Devon, 21, sp., at, P., 5 May, 1805.
BOOTHBY, William, of St. Michael's, Winchester, Esq., 21, b., & Fanny Jenkinson,

of the s., 21, sp., at St. M., 17 Jan., 1805.
Boo/., William, of Alverstoke, 21, b., & Elizabeth Franklin, of the s., 21, .sp., at

A., 11 Aug., 1775.
Booze, Robert, of the Soke, Winchester, labourer, b., & Dulcibella Adams, of the

p. of St. John, in the s., sp., at St. J., St. Peter Cheesehill, or Littleton, 3 Oct.,

Borelly, Lewis, of Basingstoke, 21, b., & Edith Ames, of Preston Candover, 21,

sp., at P. C. 11 Oct., 1828. Aff.
Borexian, Henry, of Little Somborne, yeoman, 21, b., & Allethea Champney, of

the s., 21, sp., at King's Somborne, 7 Apl., 1777.
Borvord, Francis, late of Nursling, husbandman, b., & Elizabeth Bevis, of the s.,

sp., at N., St. Thomas, or the Cathedral, Winchester, 10 May, 1727.
Boruam, William-Budd, of Emsworth, captain's clerk of H.M.S. Scipio, 21, b., &

Harriet Dunnett, of Warblington, 21, sp., at W., 16 Sep., 1812.
Bormax, William, of St. Lawrence, Winchester, upholder, 30, b., & Sarah Hall, of

Hurstborne Tarrant, 21, sp., at H. T., 28 Dec, 1784.
Borthwick, John, of St. Michael's, Winchester, soldier, 22, b., & Martha Moody,

of St. Thomas, in the s., 22, sp., at St. T., 18 March, 1776.
Bosberry, William, of Hinton Ampner, husbandman, b., & Elizabeth Jackson, of

Horriard, sp., at , 17 May, 1709.

Boscawen, The Rev. William, of Eling, B.A., 21, & Harriot Leicester, of Sandwick,

[? Sandwich] co. Kent, 21, at E., 9 Dec, 1809. Henry Leicester, of Epsom,

co. Surrey, Esq., bondsman.
B08HER, James, of Basingstoke, 21, b., & Sarah Hide, of the s., 21, sp., at B., 20

Nov., 1787.
Boshier, Thomas, of Hartley Wespall, 21, b., & Elizabeth Ellis, of the s., sp., a

minor, with c of her f., at H. W., 9 Dec, 1828. Aff.
Boswell, , of Alverstoke, lieut., R.N., & Catherine Crease, of the s., sp., a

minor, withe, of her f., William Crease, of Gosport, gent., at A., 30 June, 1800.
Boswell, David, of the 26th Company of Marines, Lieutenant, 21, b., & Elizabeth

Luke, of Alverstoke, 19, sp., 29 Dec, 1762.
Boswell [ '? Bosxell], Francis, of Cliddesden, labourer, b., & Mary Tilly, of

Pidsmore [sic}, co. Berks, sp., at Stratfield Turgiss, Basing, or Newnham, 7

Jan., 1723-4.
Boswell, George, of Alton, 20, & Hannah Hall, of the s., 19, with c of her f.,

Richard Hall, at A., 8 Oct., 1825. Aff.
Boswell, James, of Portsea, and H.M.S. Preston, gunner, 21, b., & Mary Waglin,

of the s., 21, sp., at P., 10 May, 1784.
Boswell, John, of Alverstoke, 21, b., & Ann-Marlow Jukes, of Newport, 19, sp.,

witli c. of her f., Edward Jukes, at N., 19 June, 1798. George Jukes, of

Alverstoke, bondsman.
Hoswell, Robert, of Gosport, gent., w., & Ann Malone, of the s., w., at Alverstoke,

26 March, 1798. Michael Malone, of the s., gent., bondsman.
Hoteler, Philip, of London, gent., b., & Anne Palmer, of Winchester, sp., at

Eastmeon, 4 Feb., 1722-3.
Hotly, Richard, of Boldre with Lymington annexed, 39, b , & Harriet Tarver, of

Hamble Rice, 21, sp., at H.R., 24 Feb., 1832. Aff.
Bott, Thomas, of Petersfield, gent., w., & Anne Pescod, of the s., sp., at P., 9

Sep., 1747.


Bottom, Edward, of Portsmouth, b., & Elizabeth Wheeler, of the s., sp., at P., 22

Apl., 1727.
Boucher, , of Basingstoke, 25, b., & Ami Wyth, of the s., 23, sp., at B., or

Basing, 13 May, 1740.
Bouger ['? Bonger], Sampson, of Gosport, mariner, & Mary, dau. of John

Brimson, of G., 17 Apl., 1715.
Boult, Harry, of Exeter, co. Devon, b., & Elizabeth Ester, of All Saints, South-
ampton, sp., at Botley, Hamble, or Bursledon, 16 Sep., 1727.
Boulte, Clayton, of Sherborne St. John's, gent., b., & Elizabeth Naish, of the s.,

33, sp., at S. St. J., Farley, or the Cathedral, 17 Jan., 1735.
Boulter, John, of Portsea, 21, b., & Joanna Bellamy, of Alverstoke, 21, sp., at A.,

12 Feb., 1800.
Boulton, Arthur, of Portsmouth, b., & Ruth Baker, of the s., sp., at P., 13 Apl.,

Bouxton, Arthur, of Portsea, shipwright, w., & Susannah Gregory, of the s., 21,

sp., at P., 9 Nov., 1780
Boulton, William, of H.M.S. Suffolk, gunner, w., & Sophia Harris, of Portsea,

21, sp., at P., 16 Sep., 1806.
Bound, Benjamin, of Ringwood, brazier, & Elinor Lyre, of the s., at Boldre, 14

Oct., 1726. Peter Belbin, of Lymington, schoolmaster, bondsman.
Bound, Henry, of Fawley, cordwainer, 21, b., & Mary Coffen, of Boldre, 21, sp.,

at B , 24 Aug., 1807.
Bound, William, of Portsea, master mariner, w., & Ann Whichelo, of the s., w.,

at P., 13 Apl., 1809.
Bourgis or Burgess, of Elvetham, cordwainer, & Elizabeth Paris, of the s., sp.,

at E., 20 June, 1709.
Bourgis or Burghess, Henry, of Elvetham, & Catherine Wheeler, of Frimley, co.

Surrey, sp., at E., 17 Nov., 1711.
Bourse, John, of Gosport, carpenter, 21, b., & Elizabeth Thomas, of the s., 21,

sp., at Alverstoke, 17 Oct., 1786.
Bourman, John, of Alverstoke, 21, b., & Mary Dunovan, of the s., 21, sp., 15 Jan.,

Bourne, George, of King's Worthy, coachman, 25, b., & Katherine Lock, of thes.,

25, sp., at K.W., 18 July, 1778.
Bourne, John, of Portsea, mariner, 21, b., & Catherine Stapelton, of thes., 21,

sp., at P., 11 Oct., 1783.
Bournb, Samuel, of Newport, mercer, & Anne Cave, of Carisbrooke, sp., at ,

20 Apl., 1709. Wm. Cave, of Newport, bondsman.
Bourne, Thomas, of Bromsgrove, co. Worcester, 25, b., & Jane Smith, of St.

Bartholomew Hyde, Winchester, 23, sp., 9 June, 1771.
Bourne, William, of Hambledon, labourer, & Martha Grover, of the s., sp., at

Petersfield, 27 Apl., 1751.
Bouverie, The Hon. Edward, of Grosvenor Street, co. Middlesex, 25, w., &

Arabella Ogle, of Martyr Worthy, 19, sp., with c. of her f., Sir Chaloner Ogle,

Knight, at M. W., 13 Dec, 1785.
Bovier, Francis, of Medstead, labourer, 21, b., & Betty Collins, of the s., 21, sp.,

at M., 6 Oct., 1781.
Bovill, James, of Holy Rood, Southampton, merchant, 30, b., & Eliza Lintett, of

the s., w., at H. R., 13 June, 1817. Stephen Lintett, of the s., wine merchant,

Bowcher, John, mariner, & Lydia Leman. of Gosport, sp., 24 July, 1733.
Bowcott, William, of the Transport Lady Shore, 21, b., & Rebecca Chace, of St.

George's in the Fields, co. Surrey, a minor, with c. of her parents, at Portsea,

9 Sep., 1801.
Bowden, William, of Newport, barber, & Elizabeth Craddock, of Whippingham,

at W., 24 Nov., 1733.
Bowden, William, of Alverstoke, 30, & Mary Willis, of Holy Rood, Southampton,

24, 15 May, 1758.


Bowden, William, of Portsmouth, house carpenter, w., & Elizabeth Wise, of the

s., 21, sp., at P., 31 May, 1784.
Bowex, John, of H.M.S. Unicorn, saihnaker, 21, b., & Mary Burton, of Portsea,

20 Sep., 1813.
Bower, Charles, of Hinton, in the p. of Christchurch, yeoman, & Sarah Youngs, of

Beckley, in thes., sp., at Ringwood, 12 July, 1724.
Bower, George, of Vernham Dean, cordwainer, b., & Anne Young, of Ashley, sp.,

at A. or Farley Chamberlayne, 26 May, 1729.
Bower, James, of Tichfield, 25, b., & Eleanor Antrim, 18 or 19, sp., dau. of Eleanor

Stares, of Tichfield, w., at T., or Hambledon, 30 Apl, 1690.
Bower, James, of Bighton, carpenter, 38, b., & Eebecca Sutton, of the s., 30, sp.,

at B., 7 Jan., 1799.
Bower, John, of Atnport, wheelwright, b., & Mary Rumsey, of the s., sp., at

Weyhill, Vernham Dean, or A., 22 Dec, 1733.
Bower, John, of Vernham Dean, miller, 21, b., & Hannah Hall, of the s., 21, sp.,

atV. D, 7 Apl., 1777.
Bower, Joseph, of Portsea, labourer, w., & Betty Thrush, of the s., w., at P.,

7 May, 1781.
Bower, Robert, of St. Mary's, Southampton, gent., 21, b., & Mary Bere, of St.

Maurice, Winchester, 24, sp., at St. M., 7 Dec, 1814. Hugh-Rawlins Bere,

of Winchester, gent., bondsman.
Bower, Thomas, of Southampton, b., & Elizabeth Flower, of All Saints, in the s.,

sp., at St. Mary's, or A. S., 27 Sep., 1726.
Bower, Thomas, of St. Swithun's, Winchester, peruke maker, 30, b., & Sarah

Newell, of Cheriton, 22, sp., 3 Jan., 1766.
Bower, Thomas-Wolsencroft, of St. Thomas, Winchester, gent., 21, b., & Ann

Savage, of New Alresford, 19, sp., withe, of her f., John Savage, of W.,

brewer, at N. A., 19 June, 1799.
Bower, William, of Broughton, husbandman, & Susannah Parsons, of the s., w.,

at B., or Nether Wallop, 26 Sep., 1726.
Bower, William, of Bristol, mercer, & Mary Goldwyer, of Christchurch, w., at

Lymington, 16 Jan., 1740.
Bower, William, of Fordingbridge, gardener, & Sarah Gapin, of the s., sp., at F.,

Ibbsley, Harbridge, or Ringwood, 23 July, 1747.
Bowerman, James, of St. John's, Southampton, excise officer, w., & Mary Lintett,

of St. Michael's, in the s., w., at St. M., 29 Apl , 1816.
Bowes, James, of the Soke, Winchester, cordwainer, b. , & Mary Russell, of St. John's

in the S. at St. John's, Winchester, or St. Michael's, Southampton, 8 July, 1 723.
Bowes, Philip, of Newport, cabinet maker, 29, b., & Amelia Lewis, of Carisbrooke,

29, w.,17 May, 1766.
Bowey, Edmund, of Horton, co. Bucks, yeoman, & Anne Mapleton, of Odiham,

sp., at 0., or Winchfield, 2 Sep., 1742.
Bowham, William of Odiham, peruke maker, & Ann Fielder, of Andover, sp., at

0., or Greywell, 5 Apl., 1752.
Bowler, Charles, of Portsmouth, b., & Ann Palmer, of the s., sp., at P., 14 Feb.,

Bowxer, William, of Gosport, & Elizabeth [?] Chauton, of Portsmouth, sp., at

Portsea, 8 Jan., 1709.
Bowles, Charles, of Cann St. Rumbold, co. Dorset, gent., 25, b., & Henrietta

Holloway, of St. Maurice, Winchester, 22, sp., at St. M., 9 May, 1791.
Bowles, Charles-Oldfield, of North Aston, co. Oxford, now resident in the p. of

Eling, Esq., 21, & Elizabeth Montagu, of St. Marylebone, co. Middlesex, now

resident in the p. of E., 21, at E., 1 Jan., 1816. The Rt. Hon. William-

Sturges Bourne, of E., Esq., bondsman.
Bowles, Edward- White, of Wimborne, co. Dorset, 21, b., & Eliza Brown, of

Kingwood, 21, sp., at R., 16 July, 1834. Aff.
Bowles, James, of Bath, co. Somerset, 37, b., & Mary -Ann Pibworth, of St. Thomas,

Winchester, 37, sp., at St. T., 25 Sep., 1835. Aff.


Bowles, John, of Bolderwood Lodge, in the New Forest, 21, & Jane Bumstead, of

Fordingbridge, 21, sp., at F., 16 Apl., 1802.
Bowles, William, of Poole, co. Dorset, gent., & Grace Welshman, of Holdenhurst,

at H., 30 Jan., 1724-5.
Bowles, William, of Bolderwood Lodge, in the p. of Minstead. gamekeeper, 40,

w., & Rebecca Scott, of Barton Stacey, 30, sp., at B. 8., 3 July, 1799.
Bowles, William, of [? Gosport], gent, b., & Mary Biddelcomb, of the s., 21, sp.,

at Alverstoke, 17 Oct., 1799. William Biddlecombe [we], gent., bondsman.
Bowley, John, of Chichester, co. Sussex, joiner, & Martha Burnett, of East lleon,

sp., at E. M. or Froxfield, 27 Oct., 1726.
Bowley, John, of Portsea, sawyer, 21, b., & Ann Grismark, of the s., 21, sp., at

P., 5 June, 1797.
Bowley, Richard, of Portsea, 21, & Sarah Rolfe, of Havant, at H., 16 July, 1783.
Bowley, William, of Sherborne, husbandman, 21, b., & Mary Shepherd, of Tangley,

21, sp., at T., 22 Jan., 1790.
Bowling, alias Walton', Joseph, of Fawley, 21, b., & Hannah Wyatt, of the a.,

21, sp., at F., 3 Sep., 1818.
Bowman, Davis, of Alverstoke, mariner, & Ann Harding, of the s., w., at Ports-
mouth, 20 Oct., 1739.
Bowman, James, of the Major, East Indiaman, sailmaker, 21, b., & Katheriue

Ward, of Gosport, w., at G., 18 Dec, 1781.
Bowman, John, of St. Andrew's, Dublin, mariner, & Mary Fabian, sp., at Alver-
stoke, or Gosport, 18 March, 1720. Andrew Fabian, of G., shipwright,

Bowman, Thomas, of Southampton, b., & EUnor Powell, of St. Mary's, in the s.,

sp., at Botley, or Durley, 5 Nov., 1729.
Bowmer, Joseph, of Gosport, waterman, 21, & Elizabeth Harding, of Alverstoke,

21, sp., at A., 24 March, 1787.
Bown, Benjamin, of St. Cross, plane maker, 25, b., & Hannah Crate, of Brown

Candover, 21, sp., at B. C, 28 Nov., 1781.
Bown, James, of Carisbrooke, yeoman, 20, withe, of his f., Peter Bown, of North-
wood, yeoman, & Elizabeth Matthews, of C, 22, sp., 29 Sep., 1763.
Bown, John, of Milton, gent., & Annie Rogers, of the s., sp., at Ellingham, 22

July, 1737. Joseph Rogers, of the s., victualler, bondsman.
Bown, Thomas, of Itchen Abbas, wheelwright, 24, b., & Ann Budd, of Itchen

Stoke, 21, sp., at I- S., I. A., or St. Thomas, Winchester, 22 July, 1738.
Bown, AVilliam, of Upham, yeoman, 21, b., & Ann Beckett, of Bishops Waltham,

21, sp., at U., 9 Oct., 1807. William Beckett, of Ashton, yeoman, bondsman.
Bown, William, of St. Mary Calendar, Winchester, grocer, 31, b., & Anne Street,

of St. Lawrence, Southampton, 25, sp., at St. L., 13 Aug., 1818.
Bowns, John, of Avington, 21, b., & Anne Drover, of the s., 21, at A., 4 Dec,

1823. Aff.
Bowreman, Thomas, of Godshill, gent., b., & Sarah Sibbick, of the s., sp., 2 Dec,

Bowreman, William, of Brook, 21, b., & Mary Howe, of Freshwater, 21, sp., 7

Apl, 1769.
Bowren, William, of Whitchurch, carpenter, b., & Sarah Meritt, of Alresford, 21,

sp., at Trinity, or St. Thomas, Winchester, 30 Dec, 1737.
Bowron, Charles, of New Alresford, 25, b., & Lucy- Ann Titheridge, of the s., w.,

atN. A., 2 May, 1835. Aff.
Bowyer, Amos, of Portsmouth, 23, b., & Ann Gird [? Giard], of Portsmouth, 32,

sp., at P., 2 Apl., 1782.
Bowyer, Amos, of Portsea, shipwright, w., & Sarah M c Donald, of the s., w., 7

Aug., 1783.
Bowyer, John, of Gosport, shipwright, & Elizabeth Lee, of the s., sp., at Alver-
stoke, 27 June, 1731.
Bowyer, John, of Exton, yeoman, 21, b., & Elizabeth Earwaker, of Warnford,

21, sp., at W., 9 May, 1795.


Bowyer, Richard-Runwer, of Alverstoke, lieut., R.N., 22, b., & Elizabeth Wheeler,

of Lymington, 21, with the c. of her m., at L., 18 Nov., 1784. John

Whiteway, of L., gent., bondsman.
Bowyer, Simon, of Basingstoke, butcher, & Jane Barker, of Heckfleld, sp., at B.,

11 June, 1719.
Bowyer, William, of Gosport, shipwright, & Mary Bevis, sp., at AJverstoke, or

G., 20 Dec., 1720. Samuel Bevis, of G., blacksmith, bondsman.
Box, John, of Broughton, yeoman, 38, w., & Elizabeth Slaiden, of St. Bartholomew

Hyde, Winchester, 27, w., at St. B. H., 20 Jan., 1813.
Box, William, of Bradfield, co. Berks, & Jane Arundel, of Burghclere, at B., 10

Feb., 1730.
Boxall, Daniel, of South Warnborough, labourer, & Mary Bubb, of the s., w.,

at S. W., Odiham, or Basingstoke, 12 June, 1736.
Boxall, Francis, of St. Peter Colebrooke, Winchester, sawyer, 22, b., & Mary

Moody, of the s., 22, sp., 10 June, 1764.,
Boxali,, John, of Alresford, yeoman, b., & Mary Pile, of Dorrington, sp., at

Andover, 29 Sept., 1707.
Boxall, John, of Lvss, yeoman, 21, w., & Mary Jaques, of Rogate, co. Sussex,

21, sp., at L., 26 Oct., 1790.
Boxell, Thomas, of Steep, labourer, 22, b., & Ann Powell, of the s., 21, sp., 4

Oct., 1762.
Boxwell, Edmund, & Susannah Hardwell, at Whitchurch, 3 Jan., 1717. Robert

Hardwell, of St. Marybourne, weaver, and William Hardwell, of Portsmouth,

publican, bondsmen.
Boyce, Edward, of Owlesbury, yeoman, b., & Rachel Page, of the s., sp., at 0., or

Twyford, 20 Nov., 1736.
Boyce, Henry, of Portsmouth, lieut., R.N., 21, b., & Elizabeth Rice, of Portsea,

21, sp., at P., 19 Feb., 1783.
Boyce, Henry, of St. John's, Southampton, 38, b., & Elizabeth Lumber, of St.

Swithun's, Winchester, 21, at St. S., 2 Apl., 1825. Aff.
Boyce, John, of Portsea, sailuiaker, b., & Mary Webb, of Winchester, sp., 7 Oct.,

Boyce, John, of Kingston, mariner, & Elizabeth Webb, of the s., sp., at

Wymering, 9 Aug., 1734.
Boyce, John, of Portsea, sailmaker, 50, b., & Mary Hockley, of the s., 20, sp., at

at P., or St. Thomas, Winchester, 5 May, 1741.
Boyce, Robert, of Botley, labourer, 22, b., & Hannah Pearce, of East Meon, 21,

sp., at E. M., 9 Dec, 1785.
Boyce, Thomas, of Gosport, butcher, & Elizabeth Sait, sp., at Alverstoke or G.,

11 Feb., 1720. Henry Boyce, of G., shipwright, bondsman.
Boyce, William, of H.M.S. Valiant, mariner, & Elizabeth Eunoms, of Portsea, at

P.. 16 July, 1781.
Boyd, George-Frederick, of Basingstoke, w., & Anne Smith, of the s., 21, sp., at

B., 15 June, 1792.
Boyd, John, of H.M.S. Royal George, manner, & Margaret Symonds, of Alverstoke,

sp., at A., 13 June, 1746.
Boyd, John, of the R. M., b., & Hannah Watson, of Portsea, 21, sp., at P., 17

March, 1813.
Boyd, Robert, of H.M.S. Queen, cooper, 21, b., & Mary Trick, of Portsea, w., at

P., 30 Nov., 1782.
Boydex, Charles, of H.M.S. Minerve [«<?], mariner, 21 b., & Ann Gear, of Portsea,

21, sp., at P., 4 Oct., 1798.
Boy'ex, Jeremiah, sailor, & Elizabeth Smith, at Portsmouth, 9 Sep., 1701.
Boyer, Edward, of Oakingham \}ic\, co Berks, & Sarah Shepherd, of the s., at

Hartley Wintney, 25 June, 1742.
Boyes, Edward, of Owlesbury, yeoman, 25, & Alice Prickott, of the s., 21, sp., at

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