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ley, co. Oxford, 21, sp., at H, 25 June, 1793.
Ekxess, John-Iremonger, of Titchiield, yeoman, 23, b., & Sarah Preston, of the s.,

21, sp., atT., 31 Dec, 1811.
Ekxess, Robert, of Hound, 21, b., & Ann Ironmonger, of Bursledon, sp., at H.,

11 June, 1781.
Elback, Joseph, of Portsea, husbandman, & Mary Stride, of the s., sp., at

Porchester, 21 July, 1731.
Elcock, George, of South Stoneham, b., & Joan Gain, of Holy Rood, South-
ampton, sp., at Millbrook, Minstead, or Lyndhurst, 8 May, 1725.
Elcock, George, of Holy Rood, Southampton, tin plate worker, 21, b., &

Elizabeth Purkis, 21, sp., at H. R., 1 Dec, 1784.
Elcock, James, of Bishop's \Valtham, bricklayer, 21, b., & Sarah Dipnall, of the

s., w., at B. W., 4 March, 1735.
Elcock;, James, of Boarhunt, & Mary Alnot, of Wymering, at W., or Widney,

3 Oct., 1740.
Elcock, John, of Beaulieu, w., & Sarah Abraham, of Dibden, sp., at Holy Rood,

or God's House, Southampton, 17 Nov., 1730. Charles Abraham, of D.,

Elcock, John, of Twyford, w., & Hannah Blake, of Andover, sp., at A., 30 June,

1739. Edward Blake, of A., victualler, bondsman.
Elcock, Richard, of St. Michael's, near Winchester, smith, b., & Ann Tranthem,

of Little St. Swithun's, near Winchester, sp., at St. S., or St. M., 17 Sep.,

Elcock, Richard, of South Stoneham, 36, w., & Elizabeth Edwards, of the s., 36,

w., 13 Oct., 1766.
Elcock, Richard, of St. Swithun's, Winchester, whitesmith, 35, w., & Hannah

Carter, of the s., 27, sp., 28 Dec, 1771.
Elcock, Richard, of Upham, bricklayer, 35, w., & Maria Brush-field, of the s., 23,

sp., at TJ., 8 Aug., 1788.
Elcock, William, of Botley, blacksmith, b., & Jane Williams, of Titchfield, sp., at

T., or St. Thomas, Winchester, 10 Apl., 1724.
Elcocke, Richard, of Bishop's Waltham, w., & Frances Goldfinch, of the s., 40, sp.,

parents dead, at East Meon. Wickham, or Durley, 18 March, 1690.
Elcombe, Henry, of Romsey, carpenter, b., & Anne Jones, of the s., 25, sp., at R.,

Weeke, or Millbrook, 7 Feb., 1701.
Elberfield, Benjamin, of Sherfield, 21, & Ann Pierce, of the s., 21, at S., 16 Aug. ,

1834. Aff.


Elderfield, Henry, of Ecchinswell, husbandman, 21, b., & Catherine Palmer, of

the s., 21, sp., 23 July, 1758.
Elderfield, Nicholas, of Hursley, husbandman, b., & Mary Martin, of the s., sp.,

2 Oct., 1714.

Elderfield, Thomas, of Otterboume, yeoman, 21, b., & Elizabeth Wade, of the
s., 21, sp., at 0., 11 July, 1821. William Wade, of Crawley, yeoman, bonds-

Elderfield, William, of Hursley, yeoman, 23, b., & Thomasine Wade, of the s.,
23, sp., 6 July, 1767.

Elderfield, William, of Itchen Abbas, yeoman, 40, w., & Elizabeth Colson, of
Easton, 40, sp., 13 Nov., 1771.

Elderton, Charles-Harben, of All Saints, Southampton, stonemason, 21, b., &
Isabella Finch, of High Ongar, co. Essex, 21, sp., at A. S., 20 Aug., 1808.

Elderton, Francis, of Fordingbridge, attorney, 21, b., & Sarah Pinhorn, of the s.,
21, sp., at F., 10 Jan., 1802. Vincent Pinhorn, of the s., yeoman, bonds-

Elderton, James, of H.M.S. Dorsetshire, surgeon's mate, b., & Mary Winckworth,
of Heath, co. Hants, at Portsmouth, 2 Jan., 1735.

Elderton, Joseph, the younger, of New Sarum, co. Wilts, 21, b., & Elizabeth
Sergeant, of Fordingbridge, 21, sp., at F., 8 Apl., 1783.

Eldredge, Noah, of Medstead, maltster, b., & Mary Olliver, of Ropley, sp., at M.
or P., 22 July, 1717.

Eldrldge, Philip, of Dummer, day labourer, & Elizabeth Daman, of the s., w.,

3 Oct., 1734.

Eldrldge, Richard, of Holy Rood, Southampton, merchant, 24, b., & Jane-

Penelope-Smith-Brown Angell, of Knight's Enham, 22, sp., at K. E., 31 Dec,

Eldrldge, Rev. Robey, of Fairford, co. Gloucester, 26, b., & Jane Pittis, of

Titchfield, 26, sp., at T., 17 Dec, 1832. Aff.
Eldridge, Thomas, of All Saints, Southampton, cabinet maker, 27, & Ann Robey,

of Newport, 21, sp., 2 May, 1764. James Robey, of Carisbrooke, mealman,

Eldridge, William, of Portsea, carpenter, 21, b., & Elizabeth Startridge, of the

s., 21, sp., at P., 9 Sep., 1810.
Eleker, Henry, of Lindneld, co. Susses, w., & Mary Morris, of Farnham, sp., at

Eastrop, 1 Oct., 1745.
Elfick, John, of H.M.S. Berwick, b., & Elizabeth Way, w., at Portsmouth,

12 March, 1703.
Elford, William, of North Waltham, 24, & Sarah Appleton, of Deane, sp., at D.,

23 Oct., 1786.
Elgak, John, of Portsea, tailor, w., & Lucy Ancell, of the s., 21, sp., at P., 8 Oct.,

Elgar, John, of Portsea, yeoman, w., & Jane Henderson, of the s., w., at P.,

31 Aug., 1799.
Elgar, William, of Lymington, salt officer, & Sarah Beavis, of the s., sp., at Holy

Rood, Southampton, 20 Dec, 1739.
Elgab, William, of Portsea, broker, w., & Elizabeth Benson, of the a., 21, sp.,

at P., 6 Aug., 1785. John Elgar, of the s., tailor, bondsman.
Eliott, James, of Newbury, co. Berks, carpenter, & Frances Cadwallader, of

Freefolk, sp., at Whitchurch, 5 Jan., 1739-40. James Cadwallader, groom to

the Marquis of Carnarvon, bondsman.
Elkence, Henry, of Hursley, gardener, 21, b., & Elizabeth Jeffery, of the s., 22,

sp., at H., 12 Oct., 1778.
Elkens, John-Coster, of St. Lawrence, Reading, co. Berks, 21, b., & Harriet

Ayliffe, of Basingstoke, a minor, with c. of her f., Charles Ayliffe, of the s.,

smith, at B., 3 Apl., 1806.
Elkens, Henry, of Hursley, 21, w., & Elizabeth Wild, of Botley, 21, w., at H.,

12 Apl., 1784.


Elkins, George, of Elvetham, labourer, & Ana Crate, of Basingstoke, sp., at

Winslade, 14 May, 1740.
Elkins, James, of Alverstoke, carrier, 21, b., & Ann Houghton, of Wiekhain, 21,

sp., at W., 25 Sep., 1808.
Elkins, Jolin, of Dibden, b., & Martha Potter, of Fawley, w., at St. Mary's,

Southampton, or Pear Tree, 27 June, 1726.
Elkins, Roger, of King's Worthy, husbandman, b., & Mary Cooper, of Easton, sp.,

at E., or the Cathedral, 1 July, 1723.
Elkins, Roger, of St. Thomas, Winchester, labourer, 21, b., & Sarah Denham,

of the s., 27, sp., 4 July, 1761.
Elkins, Thomas, of St. Mary Calendar, Winchester, labourer, 21, b., & Lydia

Darling, of Holy Rood, Southampton, 21, sp., at H. R., 9 May, 1788.
Elkins, William, of Sarratt, co. Herts, & Rachel , of Hartley Wintney, sp., at

Winchfield, or H. W., 28 Nov., 1748.
Elkins, William, of Carisbrooke, 30, w., & Hannah Forhead, of Brading, 25, sp.,

atB., 23 Dec, 1797.
Ellen, James, of the Green, an extra parochial place, near the Soke, Winchester,

woolatapler, 26, b., & Elizabeth Street, of Havant, 25, sp., at H, 8 Dec,

Ellen, John, of St. John the Baptist, Devizes, co. Wilts, attorney's clerk, 21, b.,

& Kezia Mersham, of Longparish, 21, sp., at L., 6 Sep., 1818.
Ellen, William, of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, co. Middlesex, gent., 21, b., &

Martha Wise, of Havant, 21, sp., at H, 29 Nov., 1824. Aff
Elles, Joseph, of Minstead, yeoman, w., & Anne Powel, of the s., 21, sp., at

the Chapel of Lyndhurst, in the p. of Minstead, 21 Sep., 1803.
Ellet or Elliott, William, of Micheldever, labourer, 23, b., & Mary Mansbridge,

19, sp., with c. of her f., Robert Mansbridge, of the s., husbandman, 11 Aug.,

Elletson, Jonathan, of Alverstoke, b., & Elizabeth Drake, of Portsmouth, w., at

St. Mary, St. Michael, or St. Lawrence, Southampton, 28 March, 1726.
Ellett, James, of Alverstoke, 21, b., & Ann Sparks, of Southwick, 21, sp., at S.,

10 Nov., 1785.
Ellgier, Richard, of H.M.S. Association, & Mary Magrik, of near Chichester,

co. Sussex, sp., at Portsmouth, 1 Apl., 1702.
Ellicott, William, of Alverstoke, 21, b., & Elizabeth Alderslade, of the s., 21,

sp., at A., 9 Oct., 1830. Aff.
Ellinett, George-Phipps, of Portsea, 21, b., & Ann Knight, of the s., 21, sp., at

P., 31 Dec, 1789.
Elliot, Nicholas, of Barton Stacey, b., & Mary Mersh, of Mottisfont, sp., at B. S.,

or the Cathedral, 4 June, 1737.
Elliot, Thomas, of Bramley, 21, b., & Harriet Rivers, of Priors Dean, 21, sp., at

P. D., 30 Nov., 1830. Aff.
Elliot, William, of Sherborne St. John, workman, b., & Martha More, of

Basing, sp., at Basingstoke, or Basing, 12 Jan., 1701-2.
Elliot, William, of St. Thomas, Winchester, waiter, 25, b., & Martha Elles, of

Binsted, 25, sp., at St. T., 29 May, 1804.
Elliott, Christopher, of Warblington, 21, b., & Elizabeth Lewington, of the s.,

21, sp., at W., 10 June, 1803. William Lewington, of the s., bondsman.
Elliott, Edward, of Queenhithe, co. Middlesex, 22, b., & Mary Pechell, of

Odiham, 22, sp., at 0., 4 June, 1827. Aff.
Elliott, Frederick, of South Damerham, co. Wilts, 21, b., & Elizabeth Oates, of

Rockbourne, 21, sp., at R., 11 May, 1831. Aff.
Elliott, Gideon, junr., of Odiham, iunholder, & Mary Pain, of the s., sp., at 0.,

or Cliddesden, 19 Jan., 1746.
Elliott, James, of Gen. Stewart's Reg. of Foot, lieut., 25, b., & Rachel Stafford,

of St. Maurice, Winchester, 22, sp., 22 May, 1760.
Elliott, James, of Arundel, co. Sussex, & Mary Hammond, of Havant, 21, at H.,

25 Nov., 1793.


Elliott, James, of Silcliester, 21, & Elizabeth. Lavington, of Stratfieldsaye, a minor,
at Stratfieldsaye, 22 Oct., 1797. Charles Lavington, of Stratfieldsaye, bonds-

Elliott, Jesse, of Tadley, 21, b., & Mary Knight, of Stratfieldsaye, 21, sp., at S.,
27 May, 1801.

Elliott, John, junr., of Sopley, yeoman, b., & Mary Marten, of Ring wood, sp.,
at S., E., or Ellingham, 14 Aug., 1725.

Elliott, John, of Portsmouth, 21, b., & Sarah Earady, of Portsea, 21, sp., at
Portsmouth, 1 July, 1783.

Elliott, John, of Fordingbridge, 21, b., & Susan Lawes, of the s., 21, sp., at F.,
29 May, 1822. James Lawes, of Wychbury, co. Wilts, bondsman.

Elliott, Joseph, of Hartley Wespall, tailor, 21, b., & Hannah Moore, of Heck-
field, 21, sp., at H., 26 March, 1796.

Elliott, Joseph, of St. Michael's, Southampton, cordwainer, 21, b., & Ann
Newell, of All Saints, in the s., 21, sp., at A. S., 29 March, 1802. Obadiah
Newell, of the s.. carpenter, bondsman.

Elliott, Joshua, of Wherwell, yeoman, 22, b., & Fanny Drake, of Longstock, 19,
sp,, with c. of her in., Eebecca Drake, w., 13 March, 1773.

Elliott, Robert, of Chilton Candover, labourer, 21, b., & Sarah Dibley, of the s.,

20, sp., with c. of her f., Daniel Dibley, of the s., yeoman, at C. C., 14 Oct.,

Elliott, Thomas, of Wonston, labourer, 27, b., & Mary Pyrrhen, of the s., 25, sp.,

at Michelmersh, or the Cathedral, 11 Jan., 1745.
Elliott, Thomas, of H. M.S. Thunderer, 21, b., & Elizabeth Joysey, of Alverstoke,

w., at A., 2 Sep., 1795.
Elliott, William, of Bonisey, cutler, & Joan Purdey, of the s., sp., at E., or

Timsbury, 22 May, 1731.
Elliott, William, of Brainley, 21, b., & Ann Holloway, of Stratfieldsaye, a

minor, at S., 2 Apl., 1835. Aff
Ellis, Edward, of Hartley Wintney, carpenter, 40, w., & Mary Hole, of the s.,

30, w., at H. W.. 1 Jan., 1781.
Ellis, Henry, of Portsmouth, farmer, 23, b., & Jane Padwick, of Bentworth, 18,

sp., with c. of her f., John Padwick, of the s., farmer, at B., 22 Feb., 1808.
Ellis, James, the younger, of Eogate, co. Sussex, 18, b., with c. of his f., James

Ellis, the elder, of Terwick, co. Sussex, husbandman, & Ann Corpse, of Lyss,

21, sp., at L., 6 March, 1783.

Ellis, James, of Heckfield, 22, b., & Gatty Stone, of Eversley, 22, at H., 9 Feb.,

1824. Aff.
Ellis, James, of Puttenham, co. Surrey, 22, b., & Sarah Wilkinson, of Hartley

Wintney, 22, sp., at H. W., 18 Nov., 1829. Aff.
Ellis, John, of Gosport. baker, & Sarah Knott, sp., at Alverstoke, or G., 3 May,

Ellis, John, of St. Michael's, Southampton, w., & Lucy Olding, of the s., w., at

St. M., 13 July, 1825. Aff.
Ellis, John, of Heckfield, yeoman, & Mary Cane, of thes., w., at Hartley Wintney,

or Winchfield, 14 Feb., 1738.
Ellis. John, of Gosport, b., & Margaret Skips, of Alverstoke, sp., at Gosport, 20

March, 1739.
Ellis, John, of Portsea, gent., 21, b., & Sarah Douty, of the s., 21, sp., at P., 4

July, 1809. William Ellis, of the s., gent., bondsman.
Ellis, John-Thomas, of St. Michael's, Southampton, 22, b., & Ann Martin, of the

s., 22, sp., at St. M., 4 June, 1834. Aff.
Ellis, Joseph, of Portsmouth, b., & Christian Watkins, of Portsea, sp., at Portsea,

11 May, 1711.
Ellis, Matthew, of Hartley Wintney, 35, yeoman, b., & Elizabeth May, of the s.,

35, sp., at Alton, Preston Candover or Stratfieldsaye, 2 Aug., 1711.
Ellis, Matthew, of Gosport, mariner, 21, b., & Mary Campbell, of Gosport, 21,

sp., at G., 8 June, 1780.


Ellis, Kichard, of Bickton, in the p. of Fordingbridge, miller, & Sarah Heyter,

at Ellingham, 19 Oct., 1726.
Ellis, William, of Ashley, yeoman, b., & Dorothy Knapp, of tho s., sp., at Ashley

Stoke, St. Maurice, or St. Thomas, Winchester, 20 Apl., 1702.
Ellis, William, of Alverstoke, mariner, & Ann King, of Fareham, sp., at Gosport,

30 March, 1731.
Ellis, William, of Portsea, a minor, with c. of his f., William Ellis, of the s.,

merchant, & Susanna Shoveller, of Portsmouth, a minor, with c. of her f. r

John Shoveller, of the s., merchant, at Portsea, 1 Nov., 1803.
Ellison, George, of IT. M.S. Medusa, mariner, 21, & Jane Forsman, of Portsea,

w., at P., 14 Jan., 1796.
Ellison, Robert, of Marlborough, co. Wilts, mariner, 21, b., & Hannah Bowles,

of St. Michael's, Southampton, 22, sp., at St. M., 7 May, 1802.
Elliss, William, of Emsworth, mariner, 21, b., & Mary Wright, of Warblington,

21, w., at W., 12 Sep., 1814.
Elliston, William, of H.M.S. Dreadnought, mariner, & Catherine Sinnett, w., at

Gosport, 12 Dec, 1711.
Ellson, Jonathan, of Hartley Wintney, b., & Ann Hewett, of the s., sp., at

Winchfield, or H. W., 11 Jan., 1741.
Ellson, Richard-Tocock, of Elvetham, servant, 24, b., & Jane May, of the s., 21,

sp., 8 Sep., 1769.
Elly, John, of Hambledon, yeoman, 21, b., & Mary Hagg, of the s., 21, sp., 5

Dim-., 1763. William Hatch, of the s., yeoman, bondsman.
Ellyet or Elliott, Henry, of Havant, turner, b., & Jane Cleverly, of the s.,

sp., 13 June, 1715.
Ellyett, Dyer, of Holy Rood, Southampton, sailmaker, 36, b., & Elizabeth-

Ashford Spurrier, of the s., 19, sp., with c. of her m., Elizabeth Pierce, of the

s., w., there being no guardian under the «*ill of her former husband, Richard

Spurrier, f. of E. A. Spurrier, at H. R., 30 Apl., 1821.
Ellyett, George, of Portsea, carpenter, 21, b., & Martha Sampson, of the s., w.,

at P., 6 June, 1783.
Ellyett, Richard-Dyer, of Holy Rood, Southampton, hatter, 23, b., & Rebecca

Hayter, of the s., 23, sp., at H. R., 27 Feb., 1812.
Ellyett, Samuel, of Havant, yeoman, & Martha Street, 3 July, 1782.
Elly'ett, Thomas, of Racton, co. Sussex, yeoman, 21, b., & Margaret Hooker, of

Havant, 21, sp., at H., 15 Apl., 1819.
Ellyott, Joseph, of Havant, b., & Rebecca Carter, of the s., sp., at Portsmouth,

Portsea, or Porchester, 20 Oct., 1737.
Elmer, Daniel, of the 57th Reg. of Foot, now encamped at Nursling, Serjeant, 33,

b., & Sarah Syle, of Nursling, w., at N., 20 Sep., 1795.
Elmer, Robert, of St. Lawrence, Southampton, linen-draper, 24, b., & Mary -Anne

Rymer, of All Saints, in the s., 21, sp., at St. L., 29 Aug., 1815.
Elmer, Stephen, of Farnham, co. Surrey, painter, b., & Frances Norris, of the s.,

w., at F., East Tisted, Exton, Eastmeon, Westmeon, or St. Maurice, Winches-
ter, 10 Apl., 1710.
Elmes, James, of Alverstoke, living in the p. of Havant, victualler, 21, & Elizabeth

Perry, at H., 13 Apl., 1780.
Elmes, John, of Lyniington, mariner, & Hannah Kittier, of the s., sp., at L., Mil-
ton or Christchurch, 23 Jan., 1738.
Elmes, Thomas, of Lymington, b., & Martha Crispen, of Alverstoke, w., at Ports-
mouth, 19 Feb., 1736.
ELMS, Samuel, of Bermondsey, CO. Surrey, now residing at the Royal George, in

the town of Southampton, hair-dresser, w., & Elizabeth Taylor, of Holy Rood,

in the s., 21, sp., at H. R., 17 Jan., 1809.
Elpiiinston, John, of Alverstoke, lieut., R. N., a minor, with c. of his f., John

Elphinston, of Burry [sic'], & Harriet Norman, third dau. of James Norman,

of Portsea, capt., R." N., at P., 20 Feb., 1783.


Elphinston, Thomas, of H.M.S. Alexander, lieut., 21, b., & Harriet Newman, of

Portsea, 21, sp., at Porchester, 5 Feb., 1783.
Elsey, James, of New Alresford, & Elizabeth Butcher, of the s., w., at N. A.,

4 Apl., 1807.
Elsom or Elsam, Joseph, of Lymington, gent., b., & Ruth Hool, of the s., 35, sp.,

at St. Mary's or All Saints, Southampton, or L., 28 Sep., 1733.
Elson, Joseph, of H.M.S. Blanche, 21, & Sarah White, of Alverstoke, 21, sp., at

A., 3 March, 1789.
Elstob, George, of the Close, Winchester, 21, b., & Elizabeth Jourd, of St.

Michael's, near the s., 21, sp., at St. M., 27 Aug., 1808.
Elston, Henry, of St. Bartholomew Hyde, Winchester, parish clerk, 26, b., & Sarah

Young, of Owslebury, 22, sp., at 0., 9 Dec, 1807.
Elstoxe, John, of Bramshott, tailor, 24, b., & Ann Pirn, of the s., 23, sp., at B.,

24 Feb., 1786.
Elsy, Henry, of Portsmouth, & Ann Door, of Portsea, at Portsmouth, 13 Oct., 1734.
Elten, Francis, of Buttermere, co. Wilts, & Margaret Woolbridge, of Farnham,

at F., 25 Sep., 1717.
Elton, Edmund, of Stockbridge, glazier, 21, b., & Sarah Holly, of the s., 21, sp.,

at S., 7 March, 1815.
Elton, Eichard, of Grateley, & Joannna Mundy, 4 March, 1716.
Elton, William, of East Woodhay, yeoman, & Martha Steel, of the s., at

Newtown, 26 Nov., 1720.
Elton - , William, of St. Swithun's, Winchester, 21, b., & Ann Lucas, of the s., 21,
sp., at St. S., 28 Nov., 1791. William Lucas, of St. Michael's, Winchester,
tailor, bondsman.
Elton, William, of Vernham, farmer, 21, b., & Mary Traviss, of Andover, 21,

sp., at A., 13 June, 1809.
Elvy, Henry, of H.M.S. Polyphemus, w., & Susannah Cunningham, of Gosport,

W., at Alverstoke, 23 March, 1798.
Elwell, John, of H.M.S. Gannet, seaman, 21, b., & Jane Jones, of Portsmouth,

21, sp., at Portsea, 5 Jan., 1810.
Elwell, Joseph, of All Saints, Southampton, 22, b., & Mary Budd, of the s., 30,

sp., at A. S., 15 Feb., 183C. Aff.
Ely, Edward, of St. Mary's College. Winchester, b., & Joane Loveland, of Ash,

co. Surrey, sp., at A., 4 July, 1699.
Ely, Thomas, of West Cowes, gent., & Mary Hetherington, of Alton, sp., at A.,

Shalden, of Medstead, 15 June, 1734.
Emberly, John, of Blackwater, in the p., of Christchurch, Newfoundland planter,
& Ann Eabitts, of the s. p., sp., at Eingwood, Ellingham, or Harbridge, 9 Dec,
Emberly, Joseph, of Eingwood, b., & Betty Biddlecomb, of the s., sp., at E.,

18 Nov., 1788.
Emberton, Thomas-James, of Andover, b., & Mary Thomas, of the s., sp., at A.,

25 Dec, 1739.
Emblem, James, of Portsea, labourer, 21, b., & Lucy Hawkins, of Wjmiering, 21,

sp., at W., 25 Feb., 1809.
Emer, William, of St. Maurice, Winchester, cordwainer, 25, b., & Elizabeth

Morris, of Beauworth, sp., 8 May, 1756.
Emery, Edward, of Botley, farmer, 21, b., & Mary Smith, of Droxford, 21, sp., at

B., 24 July, 1788.
Emery, Jacob, of Botley, yeoman, & Elizabeth Markes, of South Stoneham, sp.,

at S. S., St. Thomas, Winchester, or the Cathedral, 4 Sep., 1725.
Emery, James, of Portsea, late of H.M.S. Imperieuse, 21, b., & Mary-Ann Cox,

of Portsea, w., at P., 16 Aug., 1802.
Emery, John, of Wickham, cooper, w., & Ann Glaspole, of Hambledon, sp., at H.,

or St. Thomas, Winchester, 13 Oct., 1724.
Emery, John, of Portsmouth, coachmaker, 21, b., & Mary Goddard, of the s., 21,
sp., at P., 12 Apl., 1794.


Emeky, John, of Portsea, yeoman, w., & Sarah Mathews, of the s., w., at P., 24

Feb., 1808.
Emery, Robert, of Portsea, house-carpenter, 21, b., & Ann Rolles, of the a., 21,

sp., at P., 4 Sep., 1784.
Emery, Thomas, of H.M.S. Lion, mariner, & Elizabeth Lee, sp., at Alverstoke, or

Gosport, 8 July, 1720.
Emery, William-Augustus, of Alverstoke, 21, b., & Mary-Ann Gravett, of the s.,

21, sp., at A , 3 Sep., 1828. Aff.
Emm, Thomas, of Shipton, labourer, 20, b., & Sarah Swadland, of Quarley, 21, sp.,

at Q., 27 Feb., 1802.
Emmerson, Richard, of H.M.S. Medusa, carpenter, 21, b., & Rebecca Targar, of

Portsea, 21, sp., at P., 6 Nov., 1808.
Emmett, Edward, of H.M.S. Squirrel, b., & Mary Scardefleld, of Gosport, w.,

17 June 1715.
Emmett, John, of Andover, b., & Elizabeth Smith, of the s., at A., or the Cathedral,

29 July, 1737.
Emmott, John, of Andover, butcher, w., & Elizabeth Buxey, of the s., sp., at A.,

16 Apl., 1738.
Emmott, Philip, of Boughton, yeoman, 25, b., & Jane Hattatt, of the s., 25, sp.,

atB., 23 Apl., 1808. John Hattatt, of the 8., yeoman, bondsman.
Emms, William, of H.M.S. Beaulieu, mariner, 21, b., & Ann Bryant, of Alver-
stoke, 21, sp., at Portsea, 3 Apl., 1799.
Emslie, James, of Portsea, gent., 21, b., & Hannah Heacher, of Alverstoke, 21,

sp., at A., 11 June, 1812.
Endswortii, John, of Bramdean, servingman, 40, & Olive Newland, of the s., 30,

sp., at B., St. John's, Winchester, or St. Cross, 16 July, 1745.
England, Richard, of Gosport, shipwright, & Mary Gardiner, of the s., at Alver-
stoke, or Gosport, 23 Aug., 1720.
Engledfne, John, of H.M.S. Goliath, master, 21, b., & Johanna Watson, of

Portsea, 21, sp., at P., 26 June, 1805. Ralph Watson, of the s., Esq., bonds-
Englefield, Edward, of Bramleigh, schoolmaster, b., & Mary Jones, of Kingsclere,

sp., 2 Apl., 1709.
Englefield, Richard, of Basingstoke, broker, w., & Anne Kember, of Tadley, w.,

at T.. Pamber, or B., 29 Jan., 1722.
English, John, of Fareham, surgeon, 21, b., & Miss EUzabeth Hawker, of the s.,

sp., at F., 19 Jan., 1786. John Hawker, of Fareham, Esq., bondsman.
English, John, of Basingstoke, 21, b., & Harriett Flower, of the s., w., at B., 6

Oct., 1827. Aff.
ExGLisn, William, of Gosport, steevadore, & Margaret Ellis, sp., at Alverstoke, or

Rowner, 11 Dec, 1720.
Ennis, Henry-James, of H.M.S. Colombe, purser, 21, b., & Mary-Quick Stevens,

of Portsea, 21, sp., at P., 15 Nov., 1808.
Enon, Thomas, of Portsmouth, w., & Mary Bradford, of Fareham, sp., 18 Jan.,

Exticknap, Thomas, of Chalton, 22, b., & Mary Luff, of the s., 22, sp., 13 Dec,

Equdto, Frederick, of H.M. Gloucester Militia, 21, b., & Elizabeth Chaffener, of

Portsea, 21, sp., at P., 8 July, 1804.
Ericor. William, of Chithurst, in the p. of Eping [sic], co. Sussex, w., & Margaret

CrooceweU, of the s., 29, sp., dau. of Thomas Croccewell, at West Meon,

Warnford, or St. Michael's, near Winchester, 16 May, 1691.
Erie, Robert, of St. Peter Cheesehill, Winchester, cordwainer, 25, b., & Ann

Houghton, of St. John, in the Soke, Winchester, 30, w., at St. J., 23 June,
Erb a i .d, George, of Emsworth, grocer, 21, b., & Frances Prouting, of Warblington,
21, sp., at W., 10 Oct., 1815. John Prouting, of the s., wine merchant,



Escott, William, of St. Mary's, Southampton, servingman, 21, b., & Elizabeth

Garlick, of All Saints, in the a., 21, sp., at A. S., 1 Sep., 1796.
Essen, Joseph, of Exton, clerk, 21, w., & Mary-Anne Pitter, of Hunton, 17, sp.,

with c. of her m., Kitty Pitter, of the s., w., at H., 16 Sep., 1809.
Essixgton, Robert, of Calne, co. Wilts, gent., & Ann Symkins, of Whitchurch,

sp., at W., or Laverstock, 16 June, 1740.
Estill, Edward, of Scarborough, co. York, 21, b., & Mary Pinhorn, of Newport,

21, sp., at N., 23 July, 1800. Charles Pinhorn, of the s., bondsman.
Ethekidge, Abraham, of Hursley, wheelwright, 23, b., & Betty Bunney, of the s.,

25, sp., atH., 21 Feb., 1783.
Ethekidge, Charles, of St. Peter Cheesehill, Winchester, 21, b., & Ann Hollis, of

St. Faith's, 21, at St. P. C, 15 Feb., 1825. Aff.
Ethekidge, Edward, of Hoeberry, in the p. of Fawley, husbandman, & Mary

Ayles, of the s., sp., at Eingwood, Dibden, Fawley, Beaulieu, or Harbridge,

3 Sep., 1719.
Ethekidge, Edward, of St. Mary's, Southampton, 22, b., & Sarah Smith, of All

Saints, in the s., 22, sp., at A. S., 24 Dec, 1817.
Etheridge, James, of Beaulieu, yeoman, & Elizabeth Warren, of Christchurch,

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