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land, N. J. ; unm. She was an artist of much merit.

vii. MARY B., b. Aug. 24, 1837; d. Dec. 25, 1839.

*Sce Hussey Ancestry, following No. 215.


196. JANE BowNE 4 (Elizabeth 3 Howland, William,"
Gideon 1 ), daughter of John L. and Elizabeth (Rowland)
Bowne, was born in New York, June 18, 1818, and died
there July 23, 1891. She married, Oct. 13, 1841, William
Franklin Mott, born 1820, died May 26, 1882, son of
William Franklin and Phoebe (Merritt) Mott. He was
sixth in descent from Adam Mott, born in England about
1620, who settled in Hempstead, L. I. Mr. Mott was
successfully engaged in business in New York, where he
was a leading member of the Society of Friends, and
active in religious and charitable work. He was one of
the trustees of the Murray fund, of the church property of
the Society of Friends, a member of the Missionary Board
of the New York Yearly Meeting, treasurer of the relief
fund for Kansas refugees, trustee of the Friends' Colored
Mission, and of the Bible and Fruit Mission, and was for
five years the chief executive officer of the Society for the
Prevention of Crime. Children :

202. i. JOHN L. BOWNE, b. Sept. 23, 1842; d. Feb., 1913.

203. ii. WILLIAM FRANKLIN, b. April 30, 1845; d. Oct. 9, 1916.

204. iii. HENRY F., b. Jan. 10, 1847; d. June 22, 1888.

iv. MINNIE H., b. May 7, 1851; d. Sept. 8, 1895; m.
Edward W. Perry. No children.

197. ROBERT BOWNE* (Elizabeth 3 Howland, William, 2
Gideon 1 ), son of John L. and Elizabeth (Howland) Bowne,
was born in New York, May 6, 1825, and died in 1906. He
married in 1860 Anna Frances Willis, daughter of Edward
Willis, who died in 1881. Children:

i. EGBERT, b. Feb. 6, 1861; d. young.
ii. EDWARD WILLIS, b. July 20, 1862; unm. Resides in

Newark, N. J.
iii. HOWLAND, b. Nov. 5, 1866; d. Oct. 23, 1917, at Bound

Brook, N. J. He was a widower, and left no


198. WILLIAM HOWLAND HUSSEY* (Hetty 3 Howland,
William, 2 Gideon 1 ), son of George and Hetty (Howland)
Hussey, was born in New York City Jan. 24, 1824, and
having passed his ninety-fourth birthday in January, 1918,
enjoyed the pleasant distinction of being the oldest of the
Sylvia Ann Howland heirs. As a youth he was sent to
Haverford College, maintained by the Friends in Philadel-


phia, at first making the journey largely by water, before
the earliest railroad was built. He recalls the beginnings
of the old South Amboy line, and his ride on one of the
first trains, behind "John Bull," as the locomotive was
named. The affair was such a novelty that, boylike, he
went to the front platform to see the strange engine pull
the cars, and also to see the fireworks. "Wood was used as
fuel, and the sparks from the great spreading smokestack
ignited everything inflammable along the route. A part of
the fiery shower came down upon him, and before he could
retreat his hat was in flames and was destroyed. In conse-
quence the boy had to finish his journey to Philadelphia

About 1842 he removed to New Bedford with his parents,
but in 1846 returned to New York. He removed to South
Orange, N. J., in 1859, and in 1866 to East Orange, where
he has since resided. During the early sixties he spent sev-
eral winters in Nicaragua, in mining and in the cotton
business. For a number of years he was connected with
the shipping and oil business, and in 1872 established the
plumbing supply business in New York City, being the
first jobber there in that line. Twenty-one years later his
son Frederick entered into partnership with him under the
firm name of William H. Hussey & Son, and they still carry
on the business. Until the summer of 1917 Mr. Hussey
continued his activities and made the journey from East
Orange to and from his office as frequently as four times
a week. Vigorous in mind and body, he takes the keenest
interest in current events, and is a well-informed and
pleasing conversationalist.

In 1909 the New York Tribune published an article
pointing out that Mr. Hussey, who had been travelling back
and forth between his New Jersey homes and New York
City for over half a century, held the commuting record
for the metropolitan district, and it was believed he held
it for the United States. "At the lowest computation,"
said the chronicler, "Mr. Hussey has spent three years on
trains in commuting. For parts of nine years he journeyed
twice each week day between South Orange and Jersey City.
If he commuted for only half the time he would have trav-
elled in that period over 50,000 miles. His record while
living at East Orange for forty-three years, allowing for
one summer spent at Chatham, N. J., and two days spent


at his home each week for the last nine years, was 283,000
miles, or a total since his first journey to New York City
from South Orange in 1859 of 323,000 miles, equivalent to
nearly thirteen times around the globe, or over fifty round
trips to San Francisco." When these figures were com-
piled Mr. Hussey was in his eighty-sixth year.

In his young days in New Bedford Mr. Hussey was a
member of the Blues, a famous social club of its time,
formed by fourteen young men, some of them Howland
descendants, who continued their friendship and their re-
unions for many years until their numbers became so small
as to prevent further meetings. The other members were
his brother, John B. Hussey, Charles S. Randall, John A.
Hawes, Thomas R. Rodman, Edmund Rodman, Gilbert
Russell, Francis Grinnell, Edward Anthony, Henry John-
son, William G. Baker, Leander A. Plummer, Walter
Mitchell, and Samuel Rodman Morgan. Mr. Hussey is the
sole survivor. He is one of the few persons living who can
recall his great -uncle, Gideon Howland, Jr., father of Sylvia
Ann Howland.

Mr. Hussey married April 16, 1851, Cornelia, daughter
of Stacy B. and Mary E. (Dudley) Collins, born July 7,
1827, died Oct. 13, 1902. Children-

205. i. MART DUDLEY, b. July 31, 1853.

206. ii. FREDERICK, b. June 14, 1856.

207. iii. GEORGE BENJAMIN, b. March 10, 1863.

199. JOHN BOWNE HUSSEY* (Hetty 3 Howland, William, 2
Gideon' 1 '), son of George and Hetty (Howland) Hussey, was
born in New York, April 4, 1826, and died in New Bedford
Aug. 4, 1909. For a number of years he was associated
with his father in business, but subsequently retired. He
never married, and made his home at the Parker House in
New Bedford for many years. Mr. Hussey was an en-
thusiastic sportsman in the best sense, and his especial
hobbies were shooting and bicycling. A wide circle of ac-
quaintances held him in high regard.

200. GEORGE HUSSEY* (Hetty 3 Hoicland, William, 2 Gid-
eon 1 ), son of George and Hetty (Howland) Hussey, was
born in New York, Nov. 24, 1828, and died at Lakeville,
Mass., May 23, 1872. After attending Haverford College


he became associated in business with his father as a ship-
ping merchant and in the whaling industry in New Bed-
ford. He was a man of sterling character and engaging
manner. Mr. Hussey's death occurred very suddenly at
his fine summer estate at Lakeville, near New Bedford. He
married Nov. 5, 1855, Elizabeth Rodman Morgan, born
Feb. 20, 1833, daughter of Charles Wain and Sarah (Rod-
man) Morgan, who survived him. Her father was one of
the prominent whaling merchants of New Bedford, and her
mother was a member of the well-known Rodman family.
Mrs. Hussey is active at the age of eighty-five, and is con-
tinuous in her attendance at the services of the Unitarian
Church. Children :

208. i. CHARLES MORGAN, b. Nov. 7, 1856.

ii. GEORGE, b. March 5, 1858; d. Apr. 27, 1858.

iii. EDITH, b. May 14, 1859; d. July 29, 1860.

iv. EMILY MORGAN, b. Jan. 17, 1862. Resides in New Bed-
ford. She is active in the affairs of the New Bedford
Woman 's club, the equal suffrage movement, the Red
Cross, the Unity Home and other welfare work.

209. v. ALICE, b. Jan. 31, 1863.

210. vi. ALFRED RODMAN, b. March 22, 1869.

201. ELIZABETH BOWNE HussEY 4 (Hetty 5 Howland, Wil-
liam, 2 Gideon 1 }, daughter of George and Hetty (Howland)
Hussey, was born in New York, Jan. 21, 1831, and died in
Concord, Mass., Oct. 36, 1906. She married Sept. 15, 1853,
Francis Rodman, son of Samuel and Hannah Haydock
(Prior) Rodman of New Bedford, born July 27, 182?', died
in Concord Aug. 8, 1914. Mr. Rodman was educated at the
Friends Academy, and at Phillips Academy, Andover, and
entered the office of his uncle, Charles W. Morgan. In 1861
he left New Bedford to enter into business in Boston, and
subsequently made his home in Concord, except for five
years when the family resided in California, on account
of Mrs. Rodman's health. A niece of Mr. Rodman, Effie
Rodman of New Bedford, married Major-General George
W. Goethals, builder of the Panama Canal. Children :

i. MARY, b. July 11, 1854. Resides in Concord. She is
an advisory visitor of the Massachusetts State Library

211. ii. FANNY, b. Sept. 23, 1858; d. Jan. 19, 1918.
iii. ELIZABETH, b. April 1, 1869; d. Jan. 12, 1879.


202. JOHN L. B. MOTT S (Jane Bowne* Elizabeth* How-
land, William, 2 Gideon^}, son of William F. and Jane
(Bowne) Mott, was born in New York, Sept. 23, 1842, and
died in February, 1913. For a period he was connected
with the banking business, but spent much of his time in
travel. He was a member of the New York Yacht Club,
and of the Knickerbocker, Union, and Piping Rock and
South Side Sportsmen's Clubs. He married in 1882 Lucy
Latham Barney, who survived him. They had no children.

203. WILLIAM FRANKLIN MoTT 5 (Jane Boivnef Eliza-
beth 3 Rowland, William, 2 Gideon 1 ), son of William F. and
Jane (Bowne) Mott, was born April 30, 1845, in New York,
and died in that city Oct. 9, 1916. Many years ago he re-
moved to Toms River, N. J., where he long made his home.
He never married. Mr. Mott was a graduate of Columbia
College, a lawyer by profession, and an artist from love of
art. He had done considerable work of merit himself and
was recognized as an authority in art matters. A number
of his paintings have been exhibited in New York. He was
a student and traveller, and had spent much time traversing
all parts of Europe. A courteous gentleman, he possessed
a kindly heart and a ready hand, giving liberally to every
good cause.

204. HENRY F. MoTT 5 (Jane Bo-wne* Elizabeth 3 How-
land, William, 2 Gideon 1 ), son of William F. and Jane
(Bowne) Mott, was born in New York, Jan. 10, 1847, and
died at Toms River, N. J., June 22, 1888. In the early
seventies, on account of his health, he purchased and carried
on a farm at Toms River, and later bought the handsome
property running from Washington to Water Streets in
that town, which has since been known as the Mott place.
His brothers John L. B. and William F. Mott also became
residents of Toms River. Mr. Mott married Mary Jeffrey,
who survived him. Daughter:

212. i. EDITH MAY, b. Jan. 27, 1876.

205. DR. MARY DUDLEY HUSSEY S (William H. Hussey,*
Hetty 3 Howland, William, 2 Gideon 1 ), daughter of William


H. and Cornelia (Collins) Hussey, was born in New York
City, July 31, 1853. She completed the course in the
Woman 's Medical College in New York, receiving the degree
of Doctor of Medicine, and has also studied law at the
New York University Law School. She resides in East
Orange, N. J., where she has long been active in the woman
suffrage movement, and in welfare work.

206. FREDERICK HUSSEY S (William H. Hussey,* Hetty 3
Howland, William, 2 Gideon 1 ), son of William H. and
Cornelia (Collins) Hussey, was born in New York City,
June 14, 1856. He was educated at the Friends Seminary
in New York, and after graduating went into mining in
Idaho and California. Later he took up building con-
struction in New York City. Tn 1893 he entered into
partnership with his father under the firm name of
William H. Hussey & Son, New York, dealers in plumbing,
gas and steam fitting supplies, and sanitary specialties.
Mr. Hussey married March 1, 1905, Eleanor Butler
Kempton, daughter of Francis H. and Sarah (Barton)
Kempton of New Bedford, and granddaughter of David B.
Kempton, a prominent capitalist of that city, and a de-
scendant of one of the old families. Mr. and Mrs. Hussey
make their home at "Twin Oaks," East Orange, N. J.
Children :

i. CORNELIA BARTON, b. Dee. 29, 1905.
ii. FREDERICK KEMPTON, b. June 6, 1908.

207. GEORGE BENJAMIN HUSSEY S (William H. Hussey,*
Hetty 3 Howland, William, 2 Gideon 1 ), son of William H. and
Cornelia (Collins) Hussey, was born in South Orange, N. J.,
March 10, 1863. He graduated at Columbia College in
1884, where he took high rank as a scholar, winning a
scholarship and delivering the Greek valedictory. After
a post-graduate course at Johns Hopkins University, where
he received the degree of Ph. D., he spent one year at
the American School in Athens and another at Bonn. He
has been a member of the faculties of Princeton, University
of Chicago, and other colleges, and is now at Cumberland
University, Lebanon, Tenn., his courses of instruction being
Latin, Greek, and the modern languages. He married (!">


Dec. 26, 1911, Annie Louise Gary, who died Jan. 6, 1912;
(2) Sept. 3, 1916, Jeness Lee Buckner daughter of J. Mack
and Sarah Buckner of Alexander, N. C. Daughter :

i. SARAH COLLINS, b. July 27, 1917.

208. CHARLES MORGAN HUSSEY S (George Hussey ,*
Hetty 3 Rowland, William, 2 Gideon 1 ), son of George and
Elizabeth R. (Morgan) Hussey, was born in New Bedford,
Nov. 7, 1856. He was educated at the Friends Academy
in that city, and after engaging for a time in business, he
became associated with the New Bedford Safe Deposit and
Trust Co., and was manager of their deposit vaults.
Subsequently he became manager of the business of
J. & W. R. Wing & Co., for the estate of William R. Wing.
Mr. Hussey is secretary of the corporation of St. Luke's
Hospital, New Bedford. He married Clara Almy Wing,
daughter of William R. and Rebecca W. (Howland) Wing
of New Bedford. Mr. Wing was a leading whaling mer-
chant, member of a firm that was in existence for more
than half a century, and also carried on the clothing
business. Children :

213. i. EEBECCA W., b. Oct. 27, 1886.
ii. ELIZABETH M., b. Jan. 22, 1888.

214. iii. GEORGE, b. Sept. 1, 1891.

iv. CHARLES M., b. April 5, 1898; d. Nov. 15, 1908.

209. ALICE HUSSEY S (George Hussey, 4 Hetty 3 Howland,
William, 2 Gideon 1 ), daughter of George and Elizabeth R.
(Morgan) Hussey, was born in New Bedford, Jan. 31, 1863.
She married Henry Merrihew Plummer of South Dart-
mouth, son of Leander A. and Elizabeth (Merrihew)
Plummer, a graduate of Harvard in the class of 1888.
Three of her four sons entered the service of their country
for the world war in 1917. The sons are :

i. CHARLES W., b. May 25, 1890. Graduating from
Harvard College in 1914, he engaged in the insurance
business in Boston. He became second lieutenant of
Battery A, 101st Eegiment Volunteers, and after
reaching France in 1917 entered the aviation corps.
He was killed in action Aug. 11, 1918.

ii. HENRY M., b. June 27, 1892. While connected with the
London office of the Sullivan Machine Co., he went
to France in the volunteer ambulance service, and
was later commissioned second lieutenant in the


quartermaster 's department, U. S. A., and for a time

was on duty at Gen. PershLng's headquarters,
iii. MORGAN H., b. March 2, 1894. He is a gunner in the

Volunteer Canadian Heavy and Siege Artillery, in

service abroad,
iv. THOMAS E., b. Oct. 11, 1900. He is a student at the

Berkshire School, Sheffield, Mass.

210. REV. ALFRED RODMAN HussEY 5 (George Hussey,*
Hetty 3 Rowland, William,- Gideon^-}, son of George and
Elizabeth R. (Morgan) Hussey, was bom in New Bedford,
March 22, 1869. After attending the Friends Academy
and Phillips Academy at Andover, he graduated from
Harvard University in 1892 and the Harvard Divinity
School in 1895. In October, 1895, he was ordained as
minister of the First Parish (Unitarian) in "West Roxbury,
Mass., and in January, 1899, he became minister of the
First Church in Taunton, Mass. Three years later he
was called to the pulpit of the First Independent Christ's
Church in Baltimore, where his fourteen years' successful
pastorate placed him in the forefront of Unitarian clergy-
men. He devoted himself especially to the interests of
Sunday school and settlement work, and through his
efforts the Charming Settlement House was started. During
the agitation for the passage of a law by the Legislature of
Maryland regulating the labor of children, he took an
active part in behalf of the measure. A sermon which he
delivered on the subject was circulated in pamphlet form
as a campaign document. Early in 1916 Mr. Hussey
accepted a call to the First Unitarian Church of Lowell,
Mass., whose pastorate he still fills. While at Taunton he
was president of the Channing Conference Sunday School
Union, which he was instrumental in forming, and he
has also been a director of the National Unitarian Sunday
School Society.

Mr. Hussey married Jan. 18, 1899, Mary Lincoln Warren,
of Dedham, daughter of Hon. Winslow Warren, former
collector of the port of Boston, and Mary L. (Tinkham)
Warren. Children :

i. MARGARET W., b. Sept. 27, 1900.

ii. ALFRED KODMAN, b. Feb. 1, 1902.

iii. MARY E., b. Nov. 15, 1905.

iv. EMILY M., b. Dec. 13, 1908.


211. FANNY RODMAN 6 (Elizabeth B. Hussey* Hetty 3
H&ivland, William, 2 Gideon^}, daughter of Francis and
Elizabeth B. (Hussey) Rodman, was born in New Bedford,
Sept. 23, 1858, and died in Concord, Jan. 19, 1918. She
married Dr. George Eugene Titcomb, a practicing physi-
cian of Concord. Children:

215. i. FRANCIS EODMAN, b. Sept. 25, 1886.

ii. GEORGE LANCASTER, b. Sept. 25, 1886; <L April 4, 1887.
iii. MARGARET, b. July 23, 1889.

iv. JOHN, b. May 20, 1892; m. Aug. 9, 1917, Frances M.
Smith of Kochester, N. Y. He is a member of a
machine company in Geneva, N. Y.

212. EDITH MAY MOTT S (Henry F. Mott* Jane Bowne*
Elizabeth* Howland, "William* Gideon 1 }, daughter of Henry
F. and Mary (Jeffrey) Mott, was born Jan. 27, 1876. She
married Horace A. Doan, a prominent banker of Philadel-
phia. He was for over twenty years president of the West
End Trust Co. of that city, and at the present time is
chairman of its board of directors. Mr. and Mrs. Doan
have their summer home at the Mott place in Toms River,
N. J. Their son :

i. FRANKLTN M., b. Aug. 10, 1899, is a student at the
Hill School at Pottstown, Pa.

213. REBECCA W. HUSSEY S (diaries M. Hussey, 5 George
Hussey,* Hettij 3 Howland, William? Gideon^}, daughter of
Charles M. and Clara A. (Wing) Hussey, was born in New
Bedford, Oct. 27, 1886. She married Dec. 1, 1910, Fred-
erick Rudolf Brown, who is connected with the cloth broker-
age firm of Bell & Hussey in New York. They reside in
Maplewood, N. J. Children:

i. EEBECCA WING, b. Nov. 19, 1911; d. Feb. 28, 1912.
ii. ELIZABETH HUSSEY, b. July 17, 1913.
iii. PRISCILLA HUGHES, b. Nov. 12, 1916.

214. GEORGE HUSSEY S (Charles M. Hussey, 5 George
Hussey,* Hetty 3 Howland, William,'- Gideon 1 }, son of
Charles M. and Clara A. (Wing) Hussey, was born in
New Bedford, Sept. 1, 1891. He married April 25, 1917,
Pauline Hawes, daughter of William C. and Edna (Law-


ton) Hawes of Fairhaven. Mr. Hussey is a member of the
firm of Bell & Hussey, cloth brokers, in New York City.
At present he is a first lieutenant in the ordnance depart-
ment of the United States army, and is stationed at Wash-

215. FRANCIS RODMAN TrrcoMB 6 (Fanny Rodman, 6
Elizabeth B. Hussey* Hetty 3 Howland, William, 2 Gideon 1 ),
son of Dr. George E. and Fanny (Rodman) Titcomb, was
born in Concord, Mass., Sept. 25, 1886. He married July
11, 1917, in Tacoma, Wash., Elizabeth Weyerhauser. He
is a constructing engineer, and resigned his position at the
Garfield Smelter, Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1917 to enlist
in the aviation section of the army, taking a course for a
commission at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


SiLVANus 4 HUSSEY (Silvanus, 3 Stephen, 2 Christopher 1 ),
a native of Nantucket, Mass., and a member of the Society
of Friends, was the father of four sons, three of whom
married two of the granddaughters and a great-grand-
daughter of Gideon Howland. He was born 1 mo. 20,
1735, and died 7 mo. 26, 1795. He married (1) Alice,
daughter of Jeremiah and Theodate Gray; (2) Lydia,
daughter of Samuel and Hepzibah (Hathaway) Wing, who
died Aug. 1, 1807. The family lived for a number of
years in Lynn, Mass., where three and possibly all of the
sons, children by the second marriage, were born. The
sons were:

i. SILVANUS, b. Aug. 4, 1782.
ii. SAMUEL WING, b. Aug. 12, 1784; m. Susan Allen. [See

Descendants of Sarah Allen.]
iii. GEORGE, b. March 2, 1791; d. Jan. 18, 1868; m. Hetty

Howland. [See foregoing.]
iv. WILLIAM, b. 1793; d. Dec. 6, 1859; m. Jane Perry.

[See Descendants of Judith Hathaway.]

The progenitor of this family in America, Christopher
Hussey, baptized 2 mo. 18, 1599, at Dorking, Surrey, Eng-
land, son of John and Mary (Wood) Hussey, married
Theodate, daughter of the famous Rev. Stephen Bachiler,


and came from London to New England in the same vessel
with Mr. Bachiler, arriving at Boston in 1632. He lived
successively in Saugus, Lynn, and Newbury, Mass., and
Hampton, N. H., being one of the first planters in the latter
town in 1638, and was active and prominent in citizenship
for many years. He served as selectman and deputy, and
was known as both lieutenant and captain. Mr. Hussey
was one of the nine purchasers of Nantucket in 1659, but
it is not known that he lived there. His second wife was
Ann, widow of Judge Jeffrey Gisgay. He died March 6,
1686. There were six children, by the first marriage.

Stephen Hussey, son of Christopher, was born in Lynn in
1632, and removed about 1671 from Hampton, N. H., to
Nantucket, where he died 4 mo. 2, 1718. In 1694 he bought
the interest of his brother John in the Nantucket lands
which their father had deeded them. He united with the
Society of Friends, being one of the seven persons who
formed the first monthly meeting of Friends at Nantucket.
Mr. Hussey married in 1676, Martha, daughter of George
and Jane (Godfrey) Bunker of Nantucket, and they had
eight children.

Silvanus Hussey, the elder, son of Stephen, was born
5 mo. 13, 1682, and died 2 mo. 10, 1767. He was a mer-
chant of Nantucket, and one quite evidently of extensive
transactions. There were thirty-six whales taken by boats
from Nantucket in the spring of 1726, two of which num-
ber Mr. Hussey captured. He was twice married, first to
Abial Brown, and second to Hepzibah, daughter of Na-
thaniel, Jr., and Dinah (Coffin) Starbuck. There were
thirteen children by the two marriages, Silvanus, Jr.,
(1735-1795), being a son of the second wife.


3. CAPTAIN CoRNELius 2 HOWLAND (Gideon 1 ), second son
of Gideon and Sarah (Hicks) Howland, was born in Dart-
mouth, May 13, 1758, and died in New Bedford, Jan. 6,
1835, in his seventy-seventh year. He early chose a sea-
faring life and was a successful whaleman, in which business
he was master and owner of vessels. He removed to New
Bedford and amassed a large property. Captain Howland
was a skillful shipmaster, an excellent business man, an
honored citizen, and a leading member of the Society of
Friends. He had a farm on Clarks Point. During the
Revolutionary War he was made a prisoner by the British,
and his interesting adventures are narrated in an article
written by one of his descendants appearing below. Cap-
tain Howland married Jan. 5, 1789, Rhoda 7 Wing
(Edward, 6 Edward, 5 John* Stephen, 3 Rev. John, 2 Mat-
thew*), daughter of Edward and Edith (Tucker) Wing,
born Nov. 4, 1767, died Oct. 11, 1851, aged eighty-four
years. She was a cousin of Edward Wing, who married
her husband's sister, Lydia Howland. Children:

216. i. EEBECCA, b. Nov. 12, 1789; d. Feb. 12, 1825.

217. ii. SUSAN, b. Nov. 16, 1791; d. Jan. 19, 1872.

iii. LYDIA, b. Aug. 17, 1793; d. July 9, 1877; m. Oct. 12,

1837, Arnold, son of Jonathan and Eliza Congdon

of Providence, R. I. No children,
iv. BHODA, b. Jan. 9, 1796; d. Dec. 29, 1869; m. May 10,

1860, William C.., son of Barnabas and Mary Taber

of New Bedford (his second wife).

218. v. CORNELIUS, b. Nov. 14, 1802; d. May 16, 1865.

219. vi. EDWARD WING, b. Dec. 29, 1804; d. Jan. 19, 1879.

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