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Rainbow Division, and is in France with the American Ex-
peditionary Force. Children :

i. HENRY HARPER, b. Sept. 12, 1907.

ii, MARGARET HOWLAND, b. June 19, 1911.

iii. CAROLINE SLEEPER, b. Aug. 22, 1913.

iv. CHARLES AUGUSTUS, b. May 29, 1917.

Charles W., 4 Susan* Cornelius, 2 Gideon 1 }, son of Charles
S. and Mary C. (Shipley) Howland was born in Wilming-
ton, Del., Nov. 22, 1874. Graduating with honors from
Yale College in 1897, he Avas a student in Auburn Theolo-
gical Seminary for two years and graduated from Union
Theological Seminary in 1900. For two years he was as-
sistant in the West End Presbyterian Church, New York.
He was the first pastor of the South Presbyterian Church,
Syracuse, N. Y., and during his ten years there the present
church edifice was erected. In 1912 he was called to the
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, N. Y.,
of which he is still pastor.

In March, 1918, Mr. Howland was granted a leave of
absence for six months to go overseas in the Y. M. C. A.
war welfare work, and has served with great efficiency
among the soldiers in England and France.

He married, in Canterbury, England, Aug. 3, 1909, Mar-
garet Granger. Children:

i. MURRAY SHIPLEY, b. June 15, 1911.
ii. MARGAKET GRANGER, b. Nov. 1, 1913.
iii. KATHERINE, b. Oct. 12, 19J7.


267. AURELEE DE MAURI AC 6 (Susan H. Parsons, 5 Susan,
R.* Howland, Susan, 3 Cornelius. 2 Gideon*), daughter of
Eugene A. and Susan H. (Parsons) De Mauriac, was born
Dec. 10, 1876. She married Kenneth M. Murchison of
New York, an architect of considerable distinction. He
is known especially for his work as the designer and con-
structor of the Hoboken Railroad Terminal, and those of
Baltimore and Jacksonville. Children :


sons, 5 Susan R* Howland, Susan, 3 Cornelius, 2 Gideon 1 ),
son of Eugene A. and Susan H. (Parsons) De Mauriac,
was born July 28, 1878, and married Alice Bergen. He is
a stock broker in New York City. Daughter:


269. JEANNETTE DEMAURiAC 6 (Susan H. Parsons, 5
Susan R* Rowland, Susan, 3 Cornelius, 2 Gideon 1 ), daughter
of Eugene A. and Susan H. (Parsons) De Mauriac, was
born Feb. 4, 1882, and married George H. Brittan. In
1918 they were living in France. Children:


270. REGINALD HASCALL PARSONS" (George R. Parsons, 5
Susan R* Rowland, Susan 3 Cornelius, 2 Gideon 1 ), son of
George H. and Lorraine F. (Hascall) Parsons, was born
Oct. 3, 1873, and married Maud Bemis. He lives in Seattle,
Wash., and is president of the Northwest Fruit Growers'
Exchange. He is interested in large apple and pear or-
chards, and also in a cattle ranch in California. Children :

i. ALICE LORRAINE, d. 1904.

ii. ANNE.



v. MABY B.



[Traced and compiled by Miss Clara M. Perry, Syracuse, N. Y., and
Miss Harriet P. Bennett, Fall River, Mass.]

ARTHUR 1 HATHAWAY was a resident of Marshfield, Mass.,
in 1643, and in 1646 is found at Plymouth. Nov. 20, 1652,
he married, at Plymouth, Sarah Cooke, daughter of John
Cooke, of the Mayflower, who was named for her mother
Sarah Warren. She was a granddaughter of Richard
Warren and of Francis Cooke, also Mayflower passengers.
Before 1660 Arthur Hathaway had removed to Dartmouth,
whither his father-in-law had also migrated from Plymouth.
He lived in the northerly part of the present town of
Fairhaven, his farm including what in later days was
known as the Laura Keen farm, the summer home of the
famous actress. He was a considerable owner in the Dart-
mouth purchase, and took a leading part in the affairs of
the township. In 1667 he was a member of the first board
of selectmen, and held that office some eight or ten times
subsequently. He was also one of those appointed to exer-
cise the men of Dartmouth in the use of arms. In 1671 he
was appointed by the Court at Plymouth as a magistrate
to take oaths, etc. He died in 1711, being probably in the
vicinity of eighty-five years of age, and his wife, who was
considerably his junior, survived him. Three sons and
three daughters are named in his will : John, Thomas and
Jonathan; Mary Hammond, Lydia Sisson, and Hannah

JOHN 2 HATHAWAY, the eldest son, was born Sept. 17,
1653, and died in 1732. He lived in what is now Fair-
haven. He married (1) Joanna Pope, who died Dec. 25,
1695; (2) Patience Jenney. By his will he left to his son
John the south half of his homestead of one hundred
seventy-five acres and outlying lots.


JOHN 3 HATHAWAY, son of John and Joanna (Pope)
Hathaway, was born March 18, 1687, and died in 1739. He
married Nov. 18, 1714, Alice Launders of Sandwich. They
had three sons and three daughters. His homestead farm
he bequeathed to his son Zephaniah, who in 1757 conveyed
it to his brother John.

JOHN* HATHAWAY, son of John and Alice (Launders)
Hathaway, married Oct. 9, 1758, Deborah 5 Russell (Joshua,*
Jonathan* Jonathan, 2 John 1 ), daughter of Joshua and
Lydia (Spooner) Russell of Dartmouth and sister of
Jethro Russell who married Rebecca, eldest daughter of
Gideon Howland. She was born Nov. 17, 1734, and died
Dec. 27, 1808. Mr. Hathaway died between May 10, 1791,
when he executed his will, and Dec. 6, 1791, when it was
offered for probate. He had sons Jethro, Gideon, and John,
and daughters Alice, Abigail, and Sarah Shaw. All his
real estate was left to his sons, who were also named as
executors. In presenting the will for probate the son
Jethro explained that one of the executors was dead and
the other absent at sea.

Arthur 1 ), son of John and Deborah (Russell) Hathaway,
married Feb. 22, 1782, Judith, second daughter of Gideon
and Sarah (Hicks) Howland. He died probably in 1792.


4. JuDiTH 2 HOWLAND (Gideon*), was born in Dart-
mouth, Feb. 9, 1760, and died Sept. 26, 1798, in her thirty-
ninth year. She married Feb. 22, 1782, Captain Jethro
Hathaway, and was the mother of four children who were
bereft of their father at an early age. May 7, 1793, Mrs.
Deborah Hathaway, mother of Jethro and widow of John
Hathaway, petitioned the Probate Court for a new executor
for her husband's estate, setting forth that Jethro, who in
1791 undertook to administer the estate, "and soon after
put off on a voyage to sea, has not since returned, and is
in no ways likely ever will." Gideon Howland, Jethro 's
father-in-law, was accordingly appointed administrator.
Children of Jethro and Judith (Howland) Hathaway:


271. i. CHARLES, b. 1783; d. Aug. 10, 1835.

272. ii. LYDIA, b. 1785; d. Feb. 27, 1822.

iii. PARDON, b. 1787; d. nt sea. No issue.

273. iv. JUDITH, b. 1789; d. 1827.

271. CAPTAIN CHARLES HATHAWAY* (Judith 2 Howland,
Gideon 1 ), son of Jethro and Judith (Howland) Hathaway,
was born in Dartmouth in 1783, and died in New Bedford,
Aug. 10, 1835. He sailed in the merchant service for his
uncles in New Bedford and others, rising to command at
the age of twenty-four. Old shipping papers that have
been preserved show he was master of brig Danube, John
H. Howland, agent, in 1807; of ship Huron in 1809; and
of ship Triton for Isaac Howland, Jr., & Co. in 1810.* He
also sailed on many other voyages. After the War of 1812,
which dealt a severe blow to New Bedford shipping, Cap-
tain Hathaway was appointed to take charge of Fort
Phoenix, in Fairhaven, and remained at that post for
several years. His letter of appointment was as follows:

"FAIRHAVEN, MASS., DEC. 22d, 1815.

"Agreeably to the contract I have made with you, by order of Lt.
Col. Eustis com 'g western battalion, you are to take charge of the U.
S. Barracks and works at this place, and are to receive for your
trouble the pay and rations of a private soldier in the U. S. Army,
for which you will apply to the com 'g officer of the sd battalion at
Newport, B. I., to whom you are to be responsible for the preserva-
tion of sd Barracks and works in the order they now stand.

' ' Yours,

' ' Mr. Charles Hathaway. ' ' Lt. U. S. A. Bat. ord. ' '

Captain Hathaway married Eliza Bunker, a native of
England, and they had nine children, all but three of
whom died in childhood. Those reaching maturity were:

274. i. MARY BUNKER, b. Nov. 18, 1809; d. May 9, 1900.
274. ii. ELIZA BUNKER, b. Sept. 11, 1811; d. Aug. 28, 1900.
iii. CHARLES, b. July 12, 1818; d. at sea; unm.

272. LYDIA HATHAWAY* (Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 },
daughter of Jethro and Judith (Howland) Hathaway, was

'See letter to Captain Hathaway on page 48.


born in Dartmouth in 1785, and died in New Bedford
Feb. 27, 1822. She married in 1808 Captain Nathan
Perry, son of John and Jane (Weeks) Perry of Cape Cod,
born 1782, died in Sandwich, now Bourne, Jan. 15, 1866.
He was a master mariner. Children :

275. i. JANE, b. Dec. 13, 1809 ; d. about 1845.

276. ii. EDWARD WING, b. Aug. 13, 1811; d. May 12, 1893.

277. iii. WILLIAM HOWLAND, o. June 22, 1813; d. Oct. 11, 1897.

278. iv. LYDIA WING, b. June 24, 1816; d. July 5, 1845.

279. v. JOHN ROWLAND, b. Nov. 30, 1818; d. Oct. 31, 1883.

280. vi. CHARLES HATHAWAY, b. Sept. 8, 1821; d. Jan. 14, 1908.

273. JUDITH HATHAWAY S (Judith 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 },
daughter of Jethro and Judith (Howland) Hathaway, was
born in Dartmouth in 1789 and died there in 1827. She
was unmarried. With her maiden aunt Desire Howland
she was the subject of special solicitude in the will of her
grandfather Gideon Howland, and through his liberality
enjoyed a home at Round Hills with her aunt for the years
following Gideon's death. Her will was executed May 23,
1827, and admitted to probate Oct. 2 following. It men-
tioned, among others, her brother Charles Hathaway, and
her nephews Charles Hathaway, Jr., and Charles Hath-
away Perry.

274. MARY BUNKER HATHAWAY* (Charles Hathaway, 3
Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ), daughter of Charles and Eliza
(Bunker) Hathaway, was born in New Bedford, Nov. 18,
1809, and died in New Bedford, May 9, 1900, in the sixth
month of her ninetieth year. Her sister, Eliza Bunker
Hathaway, born Sept. 11, 1811, survived Mary less than
three months, passing away Aug. 28, 1900, at the age of
nearly eighty-nine years. These maiden sisters made their
home together on Washington Street in New Bedford.
Mary Hathaway left a remarkable collection of shells which
she had made, several thousand in number, and bequeathed
in her will to Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y., her
cousin, Charles H. Perry of Syracuse being her executor.
Some of the specimens are very rare and have sold in the
market as high as one hundred dollars a pair. An exhibi-
tion case was built especially for the collection, bearing a
silver plate engraved with the name of Mary B. Hathaway.

Among the bequests in the will of Eliza B. Hathaway


was the following to Clara M. Perry, daughter of Charles
H. Perry of Syracuse: "Grandfather Rowland's brass-
handled bureau, said bureau to go to John G. Eppendorff
or his heirs on the demise of the said Clara M. Perry."
This bureau was a bequest to Miss Hathaway from her
aunt Desire Rowland a half century before. It is an
interesting piece of colonial furniture, in an excellent state
of preservation.

275. JANE PERRY* (Lydia Hathaway, 3 Judith 2 Howland,
Gideon 1 ), daughter of Nathan and Lydia (Hathaway)
Perry, was born in New Bedford, Dec. 13, 1809, and died
in New Bedford about 1845. She married (1) June 8,
1829, Captain Abner P. Norton, who was killed by a whale :
(2) March 4, 1833, William Hussey, son of Silvanus and
Lydia (Wing) Hussey, born 1793, died Dec. 6, 1859. (See
Hussey Ancestry, page 180.) He married (2) June 8, 1847,
Hepsa Brayton. Children by second marriage:

281. i. SYLVIA H., b. Dec. 15, 1833; d. Jan. 7, 1878.

ii. WILLIAM, b. Jan. 26, 1836; d. March 19, 1863, at Fal-
mouth, England, unm.

282. iii. ELIZABETH H., b. Aug. 19, 1839; d. Oct. 7, 1868.

283. iv. ROBERT BRAYTON, b. June 26, 1841; deceased.

276. EDWARD WING PERRY* (Lydia Hathaway, 3 Judith 2
Howland, Gideon 1 }, son of Nathan and Lydia (Hathaway)
Perry, was born in New Bedford, Aug. 13, 1811, and died
in Nantucket, Mass., May 12, 1893. As a young man
he went whaling, subsequently locating in Nantucket,
where he established a coal and lumber business and be-
came wealthy, being president of the Nantucket Bank at
the time of his death. He married (1) Elizabeth Pad-
dock, born March 7, 1812, died Sept. 13, 1873; (2) Jane
Coffin. Children, by first marriage:

i. DAVID PADDOCK, b. April 25, 1840; unm. Besides in

284. ii. EDWARD HOWLAND, b. July 12, 1842; d. Sept. 26, 1906.

Hathaway, 3 Judith" Howland, Gideon^}, son of Nathan
and Lydia (Hathaway) Perry, was born in New Bedford,
June 22, 1813, and died Oct. 11, 1897. He followed the


sea all of his active life, sailing for Isaac Howland, Jr.,
& Co. and for George Hussey. He served in the United
States navy throughout the Civil War, and was under
Admiral Farragut. The latter part of his life he lived
in Washington, N. C., and Ocean Grove, N. J. Captain
Perry was thrice married, his first wife being Mrs.
Margaret (Keeler) Cooper, daughter of John Keeler of
Yarmouth, England, born in England in 1812, died in New
Bedford, June 3, 1856. Children, by first marriage:

285. i. REBECCA LYDIA, b. May 11, 1841; d. Dec. 17, 1909.

286. ii. MARY ANN, b. Oct. 31, 1842.

287. iii. WILLIAM ROWLAND, b. Oct. 22, 1845.

288. iv. JANE F., b. April 12, 1848; d. Oct. 27, 1876.

v. REV. GIDEON HOWLAXD, b. March 12, 1851; d. 1880;

unm. A Baptist clergyman at Chatham, Mase.
vi. ELIZABETH, b. March 12, 1851; d. May 19, 1856.
vii. CHARLES, b. Dec. 7, 1853; d. May 29, 1856. The deaths

of these last two children were followed within a few

days by that of their mother.

278. LYDIA WING PERRY* (Lydia Hathaway? Judith"
Howland, Gideon 1 }, daughter of Nathan and Lydia
(Hathaway) Perry, was born in New Bedford, June 24.
1816, and died in that city July 5, 1845. She married
Feb. 17, 1834, Captain Elihu Gifford, son of Elihu and
Polly (Gifford) Gifford, born May 22, 1808, died Nov. 29,
1849. He was a successful whaling master, residing in
New Bedford. Children:

i. MARY EDDY, b. Nov. 15, 1834; d. inf.
ii. WILLIAM ROWLAND, b. June 22, 1836; d. inf.

289. iii. MARY WORTH, b. Jan. 23, 1839.

279. HON. JOHN HOWLAND PERRY* (Lydia Hathaway?
Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 }, son of Nathan and Lydia
(Hathaway) Perry, was born in New Bedford, Nov. 30,
1818, and died in New Bedford Oct. 31, 1883. His mother
died when he was about four years old. John Howland
(See No. 2 i), for whom he was named, cared for and
gave him an early start in life. He was educated at
the Friends Academy in New Bedford and the Friends
School in Providence. At the age of sixteen he was a
clerk in the counting room of Howland & Hussey, and
later was associated with J. & T. Allen in the ship
chandlery business. In 1843 he engaged in the shoe and


leather business, and four years later went into the coal,
grocery and provision business. In 1850 he associated him-
self with George Wilson, under the firm name of John H.
Perry & Co., and carried on the several interests of the
paint mill, coal and trucking business, Mr. Perry retiring
in 1866. They purchased and managed the Parker House
for a time. Mr. Perry was a large owner in coasting
vessels, and through his efforts several schooners were
built and added to the New Bedford fleet. Subsequently
he removed to Boston, where he was associated as silent
partner in the music publishing business with his sou
and others.

Mr. Perry served three years in the New Bedford com-
mon council, as its president in 1862; was an alderman
for three years, and in 1866 and 1867 was mayor of the
city, on both occasions being elected without opposition.
Among the events in his administration was the laying
of the corner-stone of the soldiers and sailors monument,
in the New Bedford Common, on July 4, 1866. He mar-
ried Nov. 3, 1846, Harriet Newell Potter, daughter of.
Jonathan and Cynthia (Howard) Potter, born in New
Bedford, Dec. 8, 1827, died in Wellesley, Mass., March
12, 1918. She was a sister of Warren B. Potter of the
firm of Weeks & Potter, wholesale druggists, Boston.
She married (2) Romulus Norwood; (3) Joseph E.
Farrar. Son of John H. and Harriet N. Perry:

290. i. JOHN FBANK, b. July 24, 1850; d. Dec. 5, 1906.

280. CHARLES HATHAWAY PERRY* (Lydia Hathaway, 3
Judith 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ), son of Nathan and Lydia
(Hathaway) Perry, was born in New Bedford, Sept. 8,
1821, and' died in Syracuse, N. Y., Jan. 14, 1908. At
the age of nineteen he went to sea. He made three trips
around the world on whaling voyages, and went around
Cape Horn in a sailing vessel with gold hunters in 1849,
spending six years in mining in California. In 1859 he
settled in Syracuse, N. Y., and opened a photographic
studio, which he conducted for twenty years. Subse-
quently he engaged in other business, retiring in 1893.
He married Feb. 21, 1860, Maria C. Wieting of Syracus-r,
who died July 19, 1889. Children:


i. WIETING HATHAWAY, b. Feb. 22, 1861; d. inf.
ii. CLARA MARIA, b. Dec. 25, 1866; unm. Resides in Syra-
cuse, N. Y.

281. SYLVIA H. HUSSEY S (Jane Perry* Lydia Hatha-
ivay, 3 Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ), daughter of William
and Jane (Perry) Hussey, was born Dec. 15, 1833, and
died Jan. 7, 1878. She married Henry A. Tower, who
died Sept. 1, 1898. They lived at Newburg, N. Y.
Children :

i. EGBERT, b. May 6, 1863; d. inf.
ii. WILLIAM, b. Feb. 20, 1865; d. inf.

291. iii. JOHX FRY TUCKER, b. July 11, 1867.

iv. HARRY ALPHONSO, b. May 25, 1872; unm. Besides in
Dalton, Mass.

292. v. BESSIE H., b. July 16, 1874.

282. ELIZABETH H. HUSSEY S . (Jane Perry* Lydia
Hathaway, 5 Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 }, daughter of
William and Jane (Perry) Hussey, was born Aug. 19,
1839, and died Oct. 7, 1868. She married Jan. 17, 1860,
John Fry Tucker of New Bedford, son of Charles R. and
Dorcas (Fry) Tucker, born Aug. 13, 1839, died June 14,
1886. They had no children. Charles R. Tucker was
a leading whaling merchant who began his business
career in the counting room of Isaac Howland, Jr. &
Co. The son also engaged in whaling enterprises and was
in partnership with Edward D. Mandell, one of the
original trustees of the Sylvia Ann Howland estate. In
the early eighties John F. Tucker prepared a list of
the descendants of Gideon Howland which was acquired
by the trustees. His second wife was Mrs. Lucie C.
(Leonard) Hazeltine of New Bedford.

283. ROBERT BRAYTON HUSSEY S (Jane Perry* Lydia
Hathaway , z Judith 2 Howland, Gideon^, son of William
and Jane (Perry) Hussey, was born June 26, 1841. In
early life he went to sea, and for a number of years lived
in England. He married at Bethnal Green, England,
March 25, 1878, Susanna Codling, daughter of James
Osborn Codling. He subsequently returned to America,
where he died. Children :


i. ELIZABETH, b. 1879; d. Nov. 2, 1880.

293. ii. JOHN DOUDNEY, b. Jan. 7, 1881.

iii. WILLIAM, b. 1882; d. Sept. 30, 1883.

284. EDWARD ROWLAND PERRY S (Edward W. Perry, 4
Lydia Hathaway, 3 Judith 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 }, son of
Edward W. and Elizabeth S. (Paddock) Perry, was born
in Nantucket, July 12, 1842, and died there Sept. 26, 1906.
He was a druggist in Boston. He married Mary Elmorn
Arnold, born June 4, 1843, died Aug. 14, 1915. Children :

294. i. EDWARD HOWLAND, b. Aug. 8, 1866.

ii. MAURICE GODDARD, b. June 24, 1870. He is a druggist

in Boston.

iii. CHESTER G., b. Dee. 18, 1872; d. young.
iv. SHUBAEL F., d. young.

285. REBECCA LYDIA PERRY S (William H. Perry, 4 Lydia
Hathaivay, 3 Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 }, daughter of
William H. and Margaret (Keeler) Perry, was born May
11, 1841, and died Dec. 17, 1909. She married (1) William
Pease; (2) Benjamin Franklin Hiscox; (3) Roscoe Steere;
(4) William H. Bliss. Her second husband, Mr. Hiscox,
served in a Rhode Island regiment during the Civil War,
was made a prisoner, and died in Libby prison. There
were children only by the second marriage, as follows:

i. IDA F., b. Aug. 6, 1861 ; d. young.
295. ii. WILLIAM CARLETON, b. May 3, 1863; d. April 24, 1911.

286. MARY ANN PERRY S (William H. Perry 4 Lydia
Hathaway? Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ), daughter of
William H. and Margaret (Keeler) Perry, was born Oct.
31, 1842, She married William Parker Livesey, son of
Rev. Richard and Jane Maria (Parker) Livesey, born in
1842, died Sept. 25, 1916. Mr. Livesey was a printer
and proof-reader on Boston newspapers, and they lived in
Cambridge and Everett, Mass., and Richmond, N. H. He
served in the Sixth Massachusetts Regiment in the Civil
War. Mrs. Livesey now resides in Manchester, N. H.
Daughter :

i. GRACE WINIFRED, b. Dec. 9, 1869; m. Edgar David Cass,
principal of the Lincoln School in Manchester, N.
H. No children.


287. WILLIAM HOWLAND PERRY 5 (William H. Perry*
Lydia Hathaway, z Judith 2 Hoivland, Gideon 1 ), son of
William H. and Margaret (Keeler) Perry, was born Oct.
22, 1845, and resides in New Bedford. He was a member
of Company G, Twenty-ninth Massachusetts Regiment in
the Civil War, serving for three years, and took part in
the battles of Antietam, Fredericksburg, Jacksonville, Cold
Harbor, and Petersburg, among others. He was a shoe-
worker. He married (1) Betsey K. Hopkins; (2) June
25, 1893, Mrs. Myra E. (Vinton) Hazard. No children.

288. JANE E. PERRY S (William H. Perry* Lydia
Hathaway, 3 Judith 2 Hoivland, Gideon 1 ), daughter of
William H. and Margaret (Keeler) Perry, was born April
12, 1848, and died Oct. 27, 1876. She married (1) Walter-
Perry; (2) George H. Pratt. Children:

296. i. WALTER K. PERRY, b. March 8, 1867.

ii. HERBERT CALVIN PRATT, b. Oct. 8, 1869; m. Cora A.
Handy. No children. He resides in Dartmouth.

289. MARY WORTH GIFFORD S (Lydia W. Perry* Lydia
Hathaway, 3 Judith 2 Hoivland, Gideon 1 ), daughter of Elihu
and Lydia W. (Perry) Gifford, was born in New Bedford,
Jan. 23, 1839. She married May 30, 1865, Hiram Judson
Bennett, son of Captain Charles and Lydia Mason
(Anthony) Bennett, of Fall River, Mass., born Jan. 4,
1844, died July 10, 1891. He was a dealer in pianos and
a musician in Fall River, where Mrs. Bennett still resides.
Daughter :

i. HARRIET PERRY, b. June 21, 1869. She is one of the
assistant librarians in the Fall River Public Library.

290. JOHN FRANK PERRY S (John H. Perry*, Lydia
Hathaway , A Judith 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ), son of John H.
and Harriet N. (Potter) Perry, was born in New Bedford,
July 24, 1850, and died in Boston, Dec. 5, 1906. He spent
several years in London in business, and returning to
Boston in 1885, became a partner in the firm of White,
Smith & Perry, music publishers. Many of the most popu-
lar pieces of music of that day were published by this
house. In 1890, Mr. Perry became manager of the estate


of his deceased uncle, Warren B. Potter, continuing until
the death of Mrs. Potter in 1904, when he received a large
bequest from the residuary estate. Later he built the Nor-
wood, Canton & Sharon Street Railway, of which he was
treasurer and principal owner, and was well known in
financial circles in Boston. Mr. Perry married Feb. 6,
1884, Emma S. Dunbar, daughter of William A. Dunbar
of New Bedford, who survived him. She married (2) Har-
rison W. Bennett and resides in Weston, Mass. Daughter :
297. i. HARRIETTS DUNBAK POTTER, b. Des. 12, 1884.

291. JOHN FRY TUCKER TowER 6 (Sylvia H. Hussey, 5
Jane Perry,* Lydia Hathaivay, 3 Judith 2 Rowland, Gid-
eon 1 }, son of Henry A. and Sylvia H. (Hussey) Tower,
was bom July 11, 1867. He married (1) Dec. 1889, Mary
Gleeson, who died Jan. 1894; (2) Nov. 1906, Mary Agnes
Meehan. Resides at Newburg, N. Y. Children :

By first marriage:

i. JOHN FRANCIS, b. June 30, 1893.

By second marriage:

ii. MARY ANN, b. July 23, 1912.

292. BESSIE H. TOWER S (Sylvia H. Hussey, 5 Jane
Perry* Lydia Hathaway, 3 Judith 2 Howland, Gideon*-),
daughter of Henry A. and Sylvia H. (Hussey) Tower,
was born July 16, 1874. She married Dec. 5, 1900, George
Francis Morrison, a builder. They reside in Rowayton,
Conn. Children :

i. ANNA TOWER, b. Dec. 8, 1901.

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