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The Howland heirs; being the story of a family and a fortune and the inheritance of a trust established for Mrs. Hetty H. R. Green online

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Aug. 18, 1917, Delia Lawler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James E. Lawler of Sundridge Hall, Kent.

559. FRANK SWIFT ROLLINS'* (Ellen R. Sivift, 6 Hannah
H. Allen* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 }, son
of Daniel M. and Ellen R. (Swift) Rollins, was born April
4, 1870. He is treasurer of the Northern Finance Cor-


poration, Wall Street, New York City. He married (1)
Arria Tomes; (2) Eleanor Maud Morgan. Children:

By first marriage:

i. ELEANOR S., b. Feb. 5, 1900.

By second marriage:

ii. BARBARA E., b. Aug. 14, 1904.
iii. FRANK SWIFT, b. July 30, 1913.

Swift, 5 Hannah H. Allen,* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland,
Gideon 1 }, son of William A. and Marion L. (Swift) Robin-
son, was born in New Bedford March 20, 1876. He is as-
sociated with his father in the firm of W. A. Robinson &
Co., sperm oil merchants, New Bedford, and has been active
in war welfare work. He married April 8, 1908, Margaret
Eleanor Doliber of Brookline, Mass., daughter of Thomas
and Ada Ripley (Heath) Doliber. There are no children.

561. ISABELLE R. SwiPT 6 (Arthur H. Swift, 5 Hannah H.
Allen* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ), daughter
of Arthur H. and Elizabeth A. (Rhodes) Swift, was born
Oct. 18, 1890. She married Edwin T. Coffin and resides in
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Daughter :

i. HELEN GERTRUDE, b. Jan. 2, 1914.

562. ELIZA NYE DAVENPORT 6 (Gideon A. Davenport, 5
Eliza N. Allen* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon^),
daughter of Gideon A. and Ann C. (Rutherfoord) Daven-
port, of Richmond, Va., was born Aug. 2, 1881. She mar-
ried Jan. 31, 1906, Harry Bledsoe Wayland, born May 7,
1873 ; died March 31, 1916. Children :

i. ANN KUPHERFOORD, b. Nov. 20, 1907.
ii. HARRY BLEDSOE, b. Nov. 3, 1909.

Eliza N. Allen,* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ),
daughter of Charles U. and Alice (Davenport) Williams, of
Richmond, Va., was born July 29, 1866, and died April 14,
1903. She married John W. Atkinson, Jr. Children :

ALICE DAVENPORT, b. Sept. 7, 1896.
ELISE WILLIAMS, b. Oct. 29, 1897.


564. JANET BRUCE WILLIAMS (Alice Davenport, 6
Eliza N. Allen* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Hoiuland, Gideon 1 ),
daughter of Charles U. and Alice (Davenport) Williams of
Richmond, Va., was born July 4, 1869, and died Nov. 17,
1907. She married W. Brydon Tennant, who after her
death married her sister, MARY NEWTON WILLIAMS, born
Nov. 29, 1883. There was one child of each marriage :

i. COLVILLE BRUCE, b. July 11, 1903.
ii. ALICE H., b. Aug. 2, 1911.

565. CHARLES U. WILLIAMS, JR. 6 (Alice Davenport, 6
Eliza N. Allen* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ),
son of Charles U. and Alice (Davenport) Williams, of Rich-
mond, Va., was born Jan. 7, 1875. He was educated at the
University of Virginia, and is a prominent practicing at-
torney in Richmond. Mr. Williams married Nov. 2, 1909,
Henrietta Murray. They have no children.

566. ELLEN McCAW DAVENPORT 6 (Charles Davenport, 5
Eliza N. Allen* Gideon Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Hoivland, Gideon*),
daughter of Charles and Ellen T. (McCaw) Davenport of
Richmond, Va., married May 15, 1906, Dr. Henry Wise-
man Cooke. Children:

i. ELEANOR, b. June, 1907.
ii. HENRY WISEMAN, b. June, 1910.
iii. VIRGINIA F., b. March, 1914.

567. HELEN THORNTON TABER B (Sarah A. Wood, 5 Eliza-
beth H. Allen* Thomas Allen 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ),
daughter of William C. and Sarah A. (Wood) Taber of
New Bedford, was born May 20, 1861. She married June
8, 1892, George Russell Briggs, born June 8, 1853, son of
Rev. Dr. George Ware and Lucia Jane (Russell) Briggs, a
descendant in the eighth generation from John Briggs of
Portsmouth, R. I., from whom Sarah C Hicks) Rowland
descended. He graduated from Harvard in 1874, was tutor
of mathematics there for six years, and is now an exten-
sive cranberry grower at Plymouth, Mass. Children :

i. ROSE THORNTON, b. May 26, 1893.
ii. GEORGE RUSSELL, b. Aug. 29, 1895.


568. ETHEL TABEB" (Sarah A. Wood, 5 Elizabeth H.
Allen* Thomas Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 -}, daugh-
ter of William C. and Sarah A. (Wood) Taber of New
Bedford, was born Jan. 24, 1866. She married April 2,
1895, Lieutenant David H. Jarvis of the United States
Revenue Cutter Service, now deceased, and lives in Seattle,
Wash. Children :

i. ANNA T., b. Nov. 7, 1897.
ii. DAVID H., b. Aug. 7, 1899.
iii. WILLIAM TABER, b. Nov. 15, 1903.

569. ANNA RUSSELL TABER (Sarah A. Wood, 5 Elizabeth
H. Allen,* Thomas Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon 1 },
daughter of William C. and Sarah A. (Wood) Taber of
New Bedford, was born May 26, 1868. She married Jan.
22, 1901, Herbert Elsworth Cushman, born Jan. 1, 1862,
son of William H. and Joanna (Harlow) Cushman. Since
1887 he has been connected with the Morse Twist Drill &
Machine Co., New Bedford, serving as treasurer and gen-
eral manager since 1902. Mrs. Cushman is a leader in Red
Cross activities and other welfare work. Children :

i. MARY ALLERTON, b. Nov. 9, 1901; d. Nov. 12, 1901.
ii. SARAH, b. Sept. 30, 1902.
iii. ELEANOR JARVIS, b. Nov. 28, 1905.

570. ALLEN HOWLAND WOOD G (John Wood, 5 Elizabeth
H. Allen* Thomas Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ), son
of John and Isabel (Simington) Wood, was born Aug. 7,
1870. He and his brother John were for a number of years
with Pettingill & Co., advertising, Boston, and they subse-
quently organized the Wood, Putnam & Wood Co., Boston,
of which large advertising concern Allen H. Wood is now
president. He married Edith Miller of Baltimore. Son:

i. ALLEN ROWLAND, b. Jan. 12, 1897.

571. WILLIAM H. COFFIN, JR. S (Mary H. Wood, 5 Eliza-
beth H. Allen,* Thomas Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ),
son of William H. and Mary H. (Wood) Coffin, was born
Aug. 3, 1869, and died April 14, 1900. He was connected
with the mining and stock exchange of Colorado Springs,
Col. He married Louisa Dewey Fisher of Colorado
Springs, where she resides with their children :

i. DOROTHY HUNTINGTON, b. May 29, 1896.
ii. PHILIP TRISTRAM, b. Aug. 19, 1898.


572. STURGIS COFFIN" (Mary H. Wood, 5 Elizabeth H.
Allen,* Thomas Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ), son of
William H. and Mary H. (Wood) Coffin, was born Jan. 31,
1875. He is a member of the firm of Coffin & Taber, real
estate, Boston. He married Elizabeth Head Wood of Phil-
adelphia. Son :


Elizabeth H. Allen* Thomas Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland,
Gideon 1 ), son of William H. and Mary H. (Wood) Coffin,
was born, April 25, 1878. He is a banker in Chicago and
resides at Winnetka, 111. He married Rose Prescott Brown
of Brookline, Mass. Children:

i. EOSAMUND PRESCOTT, b. June 18, 1906.
ii. ELINOR, b. Dec. 5, 1912.

574. ELISE ALLEN CoFFiN 6 (Mary H. Wood, 5 Elizabeth
H. Allen,* Thomas Allen 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon*-),
daughter of William H. and Mary H. (Wood) Coffin, was
born July 16, 1879. She married Rodman Schaff of
Jamaica Plain, Mass., son of General Morris and Alice
(Page) Schaff. He carries on "Applecock," a large farm
at Fitzwilliam, N. H. Children:

i. EODMAN, b. Nov. 24, 1908.
ii. WILLIAM COFFIN, b. July 10, 1910; d. July 11, 1910.

575. JULLV AIRMAN WooD 6 (Edward A. Wood, 5 Eliza-
beth H. Allen* Thomas Allen 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon^),
daughter of Edward A. and Mary (Aikman) Wood, was
born April 30, 1881. She married Nov. 20, 1901, Edgar
Duryea Pouch of the firm of Pouch & Co., brokers, New
York. They reside in Greenwich, Conn. Children :

i. DONALD STUART, b. Sept. 16, 1902.
ii. MARY AIKMAN, b. March 23, 1908.

576. NELLA HOWLAND GIFFORD S -(Elizabeth H. Wood, 5
Sarah A. Howland* Judith Allen, 5 Sarah 2 Howland,
Gideon 1 ), daughter of Frederick S. and Elizabeth
(Wood) Gifford, was born in New Bedford July 5, 1868.


She married Sept. 2, 1891, Professor Augustus Taber Mur-
ray, Ph. D., son of Robert L. and Ruth S. (Taber) Murray,
and grandson of William C. and Hannah (Sherman) Taber
(See" No. 506), of New Bedford. He was born Oct. 29,
1866, and graduated in 1885 from Haverford College, where
he was noted as an athlete. Professor Murray was sub-
sequently a member of the faculty of Colorado College, and
has been professor of Greek at Leland Stanford, Jr., Uni-
versity, Palo Alto, Cal., since 1892. Two sons are in the
American Expeditionary Force, and the eldest son is man-
aging a munitions factory. Children :

586. i. ROBERT LINDLEY, b. Nov. 3, 1892.

587. ii. FREDERIC SEYMOUR, b. May 15, 1894.

588. iii. FRANCIS KING. b. Sept. 18, 1895.

589. iv. MINERVA, b. Feb. 27, 1898.

v. LYDIA, b. Oct. 25, 1905.

577. HOWL AND WooD 6 (George Rowland Wood, 5 Sarah
A. Rowland* Judith Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ),
son of George Rowland and Elizabeth A. (Doane) Wood,
was born May 30, 1877. He married Elizabeth R. Marvin
of Brookline, Mass., and resides in New York City. Chil-

i. ELIZABETH, b. 1914.
ii. SYLVIA ROWLAND, b. 1916.

578. ETTA GERTRUDE HEATH S (Charles R. Heath, 6 Mary
E. Allen,* James Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon^}, daugh-
ter of Charles R. and Dora A. (Hutchinson) Heath, was
born April 12, 1887. She married George Edward Watson,
and resides in San Francisco. Children :

i. HEATH, b. April 22, 1912; d. April 27, 1912.
ii. GERTRUDE, b. Dec. 5, 1913; d. Nov. 17, 1914.
iii. HELEN HEATH, b. July 25, 1915.

579. CONSTANCE ADELA HEATH" (John Reath, 5 Mary E.
Allen,* James Allen, 2 Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 ), daughter
of John and Blanche T. (Meeks) Heath, was born Jan. 27,
1890. She married George C. Gregory of Richmond, Va.
Children :

i. CONSTANCE, b. June 17, 1911.
ii. THOMAS WEST, b. June 4, 1914.


580. JOHN HEATH 6 (John Heath, 5 Mary E. Allen,*
James Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon 1 }, son of John and
Blanche T. (Meeks) Heath, was born April 11, 1892. in
Oakland, Cal. He was educated at Oakland High School,
Chateau de Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland, University of Vir-
ginia, 1909-10, Leland Stanford University, 1910-14, and
George Washington University, 1914-15, from which he re-
ceived the A. B. degree. He was a delegate from the
United States to the International Congress of Students,
Santiago, Chili, in August, 1914, and aide to the second
Pan-American Scientific Congress, in Washington, in Jan-
uary, 1916. Entering the United States diplomatic service
in February, 1916, Mr. Heath was second secretary of the
American Legation at Havana, Cuba, from April, 1916. to
April, 1917, and also acted as charge d'affaires ad interim.
In April, 1917, he resigned this position, and sought en-
listment in the aviation service, but his eyes were not equal
to the test. He was appointed inspector of airplanes and
airplane engines, signal service at large, and has been sta-
tioned in Buffalo and San Francisco.

He married April 5, 1916, Margaret Bruce Williams, of
Red Springs, N. C. Daughter:

i. MARGARET WILLIAMS, b. May 2, 1917.

581. ALLEN TABER WEEKS 6 (Alice 8. Taker* Emily H.
Allen* Frederick S. Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ), son
of Andrew G. and Alice S. (Taber) Weeks, was born Dec.
13, 1884. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology in 1908, and subsequently became connected
with the firm of W. A. Robinson & Co., dealers in sperm
oil, New Bedford. In 1918 he went to France to take a
civilian position with the aviation section in Paris. Mr.
Weeks married Eleanor Tenney, daughter of John and
Cornelia Angeline (Marvin) Tenney of Philadelphia.
There are no children.

582. ROSAMOND PIERCE WEEKS 6 (Alice S. Taber*
Emily H. Allen,* Frederick S. Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland,
Gideon 1 ), daughter of Andrew G. and Alice S. (Taber)
Weeks, was born Oct. 9, 1887. She married June 5, 1909,
Edgar Carter Rust, son of Nathaniel Johnson and Martha


Caroline (Carter) Rust, a banker of Boston. They reside
at Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Mass. Children:

i. ROSAMOND, b. March 25, 1910.
ii. KATHERINE, b. May 22, 1912.
iii. EDGAR CARTER, b. Oct. 19, 1913.

583. KENNETH WEEKS" (Alice S. Taber? Emily H.
Allen,* Frederick S. Allen, 3 Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon 1 ),
son of Andrew G. and Alice S. (Taber) Weeks, was born
Dec. 30, 1889, at Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Mass. He stud-
ied at Harvard, and with the class of 1912 at the Massachu-
setts Institute of Technology, intending to become an archi-
tect. But while still a boy he had shown a love of literature
that increased as he grew older, and took more and more
of his time from his architectural studies. When only sev-
enteen years old he wrote a curtain-raiser, "The Victory of
Sedan," which attracted favorable attention. In 1910 he
went to Paris to study at the Beaux-Arts, hoping that there
he could combine his literary and architectural work with-
out impairing either. It was not long, however, before he
relinquished architecture, and published his first book,
"Driftwood," followed by "Esau and the Beacon," "Five
Unpractical Plays," "Dramatic Inventions," and "Science,
Sentiments, and Senses." His works were warmly praised
by the London Athenaeum and the Edinburgh Review, and
the critics predicted for him a high place in literature.

At the outbreak of the war in 1914 Kenneth Weeks was
one of the first to enlist in the Foreign Legion of France.
Almost at once he was noted as a fearless fighter. He
passed the winter in the trenches at the front in the Rheims
sector, where the men experienced much suffering. On May
9, 1915, his regiment led in the attack and taking of La
Targette and Neuville-St. Vaast, the troops charging in the
face of a devastating fire. For distinguished services Mr.
Weeks was commended in the orders of the day. Soon after
he was accepted as a grenade-thrower, having volunteered
for that, the most dangerous service in the army. On June
17, 1915, near Givenchy, while the Foreign Legion was
leading another desperate attack against the Germans, Mr.
Weeks fell. When last seen he was running towards the
third line of the German trenches, his right arm extended,
and facing the enemy. Five months later his body was


recovered from between the lines, and buried in the military
cemetery at Pylones, near Mont St. Eloi.

A memorial volume, "Kenneth Weeks, A Soldier of the
Legion," was published by his mother in 1916, and from it
the foregoing facts have been taken. It includes a large
number of his letters written from the front, and numerous
tributes to his brilliant career and glorious heroism.

584. HELEN ALLEN BENEPE T (Hattie R. Allen, 6 James
M. Allen, 5 William H. Allen* William H. Allen, 3 Sarah 2
Rowland, Gideon 1 }, daughter of Dr. L. M. and Hattie R.
(Allen) Benepe, was born July 12, 1890. She married Dec.
14, 1912, Louis A. Vandershoot. Children :

i. JANE, b. Aug. 1914.
ii. ELIZABETH ANN, b. Jan. 1916.

585. LEILA MARGUERITE BENEPE T (Rattle R. Allen, 6
James M. Allen, 5 William H. Allen* William H. Allen, 3
Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon^), daughter of Dr. L. M. and
Hattie R. (Allen) Benepe, was born Aug. 9, 1891. She
married Nov. 13, 1915, David LeRoy Cummings. Son :

i. DANIEL LEWIS, b. Dec. 11, 1916.

586. ROBERT LINDLEY MURRAY T (Nella H. Gifford, 6
Elizabeth H. Wood, 5 Sarah A. Rowland* Judith Allen, 3
Sarah 2 Rowland, Gideon 1 }, son of Augustus T. and Nella
H. (Gifford) Murray, was born Nov. 3, 1892. He grad-
uated with Phi Beta Kappa honors from Leland Stanford,
Jr., University in 1913, with chemistry as his major sub-
ject, and was granted the advanced degree of engineer in
1914. He is manager of a munitions plant for the United
States government at Niagara Falls, N. Y.

During his college course Mr. Murray played on the
varsity tennis team for four years, being captain in his
senior year, and was also a member of the track team, and
held the Pacific Coast record for the half-mile. In 1914 he
came east to compete in the leading lawn tennis tourna-
ments, earning his laurels in a tour that was a veritable
triumph, and placing him fourth among the country's first
ten players in singles in the official ranking list for the sea-
son, compiled by the United States National Lawn Tennis


Association. He won the Metropolitan and New England
titles in singles, with the championship cups, and was like-
wise winner of the Sleepy Hollow Country Club invitation
singles, the Meadow Club invitation singles, and the Dela-
ware state championship singles. He also competed in the
national championship tournament at Newport, but was
defeated by Karl Behr. Tennis writers everywhere paid
tribute to the "brilliant young Calif ornian. " The Boston
Transcript's expert said of him: "He played the spec-
tacular smashing type of game with which McLoughlin
first electrified eastern galleries. His service was terrific,
he covered a prodigious amount of territory, often going
far out of court to return seemingly impossible drives, and
smashed with such force as to threaten the destruction of
bats and balls."

Being called to more serious duties Mr. Murray did not
compete in the tournaments of 1915. In February, 1916,
he added to his titles the national indoor singles champion-
ship, which he captured in the final match in New York,
defeating Alric H. Man, Jr., in straight sets. During the
year he also won the Crescent and Nassau tournaments,
and reached the semi-finals of the national. In August,
1917, he won the national patriotic singles tournament
played at Forest Hills, N. Y., thereby becoming the leading
figure in American lawn tennis for the year. At that time
the Boston Transcript said: "Murray is playing the finest
tennis he has achieved since coming- east from the Pacific
coast three years ago."

In September, 1918, playing in whirlwind form, Mr.
Murray won the national tennis championship in singles
at Forest Hills, N. Y., defeating William T. Tilden, Jr.,
6-3, 7-1, 7-5, before a gallery of nearly 3000 people. It
was an interesting feature of the tournament that one of his
matches was with his kinsman, Theodore Roosevelt Pell
(No. 671). Engaged in war work, and therefore reluctant
to take part in the championship competition, but urged to
do so in order to add to the fund for the benefit of national
training camp activities, Mr. Murray found more satisfac-
tion in knowing that the net proceeds for this purpose were
approximately $8000 than he did in winning the title.

Mr. Murray married May 9, 1916, Ramona McKendry of
Palo Alto, Cal. Son :

i. ROBERT LINDLEY, b. April 23, 1917.


587. FREDERIC SEYMOUR MURRAY* (Nella H. Giffordf
Elizabeth H. Wood, 5 Sarah A. Howland* Judith Allen, 3
Sarah 2 Howland, Gideon 1 }, son of Augustus T. and Nella
H. (Gifford) Murray, was born May 15, 1894. He grad-
uated from Stanford University in 1916 with graphic arts
as his major subject, and studied at the New York Art
League in 1916 and 1917. He was art editor of the college
comic paper and also of his class year book.

Mr. Murray was one of Stanford's most notable athletes,
winning his "S" in hurdles every year of his college course,
and was also a sprinter of ability. He was captain of the
track team. In the 1915 Pacific Coast Intercollegiate meet
he won the 100-yard dash in ten and two-fifths seconds, and
finished second in the 220-yard event; and he also won the
low hurdles. In the National A. A. U. championships held
at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915, Murray pressed
Fred Kelly (Olympic champion) so hard in the high hurdles
that, although the latter finished first, he was disqualified,
and the title went to Murray in fifteen seconds. In win-
ning the low hurdles the same afternoon Murray made the
astonishing world's record time of twenty-three and three-
fifths seconds, but the time was not accepted by the authori-
ties because of a strong wind. In the far western cham-
pionships Murray beat Kelly in the low event, in which he
finished in twenty-three and four-fifths seconds.

In May, 1916, in the national intercollegiate champion-
ships, held in the Harvard Stadium, Mr. Murray won the
120-yard high hurdles in record intercollegiate time, fifteen
seconds, and also the 220-yard low hurdles, in twenty-four
and one-fifth seconds.

Mr. Murray and his younger brother, Francis K., went to
France in September, 1917, as members of the Friends'
Reconstruction Unit of the Red Cross, and worked at Grung
in the Somme district until the German advance forced the
workers to retire. After further relief work he resigned
from the Red Cross in April, 1918, and enlisted in the
camouflage section of the American army.

588. FRANCIS KING MURRAY' (Nella H. Gifford, 6 Eliza-
beth H Wo'], 5 Sarah A. Howland,* Judith Allen, 3 Sarah 2
Rowland, Gideon 1 ), son of Augustus T. and Nella H (Gif-
ford) Murray, was born Sept. 18, 1895. He graduated from
Stanford University in 1917, with Phi Beta Kappa rank.


He was a member of the varsity Rugby team and also a
track man, and was prominent in college dramatics. Mr.
Murray went to France with his brother, Frederic S., and
like him resigned from the Red Cross to enlist in the camou-
flage section of the American Expeditionary Force.

589. MINERVA MURRAY* (Nella H. Gifford* Elizabeth H.
Wood, 6 Sarah A. Howland* Judith Allen, 3 Sarah 2 How-
land, Gideon 1 ), daughter of Augustus T. and Nella H.
(Gifford) Murray, was born Feb. 27, 1898. She attended
Stanford University, and was a member of the fencing
team. She married Dec. 20, 1917, Leland Rice Skelton, a
graduate of Stanford, 1917. As a member of a Stanford
ambulance unit he served six months in the Balkans. In
1918 he graduated from the third officers' training camp
at Camp Grant.


9. DESIRE 2 HOWLAND (Gideon 1 ) , sixth and youngest
daughter of Gideon and Sarah (Hieks) Rowland, was born
at Round Hills, Nov. 19, 1768, and died in New Bedford
June 28, 1850, in the eighth month of her eighty-second
year, surviving all of her immediate family save her brother
Gilbert. She never married. After the death of her par-
ents she lived for a time in the old homestead, as provided
in her father's will, but subsequently moved into New Bed-
ford to reside at the home of her sister, Mrs. Sylvia Grin-
nell. Her death took place in a house at the corner of
Spring and Eighth Streets, where she passed her last days.

Aunt Desire, as she is affectionately recalled by several
of the elder generation, is described as a little woman, of a
cheery and kindly disposition, and a favorite with all. A
grand-niece, who reluctantly gave up a cherished ambition
to attend dancing school, as contrary to the tenets of the
Friends, tells with pleasure that she was rewarded by the
Quaker Aunt Desire with the gift of some silver spoons and
a bank book opening an account of ten dollars, "for being a
good girl." In her will, executed three weeks before her
death, Miss Rowland remembered various relatives with
bequests of furniture, silver spoons and other personal be-
longings, and cash, and also set aside one hundred dollars
for the benefit of any relative in want. Her nephew,
Edward W. Rowland, was appointed executor. After a
lapse of more than sixty-eight years, several of her legatees
still survive.

Miss Rowland was a regular attendant at the Rowland
family gatherings held for a number of years at Round
Hills, where she and her venerable brother-in-law, Uncle
Grinnell (they pronounced it as if spelled "Grinnle"),
were conspicuous figures. On one of these occasions she was
invited by Edward W. Rowland to sign the family register,
in the following words: "Aunt Desire, I desire thee to
write thy name." "Oh, Edward, thou art always making


puns about my name," was the laughing rejoinder. At the
reunion of August, 1850, tributes were read to the memory
of Captain Grinnell and Miss Howland, whose deaths had
not long since taken place, less than three months apart.
One of the memorialists (whose names unfortunately have
not come down to us), wrote of Miss Howland as follows:

"Our beloved Aunt Desire Howland was the sixth daugh-
ter of her parents, and her nephews and nieces love to recall
to mind the days of their childhood when spending their
vacations at the Round Hills; how pleasantly she endured
their childish freaks and gently reproved the naughty and
refractory urchin ; being the only unmarried child and long
a resident here, her patience was well tested from the care
she extended from the oldest to the youngest of the grand-