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Part I

East Jersey Records,

Calendar of New Jersey Records,



1664 October 28 16th Charles 2d. Indian Deed. Mattano, Manamo-
waone and Cowescomen of Staten Island to John Bayly, Daniel Denton
and Luke Watson of Janiico, Long Island, husbandmen, for land, bounded
South by the Raritan River, East by the river dividing Staten Island from
the mainland, and running Northward up After Cull Bay to the first river
setting Westward. (In and about Elizabeth Town). Consideration 20
fathoms of cloth, 2 made cotes, 2 guns, 2 kettles, 10 bars of lead, 20 hand-
fuls of powder and 400 fathoms of white or 200 of black wampum, payable
one year after taking possession. The wampum is received August 8,
1665. Witnesses to deed William Pardon, Deputy Secretary, Warinuck
and Charles Horsley; to receipt of wampum Samuel Edsall and Jas.
Bollen.l 1

1665 Sept. 8. Deed. John Baylis of Jamica in Yorkshire, L. I., to
Philipp Carteret, (Jovernor of New Jersey, for the tract of land, commonly
called the Arthur Cull or Emboyle, purchased by grantor and others (see
the preceding) and confirmed to him by Govr. Richard Nicolls Dec. 1,
1664.2 2

1658 January 10. Indian Deed (copy of translation from the Dutch).
Therinques, Wappappen, Saghkow, Kagkennip, Bomokan, Memewockan,
Sames, Wewenatokvvee, to the Director General and Council of New Neth-
erland for land on the Westside of the North River from the great Clip
above Wiehacken to above the Island Sikakes, thence to the Kill van Col,
so along to Constable's Hoeck, thence again to the Clip above Wiehacken
(Bergen). 3

1666 Nov. 15. License to purchase Indian land on the East side
of Delaware River, called Qusecackhitkonck or Aertshouck, granted by
Governour Carteret to Pieter Alricks. 6

1666 Nov. 16. Permission of the Governour to Augustine Herman, to
settle upon and cultivate his land, called Kehachkanick Wackonaheck on
the South side of Raritan River. 6

1650 August 5. Copy and translation of Indian Deed. Govert Look-
ermans and skipper William Thomas declare, that they have bought for
Lubertus van Dinclagen from Remmatap, chief of the Indians, the lands,

1 Printed in full in Learning & Spicer, 6(59, in N. J. Archives. I.. 15. and in Hat-
field's Elizabeth, 30.

2 See Learning & Spicer, 671; N. J. Archives. L, 17.



1 \i _■!■

bays, creeks and rivers, called Kaonmoes, Manoppek, Kichhachweran,
Matheauwach, Thoppekonck, Thoppeekick, Zinckkarowes, Canneskonck,
Herrechmamick and Couweranis on the Southside in the Bay of the North
River. Consideration in goods 193 fl ($77.20). Van Dinclage appa-
rently acted as agent of Alexander and Henry van der Cappellen, on
whom he gives order for the sum mentioned and advanced by Govert
Loockermans, December 5, 1663. 6

1651 March 28. Copy and translation of Indian Deed. Mattano, his
brother Neckaoch and brother-in-law Encheim to Augustine Herrman for
land in the hay opposite States Isle, South of Raritan River, beginning at
the first creek, South of the Raritan, called Kehachkanick, thence N.
along the hay to the Raritan, along the same W. to the Great Creek or
Wakonabeck. 7

1657 Dec. 26. Do. do. do. Mattano and Appamankaogh," through
Claes Carstensen and Pieter Laurisen, as interpreters, to Augustine Herr-
man for land West of the mouth of Raritan River to a creek at the upper-
most end of the Great Marsh called Mankachkewachky, which runs X.
W. up in the country. 9

1666 June 4. License to purchase Indian land on Delaware River giv-
en to Isaac Finney alias la Pierre. 9

1667 March 26. Confirmatory Patent. Lords Proprietors of Nova Ces-
area or Mew Jersey, the Right HonMe John, Lord Berkeley and Sir George
Carterett, Knight and Baronet, to Lawrence Andriessen for land in the
tract, called Minkacque, under the jurisdiction of Bergen, N. E. of Lubert
Gilbertsen, S. W. of Derrick Straetmaker, along the Hudson River, 50
Dutch Morgen, formerly granted to Claes Carstensen Norman March 25,
1647, by him sold to Jan Vinge January 19, 16^5, with an addition, now
given, of iS morgen adjoining, so that the whole contains in length 224
rods, in breadth 1S4 rods, Dutch measure, or 170 acres English. Quitrent
one penny English for each acre, to begin March 25, 1670. Another ad-
dition is made May 25, 166S, by Ph. Carterett. 1 10

1667 October 30. Confirmatory Patent. Governour Ph. Carterett to
Nicolas Yerlett of the Town of Bergen and Nicolas Bayard of New York
for land on the Kill van Cole, called by the Indians Sickakus, purchased
from the natives January 30, 1658. Quitrent 10. II

16GS March 31. Do. Same to Claes Jansen van (from) Purmerrent for
land at Haassemus, jurisdiction of Bergen, on the West of the meadow on
Hudson R. 10 morgen 362 rods Dutch measure, also a piece of meadow
between Haassemus and Hoboken, 9 morgen; also a house lot N. E. of
Jacob StofTelsen and S. W. of Yde Cornelissen van Yoorst; item a lot for
a garden, altogether 45 acres English. 12

1 For details df these confirmatory patents for lands in the ancient town of
Beryen. see Winfleld'S Land Titles of Hudson County.


1668 March 3 c Do. Same to I

Online LibraryWilliam NelsonCalendar of records in the office of the secretary of state (Volume 2) → online text (page 1 of 86)