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of Townships."

The principal purchaser was Alexander Macomb, who subsequently acted a distinguished
part in the northern purchases. On May 3, 1792, Macomb conveyed to Col. Samuel Ogden,
in trust for himself, Gen. Henry Knox, Robert Morris, and Gouverneur Morris, for £3200,
the four townships of Hague, Cambray, Oswegatchie and DeKalb, with the stipulation
that Col. Ogden should convey to Gen. Knox 44,114 acres, to Robert Morris 60,641 acres,
and to Gouverneur Morris 60,641 acres of this tract. This left Col. Ogden 90,000 acres,
all of Oswegatchie and a part of DeKalb, Cambray and Madrid townships. Col. Ogden
sold DeKalb to Judge William Cooper, father of J. Fenimore Cooper, the author.

Nov. 24, 1807, Col. Samuel Ogden moved to quash indictment of Aaron Burr for murder
of General Hamilton. — Centiiiel of Freedom.

Col. Samuel Ogden'78 was a very prominent Churchman and was a delegate to all
the conventions from 1791 to 1809. He was married by the Rev. Samuel Seabury on Sunday
Feb. 5, 1775, to Euphemia Morris, sister of Gouverneur Morris and Lewis Morris, a signer
of the Declaration of Independence. A tablet inscribed to her memory is in Grace Church,
New York, Broadway and 10th street, which reads, "Euphemia Ogden Relict of Samuel
Ogden Esq. of Newark, N. J. Born Sept. 10, 1754, Died June 2, 1818." "Isabella W
Ogden, her daughter. Born Feb. 17, 17S7. Died 15th April 1820."

CHILDREN (Chart 4):

498. David B. Ogden, b. Oct. 31, 1775; d. July 16, 1849; m - No. 494. Margaretta

E. Ogden.

499. Gertrude G. Ogden, b. Jan. 9, 1777; d. Oct. 9, 1828; m. William Meredith

500. Sarah Morris Ogden, b. Feb. 14, 1779; d. unm. May 23, 1832.

She died on board ship Nashville on the passage from New Orleans to
New York City.

501. Catharine Morris Ogden, b. Sept. 7, 17S1; d. s. p. Feb. 1, 1863; m. James

Parker, b. Mar. 1, 1776, at Shirley, a farm in Bethlehem township, Hunterdon
Co., N.J., "where his father had taken his family for greater safety from
the troubles of the times. He graduated from Columbia College in 1793 at
the age of 17. Was a member of the Assembly with the exception of one
year, from 1806 to 1819. The records of the Assembly teem with the
manifestations of his untiring industry and of his unswerving fidelity to the
best interests of the people and the state. One whose attention has not been
called to the subject will be surprised to find with how many wise and useful
laws he enriched our statute books.

€^e €>8&eu family

"The Delaware and Raritan Canal was his project. He was one of the
Commissioners who fixed the boundary between New Jersey and New York.
His first wife, and the -mother of his children, was Penelope, dau. of Anthony
Butler, to whom he was m. in old St. Peter's Church, Phila., by Bishop White
in 1803. His oldest son, James, was an eminent lawyer and Judge in Ohio.
His 2d son, "William, was an eminent civil engineer. His youngest, the Hon.
Cortland Parker, of Newark, N. J.

"His 2d wife was a dau. of Samuel Ogden of Morristown, N. J., by whom
he had no children."

502. Euphemia Ogden, b. Mar. 19, 1782; d. .

503. Lewis Morris Ogden, b. Sept. 15, 1783; d. Nov. 20, 1S10.

504. Morris M. Ogden, b. ; d. .

505. Isabella W. Ogden, b. Feb. 17, 1787; d. Apr. 15, 1820.

506. Caroline Knox Ogden, b. Apr. 9, 1789; d. Jan. 8, 1790.

507. Caroline Knox Ogden, 20, b. Feb. 23, 1791; d. May n, 1844; m. Isaac A.


508. Gouverneur Morris Ogden, b. Apr. 17, 1792; d. Mar. 17, 1793.

509. Samuel Gouverneur Morris Ogden, b. Aug. 29, 1794; d. Feb. 17, 1797.

181. Nicholas Ogden (David 50 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. May 30,

1753; d. Newark, N.J. , Feb. 24, 1812; m. Hannah Cuyler, b. 1758;

d. Sept. 6, 1816, in 59th year; dau. of Henry Cuyler and Alida Schuyler,
his wife.

Nicholas Ogden'Si, with his father Judge Davidso, remained loyal to King George III.
during the Revolutionary War, and "Dickinson's Notes" state he went to Shelbourne, Nova
Scotia, in 1783, but returned after 1800. While in Nova Scotia he received grants of land
from the crown, as appear in the following record: "Register of Probate and Deeds Office,
R. G. Irwin Registrar. Shelbourne, N. S. — Grant of land to Nicholas Ogden from the crown
— King George the Third, April 1st 1784. — The land situated on Eastern side of Jordan
Bay about three miles below the mouth of the Jordan River — one parcel containing 200
acres.— Another 600 acres granted to Nicholas Ogden, Joshua Watson and Bartholemew
Sullivan as Tehnants in common. — Another grant to Nicholas Ogden of Town Lot in St.
John's Division. Letter I. No 9 — " All of which Nicholas and Hannah his wife sell to
Joshua Watson Oct. 1, 1785. "Registered Mar. 18, 1786 on the oath of Samuel Burling.
Together with all houses, out buildings, stables, yards, gardens, orchards, Lands, Tene-
mants meadows commons pastures trees woods pathways waters water-courses wind &
windmills (mill iron & iron work complete for a water mill) — Mill Dam Fishings privileges
&c. &c. which Nicholas Ogden also deeded to Joshua Watson. (Signed) Valentine Nutter,
Justice of the Peace. "

Nicholas OgdeniSi was vestryman of Christ Church, Parish St. Patrick and St. George,
Shelbourne, N.S., from 1789 to 1800. He was Barrack Master 1793-4, Overseer of River
Fishery and Justice of the Peace from 1784 to 1800. His house, framed from white oak
and brought from the U. S., is still standing in the centre of the town.

There is an inscription at Shelbourne that is connected with a pathetic story told by
the rector of Christ Church. The inscription runs thus : " Sacred / to the memory of /
Patrick Maxwell, Esq. / Ensign in His Majesty's 6th / or First Warwickshire Infantry /
son of William Maxwell , ' of Springkill Bar, N. B. / who was unfortunately / upset in a
sail boat /July 10th 1790 — & drowned /' aged 19 / deeply regretted by his parents & by
all / who knew him. " The rector explains that the young ensign lost his life in saving that

^>trt^ feneration

of Nicholas Ogden. Both were depending upon one oar that proved insufficient to keep
them afloat, and Mr. Ogden made some reference to his wife and children, when young
Maxwell immediately said there was no one depending upon him, and letting go the oar
was drowned. Two other members of the same regiment were also drowned.

Nicholas Ogden ■*■ returned from Nova Scotia about 1800 and was a resident of Newark,
N. J., at the time of his death. The Newark Centinel of Freedom of Feb. 25, i8i2,has: "Died,
yesterday a. m. Nicholas Ogden, Esq. of Newark, age 59." The same paper bearing date
Sept. 10, 1816, has : "Died, on the 6th, Hannah, wife of the late Nicholas Ogden, Esq.,
of Newark, in her 59th year. " The parents and their children are buried in a little cemetery
on Rector street, Newark, in the rear of Trinity Church Chapel.

His will was dated, New York, Dec. 13, 1799, and proved, Newark, June 10, 1812. In
it he speaks of himself as being of Shelbourne, N. S., and names wife Hannah, daughters
Alida and Gertrude, sons Henry and David. He gives them one equal sixth part when
they shall respectively attain to the age of 21 years. The executors were Thomas Barclay
of New York, Edward Brinley of Shelbourne, N. S., and nephews David A. and Thomas
L. Ogden, of New York City.

All that is known of his children is from Christ Church records, parish of St. Patrick
and St. George, Shelbourne, N. S., excepting the first three children, who were probably
born in Newark, N. J.

CHILDREN (Chart 1):

510. Alida Ogden, b. ; d. ■.

511. Henry N. Ogden, b. ; d. unm.

He was a friend of Kemble, Paulding and Irving, and one of the nine
worthies in "Salmagundi," nicknamed "The Supercargo."

512. David Nicholas Ogden, bap. May 26, 1788; d. before 1842.

He resided in Montreal, Canada, and in his will, dated Dec. 14, 1838, and
proved June 24, 1842, left property in trust for his sisters Alida and Gertrude
Skinner Ogden, both residing in New Jersey.

513. Gertrude Ogden, bap. Mar. 10, 1790; d. y.

514 Herman Gouverneur Ogden ("Harmond" in Reg.), bap. Dec. 6, 1792; d. Aug.
25, 1796.

515. Gertrude Skinner Ogden, bap. July 12, 1796; d. Nov. 19, 1880.

She was a remarkable personality, and bright and active when an old
lady. She always insisted she was a British subject. When Lafayette re-
visited this country in 1824, she was one of a group of young ladies presented
to him in New York. Assuming they were all daughters of patriots, he
asked concerning her father, when she spiritedly replied, "My father, sir,
was loyal to his king and country. " Upon this the Marquis complimented
her for having the courage to stand by the principles of her father. It was
she who had the gravestones of Capt. David Ogden? and Col. Josiah Ogden"°
imbedded in the floor of the porch of Trinity Episcopal Church, Newark,
N. J. Her gravestone is the only one of the family stones bearing dates.

516. Peter Ogden, b. ; d. .

517. David Ogden, b. ; d. .

186. James Banks, Jr. (Mary Ogden 52 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b.
Aug. 12, 1735; d. Dec. 28, 1775; m. Oct. 23, 1758, No. 123, Catharine
Johnson, b. Jan. 23, 1737; d. Nov. 2, 1782; dau. of Nathaniel Johnson
and No. 43, Sarah Ogden.

Ctye flDgDen family

CHILDREN (Chart to):

518. Jacob Jameson Banks, b. Feb. 18, 1760; d. .

519. Josiah Ogden Banks, b. Apr. 21, 1761; d. .

320. Abraham Isaac Banks, b. Sept. 22, 1762; d. Dec. 12, 1763.

521. Sarah Banks, b. May 21, 1764; d. .

522. Martha Banks, b. Aug. 9, 1766; d. .

191. Joseph Banks (Mary Ogden 52 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Feb. 15,
1746-7; d. May 23, 1821; m. Anna Williams.

CHILDREN (Chart 10):

523. Elizabeth Stone Banks, b. Sept. 24, 1792; d. .

524. Mary Ogden Banks, b. Nov. 20, 1794; d. Mar. 3, 1857; m. June 28, 1820, Stephen

Denton. They had 6 children.

525. Sarah Banks, b. June 29, 1798; d. .

193. Catharine Banks (Mary Ogden 52 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b.
Nov. 11, 1749; d. ; m. Josiah Beach.

CHILDREN (Chart 10):

526. Catharine Beach, b. ; d. .

527. Sarah Beach, b. ; d. .

328. Rhoda Beach, b. ; d. •; m. Thomas Mulford.

529. Josiah Beach, Jr., b. ; d. .

195. Catharine Ogden (Jacob 53 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Nov. 29,
1746; d. Feb. 22, 1828; m. Aug. 2, 1762, Philip Van Cortlandt, b. Nov. 10,
1739; d. May 1, 1814; son of Stephen Van Cortlandt and Mary Walton
Ricketts, his wife.

" Bolton's Hist, of Westchester Co., N. Y.," says: "The orthography of the surname
is properly Corte-landt ; the first syllable Corte or Korte, meaning in the Dutch language
'short,' the second landt, (land) literally the short land, a term expressing the peculiar
form of the ancient Duchy of Courland in Russia."

Philip Van Cortlandt was the eldest of three children, and a graduate of King's
College. He was a Tory during the Revolution and his estates were forfeited. "He is not
to be confounded with his uncle of similar name, the Patriot Colonel, who became the an-
cestor of the Van Cortlandts of Cortlandt Manor. He entered the British Army as Major
of the third Battalion, N. J. Loyal Volunteers. After the war his estates were confiscated
and he went to England. He d. May 1, 1814, and was buried at Harlsham, where a mural
monument is erected. His sons received commissions."

He is said to have had twenty-three children, of whom we have seventeen.
CHILDREN (Chart 17):

530. Mary Ricketts Van Cortlandt, b. 1763; d. ; m. John McNiel Anderson.

531. (Elizabeth Van Cortlandt, b. 1764; d. 1816; m. William Taylor.

532. (Catharine Van Cortlandt, b. twin, 1764; d. ; m. William Gourley.

533. (Philip Van Cortlandt, Jr., b. July 30, 1766; d. s. p.; m. Mary Addison.

534. (Stephen Van Cortlandt, b. twin, July 30, 1766; d. y.


^>trtlj feneration

535. Margaret Hughes Van Cortlandt, b. 1768; d. s. p. 1828; m. Capt. Ones-

pherus Elliott Owen.

He was Capt. of H. M. 57th Foot, of Binfield Park, Binfield, Berks, and
of Portland Place, London.

536. Sarah Ogden Van Cortlandt, b. Mar. 1771; d. Apr. 18, 1 77 1 .

537. Gertrude Van Cortlandt, b. 1772; d. ; m. Edward Buller.

538. Sarah Ogden Van Cortlandt, b. 1774; d. unm. 1859.

539. Richard Willing Van Cortlandt, b. 1775; d. 1777.

540. Jacob Ogden Van Cortlandt, b. 1777; d. 1S11; m. Ann Warrington.

541. Henry Clinton Van Cortlandt, b. 1780; d. unm. 1S64.

542. Charlotte Van Cortlandt, b. 1782; d. s. p. 1847; m - '841, General Sir

John Frazier.

543. Jane Van Cortlandt, b. 1783; d. same year.

544. William Van Cortlandt, b. 1785; d. same year.

545. Arthur Auchmuty Van Cortlandt, b. 1787; d. unm.

546. Sophia Sawyer Van Cortlandt, b. 1789; d. ; m. William H. Mulcaster

197. Elizabeth Ogden (Jacob", Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Mar. 25,

1750; d. ; m. Jamaica, L. I., Sept. 4, 1774, Peter McKie.

CHILDREN (Chart 17):

547. Jane McKie, b. ; d. ; m. William Ellery.

548. Elizabeth McKie, b. ; d. ; m. John Foley.

549. John McKie, b. ; d. .

202. Jacob Ogden, Jr. (Jacob 53 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Dec. 26,
1762; d. ; m. Oct. 13, 1789, Mary De Peyster, dau. of James De

Peyster and Sarah Reade, his wife.

CHILD (Chart 4):

550. James De Peyster Ogden, b. Aug. 26, 1790; d. Apr. 7, 1870; m. Lavinia


204. William Ogden (Jacob 53 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Mar. 21,

1766; d. ; m. , Susan Murray, dau. of John Murray and

Hannah Lindley, and sister of Beulah Murray, wife of No. 482, Martin
Hoffman ; also sister of Lindley Murray, the noted grammarian.
CHILDREN (Chart 4) :

551. Elizabeth Ogden, b. ; d. ; m. G. W. Giles, son of Aquilla Giles.

552. Murray Ogden, b. ; d. .

553. Harriet Ogden, b. ; d. Aug. 18, 1895; m. Rev. John Freeman Young,

Prot. Epis. Bishop of Florida, b. Oct. 30, 1825; d. Nov. 15, 1885.

554. Mary Murray Ogden, b. Sept. 29, 1792; d. July 20, 1881; m. No. 1370, Murray


555. Susan Lindley Ogden, b. Sept. 26, 1804; d. May 20, 1862; m. No. 1371,

Lindley Murray Hoffman.

%\)t £DgDeti family

205. Cornelia Ogden (Jacob 53 , Josiah 10 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Nov. 7,
1768; d. ; m. John Bainbridge.

CHILDREN (Chart 1):

556. Henry Bainbridge, b. ; d. .

557. Rosetta Bainbridge, b. ; d. .

558. Mary Bainbridge, b. ; d. .

230. Moses Ogden (Isaac 61 , John 11 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Feb. 5, 1762;
d. Feb. 17, 1825; m. Lydia Strowbridge, b. Dec. 15, 1773; d. .

Moses Ogden*3° removed from New Jersey to Ohio in 1805, and has numerous descend-
ants living in that state. Mrs. Kate Ogden Cooper, of Urbana, O., kindly sent all the data
we have of the family. She was dau. of Charles H.568 and gr. dau. of Moses 2 3°.

The will of Moses Ogden*3° was dated Feb. 8, 1821, proved Mar. 16, 1821, and recorded
in Franklin Co., O. He then lived in Jefferson township, that county. A latter clause of
his will states: "If, contrary to my expectations, any dispute should arise it is my will
and desire that it may be settled in the same manner as General George Washington, former
President of the United States, directed that similar disputes among his heirs & legatees
should be settled."

CHILDREN (Chart 1):

559. Lewis Ogden, b. July 9, 1792; d. .

560. Elias Ogden, b. Sept. 8, 1794; d. .

561. Clarinda Ogden, b. Jan. 19, 1797; d. Oct. 7, 1797.

562. Elizabeth Ogden, b. July 19, 1799; d. Mar. 13, 1843; m - Smith.

563. Abigail Ogden, b. Mar. 28, 1802; d. ; m. Eager.

564. Jane Ogden, b. Apr. 28, 1S05; d. June 27, 1881.

565. Sarah Ogden, b. Oct. 28, 1807; d. .

566. Isaac Ogden, b. Dec. 31, 1809; d. Feb. 5, 1810.

567. Catharine Ogden, b. Apr. 28, 1810; d. Feb. 1814.

568. Charles H. Ogden, b. Apr. 14, 1813; d. ; m. .

Child: Kate Ogdens68» ; m . Cooper. Res. Urbana, O.

569. George W. Ogden, b. Apr. 4, 1816; d. .

570. Amanda Ogden, b. July 17, 1819; d. Aug. 26, 1820.

232. John Ogden (David 62 , Thomas 12 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. 1740; d.
Aug. 7, 1810; m. Aug. 26, 1762, Phebe Howard, b. 1746; d. June 2, 1817;
dau. of Daniel Howard and Rachel Latimer, his wife.

John Ogden 2 32 wa s born in Hanover township, near Morristown, N. J., and was bap. at
latter place Sept. 16, 1743- He settled at Morristown and died there of paralysis. He was
in the militia service in the Revolutionary War as a private for three terms. His son Daniels7"
served in his stead for two terms, while his father was at home providing for his family,
and baking bread from the flour provided for the patriot troops, which he carried to the
army at Morristown. Tradition says that John Ogden 2 32 was an uncommonly active
patriot, acted as a scout, and required his Tory neighbors to pay a just, if unwilling, tribute
to the cause.

Phebe (Howard) Ogden was one of nine children of Daniel Howard and Rachel Latimer,
was b. at Morris Plains, N. J., and bap. at Morristown Apr. 17, 1748, where she d. of fever.

^tjrtl) feneration

aged 71 yrs. Her father, Daniel Howard, m. Morristown, N. J., Aug. 8, 1745, Rachel Latimer,
and settled about one mile up the stream from Speedwell, near the iron works, at "What-
nong, " now in the district of Morris Plains, in Hanover township, and where he d, June 16,
1777, aged 53, and his wife Rachel July 18, 1808, aged 81.

All of John and Phebe (Howard) Ogden's children were born at Morristown, N. J.
CHILDREN (Chart 4):

571. Daniel Ogden, b. Sept. 12, 1763; d. Feb. 18, 1835; m. Phebe Lindsley.

572. Anna Ogden, b. Feb. 14, 1765; d. July 3, 1821; m. Bethuel Pierson.

573. (Rachel Ogden, b. Jan. 4, 1767; d. Apr. 17, 1798; m. Zenas Lindsley.

574. IAbraham Ogden, b. twin, Jan. 4, 1767; d. Sept. 27, 1770.

575. Abraham Ogden, 2D, b. Nov. 24, 1771; d. Aug. 10, 1825; m. Abigail Weed.

576. Isaac Ogden, b. Dec. 16, 1773; d. Dec. 25, 1850; 1st m. Betsy Raymond; 2d m.

Lucy Marsh.

577. Eunice Ogden, b. Oct. 12, 1775; d. Oct. 28, 1854; m. Recompense Stansbury.

578. Jacob Ogden, b. May 25, 1780; d. .

579. Eliza Ogden, b. May 22, 1782; d. Oct. 4, 1837; m. William Campfield.
5S0. William Ogden, b. Apr. 26, 1786; d. Apr. — 1850; m. Ann Gregory.

233. David Ogden, Jr. (David 52 , Thomas 12 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. 1742;
d. 1790; m. Oct. — 1764, Mary Wilkinson, b. Mar. 7, 1747; d. May 4,
181 1 ; dau. of Wilkinson and Bloomfield, his wife.

David Ogden, Jr. j 33, was b. in Hanover, N. J., and bap. at Morristown, Sept. 16, 1745.
In "Jerseymen in the Revolution," he is given as an express rider. He was intrusted by
Gen. Washington with important missions connected with the army, when encamped near
Morristown. On one occasion he was ambushed by the English, and escaped by throwing
himself on the side of his horse and galloping through their midst. Gen. Washington was
a frequent caller at the Ogden homestead.

Mary (Wilkinson) Ogden joined the church at Morristown, N.J., under the half-way
covenant, Mar. 15, 1767. She d. in New York city.

CHILDREN (Chart 4):

581. Esther Ogden, b. Feb. 4, 1766; d. Aug. 19, 1843; m. Abraham Bell.

582. Sarah Ogden, b. Apr. 23, 1768; d. May — 1841; m. David Coit.

583. Huldah Tapping Ogden, b. Aug. 22, 1771; d. Nov. 8, 1845; m - Joseph L.


584. David Ogden, b. Nov. 3, 1778. Removed to west.

585. John Ogden, b. Oct. 31, 1781; d. July n, 1873; m. Maria Wiest.

586. Phebe Ogden, b. Apr. 7, 1787; d. unm.

587. George Ogden, b. Jan. 18, 1789; d. 1862; m. Jane Charlotte (Owen)


234. Mary Ogden (David 62 , Thomas' 2 , David 3 , John'), b. 1743; d.
Aug. 2i, 1814; m. Jan. 14, 1759, Lieut. Alexander Carmichael, b.
Sept. 12, 1734; d. Jan. 25, 1808.

Mary Ogden'34, was b. in Hanover, N. J., and bap. at Morristown, N. J., Sept. 16, 1745.
She m. her husband at Morristown where they settled and died, she aged 71 yrs. and he 74
yrs. They became members of the church there Feb. 8, 1761, under the half-way covenant,

€^e £>gDen family

Alexander Carmichael was b. in Scotland. He was a lieutenant of light dragoons
in Morris Co., July, 1776, during the war of the Revolution, and was Judge in Morristown,
1786, where he died.

CHILDREN (Chart 18) :

588. John Carmichael, bap. Feb. 8, 1761; d. .

589. Elizabeth Carmichael, bap. Nov. 28, 1762; d. Oct. 25, 1828; 1st m. James

Pitney; 2d m. Stephen Halsey.

590. David Carmichael, b. Dec. 31, 1764; d. Aug. 19, 1810; m. Jane Silcoat.

591. f Huldah Carmichael, bap. May 15, 1768; d. — — ; m. May 12, 1798, John Bryan.
•j (No record of children.)

592. [ Carmichael, b. twin, May 15, 1768; d. June 21, 1770.

593. Ann Carmichael, b. Jan. 27, 1772; d. .

594. Keturah Carmichael, b. Mar. 28, 1774; d. ; m. John Bryan, wid. husb.

of her sister No. 591, Huldah.

John Bryan was a furrier of Albany, N. Y.

595. Richard Montgomery Carmichael. b. June 22, 1776; d. July 27, 1800.

596. Charles Carmichael, b. Feb. 27, 1779; d. Aug. 4, 1824; m. Temperance Blach-


597. Mary Carmichael, b. Dec. 30, 1780; d. May 8, 1850; m. John Keys.

598. Sophia Carmichael, b. May 6, 1784; d. Sept. 30, 1828; m. Thomas B. Van Horn.

235. Abigail Ogden (David 62 , Thomas 12 , David 3 , John 1 ), bap. Morris-
town, N. J., Sept. 16, 1745; d. ; 1st m. Thomas Stiles, b. Morris-
town, N. J., circa 1732 ; d. circa 1802 ; son of Jonathan Stiles and Elizabeth
Taylor, his wife; 2d m. Enoch Goble.

Abigail Ogden 2 35 was dau. of David Ogden 62 of Snarling Street, a locality about two
and a half miles east of Morristown, N. J.; she d. soon after her second marriage, from
which there was no issue. Enoch Goble, her second husband, shortly married Mary Cooper,
who doubtless proved an excellent step-mother to Abigail (Ogden) Stiles' children, for
after the latter reached majority and were married, two of them, John and James, each
named a child for her.

Thomas Stiles, first husb. of Abigail Ogden^s, was son of Jonathan Stiles, of Morris-
town, N. J., called "Long Jonathan" on account of his great size. He came to Morris Co.,
N. J., about 1726, from Stratford, Conn., where he was born, and where his ancestors had long
lived. He is said to be the ancestor of all the Stiles Family in that part of the state. David
Stiles, son of Thomas Stiles, was made administrator of his father's estate in Apr. 1803.
The following eight children of Thomas and Abigail are not known to be named in the regular
order of their birth.

CHILDREN (Chart 18) :

599. David Stiles, b. circa 1760; d. Dec. 1839; m. Elizabeth Kitchell.

600. Elizabeth Stiles, b. June, 1761; d. 1841; m. Abraham Losey.

(They had children, no record.)

601. James Stiles, b. Apr. 28, 1764; d. Nov. 5, 1841; m. Phebe Aber.

602. Jacob Stiles, b. 1764; d. Bridport, Vt., Aug. 28, 1847; m. Polly Johnson,

d. s. p. Aug. 27, 1847; both buried in same grave at Bridport, Vt.

603. John Stiles, b. Nov. 4, 1766; d. May 6, 1815; m. Nancy Lindsley.

604. Mary Stiles, b. ; d. 1830; m. Moses Hurd.

605. Sally Stiles, b. ; d. 1847; m. Jonathan Ball.

606. Rhoda Stiles, b. ; d. 1828; m. Ezekiel Munson.

^tjtrtl) defeneration

236. Stephen Ogden (David 62 , Thomas", David 3 , John 1 ), b. Hanover,

N. J., circa 1750; d. Jan. 21, 1S08; m. Charity Fairchild, b. 1759;

d. Dec. 10, 1805.

Stephen Ogden^c wa s bap. Morristown, N. J., Dec. 2, 1750. He was a farmer by
occupation, and lived on the old homestead of his father at Hanover, N. J., where both he and
his wife d. of consumption, he aged 58 years, and she at the age of 46. He was a soldier
in the Continental Army, belonging to the " Eastern Battalion, Morris Co., " and was wounded
at Second River Sept. 13, 1777.

CHILDREN (Chart 4) :

607. Charles Ogden, b. 1778; d. Feb. 17, 1808; m. Sarah Lindsley.

608. Ephraim F. Ogden, b. ; d. June 3, 1862, single.

He was a farmer, and settled in White Oak Springs, Lafayette Co., Wis.,
where he died. In his will dated Apr. 20, 1862, he first makes provision for
suitable burial by his Masonic brethren; he bequeaths one half of his estate.
real and personal, to Robert G. Wand of Wisconsin, and one half to his
nephew Agur L. Ogden" 6 »3, of New Vernon, Morris Co., N.J.

609. Jacob Ogden, b. 1786; d. May 4, 1805.

237. Sarah Ogden (David 62 , Thomas 12 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. Hanover,
N. J., bap. Morristown, N. J., Feb. 25, 1753; d. Panton, Vt., Nov. 27, 1815;
m. i774(?) Jacob Tappan, b. Nov. 16, 1753; d. Aug. 3, 181 1; son of Abra-
ham Tappan and Sarah Renolds, his wife.

Jacob Tappan lived in Hanover, N.J., and afterward removed near the iron works on
the Rockaway River, between Dover and Boonton. After the death of her husband, Sarah
(Ogden) Tappan»37 removed to Vermont with her oldest son Silas, and died at his house in
Panton, on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. She was buried in the family plot over-
looking the lake.

CHILDREN (Chart 24) :

610. Isabella Tappan, b. Sept. 14, 1775; d. Nov. 29, 1824; m. Isaac Wilkinson.

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