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May 18, 1743; d. Oct. 10, 1818; m. Elizabeth Morehouse, b. Dec. 18,
1749; d. May S, 1812.

CHILDREN (Chart 8):

1066. Isaac Ogden, b. Dec. 13, 1767; d. Aug. 13, 1835; m. Rachel Kester.

1067. Benjamin Ogden, b. Aug. 31, 1769; d. May 19, 1S44; m - No. 798, Charity

Ogden. (See No. 798.)

1068. Mary Ann Ogden, b. Oct. 22, 1773; d. Dec. 11, 1S32; 1st m. John Jackson

Edwards; 2d m. Benjamin Brown.

1069. Enoch Ogden, b. 1776; d. Apr. 19, 1S14; m. Louisa .

1070. Abigail Ogden, b. 1779; d. Sept. 5, 1855; m. William Melvin.

1071. George Ogden, b. 17S0; d. 1859; m. Elizabeth , b. June 4, 1790; d.

July 4, 1817.

(No record of children found.)

1072. Elizabeth Ogden, b. 1781; d. May 17, 1812.

375. John Ogden, 3D (John 105 , John", Benjamin 6 , John 1 ), b. Mar. 20,
1750; d. Feb. 4, 1814; m. Oct. 21, 1773, Deborah Burrows, bap. Jan. 19,
1752; d. Oct. 6, 1803; dau. of Stephen Burrows and Hannah Waters,
his wife.

John Ogden, 3D375 was a farmer and resided at Rahway, N. J.
CHILDREN (Chart 8):

1073. (Abigail Ogden, bap. St. John's P. E. Church, Elizabethtown, N. J., Nov. 21, 1774.

1074. (Hannah Ogden, twin, bap. St. John's, Nov. 21, 1774.

1075. Elizabeth Ogden, b. Nov. 22, 1777; d. .

1076. Stephen Ogden, b. Feb. 25, 1779; d. Dec. 29, 1S21; 1st m. Elizabeth (Cod-

dington) Oliver; 2d m. Hannah Fowler.

376. Sarah Ogden (John 105 , John", Benjamin 6 , John 1 ), b. Mar. 29,
1752; d. May 11, 1827; m. Sept. 22, 1771, Job Smith, b. 1745; d. Aug. 6,

Job Smith was a soldier of the Revolution. He was captured by the British and con-
fined in the old sugar- house prison in New York, from which he was released by the influence
of friends, only to return home and die of disease contracted during his imprisonment.
CHILDREN (Chart 22):

1077. John Job Smith, b. Oct. 27, 1772; d. July 9, 1814; m. Phebe Jewell.

1078. Mary Mitchell Smith, b. 1774; d. Jan. 24, 1779.

377. Jacob Ogden (John 105 , John", Benjamin 6 , John 1 ), b. July 27,
1754; d. Sept. 26, 1826; m. Mar. 3, 1781, Rachel Sandford, b. Oct. 22,
1744; d. Jan. 2, 1818.

Jacob Ogden377 was a farmer and resided at Barbadoes Neck, a locality near Bellville,
N. J., when the latter was called Second River. He was a prominent member of Trinity

€^c £>gDctt family

Church, and business meetings were sometimes held at his home. Both he and wife are
buried at Bellville.

CHILDREN (Chart 8):

1079. John Ogden, b. Jan. 13, 1782; d. Mar. 18, 1788.

1080. William Ogden, b. Apr. 30, 1787; d. Sept. 9, 1821; m. No. 1081, Mary


379. Mary Ogden (John 105 , John", Benjamin 6 , John 1 ), b. Mar. 16,
1760; d. ; m. Richard Townley.

CHILD (Chart 8):

1081. Mary Townley, b. Dec, 1790; d. Aug. 25, 1865; 1st m. No. 1080, William

Ogden; 2d m. Isaac Porter. {See No. 1080.")

381. Andrew Ogden (John 105 , John", Benjamin 6 , John 1 ), b. Oct. 10,
1767 ; d. Oct. 10, 1836; m. Dec. 9, 1788, Phebe Collard, b. Aug. 27, 1764;
d. Oct. 28, 1847; dau. of Isaac Collard and Anne Spinning, his wife.

Andrew Ogden38i wa s a native of Elizabethtown, N.J., and always resided there.

The Collard family were of French Huguenot descent, having fled from France to St.
Christopher and thence came to New York. Isaac Collard, the father of Phebe {Collard)
Ogden, settled in Elizabethtown, and in 1759 m. Anne Spinning, a descendant of Hum-
phrey Spinning, one of the Elizabethtown Associates.
CHILDREN (Chart 8):

1082. Abigail Ogden, b. Sept. 7, 1789; d. Dec. 22, 1876; m. William Rankin.

1083. Isaac Ogden, b. Nov. 8, 1793; d. July n, 1813.

1084. John Ogden, b. Feb. 29, 1796; d. June 23, 1851; m. Susan M. Ross.

1085. Ann Jones Ogden, bap. Feb. 17, 1798; d. ; m. Sept. 7, 1825, Abraham

Van Vleck.

382. Nathaniel Ogden, Jr. (Nathaniel 106 , John 22 , Benjamin 6 , John 1 ),
b. Dec. 15, 1756; d. circa 1799; m. Martha Anderson, b. circa 1759;
d. ; dau. of John Anderson and Martha Graus, his wife.

Nathaniel Ogden, Jr. 38?, was born and lived in New York City. He was a mason by
trade, and owned property in Gold street and in Cedar street. He was an Episcopalian,
and is said to have acted at one time as Chaplain in the Continental army.

His wid. Martha {Anderson) Ogden afterward married a man named Birdsell.
CHILDREN (Chart S) :

1086. Hannah Ann Ogden, b. ; d. ; m. Paul Johnson.

1087. George Ogden, b. 1794; d. Jan. 29, 1859; m. Elizabeth Snowden.

383. Sarah Ogden (Nathaniel 106 , John 22 , Benjamin 6 , John 1 ), b. June 5,
1759; d. June 3, 1824; m. Capt. Abijah Harrison, b. Feb. 14, 1751; d.
Feb. 26, 1846; son of Matthew Harrison and Martha Dodd, his wife.

Both are buried at Orange, N. J.


^>frtty feneration

CHILDREN (Chart 24):
108S. Matthew Harrison, b. 1777; d. 1869.

1089. Moses Harrison, b. 1779; d. 1807.

1090. Phebe Harrison, b. 1782; d. 1868.

1091. Polly Harrison, b. 1785; d. 1868; m. Isaac Munn.

1092. Rebecca Harrison, b. 1787; d. ; m. Abraham Randall.

1093. Isaac A. Harrison, b. 1790; d. 1866; m. Joanna Ward, b. 1792; d. 18S2.

1094. Abijah Harrison, Jr., b. 1792; d. 1S74.

1095. Jeptha Harrison, b. 1796; d. ; m. Ann Thompson, b. 1S05; d. 1S84.

1096. David Ogden Harrison, b. 1798; d. Dec. 10, 1838; m. Eliza , b.

1S04; d. Jan. 7, 1829.



397. Charlotte Thebaut Ogden (Lewis 132 , Uzal 45 , David 9 , David 3 ,
John 1 ), b. Jan. 4, 1772; d. Sept. 25, 1854; m. May 3, 1797, Charles
Dominique Gobert, b. Dec. 4, 1767; d. Mar. 8,1830; son of Charles
Didier Gobert and Marie Risa, his wife.

They were married in Trinity Church, Newark, N. J., by Rev. Dr. Uzal Ogden. Mr.
Gobert was from the Parish of "St. Nicholas in the Fields," near Versailles, France. He
died at St. Augustine, Fla., and his wife at Trenton, N.J.
CHILDREN (Chart 23):

1097. Henry Gobert, b. 1798; d. infant.

1098. Lewis Ogden Gobert, bap. June 18, 1804; d. .

1099. Margaret Corinne Chlothilde Gobert, b. Jan. 5, 1811; d. July 3, 1875; m.

Philemon Dickinson.

1 100. Caroline Kemble Gobert, b. Dec. 9, 1812; d. Mar. 2, 1898; m. James Cort-

landt Parker.

398. Isaac Gouverneur Ogden (Lewis 132 , Uzal 45 , David 9 , David 3 ,
John 1 ), b. Feb. 10, 1778; d. July 3, 1853; 1st m. Sept. 20, 1803, Sarah
Robinson Dayton, b. Jan. 9, 1781 ; d. Apr. 9, 1820; dau. of General Elias

Dayton and Hannah , his wife; 2d m. Nov. 19, 1820, Margaret

W. Dayton, b. Mar. 31, 1795; d. Oct. 8, 1840; dau. of John and Susan
Dayton; 3dm. Dec. 8, 1841, Matilda M. Bibby, b. Sept. 18, 1793; d. July
18, 1872; dau. of Thomas and Rebecca Bibby.

CHILDREN — First Marriage (Chart 2) :
noi. Elias Dayton Ogden, b. Sept. 27, 1804; d. Feb. 5, 1879; m. No. 1125, Matilda
Maria Hammeken.

1 102. Nicholas Gouverneur Ogden, b. May 24, 1806; d. Aug. n, 1857; m. Caroline


1 103. Charlotte Ogden, b. Aug. 16, 1807; d. Oct. 12, 1807.

1104. Mary Williamson Ogden, b. Oct. 31, 1808; d. July 9, 1882.

1 105. Lewis Ogden, b. Sept. 13, 1810; d. at sea Oct. 13, 1842.

1106. James Carra Williamson Ogden, b. Nov. 7, 1812; d. Feb. 21, 1864; m.

Caroline Althea Langworthy.

1107. Peter Kemble Ogden, b. Sept. 12, 1814; d. July 14, 1851; m. Magdalen

Van Norden.

1108. Isaac Gouverneur Ogden, Jr., b. Dec. 30, 1816; d. 1884; m. Elizabeth

Catharine Williamson.

1109. Sarah Margaret Ogden, b. Mar. 6, 1820; d. Jan. 5, 1837.

CHILDREN— Second Marriage (Chart 2):
mo. Francis John Ogden, b. Aug. 25, 1821; d. Jan. 6, 1882; m. Anna Fitz Randolph


$s>ctocntl) feneration

i hi. Charlotte Eliza Ogden, b. Feb. 11, 1823; d. July 24, 1S42.

1 1 12. Charles William Ogden, b. Dec. 30, 1824; d. Mar. 21, 1896; m. Mary

Armitage Bacon.

1 1 13. George Samuel Ogden, b. Oct. 14, 1826; d. 1856.

1 1 14. Susan Jane Ogden, b. Sept. 15, 1828; d. .

1 1 15. Maria Monroe Ogden, b. Dec. 19, 1830; d. Jan. 16, 1S31.

1116. James Monroe Ogden, b. Dec. 11, 1S31; d. June 29, 1896; 1st m. Augusta

Lamar; 2d m. Caro Clark Eastman.

1 117. Margaret Gouverneur Ogden, b. Jan. 8, 1834; m. No. 1129, Frederick

A. Southmayd.

1 1 18. Frances Ann Ogden, b. Jan. 14, 1836; d. Mar. 2, 1S47.

399. Elizabeth Ogden (Lewis 132 , Uzal 4S , David 9 , David 3 , John'), b.
1781; d. ; m. June 10, 1805, George Hammeken.

CHILDREN (Chart 23):

1 1 19. George L. Hammeken, b. ; d. ; m. Mexia.

1 120. Edward F. Hammeken, b. ; d. ; m. Annie Wheeler.

1121. Louisa Hammeken, b. ; d. ; m. No. 1142, Samuel G. Ogden, Jr.

(See No. 1142.)

1122. Eliza Hammeken, b. 1812; d. ; m. circa 1830, John W. Kearney, b. Nov.

11, 1777 ; d. Dec. 27, 1852 ; son of Philip Kearney and Susan Watts, his wife.

1 123. Margaretta Hammeken, b. ; d. .

1124. Caroline Hammeken, b. ; d. ; m. Charles M. Hill.

1125. Matilda Maria Hammeken, b. June 25, 1816; d. Aug. 24, 1889; m. No. hoi,

Elias Dayton Ogden. (See No. 1101.)

1 1 26. Henrietta Hammeken, b. ; d. ; m. Louis C. Heyl.

1 127. Nicholas Gouverneur Hammeken, b. ; d. ; m. .

400. Mary Ogden (Lewis 132 , Uzal 45 , David 9 , David 3 , John 1 ), b. 1786;
d. Aug. 18, 1854; m. Oct. 1816, Samuel Dwight Southmayd, b. Jan. 7,
1781 ; d. Oct. 2, 185 1 ; son of Partridge Samuel Southmayd and Mehitable
Dwight, his wife.

Samuel D. Southmayd was a merchant in New York City.
CHILDREN (Chart 23):

1128. Julia C. Southmayd, b. 1817; d. .

1129. Frederick A. Southmayd, b. i8i9;d. Apr. 30, 1898; m. No. 1117, Margaret

Gouverneur Ogden. (See No. 1 1 17.)

1 130. Lewis Ogden Southmayd, b. 1821; m. Emily G. Tillotson.

1131. Charles F. Southmayd, b. ; d. .

1132. Margaret Gouverneur Southmayd, b. ; d. .

1133. Emily F. Southmayd, b. ; d. .

403. Margaret Johnston (Elizabeth Ogden 135 , Uzal 45 , David 9 , David 3 ,
John 1 ), b. Feb. 22, 1782; d. Apr. 21, 1848; m. Oct. 14, 1800, Elias Van
Arsdale, SR.,b. Dec. 13, 1770; d. Mar. 19, 1846; son of Jacob Van Arsdale,
and Sutphen, his wife, of Freehold, N. J.

%\)t €)gDcu tfamilv

CHILDREN (Chart 17):

1 134. Elias Van Arsdale, Jr., b. Aug. 23, 1801; d. Jan. 27, 1S54.

1135. William Van Arsdale, b. Sept. 30, 1802; d. May 22, 1885.

1136. Robert Van Arsdale, b. Oct. 25, 1807; d. Dec. 25, 1873.

1137. Jacob Van Arsdale, b. Sept. 3, 1815; d. Mar. 23, 1864.

1138. Henry Van Arsdale, M.D., b. Sept. 6, 1819; d. Jan. 25, 1864; m. Dec. 11,

1849, Hester Anne Wetmore, b. Oct. 5, 1826; d. Mar. 20, 1895; dau. of
Charles Jeremiah and Augusta Wetmore.

Dr. Henry Van Arsdale " 38 was a leading physician of Newark, N.J.
They had 2 children.

404. Charlotte Johnston (Elizabeth Ogden 135 , Uzal 4S , David 9 , David 3 ,
John 1 ), b. ; d. ; m. George W. Niven, of New York.

CHILDREN (Chart 17):

1 139. Robert Johnston Niven, b. ; d. .

1 140. Eliza Niven, b. ; d. ; m. William Hageman.

They had a dau. Eliza Hageman'" ' who m. Hon. Chauncey M.
Depew, of New York.

406. Samuel Gouverneur Ogden (Uzal 138 , Uzal 45 , David 9 , David 3 ,
John 1 ), b. Oct. 17, 1779; d. Apr. 5, i860; 1st m. June 16, 1803, by Rev.
Uzal Ogden, D.D., Eliza Lewis, b. 1785; d. 1836; dau. of Francis Lewis;
2d m. Sept. 2i, 1837, by Rev. Dr. Berrian, Trinity Ch., New York City,
Julia Fairlie, b. 1808; d. Aug. 27, 1862; dau. of Major James Fairlie.

"The Old Merchants of New York City" chronicles the following data: "There are
many honored mercantile names among the citizens of different periods, but none stand
higher than that of 'Ogden.' Of these Samuel Gouverneur Ogden stood among those in
the front rank. He was one of the New Jersey Ogdens, whose father was a clergyman, of

"He served the usual apprenticeship, or clerkship, in order to thoroughly understand
the mercantile business, with the then (1795) great commercial firm of Gouverneur &
Kemble, No. 94 Front street. Five years later, in 1800, Samuel G. Ogden went into business
on his own account at 1 1 9 Pearl street. For some years he did an extensive shipping business,
and owned several vessels, viz. the ' Empire, ' the ' Indostan, ' the ' Diana, ' and the ' Leander.'

"About this time he married Miss Lewis, a daughter of Francis Lewis, and grand-
• daughter of the celebrated Francis Lewis, the worthy old merchant who signed the Declara-
tion of Independence."

Mr. Ogden's vessels were armed with 15 guns each, as was the custom for protection
from pirates. When his oldest son Samuel was born, the event was heralded by a salute of
60 guns from his merchant ships.

In 1806, General Miranda, a native of Caracas, S. A., having been many years in the
service of Spain, conceived the idea of freeing his native country from the Spanish yoke,
and after visiting Europe, came to the United States to enlist the sympathies of this govern-
ment. He proceeded to Washington, but not gaining more than the sympathy of Pres.
Jefferson and Mr. Madison, Sec'y of State, Gen. Miranda went to New York and succeeded
in securing the help of Samuel Gouverneur Ogden, and his friend and associate. Col.


^>cticntl) cscncratfon

W. G. Smith, son-in-law of the elder John Adams. Mr. Ogden immediately fitted up the
"Leander" with 18 guns and all other necessary military equipments at his own expense,
and dispatched her in company with the "Bee" and "Bacchus," with an entire force of
about 200 men. It is said that Col. Smith confided the secrecies of the expedition to Aaron
Burr, who at once informed the Spanish minister at Washington. Fast sailing vessels were
at once dispatched to Caracas, and the Spanish government readily ended the expedition
in complete failure. Some of the men were imprisoned, others hung, and Gen. Miranda was
himself captured and died in prison at Cadiz. Mr. Ogden suffered a financial loss of about
$200,000, but rejoiced that he had struck the first blow for the freedom of South America.
Bolivar, "the Deliverer," acknowledged this, and expressed a readiness to compensate Mr.
Ogden for his heavy losses. Messrs. Ogden and Smith were both prosecuted by the Govern-
ment for having fitted out an expedition against a power in amity with the United States.
The trial in New York City was a highly interesting one. Thomas Addis Emmet, Cadwal-
lader D. Colden, Joseph Ogden Hoffman, and Richard Harrison, were their counsel. The
defendants were honorably acquitted.

Mr. Ogden continued in business in New York with unimpaired credit. He lived at
No. 9 Hudson street until 1S15, when he went to France and established himself in com-
mercial business at Bordeaux, doing a large business, and forming many valuable commercial
connections. In 1825 he returned to New York, and became agent for several large business
houses in France. His residence was at 41 Warren street, where he entertained in magnifi-
cent style. He died at his country home in Astoria, L. I., surrounded by his gentle wife,
his children and grandchildren, in his 83d year.

Julia Fairlie, 2d wife of Samuel Gouverneur Ogden4o6, wa s dau. of Major Fairlie,
and gr. dau. of Chief Justice Robert Yates. The latter was born in Schenectady, N. Y.,
Jan. 27, 1738. He received a classical education in New York City, and studied law with
Wm. Livingston, Esq. He settled in Albany and was known as "the honest lawyer." He
issued several essays on the rights and liberties of his country. He was a member of the
Provincial Congress, and chairman of committee on military organization. In 1777 he
framed the first Constitution of New York state, and was that year made Judge of Supreme
Court. He held intimate relations with John Jay, Benj. Franklin, Chancellor Livingston,
Gen. Philip Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton.

After the Revolutionary war Judge Yates was chosen with Gen. Hamilton and Chan-
cellor Lansing to represent his state in the convention that framed the Constitution of the
United States, and was a member of the state convention that ratified it. In 1790 he was
appointed Chief Justice of New York. He twice ran for Governor, the second time receiv-
ing a majority of votes, but was not seated because of inaccurate returns. He retired from
the bench in 1798 by constitutional limit, having been its ornament and pride for 21 years.
The legislature then appointed him commissioner to settle disputed land titles, which office
he held till near his death, which occurred Sept. 9, 1801, finishing his remarkable career
"full of years and full of honors."

Major James Fairlie, father of Julia {Fairlie) Ogde* , was a distinguished soldier
of the Revolutionary war. He entered the army in 1776 when only 19 years old, and from
1778 was aide to Baron Steuben till the close of the war. Full of courage, but tender-hearted,
he said his most painful duty was to obey Gen. Washington's order to be present at the
execution of the unfortunate Major Andrei Count Pulaski, 'in writing to Benj. Franklin,
said: "Speaking of the officers, there are some elegant young men among them, — Major
Fairlie I would mention as one. He is quite young, only twenty-one, but for sagacity,
wit, and knowledge of his profession, he has no superior: playful and satirical, or instructive,
as he varies from one subject to another. I have taken much delight in his society, and think
he has given me more instruction in pronouncing the English language than any other
officer I have met with."


Clje €)gDcn family

Major Fairlie distinguished himself in the battle of Monmouth, and remained with
the army to the close of the war. He lived several years with Baron Steuben at his head-
quarters at Fishkill, and afterward at his log palace (which he facetiously called "The
Louvre") in Steuben Co., N.Y. He assisted in founding the Cincinnati Society and, in 1784,
was its second Secretary. He married Maria Yates, dau. of Chief Justice Robert Yates of
Albany. He was twice member of the Assembly, Presidential Elector, Alderman, and dele-
gate to frame the new Constitution of New York in 1 8 2 1 . President Madison offered him the
position of Adjutant General during the War of 1812, which he declined. Major Fairlie
died at his home, 41 Cortlandt street, New York City, aged 73 years, and was buried with
military honors, attended by the Cincinnati and the civic societies.
CHILDREN— First Marriage (Chart 2):

1 141. Charlotte Seton Ogden, b. Aug. 11, 1804; d. ; 1st m. Lewis Yates;

2d m. Isidore Guillet.

1142. Samuel Gouverneur Ogden, Jr., b. Nov. 6, 1805; d. 1877; m. No. 1121, Louisa


1143. Eliza Lavinia Ogden, b. June 4, 1807; d. unm. 1830.

1144. Morgan Lewis Ogden, b. Jan. 9, 1809; d. Dec. 23, 1876; m. Eliza Glendy


1145. Louisa Willoughby Ogden, b. Oct. 6, 1810; d. 1876; m. William Turner.

1146. Charles William Ogden, b. Dec. 1, 1S11; d. i860; 1st m. Amelia Shaler;

2d m. Mary de Wees.

1147. Gabriel Lewis Ogden, b. Feb. 11, 1814; d. at sea, Oct. 1, 1825.

1148. Thomas Lewis Ogden, b. Sept. 19, 1816; d. 1827.

1149. Matilda Gouverneur Ogden, b. May 22, 1817; d. Nov. 22, 1901; m. William

A. Wellman.

1150. Anna Cora Ogden, b. Bordeaux, France, Mar. 5, 1819; d. s. p. England, July

28, 1870; 1st m. Oct. 6, 1834, James Mowatt, b. ; d. 1849; 2d m.

June 7, 1854, William Fouche Ritchie, b. ; d. ; son of Thomas


Anna Cora {Ogden, Mowatt) Ritchie was married before 16 years of
age to James Mowatt, a cultured young lawyer of New York City, who
took up residence in a fine old Revolutionary house at Flatbush, L. I.,
called "Melrose." After 7 years of ideal happiness, Mr. Mowatt's eye-
sight began to fail, and he met with serious pecuniary losses. His wife
having given early evidence of strong literary and dramatic talent, her
devoted and heroic spirit prompted her to go on the stage for their mutual
benefit. In 1841 she gave public readings, and her signal success led to
preparation for dramatic effort. Her family strenuously objected to this,
but her blameless life finally conquered their prejudices. She made her
de~but at the Park Theatre as "Pauline" in "The Lady of Lyons." Her
dramatic life developed her character and added new graces, and she gained
laurels both at home and abroad. She wrote the play called "Fashion,"
which was performed with great success at the Park Theatre. Mr. Laurence
Hutton gives Mrs. Mowatt the honor of having written the first American
play. Mr. Mowatt died in London in 1849, an( i m obedience to his dying
request, she wrote the "Autobiography of an Actress," in which her life
story is charmingly told.

In 1854, having spent eight years on the stage, she retired, and mar-
ried Mr. William Fouche Ritchie, editor of the Richmond Inquirer.
They made their home in a little vine-covered cottage in Richmond, Va.,



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