William Perkins.

A golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. online

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fly ficke,the phifition will vfc all manner of nicancs that canbe dcuifcd tore-
couer him,«Scif he once come to a defperate cafe,the phifition rather then hee
will not re!f ore him,willimploy all his skillshc will take poyfon , and fo tern-
per ]t,and againfl: the nature thereof he will make a foueraigne remedie to re»
couer health. The elc
andfpirituall pride",whereby theyaffcr/70 delight alwaies
to be vnder the fathers wing^'jhQamCe ye liaue knowne the father.

[dy^nd againey^ecaufewe are dull to marh andremember that which is good for j^ ^ ^
-W.-]Ih3ue written vnto vou Fathers, becaufeyehaue known him tliatisfrom •/ "'"^
the beginning: I haue written vnto you young men^becaufeyee arellrongj
and the word of God abideth in yauzand ye haue ouerconie that wicked one.
. Ch. Ifrvee bee in the ejlate ofgrytcs vnder ^odsfauour in Chrifl'-Joowe may wee
abide in it?


this worlde,the loue of the Father [wherewith he loued the father] i;

• [Secondly]for all that is in this world,as the lull of the fle(h[?/7(? corruption of
nature yi.rt:ich chiefy breahth out in euill concupijcence] the lu(tsoFthe ci€s[thef^erj'./i^..
fruit e of the former ^(lirred fp by outward proHocations,ef[>scially in the eie , ai it is
manifefl inddnlterie or cot4etcufne^e]AViA the pride of lifcfi. ty^rrogancy andam-
hiiion amongmerAn common conuerfatisnoj life ^ is not of the father, but of the

And[//)/>d'/}'l thi