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William Perkins.

A golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. online

. (page 101 of 149)
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rtiption by little andltttlejl^ind in him is no finjie.

[Thirdly] whofoeuer abideth i n him finncth notr[^^ dd^th notgine himfelfe to p'frf.60
Jinne, fo as it Jhonldraigne in him:] Whofoeuer finncih, hath not {ecne him,nGr
knowne him: [ to wit, ejfetlnally,fo as he can applie Chriji and all hps benefits to

Ch. 'Bmfome teach that faith isfufficient , and they embolden vs to line as we

M.Little childrcn,let no man dccciue you \ he that worketh rightcoufheSj Verf.y. .
is righteous,as he is ri2;htcGus.

MS He that i:ov(\m\iizi\\{\nnQ^[thefighhefaykedothbeleeifexandtherforethinkes Verfto.
himfelfe iafiiped before ^(?^,]is of the \)c\.\\\\y\i.refembleth the T)euil,as the child
doth the father y.andisgouerned-byhisfpirit:']for.thc dcuill finncth fro the Begin»
7\m'^\ofthe world] [which appeareth that] for this purpoft was made manifell
'4h€ Soa of Godj thatlie might difTolus tlis woi'lcs [ for the beginning and con-

timiiHCedfAllrclfeBionanddifohediemgtogodr\o£t\\tTytm\\. ^

Veyf.p, [jtyfrJ fHrther,to diJpUy thefifedhcers"} whofocuer is borne of God fijnnetK

Ldofoies oHife n ot, Q- ^"^^ ««'^ h'P^ ^ ^°^'^fi tMfmr:e, hovp/oener he fall by injimiitie:'} for his ktdt^
ortheprafiiieof j - q^^ ^^^^ ^^n -^^^ ^^^ heart hj the operatlcffof the Spirit ,?niikwa-a»Mnt0,
Bnnf , a note or L J -i-i- ■'LiPi eJ

the child of the fhrinff vp into a new creature r\ rcmaineth in nim : neither can he iinne becauft

fcirttirais. hcisbomeotCjod. ■•

Ch. 'Briefy to come to the point : how may it be k»en»ne , i»ho is Gods childi^ kkiij

rth9(i.< to be rep.'^tedjthe child of the deutll. ■ ^^' o!.oloh... i-? -ui ,/«i= ^^^ ?C£^^.

Verf.i9, Joh.lv) this arc the children of God knownc and the children of the dcuill : '

whofocucr vvorketh riot ri2;hteournes,is not oiCodiHeithcr^jogwe joftaplai^^

«^«v^/fOhcthatloucthnc^t his brother. ^«/^^qtniv^iii^-n i^l /t-jv ji^.. ^

Ver/./ ;. For^tlus is the mcrfagc which ye haue heard fi-om the beginning , that' vvi'

fhouldioue one another.

Not as Cain : he was of that euill onc^Sathanr^^ud Hue his brother ; and
TJerj.ij* v\'hercfore flue he him? becaufe his ownc workes were euill, and his brothers "

Ch. Tet if we lone thofe which be our brethren , recording to the fiepj neuerfi
Verf.'s. /(?/?. Meruaile not my brethren, though this world hate you.

Ch . '-ffnot to hue, be a note of the child of the deml,what is the note of gods child^
Verf.r^. ioh. We know that we arc tranflated from death to life , becaufe we louc

T o lou-a chri- the brethren, [i.fuch as be (^hrifiians, becaufe they are Chri/lians,2 [ju on the con-
hacSi'rn''or /^-^^^Ohc that loucth not hisbrother,abideth in death : \_isvnder the flat e of ^
godlyiiun,u4 damnation7\ \

00« ofuod» whofoeuer hateth his brother, is a manflayer , and ye know that no roan-"*'
Verfif. flayer hath eternall life abiding in hira.

Qh.Toti haftejhewedvsf (illy y that loue is Aworke of adoption: Now /hew vs hoi»
•we may k»ow whether we tone our brethren or not ?
Verfi 6. /i7^.Hereby we haue percciucd loue,that he laid downe his life forvsrther-

fore we ouo-ht [carried with the hke afeUion ofloue^ to lay downe our liues for
the brethren.

Ch . ^JMany in fpeech doe pretend hue , but we find not this willing affeElion and

readinestopjew hue.

Z) erf. 1 7. M.Whofoeuer hath this worlds good; \wherewith this life isfufiained']2v\^

compaffion ftir- feeth his brother haue neede,and fhutteth vp his bowels \\.hath no conopaffiony

ilScSlou"'' becaufe it Jherveth it felfe by the rolling of the intralls] from him , how dwellcth

the loue of God in him ?
Z)erfiS (^What other note is there of true hue ^

Works ofmercy, loh.Mx little children , let vs not loue in word , nor in tongue onely ,but in
%Dejofio«s. cleede and in truth [/JWivr^/)'.]' v^.a:.>D:.f:.r '*?,>.' ;;;"."^ ^;

I .For thereby we know that we arc ofthc truth, [foi^Mdpyefe fours cf'rhegS'-
Ver fig. JpellcfChnj},'] 2 .and fhal! before him appeafc our hearts \in regardofany acctt^
^°"o1 : aiere A''