William Perkins.

A golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. online

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ued nor ripened : and by this meanes the ficke partie wanting htlpe in time,
fhall die either by inflammation,or by the confumption of the lungs. Againe, LArg.t.Ltf^
when a man is ficke of the Squinancie , or of the feauer called Syr.achw , the ?J'
moone then beeingin the malignant afpe^s with any ofthcinfortunatepla- Sec gattU
nets(as Aftrologers vfe to fpcak)]t letting of blood be deferred till the moone vettm cal-
bc freed from the forefaid afpeds,the partie dies in the mcane fcafon. There- led Amiens
fore they are farrcwide that mini ftcr purgations and let blood no otherwifc ««'«^^»
then they arc counfelled by the conftituticn of the ftarres,whcreas it is a farre
better courfe to confidcr the matter of the difeafc, with the difpofition and
ripenin"; of it ; as alfo the courfes and fymptomes and crifis thcreof.This bce-
ing fo, there is good caufe that ficke men lliould as v;cll be carefull to make
ehoifeof mecte PhyHtians to whome they might^commcnd thccnre of their
health , as they are carefull to make choifc of lawyers tor their worldly fuits,
and Dmines for cafes of confcience.

Furthermore, all men a^ufl; here be warned to take hecde,that they vfe not
fiich meanes as haue no warrant.Of this kind are all charmes or fpcls,of what . >.

wordes foeucr they confift : charaers and figures either in paper, wood, or -

waxc: all amulets and ligatures, which ferue to hang about the neckc or other
parts of lhebodsc,except they be grounded vpon fome good natural! reafon; /- //^ ^^
as white peonie hung about the nccke,is good agninll the filling ficknes: and ^ '^ " * ^
Woolrc-dung tied to thebodie is good againll the collicke,not by any in- ' '; ^J'^^'
chantment, but by inward vertue. Otherwife they are all vaine and (liperifhti-
ous : becaufe neither by creation, nor by any ordinance in Gods word, haue
they any power to cure a bodtly difeafe. For words can doe no more but fig->;
nifie, and figures can doe no more but reprefent. And yet ncuerthelcrre,the(e
vnlawfull and abfurd meanes arc more \(c^ and fought for of common peo-
ple, then good phyfickc . But it ftandcs all men greatly in hand in no wife to
fccke forth to mchanters, and forcerers , which in n,- cdc are but witches and
wizzards, though they are commonly called cunning men and women. It
were better for a man to d;e of his fickncs,then to feeke recoucfy by fuch wic-
ked perfon5.For if any turyjc after fuch xi worke vcithlptrits-.aHd after foothfatersi
tc^oe a» wh&ri/}^ after them , the Lord mil fet his face agi^i>iji them, dndctit them^ Lett, 2 0,6,
off from amonghii people. V^\\zn Achazia was ficke, he fcnt to Baalzebub to th6
god of Ekron to know whether he Hiould rccoucr or no : as the melTcngers
were 2;oing,thc Prophet Elias met them , and faid , Gee afTArethrne to the Kin^
"pchich fent joh , A/id fay vnto hrm , Tha* faith the Lord, Is it rot becanfe there is no ''^^^' '•*•