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A golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. online

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Gen.^ 1 .54.Which words muff not be vnderflood of killing for facrifice,but
of killing for a feall : becaufe he could not in good confcience inuite them to
liis facrincCjthat were out of the couen3nt,beeing(as they were)of another re-
ligion : fecondly,it may be called a facritice,becaufc it was killed after the ma-
nerofa facrifice. Thirdly, when Saul fought his fathers affesjand asked for the
Seer, a maide bids him goe vp in hafl ;yi'r(faith fliee) there u an offerwgof the
■people this day in tke highplaccy i . Sam. 9. I a . whei c the fcafl that was kept in
Rama, is called a facrifice : in all likelihood becaufe at the beginning thereof^

«Ti Ht i6 i t^cpricft offered a facrifice to God : ancf fb the Paffeouer may be called a fa-
' crifice,becaufefacrificeswereoffered within the compafTe of the appointed
fealT: or folemnitie of the Paffeouer : and yet the thing it fclfe was no more a
(acrifice then the feafl in Rama was. Againe,if it were graunted that the Paffe-
ouer was both , it will not make much againfl vs : for the fupper of the Lord
(ucceedes the Paffeouer onely in regard of the mainc cndc thereof, which is
the increafe of our communion witn Chrifl.

III. ObieEl. Malac.i.i i. The prophet foretelleth of a cleane facrificc that
fliall be in the new teflament : and that (fay they) is thefacrifice of the iVIafle.
-^/t/TThis place muft be vnderflood ofafpirituall facrifice,as we fhall plainely
perceiucifwe compare it with i.Tim.2. 8. where themeaning of the prophet
is fidy expounded. /»/// (faith Paul) that men pray in aHp/acesMiing vp f urc
h:\ndSyrvtthokt rvrath or doubting. And this is the cleane facrifice of the Getilcs.

Dialog, cum Thus luftin Martyr faith,That /»pp/tcatios and thank/^iuings are the one]y per'
Triph. feB facrifice i pleafing God, and that ChrifHans haue learned to offer them alone.

AdScAfU' And Tertullian (i\X\fVe facrifice for the health of the Smperour _. :m (jod

£am. hath commanded with pure prater. And Ireneus faith , that this cleane offering

Ziib.4^ e, 3S» to be offered in euery place, is the praicrs of the Saints.

I V. ObieU, Hebr. i-^.xo.We haue an altar, yvhereof they may not eat e, which
ferne in the tabernacle. No w(fay they)if we haue an altar,then we mufl needes
haue a priefl > and alfb a reall facrificc. Anf. Here is meant not a bodily, but a


^ ioHchingfaflmg. ^^^

^iriluall altar ; bccaufe the altar is oppofed to the raatcriall T.ibcrnacle ; and
what is meant thereby is cxprcfled in the nextverfe,in which he procuesthat
Wchaue an altar. The bodies of the heafis ,T»hofe bloodtvAi brought mto the holy
flace by the high friefi for fmne, were burnt wthcut the campe :fo Lhnjl lefns, that
he wight fanUifie thefeople with his ovene blood yfuffered yvithout the gate. Now
lay the reafon or proofe to the thin^ that is prooucd, and we muft ncedcs vn-
dcrftand Chrift himfe!fe,who was both the altar,the pricft.and the facriflcc.

V. Obiea. Laftly, they fay, where alteration is both of law and coucnaiit,
there muft necdes be a new prieft and a new facrifice . But in the new tefta-
mcnt there is alteration both of law and couenant : and iherforc there is both
new pricfl: and new facrifice.