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William Perkins.

A golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. online

. (page 146 of 149)
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'^6 That a man catcs his maker in the Sr,crament.

27 Thatif a man be no adulterer ynothiefc, nor murderer, and doe no
man harme,hc is a ri^ht honed man.

< 2.8 That a man nccdeiiot hauc any knowledge of Religion, becaufe he i J
not bookc learned. ..

29 That one may hauc a good meaning, when he faith and dofli that
which is euill.

3 o That a man may goe to wizards,called wifcmcn/or counfell: becaulfi
God hath prouidcd a falue for euery fore.

3 1 That yc arc to be excufed in all your doings , becaufe the beft men are

3 z That yc hauc (b ftrong a faith in Chrift , that no euill companic an
hurt you.

Thefe And fitch Ukefayiytgs , vphat argue they hnt your gro(fe ignorance ? Now,
where ignorance raignethythere raignes finneiarA rmhercfinne rt^.ig^es, there the orlde:and that there is none other God but one, '* ^*' • ^

3 .He is creatour of all things.
In the beginning^ od created the heauen and the eartk,
^ " Throttgh faith wee vnderfland,that the world was ordained by theword of God: ^'^* '• '•
:fo that the things which wefee^are not made of things which did apfeare. ^^^- " • /•

* - 4^^'He is gouernour of all things.

Theeies of the Lord in euery place behold the euill and the good, Vrou. ij. ^.

Tea,and all the hairesofyour head are numbredo Mat.io.io^

5,Diftinguifhcd into the Father,the Sonne,and the holy Ghoft.
And lefm when he woi baptized came fir aight out of the water, and loe» the hea - L^at. 3,i6
Stens were opened vnt him /tndlohn/awe theJpiritofGoddefcending likeaT^oue
and lighting vpon him.

And Joe, a voice came from heauen, faying: This is my belouedfonne, in who'me I r ^

Tor there are three, which beare record in heatten,the Father, the word,and the , ,
holy Ghoji,and thefe three are one, ' '^

The fecond Principle.
^^AVhat dofl: thou bclecue cocerning man, &: cocerning thine own (clfc? 2.
y^. All men are wholly corrupted with finnc through Adams fail, and fo
are become flaues of Saihan.and guiltic ofeternall damnation.
i.All men are corrupted with finnc.
As it is written, there is none right ecus, m not one. %om. j./o.

a.The}' are wholly corrupted.
I^owe the very God ofpeaceftyMifeyou throughout , and I pray (jod that jour _ .,
%()holefpirit,andfot)le,andbodie,may bekept blameleffe vnto the commingof our
Lord lefm Chrifi.

This I fay therefore andtefiifie in the Lord,that ye henceforth walkenot 04 other i:ph.^. / *.
Gentiles walkein vanitie of their minde,

Haning their cogitation darkened^ and beeing grangers from the life of Ccd. '^g^r,] ^,
.; '■■ • Xxx I , ihrough '

10^0 SixePrMciplcs

thro/ifh the ignorance that is in themMcaufe ofthehairdnejfe of their heart,
When the LorcLfawe that thewickedneffe of man wa^ great in the earth, and ait
Gen.^.f, the imaginations of the thou^ts ofhisheartrvereoneljemllcontinually.

3. Through Adams fall
m . ^ wherefore as hy one man^fmne entredmto th^ worlde^and death byjtnneyand fi

"^ ' * * death vent vent oner all men for fo much as all men haue finned. '■■■■>

4. And (bare become flaues of Sathan.
wherein in time faji ye walked according to the courfe of the vorlde^ and after \
Eph.2.2* fljg pyiffCff that rukth in the aire,ef{en the fpirit that nojve rvorketh in the children

_- , Tor as much then Oi the children were fdrtak^rs offle/h and blood Jjt alfo him»

* felfe hkpvifetoo^ fart rvith them, that hse might dejlrey through deathihim that
hadthef>0werof death ythat is ythedeuilL

In wbome the God of this world hath blinded the mindes,that is, of Infidels y that
>. Cor,4*4- fjjg ligjjf of the gloriotu Gofpsll efChriJl^which is the image ofgodjhould not Jhbte^

5 . And guiltie of eternall damnation.

Tor as many at are of the rporkes of the L^^vpe^are vnder the cur fe for it is rt>riir^

Cat ! 10 ten: Cur fed is euerymars that conttnueth not in all things , tvhich are nritten in the

beoke of the Lowe to doe them^Likewife then as by the offence cfone the fault, came

^ . g on all men to eondemnation:fo by the iufiifytng ofone^ the benefit abounded toward

"** * allmentotheiufiificationofhfe, •r-,ft*,,rV*

, The thtrd Prtnctpie. . '^

^^AVhat meanes is there for thee to cfcapc this damnable effate?
^ fc^Iefus Chrift the eternall fonnc of God,bccing made man, by his death

vpon the croflTe and by his righteoufhes,hathpcrfeftly alone by himfelfe,ac«
corapbfhed all things that are ncedfull for the faluation of mankind.
\ i.Iefus Chrifhhe eternall (bnne of God,. ^

_ . j4ndt he word was made fie fi and dry e It among vs, and wefawe the glory there»^

' ' ofastheglory of the emly.begotten{Sonne).oftheTather full of grace and trueth-

2. Being made man.
-r » , Tor he in no fort tooke the angels jbut he tooke thefeede of Abraham^

3.By his death vpon the crolfe. ,.. „

"But he was wounded for our tranfarefiions, he WM broken for our iniquities, the
Jija.yS'J' chafitfemsnt of our peace was vpon him^and'nnth his (Iripesxve are healed; ,r '•-.

4.Andby hisrightcoufiics. _, , "

^s^m. f,tp. poj^ as by one mans di [obedience many were t»adefinners Jo by the obedience of
one ^pjallman^ alfo be made righteous.

Tor he hath made htm to befinnefor vs which k»ewe nofinne,that weejhouldbt
iJCor.S» 2 '» wade the righteoufnes of God in him.

"Heb.y. 2f. wherefore he is able atfoperfeBly tofaue them that come vnto God by himyfee»
ing hee euer liueth to make inter cefjion for them.

6.Alonebyhimfelfc .
.^.4, t2, ^'^^ her is there faluation in any other for among men there isgiften none othet

name vnder heauenpvherebj ve mttfi befdned^

•fChrifiiari 'KeR^», 1021

- 7'AccompIi/Iicdall things ncederull for the faluation ofmankincJ.
And he vs the recancUuition for our finnes^Mid not for oars onclp but aljofor the
Jimes of the whole tvorJde, lJoh.2.24,

7 he four fh Principle,
^But how maiefttliou be made partaker of Chrift an diisbenfits?
A.Avam ota contiitc and liumble fpirit^by faith alone apprehending- & ^
applying Chiift with all his merits vnio hin:.felfe,is iulhiicd before God^nd

i.A man ofacbntiitc and humble fpirit -^

For thiu faith hee, that is high and excellent ^ he that inhabiteth the eternitU,
rehofe name w the holj ove^ ! dwell in the hi^h and holy place, Xfith him alfo that « of ^f^-S / • iJ*
A contrite andhHmbkfphit,to rcume the fptrit of the humble, and to gine life to the
that are of a cent} ite heart.

Thefacrifices of god are a contrite fpirit, a contrite and a broke» heart, O God, Tfaij t. //.
thoHwUt not defpife.

2. By faith alone.

Asfooneoi Jefm heard that wordfpoken, hefaid vnto the %^ler of the SinA- Mtrl^f'S^-
gogue^henot afraid,onely beleeue.

So CHofes made aferpent of bra(fe,and fet it vp for afigne, and when aferpent ^^^'^ '''^
had bitten amanjthen he looked to theferpent of braffe andltued.

Andas mtofet lift vp theferpent in the mldernefe,fo mufi thefonne of man y• ^ .
A-Faith commeth only by t h i prg uhingpf thc word^fid mc^fttTi-dai-'^
Sy by it:as alfo by the adminilrration of the Sacraments and praier.
1 .Faith cometh only by the prcnching of the word , Scincreafeth daily by it.

But hone fhd they cnler, hifft,in wbom they haue not beleeuedjjow Jhal they be- "Vo. 1 . .'^,
ieeae in him,ofrvbome they haue not heard: andhowefhall they heare vrithotit a
preacher! ff^here therein no vifion the people decay Jjut he that heepeth the Uwe is Prou.zg. i ^.
bl4ed, Xxx a 0\fy

lO^ I Sixc PrincipUt

Hof.4-* 9* My people are dejiroyedfor lacke ofknowledgetbeeMtft thoH hdfl refufedknowm

kdg€y i willalfo refufe thee,that thoufhalt bee nopriefl to mee^aiidfeeing tho$fhafi ,
forgotten the laxve of thy GodJ mil alfo forget thy children,

i. As alfo by the adminiftration of the Sacrainents.
» ... -^fter he receiued thefgne ofcircHmciJion-, oi thefeale of the righteoufhes of the
* faith^rvhich he hadwhe» he was vncirctimcifedithat hePionldbee the father of all
them that beleeue not bee'tng circHmcifed^that right eonfnes might be imputed to tht

LZ'foreotter brethren,! would not that yeejhould bee ignorant, that ail o$irF4'»-
i.,Cor.io,t, thers were vnder the cloud^and all pajfed through the fea,^c,

3 . And Praier.
Rfftn» 10,1^, For whofoeuer /hall call vponthe name of the Lordjhall befaued.

The fxt Principle,
V, , ^What is the eftatc of all men after death?

f nA.hW men dial rife againc with their owne bodies,to the laft iudgemenf;,

which beeing endedjthe godly fhall poflcfTe thekingdomc ofheaucn: but
vnbelceuers and reprobates ihall bee in hell , tormented with the diuell and

T . All men (hall rife againe with their owne bodies.
Joh f.2f, (JMarueflnot at thu, for the honre jhallcome , in the which all that are m the:

grattes pjall hear e his voice.,
fr And they fhall come forth that hatte donegood^vnto the refurreUion of life : biit

' they that haue done euillyVnto the rerurreEiion of cofidemnation.

2. To the laft iudgemenl.
"Bccl.iz. 14, ^^^ God will bringeuery worke vnto indgement ^with eueryfecret thingiwhetherr

it be good or euilL
MaUii, i^ But I fay vntoyoujthat ofeuery idle worde that men (hall fpeakc, they fhall gmt'
account thereof at the dijy ofiudgement ,

^.VVhich beeing ended;thc godly
Anddeliuered iufi Lot, vexed with the vmleane comierfation of the wicked.
"^ 7< yfe^/^