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A golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. online

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Online LibraryWilliam PerkinsA golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. → online text (page 52 of 149)
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prooues at large from the third chap, to the 9. and of him we are to confider
ihcfe foure points.The firft ,whatis the of^ce of Chnfls pricHhood. x/»/.The
office of Chriffs prieff hood ff ands in tlirce things : I. to teach doftrine , and
therefore he is called the highfriefl ofcHrprofe//7of7,thAtis,ofthQ Gofpel which
we profeffe , becaufe he is the author and Doiftour of the fame. II. to offer ^*'^'^"^*''*
vp hirafclfc vnto hisfithcr in the behalf ofman,for the appeafino; of his wrath
forfinne. III. to makerequeff or interceflion to God the father, that he
would accept thefacrifice which he offered on the croffe for vs . The fecond
point is, Accordmg to which nature he was a prieff: whether in his manhood,
or in his godh.ead;,or both togither ? Jft/. The ofhce of his prieffhood is per- ^

formed by him accordmg to both his natures : and therefore he is a priefl not
as the Papiff s would haue him , according to his manhood onelv, but as he is
both God and man : for as he is a Mediatour, Co is he a prieil : but Clirift is a
jMed>aroiir according to both naturcs:cach nature doingthat which IS peculi-
ar to \t,Sc conferring fomething to the worke ofredcmption: and therfore he
-is a pnefl as he is both God and man. The diird point, Aftei what order he is
ii pnefl ? /Inf. The Scripture mentioneth two orders of priefis : the order of
Leui,andtheordcrofMekhifcdcck.Chrifl wasnot aprieft after the order
of Aaron : andyetnotwithffanding in that priellhood were many notable
jites whereby the prieflhoodc of our Sauiour C hull: was refemblcd , and
V^e may note fiuccfpecially. Fu-ft intheannointing^of the high priefi.?, as of


550 Chrifts facrificc. iyfn ExpofttoH

EKod.19.7. Aaron and his fonnes after hiin,oile was poured on his head, and it ran down
P&1.115.1. fQ tPjg yery edge of his garments , whereby wa§ %nified that Chrift the true
Ffal.4y.7. high prieft was annointed rcith the oj/le ofgladnejfe aboue hit felles, xhzt is,that
his manhoode was filled with the gifts and graces of God , both in mcafurc,
Exod.»8.2. number,and degree aboue all men and angels. Secondly, the fumptuous and
gorgious apparell wliich the high Prieft put on , when he came into the ftn-
ftuarie , was a figne of the rich and dorious robe of Chrifts righteoufhefle,-
which is the puritie and inte^ritie of his humanenature and of his hfe. Third- '
ly , the (peciall parts of the nigh Priefts attire were, firft the Ephod , the two
E xo d.aSajsii; moulders whereof had two onyx ftones , whereon vyere cngrauen the names
*? • of the twelue tribes of Ifrael : iixe names on the one ftoiie , and fixe on the o-
ther,as ftones of remembrance of the children of Ifrael to God wardrfccond-
Iy,the brcftplate of iudgement like the worke of the Ephod, wherein were fct
twelue ftones according to the names of the children of Ifrael , grauen as fig-
nets euery one after his name.Now by thefc two ornaments were figured two
things in Chriftrby the firft , that he carries all the Eled on his fhoulders, and
fupports them by his fpirit fo log as they are in this world, againf I the world,
the nefh,and the deuill.By the fecond,tnat Chrift our high prieft beeingnow
in his fanftuarie in heauen,hath in mcmorie all the Eleft , 6c their very names
arc written as it were in tables of gold before his face , and he hath an cfpcciall
loue vnto them and care ouer them , Vpon this ground the church m the
Canticles praies on this manner, Set me Oi afeale on thy heart, a^d an djignet vp-
but in the facrifice of the malfe there is no tiue
breadnor true wine:but(asthey fay)ihereall bodie and blood ofChnft vnder
the forme of bread and wine.

The fourth point is , whether there be any more reall pricfls of the newc
Teftament belide Chrifl or no ? A^f. In the old teftament there were many
priefts one following another in continnall fiiccedion , but of ihe new Teita-
xnent there is one onely reall priefl,Chrift lefus God and man , and no more:
as the author of the Hebrewes faith , becaufe he endurethfor euer, he hath An e- ^^^'f^'
nerhMing ^rieflhoode : and the word tranOated [/fierlafiwg] iignifieth fuch a '^'^c5'^^'
priellhood, which can not paiTe from him to any other , as the priefll.ocd of ''^''''°
Aaron did. And therefore the prieflhood ofChriff is fo tied tohis oune per-
fbn,diat none can haue the fame but he; neither man nor angd,nor any other
creature,no notthe Father nor ihe holy Ghoft. But the facloursof the chijich
of Rome will fay , that Chrilf may liaue men to be his deputies in his (lead to
offer f;icrifice./f';^We muff coiifickr Chi ill two waies: I. as he is Co\^^. I Las
he is Mediatour. As he is GcmX with the fvuhcr and with the holy Ghoff, he
..hath Kings and Magi Urates to be his deputies on earth : and therefore they
are called Elohimy that 'n,gods. But as he is Mediatour , and (o confequentiy a ^ ^^'^^^
prieff and aKing,he hath neither deputie nor vicegerent; neither king to rule
in his 0;ead ouer his Church, nor pricfl to offer facrihce for him : nay he hath
no Prophet to be his deputie, as he is the doifteur of the Church. And there-
fore he faith to his difciples; be not called AoCioxs, fcr omisyoi r doSior.luAQcd- ^.^^^
he hath his miniffers to teach men his wikbut a deputie to offer facrifice in his
itead he hath not. And therefore we may with good confcience abhorre the
mading pricOhood of the church of Rome, as a thin2; fetdicd fro the bottom
f£hell : and their mafling prJeils as inflruments of Satan ; holding this for a
- ^ " Y-er^


*5p Chrifls {acrifice. 'A»ExpofttoH

very truth , that vvc haue but one onely prieft euen Chrlfl hitnfelfe Goc? andl
man. indecde all Chriftians are pneibto offer vp fpirituall (acrifice : but it i$
the propertie of Chrift alone to offer an outward andrcall (acrifice vnto God
now in the new Teftament.

Thus much of the firft point who is the prieft.The fecond followcthrwhat
is the facnfice. A^/jp. The facrificc is Clirift, as he is man,or the manhoode of

aor thisod- thrift crucified . As the priefl is both God and man *, fo the facrifice is man,

head. » not God.So It IS {aide,we dXcfa-Mifiedl-y the offering of the bodyofleftts Chrifl,

Hei>.io.to. Touching this facrifice , fiindrie queftions are to be skanned. The firft , what
kind of (acrifice it was ? Anf. In the old teftament there were two kinde of (a-
cnfices : one, propitiatorie which (erucd to fatisfie for (inne ; the other eucha-
rifticall fxjrpraifc and thankfgiuing. Now the facrifice of Chrifl was a facri-'

lob 1.8. ' fice propitiatorie fpecially prefigured by the typical (acrifice, called the whole
burnt offering ; for as it was all confiimed to allies vpon the altar , and turned
itnto fmoke,fo the fire of Gods wrath did feaze vpon Chrifl on the crofre,and
did conftjme him as it were to nothing to make vs fomething.Sccondly ,when
Noe offered an whole burnt offering after the flood, it is faide, Godfmelled a

i, foHour of reft : not becaufe he was delighted with the fmcil of the facrificc, but
bccaufe he approoucd his faith in Chrifl. And hereby was figured, that,

rph.^.a. Chrifl vpon the croffe was an offering, 6c a/acrifice of afweetefmelhngfauotir
vnto God: becaufe God was well pleafcd therewith . Now whereas Chni^ was
content wholly to offer vp himfelfe to appeafe the wrath of his father for vs:it
roufl teach vs to giue our bodies and foules, as holy,liuing,and acceptable (a-
crifices, wholly dedicating them to theferuice of God.

The fecond qncflion is,how^ oftChrifl offered himfelfe ? ty^nf.Oncc onc-
.^ o I V ^"*^ ^^ more.This mufl be held as a principle of diuinitie:^//^ once offertn^
hathhe confecratedfor euer , them that are fan^tfed : a.v\A a^^iinc yChrif} wm once
^** ' offered to take atvay theftnnes of many. And it ferueth to ouerlhrow the abomi-
nable (acrifice of the maffe , inwhich the true bodie and blood ofChrift is of-
fered vnder the formes of bread and wine,reallv and fubftantially(as they (ay)
for the rcmiffion of the finnes of the quicke and the dead , and that continual-
ly: but if this vnbloodie facrifice of Chrifl be good , then it is cither the con-
tinumg of that which was begunne on the croffe by Chrift himfelfe , or
the iteratioirof it bv the mafle priefl. Now let Papifts chufe whether of thefe
two they will : if tliey f ly it is the continuing of the (acrifice of Chriff , then
they fpeake outragious biafphemie : for it is in effe£l to fay, that Chrifls (acri-
fice was not perfe

Online LibraryWilliam PerkinsA golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. → online text (page 52 of 149)