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The parliamentary history of the county of Oxford, including the city and university of Oxford, and the boroughs of Banbury, Burford, Chipping Norton, Dadington, Witney, and Woodstock, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1899, with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryWilliam Retlaw WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Oxford, including the city and university of Oxford, and the boroughs of Banbury, Burford, Chipping Norton, Dadington, Witney, and Woodstock, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1899, with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 8 of 24)
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Fencible Cavalry was embodied for active service. He died
s.p. at Fife House, Whitehall, on 4 Dec. 1828 aged 58, and was
buried at Hawkesbury 18 Dec.

Members for Oxfordshire. 73

His Lordship's half-brother, the Hon. Charles Cecil Cope
Jenkinson, succeeded him as third Farl of Liverpool 4 Dec. 1828.
Born at 26 Hertford Street, Mayfair, on 29 May 1784, this Noble-
man matric.Ch. Ch. Oxford 23 April 1801, and was created D.C.L,.
15 June 1 841. He was Page of Honour to George III. 1793-4, served
as a Midshipman in the Royal Navy 1794-8, and fought in several
naval actions, including the glorious 1 June 1784, was app.
Cornet in the Surrey Yeomanry 20 Aug. 1803, afterwards entered
the Diplomatic Service, and was app. Sec. of Legation at Vienna
13 July 1804, joined the Austrian Army as a Volunteer in 1805,
and fought at Austerlitz 2 Dec. 1805. He was in charge of the
Embassy at Vienna for a time during Sir A. Paget's illness in
1 805 -1 806. He was adopted as his heir by his cousin the last Mr.
Ottley of Pitchford, Salop, to whose estates in cos. Salop and
Montgomery he succeeded on 16 Feb. 1807, when he took up his
residence at Pitchford Hall, near Shrewsbury, and became D.L.
Salop 8 Dec. 1807. He married at St. George's, Hanover Square,
19 July 1810 Julia Evelyn Medley, (who died at 10 (now 13) Port-
mann Square, London, 8 April 1814, aged 28, buried at Pitchford
24 April 1814,) only child of Sir George Shuckburgh-Evelyn Bart,
by Julia Annabella dau. and heir of James Evelyn of Felbridge,
Surrey, by Annabella dau. of Thomas and sister and in her issue
sole heir of her brother George Medley of Buxted, Friston, and
Coneyburrows all in co. Sussex, and had three daughters and
co-heirs. He was M.P. for Sandwich 1807-12, Bridgnorth 181 2-
18, and East Grinstead 1818-28, and held office (under his
brother) as Under Secretary of State for the Home Department
Oct. 1807 to Feb. 1 8 10, and for War and the Colonies Oct. 1809 to
1 8 10. After the lapse of many years his Lordship again held
office as Lord Steward of the Queen's Household Sept. 1841 to
July 1846, and he was sworn a Privy Councillor 3 Sept. 1841, and
made G.C.B. 11 Dec. 1845. He was Prothonotary of the
County Palatine of Lancaster 1S38-51, having been granted
the reversion thereof previous to 1830, High Steward of Kingston
on Thames from 1829, and a Governor of the Charterhouse 5
Feb. 1846. His Lordship, who was patron of two livings, died
without male issue at Buxted 3 Oct. 1851, buried at Buxted 9
Oct., when the Earldom and Barony became extinct. The
Baronetcy however devolved upon his cousin Sir Charles
Jenkinson (M.P. Dover 1806-18), as 10th Bart., on whose death
without male issue in 1855 it passed to his nephew Sir George
Samuel Jenkinson, (M.P. North Wilts 1868-80, unsuccessful can-
didate for N. Wilts 1865, and for Nottingham in 1866,) the elder
son of the Bishop of St. David's. His son Sir George Bankes
Jenkinson the 12th and present Baronet succeeded his father in

Lady Selina Charlotte, the second daughter and co-heir,
(the eldest to leave issue,) of the last Earl of Liverpool, married

74 Members for Oxfordshire.

(i) at St. George's, Hanover Square 15 August 1833 William
Charles Viscount Milton, (son and heir of Charles Wm. 5th
Karl Fitz william K.G.,) who died v.p. and s.p.m. 8 Nov. 1835,
and (2) at Went worth in the private chapel 28 Aug. 1845 as
second wife to George Savile Foljambe of Osberton Hall, Notts,
and Aldwark, co. York, who died 18 Dec. 1869. The elder of
their two sons, Cecil George Savile Foljambe of Kirkham Abbey,
York, Haselbech Hall, Northampton and Ollerton, Notts, was
born at Osberton 7 Nov. 1846, and was educated at Eton, entered
the Royal Navy in i860, served with the Naval Brigade in the
New Zealand War of 1863-64, (medal, and mentioned in
despatches), promoted to Lieut. 8 May 1867, and retired in 1870.
He married (1) at St. James's, Piccadilly, 22 July 1869 Louisa
Blanche (who d. at Compton Place, Sussex, 7 Oct. 187 1, buried at
Scopton,Notts,in the family vault,) eldest dau. of Frederick John
Howard of Compton Place, Sussex, (grandson of the 5th Earl of
Carlisle and Lady Fanny his wife only sister to the 7th Duke of
Devonshire,) and (2) at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, 21 July
1877 Susan Louisa eldest dau. of Col. William Henry Frederick
Cavendish, cousin of the 7th Duke of Devonshire, by Lady Emily
Augusta his wife dau. of John George 1st Earl of Durham, by Lady
Louisa Elizabeth his wife, eldest dau. of Charles 2nd Earl Grey
K.G., Prime Minister 1830-4. He was M.P. for North Notts
1880-5, and for the Mansfield Division 1885-92, a County Alder-
man Notts County Council 22 Oct. 189 1-8, and was raised to the
Peerage as Baron Hawkesbury of Haselbech, co. Northampton,
and of Ollerton, Sherwood Forest, co. Nottingham, 24 June 1893,
the former extinct Barony of his grandfather being revived in
his person. His Lordship received an additional crest by Patent
10 Oct. 1893. He seconded the address in the House of Lords at
the opening of the following session 12 March 1894, when Lord
Rosebery became Prime Minister, and held office as a Lord in
Waiting to the Queen from 30 April 1894 to 16 July 1895. He
has issue by both marriages. His 2nd son, (the eldest by his 2nd
wife,) was app. Second Lieut. 1st. Batt. Oxfordshire Light
Infantry 15 February 1898.

1721. May 17. Henry Perrot of Northleigh, vice Herbert
deceased. Only son of James Perrot, and nephew of Charles
Perrot, (see Oxford University 1679,) he was born 1689, created
D.C.L. Oxford 11 July 1733, m. Martha (who d. 11 Oct 1741) dau.
of Brereton Bouchier of Barnsley, Cirencester. He voted against
the employment of the Hessian Troops 1730, and the Excise Bill
1733, and sat for Oxon May 1721 until his death in Paris (?6) Jan.
1740. In 1740 he paid to Magdalen College a fine of ^69 for
certain tenements in All Saints, Oxford. He was churchwarden
of Barnsley parish 1732, and patron and lord of that manor, and
is supposed to have built the present mansion house in the park,
the leaden pipes having his initials and the date 1721.

Members for Oxfordshire. 75

1722. April 2. Sir R. B. Jenkinson.

Henry Perrott.
1727. Aug. 30. Henry Perrot T.

Sir W. Stapleton Bart. T.

Sir William Stapleton of Rotherfield Greys, matric. Ch.
Ch. Oxford 17 April 1714, aged 15, and succ. his father Sir
William S. of Nevis, as 4th Bart. He m. 28 April 1724 Catherine
dau. and heir of Wm. Paul of Bray wick, Berks, voted against
Walpole on the matter of the Hessian Troops 1730, and the
Excise Bill 1733, and sat for Oxon 1727 till his death " at the
Bath " 13 Jan. 1740.

1734. May 1. The same.

1740. Jan 30. Sir James Dash wood Bart, of Kirtlington,
vice Stapleton deceased. Eldest surviving son of Robert Dash-
wood, he was born 17 15, succ. his grandfather (see 1699) as 2nd
Bart. 14 July 1734, and m. 17 Feb. 1739 Elizabeth (who brought
him ^70,000,) dau. and co-heir of Edward Spencer of Rendles-
ham, Suffolk, and sister to the Duchess of Hamilton. Sir James
was H.S. Oxon 1738, M.P. Jan. 1740 to April 1755, when unseated,
and 1 76 1 -8, and was a steward of the Anniversary Feast of the
Independent Electors of Westminster 1748. He succeeded to
the large jointure of his mother (Dorothea dau. and co-heir of
Sir James Read Bart, of Brocket Hall, Herts,) on her death 21
April 1753. He was created D.CL. Oxford 25 Aug. 1743, and
was High Steward of the City of Oxford 1759 until his death 10
Nov. 1779.

1740. Feb. 27. George Henry Lee, Viscount Quarendon,
of Ditchley, vice Perrot deceased. This nobleman was born 21
May 1718, matric. St Johns Coll. Oxford 1 Jan. 1736, created
M.A. 14 Feb. 1737, Hon. D.CX. 25 Aug, 1743, and D.CL- by
diploma 27 Sept. 1762, and was M.P. for Oxon Feb. 1740 until he
succ. his father as 3rd Earl of Lichfield 15 Feb. 1743. He m. Diana
only dau. of Sir Thomas Frankland Bart, of Thirkelby, Yorks,
and was Custos Brevium in the Common Pleas, 1743-72, a Lord
of the Bedchamber to the King Dec. 1760-2, Captain of the Band
of Gentlemen Pensioners July 1762-72, sworn a Privy Councillor
14 July 1762, Deputy Ranger of Hampton Court Park July 1762-
72, was defeated by the Earl of Westmoreland for the office of
Chancellor of Oxford Univ. Jan. 1759, but was High Steward
thereof 19 Aug. 1760-2, and Chancellor of the Univ. 23 Sept.
1762-73 a Vice President of the Society of Arts, D.L. Oxon 17
Oct. 1763, and died 19 Sept. 1772. (M.I. Spelsbury). He founded
the Lichfield Clinical Professorship at Oxford by a bequest which
took effect in 1780.

1741. May 20. Viscount Quarendon T.

Sir James Dashwood T.

Norreys Bertie


il 17. Lord Wen man

T 2033

Sir J. Dash wood

T 2014

Lord Parker

W 1919

Sir E. Turner

W 1660

76 Members for Oxfordshire.

1743. March 23. Norris Bertie of Weston on the Green,
vice Lord Quarendon called to the Upper House. Norreys
Bertie was the son of James B. of Springfield, Essex, (who was
the eldest son of Captain the Hon. Henry Bertie, see Oxford city
1685,) and was born 1718, matric. Magd. Coll. Oxford 5 Dec. 1734,
aged 16, and was created M.A. honoris causd 27 May 1738. He
unsucc. cont. Westbury 1741 and 1747, but sat for Oxon March
x 743-54» an( * died unmarried at Gwent 25 Oct. 1766, having spent
several of the latter years of his life on the continent. " His estates
of ^"2000 a year he has bequeathed to his brother Capt. Bertie,"
{sic, but should be great nephew or kinsman, son to the 3rd Earl
of Abingdon).

1747. July 8. Sir James Dashwood T


This was the great Oxfordshire contest, the poll being
open 6 days, at the expense it is said of ^"40,000 each side. (See
its " History " by William Wing.) Wenman and Dashwood
fought for the Old Interest or Blues, receiving the support of the
Duke of Marlborough, and the Earls of Guilford, Harcourt, and
Macclesfield, while Parker and Turner were championed by the
Earls of Abingdon and Lichfield,— the new Interest or Yellows.
A great quantity of amusing literature was produced by both
sides, and no expense was spared, but on petition Lord Parker
and Sir E. Turner were declared duly elected by order of the
House 23 April 1755.

Thomas Viscount Parker was born 12 Oct. 1723, the eldest
son of George 2nd Earl of Macclesfield, whom he succ. in the
title 17 March 1764, and matric. Hart Hall, Oxford, 10 May 1740,
created Hon. M.A. 23 June 1743. and D.C.L. 7 July 1773, and m.
12 Dec. 1749 Mary dau. of Sir Wm. Heathcote Bart. He was
M.P. Newcastle under Lyme 1747-54, Oxon 1754-61, and
Rochester 176] -4, when he went to the Upper House, and became
F.R.S. 19 Nov. 1747, a Governor and Guardian of the Foundling
Hospital July 1752, D.L- Berks 22 Sept. 1758, and Oxon 15 Oct.
1763, and was High Steward of Henley 1764, until his death
9 Feb. 1795.

Sir Edward Turner of Ambroseden, was born 18 April
1719, matric. Ball. Coll. Oxford 7 Oct. 1735, aged 17, created
M.A. 24 Oct. 1738, and D.C.L. 23 Aug. 1744, and ent. Lincolns
Inn 2 July 1745. He m. April 1739 Cassandra eldest dau. of
William, son of Theophilus Leigh of Addlestrop, co. Gloucester,

Members for Oxfordshire. 77

by Mary sister of the Duke of Chandos. He was M.P. Great
Bedwin 1741-7, Oxon 1754-61, and Penryn 1761 until his death at
Ambrosden 31 Oct. 1766, buried at Bicester. He was the only
surviving son of Sir Edward Turner, Chairman of the East India
Company, whom he succeeded as 2nd Bart. 19 June 1733. Two
of his daughters, Elizabeth and Cassandra, married Thomas
Lord Saye and Sele, and the 2nd Lord Hawke, respectively.
His son John assumed the surname and arms of Dryden 1791 ,
and was created a Baronet 1795, the two Baronetcies becoming
united in the person of his grandson in 1874.

Philip Viscount Wenman, elder son of Richard the 5th
Viscount, whom he succ. in the title 28 Nov. 1728, was born 23
Nov. 1719, matric. Oriel Coll. Oxford 9 June 1737, created D.CL.
15 June 1741, and m. Sophia eldest dau. and co-heir of James
Herbert of Tythorpe, (see 1740.) He was M.P. Oxford city Nov.
1749-54, and Oxon 1754 until unseated April 1755, and died
at Thame Park 16 Aug. 1760, aged 41.

1761. April 8. Sir James Dashwood T

Lord Charles Spencer T

Lord Charles Spencer, of Wheatfield, was 2nd son of
Charles 3rd Duke of Marborough, and was born 31 March 1740,
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxford 28 April 1756, created M.A. 22 March
1759, and D.CL. 7 July 1773. He was returned for Oxon at the
age of 21 in 1761, and sat till 1790, and again 1796 to 1801, and
seconded the Address in the House 25 Nov. 1762. He m. 2 Oct.

1762, Hon. Mary Beauclerk dau. of Vere 1st Lord Vere, third son
of the first Duke of St. Albans. Lord Charles was made Deputy
Ranger of Windsor Forest and Purveyor of Kensington Gardens
Dec. 1762, voted against Wilkes 1769, was made a Verdurer of
Whichwood Forest Sept. 1763, and was Col. of the Oxon Militia
28 May 1778 to 4 Oct. 1798, and received the rank of Col. in the
Army, 2 July 1778. He was sworn a Privy Councillor 20 April

1763, and was a member of various Ministries lor many years,
being Surveyor of Gardens and Waters Jan. to April 1763,
Comptroller of the Household April 1763 to July 1765, a Lord of
the Admiralty March 1768 to July 1779, Treasurer of the
Chamber Sept. 1779, until the abolition of the office, June 1782,
a Vice Treasurer of Ireland Sept. 1782 to March 1784, Joint
Postmaster General Feb. 1801 to Feb. 1806, Master of the Mint
Feb. to Oct. 1806, and a Lord of the Bedchamber 1807 until his
death 16 June 1820.

1763. Jan. 12. Lord Charles Spencer, re-el. on being
Out Ranger of Windsor Forest, and surveyor of the King's

1763. April 4. Lord C. Spencer, re-el. on being app.
Comptroller of the Household.

78 Members for Oxfordshire.

1768. March 30. Lord Charles Spencer T

Viscount Wen man W

Philip 7th Viscount Wenman, only surviving son of the
M.P. 1754, whom he succeeded 16 Aug. 1760, was born at Thame
Park, 1742, matric. Oriel. Coll. Oxford 1 Feb. 1760, aged 17,
created M.A. 29 Oct. 1762, D.C.I,. 7 July 1773, and m. 7 July 1766
Lady Eleanor Bertie dau. of Willoughby 3rd Earl of Abingdon.
He voted for Wilkes 1769, sat for Oxon 1768-96, and died s.p.
26 March 1800, when the title became extinct. He and his aunt
Mrs Herbert came into a jointure of ^"iooo a year on the death
on 36 May 1798 of Mrs Tate of Burleigh House, Loughborough,
co. Leicester, dau. of Mr. Butler, and relict (1) of Philip Herbert,
and (2) of Tate of Oxon.

1774. Oct. 19. The same.

1779. Dec. 22. Lord C. Spencer, re-el. after being made
Treasurer of the Chamber.

1780. Sept. 27. Rt. Hon. Lord C. Spencer T

Viscount Wenman W

1782. Dec. 18. Lord C. Spencer, (as a Whig,) re-el. after
being app. a Vice Treasurer of Ireland.

1784. April 7. Rt. Hon. Lord C. Spencer W

Viscount Wenman W

1790. June 24. Viscount Wenman W

Marquis of Blandford T

George Spencer, Marquis of Blandford, of Blenheim
Palace, was the elder of the two sons of George 4th Duke of
Marlborough K.G., and was born 6 March 1766, educ. at Eton,
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxford 14 Jan. 1784, created M.A. 9 Dec. 1786,
and D.CL. 20 June 1792. He m. 17 Sept. 1791 Lady Susan
Stuart dau. of John 7th Earl of Galloway K.T. Lord Blandford
was M.P. Oxon 1790-6, Tregony 1802-4, a Lord oi the Treasury
Aug. 1804 to Feb. 1806, was called to the Upper House in his
father's lifetime as Baron Spencer of Wormleighton 12 March
1806, and took the additional name and arms of Churchill
by letters patent 26 May 1807. He was made D.L- Berks 28 July
1798, Major 1st Reading Battalion of Volunteers 31 Dec. 1803
and 19 Nov. 1805, Lt. Col. Commandant 1st Reading Volunteers
1 Sept. 1808, and Lt. Col. Commanding 3rd Royal Berkshire
Militia 10 Sept. 1808. His Lordship succeeded his father as 5th
Duke of Marlborough 30 Jan. 1817, and was elected F.S.A.,
High Steward of Oxford 1817, and also of Woodstock 1817, and
died 5 March 1840.

1796. June 3. Rt. Hon. Lord C. Spencer W
John Fane. T

Members for Oxfordshire. 79

John Fane of Wormsley, was the 2nd but eldest surviving
son (by his third wife) of Henry Fane M.P., Clerk to the Privy
Council, who was youngest brother to the 8th Earl of Westmore-
land. He m. 16 Nov. 1773 Lady Elizabeth Parker eldest dau. of
Thomas 3rd Earl of Macclesfield, (see 1754.) Mr Fane was created
D.C.L. Oxford 28 June 1797, app. Major of the Oxfordshire
Militia 4 June 1803, (not so in 1807,) Lt. Col. Commandt. 2nd
Oxfordshire (Local) Militia 24 April 1809, and was M.P. for the
County 1796 until his death in Westminster 8 Feb. 1824, being
buried at Lewknor, Oxon. He was an eminent agriculturalist.

1 801. March 6. Lord Francis Almaric Spencer, of
Wychwood Park, vice his uncle Lord Charles Spencer app.
Postmaster General. Lord Francis was the younger son of
George 4th Duke of Marlborough, and brother to the M.P. 1790.
Born 26 Dec. 1779, he matric. Ch. Ch. Oxford 20 Feb. 1797, was
created D.C.L. 15 June 1803, and m. 25 Nov. 1800 Lady Frances
FitzRoy dau. of Augustus 3rd Duke of Grafton K.G. who was
Prime Minister 1766-70. Lord Francis became Captain in
command of the Oxfordshire Cavalry Volunteers 13 July 1803,
Captain in command of the Lewknor Hundred Vol. 3 Nov. 1803.
Lt. Col. Cdt. 1st Oxfordshire Militia 14 April 1809, Lt. Col. Cdt.
of the 1st or Queen's Own Oxfordshire Volunteer or Yeomanry
Cavalry 12 Dec. 1818, and F.R.S. He was a Commr. of Control
for the Affairs oi India 13 Nov. 1809 to July 1810, sat for Oxon
Feb. 1801 until created Baron Churchill 11 Aug. 1815, was
Hereditary Ranger of Wychwood Forest, and died at Brighton 7
or 10 March 1845.

1802. July 14. Lord F. A. Spencer T.

John Fane T.

1806. Nov. 8. The same. Re-elected 12 May 1807, and
12 Oct. 1812.

1815. Oct. 12. William Henry Ashurst of Waterstock, vice
Lord F. A. Spencer called to the House of Lords. Lord
Sunderland, afterwards Duke of Marlborough (see Woodstock
1826,) was a candidate, but after a warm contest, retired without
a poll. Mr Ashurst was born 19 Oct. 1778, and was the elder son
of Sir Wm. Henry Ashurst Knt. a Justice of the King's Bench
1770-1800, and twice a Lord Commr. of the Great Seal, who died
1807. He matric. Worcester Coll. Oxford 26 Feb. 1796, B.A.
1798, created D.C.L- 6 July 1810, (then H.S of Oxon,) and m. (1)
10 Dec. 1806 Elizabeth eldest dau. of Oswald Mosley of Boles-
worth Castle, Cheshire, and (2) 15 Aug. 1839 Selina widow of Sir
Charles Mill Bart., and eldest dau. of Sir John Morshead Bart.
Mr. Ashurst became Cornet of the Bullington, Dorchester, and
Thame Cavalry Volunteers 1 Aug. 1798, and Lieut, thereof April
1806, was J. P. and D,L. Oxon, M.P. Oct. 1815-30, President of
the Oxfordshire Agricultural Society 1837-46, a Trustee of

80 Members for Oxfordshire.

Dr. Radcliffe's Charity, and Chairman of the Oxon Quarter
Sessions 1822 until his death at Waterstock 3 June 1846,
aged 67.

1818. June 24. John Fane.

W. H. Ashurst.

1820. March 13. The same.

1824. March 8. John Fane of Wormsley, vice his father
deceased. Elder son of the M.P. 1796, he was born 9 July 1775,
and m. 6 June 1801 Elizabeth dau. of Win. Lowndes Stone of
Brightwell Park, He was created D.C.L. Oxford 30 June 1824,
was H.S. Oxon 1835, M.P. March 1824-31, and died 4 Oct. 1850,
aged 75.

1826. June 16. W. H. Ashurst T 1329.

John Fane T 1268.

G. F. Stratton W 1058.

The Poll lasted three days, and 2295 voted. The Plumpers
given were for Ashurst 76, Fane 44, Stratton 815. The split votes
were, Ashurst and Fane 1117, Ashurst and Stratton 136, Fane
and Stratton 107. George Frederick Stratton of Great Tew, who
was also defeated at Coventry March 1803, became Major Com-
mandant Bloxham and Banbury Cavalry Volunteers 3 Sept. 1803
(so in 1825,) and died in greatly reduced circumstances in Long
Island, North America. (Wings Annals of Steeple Barton?)

1830. Aug. 5. John Fane T 1904.

Lord Norreys T 1618.

Sir G. Dashwood W 1246.

2762 voted at this election, the Plumpers being for Fane 94,
Norreys 421, and Dashwood 241, while the Split Votes were Fane
and Norreys 1001, Fane and Dashwood 809, Norreys and
Dashwood 196. Sir George Dashwood 4th Bart., was the grand-
son of the M.P. 1699.

Montague Bertie Lord Norreys, of Wytham Abbey, Berks,
eldest son of Montague 5th Earl of Abingdon, was born 19 June
1798, educ. at Eton, M.A. Trin. Coll. Cambridge 1829, and m. 7
Jan. 1835 Elizabeth Lavinia only dau. of George Granville
Harcourt, (see 1831.) Lord Norreys became Lieut. 1st Oxford-
shire Yeomanry 9 July 1827, Captain 16 Dec. 1830, and was
Mayor * thereof 14 April 1847 to May 1855, D.L- Oxon, Hon.
D.C.L- Oxford 11 June 1834, M.P. Oxon 1830- 1, when defeated,
and 1832-52, and Abingdon 1852 until he succeeded his father as
6th Earl of Abingdon 16 Oct. 1854. He was Lord Lieut, and
Cus. Rot. of Berks 28 Feb. 1855 to 11 Aug. 1881, High Steward of
Abingdon 1854-84, (both in succession to his father,) and High
Steward of Oxford until his death in London 8 Feb. 1884, buried
13 Feb. at Wytham Abbey.

Members for Oxfordshire. 8i

1831. May 9-12. G. G. V. Harcourt W 1782.

R. Weyland W 1688.

Lord Norreys T 1 3 1 6.

This was the last election of an unreformed Parliament,
and 2934 voted, the Poll being; kept open 3 days, and the enthusi-
asm of Reform won the two seats for the Whigs. 57 Plumpers
were given for Harcourt, 22 for Weyland, and 996 for Norreys,
while 1536 split their votes between Harcourt and Weyland, 189
between Harcourt and Norreys, and only 131 between Weyland
and Norreys.

George Granville Venables Vernon Harcourt of Nuneham
Park, eldest son of the Hon. and Most Rev. Edward Vernon
Harcourt, Archbishop of York 1807-47, (4th son of the 1st Lord
Vernon,) was born at Sudbury, co. Derby, 6 Aug. 1785, educ. at
Westminster, matric. Oriel Coll. Oxford 23 May 1803, student
1803-14, B.A. 1808, M.A. 1810. He m. (1) 27 March 1815 Lady
Elizabeth Bingham, (who died 9 Sept. 1838) eldest dau. of
Richard 2nd Karl of Lucan, and (2) 30 Sept. 1847 Frances Eliza-
beth Anne dau. of John Braham, and widow (1) of John James
Henry Waldegrave of Navestock, Essex, and (2) of George 7th
Earl of Waldegrave. (This lady re-m. fourthly in 1863 to Lord
Carlingford). On the death of the last Earl Harcourt he took the
name of Harcourt by Royal License 15 Jan. 1831, and became
tenant for life next to his father of the ancient Harcourt estates
at Newnham Courtney and Stanton Harcourt. He was M.P.
Lichfield 1806-30, and Oxon 1831-61, and died at Strawberry Hill,
Twickenham, 19 Dec. 1861, aged 76, buried 27 Dec. at Stanton

Richard Weyland of Woodeaton, u a soldier of the finest
type," was the 2nd surviving son of John Weyland of Woodrising
Hall, Norfolk, (app. Major Oxon Militia 19 April 1779,) by
Elizabeth dau. and heiress of John Nourse of Woodeaton Hall.
Born 25 March 1780, he spent a short time at St. John's Coll. Cam.
bridge, and then entering the army, as Ensign 9th (East Norfolk)
Regiment 26 Dec. 1805, he became Lieut, therein 17 Dec. 1806, Lieut.
1 6th Light Dragoons 26 March 1807, Brevet Captain 18 July 181 1,
Captain of a troop therein 5 Sept. 181 1, and served with that
regiment throughout the Peninsular War, in Spain and Portugal,
(being A.D.C. to General Sir George Anson,) and at Waterloo,
for which he received the Waterloo Medal. He was made
Brevet Major 21 Jan. 1819, but retired from the army before 1822.
In 1825 he succeeded under the will of his maternal grandfather
to the Woodeaton estate, and in 1854 also succeeded his elder
brother in the Woodrising property. Major Weyland m. 12 Sept.
1820 Charlotte youngest dau. of Charles Gordon of Cluny, co,
Aberdeen, and widow of Sir John Lowther Johnstone 6th Bart.
M.P. of Westerhall, co. Dumfries. He wasJ.P. andD.L. Norfolk

82 Members for Oxfordshire.

and Oxon, H.S. Oxon 1830, M.P. 1831-7, and died 14 Oct. 1864,
aged 84. His dau. Joanna m. in 1840 the 2nd Karl of Verulam.
The Member must not be confused with another Richard Wey-
land, who became Ensign 53rd Foot 31 July 1806, and Lieut. 8th
Foot 1 March 1809, (so in 181 2).

1832. Dec. 17. G. G. Harcourt W.

Major R. Weyland W.

Lord Norreys T.

The celebrated Reform Act of 1832 gave a third Member
to the County of Oxford.

!835. Jan. 12. The same.

J837- July 29. Lord Norreys T 3002.

G. G. Harcourt W 2835.

T. A. W. Parker T 2767.

Thomas Stonor W 1458.

This was the first instance in Oxfordshire of the county
being divided into polling districts ; 4125 voted out of 5253.
Blue and White were the Colours of Lord Norreys, while Mr.
Stonor's Colour was Yellow. Thomas Augustus Wolstenholme
Parker of Sherborne Castle, only son of Hon. Thomas Parker,
(who succ. his brother George, see Woodstock 1777, as 5th Karl
of Macclesfield 20 March 1842,) was born 17 March 1811, educ. at

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