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1 <Por preceding generations see Philllppe Kellogg- 1).

(IV) Nathaniel Kellogg, son
KELLOGG of Lieutenant Joseph Kellogg,
born in Hadley, Massachu-
setts, ( Ictober 8, [669; died October 30, 1750.
lie was in Deerfield, June 6, \(*>i,. when the
town was attacked by the Indians. He escaped
3 and alarmed the town, lie was one of the
*■ largest taxpayers in Hadley and lieutenant of
militia. He was selectman in 1717-21-24-27-37.
£ lie removed to the third precinct of Hadley,
now Amherst, and was an original member of
the church there. November 7, 1739. He mar-
ried. I une 28, [692, Sarah Boltwood, born in
Hadley, ( Ictober 1. M>7-\ daughter of Sergeant
Samuel and Sarah (Lewis) Boltwood. Her
father was -lain by the Indians at Deerfield.
February 29, 1704. Her mother was daughter
of William Lewis, first recorder of Farming-
ton. Connecticut, and granddaughter of William
Lewis, an original settler of Hartford in 1636.
Children, born in Hadley: 1. Nathaniel, Sep-
tember 22, 1693; married (first) Sarah Pres-
ton; (second ) Airs. Martha (Allis) Hammond;
(third) Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. 2. Ebenezer,
mentioned below. 3. Ezekiel, April 15, 1697;
married Elizabeth Partridge. 4. Samuel, April
4, i(« )<>; married Sarah Smith. 5. Sarah, March
12. 1701 ; married Deacon Ebenezer Dickinson.
i). Abigail. March 19. 1703; married Benjamin
Sheldon. 7. Mary, March 9, 1706; married,
November 14. 1732. Dr. Richard Crouch; died
December 29, 1788. 8. Ephraim, August 2,
1709; married Dorothy Hawley. 9. Experi-
ence, married Timothy Nash.

I V ) Captain Ebenezer, son of Nathaniel
Kellogg, born in Hadley, May 31, 11195; died
at the house of his sister Mary in Amherst,
August 17. 17(1(1. He resided in Hadley, Am-
herst, Xew Salem and Stow. He was captain
of militia in 1731. In 1738 he had cleared twice
as much land in Amherst as any other man.
He was the first innkeeper there and in 1745
was one of committee to lay out streets. He
and his wife were members of the first church
at Amherst at its organization, November 7,
1739. He married (first), December 13, 171(1.
Elizabeth, born March 15, 1691, widow of
Philip l'anthorn and daughter of John and
Mehitable (Dickinson) Ingraham. He mar-
ried (second) ( intentions dated September 18,


1756) Mrs. Sarah Stevens, of Stow. Children
of first wife: Martin, born in Sunderland, Sep-
tember 24, 1718; Elizabeth, December 15, 1719,
married Captain Samuel Nourse; Ebenezer,
mentioned below.

( VI ) Ensign Ebenezer (2), son of Captain
Ebenezer (1) Kellogg, born in Amherst, about
1 -22 ; died in the army at Ticonderoga, Novem-
ber 22. 1776. He resided in Amherst, where
he and his wife were admitted to the church.
May 13. 1753. It is said he was an ensign in
the Eighth Massachusetts, under Col. Choate,
in ( ien. Pepperell's expedition against Louis-
burg in 1745. He served in the revolution as
corporal in Capt. Dickinson's company, Col.
Wbodbridge's regiment, and answered the Lex-
ington alarm; he served in the same company
later in the year, receiving an order for a
bounty coat. lie was in Capt. Aaron Haynes'
company. Col. Asa Whitcomb's regiment, en-
listing May 1. 1770, and served until his death,
lie married (first) ; (second) in Am-
herst, January 13, 1751, Sarah Clapp, born
( Ictober 4, 1733, daughter of Preserved and
Sarah (West) Clapp. She married (second)
April 23, 1778, John Nash, of Amherst. Child,
born in Amherst, by first wife: Ebenezer, born
about May 29, 1749, married (first) Elizabeth
Crocker, (second) Tamer Wright. Children
of second wife: Sarah, baptized May 13, 1753,
married Joseph Bolles ; Elizabeth, married,
1775, Reuben Dickinson, Jr.; Jonathan, men-
tioned below.

(VII) Jonathan, son of Ensign Ebenezer
(2) Kellogg, was baptized in Amherst, October
24. 1760; died February 28, 1823. He was a
cordwainer and resided at Amherst. He was
drafted to serve nine months in the Continental
army in 1778, but furnished a substitute. He
was in Capt. Alvord's company. Col. Murray's
regiment, in 1780, and was described as of Am-
herst, twenty years of age, five feet eight inches
high, light complexion. He married in Am-
herst. Tune 5. 1783. Mary Holland, of Pelham,
Massachusetts. She died March 5. 1823, and
both were buried in one grave in South Am-
herst. Children: Ira, mentioned below ; Ches-
ter, born January 21, 1788, married (first)
Lois Dickinson ; ( second ) Maria Bixbee ; David.
August 8, [792, married (first) Almira Barton,
( second ) Portia Preston.




(Y1II) Ira, son of Jonathan Kellogg, was
born in Brattleboro. Vermont, January 27,
1786; died in Montague, Massachusetts, No-
vember 16, 1843. He resided at Amherst and
Montague. He was a shoemaker and saddler.
He married, January 25, 1808, Ruth, born June
18, 1790, died in Springfield, Massachusetts,
September 18, 1875, daughter of William and
Thurza (Warner) Dickinson, of Amherst.
Children: 1. Wright Dickinson, born in Am-
herst, January 12, 1809; married Mrs. Rox-
anna (Goodell) Dickinson. 2. Bela, mentioned
below. 3. Porter Montague, April 18, 1812;
married Cemantha Pratt. 4. Charles Carroll,
January 23, 1814; married Sophia Wealthy
Carll. 4. Horace Hancock, August 4. 1816;
married Jerusha Ashley Leonard. 5. Maria,
July 17, 1818 ; married Timothy Morton Dewey.
6. Levi. July 25, 1820; died July 21, 1822. 7.
Minerva, July 28, 1822; died July 10, 1856;
unmarried. 8. Susan Malona, May 29, 1S24;
married Solomon Wilson (ileason.

(IX) Bela, son of Ira Kellogg, was born in
Amherst, August 1, i8io:died April 13, 1878.
He was educated in the public schools, and
learned the trade of shoemaker. He engaged
in the manufacture of boots and shoes at Mont-
ague, Massachusetts. In 1853 he removed to
Greenfield and during the remainder of his
active life was a grocer. He was a successful
man of affairs and prominent citizen. In politics
he was a Republican, and for twelve years was
county treasurer. He was a member of the
Second Congregational Church of Greenfield.
He married, August 19, 1834, Mary Hosmer,
born April 5, 181 5, at Montague, died March
25, 1891. daughter of Deacon Silas and Mary
(Puffer) Hosmer. Children: 1. Charles Hos-
mer, born at South Hadley, July 10, 1836; died
August 16, 1891 ; married Flora Jane Day. 2.
Mary Sophia, born at South Hadley, October
2, 1838; died August 7, 1895. 3. Dwight Bailey,
born at Montague, June 10, 1842; a grocer in
partnership with his brother, Frederick Elliot
Kellogg; died March 4, 1901. 4. George Bela,
born at Montague, August 23, 1848; died Au-
gust 28, 1850. 5. Alice Jarvis, born November
29, 1 85 1 ; died October 9, 1838. 6. Frederick
Elliot, born June 6, 1853; mentioned below.

( X ) Frederick Elliot, son of Bela Kellogg,
was born at Montague, June 6, 1853, and edu-
cated in the public schools of Greenfield, whither
the family moved soon after his birth. At the
age of eighteen he removed to Peoria. Illinois,
and was traveling salesman for his brother,
Charles H. Kellogg, a wholesale dealer in con-
fectionery, continuing in this business until

1891. He then entered partnership with his
brother, Dwight Bailey Kellogg, in the grocery
business at Greenfield, established by his father
in 1853, and the firm was highly successful.
After the death of his brother he continued the
business alone until 1905 when he retired on
account of ill health. In politics he is a Re-
publican. He is a member of Republican
Lodge, F. and A. M.; of Franklin Chapter,
R. A. M. ; of Titus Strong Council; of Con-
necticut Valley Commandery, K. T., and of
Miller Temple, Order of the Mystic Shrine.
He is a member of the Second Congregational
Church. He married, December 25. 1882, Mary
Ella Sansom, of Peoria, Illinois, daughter of
James Greene and Lucinda Porter (Van Hook )
Sansom. Her father was born June 8, 1825,
died March 2, 1897, a foreman in the Deere
Plow factory at Moline, Ulionis. Her mother
was born August 26, 1828, died October 27,
1904. Children of James G. and Lucinda Por-
ter Sansom: i. John Dravo Sansom, born De-
cember 30, 1852; ii. Mary Ella Sansom. March
i2. 1854: iii. James William Sansom, Novem-
ber 8, 1856; iv. Frank Irvin Sansom. October
2-. 1858, died July 7, 1888: v. Helen Amanda
Sansom, April 11, i860; vi. Elizabeth Van
Hook Sansom, February 13, 1862. Children
of Frederick E. and Mary Ella (Sansom) Kel-
logg: 1. Arria Ruth, born May 20, 1887; died
May 27, following. 2. Lois Sansom, July 2,
1888: a student in Yassar College.

(For preceding; generations see Phillippe Kellogg 1).

(V) Captain Ezekiel Kel-
KELLOGG logg, son of Nathaniel Kel-
logg, born April 15. 1697, at
Hadley, Massachusetts; married about 1723,
Elizabeth Partridge, born at Hadley, Septem-
ber 22. 1701. daughter of Samuel, Jr., and
Mary (Cotton) Partridge. Her father was
born January 21, 1672. son of Col. Samuel
Partridge, of Hatfield, who was representative
in [685-86, judge of probate, member of gov-
ernor's council, and considered after the death
of Col. Pynchon one of the most important men
in the western part of the state. Her mother
was daughter of Rev. Seaborn and Dorothy
(Dudley) Cotton. Capt. Ezekiel Kellogg was
a weaver by trade, and a trader in 1 73 1. He
resided in Hadley and New Salem, and his
trade with the Indians brought him prosperity.
He was in the French and Indian war in Col.
Williams' regiment, serving ten days, and trav-
elled forty-four miles during the siege of Fort
William Henry. He was in command of a com-
pany in the Indian wars in charge of the fort



at Nc.v Salem, built for protection of the
families of the settlers. He was noted for his
courage and skill as a fighter. Children: 1.
Elizabeth, born 1724, died September I, 1726.
2. Daughter, died 1725. 3. Maria, died 1726;
gravestone at Iladley. 4. Ezekiel, born Sep-
tember 22, 1728, married Hannah Southwick.
5. Cotton, November 2, 1732, soldier in the
French and Indian war, resided at Rutland. 6.
Dr. Giles Crouch, May 4. 1/33. graduate of
Harvard. 1751 ; resided at Hadley and died
unmarried August 28, 1793. 7. William, Feb-
ruary 1, 1739, married Nancy Holton. 8.
Samuel (twin), February 1, 1739, mentioned
below. 9. Elizabeth, December 20, 1740,
admitted to the church at New Salem, February
13. 1762. 10. Partridge, baptized May 29, 1743.

(VI) Samuel, son of Captain Ezekiel Kel-
logg, was born February 1, 1739. He was said
to have been in the revolution, one of sixteen
men who marched to reinforce the army at
Bennington, and that he often told his children
of the awful scenes on the field of battle. He
married (first) Lucy Snow, born at Woburn,
April 8, 1740, probably daughter of Jacob and
Abigail (Wyman) Snow. He married (sec-
ond) Mrs. Sally (Fish) Southwick, widow of
Benjamin Southwick, of New Salem. She
was dismissed to the church at Sangerfield,
New York, April 20, 1816, and he removed at
that time to Sangerfield, although he must have
been advanced in years. Children of first wife :
1. Benjamin, baptized August 29, 1770, mar-
ried Pamelia Trask. 2. Samuel, baptized July
10. 1 77 1, mentioned below. 3. Lucy, born
July 12, 1773. married Ezra Allen. 4. Sarah,
Tune 17, 1775, married Peter Sampson. 5.
Hannah Snow, May 29. 1777, married (first)
Joseph Putnam ; (second) Sylvanus Ward. 6.
Nathaniel, July 22, 1781, married Sarah Stowell.
7. Jonathan, baptized August 1, 1784. 8. Barn-
abas, baptized July 9. 1786. 9. Experience,
died November 30, 1806. Children of second
wife: 10. Uriah, born December 30, 1805. 11.
Daniel Fish, September 12, 1807, married Emily
Dunham. 12. Experience, April 18, 181 1, mar-
ried Uranus Livermore.

(VII) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1)
Kellogg, was baptized at New Salem. July 10,
1 77 1, died May 26, 1859. He was a farmer
and resided at New Salem. He married. July
28, 1791. Susannah Felton, born at New Salem,
March 1, 1772, daughter of James and Sarah
(Holton) Felton. Children: I. James, born
January 13, 1793, married Fidelia Dickman. 2.
Lucy Snow. 1794, married Asa Wilson. 3.
Joseph, married (first) Margaret Shipman ;

(second) Mrs. Emeline Brooks. 4. Samuel,
1797, married Mary Watson. 5. Nancy Dut-
ton Knowlton, married Charles Dodge. 6.
Hannah Putnam, 1800, married Nathan
Wyeth. 7. Sally, August 16, 1802, married
David Wyeth. 8. Susan, June, 1804, married
Jonah Beaman Marks; (second) William F.
"Remington. 9. Henry Partridge, June, 1806,
married Julia Wood Byrnes. 10. Nathaniel,
1808, married Elvira Fowler and died June 29,
1865. 11. Roxanna, April 5, 181 1, married
Samuel Washburn Orcutt. 12. Esther Put-
nam, July 26, 1813, married Abraham Knowl-
ton Haskell. 13. Frederick, January 21, 1816,
mentioned below.

(YIII) Frederick, son of Samuel (2) Kel-
logg, was born at New Salem, January 21,
1816, and resided at Orange, Massachusetts.
Fie died in 1905. He was a farmer. He mar-
ried, October 1, 1837, Elizabeth Putnam, born
December 7, 1810, daughter of Amos and
Lvdia (Pierce) Putnam. Children: 1. Fred-
eric D., born November 29, 1840, mentioned
below. 2. Edwin Nathaniel, May 18, 1843,
married Eliza Abba Moore. 3. Susan E.,
January 16, 1846, married William A. Orcutt.

(IX) Frederic Dwight, son of Frederick
Kellogg, was born in New Salem, November
29, 1840. He was educated in his native town
in the public schools and New Salem Academy.
He then taught school for five years in the
winter, working on the farm in summer. In
1866 he was employed as clerk in a general
store in Millington, New Salem, and later he
was admitted to partnership by his employer.
Four years later, November, 1870, he sold his
interests in the business and came to Orange,
Massachusetts, to work for the New Home
Sewing Machine Company as bookkeeper and
timekeeper in the foundry. For many years
he had charge of the buying for the foundry
department. He is a prominent member of
the Central Congregational Church of which
he has been clerk since 1891 and deacon since
1 woo. In politics he is a Republican. He is
trustee and auditor of the Orange Savings
Bank. He married (first) June 14, 1861,
Cynthia Bragg, born February 1, 1840, died
November 23. 1905, daughter of Benjamin and
Mary ( Snow ) Bragg. Her father was born at
Royalston, Massachusetts, September 26, 1785.
and her mother was born August 17, 1807. He-
married (second) Mary S. Bragg, born October,
1842, sister of his first wife. Children of first
wife : 1. Frederic L.. born May 26, 1867, men-
tioned below. 2. Edwin D., January 29, 1882,
a theological student in Bangor, Maine.



( X ) Dr. Frederic Leroy, son of Frederic
Dwight Kellogg, was born at New Salem,
May 26, 1867. He attended the public schools
of Orange, and graduated from the medical
school of Bellevue Hospital, New York City,
in 1889. He has practiced since then in Wol-
laston, Massachusetts, later in Roxbury, where
he now enjoys a lucrative practice. In politics
he is a Republican ; in religion an Episcopalian.
He married (first) in Fryeburg, Maine, No-
vember 27, 1891, Grace Warren, born there

August 18, 1863, daughter of Otis and ■

(Towle) Warren. She died at Somerville,
Massachusetts, July 30, 1897. He married
(second) June 7. 1899, Mrs. Delia Hortense
(Graves) Walker, born at Boston, October 1,
1864, daughter of Fred Dean and Florence
Roxanna ( Ward) Graves. Her father was
born March 31, 1836; her mother August 9,
1842. Child of first wife: Grace Warren,
born at Somerville, July 28, 1897, died August
11, 1897.

The surname Webster is of
WFBSTER ancient English origin, being

a trade name, a colloquial
term for weaver. The most important Eng-
lish family of this name claims descent from
John Webster who was a resident of Bolsover,
Derbyshire, in the reign of Henry IV. and
whose descendants are settled in Essex, in
which county as well as in Cambridgeshire and
Huntingdonshire, Henry IV granted John
Webster large estates about 1400. The Scotch
family of Webster, very likely also descended
from this John Webster, were in Edinburg-
shire before 1700, probably not long before
that date, however. There is no other family
of this surname in Scotland bearing arms,
though descendants are found in other sections
of the country. The armorial bearings of the
Webster family of Edinburg: Argent a fesse
gules between three crosses crosslet fitchee
azure. Crest : the sun rising out of the sea
proper. Motto, Emcrgo. Of the American
families of the surname Webster, there are
two important branches. John Webster who
came from Suffolk, England, progenitor of
Daniel Webster, is mentioned below. John
Webster from Warwickshire, England, settled
in Connecticut and was progenitor of the dic-
tionary genius. Noah Webster.

(I) John Webster, immigrant ancestor, was
born in England and as early as 1634 was a
proprietor and resident of the town of Ips-
wich, Massachusetts. He seems to be the
same John Webster, baker by trade, who was

admitted an inhabitant of Salem in 1637, who
was witness in the Essex court in 1639 and
applied for land at the creek in 1642. He
married Mary Shatswell, sister of John Shats-
well, who remembered her in his will. She
married (second) October 29, 1650, John
Emery, Sr., of Newbury, and removed with
him to Haverhill. He and his son John Emery
were appointed guardians of Israel Webster,
aged eighteen ; and Nathan Webster, aged six-
teen, at their request, November 26, 1662. The
family removed to Newbury from Ipswich.
Administration was granted to John Webster's
widow Mary, November 4, 1646, and later at
her desire division was made to the eight minor
children ; to the eldest son John the farm, he
paying to the youngest son five pounds or a
quarter the value of the farm ; Mary, Stephen
and Hannah to have equal shares in the island
bought of Widow Andrews ; Elizabeth, Abi-
gail and Israel to have twenty nobles apiece ;
all at twenty-one years of age. Children: I.
John, born 1632, married June 13, 1653, Ann
Batt. 2. Hannah, married, April I, 1657,
Michael Emerson (and had daughter Hannah
who married Thomas Dustin and was the
heroine of Indian captivity). 3. Stephen, 1637,
mentioned below. 4. Elizabeth, married Samuel
Simmons. 5. Abigail, married, January 18,
1666, Abraham Merrill, of Newbury. 6. Israel.
1634. married, January 3. 1665, Elizabeth
Brown ; ( second ) November 9, 1669, Eliza-
beth Lunt. 7. Nathan, 1636, married Mary

(Hi Stephen, son of John Webster, was
born in 1637 in Ipswich, died May 10, 1694.
He married, March 24. 1662, Hannah Ayer,
born December 21. 1644. died June 2. 1676.
daughter of John Ayer. He married (second)
May 26, 1 '178. Judith Broad, of Portsmouth.
Stephen came to Haverhill with his mother
and step-father, John Emery Sr. He served
under Sergeant John Webster in the second
garrison, in 1690. His widow Judith waived
her right to administer the estate, asking the
appointment of sons John and Stephen. Ste-
phen and wife deeded to John Light, October
20. 1673, a parcel of land. He bought land in
Haverhill of Nathan Gould, of Amesbury, in
August, 1672 ; of Thomas Dow, July 26, 1673 ;
of Elizabeth Swan, April 17, 1661, and of
John Williams, March 2, 1665. His sons John
"and Stephen sold their shares in the estate to
their brother Nathan, March 11, 1728-29.
Children: 1. Hannah, born May 10, 1666,
married, May 5. 1684, Thomas Eaton. 2.
John, March 15. 1668, mentioned below. 3.



Mary, April 21. 1670, married, June 14, 1693,
Jacob Whitaker. 4. Stephen, January 1, 1672,
married, October 23, 1700, Mary (Goodwin)
Cooke. 5. Nathan, November 14, 1674, died
August 16, 1741 ; married, September 12, 1708,
Sarah Low. 6. Abigail', May 27, 1676, mar-
ried James Marden.

(III) John (2), son of Stephen Webster,
was born March 15, 1668, in Haverhill, died
there May 4, 1742. He married (first) June
14, 1693, Tryphena Lock, who died March 6,
1729, daughter of John Lock, of Hampton.
He married (second) Joanna (Gutterson)
Callum. Children: 1. Judith, born Septem-
ber 1, 1694, married, January 9, 1717-18. Philip
Hazletine. 2. John, July 27, 1695, died Janu-
ary 9, 1696. 3. Elizabeth, December 18, 1696.
4. Stephen, January 1, 1698-99, mentioned
below. 5. Hannah, November 21, 1700, mar-
ried Daniel Emerson. 6. Tryphena, November
9, 1702. 7. Israel, November 16, 1704, mar-
ried, January 15, 1729-30, Mary Bond. 8.
Mary, December 9, 1706. 9. Joseph, January
25, 1708-09, died July 26, 1735. 10. Nathaniel,
July 25, 1712, married, February 6, 1737, Han-
nah Mitchell.

(IV) Stephen (2), son of John (2) Web-
ster, was born January 1, 1698-99, married,
February 2T, 1722-23, Abigail Berry. Chil-
dren: 1. Abigail, born February 4, 1723-24,
died December 12, 1736. 2. Mary, January 2,
1726-27, married, March 4, 1747-48, Joseph
Hazletine. 3. Judith, September 7, 1729, mar-
ried, November 4, 1756, Joseph Cooch. 4.
Stephen, March 3, 1731-32, died December 2,
1803; married. February 28, 1754, Susannah
Ladd. 5. Tryphena, November 17, 1734, died
December 24, 1736. 6. Joseph, August 11,
1736, died 1758. 7. James, November 2, 1740,
married, April 12, 1763, Lydia Webster; (sec-
ond) Lois Emerson. 8. William, December 14,
1743, mentioned below.

(V) William, son of Stephen (2) Webster,
was born December 14, 1743, in Haverhill.
He was in the revolution, a drummer in Cap-
tain Peter Coburn's company. Colonel Bridge's
regiment, and marched on the alarm April 19,
1775. He probably had other service, which
is credited to a William Webster, • place of
residence not given. He married, September
8, 1763, Lydia Clough, at Haverhill. Children,
born at Dracut : 1. Nathaniel, January 7,

1765, removed to Littleton. 2. Joseph, July 12,

1766. 3. William, January 4, 1768. 4. Ste-
phen, November 27, 1769. 5. Lydia, February
2, 1772. 6. Mary. March 24, 1774. 7. Timo-
thy, August 3. 1778. 8. John, February 15,

1780. 9. James, March 7, 1782. 10. David,
May 8, 1786, mentioned below.

(VI) David, son of William Webster, was
born May 8. 1786, died February 10, 1849. He
married, in Littleton, February 9, 1809, Anna
Albee, and lived in that town from 1810 to
1829 when he located at Irasburgh, Vermont,
on the homestead lately occupied by his son,
David H. Webster. His farm had a simple
log house on it and he bought it on credit. He
had a long, hard struggle clearing the land,
and paying for his home, but succeeded in the
end and acquired a moderate competence. He
was steward of the Methodist church at Iras-
burgh many years : a member of Morning Star
Lodge of Free Masons. Children: 1. Albert
A., born at Highgate, Vermont, October 14,
1809, mentioned below. 2. Arethusa, Little-
ton, February 25, 181 1, married Charles Kel-
logg. 3. Anna, November 19, 1812. 4. Har-
riet N., April 27, 1816. 5. Horatio N., August
28, 1818, died September 21, 1825. 6. Silas
H., January 11, 1822. 7. Olive. October 19,
1823. 8. David H., July 19, 1826. 9. Frank-
lin B., December 20, 1828.

I VI I) Albert A., son of David Webster,
was born at Highgate, Vermont. October 14,
1809. He came to Irasburgh with his father
and was a farmer there, highly respected and
influential. He died about 1873. He held many
town offices. He married Irene ; chil-
dren : Joseph, Ellery, Solon, Albert, Charles,
Pliny, Lucy, William, Daughter, married
Mower, deceased.

(VIII I Albert, son of Albert A. and Irene
Webster, was born in Irasburgh, married, De-
cember 14, 1844. He was educated there in
the district schools. He is a stock farmer in
his native town and a well known citizen. He
married Emily Bryant, born Irasburgh, De-
cember 15, 1845. Children, born at Iras-
burgh: 1. Homer Harris, November 7, 1870,
lives at Bennington, Vermont. 2. Arthur Ray,
October 23, 1872. 3. William Bryant, April
12, 1875, mentioned below. 4. Mary Edith,

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