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town. Children: I. Marie, born June 20,
1659. 2. Joshua. April 6, 1661, killed by the
Indians, February 10, 1676. 3. Grace, No-
vember 15. 1663. 4. Jonathan, October 7,
1666, 5. Hasadiah, February 28. 1668, mar-
ried John Morre, January 1, 1698. 8. Jabez,
January 8, 1670-71, mentioned below. 7. Jon-
as. May 6. 1673.

(Ill) Captain Jabez, son of Jonas Fair-
banks, was born in Lancaster, January 8, 1670-
-71, and resided there, except when driven out
by the Indian wars, until he died, March 2,
1758, aged eighty-seven years. (Reported
eighty-four years on gravestone.) He was a
very efficient soldier and officer in the Indian
wars and "was no doubt incited to heroic ex-
ploits bv the massacre of his father and broth-
er in 1676 and his only surviving brother in
1697." During the raid of the town of Lan-
caster in 1697 when his brother Jonathan was
slain with one of his children, Captain Fair-
banks was the means of saving a garrison and
perhaps many lives, including that of his little
son. probably Joseph. The Indians killed
twenty-one persons, wounded two, and carried
off as captive six. of whom five were returned
later, including the wife of his brother Jona-
than. In the year 1700 he received grants of
land on both sides of Dane's brook above
Thomas Sawyer's saw mill. The site became
the home of the Fairbanks family of Lancaster



for more than a century. Captain Fairbanks
was deputy to the general court in 1714-21-22-
2$. He married Mary Wilder, who died Feb-
ruary 21, 17 18, aged forty-three years, daugh-
ter of Thomas and Mary (Houghton) Wilder.
He married (second) March 25, 1719, Eliza-
beth Whitcomb, who died May 11, 1755, aged
eighty years, seven months. Children: 1. Jo-
seph, born 1693. 2. Jabez. 3. Elizabeth, mar-
ried, December 24, 17 18, Deliverance Brown.
4. Jonas. 5. Thomas. 6. Abigail, married,
May 24, 1726, Henry Willard. 7. Jonathan,
baptized June 18, 1710. 8. Grace, baptized
February 2j, IJ12, married, March 2j, 1733.
Joseph Brown. 9. Joshua, baptized March 28,
1714, mentioned below. 10. Annah, baptized
November 18, 1716, married, April 5, 1738, Si-
mon Butler.

( IV ) Deacon Joshua, son of Captain Jabez
Fairbanks, was baptized March 28, 17 14. He
was soldier in the French and Indian wars.
He died November 25, 1769. and his estate was
divided June 6, 1770. He married, December
7, 1737, Eunice Wilder, who died before July
25, 1774. Children: 1. Joshua, baptized Feb-
ruary 25, 1739, died young. 2. Lemuel, bap
tized March 2. 1741. 3. Susanna, baptized
January 17. 1743, died young. 4. Abijah, bap-
tized June 2T„ 1745. 5. Joshua, born Septem-
ber 28, 1746. 6. Eunice, born October g,
1747. married, July 25, 1770, John Townsend.
7. Calvin, baptized February 11, 1753. 8.
Luther, baptized July 15. 1755. mentioned be-
low. 9. Elizabeth, baptized October 7, 1757.
10. Martha, baptized May. 1759. 11. Abel,
baptized September 20, 1761, died in the rev-
olution. 1778.

(V) Captain Luther, son of Deacon Joshua
Fairbanks, was baptized July 15, 1755, died in
Barnard, Vermont, at the home of his son,
Calvin, December 8, 1836, of typhoid fever,
aged eighty-one years. He resided in Lancas-
ter, Northfield and Swanzey, New Hampshire,
until about 1782, when he removed to Bar-
nard, Vermont. Afterward he resided in
Pittsfield. He was a farmer and blacksmith.
Fie enlisted as sergeant in the revolutionary
army, marching to Concord on the alarm,
April 19, 1775. In September, 1775, he enlist-
ed with Captain Jonas Hubbard's company
and marched to Quebec with Colonel Benedict
Arnold, and took part in the assault on Que-
bec. December 31, 1775. While in the act of
scaling the fortification he was taken prisoner
and kept in the jail until September, 1776,
when he was transported by water to New
York City, paroled, and soon exchanged. He

was in the battle of Stillwater, September 19,
and October 7, 1777. After the surrender of
the British he accompanied that part of the
army which was ordered to Chestnut Hill,
probably near Philadelphia. Arriving at Al-
bany, he was detached to be appointed wagon
conductor general in the quartermaster's de-
partment, in General Patterson's brigade. He
spent the winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge,
and was discharged in July, 1778. He was
ranked as captain and received a pension. He
married (first) in Lancaster, March 5, 1777,
Thankful Wheelock, born 1757, died in Pitts-
field. June 21. 1820. He married (second)

Anna , who died in Castleton, Vermont,

June 22, 1842. Children: 1. Thankful, born
at Lancaster, May 10, 1778, died March 23,
1849, unmarried. 2. Luther, September 10,
1779, mentioned below. 3. Sally, Swanzey,
December 24, 1780, married Simeon Gates. 4.
Abel, Swanzey, March 18, 1784, died July 5,

1806. 5. Betsey, Swanzey, October 2, 1785,
married James Dean. 6. Eunice, May 25,
1788, married December 2, 1807, Charles
Hathaway. 7. Joshua, Barnard, January 30,
1793. 8. John. Pittsfield, 1795. 9. Joseph,
Pittsfield, April. 1796. 10. Ophelia, born in

1 VI) Luther (2), son of Captain Luther
( 1 ) Fairbanks, was \»>vn September 10, 1779,
in Swanzey, New Hampshire, died October
21. 1857. He removed with his parents to
Barnard, Vermont, when he was young, and
afterwards settled in Ohio. He was a farmer
and a member of the Congregational church,
a man of sterling worth. He married (first)
Lucy Lewis, born February 19, 1785, died
January 14, 1842. He married (second) May
20, 1849, Miranda McLenathan. in Ware, who
died there February 8, 1850. Children: 1.
Lewis, born June 5, 1804. 2. Luther, April 8,

1807, died July 8, 1836. 3. Lomanda, April
9, 1809, married, October 19, 1834, Charles K.
West ; died July 16, 1883. 4. Lorenzo, June
9, 181 1, mentioned below. 5. Louisa, Decem-
ber 19, 1813, died August 26, 1837. 6. Lucy,
July 16, 1817, died July 3, 1833. 7. Lucius,
February 12, 1819, died November 30, 1833.
8. Louisa M., July 12, 1822, died July 28,
1894. 9. Lorriston Monroe, May 4, 1824.

(VII) Lorenzo, son of Luther (2) Fair-
banks, was born June 9, 181 1, in Barnard,
Vermont. He resided there for some years,
and then removed to Ware, Massachusetts,
where he died December 21, 1882. He was a
wheelwright and had a large shop at*Barnard,
employing many men. He continued the same



business at Ware. He married in Barnard,
February 19, 1835, Lucy Eveline Winslow,
born in Barnard, April 10, 181 6, died in Ware,
June 7, 1876, daughter of George Rex and
Lucy (Clark) Winslow. Children: 1. Fran-
cis Augustus, born in Ware, November 19,
1835, died September 20, 1836. 2. Henry Lu-
cius, January 27, 1838. 3. George Edwin, Oc-
tober 8, 1839. 4- Luther Monroe, October 8,
1841. 5. Julia Eveline, March 20, 1844, died
July 12, 1870; married, October 1, 1868, Wil-
liam E. Watson. 6. Jasper Lorenzo, Hadley,
May 20, 1849. 7- Abbie Annette, Ware, Feb-
ruary 20, 1850, married Henry L. Morgan. 8.
Lizzie Jane, November 17, 1852, died October
19, 1857. 9. Charles Rufus, September 30,
1855. 10. Lucy E., Ware, August 17, 1857,
married Arthur J. N. Ward, of Enfield. (See
Ward, Vim.

Benjamin Hanks was born in
HANKS England, probably in Malms

bury, Wiltshire, in 1666. Davis
gives a John Hanks as of Plymouth, Massa-
chusetts, as early as 1633, but we have no
further record of him. It is curious, however,
that Benjamin Hanks, the only other early
comer of this surname, should have selected
the same place for his home, unless he was a
relative. One record tells us that he landed at
Plymouth in 1699 and settled in that part of
the old town set off as Pembroke. When the
town of Easton was incorporated in 1712 he
was one of the original heads of families. His
homestead was on what is now Purchase street
near the swamp. The house is gone and the
traces of, the old cellar nearly obliterated.
This is in the south part of the town. He died
at Easton in 1775, aged eighty-nine years. He
married (first) Abigail -; (second) at

Pembroke, March 23, 1727, Mary Ripley, of
Bridgewater. He had eleven children by the
first wife, one by the second. His widow Mary
died in 1760 at Easton, aged eighty-two years.
Children of first wife, born at Pembroke: 1.
Abigail, April 8, 1701. 2. Benjamin Jr., July
15, 1702, married, April 23, 1724, at Marsh-
field, Mary White: children, born at Ply-
mouth: i. Isaac, 1725; ii. Abigail, 1726; iii.
William, 1728; iv. John, 1730; v. Richard
White, 1734; vi. Uriah, 1736; vii. Benjamin,
1738; viii. Mary, 1741 ; ix. Silas, 1744. 3.
William, February 11, 1703-04, thought to be
the father of Joseph Hanks, of Virginia,
whose daughter* Nancy Hanks, married the
father of Abraham Lincoln and was mother

of the president ; family tradition has it that
William Hanks went to Virginia in a sailing
vessel and had sons Abraham, Richard, James,
John and Joseph. 4. Anna, November 14,
1706. 5. Mary, February 14, 1707. 6. John,
October 22, 1709, married, January 16, 1734-
35. Mary Delanay, of Duxbury. 7. Elizabeth,
March 5, 171 1, married, October 2j, 1731, Ne-
hemiah Peirce. 8. Rachel, May 2, 1712, mar-
ried, March 14, 1732-33, James Bumpass at
Middleborough. 9. Johanna, October 9, 1713.
10. Jairus, February 24. 1714-15. 11. Jacob,
mentioned below.

( II ) Jacob, son of Benjamin Hanks, was
born about 17 17 in Pembroke or Easton. He
appears to be the only son of Benjamin to set-
tle in Easton and certainly was the only voter
of the family there in 1749. He was a soldier
from Easton in the French and Indian war in
1755 in Captain Ebenezer Dean's company of
Taunton, Colonel Ephraim Leonard's regi-
ment, with the rank of sergeant. Again in 1757
he served as a private in Captain Eliphalet
Leonard's company. The following soldiers
from Easton in the revolution were probably
all his sons : William, Joseph, Ebenezer, men-
tioned below, Benjamin.

(III) Ebenezer, son of Jacob Hanks, was
born in Easton in 1759, died August 1, 1850,
at the advanced age of ninety-one years at
Belchertown, Massachusetts. He was a sol-
dier in the revolution from Easton, a pri-
vate in Captain Matthew Randall's company.
Colonel George Williams's regiment, in 1776-
yj, in Rhode Island campaigns ; in Captain
Randall's company, Colonel Jacob Gerrish's
regiment, in 1778; in Captain Isaac Hodge's
company, Colonel John Hathaway's regiment,
at Rhode Island in 1779. He settled at Bel-
chertown at the close of the war and married
there Hepzibah Ward, daughter of John
Ward (V), April 12, 1785. (See sketch of
the Ward family herewith). Children, born
at Belchertown: 1. Isaac, November 14, 1785,
mentioned below. 2. Abigail, October 11, 1787,
married Asa Shaw. 3. Sydvia, December 16,
1789, died August 13, 1794. 4. Esther, No-
vember 7, 1792, died August 14, 1794. 5.
Ocran, August 15, 1795, married Esther Pease.
6. Moses (twin), April 7, 1798, died November
23, 1808. 7. Aaron (twin), April 7, 1798, died
January 13, 1816. 8. Zelah, October 15, 1801,
married Sarah Randall, of Belchertown,
daughter of Nehemiah Randall ; he died Feb-
ruary 19, 1833.

(IV) Isaac, son of Ebenezer Hanks, was
born in Belchertown, November 14, 1785. He





was a farmer in his native town. He married
there November 24, 1808, Elizabeth Wilson,
born October 9, 1783, daughter of Thomas
Wilson. Children, born at Belchertown : 1.
Thomas Wilson, September 16, 1809, died
February 12, 1810. 2. Esther A., March 25,
181 1, married Daniel T. Trask. 3. Elizabeth
W., May 2, 1812, married, December 19,

1838, Benjamin Ward, of Belchertown. (See
Ward, VII). 4. Ebenezer B., January 20, 1814,
married Mary Church. 5. Hepzibah, June 3,
1815, died November 8, 1838. 6. Roxanna
M., May 29, 1817, married Benoni E. Rust. 7.
Vesty M., July 27, 1818, died November 10,

1839. 8- Isaac W., August 18, 1821, married
Henrietta Kennedy.

This family seems to be distinct
ADAMS from others of the name so num-
erously represented in this work.
George Adams, of Watertown, may have been
a brother of William of Cambridge, and
there are many circumstances to support such
a probability, but there is no evidence to sup-
port it. At any rate, his descendants have
borne an excellent character and fulfilled their
part in the shaping of the destiny of Massa-

(I) George Adams was in Watertown,
Massachusetts, as early as 1645, with his wife
Frances, but whence he came will ever remain
a mystery among many others of like nature.
He was a glover by trade, and had land in
Watertown. which he sold with house, Novem-
ber 4, 1664, and about that time removed to
Cambridge Farms (now Lexington), Massa-
chusetts. There he was killed by a fall of
rock, October 10, 1696. The inventory of his
estate placed its value at sixty-one pounds thir-
teen shillings eight pence. Children : John,
George, Daniel, Joseph and Mary.

(II) George (2), second son of George (1)
and Frances Adams, was born 1647, m Water-
town, and resided in Lexington, where he died
February 17, 1733. He married, January 20,
1684, Martha, fourth daughter of John and
Sarah (Wyeth) Fiske, born December 15,
1666, in Watertown, died May 7, 1747, in Lex-
ington. She was baptized in the church at Wa-
tertown, November 21, 1686, by Mr. Bailey,
and her husband owned the covenant and was
baptized in the same church by Mr. Angier,
June 19, 1698. Children: George. Martha,
John, Nathaniel, Sarah, Benjamin, and prob-
ably Abigail and Anna.

(III) George (3), eldest child of George
(2) and Martha (Fiske) Adams, was born

April 28, 1685, in Lexington, and was baptized
in Watertown November 21 of the following
year. He was a physician, and resided in Lex-
ington until 1720, when he removed to Wal-
tham, where he died February 8, 1767. His
wife bore the baptismal name of Judith. Chil-
dren : Lydia, Jonathan, Judith, Elizabeth,
Hannah, Seth, Jonah, Deborah, Abigail and

(IV) Daniel, youngest child of George (3)
and Judith Adams, was born May 2, 1724, in
that part of Watertown now Waltham, and re-
sided in that town, where he married, Novem-
ber 22, 1743, Elizabeth Baker, of the same
town. ■ Children of record : Elizabeth, Jonas
and Seth.

(V) Seth, elder son of Daniel and Elizabeth
( Baker) Adams, was born March 11, 1746, in
Waltham, and settled in Marlborough, Massa-
chusetts, where he was probably a farmer. No
record of his marriage appears in Watertown,
Waltham or Marlborough, but the Christian
name of his wife was Sarah. Children: Jacob
born December 2, 1771 ; Dorcas, March 26.
1774: Sarah. February 27, 1777; Joel, men-
tioned below; John, February 7, 1782; Samuel,
April 1, 1784: Lucy, November 1, 1786; Polly,
August 9, 1788 (baptized Mary. August 17).

(VI) Joel, second son of Jonas and Sarah
Adams, was born August 3, 1779, in Marlbor-
ough, and was probably a machinist or other
mill employe. He was in Northbridge, Massa-
chusetts, in 1806, in Marlborough in 1810, and
was later in Providence, where he kept a
store. He married Azubah, daughter of Eli-
jah and Mindwell (Hardy) Whitney, of
Shrewsbury, born October 13, 1785, in that
part of Shrewsbury known as "the Shoe," now
in Westboro. Their intention of marriage was
published March 5, 1806. in Shrewsbury, he
being then a resident of Northbridge.

(VII) John B., son of Joel and Azubah
(Whitney) Adams, was born in Marlboro,
Massachusetts, December 10, 1814, died in
Springfield, June 12, 1894. He removed with
his parents to Providence. Until he was eigh-
teen his time was mostly spent in school. For
the three following years he was a clerk in his
father's store where he acquired a practical bus-
iness education. Upon reaching his majority
he was for two years engaged in the construc-
tion of the Stonington railroad and for four
years afterwards on the Western, Norwich and
Worcester railroads with contractors Birnie.
McManis and Company, until the completion
of the roads in 1842. In this capacity Mr.
Adams displayed such integrity of character

1 868


and business ability as to retain the confidence
of his employers and command their influence
for the future. In the year 1842 Mr. Adams
was appointed a conductor on the Western
(now Boston and Albany) road, and ran the
first passenger train over the rails between
those two cities. In this position he remained
conducting the morning train from Spring-
field to Albany and return for thirty-two years,
probably as long as any man ever served in a
like position in the state. During these years
the distance travelled was equivalent to en-
compassing the globe seventy-four times. In
18S2 Mr. Adams received as a token for his
courtesy, fidelity and kindness to all clashes of
society, for his sleepless vigilance and assidu-
ous attention to the duties he had in charge, a
service of silver plate, with the following in-
scription engraved thereon. "To John B.
Adams, conductor of the W. R. road, for his
unfailing kindness, his unremitting attention
and his constant care, this testimonial is pre-
sented by a few friends, January 1, 1852."
November 26, 1873, Mr. Adams resigned his
position as conductor to take effect on Decem-
ber 15th of that year. During his service as
conductor he was interested in the construction
of the Pittsfield and North Adams road. It is a
fact worthy of note that Mr. Adams received
many expressions of confidence and esteem
from prominent personages who travelled up-
on his train and one in particular from Henry
Clay during his last trip to New England, writ-
ten unsolicited and showing the uniform atten-
tion he gave to all who came his way. He was
originally connected with the Whig organiza-
tion and was quite active in the ranks, but af-
ter that partv was disbanded and became ab-
sorbed by the other parties he acted independ-
ently. In 1838 he married Alice Holmes,
daughter of John and Phoebe (Arnold) Cook,
of Tiverton," Rhode Island. Children: 1.
Phoebe Cook, married Charles Vinton. 2. T lm
Cook, born July, 1840. died in 1882. in Mid-
dlefield, Massachusetts. 3. Alice Whitney,
born in Springfield, April 23, 1842. 4- Wil-
liam Holmes, born February 20, 1848, died in

(For first generation see Samuel Richardson 1).

(ID Samuel (2), son of
RICH\RDSON Samuel (1) Richardson,
was born in Woburn,
May 22, 1646. He married (first) Martha
___-•'( second) September 20, 1674, Han-
nah Kingsley, daughter of Samuel Kings-
lev of Bille'rica. She was slam with her
infant child, April 10, 1676, by the In-

dians. He married (third) November 7,
1676, Phebe Baldwin, born September 7,
1654, died October 20, 1679, daughter of Dea-
con Henry and Phebe (Richardson) Baldwin,
of Woburn. Her mother was daughter of
Ezekiel and Susanna Richardson. He married
(fourth) September 8, 1680, Sarah Hay ward,
born 1655, died October 14, 1717, daughter of
Nathaniel Hayward, of Maiden. He lived on
the Miller farm on Richardson Row, less than
a mile north of the present village of Winches-
ter. He was a soldier in King Philip's war in

1675. On the afternoon of April 10, 1676,
when he was working in the fields, his home
was attacked by a party of Indians, and his
wife, twin son Thomas and baby Hannah were
killed. The nurse escaped with the infant,
but had to drop it in her flight to save herself.
Richardson and his neighbors hunted down the
Indians and killed one of them. He died April
29, 1712, aged sixty-six years. His will was
dated February 23, 1709-10, and proved May
19, 1712. Children of first wife: 1. Samuel
(twin J, born November 5, 1670, mentioned be-
low. 2. Thomas (twin), born November 5,
1670, slain April 10, 1676. 3. Elizabeth, born
1672, married Jacob Wyman. 4. Martha, born
December 20, 1673, died November 9, 1677.
Child of second wife: 5. Hannah, born April

1676, killed April 10, 1676. Child of third
wife: 6. Zachariah, born November 21, 1677.
married, February 14. 1699-1700, Mehitable
Perrin. Children of fourth wife : 7. Thomas,
born August 18, 1681, died September 9, 1681.
8. Sarah, born August 20, 1682. 9. Thomas,
born September 25, 1684, married Rebecca
Wyman. 10. Ebenezer, born March 15, 1686-
87. 11. Son. born and died August 17, 1689.
12. Hannah, born August 11, 1690. 13. Elea-
zer, born February 10, 1692-93. 14. Jonathan,
born July 16, 1696. 15. David, born April 14,
1700: married ( first 1 Esther Ward ; (second)
Remember Ward : (third) Abigail Holden.

(Ill) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2), Rich-
ardson, was born in Woburn, November 5,
1670, died September 3, 1754. He married
(first) Susanna Richardson, born August 5,
1684. died August 6, 1726, daughter of his
cousin. John Richardson. He married (sec-
ond) Esther . At the time of the mas-
sacre he was five years old and escaped, as
he was with his father in the field. He became
a man of note in his native town and was em-
ployed much in public business. He was select-
man in 1717 and for eleven years afterward
until 1736. In 1728 Samuel Richardson, Cap-
tatin Caleb Blodgett and Captain John Fowler



were appointed trustees to receive and let the
town's share of the provincial loan. He re-
sided in Woburn. His will named Thomas and
Zachariah as his principal heirs. Children :
1. Samuel, born September 15, 1704, men-
tioned below. 2. Thomas, born November 19,
1706, married (first) Mary Russell : (second)
Sarah Brooks. 3. Ebenezer, born January 18,
1708-09, died February 24, 1709. 4. Uriah,
born June 30, 1710, married Miriam Green.
5. Susanna, born November 3, 1713, married,
November 16, 1738, Ebenezer Foskett, of
Stoneham, and settled in Dudley. 6. Eliza-
beth, born December 1. 171 5. married Joseph
Upham. 7. Zachariah, born May 21, 1720,
married Phebe Wyman. 8. Martha, born
March 22, 1723, died January 16, 1732-33.

( IV ) Samuel (4), son of Samuel (3) Rich-
ardson, was born in Woburn, September 15,

1704. He married Mary . He left his native

town when a young man. He was taxed in
Exeter, New Hampshire. July 16, 1729, and
his name was on the list until May 27, 1740.
He finally settled in Brookfield, Massachu-
setts. He was a cooper by trade. His estate
was settled May 24. 1770, in Worcester coun-
ty. He owned some real estate. His children,
according to the probate records, were: 1.
Nathan, mentioned below. 2. Joseph, mar-
ried Priscilla Millinger; was in the revolu-
tion. 3. Samuel. 4. Ralph. 5. Josiah. 6.
Martha or Patty. 7. Caroline. 8. Amos. 9.
Sybil, married ■ — Blake. 10. Mary, mar-
ried Bowditch. 11. Olive.

(V) Nathan, son of Samuel (4) Richard-
son, was born about 1730. He married (first)
February 16, 1774. Tamsen Upham, born De-
cember 26, 1744, daughter of Isaac and Han-
nah Upham. He married (second) Mary Bel-
knap, of Sturbridge, who died January 14,
1841. He resided all his active years in Brook-
field, where he was a prosperous farmer. He
was a soldier in the revolution, a corporal in
Captain Ithamar Wright's company of minute-
men at Lexington in 1775. He served in Cap-
tain Cadwalader Jones' company in 1778. four
and two-thirds months in that year. Children,
born at Brookfield: 1. Nathan, born Decem-
ber 19. 1777, died young. 2. Rebecca, born
December 30, 1778, married William Rice, of
Brookfield. 3. Nathan, born November 16.
1781. married (first) Asenath Rice, of Brook-
field : (second) Betsey Alden ; died at South
Reading: had thirteen children. 4. James
Clark, born December 21, 1782, died May 26,
1822 ; married, August 24, 1804, Betsey Ben-
nett. 5. Barnabas, born April 9. 1785, phy-

sician. 6. Matilda, born November 30, 1787,
married Elisha Thompson. 7. Charles, born
June 13. 1790, mentioned below. 8. William,
born May 9, 1793, married Alice Cummings.

(VI) Charles, son of Nathan Richardson,
was born at Brookfield, June 13, 1790. He
married (first) Olive Richardson. Married
(second) June 12, 1815, Lydia Barrett, daugh-
ter of Jonas and Urana (Locke) Barrett, of
Ashby. Massachusetts. He removed to Al-
stead, New Hampshire, where he died. Chil-
dren: 1. Henry Martin, lived in Boston; mem-
ber of the firm of Richardson & McKee, Tre-
mont street, Boston. 2. Lorenzo Hamilton,
mentioned below.

(VII) Lorenzo Hamilton, son of Charles
Richardson, was born at Alstead, New Hamp-
shire, July 29, 18 1 7, died at Westfield, Massa-
chusetts, December 6, 1904. He spent his
youthful years on his father's farm; he had
but little schooling, but he was naturally stu-
dious and through his own reading and study
acquired a good education. He learned the
trade of blacksmith and followed it all his ac-
tive years. He removed to Westfield, Massa-
chusetts, in 1837, and spent the greater part

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