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of his life there afterward. He became inter-
ested financially in the manufacture of baby
carriages and took charge of the iron depart-
ment. He was for a time in New York and
Baltimore, but returned to Westfield. He was
very industrious and prudent in business, and
managed to acquire a considerable property. In
politics he was a Republican, in religion liber-
al. He married (first) Abbie Bush. Chil-
dren: 1. William, died at nine years. 2. Sa-
rah Frances, married Frank Lane. He mar-
ried (second) Jane Eliza Curtis, born Septem-
ber 5, 1825, at Granville, Massachusetts, died
November 27, 1869, at Westfield, daughter of
Talcott Curtis, of West Granville. Children,
born at Westfield : 3. Henry Martin, born
December 6, 1855, died September 25, 1893;
married Annie Palmer, of Otis, Massachusetts.
4. Charles Curtis, mentioned below.

(VIII) Charles Curtis, son of Lorenzo
Hamilton Richardson, was born August 24,
1859, at Westfield, Massachusetts. He was
educated in the public schools of his native
town, and at the Westfield high school. When
a young man he went to Rochester, New
York, with his father to engage in the manu-
facture of baby carriages, and later they re-
moved to Baltimore. Maryland, finally return-
ing to Westfield after nine years. He then fol-
lowed general farming at Bloomfield, Connec-
ticut, for eighteen vears. then moved back to



the village of Westfield, where he now resides.
He is occupied in the care and improvement of
his real estate and other investments. He is a
Republican, but not active along partisan
lines. He married, November 28, 1880, Ellen
Cornelius, born August 11, 1858, daughter of
Rev. Samuel Cornelius. They have no chil-
dren. (See Cornelius IV).

(The Cornelius Line).

The immigrant ancestor of the Cornelius
family came to Pennsylvania before the revo-
lution from Wales.

(II) Joseph Cornelius, son of the immi-
grant, was born in Pennsylvania. He married
Jemima Mason, daughter of an English gen-

(III) Rev. Samuel, son of Joseph Corne-
lius, was born August 5, 1794, in Adams coun-
ty, Pennsylvania, died April 19, 1867, in Bal-
timore, Maryland. He was a clergyman of the
Methodist denomination ; settled at Baltimore.
He married, January 2, 1823, Dorothy Guest,
born May 15, 1799, died at Baltimore, Janu-
ary 19, 1864. Children, born in Baltimore: I.
Rev. Thomas, born November 12, 1823, died
October 8, 1851. 2. Sarah Elizabeth, born
November 4, 1824, married John Englar, of
Baltimore, Maryland. 3. Rev. Samuel, born
July 11, 1826, mentioned below. 4. Richard,
born September 1, 1827, died 1897; a bank
cashier; married, March 21, 1849, at West
River, Maryland, Margaret C. Downs. 5.
John Wesley, born June 13, 1829, died Feb-
ruary 1, 1885, at Baltimore; married Char-
lotte Evans. 6. Emily Dorothy, born Septem-
ber 15, 1834, died July 27, 1902; married
Luther S. Ward. 7. Mary Jane, born June
27, 1837, married William Corsuch.

(IV) Rev. Samuel (2), son of Rev. Samuel
(1) Cornelius, was born July 11, 1826, died at
Baltimore, October 8, 1879. He was a clergy-
man of the Methodist Episcopal Church, later
the Episcopal Church, and was settled at
Clarksburg, Georgetown, Western Port,
Prince Frederick, Maryland, and Paris, Vir-
ginia, in all these places as Methodist Episco-
pal minister, and at Severn, Maryland.
He married, December 24, 1851, at George-
town, District of Columbia, Virginia Cas-
sandra Woodward, born February 8,
1829, died July 21, 1904, at Bowie,
Maryland. Children: 1. Horace Woodward,
born at Georgetown, April 4, 1853; died un-
married. 2. Samuel Roszell, born April 30,
1854, died October 1, 1856, buried at Oak Hill,
Maryland. 3. Thomas Guest, born August 2,

r8s6, married Nannie Morsell, September,
1879. 4. Ellen, born August 11, 1858, married
Charles Curtis Richardson. (See Richardson
family). 5. Richard Asbury, born December
11, i860, at Paris, Virginia, married, June 17,
1886, Margaret B. Newman; children: i.
Richard Walter, born April 6, 1887; ii. Lillian
born May 31, 1888; iii. Lawrence H., born
December 19, 1900, in Chicago. 6. Octavia
Louisa, born November 27, 1862, died at
Georgetown, 1863. 7. John Edwin, born Oc-
tober 7, 1864, at Georgetown, District of Co-
lumbia, married Maria Stanforth. November
17, 1887, in Baltimore.

John Richardson, emi-
RICHARDSON grant ancestor of Will-
iam Stephen Richardson,
of Franklin, Massachusetts, came from Eng-
land about 1636, and settled in Watertown,
where he had a grant of land that year in the
Beaver Brook Plowlands, within the present
city of Waltham. His name is not found in
Watertown after 1643. as he doubtless emi-
grated from there with many others. There
was a John Richardson in Exeter in 1642, but
he did not continue there. It seems probable
that he was implicated in the Antinomian con-
troversy in 1637, which would account for his
leaving Watertown in 1637. And if he, being
an ardent, impulsive, indiscreet young man,
and a favorer of Wheelwright, nothing is more
likely than that he should follow him to Ex-
eter. Wheelwright later, in April, 1643, P ur "
chased about five hundred acres of land at
Webhannet, afterwards known as Wells,
Maine, and removed thither the same year,
where a church was formed and Wheelwright
became its pastor, and we find John Richard-
son also here, as we find a young man here in
1673 which must have been his son, born
somewhere about 1645 or 1650. John Rich-
ardson, of Exeter, had a wife there, Hannah
Tryer or Truair. It is safe to conclude that
John Richardson who tame to Watertown
and was in Exeter and later Wells, Maine,
was the father of John who in 1679 married
Rebecca Clark, of Medfield, and there is no
notice of the Medfield Richardsons until 1679.
It is not at all unlikely that John of Medfield
was the son of John of Watertown.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Richardson,
of Watertown, Exeter and Wells, first appears
in Medfield in 1676. when he was credited
with a month's service in the Medfield garri-
son. In 1678 he had a grant of land from the
town on the west side of the river. Medfield



was attacked by the Indians, February 21,
1675, five hundred of them. Fifty buildings
and two mills were destroyed and twenty peo-
ple killed. John Richardson, wherever he was
at that time, waited until the hostilities had
ceased and peace established before he came
to Medfield, and he was without doubt in
Maine during King Phillip's war. On the
death of Phillip in August, 1676, the war
ceased in Massachusetts but continued to rage
in Maine and Wells, Scarboro and other places
felt its horrors. John Richardson felt that
safety could be had in Medfield and soon made
his home there in or very near the present
village of East Medway, which up to 1713
was a part of Medfield. He was a cordwainer
by trade, and cultivated a small farm of less
than fifty acres. He was a member of the
Medfield church before 1697, as was also his
wife. He died there May 29, 1697, probably
about fifty years of age. No will of his is
found on record, and he possessed but little
property. The inventory of his estate, Febru-
ary 22, 1699, included a homestead of twenty-
six acres with orchard and buildings valued at
£30. Eight acres of meadow near Boggas-
tow Brook and ten acres of upland and swamp
near Bear Hill. Power of administration was
granted his widow, July 18, 1700. She married
(second) John Hill, of Sherborn, and died
February 17, 1738-39, aged seventy-nine. He
married, May 1, 1678. Rebecca Clark, born
August 16, 1660, daughter of Joseph and Alice
Clark. Children : I. John, born April 25,
1679, mentioned below. 2. Elizabeth, Septem-
ber 24, 1681. 3. Daniel, August 31, 1685, died
August 28, 1748. 4. Joseph, 1687, died Oc-
tober 5, 1768. 5. Mehitable, June 16, 1689.
6. Benjamin, 1693, died 1761. 7. Rebecca,
February 28, 1696-97.

(Ill) John (3), son of John (2) Richard-
son, was born in Medfield, Massachusetts,
(now Medway) April 25, 1679. He was a
cordwainer, but later became a farmer and
husbandman ; he was also a carpenter. He
refused the real estate left him by his father,
which was accepted by his brother Daniel.
He owned considerable land as shown in va-
rious deeds. He and his wife sold to Nathaniel
Fairbank, of Wrentham, two parcels of
meadow in Wrentham. For £200 he sold to
his son Moses of Medway forty acres of
land in Medway. He died in Medfield. now
East Medway, May 19, 1759, and John, his
son, was appointed February 13, 1761, his
administrator. His wife Esther died of can-
cer, August 17, 1774. He married, about

1699, Esther Breck, born in Medfield, 1679,
daughter of John Breck. Children: 1. Sa-
rah, born April 25, 1700. 2. John, October
22, 1 701, mentioned below. 3. David, June
10, 1703, died March 9, 1723-24. 4. Jonathan,
February 1, 1704-05. 5. Esther, January 2,
1706-07. 6. Mary, September 9, 1709. 7.
Joseph, April 3, 171 1, died 1759. 8. Samuel,
January 3, 1713-14, died February 10, 181 1.
9. Solomon, April 21, 1716, died November

, 1771. 10. Moses, February 8, 1717, died

April 6, 1797. 11. Asa, October 16, 1720. died
about 1764. 12. David, December 6, 1724.

( IV ) John (4), son of John (3) Richard-
son, was born in Old Medfield (now Med-
way), October 22, 1701, died in what is now
Franklin, November 5, 1767. He lived in the
extreme north part of what is now Franklin.
He was an exceedingly active ^nd capable man
of business and bought and sold considerable
property. He was by trade a housewright.
June 4, 1724, when he was twenty- three years
of age, his father bought for him for £60 fifty-
four acres of wild land in the westerly part of
Wrentham, now Franklin, about one mile
south of the Charles river ( later a part of the
Stephen Richardson farm). He and his wife
were church members of the west precinct of
Wrentham when the church was formed Feb-
ruary 27, 1738, the church at Wrentham Cen-
ter being six miles away. He died in Frank-
lin, November 5, 1767. He married, May 5,
1730, Jemima Gay, born September 20, 1705,
died December 26, 1782, daughter of Edward
and Rebecca (Fisher) Gay, of Wrentham,
Massachusetts. Children: 1. Timothy, born
July 31, 1731, died March 21. 1816. 2. Jemi-
ma, April 20, 1733, died November 2, 1736. 3.
John, June 19, 1735, mentioned below. 4.
Jemima June 10, 1737. 5. Elizabeth, May
— , 1739. 6. Elisha, July 5, 1743, died March
15, 1798. 7. Eli. August 5, 1745. died April
24. 1823.

(V) John (5), son of John (4) Richard-
son, was born at Franklin. Massachusetts,
(then Wrentham ) June 19. 1735, died on the
day of making his will. May 4, 1809. While
a young man lie lived for some time in Fra-
mingham, working at his trade of house car-
penter. After his father's death in 1767 he re-
turned to Wrentham and bought his father's
homestead of his two brothers for £200, con-
sisting of eighty-five acres and all the build-
ings. For thirty years he was nearest neigh-
bor to his brother Elisha. They lived less than
one-third of a mile apart in present town of
Franklin and became strongly attached to each


other, having farming implements and other
things in common. John Richardson in partic-
ular was a man of great amiableness and gen-
tleness of character, and after the death of
Elisha he was exceedingly kind to the widow
and children. He was admitted to Franklin
church. September 21, 1783. He was a private
in the revolution from Wrentham in Captain
Elijah Pond's company which marched on the
alarm of April 19, 1775. service to April 30,
1775. Also sergeant in Captain Ebenezer
Pond's company. Major Metcalf's regiment;
entered service on December 8, 1776; com-
pany marched from Wrentham to Providence
and Warwick, Rhode Island, in alarm of De
cember 8, 1776. Also Captain Asa Fairbank's
company, Colonel Benjamin Hawes regiment,
service from September 30, 1777, to October
3 1 ' l ~77- at Rhode Island. He married. No-
vember 23. 1757, Abigail Haven, born in
Framingham, June 20, 1737, died at Franklin,
February n, 1820, daughter of Deacon Moses
and Hannah (Walker) Haven. Children: 1.
Jerusha, born February 16, 1758, died May 30.
1830; married. 1776, William Slocomb. 2.
Olive, January 6. 1762, died February — ,
1832; married, 17S0, Robert Pond. 3. Lydia
Haven, September 2. 1767, married Amasa
Richardson. 4. John Wilkes, mentioned be-

( VI ) Captain John Wilkes, son of John
( 5 ) Richardson, was born in Franklin, Massa-
chusetts. December 30, 1774, and died there on
the estate owned and occupied by his father.
His father gave him by a deed dated Septem-
ber 16, 1796, one-half of the homestead, con-
taining one hundred acres and one-half of the
dwelling house and other buildings thereon,
and tins property since 1724 was owned by
father to son up to 1895. He was a farmer by
occupation. He also taught in the common
schools of Franklin and the adjacent towns
thirty-one winters in succession. He was also
one of the assessors of Franklin several years

He married, . 170'), Abigail Kingsbury,

of Franklin, Massachusetts. Children: I.
Abigail, born September 21, 1797. died Octo-
ber 21, 1861 ; married, October 25, [827,
Noyes P. Hawes. 2. John Haven. ( >ctober 16,
1800, died September 23. 1869: married ( first I
1822, Laura Pike; (second) January 1, 1850,
Abigail Baldwin. 3. Stephen Wilkes, men-
tioned below.

(VII) Stephen Wilkes, son of John Wilkes
Richardson, was born at Franklin, Massachu-
setts, March 30. 1813. He received his edu-
cation in the common schools of Franklin and

at Day's Academy at Wrentham. He taught
school several terms and then followed book-
keeping. He was bookkeeper in the office of
the Boston Journal at its origin in 1834. He
was a man of affairs and served as chairman
of the board of assessors for nearly twenty-
five years, represented his district in the leg-
islature in 1858, was assistant assessor of
internal revenue for the United States from
1862 to 1S71, was trial justice from 1871 to
1874. and was later engaged in the settlement
of estates of deceased persons and other pro-
bate business. He died at Franklin. He mar-
ried (first) May 6. 1835, Eliza Bullard, who
died October 17, 1844, daughter of Amos and
Abigail Bullard, of East Medway. Married
( second 1 February 6, 1845, Mary Bullard, her
sister. Children: 1. Mary, born February 20,.
1836. died April 26, 1836. 2. Mary, August
8, 1837. died September 15, 1839. 3. John
Warren, September 8, 1839, mentioned below.
4. William Stephen, April 12, 1841, died Jan-
uary 21, 1859. 5. Henry Bullard, May 21,
1844. married, July 13, 1869, Mary Elizabeth
Lincoln ; children : i. Mary Lincoln, born Feb-
ruary 17, 1 87 1, married the Rev. John Reed,
of what is now Franklin ; ii. Carrie Anna,
July 6, 1874, married Professor Heman Bab-
son, who was for a number of years at Massa-
chusetts Agricultural College, two years
abroad, later took degree at Harvard, in Hon-
olulu until 1909, and upon his return accepted
a position in Purdue University at Lafayette,
Indiana; iii. Henry S., June 17, 1881, now at
Harvard Medical College.

(Y1II) John Warren, son of Stephen
Wilkes Richardson, was born at Franklin,
Massachusetts, September 8, 1839, on the old
homestead. When old enough he attended the
district school and a few terms of select school
in Medway and Walpole, Massachusetts. He
began early to assist his father on the farm,
and at twenty-one years of age his father
deeded him an undivided half of the farm and
Ik- assumed the management of the entire
farm. He gave much attention to fruit and
vegetables, and after a few years commenced
canning tomatoes for the market. This proved
successful and his business increased to such
an extent that he made also a specialtyof sweet
corn, squashes and string beans; apples and
pears were also added to the list of articles
canned. This business proved lucrative for
nineteen years, until the establishment of the
canning factories in the south and west, mak-
ing it less profitable, and in 1888 he sold the
business. He then engaged in lumbering and



the manufacture of wooden and paper boxes
for the mills and factories of Franklin and vi-
cinity, the farm having in the meantime been
sold after the death of his father, when he re-
moved his residence to the center of Frank-
lin. In the fall of 1896 he and his son, Wil-
liam S. Richardson, who was associated with
him, sold the business and Mr. Richardson
with his son, Albert M., went to Boulder. Col-
orado. Mrs. Richardson and the three young-
er children followed in May, 1897. He rented
a small fruit farm near Boulder for two years,
but later bought a lot in the city and in 1899
erected the residence he now lives in. From
1900 to 1906 Mr. Richardson was engaged in
real estate and insurance, meeting with
marked success, and since the latter date has
been retired from active business. He is a
Congregationalist in religion, and has served
as deacon and superintendent of Sunday
school for many years. He has always been
affiliated with the Republican party, though
never held office. He is a member of the An-
cient Order of United Workmen and of the
Congregational Brotherhood. He married
(first) December 4, 1862, Elmira Louise Ma-
son, born November, 1839. died May 18, 1874.
daughter of Orion and Tamar ( Walker ) Ma-
son, of Medway, the former of whom was
a mattress manufacturer. Children: 1. John
Mason, born June 4. 1804, married, November
22, 1887, Emily Ida Bentley ; children : i. John
Warren, born September 1, 1888; ii. Bessie
Bentley, April 11. 1890: iii. Clifford Gear,
January 2, 1892; iv. Gladys Mason. January
8, 1899. 2. Mary, January 7, 1867. married.
September 8, 1891. Everett Stephens Cross-
man ; children : i. Elmira True, born May 3.
1895, died in 1897; n - Warren True, Novem-
ber 17, 1900; iii. Everett Carlton. August 10.
1902, died July 10, 1903. 3. William Stephen,
born January 21, 1869, mentioned below. 4.
Henry Walker, May 21. 1872, died July 21,
1872. He married (second) April 22, 1875,
Sarah Abby Metcalf, of Medway, born De-
cember 18. 1844. daughter of Elias and Mary
(Kingsbury) Metcalf. the former of whom
was a straw goods manufacturer. Children:
1. Albert Metcalf, born June 13, 1876, mar-
ried, June 30. 1904, Addie Clark : child. Clark
Metcalf, born September 26, 1905. 2. Helen
Elmira, September 30, 1877. married. June 23,
1900, Fred Morrison Waite, who died Sep-
tember 27, 1902. 3. George Warren. October
30, 1882. married, April 4, 1907, Eloise Eliza-
beth Hanna. 4. Ruth Blake, June 6. 1884.
(IX) William Stephen, son of John War-

ren Richardson, was born at Franklin, Massa-
chusetts, January 21, 1869. He received his
education in the Franklin public schools and
graduated from the high school at Medway in
1885, then worked a few years on his father's
farm, was a few years with Thomas Allen,
working in his saw mill, and in 1891 he began
the manufacture of wooden and paper boxes
with his father at Nason's Crossing, Franklin,
under the firm name of J. W. Richardson &
Son, which business was continued about four
years. During the following two years he was
employed in the making of boxes for the
Erickson and Stuart shop at Franklin, subse-
quently entering the employ of the Norfolk
Win .leu Company at Franklin, becoming thor-
oughly conversant with the manufacturing
end. Mr. Richardson has charge of the install-
ing of machinery supplies and general over-
sight of the plant. He and his wife are mem-
bers of the Congregational (Orthodox)
church at Franklin : he has served as deacon
and Sunday school superintendent and at pres-
ent ( 1909) is on the parish committee. He is a
Republican in politics. He is a member of
Franklin Business Men's Club, the Young
Men's Christian Association, of which he was
president for several years, and treasurer of
Franklin Country Club. He married, June 22,
1892, Sarah Metcalf Allen, born December 8,
1868, daughter of Thomas B. and Martha Mil-
ler (Metcalf) Allen, of Franklin. Children:
Allen Haven and Alice Holmes, twins, born
November n, 1893. Mr. and Mrs. Richard-
son reside with her parents in Franklin.

Dr. David Wood was a surgeon

WOOD in the American army during the
revolution. He lived for a time
at Westfield. Massachusetts. He is buried in
Washington. D. C.

(II) David (2). son of Dr. David (1)
Wood, was also a soldier in the revolution and
the gun he carried in the war has been handed
down to his grandson, John Boyd Wood, of
Chicopee. He was a farmer in West Spring-

(Ill 1 Russell, son of David (2) Wood,
was born in West Springfield. His farm was
in Rock Valley, now in Holyoke. He married
Eunice Boyd, whose father's farm adjointed
the Wood homestead. Children : Edwin,
John Boyd, Amos B.. Norris R.. Eliza and

I IV ) John Boyd, son of Russel Wood, was
born in Northampton. August 5, 1827. His
father left the farm at Holyoke and lived for

1 8J4


a year only at Northampton. He attended the
district schools in Rock Valley. Holyoke, and
when not in school worked on his father's
farm. In 1847 be became a clerk in the gen-
eral store in Holyoke and worked there three
years. In 1850 he entered the employ of his
wife's father, Elijah P. Kimball, a general
merchant at Chicopee. Three years later he
bought out Wooley's general store in Chicopee
and he conducted the business with marked
success for a period of thirteen years. Dur-
ing the next five years he conducted a dry
goods business, and during the five years after
that he conducted a flourishing store at Leav-
itt's Corner. Chicopee, buying that corner
property and rebuilding, which is the result of
the present store. He sold out and retired from
mercantile business at that time. In early life
he became interested in public affairs and his
first vote was cast for the Whig party. He
voted for General Zachary Taylor for presi-
dent, and after the formation of the Republi-
can party he supported Abraham Lincoln for
president and has been ever since a staunch
Republican. He has held many offices of trust
and honor. He was for twenty-eight years
collector of taxes in Chicopee. He has been
treasurer of the fire district. Active and influ-
ential in his party he has attended many po-
litical conventions and led his party once as
candidate for representative to the general
court in a Democratic district. Since i860 he
has been a trustee of the Chicopee Savings
Bank and president since 1881 For fourteen
years he was a director of the First National
Bank of Chicopee. Notwithstanding his years
Air. Wood retains his health and continues to
attend to his duties at the bank to the varied
business of life with unfailing zeal and ability.
He was a near neighbor and intimate friend of
the late Governor George D. Robinson of
whom he relates many interesting anecdotes.
Mr. Wood is one of the oldest men of the city
in active life and one of the best-known and
most highly respected citizens. He married,
1854, Lucy E. Kimball, of Chicopee, born
1837, daughter of Elijah P. Kimball. (See
Kimball VIII). Children: I. Elizabeth, de-
ceased, married Theron T. Romer, of Boston,
now with Jones. McDuffie & Stratton. 2. An-
na R., married Randolph Matherson, of Pitts-
field. 3. Catherine, died aged four years. 4.
Edith, married Frederick G. Bates, architect
and builder of Cleveland, Ohio. 5. Millie, at

(The Kimball Line, see Richard Kimball 1).

( II ) John, seventh child of Richard and
Margaret (Dow) Kimball, was born in Rat-
tlesden in 163 1, and died in Ipswich, Massa-
chusetts, May 6, 1698. He crossed the seas
with his father, was a wheelwright by trade,
and a farmer by occupation. In 1656 he was
appointed attorney for Thomas Scott, of
Stamford, Conecticut, and in 1665 was one of
the executors of the will of Bridget Brad-
street. His name appears frequently on the
Salem records in real estate transactions. On
March 8, 1673. he united with the church by
covenant. Fie executed a will March 16, 1697,
and the appraisement totalled one hundred and
thirty-one pounds. He married, in 1655,
Marv Bradstreet, with whom he came over in
the ship "Elizabeth." She was born in Eng-
land in 1633. They were the parents of John
born November 8, 1657; Mary, December 10,
1658; Sarah, July 29, 1661; Hannah (died
young): Rebecca, February, 1663; Richard,
mentioned below ; Elizabeth, September 22,
1665; Abigail, March 22, 1667; John, March
16, 1668; Benjamin, July 22, 1670; Moses,
September, 1672; Aaron, January, 1674: Jo-
seph. January 24, 1675.

1 III ) Corporal Richard, sixth child of John

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