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10. Helped, September 15, 1644, died young.

(V) Samuel (2), son of Deacon Samuel
( 1 1 Wright, was born about 1630. He settled
in Northfield. Massachusetts. He was select-
man of Northampton in 1656; on a committee
to transcribe the town records in 1657 ; meas-
urer. He was killed by the Indians at North-
field in King Philip's war, September 2, 1675.
He married, November 24, 1653, Elizabeth
Burt, daughter of Henry Burt. His widow
married in 1684 X. Dickinson. Children; 1.
Samuel, born 1654, mentioned below. 2. Jo-
seph. 1657. 3. Captain Benjamin, killed by
the Indians. 4. Ebenezer, 1663. 5. Elizabeth,
1666. 6. Elizor, 1668. 7. Hannah. 1671. 8.
Benoni, 1675.

(VI) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2)
Wright, was born in Northampton in 1654.
He married, January 3. 1678, Sarah Lyman,
of Northampton. Children, born at North-
field: 1. Sarah, 1678. 2. Samuel, 1682, mar-
ried Lydia Marshall. 3. John, 1687. 4. Han-
nah, married Samuel Phillips. 5. Hepsibah,
1695. 6. Dorcas. 7. Lydia. 8. Stephen,
mentioned below.

( VI I ) Deacon Stephen, son of Samuel ( 3 )
Wright, was born in Northfield. He was dea-
con of the Northampton church in 1739, re-
moving to the adjoining town of Easthampton
in 1744. His house stood on the Samuel
Hurlburt hill west of Sawmill brook, then
within the limits of the town of Southampton.
Children: 1. Sergeant Eliakim, killed in the
French and Indian war at Lake George. 2.
Job, graduate of Yale College in 1757; minis-
ter at Bernardston, Massachusetts, where he
died. 3. Deacon Stephen, married Catherine
Sheldon, daughter of Noah, settled on the
plain south of the meeting house at Easthamp-
ton and built the house occupied by his grand-
son, John Wright; deacon in 1786; had seven
children. 4. Elijah, mentioned below.

(VIII) Elijah, son of Stephen Wright,
was born August 22, 1733. He was a soldier
in the revolution, a corporal in Captain Jona-
than Allen's ( third ) company, Colonel John
Fellows"s (eighth) regiment in 1775; sergeant
in Captain Elijah Clapp's company, Colonel
John Dickerman's regiment in 1775; also ser-
geant in the same company and regiment in
1777; also in Captain Joseph Clapp's com-
pany, Colonel Israel Chain's regiment (third)
sent to reinforce the Continental army in 1779
for three months. He was in the Claverack



tour. He lived on the homestead of his father
bought when his father first moved to East-
hampton. He married Mary Strong, daugh-
ter of Ichabod Strong. Children: 1. Mary,
married Benjamin Lyman. 2. Hannah, mar-
ried Enos Janes. 3. Esther, married

Russell, of Warwick. 4. Eunice, married
Benoni Clark, of Westhampton. 5. Elijah,
born August 30, 1765, died January 8, 1814;
built the house on homestead ; tanner and
shoemaker ; married Naomi Kingsley, a native
of Westhampton. 6. Daniel, lived on the
homestead. 7. Medad. 8. Ichabod. men-
tioned below.

( IX ) Ichabod, son of Elijah Wright, was
born August 24, 1776, died 1844 at Easthamp-
ton. He removed to Park Hill and occupied
the house built by Josiah Phelps. He was
prominent in the church at Easthampton, "an
active working Christian, ever ready to stand
in his lot and bear his part in the work of the
church." The neighborhood weekly prayer
meeting was often held at his house and when
it was at the school-house or elsewhere he was
always present "ready by prayer and exhorta-
tion to contribute to the interest and profit of
the occasion." He was a school teacher as well
as a farmer. He married Mary Clapp, daugh-
ter of Jonathan Clapp. Children: 1. Horace,
had a tannery at Roberts Meadow ; removed
to Syracuse, Xew York, and St. Louis, Mis-
souri. 2. Ichabod Strong, removed to Brook-
lyn, Xew York. 3. Edmund, graduate of
Williams College in 1836 and of the Theologi-
cal School at East Windsor, Connecticut ;
home missionary at Weston, Missouri, pastor
of the Congregational church at St. Louis ;
secretarv of the Home Mission Society of Mis-
souri. 5. J. Rockwell, mentioned below.
6. Russell M.. graduate of Williams College
in 1841 ; teacher in Williston Seminary, re-
moved to Georgia and was principal of a girls'
school at Athens ; returned at the time of the
civil war and became instructor in natural
science at Williston Seminary.

(X) J. Rockwell, son of Ichabod Wright,
was born in Easthampton in 1813, died Octo-
ber. 1899. He was educated there in the pub-
lic schools and followed farming during his
active life. He was a member of the Congre-
gational church. In politics he was a Repub-
lican. He lived on the homestead, removing
later to South Hadley, Massachusetts. He
married Roxana W. Gaylord. Children: 1.
Mary J., born February 6, 1850. married, June
10. 1875, Morrison Smith. 2. William S., born
March 6, 1854, died February 7, 1863. Alvin
L.. mentioned below.

( XI ) Alvin L., son of J. Rockwell Wright,
was born in Easthampton, October 28, 1857.
His parents removed to South Hadley when
he was four years old and he was educated
there in the public schools and in Wesleyan
Academy. He was associated with his father
in the work of the farm and devoted most of
his attention to farming until 1901. He has been
active and prominent in town affairs, serving
several terms as selectman and being chair-
man of the board for a number of years. He
was director of the Hampshire Street Rail-
way Company until it was sold to the present
owners. He is president of the Springfield
Plaster Company. He was a corporate mem-
ber of the Mechanics' Savings Bank ofHolyoke
and is a member of the board of trustees of the
Gaylord Public Library. He represented his dis-
trict in the general court in 1906-07, and was
member of the ways and means recess commit-
tee for investigating state institutions and com-
missions. He is an independent Republican in
politics. He is president of the Evergreen
Cemetery Associantion and has been for many
years. He is a member of Mt. Holyoke Lodge
of Free Masons and of Iona Lodge of Odd
Fellows. He is also treasurer of the Odd Fel-
lows Land Association. He is past master of
the South Hadley Grange, Patrons of Hus-
bandry. He is deacon of the Congregational
church and a corporate member of the Amer-
ican Board. He married, January 4, 1881,
Carrie E. Trimble, born in Crown Point, New
York, daughter of Colonel Chilion and Char-
lotte ( Stone) Trimble. She is a descendant of
Benjamin Franklin. They have one son, Wil-
liam S., born Xovember 29, 1886, who attend-
ed the public schools, dishing Academy from
which he graduated in 1906, president of his
class ; student in the University of Illinois,
class of 1910.

Horatio Nelson Wright who
WRIGHT was descended from Deacon

Samuel Wright, the immigrant
ancestor, (see preceding narrative), who set-
tled in Springfield, Massachusetts, was a
stonemason by trade, and lived in Granville,
Connecticut. He died in middle life, and his
widow married ( second), a Mr. David
Drake. Horatio X. Wright married Amaryllis
Loomis. born October 28, 1805, died Septem-
ber 4, 1889. Children: 1. Oliver N." born
September 26, 1831 ; died April 18, 1873. 2.
Julia A., born September 8, 1831 ; died April
18, IQ03 : married William Cox, and had Ella
S. Cox. born March 20, 1851, died March 16,
1884, married Arthur S. Earle. 3. William



Henry, mentioned below. . 4. Frank, died
in middle life. 5. Xellie, married William El-
liott, of Springfield.

( II ) William Henry, son of Horatio Nel-
son Wright, was born June 6, 1833 in East
Granville, Connecticut, and died August 26,
1897. Being in the tobacco region, he learned
the trade of cigar-maker when a boy, and be-
fore he was twenty-one became foreman and
buyer for a factory in Suffield, Connecticut.
He went to Springfield, Massachusetts, in
1858, and was employed by Calvin L. Loomis
in his cigar store. Later he became a partner
with Mr. Loomis, and the first store was where
Patton's block stood later. Six years later
they moved to 479 Main street. Upon the death
of Mr. Loomis in 1866. Mr. Wright bought
out the business and carried it on himself, con-
ducting it on a conservative and solid basis,
and established a reputation for certain lines
of goods and kept them up to the standard.
Some of these lines were on the market for
more than thirty-five years. His long experi-
ence in the business made him an expert, and
he was called one of the best, if not the best
judge of Havana tobacco who went to Xew
York.. This expert knowledge enabled him to
produce a very fine cigar, and his "Gold Bar,"
"Massasoit" and "Wright's Hand-made"
brands were well known all through the wes-
tern part of the state and are to-day holding
their old-time prestige with those who are lov-
ers of a good cigar. He accumulated a com-
fortable fortune, and owned considerable real
estate. In politics Mr. Wright was a Repub-
lican, and served on the board of aldermen in
1887-88. and from 1890 until his death was a
member of the board of public works, the last
part of the time its chairman. His practical
good sense and sound judgment made him a
valuable public servant. He was a director of
the Second National Bank and a trustee of the
Hampden Savings Bank. He was a member
of the Xayasset and Springfield clubs, and of
Hampden Lodge of Masons and Springfield
Commandery, Knights Templar. He was a
lover of a good horse, and was a stockholder
of Hampden Park, and one of those who guar-
anteed purses for races there. He was also
one of the directors of the early base ball asso-
ciation in 1879-80, and was a member of the
old Horse Guards before the civil war. His
first residence in Springfield was on West
Bridge street, near the present site of Wink-
ler's Hotel. Later he moved to the corner of
Mattoon and Elliot streets, then to the Benja-
min Bowles place on the corner of Union and

School streets, where he lived for several years
before he sold it to Mrs. Horatio Lyon. After
that for a time he lived at the corner of Elliott
and Salem streets, just opposite his former
residence. About 1893 he moved to the War-
ren place on State street, where he lived until
his death. His death was sudden, and oc-
curred at Ouechee, Vermont, while he was out
driving. He was staying at his summer home
at Woodstock, Vermont, and while driving
from White River Junction to that place, was
suddenly stricken with paralysis, and died be-
fore help could be summoned. Personally
Mr. Wright was social and agreeable, and of
fine physical appearance. He was generous
and kind at all times. His associates on the
board of public works join in saying that his
work on the board was faithful and conscien-
tious, and while guarding well the interests of
the city, he was painstaking in his efforts to
be fair and just to individuals, and impartial
to all.

He married, May 14, 1852. Charlotte Ann
Prior, born at East Windsor, Connecticut,
April 4, 1834, died July 26. 1905, daughter of
Horace and Charlotte (Chapin) Prior, great-
granddaughter of Captain Thomas Abbe of
Enfield, Connecticut, of revolutionary fame.
She attended the North church. Children: I.
Charlotte Isadore, born October 25, 1854; died
January 4, 1 861. 2. Horace Prior, mentioned

(Ill) Horace Prior, son of William Henry
Wright, was born at Boston Neck, near Wind-
sor Locks. Connecticut, September 5, 1856. He
went with his parents to Springfield when he
was two years of age. and there attended the
public schools. He also attended the Allen
school in West Newton. He went to work with
his father in the cigar business and remained
with him until his death. Mr. Wright inherited
the business which he has since conducted
verv successfully. He is a member of the Nay-
asset, Winthrop and Canoe clubs of Spring-

(The Loomis Line — See Joseph Loomis 1).

( IV ) Captain Noah Loomis, son of Wil-
liam Loomis. was born May 12, 1724, and died
August 9. 1808. at Southurd. He married at
Westfield. November 5. 1747. Rhoda Clark,
died November 30, i8of>, aged eighty-one years
Children: 1. Rhoda. born January 13, 1749,
married Benjamin Davey. 2. Mercy, born
March 12. 1750: married Zur Root. 3. Tir-
zah, bnrn February 20, 1752; married Martin
Stiles. 4. Noah, born April it, 1754: married



Mary Dewey. 5. Shern, born September 13,
1756; married Rebecca Phelps. 6. Ham, born
November 28, 1758; mentioned below. 7.
Japhet, born July 14, 1760; died July 31, 1777.
8. Grace, born November 5, 1763 ; married
Martin Holcomb and resided in Southwick,

(V) Ham, son of Captain Xoah Loomis,
was born November 28, 1758, and died August

3. 1827. He married, in 1781. Elizabeth Al-
len, died March 4, 1829. Children: 1. Ham,
born December 5, 1782; mentioned below. 2.
James, born September 25, 1784; married
Sarah Pelton. 3. Rowland, born September

4. 1806; married Mary Johnson. 4. Elizabeth,
born July 2^, 1788; married William Brown.

5. Riley, born October 18, 1790; married Rox-
ana Atwater. 6. Parks, born October 4, 1792 ;
married Emily Hathaway. 7. Allen, born
April 6, 1795. 8. Fanny, born February 4,
1797. 9. Kneeland, born April 19, 1800, died
May 11, 1828. 10. Moses, born March 10,
1 80 1. 11. Aaron, born December 30. 1802.
12. John Welles born May 2^, 1805; married
Eliza Whitney.

(VI) Ham (2), son of Ham fi) Loomis,
was born December 5, 1782, and died at South-
urd, March 21,, 1825. He married, in 1804,
Anne Burritt. Children: 1. Amaryllis, born
October 28, 1805; married Horatio N. Wright
( see Wright ) ; ( second ) David Drake. 2.
Malia, born October 24, 1807: married James
M. Rowell. 3. Mary Ann, born January 15.
1810; married Timothy Hatch. 4. Emmeline,
born July 2, 1813; married Allen Barnes. 5.
Ham Burritt, born December 4, 1816; married
Harriet Henry. 6. Caroline, born March,
1818; married Roswell Warner.

The Hydes were a noted family in
HYDE England. Sir Nicholas Hyde was
chief justice of the Kings Bench,
and Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, was
lord chancellor at the restoration, and was
grandfather to two queens in the English suc-
cession, Mary, the second, and Anne. The
Hyde ancestry in America is equally strong in
great men. Such was Hon. Matthew Gris-
wold, chief justice and governor of Connecti-
cut ; such the Hon. John M. Niles, United
States senator and postmaster general in Van
Buren's administration, such was the Rev. Ed-
ward Dnran Griffin, president of Williams
College ; such the Hon. William Woodbridge.
United States senator and governor of Michi-

( I ) William Hyde came from England to

this country about 1633, and sojourned for a
time at Newton, Massachusetts. It is sup-
posed he was a follower of Rev. Thomas
Hooker and he went with that clergyman to
Connecticut in 1636, settling at Saybr'ook. He
was one of the original proprietors of Nor-
wich, Connecticut, in 1660, and was frequently
called to undertake public office. He died at
Norwich, January 6, 1 68 1. Children: Samuel
and Hester.

ill) Samuel, son of William Hyde, was
born about 1637 and died in 1677. He settled
in Norwich. West Farms, as a farmer, and
married Jane, daughter of Thomas Lee. Chil-
dren : Samuel, John, William, Thomas, Jabez,
Elizabeth, who was the first white child" born
in Norwich; Phebe and Sarah.

(Ill) William (2t, third son of Samuel
and Jane ( Lee ) Hyde, was born at Norwich
in January, 1670, died August 8, 1759. He
was one of the magistrates of Norwich, a
member of the colonial legislature, and a man
of wealth according to the standards of that
day. He married Anne Bushnell, who died
July 8, 1745. Their children: William, who
died in infancy; William. Richard, Ezra. Jede-
diah, Elisha, Benjamin, Anne. Elizabeth and

( IV ) The Rev. Jedediah, fifth son of Wil-
liam 1 2 ) and Anne ( Bushnell ) Hyde, was
born at Norwich. June 2. 1712, died there Sep-
tember 26. 1761. Mr. Hyde was ordained to
the Christian ministry in the Congregational
church and preached at Beans Hill. He mar-
ried, July 17, 1733, Jerusha, daughter of Dea-
con Joseph and Martha ( Morgan ) Perkins, of
Norwich. She died February 8, 1741. Chil-
dren : Jedediah, Martha, Jerusha and Dia-
dama. He married. May 17, 1742, Jerusha,
daughter of Captain Joseph and Mary ( Win-
slow ) Tracy. She was descended from Gov-
ernor Edward Winslow of the "Mayflower."
Children: Reuben. Apphia and Elizabeth. Af-
ter Mr. Hyde's decease, his widow married
Daniel Peck and had one son. She died Au-
gust 20, 1769.

( V ) Captain Jedediah ( 2 ), only son of Rev.
Jedediah (i) and Jerusha (Perkins) Hyde,
was born at Norwich, August 24, 1735, died at
Hyde Park, Vermont, May 29, 1822. He was
an officer in the revolutionary war. At Bunk-
er Hill he was lieutenant in Captain Coit's
company and was slightly wounded there. He
afterward commanded a company in the reg-
ular army. He married, January 28, 1761,
his second cousin. Mary, daughter of Asa and
Lucv ( Hvde) Waterman, of Norwich, who



died September 2, 1780, while he was away to
the war. Their children: Jedediah, William,
Arunah, Thomas \V., Pitt William, Jerusha,
Mary and Deborah. After his first wife died,
he married Elizabeth (Brown) Parker, relict
of David Parker. The romance connected
with this marriage is that Mr. Parker joined
Captain Hyde's company soon after his mar-
riage and Mrs. Parker applied to the captain to
release him. He declined doing that but re-
marked jocosely that if her husband should be
killed and his own wife should die before his
return from war, he would himself become
her husband. And sure enough both Private
Parker was killed and Airs. Hyde died at her
home in Norwich and Captain Hyde kept his
promise by marrying the Widow Parker. They
removed to Hyde Park. Vermont, after whom
the town was named, and of which he was an
original proprietor. He was a farmer. Chil-
dren by second marriage : Reuben, Russell B.,
Jabez, Hiram, Martha P., Elizabeth and Dia-

(VI) Pitt William, fifth son of Captain
Jedediah (2) and Mary (Waterman) Hyde,
was born in Norwich, December 29, 1776, died
May 29, 1823, at Sudbury, Vermont. He was
a farmer, kept the ordinary and lived at Hyde
Park and Sudbury. He married, October 19,
1796, Mary, daughter of James and Mary
(Crampton) Kilbourne. of Castleton, Ver-
mont. Children: Arunah W., James K., Oli-
ver M.. William Pitt, Sarah B., Nancy Anne
and Mary Anne. Mrs. Hyde died at Sudbury,
March 3, 1813, and Mr. Hyde married (sec-
ond) November 4, 1813, Widow Rebecca
(Sherman) Gaige, of Ferrisburg, Vermont.
Children by this marriage: Pitt William and

(VII ) Hon. Oliver Moulton, third son of
Pitt William and Mary (Kilbourne) Hyde,
was born March 10, 1804. He was a merchant
and settled in Castleton, Vermont, later going
into the blast furnace business at Mount Hope.
New York. In 1840 he removed to Detroit.
Michigan, where he was elected mayoi aid
was appointed collector of customs by Presi-
dent Lincoln. He married Julia Anne, daugh-
ter of Daniel Sprague, of West Poultney, Ver-
mont. Children: William Pitt, Charles H.,
Henry Stanley (mentioned below). Julia M..
Harriet S., Louis C, who is postmaster of

(VIII) Hon. Henry Stanley, third son of
Hon. Oliver Moulton and Julia Anne
(Sprague) Hyde, was born at Mount Hope,
New York, August 18, 1837. In 1840 he' re-

moved with his parents to Detroit and was ed-
ucated at the Fowler Curtis school and the
public high school. He read law with Bishop,
Howard & Holbrook, and was associated with
the firm of Jerome, Howard & Swift in prac-
tice. But the law was not to be his mistress.
Coming to Springfield in 1862, he was made
secretary of the Wason Manufacturing Com-
pany, car builders, of which he has been the
trusted treasurer since 1864. Also he was
president of the Springfield Printing and
Binding Company, vice-president of the
Hampden Savings Bank, vice-president of the
New England Telephone and Telegraph Com-
pany, director in the Massachusetts Mutual
Life Insurance Company. In politics he is a
Republican and was present at the nomination
of Lincoln in i860. He has served as coun-
cilman, alderman, representing his town in the
legislature and his district in the state senate.
He has been a member of the Republican state
central committee and was a delegate to the
national conventions that nominated James G.
Blaine in 1884 and Benjamin Harrison in
1888, and was chairman of the Massachusetts
delegation in that convention. Mr. Hyde is
connected with the fraternal organizations of
the city and exceedingly popular among his
fellows. The Hydes are among the wealthiest
people of Spriftgfield. He united in marriage
with Jennie S., daughter of Thomas Wason,
of Springfield: Children: Jerome W. (men-
tioned below), Harry S.. Thomas W. and
Favoline Julia. Upon the death of Mrs. Hyde,
he 'married Mrs. Ellen ( Trask) Chapin.

( IN ) Jerome W., eldest son of Hon. Henry
Stanley and Jennie S. (Wason) Hyde, was
born in Springfield. September 23. 1861. He
was liberally educated and spent two years in
Vevay, Switzerland, in studying French. On
his return from Europe, he entered the
Springfield high school, graduating therefrom
in 1880. complimenting his schooling at the
Worcester Institute of Technology and the
Worcester Free Institute. In 1883 Mr. Hyde
became connected with the Springfield Steam
Power Company as manager and assistant
treasurer. He was general manager of the
Springfield Electric Light Company until its
merger with the United Electric Light Com-
pany. He has been a director in the Spring-
field Printing and Binding Company and treas-
urer of the United States Sewing Machine
Company. He is a prominent club man and a
leader in the social life of the city. His coun-
try house is at Brush Hill Farm, West Spring-



I IX ) Thomas Wason Hyde, son of Hon.
Henry Stanley Hyde, was born in Springfield,
September 13, 1872. He attended the public
schools of his native city, and studied for a
time abroad, and at Phillips Academy, Andov-
er, Massachusetts. In 1891 he became con-
nected with the Massachusetts Mutual Life
Insurance Company, and has continued to the
present time in various positions in that com-
pany. In politics he is a Republican : in relig-
ion a Universalist. He is a member of the
Springfield Country Club. He married, June
21, 1899, Ruby Trask Davis, born March 10.
1N77. daughter of Frank G. and Harriet
(Trask) Davis, of Springfield. They have one
child. Harriet Davis, born March 19, 1908.

(For preceding generations John How, Esq., 1).

(IV) Josiah (2i Howe, son of
HOWE Josiah (i) Howe, was born in

K >78 and died September 20,
1766. He married (first) June 14. 1706, Sar-
ah I'.igelow: (second) November 22, 1 71 3,
Mary Marble, lie resided in Marlborough,
where his children were born. Children: I.
Phineas, born December 4. 1707, married Abi-
gail Bennett ; resided at Sudbury. 2. Abra-
ham, April 6, 1700. 3. Rachel, November 2$.
1710. 4. Sarah, December 24, 1 714. 5. Mary,
May 22, 1 716. 6. Josiah, December 22, 1720,
mentioned below. 7. Jacob, November 25,
1724. married. 1742. Ruth Swinerton, of Sa-

(V) Josiah (3), son of Josiah (2) Howe,
was born at Marlborough, December 22, 1720,
and resided at Marlborough. He married,
August 12, 1741, Mary Goodale, daughter of
Benjamin and Hannah Goodale. Children,
born at Marlborough: 1. Dorothy, March 1
1743. 2. Daniel, March 4, 1745. 3. Mary.
April 15, 174*1. 4. Josiah, June 30, 1748.
mentioned below. 5. David, September 2J,
175 1, died October 15, 1751. 6. Artemas,
May 23. 1753. 7. Hannah, December 20,
1755. 8. Loammi, May 3, 1758, died Novem-
ber 1, 1758. 9. Elizabeth, May 6, 1759. 10.
Charlotte. August 18. 1764.

(VI) Deacon Josiah (4), son of Josiah
( 3 ) Howe, was born at Marlborough, June 30,
1748. died January 15. 1827. He married,
February 24. 1770. Molly Adams, who died
June 1. 1845. a !? e d ninety-three years, ten
months and two days. Children, born at
Marlborough: 1. John, September 9, 1772,
died in Phillipston, Maine, December 6, 1833 ;
married Lydia Williams, who died in Phillips-
ton. April 13, 1820, aged forty-four. 2. Lydia.,

March 12, 1775, died January 15, 1790. 3.
Solomon, March 28, 1777, married. May 19,
1802. Sarah Stow and resided in Berlin. 4.
Eunice, July 28, 1780, married, October 30,
1799, Joseph Howe. 5. Josiah, March 27,
1783, mentioned below. 6. Lewis, May 2,
1792, married. March 28. 1816, Sally Witt ;
(second) June 28, 1853, Asenath S. Boyd. 7.
Lucy, November 1, 1794. married Benjamin

1 VII ) Josiah (5), son of Deacon Josiah
(4) Howe, was born at Marlborough, March

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