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Peter, mentioned below, but the father's name
is not known. William de Botrel had a son
-William (1158-63).

(II) Peter de Botrel of Staffordshire, had
a son Radulph or Ralph.

(III) Ralph de Botrel (1152-1171) mar-
ried twice. His son William by the first wife
married Avisa de Whitmore (1179). William
(4) ( 1 174) had a son Reginald (5) who had
a son Robert (6) (1238) who had a son Rob-
ert (7) (126(D). This was not the American
line. That descends from the second wife, by
her son Ralph de Botrel, mentioned below,
and not by Rad Fitz Wetmore (1220-40), an
illegitimate son. Rad had a son Will le
Bnrgvyllon ( 1 242- 54 ) .

( IV) Ralph de Botrel had a son John.

(V) Sir John de Whitmore married Agnes
(1252-76) and about this time bought of
Robert (7), Lord of Whitmore, all lands and
titles, the original deed being on parchment
and signed with Robert's seal. It is written in
old law Latin. Sir John had at least three
sons: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. William,
married Alice Ferrars, and had son Philip
who founded what is called the Claverly
branch. 3. Ralph.

( VI ) John Whitmore, the heir of Sir John,
married / Margerie (1270-1301). He was
founder of what genealogists call the Caunton

( VII ) Richard of Whitmore married Susan-
nah Draycote, daughter of Philip Dray-
cote, of Painesly, knight. Children: 1. Jane,
married John Blunt. 2. Mary, married John
Gifford. 3. Beatrix, married John Chetwind.
4. Christina, married Richard Fleetwood. 5.
Philip, mentioned below.

(VIII) Philip Whitmore, married Thomas-
ine, daughter of Richard Okeover.

(IX) Richard Whitmore, son of Philip
Whitmore, married (first) a daughter of Sir
Ralph Bagot; (second) a daughter of Sir
Richard Devereaux: (third) a daughter of

Simon Harcourt, probably of Ellenhall, Staf-
ford. By his third wife he had a son Nicholas.

(X) Nicholas Whitmore, son of Richard,
married Anne, daughter of Thomas Aston, of
Tixhall. Staffordshire. Children: 1. Mary,
married William Lusone. 2. Anthony, men-
tioned below.

(XI) Anthony Whitmore, son of Nicholas
Whitmore, married Christina, daughter and
heir of Nicholas Vaux. Children: 1. Joan.

2. William, mentioned below.

(XII) William Whitmore, son of Anthony
Whitmore, had a son John.

(XIII) John Whitmore. of Caunton, sec-
ond son of William Whitmore, in the reign of
Henry VI, married Alice Blyton, daughter
and heir of Robert Blyton, of Caunton, county
Notts. He married (second) Catherine Comp-
ton, daughter and heir of Robert Compton, of
Hawton (Visitation of York 1563). Children:
1. William. 2. Robert, mentioned below.

iNIY) Robert Whitmore, son of John
Whitmore, was the heir of Caunton and mar-
ried Catherine Claye, daughter of George
Claye, of Finningly, county Notts (Visitation
of Yorkshire), and had a son William, the
heir, who married a daughter of John Ridley ;
was of Rotterdam and died 1568. Robert mar-
ried (second) Alice Atwoode, of Harlington,
Bedfordshire, and died at Caunton in 1540.
Children of the second wife: 1. Richard, died
s. p. 1559. 2. John, living in 1545. 3. Charles,
died 1568, mentioned below. 4. Thomas, liv-
ing in 1559 and probably died about 1603. 5.
Edmund, living in 1559. 6. Rowland, living
in 1 591. 7. James. 8. Randall, and three
daughters. Edmund or Rowland Whitmore
(Robert (14)) had a son who was Thomas
Sr. of Hitchin, the parish where the immigrant,
Thomas W T hitmore, was born. Thomas Whit-
more, the immigrant, was the son of another
Thomas Whitmore, as will be seen later.

(XV) Charles Whitmore, son of Robert
Whitmore, died in 1568. He lived at Tux-
forth, county Notts. Children:' 1. William,
died 1582 in county Notts. 2. John, supposed
to have lived in Staffordshire and died 1571.

3. Robert, died 1608. 4. Richard, died 1578.
5. James, died 1614. 6. Thomas, the elder,
mentioned below. 7. Roger, of Hitchin. 8.
Christopher, of county Bed, died 1640. Four
daughters and a posthumous child supposed to
be George. Three of the sons spelled the
name Whittamore, three spelled it Watmore,
and one Whitmore, the spelling which has pre-
vailed in England.

(XVI) Thomas Whitmore, son of Charles



Whitmore, lived at Hitchin, county Hertford,

England. He married Mary and died

1649. -H' s two sons emigrated to New Eng-
land ; Thomas to Maiden, Massachusetts, and
John to Stamford, Connecticut. Thomas of
Makkn is the ancestor of most of the Amer-
ican Whittemores. John of Stamford had a
daughter Elizabeth and son John Whittemore
who was of age in 1649, an d uve d at Stamford
and Middletown, Connecticut.

(XVI) Roger Whitmore, son of Charles
Whitmore and brother of Thomas Whitmore
above, of Hitchin, was the father of Nicholas
Whitmore; Nicholas had two sons who also
emigrated to New England: Francis Whit-
more to Boston and Thomas Whitmore to
Middletown, Connecticut. From these are
descended the American Whitmores. Their
father was first cousin to the Maiden emigrant,
Thomas Whittemore, mentioned below.

( X\TI) Thomas Whittemore, son of Thomas
Whitmore, was born at Hitchin. Hertfordshire,
England. He came to New England prior to
1640, for at that time he was in Charlestown,
Massachusetts, on the Mystic side, which later
was the town of Maiden., and signed a petition
with neighbors for better privileges in 1640.
In 1645 he bought of Rev. John Cotton of
Boston "meadow for two cow's grass." This
piece of land adjoined his own farm, and is
now included in the city of Everett. It
remained in the Whittemore family until May
1, 1845, over two hundred years after he had
bought it. He married (second) April 14,
1623, in England, Sarah Deardes, who was
buried November 17, 1628. He married

(third) Hannah , who, according to

her own deposition, was born in 1612. She
married (second) June 3, 1663, at Chelmsford,
Benjamin Butterfield. Thomas Whittemore
died at Maiden, May 25, 1661. His will was
proved June 25, 1661. Children: 1. Sarah,
baptized" April 14, 1616. 2. Mary, baptized
May 12, 1624. 3. Thomas, baptized October

6, 1626, liveci in England. 4. Daniel, baptized
July 13, 1633, married Mary Mellins, March

7, 1662, daughter of Richard Mellins, of
Charlestown. 5. John, baptized April 27,
buried 29, 1635. 6. Nathaniel, baptized May

I, 1636, married Mary Knower and left no
male descendants. 7. John, baptized February

II, 1638-39, mentioned below. 8. Elizabeth.
9. Benjamin, married Elizabeth Bucknam and
died July 16, 1726. 10. Thomas (one of the
cases of two sons of the same name living at
the same time) the elder Thomas Whittemore
was in England and never came over) mar-

ried Elizabeth Pierce, of Woburn, November
9, 1666, and had son Thomas, born August 14,

1667. 11. Samuel, married Hannah

and removed to Dover, New Hampshire,
thence to Somerville, Massachusetts ; both he
and his wife buried at Cambridge. 12. Peletiah.
13. Abraham, served in the army in King
Philip's war in 1676; died January 14, 1690-91.
(XVIII) John, son of Thomas Whittemore,
was baptized February 11, 1638-39, at Hitchin,
England, and settled in Massachusetts. He
died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, December
8, 1694. He resided in Charlestown and was
a wheelwright by trade. Late in life he
removed to Menotomy (West Cambridge)
where he leased a farm of Lieutenant Gov-,
ernor Danforth. He married (first) Mary
Upham, daughter of Deacon John and Eliza-
beth Upham. He married (second) Mary
Miller. Children: 1. John, born 1662. 2.
Thomas, September 1, 1664, mentioned below.
3. Joseph, January 29, 1667. 4. Benjamin,
September 1, 1669. 5. Elizabeth, 1671. 6.
Nathaniel, 1(73. 7. Joel. 1675, died April 27,
1676. 8. Joel, June 15, 1677. 9. Mary, Octo-
ber 24, 1678, died young. 10. Peletiah, May

7, 1680. 11. Amos, July 25, 1681. 12. Mary,
September 26, 1683. 13. Daniel, December 28,
1685, died March 27, 1686. 14. Rebecca,
March 3, 1686-87. 15. Hannah, February 10,

(XIN) Thomas, son of John Whittemore,
was born in Charlestown, September 1, 1664,
died at Watertown, August 10, 1717. He lived
at Menotomy and owned the lease of the estate
there, under Mr. Whitney of Concord —
doubtless the farm leased of Governor Dan-
forth by his father. He married Mary Pease,
of Boston. All their children were baptized
together May 29, 1709. Children, born at
Cambridge: Thomas, March 18, 1694, mar-
ried, March 25, 1715, Dorothy Thomas. 2.
Francis, September 5, 1696. 3. Samuel, Sep-
tember 22, 1698, mentioned below. 4. Mary,
September 4, 1700. 5. Daniel, February 22,
1701-02, married, November 25, 1745, Abigail
Knower. 6. Hannah, 1703. 7. Ephraim, 1705.

8. Sarah, 1707. 9. Martha, April 17, 1709,
married Edward Goodnow.

(XX) Samuel, son of Thomas Whittemore,
was born in Cambridge, September 22, 1698,
died in 1790. He lived at Cambridge; married
there, December 5, 1722, Peternal Mitchell,
who died in 1729. Children, born at Cam-
bridge: 1. Samuel B., December 13, 1723,
mentioned below. 2. Peternal, February 23,
1724. 3. Abigail, January 21, 1726, married,



November 25, 1749, Daniel Knower. 4.
Edward, August 29, 1728, died February 24,

(XXI) Samuel, son of Samuel Whittemore,
was born in Cambridge, December 13, 1723,
married, January 19, 1746, Mary Coombs, at
Chelsea (Rumney Marsh). His widow Mary
administered his estate, which was distributed
in 1796. She died May 18. 1804. He lived
at Roxbury. Children, born at Roxbury : 1.
Samuel, 1747, died August 7, 1816; married,
November 13, 1771 , Ann Derby. 2. Jacob,
baptized February 21, 1752, died March 15,
1823 ; married, October 7, 1772, Elizabeth
Champncy, who died September 10, 1835. 3.
Michael, baptized April 23, 1757, mentioned
below. 4. Abigail, baptized August 15, 1759.
married, November 15, 1774, Ebenezer Smith,
who died September 8, 1829 ; she died August
7, 1837. 5. Ruth, baptized May 20, 1764, died
March 3, 1824; married, March 17, 1803,

Simon Keyes. 6. Daughter, married

Williams. 7. Elizabeth, baptized 1762, mar-
ried, May 3, 1797. David Sloane ; she died
March 7, 1836. 8. Mary, died October 8, 1779;
married Ralph Smith. 9. Eleanor, married
Noah Baker, of Roxbury. 10. Joshua, bap-
tized July 6, 1770.

(XXII) Michael, son of Samuel Whitte-
more, was born in Roxbury, April 23, 1757,
died February 16, 1854. He was a farmer at
Roxbury and was prominent in church and
town affairs. He was for many years teacher
of music and chorister of the Unitarian church
of which he was a member. He assisted in
carrying fagots to build the fortifications on
Dorchester Heights at the time of the evacua-
tion of Boston by the British army, March
17, 1776. He was a soldier in Captain Lemuel
May's company, Colonel Mcintosh's regiment
from March 23, 1778, to April 5, 1778, serving
at Roxbury in the revolution, (p. 698 Mass.
Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution). He
was a farmer. He married, in West Roxbury,
Rebecca Nightingale, a native of Massachu-
setts, of English parentage. She died soon
after 1840. She was a capable and energetic
woman and whatever prosperity the family
enjoyed was attributed mainly to her. Chil-
dren, born at Roxbury: 1. Rebecca, Septem-
ber 8, 1779, married Ephraim Cheney, of Rox-
bury, a farmer of that town. 2. Michael Jr.,
December 23, 1781, mentioned below. 3. Ruth
Jane, January 24, 1784, died September 23,
1829; married, May 5, 1803, Stephen Whit-
ney. 4. Mary, March 24, 1786, died January
29, 1826; married, January 3, 1813, Sabine

Ilolbrook, of Bellingham, Massachusetts. 5.
Samuel, June 1, 1790, mentioned below. 6.
William, 1792, died May 28, 1837; married,
March 25, 181 1, Margaret (Bradford)
Weatherbee; he was an undertaker. 7. John
T., July 5, 1798, mentioned below.

(XXIII) Michael, son of Michael Whitte-
more, was born in Roxbury in the section now
known as Mount Hope, December 23, 1781,
died September 25, 1871 ; married, June 10,
1804, Betsey Titterton, who died in 1866. He
was a prosperous farmer and an extensive
land owner in Roxbury. He was a prominent
member of the Unitarian church of Roxbury
and for many years was leader of the choir,
as his father had been before him, and he
was for many years deacon of that church.
He was active in town affairs and held the
office of selectman and other positions of trust
and honor. Children, born at Roxbury: 1.
Frances P. (Fanny), November 17, 1805, died
October 3, 1850: married, August 1, 1824,
Clement Bartlett. 2. Elizabeth, August 18,
1806, married Edward W. Estey. 3. Harriet.
August 22, 1807, married Williams Keith, of
Roxbury. 4. Andrew, October 9, 1809, resided
at Wakefield, New Hampshire ; married, Au-
gust 3, 1841, Susan Nute. 5. Henry S., May
25, 181 1, died at Worcester, September 20,
1895: married, December 8, 1848, Harriet M.
Henry, of Worcester. 6. Augusta Ann, March
3. 18 1 2. married John L. Cheney. 7. James,
October 3, 181 5.

(XXIII) Samuel, son of Michael Whitte-
more, was born at West Roxbury, June I,
1790. He died there November 18, 1826. He
married., June 30, 1810, Judith Cane. Chil-
dren: 1. Samuel, born August 19, 181 1, died
July 14, 1883: farmer and well-known citizen;
held the office of overseer of the poor ; mar-
ried in West Roxbury Olive Mardin, born
about 1812 in New Hampshire, died in 1864,
leaving four children. 2. Eben W., Novem-
ber 10, 1812, mentioned below. 3. Judith,
December 24, 1813, died July 6, 1897; married
William Lewis, of Walpole, Massachusetts,
and had nine children. 4. James, October 3,
1815, died September 20, 1893; married (first)
Caroline Norcross, of Newton ; (second) Han-
nah M. Draper, of West Roxbury, who is now
living in Canterbury, West Roxbury. 5.
Michael, October 8, 1817, died June 6, 1892;
cabinet maker in Dorchester ; married there
Roxana Furniss ; married (second) Mary E.
White, who survives him, living on Morton
street, Dorchester. 6. Charity T., April 7,
1819. died November 12, 1891 ; married



Chauncey T. Coombs ; settled in Vermont. 7.
Mary W., October 3. 1820, died June 20, 1905,
unmarried. 8. Agnes, June 1, 1822. died June
19. 1822. 9. David. April 5, 1825, mentioned
below. 10. William, November 22, 1826, died
June 4. 1884; was a carpenter and builder, a
"good citizen and skillful craftsman; married
Alma Richards, of Ellsworth, Maine, a school
teacher for some years before her marriage,
in West Roxbury ; has lived in Maine since
the death of her husband; her son, Herbert, is
a traveling salesman for a men's furnishing
goods concern and lives in Portland, Maine.

1 XXIII) Captain John T., son of Michael
Whittemore, was born July 5. 1798, at Rox-
burv. died there November 7, 1865. He had
a common school education and from his youth
was a farmer in his native town. His affairs
prospered and at one time he owned five hun-
dred acres of land in Roxbury, and was the
largest individual owner of real estate in the
town. He was active in the militia and rose
to the rank of captain in the Roxbury Guards.
He and his family were active in the Unitarian
church and he was for a time the leader of the
choir. He inherited from his father an excel-
lent voice and his love of music. With Messrs.
Billings and Mcintosh he sustained the church
in times of financial need. He was an earnest,
substantial, capable man, of absolute integrity
and much force of character. In politics he
was a Republican. He married (first) May
5, 1822. Hannah Lyon, born at West Roxbury,
May 1, 1799, died December 4. 1843, daughter
of Davis Lyon, descendant of the old Lyon
family of Roxbury. She was a member of
the Unitarian church. Captain Whittemore
married (second) September 15, 1844. Sarah
Henshaw, who died April 6, 1873. Sally Hen-
shaw as she was generally and affectionately
known by her friends lost her parents when
young and was brought up by her uncle, Ben-
jamin Corey, of Roxbury. a wealthy wheel-
wright, whose property she inherited. She
was a student from early youth, with remark-
able intellectual gifts. Rev. Theodore Parker
was an intimate friend of Mrs. Whittemore
and a constant visitor. They discussed the
great Unitarian movement, in which both were
keenly interested, and they were associated in
religious and charitable work in the commun-
ity." Theodore Parker, the foremost minister
of the liberal religious movement in his day,
often called Mrs. Whittemore the most talented
and capable woman in Massachusetts. The
church of the First Unitarian parish now
stands on the site of Captain Whittemore's

house and in front of it is a beautiful bronze
statue of the former pastor. The library
which Mrs. Whittemore accumulated was one
of the best and largest private collections of.
books in or near Boston, yet she generously
converted it into a circulating library, when
such institutions were all but unknown, and
herself acted as librarian. Her generous con-
tribution to the education and entertainment
of the public continues to-day, being merged
with the Boston Public Library. As a testi-
monial of her devoted service to the church,
and community her friends and neighbors gave
her a beautiful solid silver tea service, now in
the possession of her step-son, Albert F.
Whittemore. Her marriage was very happy
and she was a devoted foster mother. She
had no children of her own. Children of Cap-
tain John T. and Hannah (Lyon) Whitte-
more: 1. John Adams, born August 19, 1828,
mentioned below. 2. George Warren, Septem-
ber 17, 1830, died May 6, 1857; clerk at the
age of eighteen in the store of John Griggs &
Sons, Boston; went to California, thence to
Australia and spent some years in mining ;
returned to West Roxbury a comparative
stranger to his kinsfolk; never married. 3.
Charles Willard, July 1, 1833, died June II,
1891 ; owned the Michael Whittemore farm in
Roslindale and conducted it successfully sev-
eral years, also conducting a hay and grain
store on Washington street, Jamaica Plain ;
married, February 4, 1869, Lucy J. Williams.
4. Georgianna, October 10, 1837, died Novem-
ber 9, 1907; married (first) January, 1859,
Lemuel Kingsbury, of Needham; (second)
Stephen Jones. 5. Albert Franklin, May 28,
1839, mentioned below. 6. Theodore Parker,
March 26, 1843, died February 14, 186 1.

(XXIV) Eben W., son of Samuel Whitte-
more. was born in West Roxbury, November
10, 1812, died there August 20, 1884. He was
educated in the public schools of his native
town, and followed farming through his active
life. He was a man of sterling character and
a useful citizen. He married, in 1837, Sarah
A. Harvey, born in Brookline, June 15, 1815,
died May 23, 1894, daughter of William
Harvey. They were married by the famous
Rev. Theodore Parker, then pastor of the First
Church at West Roxbury, and because this
was the first marriage he had celebrated he
declined to accept the proffered fee. Mr.
Whittemore and his family attended the Ger-
man Lutheran church. Children: 1. George
M., born December 18. 1838, died September,
1894, in West Roxbury. 2. Harry Austin,

Qoa/a. JoL 3. "MOUrnm*



March 2, 1842, a successful farmer; owns his
father's homestead ; is unmarried. 3. Nettie
F., October 10, 1846, died March 15, 1892,
unmarried. 4. Walter E., April 24, 1850, a
shoe pattern-maker, Boston ; resides on Flor-
ence street, Roslindale : married Alice Lendall.

(XXIV) James, son of Samuel Whitte-
more, was born at Canterbury Milage, now
Mmint Hope, in the West Roxbury district of
Boston, October 3, 181 5, died September 20,
1893. He was educated in the public schools
of his native town, and followed farming for
his calling through all his active life in the
vicinity of his birthplace. He was upright,
kindly, rather retiring in disposition, but a
useful citizen of no little influence. In poli-
tics he was a Republican, but he neVer sought
public office. In religion he was a Unitarian.
He married (first) Caroline Norcross, of New-
ton. He married (second) June 2^, 1867, at
Roslindale, Massachusetts, Hannah M. Draper,
born at West Roxbury. April 20, 1842, daugh-
ter of Benjamin J. G. and Hannah (Burrill)
Draper. (See Draper). Since the death of
her husband she has managed his estate with
ability and success and, notwithstanding her
age, is active and enjoying good health. Chil-
dren, born at Roxbury: 1. James H. July 9,
1868, mentioned below. 2. Carrie S., August
24, 1870, educated in the public schools of her
native town; married, November 29, 1893,
George J. Spear, born in Belfast, Ireland, Jan-
uary 7, 1869, coming to Boston at the age
of nineteen, a trained gardener, now engaged
in that business; children: i. George D. Spear,
born March 9, 1895. died July I, 1895; "■
Mabel E. Spear. March 7, 1896; iii. George
Lewis Spear, December 10, 1897: iv. Samuel
J. Spear (twin), December 1, 1899, died in
infancy: v. Nellie M. Spear (twin), December
1, 1899, died in infancy; vi. Robert A. Spear,
October 13, 1900; vii. Herbert Spear, Decem-
ber 5, 1901 ; viii. Annie M. Spear, February
18, 1906, died July 23, 1906. 3. Mary E.,
September 2, 1873, died April 29, 1894; mar-
ried John Sawler, born in Nova Scotia, Feb-
ruary 14, 1867; children: i. John F. Sawler,
born March 14, 1890; ii. Carrie M. Sawler,
July 19, 1891; iii. Henry C. Sawler, January
12, 1894; iv. Ernest F. Sawler, September 12,
1896; v. James G. E. Sawler, January 13, 1899,
died April 24, 1900. 4. Martha E., September
27, 1875, died May 29, 1877.

(XXIV) David, son of Samuel Whitte-
more, was born in West Roxbury, April 5,
1825. He was educated in the public schools
of his native town. During his boyhood he

worked for different farmers and learned the
mason's trade. During a long and busy life he
was in business as a mason and contractor,
retiring a few years ago. He is now living
with his son in West Roxbury. He is a
Republican in politics ; an active member of
the Swedenborgian or New Jerusalem Church,
West Roxbury. He married, June 15, 1857,
Susan Lindall, born on Poplar street, West
Roxbury, February 24, 1838, daughter of
Sylvanus and Abigail (Chamberlain) Lindall,
both natives of Pepperell, Massachusetts. Her
father was a farmer in West Roxbury, where
he died at the age of fifty-one years. The
children of her parents were: i. George Lin-
dall, born August 14, 1819, died March 31,
1861 : married Susan Harvey; ii. Charles Lin-
dall, May 31, 1822, a farmer of Cape Eliza-
beth, Maine, died aged sixty-two, married
Rhoda Newcomb, died aged seventy-eight; iii.
William Lindall, April 18, 1823, died Decem-
ber 2j. 1825; iv. Horace Lindall, June 21,
1836, a blacksmith at Roslindale, married Mary
Coburn ; v. Susan Lindall, married David
Whittemore, mentioned above. Children of
David and Susan (Lindall) Whittemore: 1.
Horace P., born June 13, 1858, a grocer on
Annawan avenue, West Roxbury ; married,
1887, Caroline P. Harding, of Providence,
Rhode Island ; son, Edward H, born March
3, 1889, educated in the School of Mechanic
Arts, now with a Boston heating and ventilat-
ing company. 2. Alice, July 23, 1864, died
October 8, 1868. 3. Arthur L., October 23,
1866, mentioned below.

(XXIV) John Adams, son of Captain John
T. Whittemore, was born in West Roxbury,
August 19, 1828, died there January 4, 1890.
He was educated in the public schools and
during his youth worked on his father's farm.
After he came of age he established and suc-
cessfully conducted a milk route. He founded
the coal business of John A. Whittemore &
Sons in 1882. The name at present is John A.
Whittemore's Sons. For a period of forty
years he was leader of the choir of the First
Unitarian Church, of which he was a promi-
nent member. In politics he was a Republican.
He married, November 16, 1855, Maria M.
Chamberlain, born in Boston, March 11, 1839,
daughter of Dexter Chamberlain. (See Cham-
berlain). She was educated in the public
schools and has taken a leading part in the social
life of the neighborhood, having much interest
in the welfare of the community. Children :
1. Dexter Chamberlain, born at West Rox-
bury, a farmer and prominent citizen of Carl-



isle, Massachusetts ; married Jennie Perkins,
a native of Nova Scotia. 2. Sarah H., born
West Roxbury, mentioned below. 3. John A.,
October 2, 1865. mentioned below. 4. Martha
W., born in West Roxbury, died an infant. 5.
Charles W.. September 1, 1867, mentioned
below. 6. Martha M., born West Roxbury,
married M. Frank Keezer, a prominent attor-
ney of Denver, Colorado; children: Madeline
M. and Dexter M. Keezer. 7. Edmund P.,
born West Roxbury. resides at 75 Corey street,
West Roxbury, and is in business in that sec-
tion of Boston ; married Evelyn Newcomb, of

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