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the immigrant. Their only child was John,
born April 15, 1734, mentioned below. Icha-
bod Clark, perhaps a brother of John (1),
married at Maiden, March 30, 1 741 . Sarah
Whittemore and lived at Stoughton.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Clark, was
born at Stoughton, April 15, 1734. He mar-
ried there October 14, 1756, Abigail Pettin-



gill, daughter of Daniel and Abigail (Leon-
ard) Pettingill. Among their children was
John, mentioned below.

(III) John (3), son of John (2) Clark,
was born at Stoughton, about 1760, died Jan-
uary \2, 1838. He was a revolutionary sol-
dier. He came from Stoughton to Spencer
and married (first) October 16, 1786, Sarah
Swan. He married (second), (intentions
dated March 15, 1793), married, April, 1793,
Keziah Smith, born July 5, 1766, died Octo-
ber 3, 1820, daughter of Seth and Mary (Tal-
bot) Smith, of Stoughton. He married
(third) March 27, 1821, Elizabeth Prouty,
widow of Elisha Prouty, of Spencer. He was
a soldier in the revolution from Stoughton in
Captain Lyon's company, Colonel Benjamin
Gill's regiment, in June, 1777, enlisting for
three years in the Continental army. He was
in the Major's company, in Colonel John
Brooks's regiment, in 1777; also in Captain
William Patrick's company. Colonel Ichabod
Alden's regiment (the sixteenth) ; also in
Captain Luke Howell's company, Colonel Na-
than Tyler's regiment, in 1779, in the Rhode
Island campaign. Children of second wife,
born at Spencer: 1. Infant, born March 29,

1794, died young. 2. Salome, September 7,

1795, married, 1819, Reuben Whittemore. 3.
Abigail, (twin) September 14, 1797. 4.
Mary, (twin) September 14, 1797. 5. Luther,
August 6, 1799. died August 25, 1800. 6.
Nathan, November 27, 1801. 7. John, men-
tioned below.

(IV) John (4), son of John (3) Clark,
was born in Spencer, September 7, 1804. He
was educated in the public schools and learn-
ed the trade of machinist. He worked at his
trade for a number of years at Waterbury,
Connecticut. He married, December 29, 1836,
Mary Jones, born 1817. daughter of Enoch
and Martha Belden Jones. Children : Martha
Keziah; John Wesley, died February 7, 1845:
Enoch Jones, Maria Cassandra, John Wesley,
mentioned below : David Franklin. George

(V) John Wesley, son of John (4) Clark,
was born November 1, 1849. He attended
the public schools and Hopkins Academy and
graduated from the Massachusetts Agricul-
tural College at Amherst in the class of 1872.
He was employed by various nursery owners
and firms as a horticulturalist in New York,
Kentucky and Texas. He then accepted the
professorship of horticulture in the Missouri
State University, in which he taught for three
years. He then returned to North Hadley,

Massachusetts, and settled on his father's
homestead. He has made a specialty of the
culture of apples and other fruits, also ber-
ries. He has been very successful as a prac-
tical farmer. He has written much for agri-
cultural papers and periodicals and is a dem-
onstrator for the state board of agriculture.
In politics he is a Republican, and was for
many years a member of the Hadley school
committee. He is a prominent member of the
Congregational church and for many years
superintendent of the Sunday school. He
married, March 14, 1878, Mary Endicott
Roberts, born February 3, 1853, daughter of
Reuben and Lydia (Endicott) Roberts. Chil-
dren : 1. John Maxwell, born September 25,
1879, graduate of Hopkins Academy, attended
Williston Seminary and Amherst College;
now associated in business with his father as
a fruit grower. 2. Elizabeth Roberts. August
11, 1881, graduate of Hopkins Academy, at-
tended Mount Holyoke College and gradu-
ated at Bridgewater Normal School : teacher
in Moses Brown School, Providence, Rhode

Stephen Reynolds, the first
REYNOLDS of the family of whom we
have information, was
born March 2^, 1798. He learned the black-
smith trade in Southbridge, Massachusetts,
and subsequently carried on the same busi-
ness in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. He mar-
ried Sybil Vinton, born January 4, 1799. The
following is an account of their golden wed-

"Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reynolds cele-
brated their golden wedding in Wilbraham
October 23d at the residence of their son-in-
law Mr. George Edson with whom in life's
decline they have a pleasant home. Thirty-
orfe persons were present whose united ages
amounted to 1372 years. Relatives respect-
ing five generations were there from Massa-
chusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Many valuable and delicate souvenirs of
kindred and affectionate regard were pre-
sented to them. The venerable pair re-
plighted their early troth the bride of seventy
one vears perhaps never happier than now ;
receiving again the wedding ring. A few
remarks were made by the officiating clergy-
man, the divine benediction was invoked,
congratulations were offered, tears from
loving eyes shed, and the wish expressed by
the daughters that father and mother might
live to enjoy their gifts, was seconded by all.



It was a deeply interesting occasion and will
furnish pleasing reminiscences for time to
come. To Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds it was
one of life's Indian summer days full of un-
utterable content. Thirty-six years of their
wedded life has been spent in Wilbraham.
'Twas a matter of regret that Mr. Reynolds'
aged mother now in her ninety-fourth year
was not able to be present. She resides in
Charlton, Massachusetts. She is a venerable
woman in more than one respect, her sight is
good she is as spry as most people at sixty,
her mental faculties are well preserved and
she is the mother of eleven children. Very
few have a similar record."

Children of Stephen and Sybil Reynolds:
George, see forward, Henry, and Louise, who
married George Edson.

(II) George, son of Stephen and Sybil
(Vinton) Reynolds, was born in Southbridge,
September 18, 1822, died in Springfield, May
16, 1902. He came to Springfield in 1841
and established the business of landscape
gardening in which he was later associated
with the late Justin Sackett, and together
they laid out many of the parks and lawns
here. He employed many men when in ac-
tiVe life, and none knew him so well and so
pleasantly as those who were in his employ.
He was an attendant at the Ashby Methodist
Church. He married, April 13, 1848, Har-
riet Angeline, daughter of Hainan Colton.
She was born in Longmeadow, Massachu-
setts, in 1822. She was highly esteemed in
the community and took an active interest
in its affairs. She lived to be an octogenarian.
Their children : Howard S., see forward ;
Louise M., married Herbert A. Hastings.

(III) Howard S v only son of George and
Harriet Angeline (Colton) Reynolds, was
born in Springfield, 1855. He attended the
public schools and was otherwise privately
educated at Broad Brook, Connecticut. In
1872 he became clerk for Henry K. Baker
in the sadlery business, where he remained
for about nine years. At the conclusion of
this service he entered the employment of his
father, landscape gardener, and was event-
ually made a member of the firm. This busi-
ness is now conducted by him and Herbert
A. Hastings under the name of Reynolds &
Company. He has been a life long Republi-
can and attends the Florence Methodist
Church. He married, August 21. 1877,
Martha Josephine, daughter of Horace G.
and Clarissa (Cook) Davis. One child,
George Harold, born August 3. 1879; mar-

ried Edna Jene, daughter of George D. and
Leonie Matson, of Matson Hill, Connecti-
cut. He attended the public and high schools
of Springfield and the Springfield Business
School. After finishing his school days he
went with his father in the contracting busi-
ness. He is an expert taxidermist, has done
considerable museum work, and has a splen-
did private collection of birds.

George Washington Bly, the first
BLY member of the family of whom we

have definite information, was a
resident of Smithfield, Rhode Island, where
he followed the occupation of farming. He
married Freelove Tucker, and later removed
to Springfield, Massachusetts, locating on a
farm, where their deaths occurred.

(II) George Washington (2), son of
George Washington (1) and Freelove (Tuck-
er) Bly, was born in Smithfield, Rhode Isl-
and, July 1, 1805, died July 18, 1861, aged fif-
ty-six years. About 1832 he entered into
partnership with Major Lorenzo Rice and a
Mr. Goodrich under the firm name of Rice,
Bly & Company, and they located in North
Adams. Massachusetts, then a wilderness, and
built a small cotton mill, thus becoming the
pioneer cotton manufacturers in that section.
The business was successful, and they built a
larger factory known as the Beaver Mill. He
married, June 5, 1827, Maria Sage, daughter
of Russell Sage, of Chicopee, Massachusetts.
Children: 1. George R., deceased. 2. Ed-
ward Hamor. 3. Henry, deceased. 4. Fran-
ces, deceased. 5. John, died young. 6.
Charles Augustus, see forward. 7. Merritt,
deceased; served in the civil war in a Massa-
chusetts regiment, last call. 8. Frank, de-

(III) Charles Augustus, son of George
Washington (2) and Maria (Sage) Bly, was
born in North Adams, Massachusetts, No-
vember 1, 1842. He lived there until he was
sixteen years of age, when he went to Wil-
liamstown and became a clerk in a country
store. In 1863 he entered the employ of
Smith & Wesson, arms manufacturers, at
Springfield, and remained with them about
two years. He was later employed in the
United States armory and then became a
clerk for his uncle, Erastus Bly. who con-
ducted a grocery store on the site of the pres-
ent post office. In 1871 he bought out this
business and carried it on for ten years, at
the expiration of which time he sold out and
became bookkeeper and financial manager



for R. B. Currier, by whom he was employed
two years. He then accepted a similar posi-
tion with Rice & Lockwood, with whom he
remained four years, and on the formation of
the Rice & Lockwood Lumber Company he
became its first treasurer. In 1888 he devel-
oped lung disease: he then went to Colorado
and was employed in the lumber business five
years, associated with the Sayre, Newton
Lumber Company and the Halleck, Sayre,
Newton Lumber Company. In 1893 he re-
turned to Springfield. Massachusetts, and the
following vear became treasurer of the
Springfield Lumber Company and financial
manager and bookkeeper for the R. B. Cur-
rier, wholesale lumber dealer, which positions
he is now (1909) still filling. Mr. Blv is a
member of Trinity Methodist Episcopal
Church and for many years has served on its
official board. He is a member of Hampden
Lodge. Free and Accepted Masons, joining
in 1864: Morning Star Chapter, Springfield
Council. Springfield Commandery. Spring-
field Lodge of Perfection, Rose Croix. He is
also a member of Hampden Lodge. Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows, of Spring-
field. Charles A. Blv married (first) June 18,

1868, Adelaine Luvan Greene, who died in

1869. He married (second) November 14.
1871, Mary Ladd, born in Chicopee, Massa-
chusetts, July 15, 1844, daughter of Lucius
Egbert and Delia Stiles (Van Horn) Ladd,
of Springfield. Children: I. George Lucius,
died at the age of four years. 2. Randolph
Egbert, born in Springfield. October 9, 1879:
lit is a graduate of the Springfield high school
and since May. 1906, has been cashier at
YYilkesbarre. Pennsylvania, of the agency of
the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
Companv at that place. He married Emma
Wood and has one child, Jeanne Elizabeth,
born in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, August
28. 1907.

George Burton was born in
BURTON 1766," died at Hopkinton,

Rhode Island, November 5.
1846. He was engaged in farming and the
raising of horses and cattle, and his farm,
comprising about fifty acres, compared fayor-
ably with all others in that section. That he
was a man of influence in his day is evidenced
by the fact that he held town office. He was
a member of the Baptist Church, and a Whig
in politics. He married Tryphena Place, who
died at Hopkinton, February to, 1849. Chil-
dren: Ira; Elliott Lee, see forward; Potter

C; George; William; Thomas; Nancy; Ce-

( II ) Elliott Lee, son of George and Try-
phena (Place) Burton, was born at "Hopkin-
ton City." Hopkinton, Rhode Island, Octo-
ber 20, 1803, died at East Killingly, Connect-
icut, July 7, 1887. He had the usual common
school education of that period, and assisted
his father in the cultivation of the farm. In
early manhood he commenced to peddle
laces, notions, etc.. for a few years, and later
removed to Foster, Rhode Island, where he
kept a general store, selling West Indian and
dry goods. Subsequently, after his marriage,
he removed with his family to Killingly, Con-
necticut, where he found employment in the
cotton factories of that town. He was also
engag'ed there in farming for a short time,
then entered into the manufacturing and fin-
ishing of boots and shoes for various firms.
After ten years he again farmed in a small
way, and added to his homestead land pur-
chased from James Simmons, and which was
sold to his son Stephen R., after his death.
He was a road surveyor while residing at Fos-
ter, and a member of the Foster militia. He
and his wife joined the Free Will Baptist
church at Foster, Rhode Island, November
6. 1852. He was a stanch Whig, opposed to
slavery, and later became a strong supporter
of Lincoln and his policies. He married, at
Foster, June 11, 1828. Bernice, born Novem-
ber 8, 1806, died October 14, 1889, daughter
of Sheldon and Naomi (Randall) Williams,
and a direct descendant in the sixth genera-
tion of Roger Williams. Children: 1. Albeit
Williams, see forward. 2. Louisa. 3. Laura
Ann, born December 24, 1833, died Septem-
ber 20. 1883. 4. Harris Olney, born March
19, T836. died October 12. 1897: married,
April 19, 1856, Olive S. Oatley; children: i.
Walter Franklin, born August 11. 1858: mar-
ried, February 16. 1874. Ellen Kies: children:
Jennie, born July 19. 1875; Harris Kies, Oc-
tober 4. 1881; William Elliott, December [9,
1885; Albert Franklin. July 18, 1887: Ernest
Walter, lime 21. 1802; Eva Ellen. June 24,
1804; ii. Elizabeth Atlie. born July 3, 1865,
died Februan 24. i860. 5. Stephen Randall,
born July 17. 1839. died August 13. 1907;
married, November 26, 1884. Mary (Crowell)
Williams. 6. James Elliott, born May 6,
TS41. 7. Elliott Franklin, born December,
1842; married. January 3. 1865. Julia A.
Hopkins; children: Henry, and Grace Burton,
married Louis C. Sheffield.

(III) Albert Williams, eldest child of El-

. y//// // '?Air&




liott Lee and Bernice (Williams) Burton, and
of the seventh generation from Roger Wil-
liams, was born at Hopkins Mills, North Fos-
ter, Rhode Island, December 19, 1831, died
July 24, 1909, at Buttonwood, Rhode Island.
He attended the district school during three
months of the summer and three months of
the winter until he was twelve years of age,
then only during the winter months until he
was sixteen years old. At that time his par-
ents removed to East Killingly. and fur six
months worked in cotton mills, then on the
farm of William Cook, in Gloucester, Con-
necticut, and at the age of eighteen years
shipped on board the whaler "Ocean." Cap-
tain Swift, bound for the Arctic seas. They
made a roundabout voyage, touching at the
Azores, Sandwich Islands, Hongkong and Ja-
pan. Later he made numerous trips along the
Atlantic coast, spending altogether thirteen
years at sea. During the Civil war he enlisted
at Wrentham. February 20, 1864, in the Four-
teenth Massachusetts I lattery, and saw much
bard and honorable service. He participated
in the following battles that year : Wilder-
ness, May 5 to 7 ; Ney River, May 10; Spott-
sylvania, .May 12 to 21 ; North Anna River.
May 23 to 27: Bethesda Church, June 2; Cold
Harbor, June 4 to 12: Petersburg, June 16 to
25: Deep Bottom. July 9 to 17; Crater, July
30; Petersburg trenches, August 5 to 21 : Fort
Steadman. March 25 to 29, 1865; fall of Pe-
tersburg, 1865. He was honorably discharged
June 15, 1865, and mustered out at Readville,
Massachusetts. During part of this time h :
was mate of the ship "Mary J. Mifflin," carry-
ing supplies for McClellan's army. Upon his
return to his home at the close of hostilities he
engaged with the jewelry manufacturing con-
cern of H. F. Barrows, at North Attleboro,
Massachusetts. After five years spent in ob-
taining a thorough mastery of this trade he
went to Plainville, Massachusetts, and for two
years was in the employ of J. D. Lincoln, Tif-
fany & Bacon. In the spring of 1872 the Plain-
ville Stock company was organized for the
manufacture of specialties in jewelry, a num-
ber of the most prominent manufacturers in
the jewelry line, among them being Albert
Williams Burton, forming this corporation.
From time to time there were various changes
in the membership, older members retiring and
making way for new. but it was from the
start a pronounced success, at no time more so
than when Mr. Burton retired, March 26,
1909, to enjoy a long merited and well de-
served rest from his arduous labors. Mr.
Burton was an attendant of the Methodist

church of Plainville, and gave liberally
towards its support, especially to the building
of the church, and donated the organ. lie
was a member of George H. Maintein Fost.
No. 133. Grand Army of the Republic, and
served as senior and junior vice-commander
and as quartermaster many years. He mar-
ried, at Wrentham, June 22, 1857. Mary Ellis,
born October 5, 1836, daughter of Edward
Renouf and Susanna ( Dale 1 Bennett, of
Wrentham, t see Bennett family). Susanna
( Dale ) Bennett, born at Weymouth. February
7, 1804, died in Wrentham, November 14.
1885, was the daughter of John and Catherine
(Childs) Dale. John Dale was a tanner by
trade, lived for a time in Weymouth and Rox-
bury, then settled in Wrentham where he had
tan yards near bis homestead. Fie had chil-
dren: i. Catherine, born March 25, 1796, died
July 24. 1856. ii. Esther Childs. born April
19. [798, died September, 1848. iii. Ann, born
October 20, 1800, died October 14, 1889. iv.
Margaret, born December 3, 1802, died June
22. 1889, married George Hawes Bennett, v.
Susanna, mentioned above, married Edward
Renouf Bennett, vi. John Childs. born Feb-
ruary 16. 1812, married Caroline Tuck-
er: three children: Caroline, Emma Al-
lett. Charles Tucker, who died in war
of rebellion, of fever. The children of
Albert Williams and Mary Ellis | Ben-
nett 1 Burton were: 1. Edward Randall.
born January 31, 1858. died February 6, 1858.
2. Alice Williams, born August 24, 1859, died
April 6, 1885. 3- Albert Edward, born April
6, 1861, married, March 15, 1893, Nettie May
Hopkins ; children : Wesley Hopkins, born
December 29, 1893; Alice May, November 19,
1894; Lee Williams, November 12, 1895: Ru-
bie Ellis, May 30, 1896: Ivy Dale, May I,
1897: Helene Elliott. September 9. 1902; Bea-
trice Virginia, April 28. 1905. 4. Maria Lin-
coln, born May_i3, i86fi, married, September
1, 1894. Dr. Clarence Moore Noble, who died
July 5, 1897, son of George and Sarah Noble,
of Cooticook. Canada. 5. Bernice Elliott, born
October 7, 1878. married. December 3, 1903,
Clarence Mason Hatch ; children : Dorothy
Williams, born August 15. 1905: Hazel Ma-
son, December 26, 1907.

The Bennett family is of Eng-
BENNETT lish origin, and its members
were among the earliest emi-
grants to the shores of New England.

(I) William Bennett, immigrant ancestor of
the Wrentham, Massachusetts, branch of the
family, was born in England in 1603, and died



at Manchester, Massachusetts, November 20,
1682-3. He was a carpenter by trade, and an
early settler in Plymouth, Massachusetts,
where he was taxed in 1632. He removed from
Plymouth to Salem, where we find him record-
ed prior to 1636. He was admitted with his
wife to the Salem church, June 18, 1643. He
removed to Manchester in 1637. He was
granted land in the four hundred acre grant
after coming from Salem, and his name ap-
pears with sixteen others in a petition asking
the "Honorable Court to give us power to
erect a village at Jeffreys Creek," which later
was named "Manchester." He was a free-
man, and as such had a right to common lands,
and became a proprietor and one of the fac-
tors in the affairs of the settlement. He was
a selectman of the town in 1660-65-72-76,
and owned a house near the foot of Bennett's
Hill, also a grist mill on the site of the old

Forster Mill. He married Jane , who

came from England at the age of sixteen
years, in 1635, in the ship "Elizabeth and
Ann," and died April 27, 1693. Children :
Moses, baptized July 2, 1643, was living in
1693 ; Aaron, see forward ; Mary, baptized
September 3, 1654 ; Ann, baptized July 2,
1643 ; Deliverance, baptized July 2, 1643.

(II) Aaron, second son and child of Will-
iam and Jane Bennett, was baptized July 2,
1643, and died in 1709. He was a yeoman, liv-
ing in Manchester, Massachusetts, and also
followed fishing. His will, dated December 3,
1708, was proved March 21, 1709. He mar-
ried (first) prior to 1665, Hannah .

Children: 1. Hannah, born March 25, 1665,
was living in 1708. 2. Jane, born January 15,
1675, was living in 1708. 3. Aaron, see for-
ward. 4. Alice, born April 5, 1679; married,
November 15, 1705, John Allin, of Beverly.
5. Elizabeth, born June 13, 1680, was living
in 1708; married, December 11, 1700. Robert
Warren, a fisherman of Manchester. 6. Mary,
born January 31, 1685, was living in 1708.
Aaron Brown married (second), prior to

1708, Elizabeth , who was born in 1644,

being the first child born in Manchester, Mas-

(III) Captain Aaron (2), eldest son and
third child of Aaron (1) and Hannah Ben-
nett, was born in Manchester, Massachusetts,
March 25, 1677, and died suddenly in the same
town, February 13, 1753. He was a husband-
man, and owned much property in Manches-
ter. In 1696 he was captain of fishing vessels
of nine tons, and for a time followed this
calling, making trips to the banks and getting

profitable catches. In 1712 he was an inn
holder. He married (first) November 20,
1700, Ann Pi'ckworth. Children: 1. Eliza-
beth, born August 8, 1701 ; married, Novem-
ber 28, 1 72 1, Nathaniel Lee. 2. William, born
May 1, 1703. 3. Aaron, born July 6, 1705,
died October 20, 1780. 4. Lucee, born June
2, 1709; married, June 4, 1732-33, Benjamin
Searles, of Marblehead. 5. Abigail, born June
r 5> 1 7 1 2ยป died June 25, 1714. 6. Moses, see
forward. 7. Benjamin, baptized March 22,
1718-9. He married (second), March 11, 1735-
6, Mrs. Abigail Geardner, a widow of Glou-

(IV) Moses, third son and sixth child of
Captain Aaron (2) and Ann (Pickworth)
Bennett, was born in Manchester, February
25, 1714-15. He resided in Manchester, and in
1754 followed the calling of fisherman. The
records state that he died in the service of the
province near the Isle of Orleans in 1759.
He married, at Essex, Massachusetts, Feb-
ruary 15, 1739, Rachel Rust, of Ipswich,
Massachusetts, born in 171 1, died in Man-
chester, November 8, 1787. Children: 1.
Moses, see forward. 2. Lucy, born April 11,
1741, died about 1765. 3. Ruth, born Novem-
ber 28, 1742. 4. Rachel, born November 28,
1747; married, May 7, 1772, Edward Renouf,
of Marblehead. 5. Amos, born February 25,
1750; married, December 29, 1776, Elizabeth
Oakes, of Danvers. 6. Mary, born May 26,
1752; married, September 17, 1772, Jacob
Symmons. 7. Joanna, born March 16, 1757.

(V) Moses (2), eldest child of Moses (1)
and Rachel (Rust) Bennett, was born in
Manchester, Massachusetts, December 26,
1739. In early life he followed fishing as an
occupation, and later became a cabinet mak-
er, in which trade he continued for many
years, in Manchester, this being at that time
the principal industry there. His sons learn-
ed the same trade. He was a devout man
and died "in the faith," as did also his wife.
He married, December 7, 1762, Anna Allen.
Children: 1. Anna, married, September 6,
1789, Isaac Miller; children: Anne, born Au-
gust 4. 1790; Isaac, September 6, 1792. 2.
Patty, born November 8, 1766; married. Au-
gust 29, 1794, Edward Morgan; children:
Bethia, born September 27, 1797 ; Edward,
September 22, 1799; Patty, February 1, 1802.
3. Moses, born October 23, 1770. 4. Isaac,
see forward.

(VI) Isaac, youngest child of Moses (2)
and Anna (Allen) Bennett, was born in Man-
chester, January 13, 1773. and died Novem-

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