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South Boston; children: Helen M. and Regi-
nald C. 8. Harry L., September 2, 1874, a
milk dealer, residing at 1972 Center street,
West Roxbury; married, September 16, 1896,
Alice C. Keazer, (not related to Frank Keezer
mentioned above ) of Colebrook, New Hamp-
shire ; children : i. Beatrice K., born August
8, 1897; ii. Doris D., August 5, 1899; iii.
Joseph K., September 21, 1900. 9. Albert
Corey, born West Roxbury, resides on a farm
in Ashland, Massachusetts; married, October
25, 1899. Nellie Keazer ; child. Richard C. born
fulv id. 1908.

(XXIV) Albert F., son of Captain John T.
Whittemore, was born in West Roxbury, May
28, 1839. He was educated there in the public
schools and has always lived on the homestead.
He has large property interests in West Rox-
bury and is one of the substantial and influ-
ential citizens of that section of Boston. He
enlisted August 29, 1862, in Company K,
Forty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment, Cap-
tain Richard H. Weld, Colonel Francis L. Lee,
commanding, and went with his regiment to
Newbern, North Carolina, serving under Gen-
eral Foster. During the period of nine months
for which he enlisted he took part in six
engagements, among which were the battles at
Goldsborough, Kingston, and little Washing-
ton where his regiment was hemmed in by the
enemy and had a narrow escape from death or
capture, and in the battle at Tarboro. In 1864
he went to California but after prospecting for
a time decided to make his home in the east.
Since then he has resided without interruption
in the homestead. He is a Republican in poli-
tics and a Unitarian in religion. He has never

(XXV) James II.. son of James Whitte-
more. was born in Roxbury, July 9. 1868. He
was educated in the public schools and has
been engaged in the insurance business. At
present he is general agent of the Metropolitan
Life Insurance Company, with main offices

at Springfield, Massachusetts. He makes
his home in the adjacent city of West-
field. He is well known in business circles
and a prominent citizen. In politics he is a
Republican : in religion a Baptist. He mar-
ried, December 29, 1889, Emma M. Earl, born
at St. John, New Brunswick, coming to Bos-
ton when a young woman. Children: 1. Ethel
M., born January 20, 1891. 2. Bertha L.,
August 25. 1892. 3. Howard M., September,
1894. 4. Harold I.. July 2, 1896. 5. Ruth M.,

(XXV) Arthur L., son of David Whitte-
more, was born in West Roxbury, October 23,
1866. Pie was educated there in the public
schools, ai^d became a farmer and milk dealer.
He resides on Beach street, Roxbury, and con-
ducts an extensive and successful business.
His parents live in the same house with him.
He married, May 15. 1889. Grace Reed, born
in Edgecomb, Maine, October 31, 1869, daugh-
ter of Luther Reed. Children: 1. Mabel S.,
born March 29, 1890, a student in the high
school, Boston. 2. Warner D., December 6,
[891, assists his father in the milk business.
3. Blanche R., October 11, 1902.

(XXV) Sarah H , daughter of John Adams
Whittemore, was born on the homestead in
West Roxbury. She was educated in the
public schools of her native town and at the
age of fourteen began her musical career as
a soloist in the choir of the First Unitarian
Church at West Roxbury. Later she sang in
the church at Jamaica Plain : was chorister of
the (Hd South Church. Boston, and for a
number of years of the St. John's Protestant
Episcopal Church of Baltimore, Maryland. In
the meantime she became a teacher of vocal
music, and sang in concerts in all parts of New
England. She has a highly cultivated voice of
great sweetness and power and has won many
musical triumphs in the cities of the east and
south. She is a member of the famous Cecilia
Society of Boston. She married Clifton Davis.
They had no children and she is now making
her home with her widowed mother in West
Roxburv, where she owns some valuable prop-

(NXY) John A., son of John A. Whitte-
more, was born in the old homestead on Spring
street. West Roxbury, October 2, 1865, and
was educated in the public schools of his
native town. He became associated with his
father and brother in the coal business when
he was but seventeen and became a partner in
the firm of John A. Whittemore & Sons. After
the death of his father, the firm became John



A. Whittemore's Sons. Since the death of
Charles \Y. Whittemore, his brother and part-
ner, he has continued the husiness as sole
owner and is one of the leading coal merchants
of West Roxbury and Roslindale. His eldest
son is associated with him. In politics he is a
Republican, in religion Unitarian. He mar-
ried. June 3. 1890, Henrietta Peters, born in
New York, 1863. of German parentage. Chil-
dren : John A. 3d., Theodore P. and Donald

'(XXV) Charles W., son of John A. Whitte-
more, was born in West Roxbury. September
1, 1867, died there May 5. 1901. He was
educated in the public schools and before he
was of age was admitted to partnership by
his father in the firm of John A. Whittemore,
coal dealers. West Roxbury. After the father's
death, he and his brother were owners of the
business, which was conducted under the firm
name of John A. Whittemore's Sons. He has
also built for sale and investment many resi-
dences in West Roxbury and accumulated a
large property. He was in politics a Republi-
can, and a member of Unitarian church. He
married. September 29, 1888. Inez Drake, born
at 82 Beacon street. Boston, January 3, 1862,
daughter Alden Drake, of Boston. She was
educated in the Boston schools. Her home
is on Hastings street. West Roxbury, where
she is active in social and religious affairs.
Children, born at West Roxbury: I. Dorothy
Holland, June 29, 1890. 2. Gladys, October
14, 1891. 3. Nathaniel Winsor, August 19,

Thomas Draper, progenitor of
DRAPER this family, lived and died in

the parish of Heptonstall,
Vicarage of Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He
belonged to an ancient and numerous family,
named originally doubtless for the occupation.
Thomas Draper, indeed, was a clothier by
occupation. Children : Thomas, John, Will-
iam. James, Mary, Martha. All were born in
Heptonstall, and James alone came to New
England. The coat-of-arms of the family at
Heptonstall : Argent on a fesse engraved
between three annulets gules, as many covered
cups or. Crest : a stag's head gules attired
gold, charged on the neck with a fesse between
three annulets or. Motto : Vicit perpecit.

(II) James, son of Thomas Draper, was
born in Heptonstall. Yorkshire, England, in
1618. He was the immigrant ancestor, and
came to New England about the time he came
of age, and from 1640 to 1650 was a pioneer

and proprietor of the town of Roxbury, Mass-
achusetts. He became a proprietor of Lan-
caster in 1 ("154, but lived and died in Roxbury.
He was admitted a freeman in 1690. From
his exceedingly strict piety he was known in
his day as James the Puritan, and as such he
is still known to genealogists and historians.
He was the owner of several looms and fol-
lowed his trade as clothier in this country. He
married, April 21, 1646, Miriam Stansfield, at
Heptonstall, England. She was born there
November 27, 1625, daughter of Gideon and
Grace (Eastwood) Stansfield. and died at
Roxbury, in January. 1697. Her gravestone at
Roxbury states : "Here lyes ye body of Mrs.
Miriam Draper, wife of Mr. James Draper,
aged about yj years Dec. -Jan. 1697." The
stone appears to be one of the oldest in the
cemetery. He died in July, 1694, aged about
seventy-three years. Children: 1. Miriam,
born in England, February 7, 1646-47, died
there. 2. Susannah, Roxbury, 1650, married
John Bacon, of Charlestown. 3. Sarah, 1652.
4. James, 1654. 5. John, April 24, 1656, at
Dedham. died April 5, 1749. 6. Moses, Sep-
tember 26, 1663, at Dedham. died August 14,
1693, a * Boston. 7. Daniel, Dedham, May 30,
1665, died there. 8. Patience, Roxbury, Au-
gust 17, 1668. 9. Jonathan, mentioned below.

(III) Jonathan, son of James Draper, was
born at Roxbury, March 10, 1670, died there
February 28, 1746-47. He inherited the home-
stead at Roxbury. The house was built in
part, at least, by James the immigrant, and
remained in the family for many generations.
It was destroyed by fire in 1870. He was a
captain in the train band, and lived a part of
the time in what was then the southern part
of Newton, now part of West Roxbury. He
married Sarah Jackson, of Newton, born No-
vember 8. 1680. Children, born in Roxbury:
1. Jonathan, October 29, 1703. 2. David, Sep-
tember 27, 1706. 3. Thomas, March 14, 1709,
died 1769. 4. Samuel. June 14, 1713, died
June 12, 17J4. 5. Sarah, May 14, 1717, mar-
ried, December 8. 1737, Josiah Sumner. 6.
Moses, mentioned below.

(IV) Moses, son of Jonathan Draper, was
born in Roxbury, August 11, 1 72 1, died Janu-
ary 21, 1775. He married Mary (Aldis) Allen,
widow. Children, born at Roxbury: I.
Moses, August 26, 1744. mentioned below. 2.
Captain Samuel., October 5. 1746, married
(first) Sarah Hyde; (second) September n,
1806, Nancy Miles. 3. Sarah, June 5, 1748,
married Prentiss. 4. Jonathan, De-
cember 18, 1750, died in his ninety-eighth year.



5. Nathaniel, 175 — . 6. David, June, 1762,
died March 25., 1842, at Dedhatn.

(V) Colonel Moses (2), son of Moses (1)
Draper, was born in Roxbury, August 26,
1744. died February 11, 1798. He kept a
tavern in Dedham in 1786. He was lieutenant
in Captain Moses Whiting's company (First
Roxbury) of minute-men at the Lexington
alarm, April 19, 1775, and was with his com-
pany when the troops assembled at Roxbury
Neck. He commanded the Roxbury company
at the battle of Bunker Hill, attached to Col-
onel Gardner's Middlesex regiment. He also
commanded a company of infantry in the sup-
pression of Shay's rebellion in the fall of 1786,
and was subsequently elected in 1788 colonel
of the First Suffolk Regiment. He married,
April 21, 1770, Grace Hyde, of Dedham. Chil-
dren: 1. Grace, born January, 1771. 2.
Moses, July 24, 1774, mentioned below. 3.
Aaron, July 21, 1776, died January 5, 1802,
married, October 16, 1800, Polly Wild. 4.
Jonathan. 5. Nathaniel. 6. Nathan. 7. David.

(VI) Moses (3), son of Colonel Moses (2)
Draper, was born July 24, 1774, died in 1832
in West Roxbury. He married. May II. 1796,
Sarah Gurney. Children: 1. Moses, born
May 7, 1797, died July 26, 1797. 2. Sarah,
November 25. 1798. died February 15, 1814.
3. Benjamin Jackson Gurney, mentioned
below. 4. David Allen. June 13, 1813. died
January 3. 1816.

(VII) Benjamin Jackson Gurney, son of
Moses (3) Draper, was born June 18, 1800,
died November 25, 1861. He was a farmer
and butcher, and also raised and sold farm
produce. In religion he was a Methodist, and
in politics a Republican. He was a reliable
and substantial citizen of West Roxbury. He
was married in the First Church, Roxbury,
by Rev. Ebenezer Burgess, May 1, 1825, to
Hannah Burrill, of Dedham, born November
3, 1809, died May 2, 1890. She was a member
of the Congregational church. Children: 1.
Rebecca, born March 2. 1826, accidentally
burned to death at the age of twelve. 2. Sophia,
February 7, 1827, died October 8, 1900; mar-
ried Winslow Radcliff. 3. Sarah Elizabeth,
September 15, 1831. married Amos Barnes
and resides in Oxford. 4. Mary (twin), July
31, 1834, married, June 27, 1864, Edward
Hutchins, of Jefferson. Maine, and clied Janu-
ary 10, 1865. 5. Martha (twin ), July 31, 1834,
married William Jones: married (second)
William Phelps ; died December 28, 1904. 6.
Hannah M.. April 20, 1842, married James
Whittemore (see Whittemore).

William Chamberlain,
CHAMBERLAIN immigrant ancestor,
was born in England,
of an ancient and distinguished family. Will-
iam, Edmund and Thomas Chamberlain,
brothers, all settled early in Massachusetts.
Thomas Chamberlain was one of the three
original purchasers of the Dudley farm at
Billerica, but he settled at Chelmsford. Ed-
mund was first at Woburn, but he too settled
at Chemlsford before 1656, removing later to
Woodstock. William was born about 1620;
was admitted an inhabitant of Woburn, Janu-
ary 6, 1648, and removed to Billerica in 1654,
just about the time his brothers removed to
Chelmsford, and he lived there until his death,
May 31, 1706, aged eighty-six years. His
house in Billerica (then Shawshin) was on a
farm near the Woburn road in the southeast
part of the town. His name first appears on
the records in October, 1054, on a petition to
enlarge the boundaries of the town and to
change the name to Billerica ( "Billerkay" in

the petition). He married Rebecca ,

who died September 26, 1692, in the prison at
Cambridge, where she was held on the pre-
posterous charge of witchcraft. Children: 1.
Timothy, born at Concord, August 13, 1649.
2. Isaac. Concord, October 1, 1650, died July
20, 1681. 3. John, died March 3, 1652. 4.
Sarah, Billerica, May 20, 1655-56, married
John Shedd. 5. Jacob, January 18, 1657-58,
mentioned below. The following born at
Billerica: 6. Thomas, February 20, 1659. 7.
Edmund, July 15, 1661, married Mary Abbott.
8. Rebecca, February 25, 1662, married Thomas
Stearns. 9. Abraham, January 6, 1664. 10.
Ann, March 3, 1665-66. 11. Clement, May 30,
1669. 12. Daniel, September 27, 1671. 13.
Isaac. January 20, 1681.

(II) Jacob, son of William Chamberlain,
was born at Billerica, January 18, 1657-58. It
is very difficult to distinguish the records of
the various members of this family bearing
the name of Jacob Chamberlain in the second
and third generations. According to the re-
searches of George W. Chamberlain for the
Chamberlain Association, however, the Jacob
of Newton whose wife was Experience, is the
ancestor of the Westborough and Worcester
families. Jackson himself, author of the His-
tory of Newton, altered the town records by
inserting the name of Susannah as the wife of
this Jacob in the copy of the birth record of
Jason and Ebenezer. Jacob Chamberlain mar-
ried Experience . He removed from

West Cambridge to Newton about 1699. He



was admitted a freeman in 1690. Children,
born in Newton: I. Jason, February 26, 1701.

2. Ebenezer, July 31, 1704, mentioned below.

3. John, married Mercy and settled in


(Ill) Ebenezer, son of Jacob Chamberlain,
was born in Newton, July 31, 1704, died in
Westborough. He married, November 28,
1733, Mary Trowbridge, daughter of Thomas
Trowbridge. She died at Westborough, Feb-
ruary 1, 1756, and he married (second) De-
cember 23, 1756, Mrs. Joanna . of

Southborough. He was selectman of West-
borough in 1766. Children of first wife, born
in Westborough: 1. Anna, January 13, 1734-
35. 2. Nathaniel Longley, July 1, 1736, died
January 22, 1756. 3. Mary, July 17, 1738,
died 1756. 4. Ebenezer, October 10, 1740,
sergeant in Captain George Baker's company,
April 19. 1775; married, April 10, 1766, Esther
Fay. 5. Edmund. August 20, 1742, settled in
Southborough and Westborough : married,
January 22, 1767, Ruth Pratt. 6. Lydia, Feb-
ruary 21. 1744-45, married, December 19, 1770,
William Brigham. 7. Martha, December 23,
1747, married, October 13, 1768, David Brig-
ham, of Shrewsbury. 8. Joshua, March 1,
1749-50. 9. Daniel, March 12, 1753, men-
tioned below. Child of second wife : 10. Jon-
athan, June 10. 1759.

( IV ) Daniel, son of Ebenezer Chamberlain,
was born in Westborough, March 12, 1753.
Fie was a leading man in the town and church
in Westborough, deacon of the church for
many years. Before the introduction of the
new-fangled instrumental music, it was part
of his duty to "line off" the hymns for the
choir and congregation at the meeting. The
practice was not given up without a struggle.
In 1779, the Sunday following the discontinu-
ance of the awkward old custom in Worcester,
the deacon was told to discontinue it, but he
persisted, and there was a short but decided
conflict between the deacon and the choir in
which numbers, not determination, won the
victory. Deacon Chamberlain presented
charges against John Robinson, former pastor
of the church, August 10, 1814, and the charges
were sustained at the trial. The deacon was a
soldier in the revolution, a private in Captain
George Baker's company, April 19, 1775, on
the Lexington alarm. Pie was also in Captain
Edmund Brigham's company, Colonel Job
Cushing's regiment, marching August 21, 1777,
to reinforce the northern army. He married,
January 4, 1775, Lydia Harrington, born in
Westborough April 24, 1754. daughter of

Samuel and Elizabeth Harrington. He married
( second ) ( intentions dated February 12, 1809)
Persis Nye, of North Braintree. His will was
dated January 5, 1824. and allowed September
6, 1825. He died July 14, 1825. Children,
born in Westborough: 1. Joshua, October 15,
1777, married Lydia Metcalf. 2. Daniel, March
11, 1782, mentioned below. 3. Elizabeth,
November 9, 1784. 4. Samuel, May 13, 1787,
married, April 8, 1812, Nancy Forbes. 5. Eli,
October 4, 1789. 6. Nancy, August 12, 1792,

married Andrews. 7. Curtis, November

2}, 1796. 8. Julia. June 4, 1801, married
- Ellis.

(V) Daniel (2), son of Daniel (1) Cham-
berlain, was born in Westborough, March 11,
1782. He was appointed a Presbyterian mis -
sionary to the Hawaiian Islands, and was the
first missionary to go to those islands from the
United States. It is said that his wife was the
first white woman to land in those islands, and
when landing she handed her little baby to -the
natives, in order to inspire their confidence.
She was ever afterward beloved of the
islanders. After some years they returned to
Massachusetts and died there. Child, Dexter,
born in Brookfield, 1807, mentioned below.

(VI) Dexter, son of Daniel (2) Chamber-
lain, was born in Brookfield. Massachusetts,
1807, died in Boston, September 17, 1887. For
many years he was a prominent man of the
West Roxbury district of Boston. He was a
skilled mechanic, and an inventor of note.
Among his inventions was the Hartshorn cur-
tain fixture which is in general use. He mar-
ried, in Boston, Mrs. Sarah M. (Nickerson)
Wallace, born in Nantucket, died West Rox-
bury. She was widow of John Wallace, and
daughter of John Nickerson, who was a promi-
nent vessel rigger of Nantucket. Children: 1.
Maria M., born Boston, March 11, 1839, mar-
ried John A. Whittemore. (See Whittemore).
2. Nathaniel L. 3. Edmond D., enlisted in
Company A, First Massachusetts Regiment.

In our New England colonial
THAYER history the family name Thayer

has been known since the first
half of the seventeenth century, and came to
us from old England, from the village of Thay-
don, in Essex, about eighteen miles north of
London. Augustine Thayer, of Thaydon,
through the grace of his sovereign was granted
a coat-of-arms and received other marks of
the royal favor ; and evidently he was a person-
age of considerable distinction and exercised
an influence in the shire in which he lived.



Both in the mother country and in New Eng-
land this surname is found written Thear,
Their and Theyer as well as Thayer, the latter
being the generally accepted form of spelling
by virtually all of the families on this side of
the Atlantic ocean. The immigrant Thayers
were Richard and Thomas, the latter of whom
had lands granted him in 1635 and was made
freeman the same year, and the latter in 1640.
They are believed to have come to America as
early as 1630, from Braintree, Essex, England,
and were among the earliest settlers of Brain-
tree in New England.

( 1 i Richard Thayer, ancestor of the family
about to be treated in these annals, is supposed
to have been born in Essex, England, and
' came thence to Boston, New England, with his
wife and three sons. He settled in Braintree,
where he was made freeman, had lands granted
him. and is mentioned by contemporary writers
as a man of understanding, influence and
means. He died in Braintree, August 27, 1695.

(II) Richard (2). son of Richard (1)
Thayer, was born in England and came with
his father to America. His life was spent in
Braintree. Massachusetts, and he married there
October 24, 1651, Dorothy Pray. He died
December 4. 1705, and his wife Dorothy died
December 11 of the same year. They had
seven children, all born in Braintree: I.
Dorothy, June 30, 1653. 2. Richard, July 31,
1(155. .v Nathaniel, January 1, 1658. 4. Abi-
gail, February 10, 1661. 5. Joanna. December
13, 1665. 6. Sarah, December, 1667. 7.
Cornelius, August 18, 1670.

(III) Richard (3), first son and second
child of Richard (2) and Dorothy (Pray)
Thayer, was born in Braintree, Massachusetts,
July 31, 1655, died there September n, 1729.
Little appears to be known of him except that
he is supposed to have been a husbandman. He
married, July 16, 1679, Rebecca Micall. born
22d 1 imo 1658, and who bore him ten children,
all born in Braintree: 1. Rebecca, August 16,
1680. 2. Benjamin, October 6, 1683. 3.
Richard, January 26, 1685. 4. John, January
12. 1688. 5. Mary, February 10, 1689. 6.
James, November 12, 1691. 7. Deborah, Feb-
ruary 11, 1695. 8. Anna, September 14, 1697.
9. Gideon, July 26, 1700. 10. Obadiah, May 1,


(IV) John, son of Richard (3) and Rebecca
(Micall) Thayer, was born in Braintree, Mass-
achusetts, January 12, 1688, spent his life in
the town and was a yeoman. He married,
May 26, 1715, Rebecca French, born May 13,
1694. daughter of Dependence and Rebecca

French, the former born 7 imo. 1648, son of
John French, of Dorchester, who was admitted
freeman in 1639, removed to Braintree and
died there 28 8mo. 1656. John and Rebecca
(French) Thayer had ten children, all born in
Braintree: 1. John, February 8. 1716, died
young. 2. John, July 27, 1717. 3. Benjamin,
January 11, 1720. 4. Obadiah, December 31,
1721. 5. Micah, October 31. 1723. 6. Richard,
December 15, 1725, died January 30. 1727. 7.
Richard. January 26, 1727. 8. Abiah, June
25, 1721;. 9. Simeon, March 22, 1732. 10.
Flijah. July 16, 173d.

( V ) Abiah, son of John and Rebecca
(French) Thayer, was born in Braintree, June
25, 1729, died there December 12, 1789. He
was a farmer, a man of prominence and influ-
ence. In 1 75 1 he married Elizabeth Hunt,
daughter of Benjamin Hunt, one of the most
prominent men of his town, possessed of large
means and high social position. Abijah and
Elizabeth (Hunt) Thayer had eight children,
all born in Braintree: 1. Oliver, March 2~,
1753. 2. Elizabeth. April 12. 1754. 3. Phebe.
4. Anna. 5. Amasa, March 26, 1764. 6.
Eliphalet. March 14. 1766. 7. Sylvia, Septem-
ber 18, 1768. 8. Adonijah, October 26, 1770.

(VI) Oliver, son of Abiah and Elizabeth
(Hunt) Thayer, was born in Braintree, March
27. 1753, and after his marriage settled in
Williamsburg, Massachusetts, where the greater
part of his life was spent. In 1774 he married
Jerusha Hunt, of Braintree, by whom he had
eleven children, all probably born in Williams-
burg: 1. Ruth, February 10, 1775. 2. Eliphalet,
May 12, 1776. 3. Jerusha, June 9, 1778. 4.
Oliver, 1780. 5. Elizabeth, 1782. 6. Phebe,
1784. 7. Zena, 1787. 8. Mary. 1789. 9. Minot.
1701. 10. Luda, 1793. 11. Lucinda, 1795.

(VII ) Eliphalet, son of Oliver and Jerusha
(Hunt) Thayer, was born in Braintree. May
12, 1776, and spent the greater part of his life
in Williamsburg, where he carried on a farm
and also was a butcher. He supplied the
families of the surrounding region with fresh
meat, and it is said to have been his custom to
travel on horseback as far as Hatfield in carry-
ing meat to his patrons, and in passing through
the dense forests his course was guided by
marked trees. Mr. Thayer is remembered as
an enterprising man and a thrifty farmer. He
died February 2, 1861, aged eighty years. His
wife whom he married April 9, 1799, was Mary
Sears, a descendant of one of the first families
of Ashfield. Massachusetts, and who bore her
husband ten children, all born in Williamsburg:
1. Howard, January 13, 1800, died young. 2.


M3 1

Ezra, September 3, 1801. 3. Williston, Novem-
ber 23, 1803. 4. Howard, March 13, 1807. 5.
Oliver, March 13, 1809. 6. Marietta, Septem-
ber 19, 181 2. 7. Emily, January 19, 181 5, died
young. 8. William E., October 11, 1816. 9.
Rhocla, July 11, 1819. 10. Louisa, November
15. 1822. died 1840.

(VIII) William E., son of Eliphalet and
Mary (Sears) Thayer, was born in Williams-
burg, Massachusetts, October 11. 1816, and
was one of the most successful business men of
his day. When a boy he attended district school
in Peru, Berkshire county, Massachusetts, but
when about twelve years old went to Williams-

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