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167O. About the year 1695 his father built
for him a dwelling-house in Tolman's Lane,
and he resided there for the rest of his life,
dying May 18, 1738. This homestead de-
scended to his son Aquila and his grandson
Increase. He married (first) November 21,

1704, Experience Clap, born November 30,
1683, died April <j, 1726, daughter of Desire
Clap. March 13. 1727-28, he married (sec-
ond) Patience Humphrey. Children, all of
first union: r. Augusta, horn October 16,

1705. died November 7, 1771. 2. Samuel.
September 20, 1706: died July 14. 1707. 3.
Samuel, December 14, 1707: died February
22, 1708. 4. Samuel, September 3, [709. 5.
Priscilla, November 20, 1710: died January
1, 1711. 6. Desire, April 17, 1712; died
March, 1759. 7. Elizabeth, June 12. 1714;
died August 31, 1714. 8. Johnson. 9. Sam-
uel, I Ictober 17. 1717. 10. William. August
2i, 1719. 11. Hopestill, May 12. 1721. 12.
Elizabeth, 1723.

(V) Johnson, son of Samuel and Experi-
ence (Clap) Tolman, was born in Dorchester,
April 26, 1716. About 1738. in company with
his younger brother William, he purchased one
hundred and forty acres of land lying on the
south side of Massapoag Pond, in the town of
Sharon, but shortly afterward disposed of his
interest to his brother and returned to Dor-
chester. Some seven years later he purchased
of his uncle Daniel and others a tract of wild
land in Stonghton about one-half mile square,
originally acquired from the Indians either by
Thomas Tolman, the immigrant, or the lat-
ter'- son Thomas, and retained in the family's
possession. Removing to Stoughton in 1748.
he proceeded with the work of clearing his
land, and the following year erected a two-
story dwelling-house, which was still standing
in 1800. He died in Stoughton, October 30.
1796. He married, October 31, 1751. Eliza-
beth Capen, born in Dorchester, November 22.
1722. eldest child of Jonathan Capen, the lat-
ter a grandson of John and great-grandson of
Bernard Capen, one of the founders of Dor-
chester. Elizabeth survived her husband some
seven years, dying February 14, 1803. Chil-
dren : 1. Elizabeth, born October 14. 1752;
married Ebenezer Jones. 2. Samuel. Novem-

ber 13, 1753, died November 30, 1835: mar-
ried Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Nathaniel Ham-
mond, and daughter of Moses Wales, who
served as an officer in the French War. 3.
Sarah, born July 17, 1756. married Ambrose
Morton, of Stoughton, afterward of Pompey,
New York. 4. Susannah, born June 1, 1758;
married Thomas Pierce. 5. Thomas. 6. Jane,
May 6, 1762; married Nathaniel Drake, of

(VI) Thomas (3), son of Johnson and
Elizabeth ( Capen) Tolman, was born in
Stoughton, December 20, 1759. He married
(first) Esther Tolman, (second) a Sarah
Wales, of Randolph, Massachusetts, wdiere he
resided. Children : Thomas Wales, James
P.. Johnson, Samuel.

(VII) Thomas Wales (4), son of Thomas
(3) and Sarah (Wales) Tolman. was born in
Randolph in 1793. He was a merchant in
Randolph, and died in that town, March 29,
1837. In May. 1816. he married Sarah (Sal-
ly) Alden. born in Randolph. June 29, 1797,
daughter of Jonathan Alden. S _ e was a lineal
descendant in the seventh generation of John
and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, t'.ie Mayflower
Pilgrim^, and her line of descei t is as follows:
Joseph Alden (2), son of John and Priscilla,
born in 1624: died in 1697; married Mary,
daughter of Moses Sumner and had five chil-
dren. Deacon Joseph (3), son of Joseph and
Mary, was born 1667; died in 1747: resided
in Bridgewater, Massachusetts; married Han-
nah, daughter of Daniel Dunham, of Ply-
mouth, and had ten children. Samuel 14) of
Titicut. son of Deacon Joseph and Hannah
(Dunham) Alden. was born in 1705; died in
1785; married ( first 1 Abiah (?), daughter
of Captain Joseph Edson, and had nine chil-
dren ; married (second) a daughter of Jo-
siah Washburn. Simeon (5) of Titicut, son
of Samuel and Abiah (Edson) Alden. born
in 1763; married Mary, daughter of Seth
Packard, ami had nine children. Jonathan
Alden (6), of Watertown, Randolph and Bal-
timore, son of Simeon and Mary, was born
April 6, 1775: died March 13, 1820. He
married (first) in 1797, Beulah Crafts, (sec-
ond) Mehitable, daughter of Captain John
Tolman. Children of his first union: i. Sarah,
born June 20. 1797- ii- Nancy. January 30,
1799. iii. Jonathan. Of second marriage:
iv. John Tdlman, born 1806. v. Daniel, 1807.
vi. Mehitable, 1809. vii. Elizabeth Fisher,
181 1. viii. Caroline, ix. Cilbert. born 181 5.
x. Susan. Sarah Alden 1 7 ) married ( first 1
husband Thomas Wales Tolman. as previous-



ly stated, and became the mother of seven
children: 1. Abigail, born April. 1817; mar-
ried Rev. Conant Sawyer. 2. Sarah, born
September, 1818; died February 18, 1839. 3.
Adoniram Judson, born May 10, 1820; died
October 15, 1838. 4. Thomas, October 20,
1822; died October 14, 1840. 5. Royal
Turner, January 25, 1825; died March 17,
1844. 6. Anna Weston, January 31, 1827;
married October 22, 1845, Dr. Frank How-
ard, Randolph, Massachusetts ; he graduated
from Harvard College in 1839. They have
one daughter, — Annie Tolman Howard. 7.
Gilbert Alden. In October. 1839, Mrs. Sarah
Tolman married ( second 1 Aminadab Thayer.
She died April 15, 1849.

(VIII) Gilbert Alden. son of Thomas
Wales and Sarah (Alden) Tolman, was born
in Randolph, September 30. 1832. He became
a successful boot and shoe manufacturer in
his native town. In 1857, he married Mary
Jane Benton, of Concord, Xew Hampshire,
and had two sons: 1. Gilbert: see forward.
2. Isaac Sweetser, May 2"], 1862; engaged in
business in Boston.

( IX ) Gilbert, son of Gilbert A. and Mary
J. 1 Benton) Tolman, was born in Randolph,
October 2. 1859. He is in the leather busi-
ness in Boston, and resides in Canton. June
10, [896, he married Helen Maude, daughter
of Horace H. and Mary 1 Wentworth 1 Mans-
field 1 see Mansfield). Mr. and Mrs. Tolman
have two children : Gilbert Jr., born Decem-
ber 23, 1897. -■ Rodgey Mansfield, born Oc-
tober 27, 1899.

John Mansfield, a mariner,
MANSFIELD was admitted a freeman
at Hingham. Massachu-
setts, in 1684, and died there in 1688-9. He
married Elizabeth Farnsworth, perhaps a
daughter of James Farnsworth, of Dorches-
ter ; children : John. Elizabeth, Sarah, Thom-
as, Mary (died in infancy), Mary.

ill) John (2), son of John (1) and Eliz-
abeth Mansfield, was born November 15,
1656; died in Hingham. November 1. 1717.
He married, June 5, 1683, Sarah, probably
daughter of Job and Sarah (Baker) Neal, of
Scituate, Massachusetts: she died June 4,
1736, aged seventy-five years. Children: 1.
John, born 1684. 2 - Sarah. 1685. 3. Eliza-
beth, 1687. 4. Hannah. 1689. 5. Jeremiah,
1692. 6. Joseph. 7. Benjamin, 1695. 8.
Rachel, 1699. 9. Thomas. 10. Stephen.

(Ill) Joseph, son of John (2) and Sarah
(Neal) Mansfield, was born in Hingham. Au-

gust 12, 1693; died December 28, 1756. He
resided in Hingham, and was a box cooper.
December 15, 1727, he marride Ruth Bate,
born in Hingham, in 1702, daughter of Caleb
and Mary (Lane) Bate. Children: Joseph,
John, Hannah, Ruth, child who died in in-

(IV) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) and
Ruth Mansfield, was born in Hingham, Octo-
ber 9, 1728; died September 10, 1806. He
followed the cooper's trade in his native town.
May 20, 1 75 1, he married Sarah Waters, born
in Hingham. July 13, 1723, daughter of Daniel
and Abigail (Whiton) Waters. Her death oc-
cured April 2, 1804. Children : Son ( died in
infancy), Abigail, Sarah, Molly, Lydia, Han-
nah, Susanna, Joseph, John, Shubel, Christina.

(V) John (3), son of Joseph (2) and
Sarah Mansfield, was born in Hingham. < c-
tober 24, 1765-66. When a young man he
located in Boston, but in 1803 removed to Can-
ton. Massachusetts, and resided there for the
remainder of his life, which terminated Sep-
tember 29, 1835. He was a well-known car-
penter and builder. He married Sarah,
daughter of Lieutenant Samuel and Martha
(Blowers) Pritchard. Lieutenant Pritchar.d
was a valiant naval officer in the revolutionary
war, and while serving on the frigate "Al-
liance" was killed in action. Sarah Pritchard
w-as born November 27, 1776; died in Bos-
ton in 1855. Children: Sally, Marv, Mary,
John. Sampson. William, Louisa, George,
Emeline, Caleb, John. Edward.

(VI) William, son of John (3) and Sarah
(Pritchard) Mansfield, was born in Boston,
February 20, 1802. His rudimentary training
in the public schools was supplemented by a
short course of study at a private school, and
when not busy with his books he assisted his
father in carrying on the homestead farm. At
the age of sixteen years he began an appren-
ticeship at the carpenter's trade with his father,
and during his eight years of service he not
only acquired superior skill as a craftsman,
but developed a capacity for mechanical in-
genuity, which afterward enabled' him to
achieve many notable successes in his art. In
1826 he accepted a position with the Bolivar
Manufacturing Company as general machine
repairer, remaining with that concern for
about tw 7 o years, on January 1, 1828, estab-
lished himself as a builder of machinery, giv-
ing special attention, however, to the construc-
tion of printing presses, and in this enterprse
he realized a substantial success which was



mainly due to his superior mechanical skill
and minute accuracy in following the inven-
tor's design. On of his most notable achieve-
ments was the construction for the Perkins
Institution for the Blind, Boston, of the first
embossing press used in this country, which
was invented by Mr. S. P. Ruggles. then its
superintendent, and especially designed for
printing in raised letters books to be used in
educating its sightless pupils. This invention,
km wn as the Ruggles press, became exten-
sively used in the United States. Mr. Mans-
field also constructed many other articles used
exclusively in educating the blind, requiring
unusually skillful workmanship, including the
large globe, four feet in diameter, long in use
at that institution. From 1843 to Io T6 Mr.
Mansfield conducted a baking business in
Hingham, but in the latter year his fondness
for mechanics caused him to re-enter that field
of usefulness, and returning to Canton he
erected a plant on Walnut street, having as a
partner Jedediah Morse. The firm of Morse
and Mansfield purchased the Presbery thread
anil twine mill, which he carried on until 1858,
and was then succeeded by his sons. In 1850
he was chosen a director of the Norfolk and
the Dedham Insurance companies, and taking
the local agency of both in 1858 he was ac-
tively interested in their behalf for the rest
of his life. For twenty years he served as a
trustee and also upon the investment commit-
tee of the Canton Savings Institution, resign-
ing in 1 88 1 : was for six years United States
assistant assessor of internal revenue for the
second district, and served as United States
census enumerator for the town of Canton in
1870. For a period of seven years he served
as a member of the board of selectmen, and
also as an assessor, and for nearly thirty vears
acted as a justice of the peace. Joining the
Republican party at its formation he thence-
forward supported its principles with vigor,
and his political influence was always used con-
scientiously and with beneficial results. His
liberal views in matters relative to religion
early in life brought him into warm sympathy
with the Universalists. and he was one of the
founders of that church in Canton. As a bus-
iness man he was methodical, punctual and up-
right, his word being considered as good as
his bond, and it has been said of his personal
character that "it was above fear and beyond
reproach." William Mansfield died about

He married, October 8, 1826, Phoebe Till-
son, born in Canton, January 11, 1808. daugh-

ter of Jonathan and Priscilla (Faunce) Till-
son. Children: 1. Winslow Baker, born
August 8, 1827. 2. Horace Handel. 3.
George Henry, born August 10, 1833. 4.
Sarah Jane, July 19, 1835. 5. Preston Rug-
gles, July 1, 1837. 6. Maria A., March 1 =;,
1840." 7. Frederick W., June 28, 1848. 8.
Herbert T.. January ft. 185 1.

(ATI) Horace Handel, son of William and
Phoebe Mansfield, was born in Canton, Au-
gust 25, 1831 ; died in Charlestown, New
Hampshire, December 9, 1908. He was for a
time in the piano business in Boston. He
married Mary Wentworth, born in Canton, in
1836; died hi 1867. Children: Mary Went-
worth, Edwin, Helen Maude; the latter mar-
ried Gilbert Tolman ( see Tolman ) .

Mary Wentworth was of a colonial family
of distinction, the posterity of Elder William
Wentworth the immigrant, whose ancestors
can be traced directly through twenty-one gen-
erations to Reginald Wentworth, possessor of
the lordship of that name at the time of the
Norman Conquest. Her line of descent in
America is as follows :

(III John, son of Elder William Went-
worth (q. v.i. was born prior to 1(140.; went
from Dover. New Hampshire, to York,
Maine, and in 1704 came to Massachusetts.
The Christian name of his wife was Martha
and his children were: John, Edward,
Charles Shubael, Elizabeth, Abigail.

(III) Charles, son of John and Martha
Wentworth. was born about the year 1684;
settled in Canton, Massachu setts, when it was
a part of Stoughton, and served several years
as a selectman. The house in which he lived
is still standing. In 1744 he was commis-
sioned lieutenant of the Third Company,
Fourth Regiment, colonial militia, and subse-
quently attained the rank of captain. He died
in Canton, July 8, 1780, a nonogenarian. De-
cember 15, 1713. he married Bethiah. daugh-
ter of John Fenno. of Stoughton: children:
Amariah, Rachel. William, Samuel, Bethiah,
Job. Jerusha, Sarah.

(IV) Captain Samuel, son of Charles and
Bethiah (Fenno) Wentworth, was born in
Stoughton. April 24. 1728; died December 2^,
1783. He resided in Stoughton upon land
given him by his father in 1753. He mar-
ried (first) October 19. 1748, Hannah Andros,
(second), February 1. 1754. Sarah, daughter
of John and Abigail (Vose) Puffer. Children:
Mary, Mehitable, Samuel. Abel, Nathaniel,
Abel, Rachel, Sarah, Abigail. John, Bellard.

(V) Nathaniel, son of Captain Samuel and



Sarah ( Puffer; Wentworth, was born in
Stoughton, November 11,1761. He married,
April 7, 1792, Olive, daughter of Samuel
Capen. She died May 12, 1859. Children:
Nathaniel, Sophie, Larra, Edward, Francis.

(VI) Edwin, son of Nathaniel and Olive
(Capen J Wentworth, was born in Canton,
April 1, 1805. He resided in Canton his entire
life, and February 19, 1827, married Julia
Crane; children: Mary, previously referred
to as the wife of Horace H. Mansfield: Ed-
win, born June 19, 1849, died in infancy.

The surname Sherman in
SHERMAN England is of German ori-
gin, and among German peo-
ple at the present time in Germany and ad-
jacent countries, the name is found spelled
Sherman, Schurman, Schearman, Scherman.
The family was located in England, however,
as early as 1635, when a family of this name
was living in Shropshire. The name is derived
from the occupation of some progenitor, being
the name of the trade of cloth dresser, or
shearer of cloth. The arms of the Yazley fam-
ily of Sherman mentioned below are: Or a lion
rampant sable charged on the shoulder with
an amulent for difference between three oak
leaves vert. Crest : A sea lion sejeant argent
guttee de poix fumed or. The English pedi-
gree given here is compiled from articles and
wills published in the New England Genealog-
ical register: v. 24. p. 63; v. 27, p. 73; v. 51,
p. 309, and v. 54, p. 152. (See also Bond's
Watertown and vital records of Sudbury,

(I) Thomas Sherman, earliest known pro-
genitor of the American family of Sherman,
died in 1550. His age was not recorded, but
as three of his sons were of age he was prob-
ably at least fifty years old. His will enum-
erates among his property the manors of
Royden and Royden Tuft with appurtenances
at Royden and Besingham, as well as prop-
erty in other places in the counties of Norfolk
and Suffolk, England. Diss, where he lived
part of his life probably, is on the river
Waveny, between these two counties. His
will mentions wife Jane, a sister, and children
mentioned below. He married, probably not
first, Jane, daughter of John Waller, of
Wortham, Suffolk. Children : Thomas ;
Richard ; John ; Henry, mentioned below ;
William: Anthony: Francis; Bartholomew;

(II) Henry, son of Thomas Sherman, was
born in Yaxley about 1630. He is mentioned

in the will of his father and several brothers.
His wife Agnes was buried October 14, 1580,
and he married (second) Margery Wilson,
widow. His will was dated January 20, 1689,
and proved July 25, 1590. Children, born
doubtless at Colchester, where the family
lived: 1. Henry, mentioned below. 2. Ed-
mund, married Annie Clere ; died 1601 ; his
son Edmund was father of Rev. John Sher-
man, of New Haven, Connecticut, where Ed-
mund died in 1641. 3. Dr. Robert, resided
in London: died 1602; married Bridget
. 4. Judith, married William Pettfield.

5. Daughter, married Nicholas Fynce. 6.
John, died without issue, October 15, 1576.

(III) Henry (2), son of Henry (1) Sher-
man, was born in Colchester, England, about
1655, and resided in Dedham, county Essex,
England, where he made his will August 21,
1610, proved September 8, 1610. He mar-
ried Susan Hills, whose will was dated Au-
gust 31, and proved September, 1610. Six
of the sons mentioned below were living
when their father died. Children: 1. Henry,
died 1642 ; had sons Edward and Henry. 2.
Daniel, married (first) 1601, Christian Chap-
man ; (second) Sarah ; died August

17, 1585. 3. Nathaniel, died 1615; married
Priscilla Auger. 4. John, born August 17.
1566. 5. Ezekiel, married twice. 6. Samuel,
mentioned below. 7. Edmund, married Ju-
dith Angier. 8. Anne, married Thomas Wil-
son. 9. Phebe, married Simeon Fenn.

(IV) Samuel, son of Henry (2) Sherman,
was born in 1573, and died in Dedham, Eng-
land, in 1615. He married Phillippa or Phil-

lis . Children: 1. Mary, born 1599. 2.

Samuel, died in Boston, Massachusetts. 3.
Henry (twin) died young. 4. Henry, born
June 25, 1603. 5. Martha, January 24, 1604.

6. Sarah, February 12, 1606; died December
12, 1612. 7. Philip, mentioned below.

(V) Hon. Philip, son of Samuel Sherman,
was born in Dedham, England, February 5,
1610, and died in Portsmouth, Rhode Island,
1687. He was the immigrant ancestor. He
married Sarah Odding, daughter of Mrs. John
Porter. He came to New England in 1634
and settled first at Roxbury, Massachusetts.
He became interested in the doctrines and
opinions of Anne Hutchinson, and when she
was exiled he with others left Massachusetts
Bay Colony and went to Rhode Island. Here
by advice of Roger Williams, they bought the
island of Aquetnet, now Rhode Island, March
24. 1638. The government was established
in Julv. 1630. with William Coddington as



governor and Sherman secretary. He often
hekl office afterward. He was a man of intel-
ligence, wealth and influence. The early rec-
ords of Rhode Island are in his handwriting,
which shows an unusual degree of education.
He was a neat and skilful penman. After he
settled in Rhode Island, he became Quaker,
and many of the descendants have been
Quakers also. Children: i. Eber, born 1634;
mentioned below. 2. Sarah, 1635; married
Thomas Mumford, of South Kingston, Rhode
Island. 3. Peleg, born in Portsmouth, Rhode
Island. 4. Mary, died young. 5. Edmund,
born 1641. 6. Samson, 1644; died 1/34- /•
William, died young. 8. John, born 1644;
died 1734. 9. Mary, married Samuel Wilbur,
of Swansea. 10. Hannah, married William
Chase, of Swansea. 11. Samuel, born 1648;
died 1717. 12. Benjamin, born 1650; married
Isabella Tripp. 13. Philip, born October 1,

1652; married Hathaway.

(VI) Eber, son of Hon. Philip Sherman,
was born in 1634, in Roxbury, Massachusetts,
and died in North Kingston, Rhode Island, in
1706. Children: Eber, married Martha Rem-
ington; Stephen, farmer of North Kingston,
married Sarah ; William, mentioned be-
low, Peleg: Elisha; Samuel, died unmarried,


(VII) William, son of Eber Sherman, was
born in North Kingston, Rhode Island. Chil-
dren: 1. Deliverance, born April 10, 1717. 2.
Eber, August 7, 17 19. 3. Phebe, January 4,
1720. 4. Abigail, October 26. 1722. 5. Mary,
June, 20, 1724. 6. Edward, March 4, 1726. 7.
Jemima, December 14, 1727. 8. William,
March 10, 1730. 9. Parthenia, February 16,
1731. 10. Jacob, November 20, 1733: men-
tioned below. 11. Palmer, May 30, 1737; set-
tled in New York.

(VIII) Jacob, son of William Sherman,
was born in North Kingston, Rhode Island,
November 20. 1733. He settled in Williams-
town, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth
Williams. Children: 1. Seth. 2. James. 3.
Jacob, lived at Savoy, Massachusetts: his son,
Rev. Nathan Drury Sherman, born at Savoy,
June 19, 1818, moved to Whitingham, Ver-
mont, at the time of his marriage to Celina
Parsons of that town, was ordained a Univer-
salist preacher, but his chief occupation was
drover; he married (second) Mrs. Annie Bas-
sett. of Ansonia, Connecticut; two children of
Rev. Nathan, who lived to be over ninety,
survive (1909) — N. Albert Sherman, of Salt
Lake City, Utah, and Mrs. Armeda Bowen,
of Readsborough. Vermont. 4. John. 5. Jo-

seph, mentioned below. 6. Job. 7. Zecha-
riah. 8. Rebecca. 9. Mercy. 10. Elizabeth.
11. Abigail.

(IX) Joseph, son of Jacob Sherman, was
born probably after the removal to Hamp-
shire county, about 1788. He resided in Sa-
voy, Massachusetts, and removed thence to
Canaan, New York, where he died Novem-
ber 17, 1877, or December 11, 1878. He mar-
ried Candace Lewis. Children: 1. Nelson,
born at Canaan, and died near New Lebanon,
Columbia county; children: i. Candace, mar-
ried John W. Spier: ii. William Nelson, mar-
ried Mary E. Norton; iii. Joseph, married
Sarah J. Johnson: iv. Justus L., married Eva
C. Johnson. 2. Henry, mentioned below. 3.
Almeda, member of the Shaker community.

(X) Henry (3), son of Joseph Sherman,
was born Xovember 22, 1819, at Savoy, Mas-
sachusetts ; died at Westfield, May, 1903. He
was a farmer all his active life. He lived with
his father on the farm at Richmond, Massa-
chusetts, until he came of age, then removed
to the Shaker village at Canaan, New York,
where he lived sixteen years. He came to
Westfield, Massachusetts, where he owned a
farm and made a specialty of raising tobacco.
He married Cynthia Cain, born July 12, 1822,
at Savoy, and died February 8, 1899, at West-
field, Massachusetts. Children: 1. Jessie L.,
born December 12, 1843; died 1850 at Ca-
naan. 2. Albert D., born December 5, 1845 !
mentioned below. 3. Emmette, born No-
vember 3. 1847; died July 20, 1907: married
Proctor J. Bowker; children: Etta, deceased,
and Dora. 4. Charles M., born November
28, 1853 ; married Lenette Hovey ; children :
Amos, Arthur and Harold. 5. Dallas J.,
born 1857: died January 1. 1901 ; married
Leora Hubbard. 6. Harry F., born January
14, iSfio: married (first) Emma Phillips:
(second) Hattie Pierce ; children by first wife :
Ethel and Raymond.

(XI) Albert Dwight, son of Henry (3)
Sherman, was born December 5, 1845, at Ca-
naan. He attended the public schools at
Canaan during the winter terms until he was
fifteen years old, working with his father at
other times on his farm. He removed to
Westfield with his father, attending the
schools there, continuing with his father on
the farm until he came of age. He then
leased a farm on shares for three years and
at the end of that time bought a small place
which he conducted for seven years. In 1878
he bought of A. B. Drew the old grist mill
formerlv owned bv Griswold & Stebbins, lo-



cated in Little river. In 1885 he moved the
old building and built a larger grist mill
on the old site, and also a saw mill
on the dam. He has conducted the mill busi-
ness with much success. At one time he
dealt in grain, but at present devotes much
of his attention to the raising of tobacco.
Air. Sherman purchased the William Ensign
place, where he now lives in 1S90. His son
bought a farm in the vicinity in 1901, and
father and son have been associated together
in raising tobacco, having nine acres or more
under cultivation at present. Mr. Sherman
is a shrewd business man, industrious, ener-
getic and resourceful, and stands high in the
estimation of his neighbors. In politics he is
a Republican. He married Sarah E. Osborne,

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