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of Jonathan Harmon and Nathaniel and Mary
(Skinner) Harmon, and Joseph and Sarah
(Taylor) Winchell, his grandparents. John
and Elizabeth Harmon were parents of Na-

iv— 19

thaniel Harmon. The Harmon family lived in
Suffield, Connecticut.

(VIII) Lyman, son of Ichabod Bosworth,
was born December 31, 1790, at Otis, Massa-
chusetts, and died there May 9, 1875. He was
a prosperous farmer. He was a soldier in
the war of 1812. His house stood until 1907.
He married Sarah Waite, born September 11,
1799; (see Waite). Children. Henry Wilder
and Homer L. Bosworth, of Springfield, Mas-
sachusetts ; Mary E., (wife of Major William
Streeter, of Rochester, New York) ; Charles
R., of Melksham, England ; George L., of

( IX ) Hon. Henry Wilder Bosworth, son
of Lyman Bosworth, was born April 2, 1832,
in Otis, Berkshire county, Massachusetts. He
spent his early years on his father's farm and
attended the district schools. He fitted for
college at the New York Conference Seminary
at Charlotteville, New York, a large and flour-
ishing institution of the Methodist denomina-
tion. He expected to enter the junior class
in Yale College, but had trouble with his eyes
and was obliged to abandon a college course.
He returned to Otis, and in i860 was elected
representative to the general court from the
district consisting of Otis, New Marlborough
and Sandisfield. He served on the committee
on valuation and took part in the legislative
action of that first critical year of the civil
war. Early in his administration, President
Lincoln appointed John Z. Goodrich, of
Stockbridge, collector of the port of Boston,
and soon afterward Mr. Bosworth was ap-
pointed an inspector in the Boston custom
house, where he worked for three years. He
was for a time in the office of the Fifth Audi-
tor of the United States Treasury Depart-

After the civil war he returned to Otis and
took up the study of law. He applied himself
closely, and at the end of six months passed
a special examination with great credit, and
was admitted to the Hampden county bar in
1866, in Lenox. He opened an office in
Springfield, and in 1867 went into partnership
with William S. Greene, and the partnership
continued until the death of Mr. Greene in
1878. During the next five years he practiced
law in Springfield without a partner, then for
six years was in partnership with Charles H.
Barrows. In 1885 Governor George D. Ro-
binson appointed Mr. Bosworth one of the
special justices of the Springfield police court
to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of
Maj'ir Samuel B. Spooner. In December,



1889, by appointment of Governor Oliver
Ames, Judge Bosworth succeeded Hon. Gideon
Wells as judge of the Springfield police court.
He was succeeded as special justice by Hon.
Charles L. Long. At the age of seventy-seven,
Judge Bosworth continues to administer
justice in the local court. His kindly disposi-
tion, judicial temperament, common sense and
uniformly good judgment have made his ca-
reer on the bench notable. As a lawyer and
magistrate Judge Bosworth ranks high, not
only in the opinion of the lawyers of the coun-
ty, but of the whole community. He is a Re-
publican in politics, and has always taken a
lively interest in political affairs. Though one
of the most active and influential men he has
not sought public office for himself. Many
men in public life in this section owe much to
Judge Bosworth's hearty and generous sup-
port. Since coming to Springfield, Judge Bos-
worth has attended the South Congregational
Church. He is a member of The Club, of
Springfield, a literary organization. He has
an attractive residence on Lincoln street,
Springfield. He married, March 8, 1866,
Mary E. Hall, daughter of Reverend Thomas
A. Hall, of Otis (see Hall). Children:
Henry H. and Charles \\\. both mentioned

( X ) Henry H. Bosworth. son of Hon.
Henry W. Bosworth. was born in Springfield,
March 16, 1868, He attended the Barrows
School in Springfield, graduating in 1879.
and entered the high school at the age
of eleven, graduating in the class of
1885. During his course he went abroad,
visiting for a time his uncle, Homer L. Bos-
worth, then in business in Chippenham, Eng-
land. He entered Amherst College, from
which he was graduated in the class of 1889.
He read law in his father's office, and was
admitted to the bar in 1802. He is an active
Republican in politics, and in 1897-98, with
Albert T. Folsom, of Hampden, represented
the fourth representative district in the gen-
eral court. He served on the committee on
taxation, the labors of which were particularly
onerous and important during that year, and
was chairman of the committee on counties.
He was a member of the board of aldermen in
1901-01. He was secretary of the Ward Five
Club, secretary and president of the Spring-
field Improvement Association : and is a mem-
ber of the Country, Winthrop, Saturday Night
and Realty Clubs. He attends the South Con-
gregational Church. He is a director and vice-
president of the Springfield Metal Body Com-

pany. He married, June 21, 1898, Grace
Sherman Wright, daughter of Andrew J. and
Mary Jane ( Case ) Wright. Her father was
president of the Fire and Marine Insurance
Company of Springfield, a prominent figure in
his clay in the insurance world.

1 X ) Charles W. Bosworth, son of Hon.
Henry W. Bosworth, was born in Springfield,
August 28, 1871. He attended the public
schools, and was valedictorian of the class of
1888, Springfield high school. He was gradu-
ated from Yale College with the degree of A.
B. in the class of 1893, and immediately began
to read law in his father's office. In June,
1894. he was admitted to the bar of Hampden
county, and engaged in the practice of law.
Since 1898 he has been referee in bankruptcy
for Hampden county under the federal law.
He was elected president of the Union Trust
Company of Springfield at the time of its
incorporation in 1906. This institution has ab-
sorbed the First National Bank, the Second
National Bank, the John Hancock National
Bank, the City National Bank, and the Hamp-
den Trust Company. He continues the gen-
eral practice of the law. He was special coun-
sel of the city of Springfield in the matter of
the Springfield river front improvement. He
is a director of the Union Trust Company ; the
Hartford Carpet Company of Thompson ville,
Connecticut ; the Springfield Street Railway
Company : thrustee of the Springfield Street
Railways, a holding company, and of the
Springfield Cemetery Association. In politics
lu i> a Republican. He is owner of the
Maple Grove Farm at Walpole, New Hamp-
shire, where he spends his vacations.

(The Waite Line).

(I) Thomas Wait, immigrant ancestor, was
born in 1601, and died in 1677. He resided in
Newport, Rhode Island, in 1639.

(II) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1)
Wait, lived in Newport, and died in 1732- He
married Sarah, daughter of John and Mary
(Borden) Cook.

(III) Thomas (3), son of Thomas (2)
Wait, was born December 21, 1681, and died
in 1767. He married Elizabeth .

(IV) Joseph, son of Thomas (3) Wait,
was born January 10, 1715, and married Eliz-
abeth .

( V ) Elverton, fourth child of Joseph Wait,
was born in East Greenwich. Rhode Island
(Coventry), September 14, 1743. He married
(first) December 20, 1761, Margaret Whit-
ford, born May 10, 1-744, daughter of Robert



and Margaret ( Femes) Whitford, of North
Kingston, Rhode Island, granddaughter of
Samuel and Meribah Fones, and great-grand-
daughter of John and Ann Fones. He mar-
ried (second) Zipporah .

(VI) John, son of Elverton Waite, was
born October 22, 1766, and died at Winsted,
Connecticut, February 2, 1835. He married,
in July, 1790, Sarah Wilder, born October
19, 1762, died June 8, 1841, youngest daugh-
ter of Joseph and Hannah Wilder. Her father
was born January 1, 1725, and died January 3,
1816; he lived in East Haddam, adjoining
Lyme, Connecticut, and in 1763 removed to
Barkhamstead. where he was justice of the
peace and representative to the general court ;
he was son of Jonas and Eunice (Beaman)
Wilder. Jonas Wilder was born in Lancaster
November 16, 1699, and died 1797; removed
to Lyme in 1733, to Hartland in 1760, where
he was a farmer and leading citizen ; married
Eunice Beaman, who died 1731. He was son
of John and Sarah (Sawyer) Wilder, grand-
son of John and Hannah Wilder, and great-
grandson of Thomas and Anna Wilder, the
immigrants. Children of John and Sarah
Waite: 1. Margaret, born May 17, 1793,"
married Wentworth, of Winsted, Con-
necticut. 2. Anne, born April 2, 1796; mar-
ried Bezaleel Adams, of Hartford. 3. Sarah,
born September 11, 1799; died September 27,
1853; married Lyman Bosworth (see Bos-
worth). 4. Robey, born November 2, 1802;
married Morgan Lewis, of Hartford. 5.

Mary, born March 26, 1805 ; married

Starkweather, of Hartford.

(The Hall Line).

(I) John Hall, immigrant ancestor, died in
Coventry July 23, 1696.

(II) Deacon John (2), son of John (1)
Hall, was born in 1637, and died October 24,
1 7 10. He married Priscilla Bearse, born
March 10, 1644, died March 30, 1712, daugh-
ter of Austin Bearse.

(III) Deacon Joseph, son of Deacon John
(2) Hall, was born September 29, 1663, and
died January 29, 1736. He married Mary,
daughter of Joseph and Judith (Richard)
Faunce, granddaughter of John and Patience
(Morton) Faunce, and widow- of John Mor-

(IV) John (3), son of Deacon Joseph Hall,
was born January 30, 17 16, and died Janu-
ary 11, 1792. He married (second) July 9,
1752, Elizabeth Sears, died in 1778.

(V) Ebenezer, son of John (3) Hall, was
born March 21, 1759. He married Lydia El-
dredge, born September 21, 1760.

(VI) Ebenezer Hall, son of Ebenezer Hall,
was born May 27, 1788, and died about 1823.
He married Margaret (Peggy) Washburn.

(VII) Thomas A., son of Ebenezer Hall,
was born September 2, 181 3. He graduated
from Williams College in 1838, as second
scholar in his class. He married Mary L.
Strong (see Strong). Their daughter, Mary
E. Hall, married Henry W. Bosworth (see

(The Strong Line).

( 11 ) Elder Ebenezer Strong, son of Elder
John Strong (q. v.), was born in 1643, and
died February n, 1729. He was a prominent
man, and served as selectman, sergeant and
constable of the town. He married, October
14, 1668, Hannah Clapp of Dorchester, daugh-
ter of Nicholas and Sarah Clapp.

(III) Jonathan, son of Elder Ebenezer
Strong, was born May 1, 1683, and died Oc-
tober 9, 1766. He married, November 21,
1704, Mehitable Stebbins, of Springfield,
daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Dorchester)
Stebbins, granddaughter of Thomas and
Hannah (Wright) Stebbins, and of Anthony
and Martha Dorchester.

(IV) Ichabod, son of Jonathan Strong,
was born October 17, 171 1, and died February
I 7- l 795- He married, November 28, 1739,
Mary Davis, daughter of John Davis, of Hat-
field, granddaughter of Samuel and Hannah
(Edwards) Davis, and great-granddaughter
of Alexander and Sarah (Baldwin) Edwards.

(V) John, son of Ichabod Strong, was
born February 7, 1739, and died May 26,
1821. He married, February 25, 1768, Sarah,
daughter of Elisa and Hannah (Allen) Ly-
man, grandduaghter of John and Mindwell
(Pomeroy) Lyman (see Lyman, elsewhere).
Hannah Allen was daughter of Samuel and
Sarah (Rust?) Allen, and granddaughter of
Samuel and Hannah (Woodford?) Allen,
great-granddaughter of Samuel Allen.

(VI) Phineas Strong, son of John Strong,
was born October 16, 1770, and died April 4,
1855. He owned a saw and grist mill. He
married, December 21, 1797, Eunice Lyman,
born December 25, 1778, died June 23, 1859,
daughter of Elias and Eunice (Sheldon) Ly-
man. He had a daughter, Mary L. Strong,
married Reverend Thomas A. Hall (see



(For preceding generations set Richard Bartlett 1).

(IV) Stephen Bartlett, son
BARTLETT of Richard Bartlett, was
born in Amesbury, April 21,
1691. He was a shoemaker by trade and pros-
perous. He built a large house above the
Amesbury ferry. After spending his younger
days in Ferry street he bought a farm in the
northwest part of Amesbury, called the Lion's
Mouth, built a house, and lived there until his
death. He left his house at the ferry to his
son Stephen. He was deacon of the church.
He married, December 18, 1712, Hannah
Webster, of Salisbury, of a prominent and
wealthy family (John 3, John 2, John 1).
Children, born at Amesbury: Stephen, men-
tioned below ; Joseph, Simeon, Josiah, Levi,

i\ 1 Stephen (2), son of Stephen (1)
Bartlett, was born in Amesbury about 1722,
died there October 5, 1759. He lived in the
house near the ferry given him by his father.
He married and among his children was Ste-
phen, mentioned below.

(VI) Stephen (3), son of Stephen (2)
Bartlett, was born about 1745 in Amesbury.

He married Currier, who lived to be

over ninety. He was a soldier in the revolu-
tion on the Lexington alarm in Captain Timo-
thy Barnard's company from the East Parish
of Amesbury; also in Captain W. H. Ballard's
company, ( recruiting company ) Colonel
James Frye's regiment in 1775; also corporal
in 1775, reported to have gone on the expedi-
tion against Quebec under General Benedict
Arnold ; also in Captain Moses Nowell's com-
pany, in 1776, at Plum Island. Children, born
at Amesbury: Enoch, mentioned below, Ju-
dith, Dorcas. Perhaps other children.

(VII) Captain Enoch, son of Stephen (3)
Bartlett, was born in Amesbury in 1765, died
December 27, 1843. He kept a general store
at Amesbury for more than fifty years. He
was a prominent citizen, often a selectman of
the town ; delegate to the state convention to
revise the constitution ; many years a repre-
sentative to the general court. It was said of
him that no truer or more honest man ever
lived. He married (first) Mary Barnard,
who died November 11, 1807; (second) Mrs.
Mary Dearborn. Children, born at Ames-
bury: Samuel, Enoch, John, mentioned be-
low, Jonathan, Albert, Stephen, Mary. Chil-
dren of the second wife: William D., born
April 18, 1812, manufacturer of stoves and
furnaces for forty years, residing at Ames-
bury : Caroline, Mary Ann.

(VIII) John, son of Captain Enoch Bart-
lett, was born in Merrimac, formerly Ames-
bury, Massachusetts, died aged eighty-four
years. He was educated in the public schools,
and was a carriage trimmer by trade. He was
a member of the Universalist church. He
married Dolly Johnson, who died aged fifty
years, at West Newbury, Massachusetts. Chil-
dren, born at Merrimac: 1. Henry Bartlett.
2. John Warren, mentioned below. 3. Mary,
deceased. 4. Austin, died at Little River, Ar-
kansas ; married and had three children, two
of whom are living, Walter and Mary. 5.
Walter, died at Haverhill.

(IX) John Warren, son of John Bartlett,
was born at West Amesbury, now Merrimac,
Massachusetts, July 12, 1827, died at North
Weymouth, Massachusetts, March 17, 1892.
He was educated in the public schools of West
Newbury, Massachusetts. He came to Bos-
ton in 1844 and for about seven years was
clerk in the dry goods store of Varnum War-
ren. In 1 85 1 he opened a general store in
North Weymouth, Massachusetts. He was
successful and prosperous in business. In 1872

.he built a structure to accommodate his in-
creasing business and added furniture and
other lines to his stock. He was a prominent
citizen, selectman for many years, and active
in town affairs and in the village improvement
society. He was a prominent member of the
Universalist church. He was organist for
twenty-five years and choir director for a long
time in the Congregational church and later in
the Cniversalist church. He married, Septem-
ber 16, 1850, Gertrude Josephine Collins, born
.Ala}' 1, 1830, at Goshen, Connecticut, daughter
of John Hyde and Eliza Cone (Washburn)
Collins (see Collins family). Children: 1.
Frances E., born November 5, 1851, married
Edwin Norton Dyer ; children : Louis Bartlett,
born April 1, 1878, North Weymouth; Arthur
Thomas, born Hawaiian Islands, June 2, 1879,
died Holliston, Massachusetts, November 5,
1885 ' Clarence Washburn, born Kohola,
Hawaiian Islands, March 4, 1882; Bertha
Wyatt, born Kohola. Hawaiian Islands, Feb-
ruary 11, 1886; Helen Gertrude, born Gait,
California, August 4, 1887. 2. Arthur Wash-
burn, burn September 18, 1854, married Nellie
Maria Williams, of Dorchester: children: i.
Frank W., born July 30. 1877, married Annie
E. Wagner, May 5. 1906. at Providence,
Rhode Island : ii. Gertrude W., born October
30, 1878; tii. Mabel L., born December 17,
1888. 3. Kathleen Caroline, born September
26, 1858. married Edward Wvman, of Sebec,



Maine, born March 6, 1856; child, Lucy B.
Wynian. 4. Stella, born December 23, 1862,
died 1864. 5. Herbert Warren, born Novem-
ber 22, 1871, at North Weymouth; resides in
Philadelphia ; married Nancy Learning Mc-
Crea, July 1, 1903.

(The Collins Line).

John Collins, immigrant ancestor, was born
in England and came to Boston in 1638. He
was a shoemaker and citizen of some promi-
nence, a member of the Artillery Company
(the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Com-
pany of BostoTi). He died May 29, 1670.
Administration was granted to Gideon Allen.

He married Susan . Children: 1. John,

mentioned below. 2. Thomas, born October
15, 1645. 3- Susanna, baptized April 5, 1645,
aged three years, twelve days ; married, March
25, 1662, Thomas Walker.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Collins, was
born in Boston about 1644. He was also a
shoemaker. He removed in 1663 to Middle-
town, Connecticut, thence to Saybrook, later
to Branford and Guilford. He married (first)
Mary Trowbridge, who died in 1668 ; (sec-
ond) June 3, 1669, Mary Stephens, widow of
Henry Hingnoth; (third) Dorcas (Swain)
Taintor, widow of John Taintor. He died at
Branford about 1704. Children: 1. John, born
1665, mentioned below. 2. Robert, 1667. 3.
Mary, married Chapman.

(III) John (3), son of John (2) Collins,
was born in Connecticut in 1665, died January
24, 1751. He married, July 23, 1691, Ann
Leete, born August 5, 1671, died November 2,

1724, daughter of John Leete and grand-
daughter of Governor William Leete, descend-
ant of a distinguished English ancestry. Chil-
dren, born in Guilford : 1. Asa, born May 9,
1692, married, March 31, 1720, Daniel Bart-
lett. 2. Mary, April 11, 1694, died February
2. 1729. 3. John, February 23, 1696, married,
April 26, 1716, Rachel Mix. 4. Timothy,
February 11, 1698, died February 19, 1698.

5. Timothy, April 13, 1699, mentioned below.

6. Daniel, June 13, 1701, married, March 15,

1725, Lois Cornwall; he died October 8, 1751.

7. Susanna, September 25, 1703, died October
30. 1703. 8. Samuel, November 2, 1704, mar-
ried, October 20, 1731, Mary Leete. 9.
Mercy. January 19, 1707, died August 12,
1796; married Samuel Hobson. 10. Oliver,
October 18, 1710, married (first) Elizabeth
Hall: (second) Ann Smithson; (third) Abi-
gail Bartlett. 11. Avis, April 1, T714. married
Peter Buell, of Litchfield.

' (IV) Rev. Timothy, son of John (3) Col-
lins, was born in Guilford, April 13, 1699,
died at Litchfield, Connecticut, in 1776. He
graduated from Yale College in 1718. He be-
came minister of the town of Litchfield and
owner of one-sixthtieth of the town rights.
He probably was called through the influence
of Deacon John Buell, who came from Leb-
anon. He was ordained June, 1723, and dis-
missed in 1752, after which he practiced medi-
cine in Litchfield the remainder of his life. He
studied medicine during his ministry. He was
chosen justice of the peace in 1753. He mar-
ried Elizabeth Hyde, January 16, 1723, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Calkins) Hyde,
of Lebanon. Children, born in Litchfield: 1.
Oliver, March 7, 1724, married, June 22, 1746,
Sarah Hyde, of Lebanon. 2. Anne, August
win. 3. Charles, August 5, 1727, married,
June 7, 1757, Ann Huntington, of Lebanon. 4.
Lewis, August 8, 1730, died young. 5. Rhoda,
24, 1725, married, March 7, 1751, Isaac Bald-
May 3, 1 73 1, married four times. 6. Cyprian,
March 4, 1733, mentioned below. 7. Ambrose,
March 30, 1737. 8. John, June 1, 1739, mar-
ried, January 8, 1769, Sarah Parmalee.

(V) Cyprian, son of Rev. Timothy Col-
lins, was born at Litchfield, March 4,
1733. In July, 1759, his father deeded
to him fifty acres of land that he bought
March 4, 1745, on the west side of East street.
Cyprian Collins built his house on a lot of
four acres on the west side of East street,
bought of Benoni Hills. The house was be-
gun by Hills, occupied later by Cyprian's son
Timothy and with some additions is still
standing and at last accounts was owned and
occupied by Franklin Burlon, and was the
oldest house in town, still in use as a residence.
He had a large family, was an industrious and
influential citizen. He joined the church Sep-
tember 18, 1808. He married, January 9, 1756,
Azubah Gibbs, of Litchfield, born Decem-
ber 13, 1734, died at Goshen, August 24, 1823,
aged eighty-nine years. He died January 7,
1809. Children, born at Litchfield: 1. Am-
brose, February 28, 1756, mentioned below
2. Triphena, August 21, 1757, married Abra
ham Wadhams. 3. Amana, March 27, 1759,
married Joseph Brooks. 4. Philo, January 5,
1761, married Olive Foot. 5. Anna, Novem-
ber 21, 1762, married Moses Wadhams. 6.
Luranda, May or August 28, 1764, married
Elijah Towner. 7. Rhoda. June 30, 1766,
married Alexander Norton. 8. Timothy, Jan-
uary n, 1769, married Miriam Norton. 9.
Cyprian, November 8. 1770. married Huldah

J( .5. 1


Norton. 10. Phebe, January 25, 1773, mar-
ried David Wadhams. 11. Tyrannus, 1775,
married Eliza Goodwin.

( VI ) Ambrose, son of Cyprian Collins,
was born at Litchfield, February 28, 1756, died
September 1, 1839. He lived in the south-
west part of Goshen, Connecticut, on the north
side of the road to Milton. He joined the
church July 1, 1792. He married Mercy
Baldwin, who died March 4, 1821. daughter
of Samuel Baldwin. The record of his revo-
lutionary service has not been found,
but he was a pensioner on account of
his service in the revolution, his resi-
dence being given as Litchfield. Children,
born at Goshen: 1. Augustus, May 13, 1780,
died July 4, 1807. at Charleston, South Caro-
lina. 2. Anne, January 27,, 1782, married
Ethan Walter. 3. Calvin, August 26, T786,
married Effie Hitchcock. 5. Cyprian, June
25, 1788, married Jennet Scovil. ft. Samuel
Baldwin, April 17, 1790. 7. Minerva, Sep-
tember 6, 1792, died 1838. 8. John Hyde,
October 26, 1795, mentioned below. 9. George
Lewis, September 8, 179ft, died October 15,
181 7. 10. Louisa, July 2, 1799. it. Clara
Maria. September 4, 1801, married Christo-
pher E. Wheeler. 12. Freelove, April 12,
1804, married Amasa N. Chapin.

f YTI) John Hyde, son of Ambrose Collins.
was born at Goshen, October 2ft, 1795, died
March 1, 1873, in Boston, buried at North
Weymouth. He was educated in the public
schools of his native town. He was clerk in
a general store at Goshen. He removed to
Boston in 1841 and for many years was a
traveling salesman. In his later years he kept
a boarding house at Boston. He married, at
Goshen, Connecticut, May 2, 1822, Eliza Cone
Washburn, born March 4, 1803, at West
Springfield, Massachusetts, daughter of Rev.
Ebenezer Washburn, who was born October
25, 1772, at Hardwick. Massachusetts, died at
Racine, Wisconsin. December 29, 1857. Chil-
dren, born at Goshen: 1. Gertrude Emogene,
September 27, 1824. died February 10, 1828.
2. Frances Adelaide, April 6, 1827. died De-
cember 26, 185 1 : married Rev. William Stud-
ley, of Boston ; child, Francis E. Studley. 3.
Gertrude Josephine, May 1, 1830, married
John Warren Bartlett. (See Bartlett TX).

George Robinsnn. immi-
BOl'.lXSl )N grant ancestor, is first heard

of in Rehoboth, Massachu-
setts, in 1043, and died November q. 1699. He
purchased one share of land rights in iftftft in

the North Purchase, in what is now Seekonk,
and drew for a division March 18, 1668-69.
He was a wheelwright by trade, and built his
first frame house about 1660, in which all his
children were born. It is still standing on part
of the farm of George H. Robinson, of See-
konk. He transferred this to his son John,
February 1, 1689, for "love and affection."
The entire broad side of this house opened like
a door, through which in winter a yoke of
oxen drew a sled loaded with a large log for
the fireplace. This was driven directly in front
of the fireplace, which was open and occupied
the entire end of the house, and the log was

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