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(I) The first settler doubtless came from
England, and tradition fixes his home in the
old country at Norwich, or county Norfolk.
There is a tradition that the Enfield family
came from John Abbe, a native of Maryland,
of Huguenot stock, but the records seem
clearly to show that the Enfield and Windham
families are descended from John Abbe, of
Wenham, Massachusetts. Some remote an-
cestor may have been Norman French, but
John was undoubtedly English. He was re-
ceived as an inhabitant of Salem, January 2,
[636-7, and allotted an acre of land "for an
house next beyond ye gunsmiths and th'ree
acres of planting ground where ye town hath
appoynted beyond Castle Hill." He had ten
acres more granted in 1642 in Salem, probably
in the part that was later Wenham. He was
mentioned first in Wenham records in 1643,
was a prominent citizen, and constable in 1669.
He and his wife May conveyed land at Wen-
ham to their sons John and Samuel, and com-
pleted the disposal of his real estate by -deed
dated August 3, 1683. He Was at Reading,
according to Savage. May 7, 1685, but records
prove he left Wenham. He married (first)
Alary , died September 9, 1672; (sec-
ond) November 25, n 174, Mary Goldsmith.
He died at Wenham about 1690, aged about
seventy-four- years. Children: 1. John, set-
tled in Windham, Connecticut; was admitted
an inhabitant there December 9, 1696; dis-
missed from Wenham to Windham church ;
died December 11, 1700. 2. Samuel, men-
tioned below. 3. Sarah. 4. Marah, married

Killam. 5. Rebecca, married. May 13,

1667, Richard Kimball. 6. Obadiah, settled
at Enfield ; married Sarah Warriner, widow
of Joseph. 4. Thomas, ancestor of the En-
field family.

(II) Samuel, son of John Abbey, was born
about 1650, in Salem, or Wenham, Massachu-
land in Wenham, March 29, 1675, and he was
a surveyor there in 1676. He bought land of
Lot Kilham in Salem Village in 1682 and he
and his wife were dismissed to form the Sa-
lem Village church November 15, 1689. He
had other land transactions in Essex county.
He sold his property April 3, 1697, to Zacha-
riah White, of Lynn, and bought November
4, 1697, of Benjamin Howard, of Windham,
Connecticut, for twenty-two pounds ten shill-
ings, half an allotment of land (five hundred
acres) being No. 2 at the Center, then at or
setts. His father deeded to him ten acres of



near Bricktop, with half the house, etc. He
was admitted an inhabitant of Windham, De-
cember 21, 1697. He died in Windham in
March, 1697-8, before he was fairly settled in
his new home. He married, at Wenham. Oc-
tober 12, 1672, Mary Knowlton, and she mar-
ried, after his death, April 27, 1699, Abraham
Mitchell, an early Windham settler, by whom
she had a son Daniel Mitchell, born and died
December 10, 1700. Children, born at Wen-
ham and Salem Village: I. Mary, about 1674.
2. Samuel, about 1676; married Hannah Sils-
by, and died January 15, 1736-7. 3. Thomas,
about 1679; died at Windham, April 1, 1700.
4. Elizabeth, about 1681 ; married William
Slate. 5. Ebenezer, July 31, 1683: mention-
ed below. 6. Mercy, March 1, 1684-5; mar "
ried Jonathan Ormsby, of Windham. 7.
Sarah, July 4 or 6, 1686 ; married John Fow-
ler. S.Hepsibah, February 14, 1688-9: mar-
ried Samuel Palmer. 9. Abigail, November
19, 1690; married probably Joseph Ormsby,
of Rehoboth. 10. John, June 4, 1692. settled
in Hartford; died 1790. II. Benjamin. June
4, 1694; settled in Glastonbury; married Mary
Tryon. 12. Jonathan, born about 1697; set-
tled in Willington.

(Ill) Ebenezer, son of Samuel Abbey, was
born at Salem Village. July 31, 1683; was of
Norwich, Connecticut, November, 1705, when
he purchased of his brother Samuel fifty-five
acres of land at Newfound Meadow in Wind-
ham. He sold to Samuel at the same time,
land in Bushnell Plain and Willimantic. He
settled at what is now North Windham, and
may have lived in later life at Mansfield; was
a member of the Hampton church in 1725. He
married Mary Allen, daughter of Joshua, one
of the early settlers of Mansfield, October 28,
1707, and he died December 5, 1758. She
died in 1766. He mentions ten of his thirteen
children in his will, the others having died be-
fore. Children: 1. Ebenezer, born July 27,
1708: mentioned below. 2. Elizabeth, Sep-
tember 11, 1709; married Daniel Cross, of
Mansfield. 3. Joshua, January 20, 1710-11.
4. Mary. September 21, 1712; married Jona-
than Bingham Jr. 5- Nathan, May 6, 1714;
settled in Mansfield; married (first) Silence
Ames; (second) Lucy Hovey. 6. Gideon,
February 13, 1715-6. 7. Samuel, October 30.
1717; died March 1. 1718. 8. Samuel, April
24, 1719. 9. Zerviah, March 17, 1720-1 ; mar-
ried Elihu Marsh. 10. Jerusha. October 22,
1722; married Samuel Wood. 11. Abigail,
August 1, 1724. 12. Miriam, August 31,

1726; married W'illiam Cross. 13. Solomon,
May 29, 1730.

(IV) Ebenezer (2), son of Ebenezer (1)
Abbey, was born in Windham, July 2"], 1708.

He married Abigail , February 22,

1729-30. Children: 1. Mary, born March 26,
1731. 2. Isaac, July 25, 1733; mentioned be-
low. 3. Abner, August 26, 1737. 4. Ebenezer,
June 10. 1739. 5- Jacob. August 23, 1741. 6.
John, August 2^, 1743; married April 27,
1768, Dorothy Bugbee. 7. Samuel, June 21,

1 747-

( \ ) Isaac, son of Ebenezer (2) Abbey, was

born in Windham, July 25, 1733. He lived at
or near North Windham. He married, March,
1753, Eunice Church, and he died April, 1788.
Children, born at Windham: 1. Isaac, October
3 1 . J 753- 2 - Eunice, April 12, 1755; married
Jonah Lincoln. 3. Anna, March 14, 1757. 4.
Abner, November 5, 1758; mentioned below.
5. Susannah, November 15, 1760. 6. Zerviah,
April 10, 1762. 7. Joseph, June 5, 1763. 8.
Nathaniel, July 13, 1765. 9. Lucy, February
4. 1769. 10. Sarah, March 4, 1771.

(VI) Abner, son of Isaac Abbey, was born
in North Windham, November 5, 1758. He
was a soldier in the revolution, in Captain Na-
thaniel Wale's company, in 1778, from Wind-

(VII) Abner (2), son of Abner (1) Ab-
bey, settled in South Hadley, or was born
there. He made the first brimstone matches in
this country. He married Mary Brown.
Children : Silas, Albert, Abner, Samantha, and

(VIII) Abner Brown, son of Abner (2)
Abbey, was born in South Hadley, Massachu-
setts, about 1812 and died February 24, 1891.
He married Chloe Ann Root, born November
12, 1812. He lived in Chicopee. Children: 1.
Abner M., deceased. 2. Emma M., married
Lucius D. Lech ; both deceased. 3. Arthur L.,
settled in Springfield, Illinois. 4. Charles
Clinton ; see forward. 5. Sibyl A., married
Thomas Devine, of South Hadley ; they live in
Springfield, Massachusetts. 6. Silas A., lived
in South Hadley.

(IX) Charles Clinton, son of Abner Brown
Abbey, was born at Chicopee, April 17, 1853.
He was educated in the public schools of Chi-
copee. Since 1873 he has been engaged in the
coal and wood business in his native town, and
also conducts an extensive real estate business.
His business is conducted under the name of
the Springfield Coal and Wood Company. He
organized the Chicopee Falls Wheel Company,
and is its president and manager. He is a di-



rector of the Springfield National Bank and of
several manufacturing industries. He is also
extensively engaged in the lumber business.
He is one of the largest owners of real estate
in Springfield, and also has large holdings in
California. In politics he is a Republican. He
is a member of the Fairview Cemetery Com-
mission. He attends the Congregational
Church. He married December 23, 1875,
Emily Frances Lombard, born in Worcester,
Massachusetts, daughter of George and Mary
(Crosby) Lombard, descendant of an old
Hampden count)' family. They reside at 170
Springfield street, Chicopee. No children.

Thomas Barber, immigrant an-
BARBER cestor, was born in England, in
1614. He came in the Salton-
stall party under Francis Stiles, in the ship
••Christian," sailing March 16, 1634. He set-
tled soon afterward at Windsor, Connecticut.

He married, October 4, 1640, Jane ,

who died September 10, 1662. He had a grant
of land from Windsor in 1640, and was admit-
ted a freeman in 1645. He was in the Pequot
expedition of 1638, and later sergeant of his
company. He removed to Simsbury, where
he was contractor for the first meeting house.
He was a carpenter by trade. The court at
Hartford, March 28, 1637, ordered "that Mr.
Francis Stiles shall teach George Chappie,
Thomas Cooper and Thomas Barber, his ser-
vants (apprentices) in the trade of carpenter,
according to his promise for their term behind
four days a week only to saw and slit their
own work." Barber paid pew rent in 1659;
contributed to fund for poor of other colonies
June 11, 1676. He died September 11. 1662.
Children: 1. John, baptized July 24, 1642. 2.
Thomas, born July 14, 1644. 3. Sarah, bap-
tized July 19, 1646. 4. Samuel, baptized Oc-
tober 1, 1648. 5. Mary, baptized October 12.

165 1 ; married Hale. 6. Josiah, born

February 15, 1653.

(II) Samuel, son of Thomas Barber, was
baptized October 1, 1648, and died at Wind-
sor, March 12, 1708. He lived on the original
homestead, which he bought of his brother
John Barber in 1671. He married (first) De-
cember 1, 1670, Mary Coggins, died May 19,
1676; (second) January 25, 1676-7. Ruth,
daughter of John Drake. She died November
13, 1721. Barber owned the half-way cove-
nant at Windsor, October 12, 1671 : children
of first wife: 1. Thomas, born October 7,
1671, died 1673. 2. Samuel, born January 26,
1673. Children of second wife: 3. John,

born January 25, 1676; mentioned below. 4.
Hannah, born October 4, 1681. 5. Ruth,
July 24, 1683. 6. Elizabeth, February 9,
1684 ; married Daniel Loomis. 7. David,
May 12, 1686; married Hannah Post. 8.
Joseph, 1688. 9. Sarah, August 2, 1698;

married Stephen Palmer ; (second)

Phelps. 10. William, 1700; married Esther
Brown. n. Benjamin, married, June 30,
1720, Hannah Lavis. 12. Midwell, died un-
married, December 3, 1712. 13. Mary, mar-
ried Peter Brown.

(III) John, son of Samuel Barber, was
born January 25, 1676, in Windsor, Connecti-
cut. He married, July 24, 1717, Jane Alford.
Children, born at Windsor : 1. John, June
19, 1718. 2. Jane, June 16, 1720; married
David Thrall. 3. Naomi, January 27, 1721 ;
married Daniel Barber. 4. Gideon, August
26, 1723; mentioned below. 5. Asahel, De-
cember 6, 1725; died November 6, 1726. 6.
Asahel, August 10, 1727; married Mary Col-
lier, of Hartford. 7. Reuben, January 26,
1728: married Sarah Merriman. 8. Jerusha,
September 26, 1730; married Jonah Barber.
9. David, March 31, 1733. 10. Noah, born
May 8, 1735; married, October 28, 1761,
Sybil Booth. 11. Joel, October 22, 1736;
married, November 23, 1758, Mary Drake.
12. Jerijah, 1738, baptized December 31.
I 73&- x 3- Ruth, born November 10, 1740:
married Titus Burr, of Bloomfield ; (second)
Ebenezer Burr, of Bloomfield, Connecticut.
(Joseph Barber (3), son of Samuel Barber
(2), married Mary Loomis, May 6, 1708, and
had son Joseph (4), January 28, 1708-9, who
remained in Windsor. Joseph Barber (4).
son of Joseph (3), was born in Windsor, and
Joseph (5), son of Joseph (4), was born May
6, 1729, also in Windsor. We have found no
proof that he went to Vermont.)

(IV) Gideon, son of John Barber, was born
in Windsor, August 26, 1723; married (first)
November 9, 1744, Anna Gillett, at Windsor;
(second) August 17. 1769, Mary (Clark) Hos-
kins. Barber lived in Windsor, where Wil-
liam Shelton lived a generation or more ago
(p. 52, Stiles's "Windsor," 2d. ed.). He re-
moved to Vermont about 1770 and settled at
Pownal. He was a soldier in Captain Gideon
Ormsby's company, of Pownal, for one week
in service in 1778, Colonel Warren's regi-
ment (Vermont Rev. Rolls, p. 91). He died
before the census of 1790, or left the state.
Children: 1. Daniel, born June 15. 1745; sol-
dier in the revolution, from Vermont. 2.
Shubael, September 8, 1747. 3. Joseph, men-



tioned below. (A child was baptized March
31, 1754.) 4- Anna, born March 27, 1751.
5. Tryphena, December, 1753. 6. Gideon,
baptized July 11, 1756. 7. Child, baptized
May 13, 1759. 8. Naomi, baptized February
12, 1764. 9. Samuel, had two males over
sixteen, one under, and four females, in his

(V) Sergeant Joseph, son of Gideon Bar-
ber, was born about 1749. He was sergeant
in the revolution, in Captain Eli Noble's
company, Colonel Ebenezer Walbridge's
regiment, July, 1781 ; also sergeant in Cap-
tain Benjamin Bates' company, from Pow-
nal, October, 1781. In the census of 1790 he
had two males over sixteen, four under, and
four females, while his son Joseph Jr. also
had a small family and lived next him.

(VI) Joseph (2), son of Sergeant Joseph
( 1 ) Barber, lived in Pownal, Vermont. He

married (first) Anderson; (second)

Grover. Children: I. Joseph Jr., born be-
for 1790, at Pownall ; married Miranda
Oviatt ; children : Beriah, married Sally
Grover, Othniel ; Giles ; William ; Ander-
son, married Clarissa Jennings ; Melissa,
third wife of Solomon Towslee; Ar-
mida, married Abram Morgan ; Sally, married
Lung: ix. Molly, married Lock-
wood. 2. Molly, married Ira Morgan ; chil-
dren: Joseph, Hiram, William, Charlotte, mar-
ried Charles Mellody. 3. Benajmin, married
Sybil Andrews ; children : i. Benjamin, mar-
ried Caroline Wright, and had Andrew, born
November 26, 1832, married, November 26,
1856, Lena Shaw; Sarah, April 15, 1834, died
May 27, 1857 : married, April 9, 1855, Marcus
Whipple; Merritt, July 31, 1835, married
(first) June 25, 1858, Catharine Roberts, (sec-
ond) May 15, 1867, Delilah Fowler; Frank,
December 29. 1845, died October 9, 1846; Os-
car, November 21, 1848, married, December
11, 1883, Margaret Emery; ii. Sally, married
Joseph Kimball ; children : Daniel, married
Delia Myers, (second) Mary F. Towslee;
Benjamin, married Henrietta Myers; Sybil,
married Amos Harris ; David, married Ade-
laide Jepson. 4. Samuel, married (first) Nan-
cy Andrews : (second) Polly Andrews : (third)
Azubah Kimball ; children : i. Sophia, married
Simeon Myers ; children : Phebe, married
(first) Andrew Oaks; Melinda, married John
Campbell : Joseph, married (first) Lucy Mal-
lory, (second) Mary Thompson; Lillie, mar-
ried Asa Dean ; ii. Noel, married Olive Thomp-
son ; children : Milton, married Catherine No-
ble; Miriam, married Norman Milliman; Ce-

lestia, married Josiah Bennett ; Leonora, mar-
ried David Bushnot ; Theresa, married Pliny
Wright ; Augusta, married Henry Dunn ; Ruth
died unmarried ; Noel, married Frances Da-
mon ; iii. Andrew ; iv. George, married Fran-
cenia Thompson ; children : Charlotte, died un-
married ; Nancy, married Wheeler Bratton ;
Olive, married Henry Stafford ; Ruth, married
(first) William Brooks, (second) D. A. Dean;
Joseph, married Fanny Clark ; Orlena, mar-
ried Merritt Gardner ; Harriet, married George
Scrivens ; v. Samuel : vi. Phian, married
Frank Bates; children: Noel, unmarried;
Harriet, married George Henry ; vii. Polly ;
viii. Leah. 5. Timothy, married Phebe
Thompson ; children : i. Orrin, married Lucy
Curtis ; ii. Joseph, married Celesta Brown ; iii.
Betsey, married Harry Montgomery ; iv. Abi-
jah, married Mary Cady ; v. Louisa, married
Edward Robinson ; vi. Lyman, married Maria
Cole ; vii. Nancy, married Loren Temple. 6.
Daniel, married Sally Rumford; children: Syl-
vester, Sidney, Edward, David. 7. Jeremiah,
married Huldah Griswold ; child, Nancy, mar-
ried Vaugh. 8. Daniel, married Nancy

Mason ; 9. Elijah, mentioned below. 10. Leah,
twin of Elijah, born November 11, 1798, died
April 27, 1871 ; married Christopher Mason,
born September 10, 1797, died December 5,
1854; children: i. Benjamin B., born January
12, 1820, married Catherine Walker ; child,
George; ii. Sally, born March 11, 1822, mar-
ried Stephen Beerleson ; iii. Nancy, born De-
cember 25, 1823, married Henry Amidon ; chil-
dren : Myra, Christopher, Egbert and Herbert ;
iv. Elijah, born October 27, 1825, married
Sarah Gilmore ; children : Charles, Henry, Ida,
Edgar; v. Phoebe, born February 15, 1828,
married Norman Oviatt ; children : Marcus,
Stella, Theron ; vi. Eliza, born May 23, 1830,
married Frank Amidon ; children : Arthur,
Carrie, Alfred, Walter; vii. Henry P., born
September 10, 1833, died young; viii. Delia,
born November 20, 1835, married James No-
bles ; children: Henry, Ellen, Albert; ix. Ruth,
born January 1, 1838, married Harry Bush-
nell ; children : Moses, Walter, Laura, Anna,
Murray, Nellie; x. Laura O., born October
21, 1839, married Rev. Simeon Knapp; chil-
dren: Laura, Stella, Ruth. 11. Tryphena,
married Timothy Thompson ; children : Jere-
miah, Amasa, Orsamus, Judson ; Timothy,
married Ruth Bushnell ; Leah, Betsey, Sarah.
12. Sally, married Amasa Thompson; chil-
dren: i. Joseph, married Polly Welch ; ii. Ly-
man, married Tryphosa Parker; iii. Phoebe
M., married Homer, merchant ; iv. Bar-



ber, married Sarah Drown ; v. Sally, married
Abiah Gardner. 13. Betsey, married Solomon
Towslee; child, Samantha M., married Harry
Babcock. 14. Rachel, married David Dean;

children : i. Elsie, married Jenks ; ii.

Asa, married Lillis Myers; iii. Sally, never

married ; iv. Joseph ; v. Mary, married

Richmond; vi. Daniel, married (first) Selina
Babcock ; 1 second) Ruth Brooks.

(VII) Elijah, son of Joseph (2) Barber,
was horn at Pownal, Vermont, November 11,
1798, died August 1, 1884. In early manhood
and for a number of years he taught the dis-
trict school of his native place. He was a life-
long Democrat, active in caucuses, conventions
and elections ; he received his full share of civ-
ic honors, holding office for about thirty years
as auditor, selectman, trial justice, judge of
probate, assessor and representative t<i the
state legislature. He was also a member of the
convention for amending the Vermont state
constitution, when his two sons-in-law, Jona-
than Brooks and Perry Thompson, were mem-
bers of the legislature. He married Electa
Bushnell, daughter of David and Betsey (An-
drews) Bushnell ; she died October 24, 1886.
Children: 1. Child, died young. 2. Eleanor,
born June 10, 183 1, died October 21, 1869;
married Jonathan Brooks. Children : i. Frank-
lin A., born January 29, 1856, married, Octo-
ber 13, 1880, Ora M. Snyder; children; Karl
B., born July 6, 1883; Amy P., July 16, 1886;
Luke G., August 28. 1893, died" December 5,
1893; Paul J.. July 14, 1895; ii. Lydia. born
August 14, 1857, married, September 16, 1890,
David Bonner ; children ; Eleanor, born Janu-
ary 17, 1891, and Miles, October 16. 1899;
iii. Harriet, born July 19, 1863, unmarried; iv.
Luke, born January 19, 1868, died May 30,
1887. 3. Harriet, born November 6, 1833 ;
married (first) Perry Thompson; (second)
Charles Jewett. 4. Daniel J., born July 25,
1836, mentioned below. 5. Charles H., born
April 14, 1839; married, November 13, i860,
Julia Jewett; children: i. Edward C. born
November 15, 1863, died February, 1904: mar-
ried. October 20, 1892, Alice Thompson ; chil-
dren : a. Genevieve, born November 23. 1893:
b. Pauline, October 4, 1897; c - Edwina, April,
[904; ii. Harry, died in November, 1888: iii.
Elijah, burn December 31, 1868; married An-
nie Eliza Holey : children : a. Harriet, born
May 19, 1004; b. Julia, born June 29, 1907;
iv. Paul, died 1878. 6. Albert E., born March
28, 1844. died July 12. 1854. 7. Ida. born ( >c-
tober 2-. 1841 1. died November 5. 1869; mar-
ried Dr. Robert V. Bennett.

(VIII) Daniel J., son of Elijah Barber, was
born in Pownal, Vermont, July 25, 1836, died
August 2j , 1909. He spent his boyhood on
the farm, and his education was acquired in
the district school, which he attended until
the age of seventeen, the Oak Grove Semin-
ary, Pownal, from which he graduated, and
Williams College, from which he graduated
in 1859. During his sophomore and junior
years he taught school, a common practice
among college students then, and in the sum-
mer of 1859 went south and taught a year in
the stale of Georgia. Political disturbances
following the election of Abraham Lincoln
as president interfered with Mr. Barber's re-
turn to Georgia to teach the same school an-
other year. In the spring of 1861 he taught
another term of school, and shortly after en-
gaged in farming, which occupation he fol-
lowed during the following five vears. In
< >ctober, 18O5, in connection with the late
Lieutenant-Governor William C. Plunkett,
of Adams, Massachusetts, Air. Barber
bought a factory site at North Pownal, the
partnership of Plunkett & Barber was form-
ed, and a large cotton factory was erected
for the manufacture of print cloth. The firm
subsequently became merged in the corpora-
tion of Plunkett & Barber Manufacturing
Company, and its business was conducted
under the general management of Mr. Ear-
lier until ( )ctober, 1 871. when the several
stockholders sold their stock, and the name
was changed to the North Pownal Manufac-
turing Company. From 1863 to 1866 Mr.
Barber owned a tannery in Stamford. Ver-
mont, in company with Jonathan Brooks,
who in 1872 was "living in North Adams as
part owner and manager of a tannery con-
ducted under the firm name of O. H. Read
& Company. In 1872 Mr. Barber bought a
one-third interest in this tannery, and in 1875
purchased another third interest, and later,
upon the death of Mr. Brooks, purchased
the remaining interest and conducted the
business alone. The product until 1876 was
principally card leather, but from 1876 to
1881 it was chiefly preble grain leather for
women's shoes, and during the following ten
years it was mostly russet leather. In 1890
the old tannery, which had stood for sixtv
years, was burned, involving a loss of about
double the amount covered by insurance.
In the same year he erected a tannery at
Greenbush, New Vork. and also purchased
a tannery at Readsboro, Vermont, and the
manufacture of -russet leather and wax splits-



was carried on at both places. At Green-
bush the firm name was Hudson River
Leather Company and the members thereof
were Mr. Barber and his son Frank J. At
Readsboro the firm name was Readsboro
Leather Company and the members thereof
were Mr. Barber and his son Archer H. In
1892 the present large factory at North
Adams was erected for receiving in the
rough the product of both tanneries and con-
verting it into russet, fancy leather and flex-
ible splits. Then the Barber Leather Com-
pany was formed, consisting of Mr. Barber
and his two sons : they manufactured more
book-binding leather than any other firm in
New England ; Frank J. retired from the firm
in 1895.

Politically Mr. Barber was a Republican,
and always manifested a lively interest in the
welfare of his adopted town. He served as
selectman, member of prudential committee,
assessor, trustee of one of the savings banks,
also vice-president and member of invest-
ment board. He was a member of the Con-
gregational church from 1858 until his death.
He was essentially a self-made man. He did
not achieve success by sharp practice or ac-
cumulate wealth by compromising his finan-
cial obligations. In social life he was gentle-
manly and affable, and was one of the most
enterprising and influential citizens of North

Mr. Barber married, December 18, i860,
Julia T., born in North Pownal, Vermont,
April 5, 1838, daughter of Blackman E. and
Margarette (Spencer) Brownell, of Pownal.
Children: 1. Dora A., born May 24, 1862,
unmarried. 2. Frank J., born March 29,
1864, died May 8, 1899 ; married, January 26,
1 89 1, Elizabeth M., daughter of Mason D.
and Sarah (Chase) Hodge, of North Adams ;
she died October 2, 1901 ; children : i. Mason
Daniel, born April 5, 1895 ; ii. Grace, born
December 9, 1896. 3. Archer H., born July
8, 1867 ; married, April 30, 1895, Elizabeth
Coyle, of North Adams ; children : i. Mar-
garet Coyle, born March 12, 1899; ii. Dor-
othy, born April 10, 1905. 4. Winifred, born
December 9, 1874. The three eldest were
born in Pownal, Vermont, and the youngest
in North Adams, Massachusetts.

The name Brainerd or
BRAINERD Brainard is of verv ancient

origin, and is a place name
originally spelled Brendewood or Brende-
wode. Tradition savs that the familv came

originally from the village of Braine in Flan-
ders or France. The name is still common
in both France and Germany, spelled Brain-
ard and Brainerd. The family is, however,
without doubt of English descent, being
found in England as early as 1350. In Es-
sex county, England, the name is spelled
Brainwood, from Brentwood, meaning burnt

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