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Launcelot Granger Tree. He was a prominent
man in the town and served as land measurer
for several terms. He died September 3,
1680, and was buried in the graveyard which
was opposite the meeting house on High
street. He married, January 4, 1653-54, Jo-
anna Adams, born in England in 1634, died
after 1701 at Suffield, daughter of Robert and
Eleanor Adams. Children, born at Newbury:

I. John, born January 15, 1654-55, mentioned
below. 2. Thomas, married Mindwell Tay-
lor and died March 14, 1729-30. 3. George,
born November 28, 1658, married Lydia
Younglove. 4. Robert, died unmarried Au-
gust 8, 1709. 5. Mary, married John Bur-
bank Jr. 6. Elizabeth, born March 13, 1662,
died March 20, 1692 ; married Vicary Sikes.
7. Dorothy, born February 17, 1665, married
Dr. Robert Old. 8. Rebecca, died July 27,
1693 ; married Joseph Woolcot. 9. Samuel,
born August 2, 1668, died April 22, 1721 ;
married Esther Hanchett. 10. Hannah, died
September 9, 1729; married Thomas Taylor.

II. Abraham, born April 17, 1673, married
(first) Hannah Hanchett: ( second) Hannah

(II) John, son of Launcelot Granger, was
born at Newbury, January 15, 1654-55, died
April 5. 1725. He settled at Andover, Mas-
sachusetts, where he had a farm directly
across the road from his wife's father. Daniel
Poor. He married. February 9, 1678, Martha
Poor, born November 4, 1654, died December
4, 1723, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Far-
num) Poor, early settlers of Andover. Chil-
dren, born at Andover : 1. Mary, September
27. 1680, died October 15, 1682. 2. Martha,
May 17, 1682, married, February 21,1699-1700.
Moses Haggett. 3. John, December 1. 1683.
died November 30, 1752, unmarried. 4.
Daniel, June if), 1687, killed by the Indians.
June 26, 1723: unmarried. 5. Jonanna, Feb-

_■; .Si ,


ruarv 4, 1692, married James Farnum. 6.
Elizabeth. January 30. 1696, married Daniel
Dane. 7. Samuel, April 12, 1701, mentioned
below. 8. George, died April 19, 1746; mar-
ried, .March 10, 1728, Mary Haggett.

(III) Samuel, son of John Granger, was
born at Andover, April 12, 1701, died April
27, 1730- He resided at Andover, and mar-
ried. December 18, 1728. Martha Marston,
horn January 23, 1111,5. died March 9, 1753,
daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Poor)
Marston. Children: 1. Martha, born May
hi. 1730, died November 15. 1746. 2. Dan-
iel. December 2, 1731, died September I,
1770: married Lydia Flower. 3. Samuel,
March 14, 1732-33. died unmarried February
9, 1752. 4. John, May 2^, 1733-34. men-
tioned below. 3. Jacob, August 7, 1733, died
February 4. 1793; married Sarah Farnum.
6. h>s C -ph. September 20. 1737, died Septem-
ber 8. 1 Si 1, unmarried.

(IV) Captain John (2). son of Samuel
Granger, was born at Andover, Max 23.
[733-34. 'Fed June 21. 1782, at Xew Brain-
tree. He fought in the Indian wars and in
1755 jomed one of the English expeditions
which marched north from Albany toward
Fake Champlain country, and was present
at the tierce battle which took place at Half-
wax' Brook, between Fort William and Fort
Edward. There is a tradition that he was
present at the defeat of General Braddock.
< hi the Lexington alarm. April 19, 1775, he
formed a company of minute-men at Xew
Braintree and marched to Cambridge, where
his company was made a part of Colonel
Larned's regiment. He is said to have taken
part in the battle of Bunker Hill and the
seige of Boston, but ill health forced him to
resign after eight months of service. After
the death of his first wife he lived a short
time in Boston, and then removed to Xew
Braintree, and built the house now known as
the Granger Homestead, which is owned by
his grandson. Daniel Granger. He married
(first) May 11. 1757, at Methuen, Hannah
Messer, who died in 1760. He married (sec-
ond) June 16, 1763. Rebecca Haskell, of New
Braintree. Children, born at Andover by
first wife: 1. Samuel, 1758-59, died January
22. 1785: married, July 8. 1784, Sarah Gil-
bert. 2. John, 1759-60, died February it,
t8t6; married (first) 1788. Rebecca Crapo ;

iid) November 15, 1790, Emma Warner.
Children of second wife, born at Xew Brain-
tree: 3. Hannah, 1765. married Joshua Wes-
ton. 4. Noah, September it. 1767. died

March 18, [816; married Rebecca Bodwell.
5. Submit, 1769, married, September 17,
1798, Robert Evans. 6. Rebecca, died aged
twenty-one. 7. Roger, born October 1,
1774, mentioned below. 8. Washington, < lc-
tober 13, 1776, died July 22, 1859; married
Sally Nye. 9. Daniel, January, 1778, died
same month. to. Rhoda, 1779, married,
1803, Seth Taylor. 11. Mehitable, 1780,
married, February I, 1799. Ephraim Rice.
12. Daniel, February 12, 1781, died Septem-
ber 28, 1841) ; married (first) Catherine Joan-
na Nichols; (second) Fanny G. Mead. 13.
John, a sea captain: lost at sea, unmarried.

(Y) Roger, son of John (2) Granger, was
born at Xew Braintree, October 1, 1774, died
at Randolph, Vermont, December 7, 1853.
He removed in 1804 to Randolph, where he
was a farmer until his death. He married,
December 28. 1802, Betsey Goodnough, born
at Fitzwilliam, Xew Hampshire, March 2,
1774, died at Randolph, November 11, 1858,
daughter of Isaac Goodnough, of New
Braintree. Children, born at Randolph: 1.
Luther, January 15, 1804, married (firstl
Mary B. English; (second) Phebe B, English.
2. Calvin. March 26, 1803, married Maria
Morgan. 3. Rev. Charles. July 4, 1806, mar-
ried, October 24, 1832, Emeline Wetherell.
4. Eliza, November 24. 1807, died August
24, 1885: married (first) Dr. Hart Smith:
(second) David Partridge. 5. Eleazer Wells,
November 2y, 1809, married Mrs. Mary R.
(Johnson) Flagg. 6. Submit, February 20,
181 2, died September 17, 1868; married.
April 14, 1859, Moses Stoddard Nutting. 7.
Isaac, May 19, 1814, died March 22, 189] ;
married Rebecca Sprague. 8. Noah, men-
tioned below.

(VI) Noah, son of Roger Granger, was
born at Randolph, Vermont, April 14, 1817. He
was educated in the Orange county grammar
school and afterwards taught school.
He was a book agent for a number of years
and became well known in that vocation.
During most of his active life he was a farm-
er and he was progressive, prosperous and
enterprising. He was a leader in the town
and church. For more than three-quarters
of a centurv he was active in the Sunday
school of the Methodist Episcopal church, of
which he was a member. He was instru-
mental in raising a fund of fifty thousand
dollars for the Methodist Seminary at Mont-
pelier, Vermont. He was interested also in
public education and raised a fund of twelve
thousand dollars for the State Normal



School of Randolph, Vermont, when that in-
stitution was in sore need of financial sup-
port. His was an exemplary and beautiful
christian life, adorned with good words and
deeds. In politics he was a Republican. He
married, June 23, 1840, Caroline Clark, born
September 6, 1820, at Thetford, Vermont,
died April 24, 1892, at Randolph, Vermont,
daughter of William S. and Myra (Baldwin)
Clark. Her father was born May, 1787, died
March 2, 1859; her mother was born in 1790,
at Norwich, Vermont, died April 18, 1856; at
Randolph. They lived at Randolph Center.
Children, born at Randolph: 1. William
Noah, June 9, 1841, married (first) Matilda

B. Paine; (second) Margaret Van Dorn ;
(third) Ellen Thomas ; he resides in Califor-
nia. 2. Nathan Henry, February 16, 1844,
died June 16, 1878; married Rose Marian
Frazer, of Pomfret, Vermont ; merchant and
school teacher ; resided in California, where
he taught for a time, later went to Iowa
where he died. 3. Newell Culver, May n,
1846, died September 3, i8-)6. 4. Frank
Clark. April 8, 1849, mentioned below. 5.
Fanny Aurora, August 26, 1853, died Oc-
tober 20, 1880, at West Randolph ; married,
June 23. 1876, Edward L. Bass ; resided at
West Randolph. 6. Fred Wells, June 8,
1857, died September 23, 1890: married Mary

C. Briggs ; he fitted for college at Mont-
pelier, Vermont ; graduated at Dartmouth
College (A. B. and M. DA 7. Myra Caro-
line. February 7, 1861, died July 25, 1862.

( VII ) Dr. Frank Clark, son of Noah Gran-
ger, was born at Randolph, Vermont, April 8,
1849. He attended the public schools of his
native town and the Vermont State Normal
School at Randolph. He then went to Cali-
fornia and taught school two years, after
which he went to Nevada and there taught
four years. During this time he returned to
Vermont and married, and then returning, lo-
cated in Belmont, Nevada, where he continued
to teach and where he began the study of med-
icine with a physician residing there. He then
returned east and entered Dartmouth College,
taking one course of lectures, after which he
entered the University of Vermont, medical
department, from which he was graduated in
June, 1877: he then returned to Dartmouth
College, from which he was graduated in 1880.
He spent six months in hospital and special
study in New York City, and then took a post
graduate course of lectures in the University
of the City of New York. Since January,
1880, he has been engaged in general practice

at Randolph, Massachusetts. In 1888 he went
abroad and spent several months in study in
European hospitals, particularly at Vienna,
Austria. He is one of the leaders of his pro-
fession in the section in which he resides. He
is a member of the Massachusetts Medical So-
ciety, American Association of Medical Exam-
iners, Boston Society of Examining Physi-
cians and Surgeons, and of the Tuberculosis
Committee of Randolph. He is a trustee of
the Randolph Savings Bank and of the Turn-
er Public Library. He is a member of the Nor-
folk Union Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons,
of which he is a past master ; Suctucket Chap-
ter, Royal Arch Masons, of Brockton; Bay
State Commandery. Knights Templar ; Blue
Hill Lodge, Knights of Pythias.

Dr. Granger married, August 13, 1873, Alice
Mary Buttler, born 1852, at Essex, Vermont,
daughter of Dr. Lucius and Hannah (Page)
Buttler, who are the parents of a son, Edward
Page Buttler, who is the father of one son and
two daughters. Dr. Lucius Buttler was a phy-
sician at Essex, Vermont, a leading practition-
er and influential citizen, representative to the
state legislature, member of the local lodge of
Free Masons of which he was master and
grand master of the grand lodge of the state,
president of the Vermont State Medical Socie-
ty, an active member of the Congregational
Church, and a man of pronounced opinions
and democratic maners. Mrs. Alice Mary
(Buttler) Granger was educated at the Essex
Classical Institute, at Essex, Vermont; was
graduated from the Vermont State Normal
School at Randolph, Vermont, in 1870. and at-
tended the Mt. Holyoke (Massachusetts)
Seminary. She was obliged to omit the last
vear of the course here on account of ill health,
and therefor did not receive her degree. She
has pursued some systematic course of study
ever since her marriage, and is a fluent speaker
and a good parliamentarian. She was for sev-
eral years president of the Ladies' Library
Association of Randolph. Massachusetts, the
second oldest Womens' Club in the world, and
is a past regent of the State Society. Daughters
of the Revolution. At the present time she is a
member of the national advisory board of the
latter organization and national director of the
Junior Sons and Daughters of the Revolution.
She is also the author of many creditable arti-
cles of a general and historical nature.

Children of Dr. and Mrs. Granger: 1. Frank
Buttler, born at Belmont, Nevada, August 22,
1875: graduate of Boston Latin School in
1895 ; Harvard College, A. B., 1899, M. D.,



[902; makes a specialty of electrical therapeu-
tic^, having charge of the electrical department
of the Boston Dispensary and of the City Hos-
pital ; he is president of the New England
Electric Therapeutical Society; practicing at
59] Beacon street, Boston; married, 1903,
Clara F. Davis. 2. Lucius W. Dwight.born Jan-
uarv 16, 1883, at Randolph: graduate of Bos-
ton Latin School, 1900; Harvard. A. B., 1904,
A. M., 1905; with the American Steel and
Wire Company, Worcester ; married Mary
Towers, born at West Brattleboro. Vermont;
child, Roger Gordon, born January 26. 1908.
3. Roger Gordon, born at Randolph. April 20,
[893, died August, 1897.

George Potter, immigrant an-
POTTER cestor of this family, and sev-
eral others of the same sur-
name, settled early in Rhode Island. He was
born in England. He died soon after 1639,
it is supposed, as no further record of him
has been found. His widow married Nicholas
Niles. Potter was admitted an inhabitant of
the island of Aquidneck in 1638. He and
twenty-eight others signed the following com-
pact, dated April 30, 1639: "We whose
names are underwritten do acknowledge our-
selves the legal subjects of his Majesty King
Charles, and in his name do hereby bind our-
selves into a civil body politicke, unto his laws
according to matters of Justice." Nathaniel
Potter, probably his brother, signed the same

(II) Abel, the only known child of George
I 'otter, was doubtless born in England about
1638. His father-in-law (stepfather) Nicho-
las Niles bound him out to William Baulstone
for the term of eighteen years. (He may
have been three years old at the time, but
probably older for the boy "gave his consent"
so his apprenticeship extended until after he
came of age). The town approved the con-
tract "for the better security of Mr. Baul-
stone." He and Nathaniel Potter confirmed,
September 5, 1664, a deed of eight acres that
had once been in their fathers' possession,
said deed having been made by Samuel Wil-
bur to John Tripp, shaft carpenter, 1663, May
7. By "fathers' possession" the respective
fathers of each is meant. Nathaniel was son
of Nathaniel. Abel Potter bought land of
John Read for thirty-six pounds a right in
Mashantatack at Dartmouth. Massachusetts,
May 3. 1667. Me and his wife Rachel of
Mashantatack sold sixty acres, and common-
ing near Pawtucket Falls to Joseph Jenckes,

said land formerly belonging to her grand-
father, Ezekiel Holliman, the deed being
dated at Providence, October 10, 1671. He
was admitted a freeman May 1, 1677. He
sold land October 6, 1682, to Roger Bur-
lingame for two pounds.

His will was dated January 14, 1692, and
proved March 9, following. His wife Rachel
was executrix. Pie bequeathed to son George
sixty acres "where he had made preparation
for building", and various other property, he
paying his sister Mary five pounds. He di-
rected his wife to divide the remainder of
the estate among the children, excepting
George and Stephen. The latter was be-
queathed at the death of the wife all the
homestead, paying to his sister Mary five
pounds and the sons Abel and Benjamin
were to pay Mary five pounds with-
in two years after they are of age.
The will of the widow Rachel was dated
November 23, 1724, her sons Ichabod and Job
executors. She bequeathed to sons Abel,
Benjamin, Stephen and John; to daughter
Mary. Ichabod and Job had the lands at

Abel Potter married, November 16, 1669,
Rachel Warner, died November 8, 1724,
daughter of John and Priscilla (Holliman)
Warner. Children, born at Warwick, Rhode
Island: 1. George, married, May 3, 1712,

Rachel . 2. John, mentioned below. 3.

Abel, married (first) January 1, 1713, Re-
becca Paine; (second) April 30, 1719, Martha
Paine, widow of John. 4. Benjamin, married
Sarah Lockwood, daughter of Abraham. 5.
Mary, married Hugh Stone, son of Hugh and
Abigail Stone. 6. Stephen. 7. Ichabod. 8.
Job. married Meribah Carter.

(III) John, son of Abel Potter, was born
at Warwick, Rhode Island, 1680, died aged
ninety. He married, February 19, 1702,
Rachel Dearborn, daughter of Joan Dearborn.
Children, born at Coventry, Rhode Island :
1. John Jr., July 8, 1703, mentioned below. 2.
Susanna, January 11, 1705. 3. Elizabeth,
May 18, 1709. 4. Mary, December 29, 171 1.
5. William. 6. Abel. 7. Joseph, 171 5, died
aged seventy; married, September 11, 1742,
Freelove Bennett.

(IV) John (2), son of John (1) Potter,
was born at Coventry, July 8, 1703. He mar-
ried, December 6, 1741, Mary Arnold. Chil-
dren, born at Scituate, Rhode Island: 1.
Phebe, November 20, 1742. 2. Hannah, De-
cember 9, 1744: married, November 3, 1763,
Job Manchester. 3. Philip, April 20. 1740.



mentioned below. 4. John, April 20, 1752,
died June 24, 1806; married, 1776, Jemima
Carpenter. 5. Susanna, December 25, 1755.
6. Gilbert, June 22, 1758. 7. Mary, March
25, 1760.

(V) Philip, son of John (2) Potter, was
born in Scituate, April 20, 1749. He settled
in Sterling, Connecticut. He married Phebe
Briggs. Children, born at Sterling: 1. Arn-
old. 2. James, died 1835 ; married Olive
Wilson; (second) Esther Perry. 3. Caleb,
born March n, 1 771, mentioned below. 4.
Gilbert, died 1858; married Rachel Gallup. 8.
Philip Jr., died 1880; married Sally Bur-
lingame. 9. Mary, married Asa Vaughan.
10. Phebe, married Jared Wilbur.

(VI) Caleb, son of Philip Potter, was born
March 11, 1771, died March 12, 1849. He
removed to Pownal, Vermont, about 18 10.
He married, March 16, 1793, Martha Mont-
gomery, daughter of Asa. Children, all born
at Sterling: 1. Arnold, November 3, 1793,
mentioned below. 2. Susan, February 15,
1796, died November 19, 1871 ; married, Au-
gust 11, 1815, William Card (1796-1875), son
of Samuel and Mary Card. 3. Olney, June 7,
1798, died December 4, 1875; married, June
20, 1819, Amy Card (1801-1886), daughter
of Samuel and Mary Card. 4. Milla, Sep-
tember 29, 1802, died October 9, 1875; mar-
ried Caleb Montgomery, son of John and
Sylvia. 5. Phebe, April 22, 1806, died March
10, 1868; married Elijah Olin. Born at Pow-
nal: 6. Caleb, October 13, 181 1; married,
February 9, 1841, Mary Card, daughter of
Captain Thomas and Priscilla.

(VII) Arnold, son of Caleb Potter, was
born November 3, 1793, at Sterling. Connecti-
cut. He removed with his father's family to
Pownal, Vermont, about 1810. He was a
farmer all his active life, also mason and build-
er at Pownal and North Adams. Massachu-
setts. He died March 31. 1872. He married
Freelove Gardner, born 1792. died 1852,
daughter of Daniel Gardner. Children, born
at Pownal: 1. Sidney, October 27, 1813. died
July 12, 1885. 2. Gilbert (twin), January 4,
1818. 3. Laura (twin), January 4, 1818. 4.
Martha, April 13, 1820, died March 1, 1844. 5.
Betsey Janette, August 16, 1822, died Decem-
ber 14, 1840. 6. Elizabeth, May 1, 1824, died
July 29, 1876. 7. Judith Jane, December 18.
1826; married George' Paul. 8. Arnold G.,
April 15, 1821;. lawyer, partner of Andrew
Potter, at North Adams. Massachusetts. 9.
Andrew, mentioned below.

(VIII I Andrew, son of Arnold Potter, was

born at Pownal, April 3, 1832, died May 30,
1903. He spent his boyhood on his father's
farm and was educated in the public schools
of North Adams at Williams College, where
both he and his brother, Arnold G. Potter,
graduated in the class of 1856. Of this class
of forty-two men no less than twenty-six en-
tered the Union army in the civil war, includ-
ing President James A. Garfield. Mr. Potter
read law in the office of Gamewell & Bower-
man, of Pittsfield, and in 1859 was admitted to
the bar. He began the practice of his profes-
sion in partnership with E. M. Wood. After
two years the firm of Potter & Wood was suc-
ceeded by Adam & Potter, his partner being
Robert Adam, and this relation continued until
Mr. Potter entered the service two years later.
He was commissioned by Governor An-
drew as captain in July, 1862, in Company
B, Thirty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment of
Volunteer Infantry, being chiefly instrumen-
tal in raising that company and he was rap-
idly promoted. He was faithful and compe-
tent and was honored alike by subordinates
and superiors in rank for his bravery, loyalty
and efficiency. He was twice wounded, first
at Piedmont in Alay, 1864, in General Hunt-
er's command, and second at the battle of
Winchester, Virginia, in Sheridan's com-
mand. While holding a captain's commis-
sion from early in 1864 to July, 1865, he
commanded his regiment in various opera-
tions and battles. In December, 1864. he
commanded the first brigade of the second
independent division of the Twenty-fourth
Army Corps, and retained command of his
regiment until the surrender of General Lee
at Appomattox, at which he was present. He
received his commission as major in 1864
and at the end of the war was made colonel
by brevet.

Upon the return of Colonel Potter to civil
life, he resumed the practice of law at Ben-
nington, Vermont. He entered partnership
with his brother, Arnold G. Potter, who was
practicing law in North Adams. The firm
had offices at both North Adams and Ben-
nington until 1887, when Colonel Potter re-
moved to North Adams. The firm was for
a generation one of the strongest in western
Massachusetts and Vermont. Colonel Pot-
ter was a number of years the oldest mem-
ber of the Berkshire bar and one of the old-
est in the country. He was a member of San-
ford Post, Grand Army of the Republic. In
religion he was member of Episcopal church.

_'( II II I


In politics he was a Republican, and first city
solicitor of North Adams.

He married, August i, 1865, Sarah Mc-
Daniels, of Bennington, born June 1, 1841,
daughter of Thomas and Erin (Pratt) Mc-
Daniels. Children, born at Bennington: 1.
Thomas McDaniels, August 4, 1866. 2.
Mary Agnes, September 16, 1867. 3. James
Tracy, January 26, 1870, mentioned below.
4. Philip Sheridan, June 26, 1875. 5. Ralph,
December 25, 1877.

(IX) James Tracy, son of Colonel Andrew
Potter, was In irn at Bennington, January 26,
1870. He attended the public schools in his
native town and in North Adams. In 1888
lie entered Phillips Academy, Andover, Mas-
sachusetts, where he was graduated in the
class of 1890, entering Yale College that year
and graduating with the class of 1894. He
studied law in his father's office and was ad-
mitted to the bar in 1896. He began imme-
diately to practice his profession in North
Adams, where he has since had his office. He
is a director of the First National Bank of
Adams. Massachusetts. He is a vestryman
of the North Adams Protestant Episcopal
Church. In politics he is a Republican and
has taken an active part in public affairs in
city and county. Since 1906 he has been
secretary of the school board of North
Adams, and at present, 1909, chairman of
city Republican committee. He is a member
1 if the Benevolent and Protective Order of
Elks; of Greylock Lodge, Free Masons; of
( 1 niiposite Chapter, Royal Arch Masons ;
St. Paul Commander v, Knights Templar.
Since 1905 he has been identified with the
state militia and September 29, 1908, he was
commissioned captain of Company M, Sec-
mid Regiment, Massachusetts National
( iuard.

He married, August 12, 1896, Milicent
Louise Peirce, born November 28, 1870,
daughter of Henry B. and Adelaide (Potter)
Peirce. Children, born in North Adams: I.
Martha Erin, November 25, 1897. 2. Judith
McDanieL, January [3, 1900. 3. Ralph An-
drew. December 5, 1902. 4. Daniel Peirce,
January 2, 1904.

There were several pioneer

EDWARDS immigrants in New England

bearing this name, and all

lefl a very respectable and useful progeny.

iiiuni; the most distinguished of the name

may be mentioned the Rev. Jonathan Ed-

, win 1 left a strung impression upon edu-

cational and theological matters in the New
England and the whole United States. The
name belongs to the possessive class of Welsh
origin, similar to Evans. Richards, Jones
(John's), and many others.

( 1 ) Alexander Edwards, a Welshman by
birth, came early to Massachusetts and settled
first in Springfield. He is of record there as
early as 1642, having married April 28, that
year, Sarah ( Baldwin), widow of John Searle.
In 1054 or the following year he removed to
Northampton, Massachusetts, and died there
September 4, 1690. He was proprietor of the
first mill in that town, and was a prominent
and useful citizen of the pioneer committee,
helping to establish civilization iirthe midst of
a wilderness. His house lot was on the south-
east corner of the present Main and Pleasant
streets. Six of his children were born in
Springfield, and two in Northampton, namely :
Samuel, September 1, 1643; Hannah. Febru-
ary 18, 1045: Joseph. August 8, 1647: Mary,
September 20, 1849; Benjamin, June 24, 1652:
Sarah, October 21, 1654; National, mentioned
below ; Elizabeth, February 22. 1659.

( II ) Nathaniel, fifth son of Alexander and

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