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February 28. 1878. 5. Ray Park, December
30. 1880. 6. George Hugh, November 14,
1884. died 1905.

( IN ) William Bryant, son of Albert Web-
ster, was born in Irasburgh, Vermont, April
12, 1875. He was educated in the public
schools of his native town and at Northfield
L T niversity. He then studied pharmacy, at
State University of Maine, and graduated in
1901. He was duly licensed to practice in
Massachusetts by the State Board of Phar-
macv and started in business in Melrose. After



a short time he removed to East Weymouth
where he has enjoyed a large and flourishing
business. He is a Republican in politics and
a Con jregationalist in religion. He is a mem-
ber of F. and A. M.; Orphans' Hope Lodge,
and the Chapter. Commandery and Temple.
He married, September 26, 1903. Annie Belle
Carnes, born Saugus, Massachusetts, July 5,
187'), daughter of Martin and Christianna
( Meservey ) Carnes. They have one child,
Helen Emily, born August 30, 1907.

Martin Carnes was born November, 1837,
at Manchester, England, died at Saugus, buried
in Milo, Maine, July. 1894. Mr. Carnes came
to this country in 1846 and first found employ-
ment on a farm in Weston, Middlesex county,
Massachusetts; after his marriage he left
Weston, but soon returned and engaged in
farming there until 1867 ; during the remainder
of his life he followed the trade of stone mason
at Saugus. In religion Mr. Carnes was an active
and pious Methodist and a trustee for a period
of twenty-five years. Christianna Meservey
was a native of Marlow, Maine. Children of
Martin and Christianna Carnes: 1. Emma E.
Carnes, lives at Milo ; married William Walton,
of that town. 2. Carrie Eva Carnes, married
Thomas Carne. of Adams, Massachusetts. 3.
Ella Mary Carnes, married William Karb, of
South Natick. Massachusetts. 4. Frederick
William Carnes, married Belle Steaves, of
Somerville, and had children, Victor, Martin,
Harold F., Louise C. and Chester Castle
Carnes. 5. Annie Belle Carnes, mentioned
above. 6. Marion Carnes. Peter Carnes,
father of Martin Carnes. was a native of Man-
chester. England. IK- came to this country in
later life and died about 1848. He married
Mary Ann Leggett. a native of Manchester,
who died in Scituate, Massachusetts; children:
1. William, a soldier in the civil war, died in
the Andersonville prison. 2. Peter Carnes, a
mariner, changed his name to Stanley; a guard
at the Fourth Cliff Life Saving Station. 3.
Martin, mentioned above.

The surname Phelps is a varia-
PHELPS tion of the spelling of the name

Phillip.-, meaning son of Philip,
in the case of the original ancestor using it.
The spelling of the surname has been varied
and a number of well established family names
are traced to the same origin. One branch of
the Phelps family, how-ever. claims to be of
the Guelph family of Germany to which Queen
Victoria belonged, but no proof of record has
been found to establish the claim. Some

branches of the American family of Phelps
are descended from the ancient family of
Tewksbury, Gloucestershire, England. Among
them is the family mentioned below. The
ancient coat-of-arms is described as follows:
Sable lion chained and rampant. Various
branches of the English family have their

( I ) James Phelps was born about 1520 and
is supposed to have been a brother of Francis
Phylppe, of Nether Tyne, Staffordshire, Eng-
land. He married Joan , who was given

permission to administer his estate on May 10,
1588. Children, baptized in the Tewksbury
Abbey Church, England: 1. William, August
}. 1500. mentioned below. 2. Thomas, August
10, 1563. 3. George (Giles), September 5,
1566. 4. Alice, December 24, 1572, married,
June 21, 1595, John Hope. 5. Edward. May
10, 1578. 6. Keneline, October 16, 1580. 7.
Richard, October 16, 1583. 8. Robert, July
18. 1584. 9. Nicholas.

(II) William, son of James Phelps, was
baptized at Tewksbury Church, England.

August 4, 1560. and married Dorothy ,

wdio administered his estate and died in 1613.
lie probably died in 161 1. Children, baptized
in Tewksbury Abbey Church: 1. Mary, Sep-
tember 4. 1587, died young. 2. Mary. A] nil
23, 1588. 3. Thomas, June 24, 1590. 4.
Dorothy, February 29, 1595. 5. William,
August 19, 1599. mentioned below. 6. James,
July 14. [601, 7. Elizabeth, May 9, 1603. 8.
George, born about 1606.

( if] ) William (2), son of William (1)
Phelps, was baptized at Tewksbury Abbey
Church, England, August 19, 1599. He was
the immigrant ancestor. He resided for a
time in Tewksbury, and his first child, Richard,
was baptized in the church there. Soon after
this he probably removed to one of the southern
counties, as there is no further record of him
in Tewksbury. He and his wife, six children,
and his brother George, came to New England
in the ship, "Mary and John," Captain Squeb,
sailing from Plymouth, England, March 20,
1630, and landing at Nantasket, now Hull,
May 30, 1630. He settled at Dorchester, and
was among the first settlers and founders of
that place. He was a prominent man. and
often served on important committees to lay
out boundary lines. He applied for admission
as a freeman, October 19, 1630, and was
admitted soon afterward. He was one of the
jury on the first jury trial in New England,
November 9, 1630. He was constable in 1631 ;
deputy to the general court. 1634-35. He



removed to Windsor, Connecticut, in the fall
of 1635, and William Phelps was one of the
six who formed the first town meeting of
Windsor. At a court held May 1, 1637, Will-
iam Phelps presiding, it was ordered that there
"shall be an offensive war against the Pequots."
He was a magistrate from 1639 to 1643, 1645
to 1649 inclusive, and 1656 to 1662. He was
deputy in 1651. In 1641 he was the governor
of the Windsor colony. He was a man of
property, as shown by the high pew rent that
he paid. He subscribed also toward the fund
for the poor. Not being able to prove his title
and payment for the land he bought of Sehat.
an Indian in Windsor, William Phelps paid
for it the second time, the legal tender used
being wampum. He resided on the road
running northerly, a short distance north of
the Mill river valley, and he was among those
who suffered from the great flood in 1639.
Soon after the flood he removed farther north
and settled on what is known as Phelps
meadows, and his son William lived a short dis-
tance east of him. The cellar of the old house

may still be seen. He married (first) .

who died in 1635. He married (second) in
1638, Alary Dover, who came from England
on the "Alary and John." He died at Windsor,
July 14, and was buried Jul}' 15, 1672. His
wife died November 27, 1675. His will was
dated April 22, 1660, and proved July 26, 1672.
Children of first wife: 1. Richard, baptized
in Tewksbury. England. December 26, 1619.
2. William, born in England, married (first)
Isabel Wilson ; ( second ) Sarah Pinney. 3.
Sarah, born in England about 1623, married
William Wade. 4. Samuel, born in England
about 1625, married Sarah Griswold. 5.
Nathaniel, born in England about 1627- men-
tioned below. 6. Joseph, born in England
about 1629, married (first) Hannah Newton;
(second) Alary Salmon. Children of second
wife : 7. Timothy, born at Windsor, Septem-
ber 1, 1630. married Alary Griswold. 8. Alary,
born at Windsor, Alarch 2, 1644. married
Thomas Barber.

(IV) Nathaniel, son of William (2) Phelps,
was born in England about 1627, and came to
New England with his father. He settled first
in Dorchester and then in Windsor, Connecti-
cut, where he married, September 17, 1650,
Elizabeth Copley, of England, a descendant of
Copley, the celebrated artist. She died in
Northampton, Alassachusetts, December 6,
1712, and her will was proved there. Nathaniel
Phelps resided on the Orton place opposite his
father's homestead, which he purchased of his

brother Samuel. About 1656-57 he removed
to Northampton. Alasachusetts, and was one
of the first settlers there. He was one of the
first deacons of the Northampton church, and
occupied his homestead forty-three years. The
farm was occupied by his descendants until
1835. It comprised the land which was formerly
the site of Aliss Alargaret Dwight's school, and
later the College Institute of J. J. Dudley, and
which is now Shady Pawn. The old house
stood a few rods north of the present house.
On February 8, 1679, he and his sons Nathaniel
Jr. and William took the oath of allegiance
before Alajor Pynchon, and Alay 11, 1681. he
was admitted a freeman. He died in Northamp-
ton, Alay 27, 1702, aged seventy-five years.
Children : 1. Alary, burn in Windsor, June 21,
1651, married Matthew Closson. 2. Nathaniel,
June 2, 1653, mentioned below. 3. Abigail,
Windsor, April 5, 1655, died aged one hundred
and one years, four months, eleven days ; mar-
ried John Alvord. 4. William, Northampton,
June 22, 1657, married Abigail Stebbins. 5.
Thomas. Northampton, Alay 20, 1661, died
unmarried. 6. Alercy, Northampton, Alay 16,
[662, died July 15. 1662.

1 V ) Deacon Nathaniel (2), son of Nathaniel
( 1 ) 1 'helps, was born in Windsor, Connecticut,
June 2, 1653, and removed with his father to
Northampton in 1656, where he settled and
resided on the homestead. He was a deacon
of the church, and took a great interest in
town affairs. He died there June 19. 1719.
He married, August 11, 1676. Grace Alartin,
burn 1656 in England, died at Northampton,
August 2, 1727. There is a tradition that she
was engaged to be married to a lover who
proved faithless, and she came to New Eng-
land to join relatives in Hadley. For some
reason she could not get to them, and was in
danger of being sold to pay her passage money.
Children, born in Northampton: 1. Grace,
burn November 11, 1677, died 1677. 2.
Nathaniel, November 1. 1678, died Alay 1,
1690. 3. Samuel. December iS, 1680, married
Mary Edwards. 4. Lydia, January 17, 1683,
married AJark Warner. 5. Grace, November
10. 1685, married, 1 713, Samuel Marshall. 6.
Elizabeth, February 19. 1688, married Jona-
than Wright. 7. Abigail, November 3, 1690,
married John Laughton. 8. Nathaniel, Febru-
ary 13, 1692, mentioned below. 9. Sarah, Alay
8, 1695, married David Burt. 10. Timothy,
1697, married Abigail Alerrick.

1 VI ) Nathaniel (3), sonof Deacon Nathaniel
( 2 ) Phelps, was born in Northampton, Febru-
ary 13, 1692, died there October 14. 1747. He



attended the funeral of David Brainard three
days before his own death. He was one of the
first settlers on South street and is the Nathaniel
Phelps who administered the estate of Lieu-
tenant John Phelps, of Westfield. He married
(first) in 1716, Abigail Burnam, born 1697,
died June 2, 1724 (or August 27, 1727). He
married (second) March 27, 1730, Catherine
Hickock, widow, of Durham, Connecticut,
daughter of John King, of Northampton. She
married (third) Gideon Lyman. Children of
first wife, born in Northampton: 1. Charles,
August 16, 1717, married (first) Dorothy
Root; (second) Esther Kneeland. 2. Anne,
1719. died young. 3. Nathaniel, December 13,
1721, married (first) Elizabeth Childs; (sec-
ond ) Rebecca Childs, widow. 4. Martin
(twin), December 24, 1723, mentioned below.
5. Anne (twin), December 24, 1723, married
Elias Lyman. Children of second wife: 6.
Catherine. 1731, married Samuel Parson. 7.
Lvdia, 1732, married Eleazer Pomeroy. 8.
(.'dm, baptized October 27. 1734, married Mary
Ashley. 9. Mehitable, bom July 31, 1736, died
same day.

1 Y i I ) Martin, son of Nathaniel ( 3 ) Phelps,
was born in Northampton, December 24, 1723,
died November 12, 1795. He settled in
Northampton. He served in the revolution.
He married Martha Parsons, born 1726, in
Chester, Massachusetts, died December 23,
1814. Children, born in Northampton: 1.
Martha. June 1,1751. 2. Spencer, February
20, 1753. mentioned below. 3. Elizabeth,
December 6, 1754. 4. Eliphalet, 1755. 5.
Martin, January 2T,, 1757. 6. Daniel, 1762,
married Mary Harris. 7. Andrew, November
12. 1769, married Nancy Clark. 8. Sarah,
married Dr. ( probably Samuel ) Porter and
settled in Williamstown. 9. Mehitable, mar-
ried, 1783, William Stone.

(VIII) Spencer, son of Martin Phelps, was
born February 20. 1753, died January or June
24, 1829. He resided in Chesterfield. Massa-
chusetts. He married Theodamy Allen, born
November 25. 1755. died November 18, 1841,
daughter of Rev. Timothy Allen. Children,
born at Chesterfield: 1. Spencer, May 24,
17S2. married Mary Kenneippe. 2. Timothy
Allen. October 9, 1789, mentioned below. 3.
Theodamy, June 1, 1793, died June 2, 1795.
4. Theodamy, December 10, 1796, married
Rnfus Bunnell.

( 1 \ ) Timothy Allen, son of Spencer Phelps,
was born in Chesterfield, Massachusetts, Octo-
ber 9. 1789. died at South Deerfield, July 11,
i860. He served in the general court from

Chesterfield before the introduction of rail-
roads, having to go by stages. He settled first
in Chesterfield, and removed to South Deer-
field. He was a farmer. He married, Septem-
ber 14, 1818, Thankful Cleveland, born May
7, 1787, died July 23, 1864, daughter of Nehe-
miah and Hannah (Parsons) Cleveland. Chil-
dren, born in Chesterfield: 1. Fidelia, June
27, 1819, died October 3, 1840. 2. Aurelia,
January 30, 1821, died February 4, 1888; mar-
ried Timothy Bates. 3. Flarriet, December 23,
1822, died January 2, 1885 ; married Sidney E.
Bridgeman. 4. Charles. February 19, 1827,
mentioned below. 5. Augusta, June 14, 1829.
died April 23, 1898, unmarried. 6. Spencer,
January 28, 1832, died June 23, 1863, at Port
Hudson, Mississippi, in the civil war.

( N ) Charles, son of Timothy Allen Phelps,
was born at Chesterfield, February 19, 1827.
About 1854 he removed to Painesville, Ohio,
where he resided for about a year and then
settled in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. He
was a farmer and miller. He ran a grist and
saw mill at South Deerfield where he removed
in 1856. He was justice of the peace for a
number of years, and deacon of the Congrega-
tional church for twenty-four years. He
removed to East Cleveland, Ohio, in 1895, and
died there April 19, 189S. He married, April
27, 1852, Martha P. Bourne, born at Savoy,
Massachusetts, January 12, 1831, died in Cleve-
land, Ohio, April 13, 1898, daughter of Seth
and Phebe Bourne. Children: 1. George
Howard, born in Chesterfield, February 5,
1853, married, June 28, 1883, Catherine East-
wood ; resided in Denver and Cripple Creek,
Colorado ; children : i. Howard Eastwood,
born April 12, 1884: ii. Alice May. May 31,
1885; iii. Allen Cleveland, December 8, 1888;
iv. Calvin Eastwood, August 7, 1896. 2.
Fidelia, born in Painesville, Ohio, August 16,
1855. 3. Willis Allen, born in South Deerfield,
April 19, 1857, married, March 7, 1884, Mary
Ann Needs f children: i. Mattie Fidelia, born
February 10, 1887; ii. Charles Needs, June 9,
1888; iii. Maud Emma, September 10, 1890,
died April 4. 1891 ; iv. Elizabeth, June 30,
1893; v. Harold James, October 10, 1894; vi.
Bertha May. born April 28, 1896. 4. Walter
Lyman, December 22, 1858, mentioned below.
5.' Charles Spencer, December 12, 1862. mar-
ried, June 2j, 1889, Cora E. Cooley ; children:
i. Raymond Cooley, born February 11, 1892;
ii. Dorothy Cleveland. November 6, 1895. 6.
Martha Emma, September 2, 1869, died Febru-
ary 28. 1904; was teacher in Cleveland, Ohio.
7. Mary Bourne, June 4, 1875, married, June

■-. aHr 4^ '" c^' [ ': MBhta 1




18, 1896, Burnett Reynolds and resides in
Washington. District of Columbia.

(XI) -Walter Lyman, son of Charles Phelps,
was born at South Deerfield, December 22,
1858. He was educated in the public schools
of his native town. He was brought up on a
farm and followed farming until 1888, when
he became shipping clerk for the Smith Carr
Baking Company of Northampton. He was
with this concern for eleven years, and pur-
chased the business which he in 1908 combined
with the Greenfield Company, which he had
established at Greenfield in 1900, and has built
up a thriving and successful business. He is
an active member of the Second Congrega-
tional Church of Greenfield, has been deacon
since 1902, was superintendent of the Sunday
school for three years and chairman of the
building committee when the church was
repaired. In politics he is a Republican. He
is a member of Greenfield Club. He married,
December 22. 1881, Mary Beaman, born
December 11, 1859, adopted daughter of
Joseph and Mary ( Coates ) Beaman, of South
Deerfield. They have one child, Louis Allen,
born February 1. 1884, treasurer of the Smith
Carr Raking Company which was incorporated
with the Greenfield Baking Company ; married,
December 22, 1906, Maude C. Warren, born
in Stratford, Connecticut, May 30, 1883, daugh-
ter of Frederick L. Warren, of Greenfield.

Descendants of William Sawyer,
SAWYER the immigrant ancestor, went

from Newbury, Massachusetts,
to Maine, in every generation. His son, Will-
iam Sawyer, settled in Wells, Maine, and left
a numerous posterity. Descendants of other
sons settled at Falmouth, now Portland, Maine.
Edward Sawyer married, January, 1734, at
Falmouth, Abigail Plummer ; Job Sawyer mar-
ried there, May 28, 1737, Mehitable Blake;
Daniel Sawyer married there, December 15,
1739, Sarah Woodbury; Abraham Sawyer
married, November 7, 1742, Elizabeth Graff am.
The records of marriage of Jeremiah, Samuel,
Solomon, Job, Zachariah, Abraham, Anthony,
Ebenezer and others follow in the Falmouth
records. Isaac and Sarah Sawyer were mar-
ried before 1733 and had a family in Falmouth ;
Jeremiah, Jacob, Joseph and John Jr. had
families born in Falmouth, and we have reason
to believe that Isaac, of Falmouth, was an
ancestor of Isaac Sawyer mentioned below.
The deficient record of Falmouth and other
Maine towns in which the family located make

it impossible at the present time to complete
the record of the family to the immigrant
ancestor, William Sawyer. According to the
federal census of 1790 seven heads of families
of this surname were then living in Falmouth :
Merrill, Isaac, Obadiah, Benjamin, Anthony,
Thomas, Zachariah.

( I ) Isaac Sawyer, probably the sixth in
descent from William Sawyer, a sketch of
whom appears in this work, was born about
1802 in what is now Auburn, Maine. He was
educated in the common schools, and learned
the trade of blacksmith. Early in life he estab-
lished his shop at Hallowell, where he made
chains, bolts and other iron used in ship-build-
ing and equipment. He was industrious and
skillful and had a large business for his day,
employing a number of journeymen. He was
a man of fine intellect and physique and much
inventive genius. Had he patented his devices
he might have been wealthy. One of the most
valuable was a method of introducing hot air
from the forge to create a draft necessary for
heating heavy iron. He was highly respected
by his townsmen and had more than local fame
as the "honest blacksmith" of Hallowell. He
died at Augusta, Maine., in 1868. He mar-
ried, at Hallowell, Diana R. Gaubert, born at
Bowdoinham, Maine, about 1804, died at an
advanced age, daughter of Nicholas Gaubert,
who was a nobleman by birth, a native of
Marseilles, France, who came to this country
when nineteen years old to complete his edu-
cation in New C>rleans.. where he later married
a girl of French parentage and settled in Rich-
mond, Maine, where both died. Children: 1.
Margaret, born in Hallowell, Maine, married
David Goodwin, of Dresden, Maine. 2. Kath-
erine, married Henry Winslow, a contractor
and builder of Augusta, Maine. 3. Mary Jane,
married Joseph Patterson, a prominent mer-
chant of that city, once mayor. 4. Robert,
died in Nantucket, Massachusetts ; a tailor by
trade, at one time postmaster of Lancaster,
New Hampshire ; married Nancy Moore, of
Hallowell; both now deceased. 5. Isaac Jr., a
blacksmith by trade : drowned on a trip to
California when in middle life. 6. William, a
blacksmith by trade ; died in Somerville, Mass-
achusetts, where he was employed many years ;
married Hannah Lord. 7. George A., men-
tioned below. 8. Twin, born June 16, 1826,
died in infancy. 9. Frances, married Alden
Buttrick. of Lowell, Massachusetts, a promi-
nent grocer of that city. 10. Hannah, married
Captain Isaac Smith, a shipmaster of Hallo-

i 3 8o


well, Maine, where both died. 11. Diana R.,
married Captain Jonas Smith, a prominent
master mariner of Maine.

(II) George A., son of Isaac Sawyer, was
born in Hallowell, Maine, June 16, 1826. He
attended the district schools of his native town.
He was ambitious to make his mark, and at the
age nf eighteen left home and began a mercantile
career as clerk in the well known establishment
of Haskell & Howland, dealers in dry goods.
According to the custom of that day he was
apprenticed for a term of years, and his wages
were fifty dollars the first year, one hundred
the second year and one hundred and fifty the
third year. By 1847 ne was receiving three
hundred dollars a year a; clerk in the store of
George Hill & Company, corner of West and
Washington streets, where he continued for
the next ten years. The firm removed to
Summer street and took the name of Chandler
& Company, under which it is still doing busi-
ness and enjoying an extensive trade. It was
the first dry goods house to locate on Summer
street. By rigid economy Mr. Sawyer saved a
modest sum of money with which he estab-
lished himself in business in 1857, a men's
furnishing store at the corner of Washington
and Franklin streets as partner in the firm of
Merriam, Sawyer & Company. A few years
later he took the advice of friends ami unwisely
decided to sell his business and settle in Cali-
fornia. His affairs did not prosper in Cali-
fornia and he soon returned to Boston and
with the remainder of his capital made a new
start in the men's furnishing business in a store
on Washington street between West street and
Temple place. His trade grew rapidly and he
soon found it wise to move to larger quarters,
at the south corner of Tremont and Winter
streets. 129 Tremont street, the present loca-
tion. He built up one of the largest and most
substantial concerns in this line of business.
Since 1907 the store has been conducted by
his son, and Mr. Sawyer has been spending
his days in a quiet and comfortable way at his
beautiful home, 306 Marlborough street, Bos-
ton. Mr. Sawyer is well known to the trade as
a man of the highest principles and integrity,
enterprising, sagacious and upright in business.
In religion he is liberal and in politics a Repub-
lican. He married, in Boston, July, 1855,
Hannah E. Russell, born in Bath, Maine, May
20, 1825, died at her home on Marlborough
street in December, 1907, daughter of Jesse
Russell, of Hath. Maine, later a provision
dealer in Ouincy market, Boston. Her mother
was Mary (Robinson) Russell. Her father

married (second) Dudley, who died in

Boston when about eighty years of age. Chil-
dren : 1. Mamie, born in Boston, died unmar-
ried at the age of thirty-five, an accomplished,
capable young woman. 2. Frederick R., July
17, 1857, mentioned below. 3. George A. Jr.,
1869, died in 1895; married Isabella F. Finch,
born in Cornell, New York, who since her
husband's death has resided with his father
and has been to him a most devoted and greatly
beloved daughter, especially since the death of
his wife and his retirement from business.

(Ill) Frederick R., son of George A.
Sawyer, was born in Boston, July 17, 1857.
He received his education in the public and
high schools of Boston, and was then asso-
ciated with his father in business. He was
admitted to partnership in 1888 and after his
father retired he became the sole owner of the
business, though the old name of the firm is
retained. He resides at Center street, Rox-
burv. He is a Republican in politics. In relig-
ion liberal. He is a member of Boston City
Club and Boston Athletic Club. He married,
November 6, 1879, in Melrose, Cora Austin,
born July 19, 1859, died at her home, June 15,
1 X. 1 5 . daughter of John S. and Harriet A.
(Morris) Austin. lie married (second)
August 29, 1907, Mrs. Edna W. (Brooks)
Prescott, born in Charlestown December 21,
1883. He has no children.

William Sawyer, immigrant
SAWYER ancestor, came from England
probably from Lancashire, and
was in Salem as early as 1640. He was a
proprietor there in 1(142. He removed to
Wenham, where he was living in 1643, and
later to Newbury, where he was living the
next year, and where he died. He sold his
house lot March 24. 1648. He took the oath

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