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Susanna Morey, born in 1784. died October 2,
1816, aged thirty-eight. He lived in Roxbury

on what is still known as the Weld farm, one
of the most beautiful estates in the suburbs of
Boston. He was a prominent and influential
citizen of the town. Child, Aaron Davis Jr.,
mentioned below.

(VII) Aaron Davis (2), son of Aaron
Davis ( 1 ) Weld, was born in Roxbury, No-
vember 16, 1805. He was educated in the
public schools of his native town and suc-
ceeded to the Weld farm. He was a promi-
nent and useful citizen of Roxbury, where he
died April, 1889. He conducted a large and
very successful business as a commission mer-
chant in Boston and imported manila hemp
extensively. He was a Republican in politics
and in religion a Unitarian in his youth and
later an . Episcopalian. He married Abigail
Harding, of Providence, Rhode Island, born
1807, died 1871, daughter of Richard and Abby
( Stoddard ) Harding. Children, born at Rox-
bury: 1. Aaron Davis, born October 8, 1831,
mentioned below. 2. Adeline Kinnicutt, mar-
ried Benjamin Cutler Clark. 3. Richard Hard-
ing, married Laura Townsend Winsor. 4.
Alice, married Thomas Blake Williams. 5.
Cordelia Frances, married Frank Wayland

('VI 1 1 ) Aaron Davis ( 3), son of Aaron Davis
(2) Weld, born October 8, 1831, died Febru-
ary 2-j. 1907. He attended the public schools
of his native town and prepared for college
by private teachers. He entered Harvard Col-
lege and was graduated with the degree of
A. B. in the class of 1853. He became asso-
ciated with his father in business and at length
succeeded to the business. He maintained the
high traditions and success of the house. In
social life as well as in business he was highly
esteemed and respected. He made use of his
wealth and influence in a wise and benevolent
spirit, liberal in his gifts to charity and in the
support of public enterprises, especially those
affecting the welfare and progress of Boston
and the immediate vicinity of his home in
Tamaica Plain. He was independent in poli-
tics, but keenly interested in public and muni-
cipal affairs. Before Roxbury was annexed
to Boston, he was for a number of years a
selectman of the town, and afterward for a
long time was a member of the sinking fund
commission of Boston, where his wide knowl-
edge of financial matters and his sound judg-
ment proved of inestimable value to the city.
He was a director of the International Trust
Companv: of the Boston Tow-boat Company
and of the Ludlow Manufacturing Company.
In religion he was a Unitarian. He was a



member of the Lodge of Free Masons. Royal
Arcanum and of the Eliot Club. He married,
September i, 1859, Annie Warren Coffin, born
July 15, 1834, on Chauncy street, Boston,
daughter of George Washington and Mary
Winthrop (Spooner) Coffin, of Nantucket.
(See Coffin family). She was carefully edu-
cated. She has been prominent not only in
social life, but in the wider field of religious,
charitable and educational affairs of the city.
She is an active and earnest member of the
Unitarian church, and is president of the
Union Association of Jamaica Plain and vice-
president of the Jamaica Plain Tuesday Club.
Children: 1. Frederick Coffin, born Septem-
ber 12, 1864, graduate of Harvard College in
the class of 1886; resides in Lowell, Massa-
chusetts, where he holds the responsible posi-
tion of chemist for the Lowell Bleachery: mar-
ried, June 19, 1901, Margaret Chase; children:
Helen, born February 27, 1902, and Frederick
Chase, June 12, 1907. 2. Bernard Coffin,
March 12, 1868, graduate of Harvard in the
class of 1889; succeeded his father in business
in the firm of Aaron D. Weld & Son. 131 State
street, Boston; married, October 31, 1890,
Mabel Stephenson, of Philadelphia, Pennsyl-
vania; children, Aaron Davis, born Septem-
ber 12, 1895, George Stephenson. December 23,
1898. Francis Stephenson, November 30, 1904.
3. Helen Coffin. November 11, 1869, died
August 25. 1897, unmarried. 4. Winthrop
Coffin. December 12. 1873, died June 14, 1884.
5. Phillips Coffin. December 13, 1876, died
July 6. 1884.

(For preceding generatious see Captain Joseph Weld),

(IV) Ebenezer Weld, son of
WELD Lieutenant Joseph Weld, was

born October 19, 1702, at Rox-
bury, died there September 24, 1767. He
was buried in Roxbury and his gravestone is
standing. He was a farmer in his native town.
His will was proved October 30, 1767. He
married, November 28, 1725, Mary Craft, born
April 1, 1706, died October 10, 1763 (grave-
stone record), daughter of Samuel Craft, of
Roxbury. granddaughter of Samuel Craft (2).
and great-granddaughter of the immigrant,
Lieutenant Griffin Craft. The Craft family
lived in Roxbury. Children, born at Roxbury :
t. Rebecca, 1727, died March 15, 1727. 2.
Eben, December 7. 1729, died February 8,
1732. 3. Mary, December 14, 1 73 1, died
young. 4. Eben, February 25, 1736, died
young. 5. Nathaniel, March 24, 1739. died

December 4, 1817. 6. Eben. April 8, 1747,
mentioned below.

( V ) Eben, son of Ebenezer Weld, was born
at Roxbury, April 8, 1747, died there March
28, 1822. He was a soldier in the revolution,
a sergeant in Captain Childs's company (third
Roxbury). Colonel William Heath's regiment,
April 19. 1775; also in Lieutenant Craft's de-
tachment, Colonel Mcintosh's regiment in
July, 1778. lie married Rebecca Mayo, born
1746. at Roxbury, died 1844.

( VI ) Ebenezer (2), son of Eben Weld, was
burn in Roxbury, July 4, 1775, died at West
Roxbury or Jamaica Plain. February 7, 1859.
He was a prosperous farmer. He married,
August 2T,, 1814, Eliza Tolman Pierce, born in
Dorchester. Children: 1. Elizabeth, born
May 28, 18 1 5, died unmarried in 1890. 2.
Ebenezer. March 24, 1816. died unmarried
October 3, 1887. 3. Nathaniel, March 10,
1818, married, May 21, 1861, Mary P. White :
born at Kennebunkport, Maine, July 2, 1813,
died August 2~, 1875 ; he died March 7, 1885,
a prominent citizen of Roxbury. 4. John,
November 9, 1820. mentioned below.

(VII) John, son of Ebenezer (2) Weld,
was born in Roxbury, November 9, 1820. died
there April 11, 1886. He was educated in the
public schools of his native town. He engaged
in the leather trade in Boston and was also
a manufacturer and dealer in boot and shoe
findings. Having accumulated a handsome
fortune, he retired from business several years
before his death. He built a sightly and hand-
some residence on Hyde Park avenue, still
occupied by his widow and daughter. He was
a Republican and actively interested in public
affairs. He was a prominent member of the
Baptist church at Jamaica I Main, a deacon tor
many years at Rosliudale, where he was one
of the charter members of the Roslindale
Baptist church. He married, at Jamaica Plain,
April 2J. 1854, Sybil W. Folsom, born at Orono,
Maine, July 10, 1831, daughter of John and
Sybil (Willard) Folsom. (See Folsom).
Mrs. Weld is an active member of the Baptist
church. She is interested in the family his-
tory and has in her possession many relics of
the Weld ancestors, of great interest. Many
of the deeds and mortgages of early days have
been preserved. Among the furniture is a
beautiful tall clock formerly owned by Eben-
ezer Weld, made in 1772 and still an excellent
time-keeper. There is some Chippendale furni-
ture, a solid mahogany secretary and side-
board. She has an ancient copy of the will of



Tohn Weld, dated at Boston. April 28, 1692.
Children of John and Sybil W. We.ld : 1.
Charles E., born May 19, 1856, died February
22, 1897; married Jennie H. Hinman, who
survives him, living in Jamaica Plain ; had no
children. 2. Elizabeth F., July 22, 1S59, re-
sides in the home of the family, caring for her
mother. 3. John H., November 1, 1861, men-
tioned below.

(VIII) John H., son of John Weld, was
born at Jamaica Plain (West Roxbury), No-
vember 1, 1S6T, died in Boston June 6, 1908.
lie was educated in the public schools of
Jamaica Plain. He was engaged in the busi-
ness of haberdasher, one of the firm of
Blanchard. King & Company, of Boston. He
was a prominent member of the Baptist church,
deacon and superintendent of the Sunday
school, and one of the founders of the Baptist
church at Roslindale, Massachusetts He was
enterprising and public spirited. In politics he
was a Republican. He married, July 16, 1907,
Muriel K. Mabie, born April 24, 1873, in
Rockford, Illinois, daughter of Henry C. and
Edith ( Roe ) Mabie. They had one child,
Muriel Elizabeth, born September 15, 1908.
His widow resides on the homestead on Hyde
Park avenue. West Roxbury.

(The Folsom Line).

The surname Folsom was originally spelled
Foulsham. When surnames were adopted in
England the family living at Foulsham adopted
the name of the place, a village in county Nor-
folk, England, six or eight miles north of
Hingham. This family had been seated in
Norfolk many centuries and owned estates in
fifteen different places. The spelling and pro-
nunciation of this surname have varied in the
family itself as well as among others writing
and pronouncing it. The immigrant ancestor
spelt it Foullsam in 1715. In Hingham, Foul-
sham is the general way adopted by the town
clerks; in Exeter, after 1659, Folsom was the
prevailing spelling. The name of the town is
derived from the words Fols and Hamc, mean-
ing Fowl's home, or breeding place. The name
of the town was gradually modified to Fol-

( I ) Roger Foulsham, of Necton, county
Norfolk, England, is the earliest ancestor of
the American immigrant who can be traced.
His will is dated 1534.

(II) William p'oulsham was of Necton;
married Agnes Smith, alias Foulsham, of Bes-

(III) Adam Foulsham married Emma

, whose will is dated 1565. He owned

lands in Besthorpe, W'ymondham, Bunwell.
Hingham and Hackford, England. He died
in 1630.

(IV) Adam (2) Folsom was father of the

American immigrant ; married Agnes ;

died 1627. His will names three sons: 1.
John, mentioned below. 2. Adam. 3. Peter.

(V) John, son of Adam (2) Folsom, was
the immigrant ancestor. He was baptized in
England in 1615. He married there at Hing-
ham, October 4' 1636, Mary Gilman, daughter
of Edward Gilman. In 1638, with wife and two
servants, he came from Hingham, England, to
Hingham, Massachusetts, and in 1639 his
brother. Adam Folsom, came over. The Gil-
mans also came to Hingham. John Folsom
sailed April 26. 1638, in the ship "Diligent"
from the mouth of the Thames, and landed at
Boston, August 10. 1638. He received a grant
(if land and before winter had his house built.
This house or one built later by him was taken
down in 1875. He was chosen selectman in
1645. He and Captain Joshua Hubbard were
granted liberty of the two rivers. Rocky
Meadow and Bound Brook, so far as the town
hath property, to build and maintain a saw
mill or mills. John Folsom sold his lands in
Hingham about 1655 and removed with his
family to Exeter. New Hampshire. He lived
on the west side of the river, where the first
settlements were made ; but three of his sons
lived in the eastern part of the town. His
-011s and grandsons owned much land upon
what was called Rocky Hill. He was engaged
as surveyor in running the lines between Ex-
eter and Dover. In advanced life he became
unfortunately involved in his pecuniary affairs,
but was assisted by his sons in preserving his
property. He was very intelligent, earnest,
enterprising; sometimes more enthusiastic than
judicious; a decided Christian ready to sacri-
fice his property, ease and popular favor for
the sake of his principles. He died December
2j, 1651, at Exeter. He deeded to his son
Peter, April 10. 1073, "forty or fifty acres of
land in Hingham in ye county of Norfolk
( England ) near Norrald Comon and formerly
held by ye name of Ffulsham at ye Box-
bushes." We are not told whether the land
has ever been sold. John Folsom was select-
man of Exeter in 1659; juryman, 1662. Chil-
dren: 1. Samuel, baptized October 3. 1641,
married. December 22, 1663, Mary Robie, of
Hampton. 2. John, baptized October 3, 1641,
married. November 10, 1675, Abigail Perkins,
of Hampton : deacon and town officer of Ex-

i 5 o8


eter. 3. Nathaniel, baptized June 2, 1044,
married, June 9, 1674, Hannah Farrow. 4.
Israel, baptized April, 1646, resided in New-
market and Nottingham. 5. Peter, baptized
April 8, 1649, mentioned below. 6. Alary,
baptized April 13, 1651, married, June 12,
1672, George Marsh, of Newbury. 7. Eph-
raim, born February 23, 1654, married Phaltiel
Hall, of Dover: shot by an Indian, June 11,

( VI ) Peter, son of John Folsom, was bap-
tized at Hingham, Massachusetts, April 8,
1649. He married. May 6, 1678, Susannah
Cousins, of Wells, Maine. He lived on the
Hampton road, east of the village of Exeter
on the southwest corner, where the road leaves
the Hampton road and goes to Kensington.
It has generally been in the possession of the
Folsom family. He was a shrewd and active
man of affairs and acquired much property.
He was known as Lieutenant Peter in the
records of town and church. He died at Ex-
eter in 1717. Children: I. Elizabeth, mar-
ried. September 13. 1704. Lieutenant Samuel
Colcord. of Kingston. 2. Susanna, married
Caleb Oilman. 3. Mary, married Joseph
Thing. 4. Peter, mentioned below. 5. John,
born "about 1685, married Hannah Oilman. 6.
Benjamin, born in Exeter in 1696, died March.
17S2; married Rachel Gilman.

1 \ II) Peter (2), son of Peter (1) Folsom.
was born in Exeter about 1682. He married
Catherine Gilman. daughter of John Gilman,
and granddaughter of Edward Gilman. He
died in 1718. He was a man of talent, influ-
ence and wealth. His widow married Rich-
ard Calley. of Stratham. Children, born in
Exeter on the south side of the Hampton road :
1. Susanna, September 27, 1704. 2. Eliza-
beth. March 20. 1706-07. married. February
1, 1726. John Robinson. 3. John, March 14,
1709, mentioned below. 4. James, October
16. 171 1, married, June 18. 1735, Elizabeth
Thing. 5. Peter. July 27, 1714. married Mary
Folsom. 6. Catherine. January 24. 171C, mar-
ried Samuel Lamson,

(VIII) John (2), son of Peter (2) Folsom,
was born March 14, 1709. In 1735 he bought
land in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, and in
1737 in Chester, perhaps in that part after-
wards included in Raymond, where three
of his children settled about 1770. Soon
after he went to Raymond and died there.
He married ( fir.^t ) in 1731. Hannah Sanborn,
born June 4. 1713. daughter of William San-
born." He married (second) Eleanor .

before 1765. Children: 1. Eleanor, married

Folsom. 2. Eliphalet, born in Exeter,

married Mary Fullonton. 3. John, mentioned

below. 4. Susan, married Clough. 5.

Sarah, married, June 2, 1786, Reuben Pres-

1 IN ) John 13), son of John (2), Folsom,
was born in Exeter and was a farmer in Ray-
mond. A John Folsom, of Exeter or vicinity,
was in the revolution in 1777 in Captain
Zebulon Gilman's company. Colonel Stephen
Evans' regiment, at Saratoga. About 1796 he
removed to New Sharon, Franklin county,
Maine. He married (first) Betty Carr ; (sec-
ond) Sarah Hutchins: (third) Betsey Turner.
Children of first wife, born in Raymond: I.
Sanders Carr. June 21, 1785 (called in family
records Joseph) : married Abigail Pease: died
December 8. 1856. 2. Samuel. June 24. 1787,
married. 1832, Almira Day. 3. John, January
2. 1789, mentioned below. 4. Sarah, December
29, 1791, died May. 1852. 5. Elinor, October
23, 1793. died unmarried January 24, 1880. 6.
Betsey, 1705. died 1877: married John Welts.
Children of second wife: 7. Louisa, married.
in New Sharon. Eben Morrow. 8. Mary, mar-
ried Currier. 9. Abigail, married, June

27, 1835, Nathaniel Maddocks. Children of
third wife: 10. Bethena. married Daniel Lee-
man. 1 1. Joshua.

(Xi John (4). son af John (3) Folsom.
was born in Raymond. January 2. 1789. At
the age of four years he lost the use of one leg,
and was obliged to use a crutch. He was a
tailor by trade, and owned a fulling mill. He
died at' Week's Mills. Maine. July 17. 1867.
He married, in New Sharon, Maine. March
10, 1822. Sybil Willard. who died March 16.
1868. daughter of Deacon Joseph Willard. He
and his wife were members of the Freewill
Baptist church. Children, born in New Sharon:
1. Franklin Weeks, April 14. 1825, married.
Tune 8. 1851. Laura Ann Prescott. 2. Henry
Wesley. Orono, Maine. May 25. 1829, married,
September 19, 1852. Eliza A. Rarlow. 3. Sybil
Willard, July 10. "1831. married. April 2J. 1854.
John Weld (see Weld family I.

(The Coffin Line).

The family of Coffin in England was seated
at Portledge" in the parish of Alwington. in the
northern part of county Devon, and has been
in England since the Norman conquest. There
are various branches of the family in the
county. The Portledge family bore these arnb :
Yert, five cross-crosslets argent, between four
plates. These arms are used also by the Amer-
ican families.



( I ) Tristram Coffin, the earliest English
progenitor of which there is authentic record,
lived in Brixton, county Devon, England. His
will dated November 16, 1601, was proved at
Totness in 1602. He left legacies to Joan,
Anna and John, children of Nicholas Coffin;
Richard and Joan, children of Lionel Coffin ;
Phillip Coffin and his son Tristram; and
appointed Nicholas Coffin, mentioned below,
his executor.

( 11 ) Nicholas, son of Tristram Coffin, lived
at Butlers, county Devon. His will was dated
September 12, 1613, and proved November 3,
1613. It mentions his wife Joan; sons Peter
I mentioned below), Tristram, Nicholas and
John ; daughter Anne ; and Joan, daughter of
one of his sons.

( III ) Peter, son of Nicholas Coffin, married
Joan Thember. He resided at Brixton and
died in 1628. His will was dated December
21, 1627. and proved March 13, 1628. It pro-
vides that his wife shall have the estate during
her life, and that it then goes to his son Tris-
tram, "who is to be provided for according to
his degree and calling." He mentions daugh-
ters Joan. Deborah, Eunice and Mary as being
under twenty years of age. He refers to his
tenement called Silferhay, in Butlers, and to
brother Nicholas. In 1642 his widow with her
son Tristram and daughters Mary and Eunice,
went to Salisbury, Massachusetts, and from
thence to Haverhill and Newbury, and died in
Nantucket or Boston in May, 1661. aged sev-
enty-seven years. She was said to have pos-
sessed remarkable strength of character, and
on the occasion of her death. Rev. Mr. Wilson
preached a funeral sermon. Children: I.
Tohn, born in England, died in Plymouth Fort.
2. Tristram, born 1609. mentioned below. 3.
Joan, probably died in England. 4. Deborah,
probablv died in England. 5. Eunice, born in
England, married William Butler, of New Eng-
land. 6. Mary, born in England, married
Alexander Adams.

(IV) Tristram (2). son of Peter Coffin,
was born in England in 1609 and died in Nan-
tucket, Massachusetts. October 2, 1681. He
married, in England, Dionis Stevens, daughter
of Robert Stevens, of Brixton, county Devon.
He was the immigrant ancestor, and came to
Salisbury, Massachusetts, in 1642, with five
children. He removed in a short time to Haver-
hill and was witness to an Indian deed of that
place, November 15, 1642. About 1648 he
removed to Newbury, where he kept an ordin-
ary, and thence to Salisbury again in 1654 or
1655, and was commissioner there. In 1659

he ua> one of the company of Salisbury men
who bought land at Nantucket island, whither
he removed in 1660 with his wife, mother, and
some of his children, and where he died. He
was the first magistrate of the island, and a
capable officer. Children: 1. Hon. Peter, born
in England, 163 1. died in Exeter. New Hamp-
shire, March 2, 1715. 2. Tristram Jr., 1632,
died in Newbury, February 4, 1704. 3. Eliza-
beth. England, married, in Newbury, Novem-
ber 13, 165 1, Captain Stephen Greenleaf ; died
November 29, 1 678: 4. James, August 12,
1640, mentioned below. 5. John. England, died
in Haverhill, October 30, 1642. 6. Deborah,
Haverhill, November 15, 1643, died there
December 8. 1643. 7. Mary, Haverhill, Febru-
ary 20, 1645, married Nathaniel Starbuck and
was mother of the first white child born in
Nantucket; died there September 13, 171 7. 8.
Tohn, Haverhill, October 30, 1647, died in
Edgartown. 171 1. 9. Stephen, Newbury, May
ir, 1652, died in Nantucket, May 18, 1734.

( V ) James, son of Tristram (2) Coffin, was
born inEngland, August 12, 1640, and came
to New England with his father. He was
admitted a freeman at Dover. New Hampshire.
May 31, 1671. He lived in Nantucket, where
he moved after the first child was born, and
died there July 28, 1720. He married, Novem-
ber 1, 1663. Mary Severance, daughter of John
and Abigail Severance, of Salisbury. Chil-
dren : 1. Mary, born in Dover, April 18, 1665,
died February 1, 1741 ; married (first) Rich-
ard Pinkham; (second) James Gardner. Born
in Nantucket: 2. James, died August 2, 1741.
3. Nathaniel, 1671" died October 29, 1721. 4.
John, mentioned below. 5. Dinah, died August
1, 1750 ; married, November 20, 1690, Nathaniel
Starbuck Tr. 6. Deborah, died October 8,
1767: married, October 10, 1695, George
Bunker. 7. Ebenezer, March 30, 1678, died
October 17, 1730. 8. Joseph, February 4, 1680,
died July 15, 1719- 9- Elizabeth, died March
30, 1769; married (first) Jonathan Bunker;
(second) Thomas Clark. 10. Benjamin, died
young, n. Ruth, died May 28, 1748; married
Toseph Gardner. 12. Abigail, died March 15,
'1709; married Nathaniel Gardner. 13. Experi-
ence, died young. 14. Jonathan, August 28.
1692, died February 5, 1773.

(VI) Tohn, son of James Coffin, was born
in Nantucket and died there July 1, 1747- He
married Hope Gardner, born in Nantucket,
1669, died October 12, 1750, daughter of Rich-
ard and Sarah ( Shattuck ) Gardner. Children,
born in Nantucket: I. Richard, June 12. 1694.
married Ruth Bunker: died March 4, 1768. 2.

1 510


Peleg, September 16, 1696. 3. Judith, May 8,
1700, died December 4, 1788; married Ebe-
nezer Gardner. 4. Elias, June 18, 1702, died
1773: married Love Coffin. 5. Francis, Sep-
tember 13, 1706, mentioned below. 6. Abigail.
August 31, 1708, died 1770; married Zaccheus
F( 'Iger.

( VD ) Francis, son of John Coffin, was born
in Nantucket, September 13, 1706; married
Theodate Gorham. They spent their lives on
the island of Nantucket. Among their children
was Peleg, mentioned below.

(VIII) Feleg, son of Francis Coffin, was
born on the island of Nantucket ; married Eliz-
abeth Hussey of an old Nantucket family.
Both were prominent members of the Society
of Friends. He was a farmer.

(IX) Peleg (2), son of Peleg (1) Coffin,
was born on Nantucket in 1756, died there in
1805. He married Eunice Barker, also of
Nantucket. Children: 1. George Washington,
mentioned below. And two daughters.

(X) George Washington, son of Peleg (2)
Coffin, vyas born January 16, 1784, died in
Jamaica Plain, Boston, March 24, 1864. He
was educated in his native place and engaged
in the business of agent for eastern lands. He
removed to Boston and lived there until his
death. He became prominent in business and
in public life. He was active and influential
in politics and held various positions of trust
and honor. He was state treasurer. In relig-
ion he was first a Quaker and later a Uni-
tarian. He married Alary Winthrop Spooner.
born at Boston, December 2^, 1791, died there
July 23, 18S0, a direct descendant of a distin-
guished Plymouth county family and of Gov-
ernor John Winthrop. Child, Annie Warren,
born at Boston, July 15, 1834, married Septem-
ber 1, 1859, Aaron Davis Weld. (See Weld
family )•

(For first generation see Robert Williams).

(II) Stephen Williams, son
WILLIAMS of Robert Williams, was
born in Roxbury, November
8, 1640. died there February 15, 1719-20. He
inherited the homestead and lived in the
paternal mansion at Roxbury. He cared for
his father and Uncle Nicholas during their last
years. He married Sarah Wise, born 1647,
died 1728. Children, born at Roxbury: I.
Sarah, August 13, 1667, married Hast-
ings. 2. Mary, December 20, 1669, married

Choate. 3. Elizabeth, October 1, 1672.

married Tucker. 4. Bethia, April 26.

1676, married Rice. 5. Stephen, August

2~, 1678. 6. Robert, born and died 1680. 7.
Joseph. February 24, 1681, mentioned below.

8. John. January 26, 1683-84. 9. Henry, April

9, 1686, died August, 1686. 10. Grace, April
2. 1688, married, October. 1718, John Metcalf,
of Dedham. 11. Catherine. November 9, 1690
died June. 1707. 12. Thomas, July 27, 1694,

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