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died September, 1694.

( III ) Joseph, son of Stephen Williams, was
born at Roxbury, February 24, 1681. He was
a farmer at Roxbury all his life. He married
Abigail Davis, born 1687, died 1772. Children,
born at Roxbury: 1. Colonel Joseph, April io,
1708, married Martha Howell and Hannah
Dudley. 2. Mary, September 14, 1710. 3.
John, September 17. 1712. mentioned below.

4. Sarah, September 17, 17 14. 5. Stephen,
( )ctober 2J, 1716, died August 21, 1720. 6.
Jeremiah, October 5. 1718, married, 1743,
Catherine Payson ; died 1762. 7. Abiel, Octo-
ber 17, 1720, married Timothy Foster, of Dor-
chester, in 1773.

( IV ) John, son of Joseph Williams, was
born at Roxbury, September 17, 1712, died
1777. Married (first) Ann Elizabeth Sted-
man. born 1716, died 1746, and (second)
Bethiel Stedman. He was a farmer in his
native town. Children, born in Roxbury: 1.
Rev. Ebenezer, June 13, 1738. graduate at
Harvard College in 1760. 2. John Davis,
December 2$, 1739, mentioned below. 3.
Sarah, December 8. 1741, married, December
20, 1763. Cornelius Fellows. 4. Joshua, Feb-
ruary 7, 1744, died December 30, 1801. 5.
Jonathan, November 18. 1745. Children of
second wife: 6. Hannah. 7. Elizabeth. 8.
Lncretia, married William Campbell.

( V ) John Davis, son of John Williams, was
born December 25, 1739, at Roxbury, died
there May 25. 1807. He was a well-to-do
farmer and prominent citizen of his native
town, leaving an estate valued at about one
hundred thousand dollars as the result of his
industry, prudence and sagacity. His portrait
is published in the old Williams genealogy. He
married. December 15, 1768, Hannah Davis,
born 1 751, died 1844, of an old Roxbury family.
Children, born at Roxbury: 1. John Davis.
January 28. 1770, married Hannah Weld, of
another old Roxbury family : children : John
I). W.. George. David, Harriet W., married
Jonathan French ; Sarah Ann, married R. D.
C. Alerry. 2. Stedman, March 16, 1773. 3.
Aaron Davis, 1778, died 1779. 4. Hannah,
1781, married. 1807, Daniel Weld, of Boston.

5. Betsey, June 5, 1784, died 1807, married
Aaron Davis Weld, of Boston. (See Weld



family). 6. Aaron Davis, July 3, 1787. mar-
ried Nancy Bugbee. 7. Moses, December,
1790. married Mary Blake.

The variety of spellings of this

BRECK family name, as they occur in the
various old records, include :
Breck (the most used way). Brick (used by a
few living descendants only), l'.recke, Bruck.
Brucke. Breche and Bricke ( obsolete so far as
the present generations of the family are con-
cerned). Two branches of the family were
established in America, the Dorchester branch,
of which Edward Breck wa^ the founder, in
1635-36, and the Sherborn branch, of which
Thomas Breck was the founder, about 1650,
and his son Thomas, the only one of his sons
found in America, removed from Dorchester,
the place of his original settlement, with his
father about 1650, to Sherborn on the banks of
the Charles river in 1658, and is thus the pro-
genitor of the Sherborn branch.

Both Edward and Thomas Breck and their
brothers. John of Medfield. Massachusetts,
Henry, of Dorchester, Samuel and Robert,
who came to Dorchester and soon returned to
England, came from the county of Lancashire,
England, and the neighborhood of Rainforth
and Ashton in that county, but their father's
christian name or the name of their mother
has not been obtained. Living as they did in
one of the most populous counties of England
and one in which the Puritan spirit of free-
dom of religious worship had taken strong
hold, these Puritan sons, desiring to better the
prospects of themselves and their children,
saw in New England such advantages of
growth and prosperity as not even the rich
soil and great manufacturing advantages of
Lancashire could offer, and they joined the
increasing numbers making new homes in the
New World.

Edward Breck, the Puritan ancestor of the
Dorchester branch of the Breck family in
America, was probably the eldest of the six
immigrant brothers, who made Dorchester
their first dwelling place in New England.
With him came his brothers, Robert and
Samuel, aged twenty-eight and twenty-five
years respectively. They did not remain in
New England, but returned home, probably at
the request of their mother, younger brothers
and sisters in Lancashire, they being her young-
est adult sons.

Henry, born about 1605, immigrant to Dor-
chester, Massachusetts Bay Colony, about 1640,
and joined the church in 1641. As nothing

further is known of him, he probably returned
to England in 1642 and possibly with his
younger brothers, Robert and Samuel, ex-
changed places at the English home with
Thomas, born about 1600, and John, born
about 1602, who thus relieved of domestic
cares, came to Dorchester about 1650, Thomas
becoming the progenitor of the Sherborn
branch and John located in Medfield, where he
died, January 3, 1660, probably leaving a son.
I dim Breck, of Medfield, who died August 20,
1690, leaving no descendants so far as known.
( I ) Edward Breck was born probably in
Ashton in Rainforth, Lancashire, England,
about 1595. He married probably about 1617,
but neither the christian or maiden name of
his wife is known. He had two daughters
and one son born in Lancashire before he, with
his wife and two living children, a son and a
daughter, and his two brothers, joined the
company of Puritan immigrants gathered at
Ashton bound for the Massachusetts Bay Col-
ony, to join their brethren already located in
the neighborhood of Salem and Boston. The
company evidently sailed from Bristol, Eng-
land, 011 the ship "James," Captain Taylor,
master, August 7, 1635, and the Brecks settled
at Dorchester and joined the church there in
1636. Edward Breck appears to have been a
man of considerable wealth and he built houses
in Dorchester and acquired considerable land
besides owning much property in Lancashire,
Massachusetts, of which town he was the first
of seven prudential managers. He built one
of the first grist mills in Dorchester. He was
a selectman of the town in 1642, and his
church relationship is apparent by his designa-
tion as "Brother Breck," while in 1645 in nam-
ing a committee to build a new meeting house,
he is recorded as "Edward Breck, one of the
rators," and in 1646, when again elected a
selectman, he is designated "Edward Breck,"
as he is in 1655 and 1656, when again elected
selectman. He also, as an officer of the town,
signed a deed of gift of all rents and profits
from Thompson's Island for the support of a
free school. His first wife died about 1645,
and in 1647 ne married Isabel, widow of John
Rigby. Her maiden name does not appear,
but she was born in England about 16 10, where
she married John Rigby, came with her hus-
band to Dorchester about 1637, were early
members of the church, and their son, Samuel
Rigby, was baptized March 21, 1641, the
church record making his name Rigbee. Mehit-
able Rigby in 1643 married Nathaniel Turner,
of Scituate ; Abigail Rigby, married Thomas.



son of John Ilolman. December 19, 1663. John
Rigby. the father, died about 1645. Edward
Breck died November 2, 1662, and his widow
Isabel, married as her third husband Anthony
Fisher, senior, and there was no issue of this
marriage. Mr. Fisher died in Roxbury in
1 67 1, and his widow, Isabel, June 21, 1673.

General Samuel Breck, U. S. A., author of
"Genealogy of the Breck family" says : "There
are now no living representatives of the chil-
dren of Edward Breck, the immigrant, by his
first wife, known to the writer, but all his liv-
ing descendants heard from are also descend-
ants of Isabel, his second wife."

The four children of Edward Breck by his
first wife were: 1. Daughter, born in Eng-
land about 1618, died there when ten years
old. 2. Robert, about 1620, married Margery

about 1(142, and she died about 1652,

leaving one son. Robert, who died young, lie
purchased from his father in 1654 a house and
garden in Boston ; he married, January 4, 1654,
as his second wife, Sarah, daughter of Captain
Hawkins. He became a merchant of distinc-
tion in Boston and an "admitted inhabitant"
of the town. He died about 1660, leaving
beside his widow, two children, Sarah, who
died young, and Robert (1668-1684), who

married Joanna , and his daughter

Joanna and son Robert survived him, but both
died young, and his widow married Rev. James
Allen, of Boston, September 11, 1673, being
his third wife 3. Daughter, born about 1622,
married, in Dorchester, about 1640, and died
about 1645 as ^ irs - Blake, leaving children.
4. Eleanor, born in Dorchester, married, Sep-
tember 12, 1656, Benjamin Crane, of Medfield.
They lived in Weathersfield and had nine chil-
dren. By his second wife, Mrs. Isabel (Rigby)
Breck, he had four children. 5. Mary, baptized
in Dorchester, August 6, 1648. married Samuel
Roul, July 9, 1667, and he died November 3.
1690, leaving seven children; she married as
her second husband, John Tolman, June 15,
1692, had no children by her second husband;
she died August 25, 1720. 6. John (q. v.).
born 1 65 1, was a tanner in Squantum, captain
in the militia, selectman of the town; died Feb-
ruary 17, 1691. 7. Elizabeth, born about 1652,
married John Minot, of Dorchester, March 11,
1670, had five children ; she died April 6, 1690,
and her husband. January 26, 1691. 8. Sus-
anna, born about 1654, married John Harris,
of Dorchester, March 20, 1675.

(II) John, son of Edward and Isabel Breck,
was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1651 ;
was a tanner in Squantum, Dorchester, and

actively engaged in business. He was known
as Captain Breck by virtue of his rank in the
military company of the town, was repeatedly
chosen selectman of the town, carried on a
mill fur making cider from apples, built a
vessel in the town, for which the town fur-
nished trees for masts and yards in 1680; was
reprimanded in 1 68 1 for voting for a person
to be on trial for the "work of the ministry,"
when he was not in full communion, he claim-
ing that having submitted to the government
of the church, he should have liberty to vote in
such a case, but he afterward repented of his
act and gave satisfaction therefor to the church
government. In 1683 he was one of three
commissioners to see to laying out one thous-
and acres of land granted by the general court
for school land in 1695 in lieu of Thompson's
Island. He was elected a selectman in 1686-88.
and in 1690. March 11. he was chosen one of
three members of the church to seat the people
in the meeting house. An item in his will
made February 4, 1691, reads : "I will that
one of my sons be brought up to learning at
the cost of my executor, which son thus edu-
cated shall acquit my executor of the moiety
of his dividend. My children. I will to be well
educated on the improvement of my estate."
Captain John Breck died in Dorchester, Feb-
ruary 17, 1691, and his widow, Susanna, born
1648, died February 8, 171 1. Children born in
Dorchester, Massachusetts: I.Jemima. April
17, 1672, married Benjamin Blockman, of Dor-
chester, and had nine children born between
June 18, 1693, and May 4, 1712. 2. Edward,
April 7. 1674, married, April 1, 1698, Sarah,
daughter of Enoch and Elizabeth (Oliver)
Wiswell ; lived in Dorchester and Roxbury,
was ensign in the military company, selectman
of Dorchester 1707-13, had five children born
between April 30, 1700, and March 30, 171 1 ;
died September 3, 1713, when his estate was
estimated at two thousand and seventeen
pounds and ten shillings. His widow married
Daniel L. Malster, November 14, 1717. 3. Eliza-
beth, September 20. 1676, married Nathaniel
Butts, September 16, 1698, had four children ;
died October 20, 1743. 4. Susanna, November
0, 1678, married John Tolman, February,
1696-97. 5. John, December 22, 1680, mar-
ried Ann, daughter of Richard and Martha
Patteshall, October 21, 1703; lived near the
Old North Church in Boston ; was a cooper
and merchant; died February 16, 1713. He
had five children born between August 31,
1705, and May 9, 171 1; his widow married
William Thomas, October 21 1717, and by him



she had two children. William and Ann
Thomas. 6. Robert (q. v.). 7. Nathaniel,
December 1, 1684, married Martha Ireland,
of Boston, had three children ; was drowned
October 26. 1736; his wife died September 27,
1781. 8. Hannah, December 22, died Decem-
ber 23. 1686. 9. Hannah, February 17, 1688.
married Rev. Ebenezer Devotion, a graduate
of Harvard, A. B., 1707. and they had a son :
Ebenezer Devotion. Yale. A. B.. 1732. 10.
Samuel, September 14. 1690, married Grace
Painter, of Boston, November 21, 1710. had
one son, Samuel, baptized January 2, 1715.

(Ill) Robert, son of John and Susanna
Breck. was born in Dorchester, December 7.
1^82. He was the son selected under the will
of his father "to be brought up to learning"
and he was prepared for matriculation at Har-
vard and was graduated A. B., 1700, A. M.,
1703, in the class with John "Winthrop, Simon
Bradstreet, Daniel Hooker, John Whiting, etc.
He was a very learned man and was a noted
Hebrew scholar. He was a non-conformist
preacher on Long Island in the province of
New York during the administration of Lord
Cranbury. He returned to Massachusetts and
was ordained October 25. 1704, at Marl-
borough, Massachusetts, as successor to the
Rev. William Brinsmead, and he ministered
to the congregation at Marlborough twenty-
six years. He married, September 8, 1707,
Elizabeth Wainwright, of Haverhill, Massa-
chusetts, and they had six children, born in
Marlborough: 1. Elizabeth, September 23.
1709. married, December 22, 1725, Abraham
Williams, a leading citizen of Marlborough.
She died January 13, 1728-29. 2. Sarah. Octo-
ber 10. 1711, married, January 20, 1728, Dr.
Benjamin Gott, of Marlborough, and had two
children : Sarah ( Gott ) Brigham and Anna
( Gott ) Brigham. and four grandchildren, Eliz-
abeth. Anna, Susanna and Samuel Brigham.
3. Robert. July 25. 1713, graduate at Harvard,
A. B.. 1730, A. M. 1733. ordained minister at
Springrieid. Massachusetts, January 26, 1736,
was pastor of the Old Church. Springfield ;
married, April 28, 1736, Eunice, daughter of
Rev. Daniel Brewer, of Springfield, Massa-
chusetts, and they had four children, born
between June 3, 1737, and September 10, 1742.
His wife died August 12, 1767, aged sixty
years, and he married as his second wife
Helena, daughter of Governor Talcott, of Con-
necticut, and widow of the Rev. Edward Dow,
of Hartford, Connecticut, who died in Hart-
ford, July 9, 1798. The Rev. Robert Breck
(2) was settled minister of the church at

Springfield. Massachusetts, from July, 1736,
up to the time of his death, which occurred at
Springfield, April 2T,, 1784. 4. Hannah, Feb-
ruary 10, 1717, married, September 1, 1737,
the Rev. Ebenezer Parkman, of Westborough,
Massachusetts, born September 5, 1703, grad-
uated at Harvard. A. B., 1721, A. M., 1724;
ordained at Westborough, Massachusetts,
October 28, 1724, died December 9. 1782. They
had eleven children born between December
28. 1738. and January 6, 1761. Widow Han-
nah (Breck) Parkman died in Westborough,
Massachusetts, August 20, 1801. 5. Samuel
(q. v.). May 17. 1723. 6. Anna, March 13,
1725. died November 24, 1726. The Rev.
Robert Breck was a man of high standing in
his profession and his death on January 6,
1731, was the occasion of great sorrow and
of eulogistic speech for both clergymen of all
denominations and appreciative laymen, who
had enjoyed the advantages that grew out of
his friendship and companionship. His widow
died June 8. 1736.

( IV) Samuel, son of Robert and Elizabeth
( Wainwright ) Breck, was born in Marl-
borough, Massachusetts, May 17, 1723. He
was graduated at Harvard, A. B.. 1742, A. M.,
1745. He then took up the study of medicine
aiuf from about 1743 to about 1747 practiced
hi- profession in Worcester, Massachusetts;
in Windsor, Connecticut. 1743. and at Great
Barrington, Massachusetts, 1750, where he was
parish assessor, in 1752; surgeon's mate in
Colonel Dwight's regiment in the second
French war ; an original founder of the Epis-
copal church, organized in Great Barrington,
September 21, 1762. He was married about
1744 to Elizabeth Cooley, of Springfield, Mass-
achusetts, and by her he had eight children,
and about 1700 his wife and eighth child, an
infant, died of small pox. He married, in

1762, Mary Long, of Stockbridge, Massachu-
setts, and by her his ninth child, John Aaron,
was born and he was baptized December 13,

1763. Dr. Samuel Breck was mortally injured
by falling through a bridge over which he was
riding on a dark night and he died in Spring-
field, April 23, 1764. The children of Dr.
Samuel and Elizabeth (Cooley) Breck were
as follows: 1. Nathaniel, born in Worcester.
August 11, 1745. 2. Elizabeth, June 6, 1747.
3. Anne, probably about 1749- 4- Nancy, prob-
ably about 1 75 1. 5- Thankful, probably about
1753. 6. Samuel (q. v.), May 25, 1755. 7.
Wainwright, probably about 1757, enlisted in
the Indian wars from West Springfield, Mass-
achusetts, and was killed. 8. An infant ; who



died with her mother from small pox about


(\ ) Samuel (2), son of Dr. Samuel (1)
and Elizabeth ( Cooley) Breck, was born prob-
ably in Windsor, Connecticut, May 25, 1755.
He married, October 23, 1777, Elizabeth, sister
of Tom Allen, known as the "famous fighting
parson," and first cousin of General Ethan
Allen. He was in business in Northampton.
Massachusetts, in company with Samuel Clark
and he built a store there in 1789. He sep-
arated from his wife about 1795, leaving their
six children with the mother, and he removed
to Kinderhook, Xew York, and was married
at Lebanon Springs, New York, in 1797, to
Hannah Baldwin, widow of James Davidson
< : 756-i793 '), and the mother of Abigail B..
and Elizabeth Davidson, and he had by her
one son, John Baldwin, born in Ballston, New
York, October 6, 1789. Samuel Breck died at
Kinderhook, March 4, 1804, and Hannah
(Baldwin) (Davidson) Breck died September
17, 1832, aged seventy-two years. The chil-
dren of Samuel and Elizabeth (Allen) Breck
were born in Northampton, Massachusetts :
1. Samuel. October 6, 1778, died in Savannah,
Georgia, March 14, 1 814. 2. Eunice, March
14 1781. married Increase Clark; he died
March 2, 1826, and his widow, December 13.
1857 3. Joseph, (q. v.) April 17, 1785. 4.
Wain wright, October 2, 1788, died October 4,
181 1. 5. Aaron, August 2, 1791, died October
3, 1868. 6. Moses, July 4, 1793, married
Judith Kinsley, at Northampton ; had no chil-
dren ; was a strong anti-slavery and temper-
ance advocate; died April 10, 1882.

(VI) Joseph, son of Samuel (2) and Eliza-
beth (Allen ) Breck, was born in Northampton.
Massachusetts, April 17, 1785. Like his
brother Moses, he was an extreme Abolitionist
and temperance advocate. He lived in Claren-
don and Hardwick, Vermont, and about 1825
removed to the Western Reserve, Ohio. He
married, October 20, 1805, Elizabeth Bowen,
of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, who became the
mother of nine children and died June 25.
1850, and her husband died at Elmira, New
York, January 4, 1854. Children: 1. Caro-
line Clark, born in Clarendon, Vermont, June
16, 1806, married Joseph Barber, of Wor-
cester, Massachusetts, September 25, 1834, and
he was a merchant in Angelica, New York,
where he died April 27, 1869, and his widow
removed to Cleveland, Ohio ; they had no chil-
dren. 2. Allen Yales, Clarendon, Vermont,
July 9, 1807, married Isabella Mercy Grozer ;
was a merchant in Warsaw, New York ; had

three daughters; he died in Bound Brook, New
Jersey, July 24, 1876, and his wife in the same
place, December 8, 1866. 3. George Wain-
wright, August 20, 1809, married Marcia Dun-
lop, October 19, 1841 ; he served as a marshal
and sheriff of Steuben county, New York, and
they had three children (sons) who lived in
Bath, where the father and mother died, the
mother in 1849. 4- Elizabeth Ann, Hardwick,
'Vermont, December 4, 181 1, married John F.
Geiger and (second) Benjamin Sackett and
had one child by her first and two by her sec-
ond husband. 5. Marie Louisa, October 30,
1814. married Horatio Campbell Staniford
and had five children. 6. Samuel Perry, March
18, 1817, married Mary E. Baldwin; was a
merchant in New York City ; died in Green-
field, Massachusetts, July 29, 1880; they
had three children: George Cuyler, 1840.
Charles Albert, 1842, and Ella Mary, 1844. 7.
William Gilman (q. v.). 8. Joseph Bowen
January 27. 1821 ; Dartmouth, M. D., 1850;
married, had one child, William Davidson,
wild died young with no descendants; Dr.
Joseph Bowen Breck died at Elmira, New
York, March 18, 1855. 9. Edward Ruthven,
May 3, 1823, married Sarah E. Howell, of
Rushville. New York, May 14, 1845, had one
child. Edward Ruthven (1846-1885), who
married Helen Cornelia Hirds, at Ithaca, New
York, and left one child, Horace Howell, born
March 12, 1884.

( VII ) William Gilman, son of Joseph and
Elizabeth (Bowen) Breck, was born Novem-
ber 14, 1818. He was graduated in arts at
Oberlin College and M. D. at Harvard, 1854.
He married Mary Van Deventer at Penn Yan,
New York, September 20, 1843, and practiced
medicine in Springfield, Massachusetts, from
1845 up to the time of his death which occured
at Chicopee, Massachusetts, suddenly, while
visiting a patient January 22, 1889. He visited
the hospitals of Europe for study and observa-
tion ; was surgeon for the Boston and Albany
railroad and for the New York, New Haven
and Hartford railroad. He was consulting
surgeon during the war, being sent to the
front by Governor Andrew and was for sev-
eral weeks with General Grant at Pittsburg
Landing and afterward with the Army of the
Potomac in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Mary-
land, being present at the second battle of Bull
Run, at Antietam and at Gettysburg. He was
a member of the Massachusetts Medical
Society and its vice-president for one year.
He was president of the Hampden District
Medical Society ; senior surgeon of the Spring-


1 5 1 5

field Hospital staff and member of the advisory-
board of the Children's Home Corporation.
He was an organizer and a member of the
Springfield Society for Medical Observation.
Dr. William Oilman and Mary (Van De-
venter) Breck had one child, Theodore Frel-
inghuysen (q. v. ).

(VIII) Theodore Frelinghuysen, only child
of Dr. William Oilman and Mary (Van De-
venter) Breck, was born in Vienna, New
York, July 29, 1844, and was brought by his
parents to Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1845.
He was prepared for college at Williston Sem-
inary, Easthampton, Massachusetts, and was
graduated at Harvard University Medical
School. M. D., 1866, and then spent two years
in study and practice in the hospitals of Vienna
and Paris. During the civil war he was acting
assistant surgeon in the United States army,
1864, and 1865 at Norfolk and Portsmouth,
Yiriginia, and in 1869, after returning from
Europe, he began the regular practice of med-
icine in Springfield, Massachusetts. From
1870 he was surgeon of the Boston and Albany
railroad, from 1877 medical examiner for the
second district of Hampden county, and served
on the medical staff of the Springfield Hospital
for twenty years. His professional affiliations
included membership in the Massachusetts
Medical Society, the Massachusetts Medico-
Legal Society, the National Association of
Railway Surgeons, the Hampden District Med-
ical Society, of which he was the founder,
1888-89, member of the advisory board of
Harvard Medical School, and member of the
Springfield Club. He was a member of Nay-
asset Club, in which he served as president, a
member of Christ Protestant Episcopal Church
of Springfield. He married, April 18, 1872,
Helen Cordelia, daughter of Elmer and Weltha
Ann (Beecher) Townsend,of Boston. Dr. Theo-
dore F. Breck died in Springfield, Massachu-
setts, June 25, 1904. Children: 1. Helen Town-
send, born in Springfield, March 13, 1873, mar-
ried, in Springfield, October 15, 1896, John
Corse Howard, of Chicago, Illinois, and they
have one child, Helen, born October 15, 1901. 2.
William Gilman (q. v.).

(IX) William Gilman (2), only son of Dr.
Theodore Frelinghuysen and Helen Cordelia
(Townsend) Breck, was born in Springfield,
Massachusetts, June 12, 1875. He married.
June 23, 1898, Edith, daughter of Colonel
Samuel and Eleanor S. Woods, born in San
Francisco, California, October 10, 1876, and
their children are: 1. Eleanor Woods, born
in Springfield, Massachusetts, May 15, 1899.

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