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of allegiance in 1678. He married Ruth

. Children, born in Newbury : 1. John,

August 24, 1645, married, February 18, 1675-
76, Sarah Poore. 2. Samuel, November 22,
1646, mentioned below. 3. Ruth, September
16, 1648, married, August 2j, 1667, Benjamin
Morse. 4. Mary, February 7, 1649-50, died
Tune 24, 1659. 5. Sarah, November 20, 1651,
married, January 15, 1669, Joshua Brown. 6.
Hannah, February 23, 1653-54, died January 25,
1659-60. 7. William, February 1, 1655-56. mar-
ried Widow Sarah Wells. 8. Frances, March 24,
1658. died February 7, 1759-60. 9. Mary, July 29,
1660, married, June 13, 1683, John Emery.
10. Stephen. April 25, 1663, married, March
10, 1(187, Ann Titcomb. 11. Hannah, January



ii, 1664-65, died August 28, 1683. 12. Frances,
Novembes 3, 1670, married Thomas Treadwell.

(II) Lieutenant Samuel, son of William
Sawyer, was born in Newbury, November 22,
1646, died February 11, 1717-18. His will
was dated February 10, and proved March 3,
1717-18. He was admitted a freeman in 1675,
and was a Quaker, as a Quaker meeting was
held at his house in 1704. He married, March
13, 1671, Mary Emery. Children, born in
Newbury: 1. Mary, January 20, 1672, mar-
ried, June 29, 1702, Edward Woodman. 2.
Samuel, June 5, 1674, mentioned below. 3.
John, March 15, 1676, married (first) Decem-
ber 25, 1700. Mary Brown; (second) 171 1,
Sarah (Wells) Sibley, widow. 4. Hannah,
January 12, 1678-79. 5. Josiah, January 20,
1680-81, married, January 22, 1708, Tirzah
P.artlett : died April 4, 1756. 6. Joshua, Feb-
ruary 23, 1682-83, married Elizabeth .

7. Daughter, March 7, died March 26, 1685.

8. Benjamin, October 27, 1686, married, Feb-
ruary 3, 1 7 14, Elizabeth Jameson. 9. Daugh-
ter. 10. Daughter, November 15, 1693, died
same day.

(III) Samuel (2), son of Lieutenant
Samuel ( 1 ) Sawyer, was born in Newbury,
June 5, 1674, died April 21, 1723. His will
was dated April 20 and proved May 6, 1723.
He married, December 17, 1 702, Abigail Good-
ridge, who died October 14. 1722. in her forty-
eighth year, daughter of Joseph Goodridge.
Children, born in Newbury: 1. Samuel, June
4, 1705, married, July 9, 1728, Mary Kelly;
died June 11, 1783. 2. Martha, February 11,
1706-07, married, May 16, 1728, Edmund Hale.
3. Abigail, May 26, 1709. 4. Joseph, April 8,
171 1, died September 25, 1723. 5. Mary, Octo-
ber 3. 1712, married Smith Hills. 6. Edmund,
November 6, 1714, mentioned below. 7. Jacob,
June 4, 1716, probably removed to Hampstead.

( IV ) Edmund, son of Samuel (2) Sawyer,
was born in Newbury, November 6, 1714,
died in Sutton in 1807. He resided in New-
bury and Amesbury, and removed to Hamp-
stead, New Hampshire, about 1750. He was
received into the Amesbury church, June 13,
1736, and he and his wife were dismissed to
form the Hampstead church. May 31, 1752.
He went later to Sutton, Massachusetts, where
he died. He married, January 1, 1735-36,
Sarah Rowell, of Amesbury. Children: 1.
Joseph, baptized October 31. 1736, settled in
Warner, New Hampshire. 2. Jacob, born
1738. 3. Enoch, 1741, mentioned below. 4.
Sarah, 1744. 5. Abigail, married Kim-
ball. And others.

(V) Enoch, son of Edmund Sawyer, was
born in Hampstead, New Hampshire, 1741,
died in Antrim, New Hampshire, 1817. He
married Sarah Little. Sons: 1. Samuel. 2.
Enoch. 3. Tristram. 4. Edmund, settled in
Stockbridge, Vermont. And others.

(VI ) Isaac, son or nephew of Enoch Sawyer,
was born probably in New Hampshire, died at
Stockbridge, October 31, 1834, aged fifty-six.

He married (first) Charlotte , born in

1779, died April 27, 1816; (second) Polly
(Belcher), born in Stockbridge, 1784, died
there August 7, 1857. The only child of first
wife was Aaron, who followed farming in his
native town. The only child of second wife
was Samuel Belcher, mentioned below.

(VII) Samuel Belcher, son of Isaac Sawyer,
was born in Stockbridge in 1819. He was
educated in the district schools, and followed
farming in his native town all his active life.
I [e married, at Stockbridge, Elizabeth Holland,
daughter of Elihu and Lucy (Whitcomb) Hol-
land. Her father was born in 1798 and died
in 1873 ! ner mother born March 14, 1799, died
December 9, 1875. Reuben Holland, father
of Elihu, was of Scotch ancestry, born in the
north of Ireland, in 1759, died in Vermont,
August 11, 1832; his wife Johanna was born
in 1758 and died in 1826. William Belcher,
brother of Polly, was judge of the Supreme
court of California for many years, and
his son. Dr. Isaac Belcher, is one of
the most prominent physicians of California;
another son Edward Belcher is a prominent
attorney of San Francisco. Children of
Samuel Belcher and Elizabeth (Holland)
Sawyer: 1. Roberta, born 1842, married
Preston A. Rand ; she died December 25, 1905 ;
had one child, Charles P., who died in 1902.
2. Romaine A., 1844. resides in Stockbridge;
married Nellie Goodwin, of Lowell, Massachu-
setts, who dieil in 1898; had two children: i.
Arthur H., born 1874, prominent merchant of
Exeter, New Hampshire; married Alice
Follansby, and has two children : Charles,
born 1898, and Mary, born 1907, died 1908;
ii. Elizabeth, born 1891. 3. Elihu Leroy, men-
tioned below.

(VIII) Dr. Elihu Leroy, son of Samuel
Belcher Sawyer, was born in Stockbridge, Sep-
tember 11, 1856. He attended the public schools
of Stockbridge and Claremont, New Hamp-
shire, and graduated from the State Normal
school at Randolph, Vermont, in 1875. He
began to teach school while in his minority at
Pittsfield, Stockbridge and Rochester, Ver-
mont, and was for five years superintendent of

1 382


the schools of the aforementioned places. Then
he decided to study medicine and entered the
medical department of the University of Ver-
mont, from which he was graduated with the
degree of M. D. in the class of 1883. He
practiced first in Oakham, Massachusetts, then
in the adjacent town of Barre for seven years.
He removed to Exeter, New Hampshire, and
practiced there while his son was a student in
the academy. Since 1891 he has been practic-
ing with great success at Roslindale, Boston,
.Massachusetts. Dr. Sawyer is a member of
Massachusetts Medical and American Medical
Associations. In politics he is a Republican,
and in religion a Unitarian. He married, at
Stock-bridge. March 2. 1878, Kate S. Whit-
comb, born in Stockbridge, August 11, 1861,
daughter of Elbridge W. and Sarah (Post)
Whitcomb. (See YVhitcomb family). She
was educated in the public schools of her native
town and in the State Normal school at Ran-
dolph, and having a natural aptitude for scien-
tific study acquired such a complete knowledge
of medicine, that after her marriage she passed
the examinations of the Massachusetts state
board and was duly licensed to practice medi-
cine in that state. She aided her husband in
his practice for many years, though lately she
has virtually withdrawn from practice. Chil-
dren : 1. Alpha Reuben, born October 3, 1881,
mentioned below. 2. Inez Leona, Oakham,
June 12, 1887, educated in Robinson Seminary
of Exeter, New Hampshire, the Boston Latin
School, and now a student in the New England
Conservatory of Music, Boston, evincing
unusual musical ability and attainments.

(IX) Dr. Alpha Reuben, son of Dr. Elihu
Leroy Sawyer, was born in Stockbridge, Octo-
ber 3, 1 88 1. From early youth he was an
eager and ambitious student. He attended
the public schools of his native town and fitted
for college at Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter,
New Hampshire, graduating in the class of
1901. He studied his profession in McGill
University, Montreal, Canada, graduating in
the class of 1905, with the degrees of Doctor
of .Medicine and Master of Surgery. He
served eighteen months in hospital work in
Boston and Englewood, New Jersey, having
been connected with the Boston Floating Hos-
pital, a charitable institution that contributes
largely to the restoring of health and saving of
life of the women and children of the metropolis.
He was very successful in conducting the hos-
pital. He was on the house staff of the Gen-
eral Hospital at Englewood, New Jersey, for
one year, serving as resident physician and

surgeon. Since then he has been associated
in general practice with his father at Roslin-
dale. He stands high in his profession and in
the estimation of fellow-practitioners and has
a promising career. Member of the Massa-
chusetts Medical Society. In politics a Repub-
lican and in religion a Unitarian.

John Whitcomb, immigrant
WHITCOMB ancestor, was born in Eng-
land and the name was
originally Whetcombe. He was long supposed
to be the son of Symon Whetcombe, who was
one of the original patentees of the old Massa-
chusetts Bay Colony, but the publication of the
will of John Whetcombe, of Sherbourne,
Dorsetshire, England, proved in 1598, shows
that Symon was then a minor, and that he
could not have been the father of the American
progenitor, who was born about 1588. Some
authorities believe that the American John was
brother of Symon, and the John Whetcombe
mentioned in the will of Symon's father.

John Whitcomb settled in Dorchester, Massa-
chusetts, and was a church member there in
1635 ; this and the birth of his youngest son
Josiah in 1638, are the only events of his family
life recorded during the years he spent in Dor-
chester. Later evidence shows him to have
been well-to-do for the times, a man of intelli-
gence and enterprise, much given to buying
and selling land. In 1640 he removed to Scit-
uate, where he owned land, one piece being a
farm of one hundred and eight acres near the
mouth of the North river, on the Marshfield
side, and after 1646, when he became one of
the Conihasset partners, he owned the lands
which through that transaction became his
share. While in Scituate he was constable.
He was admitted a freeman, June 3, 1652. In
1644 he sold his farm on North river to
Thomas Hicks; in 1654 he sold half his share
in Conihasset lands to John Williams Jr., giv-
ing the other half to his son Robert. In the
same year he removed to Lancaster, where he
had bought a share two years before, when
the town was laid out. Not all his children
accompanied him thither. Catherine remained
and settled in Scituate ; Robert remained in
Scituate and settled in Boston. John Whit-
comb and his son John are counted among the
pioneer settlers of the town of Lancaster,
originally the Xashaway Plantation. The
homestead of John Sr. was on lot No. 33 ;
John Jr. had lot No. 34. The present post-
office and bank building in Lancaster is on the
original house lot. He died September 24,



1662, aged about seventy- four years. He mar-
ried, in England, Frances , who made a

will May 12, 1671, and died at Lancaster, May
17, 1 67 1. The agreement of division of John
Whitcomb's estate has the name spelled by his
own children three different ways — Wetcomb,
Whetcomb and Whitcomb, October 7, 1662.
Children: 1. Catherine, married, 1644,
Rodolphus Elhnes, of Scituate. 2. James, born
in England, settled in Boston ; owned five acres
of land opposite Boston Common, died in Bos-
ton. November 23, 16S6; married (first)

Rebecca ; (second) Elizabeth .

3. John, may have been the eldest son ; was
most closely associated in later life with his
father; married. May 19, 1669, or 1(171, died
April 7, 1683. leaving wife Mary and two
daughters. 4. Robert, mentioned below. 5.
Jonathan, born about 1630 in England, settled
in Lancaster and Wethersfield. 6. Abigail. 7.
Job, land surveyor at Lancaster, married, May
19, 1669, Mary ; settled at Wethers-
field, Connecticut. 8. Josiah, born in Dor-
chester, 1638, married, January 4, 1664,
Rebecca Waters.

( II ) Robert, son of John Whitcomb, was
born about 1623-25, doubtless in England. He
removed to Scituate at the time his father went
to Lancaster and perhaps lived in the family of
his eldest sister, Catherine Ellmes. In 1654
Robert received from his father a half interest
in his Conihasset lands, and as he was not
mentioned in his mother's will, nor in the divi-
sion of his father's estate, he probably received
his full share by deed. He was in sympathy
with the Quakers, and his father and brothers
were Puritans. There may have been some
estrangement over religion. He settled at
Beechwood in the "Beeches" at Scituate. The
only record of the names of his children is
found in the will of General James Cudworth,
his father-in-law, who bequeathed to his four
Whitcomb grandchildren. Whitcomb married
Mary Cudworth, born July 23, 1637, daughter
of General James Cudworth. The Cudworths
had become Friends and Whitcomb was mar-
ried by the Quaker form, not then accepted as
legal by the Puritan authorities and he was
obliged to have a civil ceremony performed
March 9. 1660. Children: 1. Israel, born
1661-62. 2. Robert. 3. James, 1668, men-
tioned below. 4. Elizabeth, married, 1710,
Daniel Lincoln, of Hingham.

( III ) James, son of Robert Whitcomb, was
born in 1668, died June 26, 1728. He removed
from Scituate to Rochester, Massachusetts. He
was a set-work cooper by trade. His will was

dated September 22, 1727. He married,
November 22, 1694, Mary Parker, born
1667-68, died November 30, 1729. Children:

1. James, born May 31, 1695, died young.

2. Nathaniel (twin), August 19, 1697, men-
tioned below. 3. James ( probably twin of
Nathaniel). 4. Mary (twin), March 22,
1699-1700. 5. Joanna (twin). 6. Robert,
mentioned in father's will.

(IV) Nathaniel, son of James Whitcomb,
was born in Rochester, August 19, 1697, died
March 18, 1771, according to his gravestone
at Hardwick, Massachusetts. He removed to
Hard wick from Rochester about 1742 and
cleared a farm. He became a prominent
citizen and was selectman there in 1745-52-
53-58-59: assessor 1745-58-59. He married
(first), January 21, 1722-23. Rosilla Coombs,
who was said to be "half-French," who died
March 8, 1737. He married (second), July
27, 1738, Phebe Blackman. Children of first
wife: 1. Joanna, born June 6, 1725. 2.
Mary, October 9, 1727. 3. Dorcas, March 8,
1729, died December 10, 1803. 4. Nathaniel,
May 26, 1732. 5. Rosilla, February 9, 1733-34.
married. September 2. 1752, Austin W.
Brown, of Abington. 6. Asa, February 29,
1735-36. 7. John, February 14, 1737, died
young. 8. Lot, May 2, 1739, mentioned below.
9. Content. October 27, 1740, married, Novem-
ber 27. 1767, Solomon Bush, of Ware, Massa-

I Y ) Lot, son of Nathaniel Whitcomb, was
born in Rochester, Vermont, May 2, 1739.
He was an early settler at Barnard, Vermont.
On account of Indian attacks he and the other
settlers had to leave their homes and he found
refuge for a time at Harwick, Vermont, but
later returned to his clearing and settled there.
His wife used to say that for a time she was
the handsomest woman in Barnard, because
she was the only one there. He was a soldier
in the revolution in 1776 in Captain Benjamin
Wait's company. Major Huntington's Vermont
Rangers. In 1778 he was on the committee
of safety and correspondence. He married,
December 9, 1762, Lydia Nye, of North
Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She died Feb-
ruary 22, 1 83 1. at Stockbridge, Vermont. He
died April 7, 1797. His epitaph:

"Remember me as you pass by
For once I was like you;
For as I am so must you be
And so prepare to follow me."

Children: 1. Betty, born September 28,
1763. 2. Mehitable, April 2, 1765, died April



1 3- I/65. 3. Branch, November 17, 1768. 4.
Paul, 1770, mentioned below. 5. Nathaniel,
1773. 6. Lot, baptized March 5, 1775. 7.
Justus (twin), born March 5, 1779. 8.
Lydia (twin), March 5, 1779, married Amos
Huntington. 9. James, November 29, 1791.
10. Asa.

( VI ) Paul, son of Lot Whitcomb, was born
in Barnard, Vermont, 1770, died January 25,
181 3, at Stockbridge, Vermont. He was a
farmer. He married Eunice Lamberton, who
died March 22, 1843, aged sixty-nine years.
Her second husband was Daniel Gay for
wli< im the town of Gaysville, Vermont, was
named. Children, born at Stockbridge: I.
Miriam, married Ira Fay and lived at Bakers-
field, Vermont. 2. Paul, born July 19, 1800,
died March 4, 1877. 3. James. 4. Reuben,
mentioned below. 5. Sally, married Merrick
Gay. 6. Benoni. 7. Eliza, April 1, 1836.

( VII) Reuben, son of Paul Whitcomb,
was born in Stockbridge, August 31, 1806,
died at Gaysville, Vermont, September 12,
1891. He was a farmer at Gaysville, town of
Stockbridge. He was a leading citizen of the
town, was lister (assessor) and selectman
and for twenty-six years an overseer of the
poor. He married, April 28, 1828, Amanda
Abbott, born July 9, 1809, died July 10, 1900,
daughter of Daniel and Eleanor (Blodgett)
Abbott. In 1S78 they celebrated their golden
wedding, a hundred or more friends and
relatives taking part in the affair. Children,
born at Stockbridge: 1. Amanda, born April
26, 1830, died April 12, 1832. 2. Mary, May
31, 1832, died July 3, 1849 3- Elbridge W.,
mentioned below.

(VIII) Elbridge W., son of Reuben Whit-
comb, was born in Stockbridge, Vermont,
March 11, 1836. He settled on a farm near
his father's, but afterward removed to Stock-
bridge. He was a Universalist in religion.
He married (first) Sarah Post, of Rutland,
who died in 1862, aged twenty-six years. He
married ( second ), June 6, 1866, Julia Leonard,
born at Stockbridge, February 17, 1841,
daughter of Caleb and Mary (Farrington)
Leonard. He is now living at Gaysville, and
is superintendent of a large estate in that
town. Child of first wife: 1. Kate S., born
at Stockbridge, August 11, 1861, married Dr.
Elihu Leroy Sawyer. (See Sawyer sketch).
Children of second wife: 2. Mary Abbie,
June 14. [867. 3. Annie Amanda, July 4,
[869. 4. Caleb Leonard, November 30, 1873,
died 181)8. 5. Reuben James, April 15, 1877.

Abraham Shaw, immigrant an-
SHAW cestor, was a resident of Hali-
fax, Yorkshire, England. He
came to New England in 1636 and was
admitted a freeman, March 9, 1636-37. He
was a proprietor of Watertown in 1636. His
house there was burned in October, 1636, and
he removed to Dedham. He signed the famous
compact and was constable of Dedham, elected
September 6, 1638. He removed thence to
Cambridge and was a town officer there. He
had a grant of "coal or iron ore which may
be found in any common land in this Country's
disposing." November 2, 1637, and it is pre-
sumed that he made a search for minerals at
a time when great mineral wealth was expected
from the earth in New England. He was
given liberty to erect a corn mill, February 12,
1636-37. Mary Shaw, presumed to be his
widow, was admitted to the Charlestown
church. July 1, 1645. He died in 1638, leaving
a will in which he bequeathed to his eldest son
Joseph : children Mary, John and Martha, the
two latter being infants ; Joseph and John to
have his lot at Dedham. Edward Allen admin-
istered the estate. He owned coal mines at
Halifax, England. Children: 1. Joseph,
settled in Weymouth. 2. John, mentioned
below. 3. Alary, born about 1638. 4. Martha,
about 1638. 5. Susanna, married Nicholas
I'.yram and removed to Weymouth.

ill) John, son of Abraham Shaw, was born
in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, about 1630.
fie married Alice Phillips, of Weymouth,
where he lived all his active life. He was
deacon of the church at Weymouth. He died
March 21. 171S. Children, born at Wey-
mouth: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Eliza-
beth, February 26, 1656. 3. Abraham, Octo-
ber 10, 1657. 4. Mary, May 24, 1660. 5.
Nicholas, March 23, 1662. 6. Joseph, April

15, 1664. 7. Alice, July 6, 1666. 8. Hannah,
April 7, 1668. 9. Benjamin. June 16, 1670.
10. Abigail, July 15, 1672. 11. Ebenezer,
April 24, 1674.

(Ill) John (2), son of John (1) Shaw,
was born at Weymouth about 1655. He mar-
ried Hannah Whitmarsh.. of Weymouth, who
died May 4, 1736. Children, born at Wey-
mouth or Bridgewater: 1. Hannah, December

16, 1670, died young. 2. Abraham, February
14, 1(185. 3. Hannah, April 26, 1687. 4. John,
January 20. 1690. 5. Maty, May 5, 1691. 6.
Benjamin. July 25. 169,3. 7. Joseph, men-
tioned below.

(TV) Joseph, son of John (2) Shaw, was



burn in Weymouth and died November 13,
1744. He married, at Weymouth, November
13, 1716, Mary Blanchard. Children, born at
Weymouth : 1. Ebenezer, April 23, 1718, mar-
ried, September 2, 1740, Ann Colson. 2.
Abraham, September 8, 1720, mentioned
below. 3. Mary, July 14, 1723. 4. Susanna,
March 3. 1726. 5. Alice. April 22. 1728. 6.
Abigail, December 27, 1731.

( Y ) Abraham (2), son of Joseph Shaw,
was born in Weymouth, September 8, 1720.
He married, January 26. 1742, at Weymouth,
Joanna Hunt". Children, born at Weymouth:
1. Joanna, October 24, 1742. 2. Abraham,
December 17, 1744, mentioned below.

(VI) Abraham (3), son of Abraham (2)
Shaw, was born at Weymouth, December 17.
1744. He removed to Abington from Wey-
mouth before the revolution in which he was
a soldier from that town. He was a corporal
in Captain Edward Cobb's company, Colonel
Edward Mitchell's regiment, April 20, 1775,
on the Lexington alarm. He was sergeant in
Captain Edward Cobb's company. Colonel
Edward Mitchell's regiment in the Rhode
Island campaign in 1776. He married, Janu-
ary 12, 1765, Priscilla Beal, of Abington.
Children: 1. Abraham, born at Weymouth,
January 14, 1766, soldier in the revolution in
Captain Thomas Cushing's company in 1782-
83." 2. Jeremiah, June 18, 1767. 3. Nathaniel,
August 5, 1769, mentioned below. 4. David,
October 16, 1771. 5. Priscilla, October 17,
1773. 6. Brackley, April 12, 1775. 7. Oliver,
November 19, 1777. 8. Priscilla, December
24, 1780. 9. Polly, December 15-20. 1785.
10. Nancy, July 2, 1786. 11. Chloe, Mav 6,

( VII ) Captain Nathaniel, son of Abraham
(3) Shaw, was born August 5, 1769, at
Abington, Massachusetts. He organized and
was captain of an artillery company from
1802-1809 and was on Castle Island in Boston
Harbor in the war of 1812. He married, at
Weymouth, July 23, 1794. Jane Tirrell, who
died at Weymouth, September 7, 1833, aged
fifty-six years. *He died there November 13,
1832. aged sixty-three. Children, born at
Weymouth: 1. Nathaniel, January 13, 1796,
mentioned below. 2. Jane, November 2, 1797.
3. Lydia Tirrell, August 20, 1799. 4. Nathan-
iel, January 24, 1804. 5. Cynthia, January 10,
1806. 6. Theron Yinson, April 6, 1808. 7.
Sophronia, May 27, 181 3. 8. Orin Prentiss
(twin), December 8, 1S16. 9. Lydia Tirrell
(twin), December 8, 1810.

(VIII) Nathaniel (2), son of Nathaniel

( 1 ) Shaw, was born in Weymouth, January
13, 1796, died at South Weymouth in 1852.
He was educated in the public schools, and
learned the trade of shoemaker. He then
went to Boston and entered the store of
Nathaniel Faxon as clerk and salesman where
he remained a number of years. He then
returned to South Weymouth and began on a
small scale the manufacture of boots and
shoes. He cut the leather in a small shop on
his farm, at first, and carried the shoes which
were made by the farmer shoemakers of the
vicinity to Boston on horseback, returning with
the new stock. He built up a large trade,
having the largest factory in this section, and
was very successful up to the time of his death.
Member of the Old South Parish, and took
an active part in its affairs, served as repre-
sentative to the -general court one term, direc-
tor of the Union National Bank of Weymouth
and Braintree. He married (first) January
20, 183 1, at Weymouth, Emily L. Loud, born
South Weymouth, daughter of Eliphalet Loud,
Esq., who was a revolutionary soldier. She
died in 1833. He married (second), February
18, 1840, at Weymouth, Diantha Tirrell, born
South Weymouth. Child of first wife:
William Appleton, born January 28, 1832,
mentioned below. Children of second wife:
Wendell. Mary Russell, born at Weymouth,
March 15, 1844, married Howard Harmon,
in iw deceased ; she resides in Somerville ;
children, Lester and Blanche.

( IN ) William Appleton, son of Nathaniel
f 2 ) Shaw, was born in South Weymouth,
fanuary 28. 1832. He was educated in the
public schools of his native town and in Phil-
lips Academy, Andover. He engaged in the
manufacture of boots and shoes in W'eymouth
when a young man and continued until 1875
when he retired from that business and bought
a small farm located on Pond street. He has
sold a number of building lots on this property
which is favorably situated for homes. He
was a director of the Weymouth National
Bank for a number of years, resigning some
years ago. In religion he is a Congregational-
ist : in politics a Republican. He married,
April 29, 1858, Harriet Polena Reed, born

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