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name in England is well preserved and may
be traced back four centuries. In America
various spellings have been used, Burghess,
Purges. Burgis, Borgis, Burge, Burg, and the
most common spelling is Burgess.

(I) Thomas Burgess, immigrant ancestor,
came from England about 1630, landing at
Salem, and stayed for a time in Lynn. He
brought his family with him, and July 3, 1637,
was granted land in Duxbury. This he for-
feited by his removal to Sandwich the same
year, and it was assigned to Nicholas Robbins,
who paid him for the improvements which had
been made upon the land. Thomas Burgess
was one of the first settlers of Sandwich and
Savage calls him "a chief man of them." He
was an original member of the church in 1638
and became a large land holder. Fie served
the town in nearly every office, and was deputy
to the general court at Plymouth for several
years. The estate which he occupied remained
in the family for many generations, and in
1863 the cellar of his house could still be seen.
He died February 13, 1685, aged eighty-two
years, and his grave was marked by a stone
imported from England. "It was the only
monument," says Amos Otis, "set up for any
pilgrim of the first generation." His wife
Dorothy died February 27, 1687. His will
was dated April 4, 1684, and proved March 5,
1685. Children : Thomas, John, Elizabeth.
Jacob, mentioned below, Joseph.

(II) Jacob, son of Thomas Burgess, in-
herited his fathers estate in Sandwich in
behalf of his son Thomas, and was one of the
executors of the will. He was an early mem-
ber of the church and in 1644 helped to repair
the meeting house. He was for many years
constable, surveyor, and at various times on
the grand jury. He took the oath of allegiance
in 1657. He died March 17, 17 19. He mar-
ried, June 1, 1670, Mary Nye, died June 23,
1706, daughter of Benjamin Nye. Children:
1. Samuel born March 8, 1671. 2. Ebenezer.
October 2, 1673. 3. Jacob, October 18, 1676,



mentioned below. 4. Thomas, March, 1680.

5. Benjamin, died at Martha's Vineyard, 1753.

6. Mary, married Christopher Gifford, of

(III) Jacob (2), son of Jacob (1) Burgess,
was born October 18, 1676, married, April 27,
1704, Mary Hunt, of Duxbury. He resided
in Sandwich and died in 1769. Children:
1. Zaccheus, born March 9, 1705, mentioned
below. 2. Jedidah, July 29, 1706, married,
December 4, 1729, Thomas Phillips, of Dux-
bury. 3. Abiah, April 14, 1708. 4. Abigail,

June 29, 1709, married Swift. 5.

Samuel, November 2, 171 1. 6. Jacob, Novem-
ber 9, 1715.

(IV) Zaccheus. son of Jacob (2) Burgess,
was born in Sandwich. March 9, 1705. He

married (first) Temperance , who died

December 8, 1748. He married ( second ) No-
vember 4, 1749, Phebe Snow, of Rochester,
daughter of Nicholas Snow. He married
(third) Jul}' 30. 1752. Joanna Barrows. Chil-
dren of first wife: 1. Josiah, born July 16.

1736. 2. Ruth, married Sampson. 3.

Thomas. May 2T,, i 741 . 4. Elisha, 1743. men-
tioned below. 5. Jedidah, 1745, married, De-
cember 8, 1763. Eleazer Black well. 6. Mary,
married Handy. Child of second wife :

7. Phebe.

( V ) Elisha, son of Zaccheus Burgess, was
born in 1743. resided in Sandwich, died No-
vember 10. 1832. He married Hannah Nye.
of Falmouth, who died December 9, 1840,
aged ninety-two years. Children: 1. Betsey,
born March 31, 1772, married, November 25,
1796, Elisha Gibbs. 2. Elisha, January 14.
1774, died young. 3. Abiah, February 14.
1776, died young. 4. Benjamin, August 26,
1778. 5. Rebecca. November 29, 1781. 6.
Hannah. February 6, 1783, died young. 7.
Jacob, September 19, 1785. 8. Hepzibah,
April 5, 1788. 9. Anson, December 2, 1791.
mentioned below.

(VI) Anson, son of Elisha Burgess, was
born in Sandwich, December 2, 1791, died
January 19, 1863. He married, October 26.
1820, Mary Crocker Davis, of Barnstable, born
July 10, 1798. Children: 1. Anson N., born
September 7, 1821, died May 3, 1854. 2.
Eleanor C. April 24, 1824. 3. James D..
March 25, 1826. 4. Henry W., November 20.
1827, married Sarah E. Gardner. 5. Francis,
January 13, 1831, married, January 5, i860.
Anna K. Eldridge : died February 9, 1861.
6. Edward B., February 10, 1833, mentioned
below. 7. Louisa C, May 21, 1835, died De-
cember 5, 1853. 8. Caroline E., September 8,

*&37- 9- George C, July 21, 1841, married,
June 5, 1864, Sarah C. Adams.

(VII) Edward B., son of Anson Burgess,
was born February 10, 1833, died November
ir. 1905. He attended public school at Sand-
wich, Massachusetts, and at age of twenty-one
went to California, remaining two years ; he
then went to Sandwich Island and Hawaii, re-
maining four years ; then returned to Massa-
chusetts, locating in Charlestown, and engaged
in the retail grocery business, continuing in
same for forty-two years, retiring in 1902 ; he
moved to Somerville about 1885. He was a
member of Henry Price Lodge, Free and Ac-
cepted Masons, of Charlestown, and a member
of the Retail Grocers' Association. He was
a Congregationalist in religion and a Republi-
can in politics. He married, September 2,
1863, at New York City, Julia A. Samson,
daughter of Hiram and Rozilla (Blake) Sam-
son. Children: 1. Harrie, born March 18,
1865. 2. Orra G., January 11, 1867, married
Joseph Smith ; one child, Edward Burgess,
born September 27, 1890. 3. Edward B..
February 13. 1869. 4. Alice C, June 23, 1871,
wife of Henry White. 5. George Arthur,
April 28, 1874. 6. Robert, June 11, 1877. 7.
Ella May, December 13, 1879, married Nathan
P. Reed (see Reed family). 8. Mary Louise,
February 20, 1882.

The surname Hawes is of Eng-
HA'WES lish origin. At least four immi-
grants of the name came to
Massachusetts before 1650 — Edmund Hawes,
of Plymouth, Duxbury and Yarmouth ; Ed-
ward, of Dedham, mentioned below ; Richard,
of Dorchester, and Robert, of Roxbury.

( I ) Edward Hawes, immigrant ancestor,
came from England and was in Dedham as
early as 1648, when the records show that
he was engaged to plaster the meeting house
there. He was a mason by trade. He died
June 28, 1686. He married, April 15, 1648,
at Dedham, Eliony Lombard. Children: I.

Lydia, born January 26, 1649, married

Gay. 2. Mary, November 4, 1650. 3. Daniel,
February 10, 1652, mentioned below. 4.
Hannah, February 1. 1654-55, married, Janu-
ary 5, 1676, John Mason. 5. John, December
l 7- 1657, died February 21, 1731-32. 6.
Nathaniel, August 14, 1660, died October 16,
1714. 7. Abigail, October 2. 1662, married
John Fales. 8. Joseph, August 9, 1664. 9.
Deborah, September 1, 1666, married (first)
Ephraim Pond; (second) Bacon.

(II) Daniel, son of Edward Hawes, was



born at Dedham, February 10, 1652, died
March 16, 1737-38. He married, February
11, 1677, Abial Gay, born April 23, 1649,
daughter of John and Joanna Gay. Children:
1. Mary, born September 17, 1679, married
Eleazer Ware. 2. Abigail, November 15,
1681, married Thonias Mann. 3. Daniel,
March 30, 1684, mentioned below. 4. Josiah,
April 6, 1686. 5. Hezekiah, November 22,
1688, married Esther Ware. 6. Ruth, July
9, 1 69 1, married Nathaniel Wright. 7. Ben-
jamin. March 14. 1696, married Abigail Fales.

(III) Daniel ( 2 ) , son of Daniel ( I ) Hawes,
was born in Dedham, March 30, 1684, died
January 15, 1763. He settled in Wrentham,
in what is now Franklin. He married, De-
cember 20, 1710, Beriah Mann. Children:
1. Daniel, born October 24. 171 1. 2. Samuel,
January 7, 1713. 3. Peletiah. October 8,
1714. married Judith Peck. 4. Moses, August

28, 1716. 5. Aaron, April 13, 1718. 6.
Ichabod, September 18, 1720, mentioned
below. 7. Timothy, June 21, 1722, married
Mary Ware. 8. Beriah (twin), March 30.
1724. 9. Josiah, (twin), March 30. 1724. 10.
Mary, February 11, 1725-26. married Ebenezer
Lawrence. 11. Joseph, March 21, 1727-28.

(IV) Ichabod, son of Daniel (2) Hawes,
was born in Wrentham, September 18, 1720,
died December 18, 1777. He settled at Med-
way, where all his children were born. He
married (first) (intentions dated November
25, 1745) Elizabeth Fisher, who died October
30. 1766, aged forty-five. He married (sec-
ond) February 25, 1768, Keziah Mann, who
died October 28, 1772, in her thirty-second
year. He married (third) January 19, 1778,
in Rehoboth, Ruth Williams. Children, all by
first wife: 1. Beriah, born September 19.
1746. 2. Eli, August 19, 1748. 3. Hall, bap-
tized April 2, 1749. 4. Elizabeth, born August
7. 1750 (called son). 5. Esther, February 12,
1753. 6. Hepsibath, August 2, 1755, died
January 2, 1763. 7. Joel, April 12, 1757. 8.
Ichabod, October 25, 1758, mentioned below.
9. Betty, January 6, 1762.

(V) Ichabod (2). son of Ichabod (1)
Hawes, was born at Medway, October 25,
1758. He married, January 14, 1781, Sarah
Pond, who married ( second ) Jeremy Leland,
of Holliston, daughter of Timothy (4),
Samuel (3), Ephraim (2), and Daniel (1),
who was the ancestor of all the Ponds in
Franklin. Children: 1. Keziah James, born
April 28, 1782. died November 5, 1783. 2.
Ichabod, November 24, 1783. 3. Abel, March

29, 1785 (town records 1786). 4. Sarah,

July 16, 1788. 5. Luther, July 18, 1791, men-
tioned below. 6. Harmon S. 7. Almira. 8.

(VI) Luther, son of Ichabod (2) Hawes,
was born in Medway, July 18, 1791, died June
26, 1852. He resided in Northborough for a
time and in 1829 lived in Grafton. He was a
cabinetmaker and his furniture was noted for
its symmetry and solidity. He married, April
8, 1817, Cynthia Hemenway, born in Framing-
ham, April 16, 1795, died May 18, 1876,
daughter of Jacob (5), Ebenezer (4), Eben-
ezer (3), Joshua (2), Ralph (1) Hemenway.
Children: 1. Calvin Luther, born February
23, 1818, died November 9, 1889. 2. Sarah
Sibella, June 20, 1819, died May 13, 1838.

3. Emory Cutler, October 31, 1820, mentioned
below. 4. Abel Leland. December 18, 1823,
died April 14, 1889. 5. Cynthia Maria,
August 11, 1825. died July 18, 1906: married
D. B. Wesson. 6. Henry Edwin (twin), April

4, 1829, died February 17. 1871 : married
Frances Wesson. 7. Harriet Ellen (twin),
April 4, 1829, died September 7, 1897; mar-
ried Frank Wesson.

( VII) Emory Cutler, son of Luther Hawes,
was born October 31. 1820, in Northborough,
died in Springfield, January 10, 1879. He
attended the public schools of his native town
until he was sixteen years old, when he came
t<> Springfield to work for his brother, Calvin
L. Hawes, who owned a bakery on the present
site of the Springfield Republican building.
After a time he opened a restaurant on his
own account on Sanford street. He retired
from this business to become a partner in the
firm of Hawes & Bliss, dealers in meats. After
many years of prosperous business he with-
drew from the firm on account of ill health.
Subsequently he became a contractor for D.
P.. Wesson, his brother-in-law, of the firm of
Smith & Wesson, manufacturers of fire-arms,
and continued until the August preceding his
death. January 10, 1879. He was independent
of party ties in politics, but always interested
in public affairs. He attended the South Con-
gregational Church. He was devoted to his
wife and family, and held the respect and
friendship of all who knew him. Earnest,
sincere, kindly and charitable in his nature, of
strict integrity in business, sound judgment
and unusual ability, he was a strong and influ-
ential factor in the life of the city, a most
useful and capable citizen. He married (first)
Mary A. Dow, born in Ashford, Connecticut,
died May. i860, daughter of Harry and Mary
(Sumner) Dow. He married (second) Jan-



uary 1, 1 861, Ursula Maria Herrick, born June

7, 1841, daughter of Thomas and Mary A.
(Knox) Herrick. (See Herrick family).
Children of first wife: 1. Ella Caty, born
September 8, 1852, married Nathaniel Whit-
aker, October 27, 1875 ; two children : Grace,
born March 13, 1879, and Harry, born August
11. 1886. 2. Addie Belle, August 3, 1854, died
September 28, 1898; married William Alvord,
December 25, 1876; one son, Walter, born
December 15, 1879. Children of second wife:
3. May Lizzie, July 26, 1862, died February

8, 1868. 4. Emory Wesson, February 1, 1864,
died November 8, 1887: married, October 14,
1885, Lizzie Maria Breck, born February 17,
1864: his widow now resides in Springfield
with Mrs. Emory C. Hawes. 5. Harry Luther,
May 31, 1869, married, February 27, 1900,
Mary "Hannah Harper, born April 7, 1871 ;
have no children. 6. Leon Edward, February
17, 1873, married, October 21, 1896, Isabelle
Holman Sargeant, born November 4, 1872.

(The Herrick Line).

This surname is of very ancient Scandi-
navian origin, from the baptismal name Eric,
and the spelling is varied, some of the forms
being Erikr, Erick, Irek, Eyrick, Erryk,
Heryk, Hireck, Hearick, Herrick. Tradition
says the family was descended from Ericke, a
Danish chief who invaded Britain in the time
of King Alfred, and having been defeated
was compelled with his followers to live in
East Anglia, the government of which he held
as a fief of the English crown. At the time of
the Norman invasion, Eric the Forester re-
sided in Leicestershire and had extensive
domains along the sources of the Severn, and
on the borders of Wales. He raised an army
to fight the Normans, and bore a prominent
part in the defense. Being defeated, his fol-
lowers were dispossessed of their estates, but
he found favor with William the Conqueror
and was given important offices about his per-
son, and in the command of the armies. In
his old age he was permitted to retire to his
house in Leicestershire, where he died. One
coat-of-arms borne by an English family is:
Argent, a fess vair or and gules. Crest : A
bull's head couped or horned and eared sable,
gorged with a chaplet of roses proper. Motto :
Virtus omnia nnbilitat.

( I ) Eyryk, of Great Stretton and Hough-
ton, county Leicester, was a lineal descendant
from Eric the Forester. He lived in the time
of Henry III. He had sons Alan and Henry.

(II) Alan Eyryk held two ingates of land
at Stretton, of the Abbey of Leicester.

( III) Henry Eyryk was of Stretton.

(IV) John Eyryk was also of Stretton.

(V) Robert Eyryk, of Stretton, married

Joanna . Children : William, Robert.

died March 28, 1385, John, Adelena.

(VI) Sir William Eyryk, knight, was of
Stretton and commissioned to attend the
Prince of Wales in his trip to Gascogny in

(VII) Robert Eyrick, of Houghton, was
descended from Sir William, and married
Agnes . Children : Robert, Thomas.

(VIII) Thomas Eyrick, gent., of Hough-
ton, died 1518; settled in Leicester and is
buried in St. Martin's Church there. Chil-
dren: Nicholas. John, born 1513 ; Elizabeth.

( IN ) John Eyrick or Heyrick died April 2,
1589, in Leicester; married Marie, daughter
of John Bond, of county Warwick ; mayor of
Leicester in 1559 and 1572; had twelve chil-

( X ) Sir William Herrick, son of John
Eyrick or Heyrick. was born in 1557 and died
March 2, 1652-53. He was knighted in 1605;
member of parliament from 1601 to 1630. He
was successful in an important commission
for Queen Elizabeth and was appointed to a
good position in the exchequer. He acquired
a large estate and early bought Beau Manor
Park of the Earl of Essex, in Loughborough,
county Leicester, which at last accounts was
still in the hands of his descendants. He was
a celebrated goldsmith, principal jeweller to
the crown. At the time of his death were liv-
ing William Herrick, his son, William Herrick,
his grandson, and William Herrick, his great-
grandson, then about four years old. He mar-
ried, in 1596, Joan, daughter of Richard and
Mary ( Hilderson ) May, of London. Chil-
dren : 1. William, born 1597. 2. Robert,
1508. died s. p.. 1639. 3. Richard, 1600. 4.
Thomas, 1602, died young. 5. Elizabeth. 1603,
died young. 6. Henry, 1604, mentioned below.
7. Roger, fellow of All Souls' College, Ox-
ford. 8. John, born 1612. 9. Mary, died
aged twenty. 10. Martha, married, 1634,
John Holmstead. 11. Dorothy, married, July
1, 1628, Rev. James Lancashire. 12. Eliza-

( I ) Henry, son of Sir William Herrick,
was the immigrant ancestor. He was born
August 16, 1604, at Beau Manor, county
Leicester. His father wrote as follows con-
cerning his birth : "Thursday, 16th of August,



1604, my wife were brought a bead of a fifthe
sonne ; Sir David Murray, Mr. John Spilman,
and my Lady Aston, his gossips. He is
nursed at Thissilworth, at 2s. 6d. a week. His
name is commanded by Prince Henry to be
Henry; and Sir John Spilman would need
have him John. And that he was named
Henry." Lady Aston was wife to Sir Roger
Aston, master of the great wardrobe to his
majesty, James I. He came to New England
and settled in Salem, where he and his wife
were admitted members of the church in 1629.
He was admitted a freeman, May 18, 163 r ,
and was a proprietor in 1635. It is said that
he first came to Virginia. He removed to
Wenham, and later to Beverly, and owned a
farm on Bass river. He bought several farms
on Birch Plains and Cherry Hill, which he
gave to his sons. He was among the founders
of the first church in Beverly. He and his
wife were fined "for aiding and comforting
an excommunicated person, contrary to order.''
His will was dated November 24, 1670, and
proved March 28, 1671. He married Editha
Laskin, born 1614, daughter of Hugh Laskin.
Children: 1. Thomas, married Hannah Ord-
way. 2. Zachariah, baptized December 25,
1636. 3. Ephraim, baptized February 11,
1637-38, mentioned below. 4. Henry, bap-
tized January 16, 1639-40. 5. Joseph, baptized
August 6, 1645, died young. 6. Elizabeth,
baptized July 4. 1647. 7. John, baptized May
26, 1650. 8. Benjamin.

(II) Ephraim, son of Henry Herrick, was
baptized February 11. 1637-38. died Septem-
ber 18, 1693. He settled on a farm at Beverly
given him by his father, situated at Birch
Plains. He took the freeman's oath April 29,
1668. He married, July 3, 1661, Mary Cross,
of Salem. Children: 1. John, born May 31,
1662. 2. Ephraim, August 13, 1664. 3.
Mary, June 14. 1667. 4. Stephen, March 15,
1670, mentioned below. 5. Sarah. 6. Samuel,
June 4. 1675. 7. Timothy, January 4, 1681.
8. Anna, November 20, 1683.

(III) Stephen, son of Ephraim Herrick,
was born March 15, 1670, at Beverly. He re-
moved to Preston, Connecticut, after 1716, and
in October, 1737, his son Stephen was ap-
pointed lieutenant of the train band. He
married. December 3, 1692, Elizabeth Trask.
Children, born in Beverly : I. Elizabeth, born
October 17. 1693. 2. Edward, October 17,
1695, mentioned below. 3. Stephen, July 24.
1697. 4. Ebenezer, May 17, 1699. 5. Abigail
June 15, 1700. 6. Anna, November 2, 1702.

7. Mary, April 15. 1705. 8. Lydia, July 13,
1707. 9. Sarah, October 10, 1708.

(IV) Edward, son of Stephen Herrick, was
born in Beverly, October 17, 1695, died in
August, 1775. He married (first) November

10, 1725, Mary Dennison, who died January
9, 1735; (second) December 9, 1737, Mar-
garet Avery, of Groton, Connecticut: (third)
1 >ctober 27, 1757, Elizabeth Brannan. Chil-
dren of first wife: 1. Mary, born December
20, 1726, married Captain Daniel Tyler, of
Pomfret. 2. Ebenezer, October 2, 1731. 3-
Rufus, March 13, 1734. Children of second
wife: 4. Lucy, August 3, 1738. 5. Henry,
April 3, 1740. 6. Jonathan, December 3, 1743,
mentioned below. 7. Margaret, March 20,
1745. 8. Grace, July 4, 1747. 9. Moses, Sep-
tember 4, 1749, died January, 1794.

( V ) Jonathan, son of Edward Herrick, was
born December 3, 1743, died in 1822. He was
a farmer of Norwich and Preston, Connecticut.
He married Elizabeth Clark. Children, the
first four born in Norwich, the others in Pres-
ton : 1. Lucy, April 14, 1762. 2. Stephen,
May 19, 1764. 3. Jonathan (twin), July 14,
1767. 4. Elizabeth (twin), July 14, 1767. 5.
Rebecca, December 2, 1769. 6. Martha, May
15. 1772. 7. Moses, April 17, 1774. 8. Aaron,
May 13, 1776. 9. Thomas, July 14, 1779,
mentioned below. 10. William.

(VI) Thomas, son of Jonathan Herrick,
was born in Preston, Connecticut, July 14,
1779, died June 3, 1834. He was a farmer
and lived at Bland ford, Massachusetts. He
married, in April, 1802, Betsey Brockway, of
Southampton, born December 15, 1776, died
June 14, 1868. Children: I. Almena, born
March, 1803. 2. Lucina, September, 1804.

3. Thomas. August 26, 1809, mentioned below.

4. Betsey A., November, 1812. 5. Harmony,
January, 1814. 6. Ursula, April, 1818, died
March 22, 1909.

1 Y1J ) Thomas (2). son of Thomas (1)
Herrick, was born August 26, 1809, died Feb-
ruary 1, 1872, at Bland ford, where he was a
farmer. He married, June 28, 1836, Mary A.
Knox, born August 26, 1809, died February
1,1872. Children: 1. Charlotte E., born July

11, 1837, died October 21, 1908; married,
October 8, 1855, Emerson Wells Oatley. 2.
Henry Knox, August 24, 1839, married Sarah
Parks. 3. Ursula Maria, June 7, 1841, mar-
ried, January 1. 1861, Emory C. Hawes (see
Hawes family). 4. Emma Louise, March 8,
1843, married William R. Nye. 5. Mary
Elizabeth, February 3, 1845, married, March



14, 1865, James Richards. 6. Isabella A.,
September 6, 1849, died September 20, 1867.
7. Melissa Blair, March 29, 1851, married,
September 29, 1870, George Dennis Nye. 8.
Bessie Brockway, December 21, 1852, died
October 26, 1867. 9. Abbie Ann, February
1, 1855. 10. Hattie Hill, June 19, 1858, died
December 31, 1867.

The first of the Bliss family of
BLISS whom we have any reliable in-
formation was Thomas Bliss, of
Belstone parish in the county of Devonshire,
England. Two of his sons, Thomas and
George, and a nephew Thomas, a son of
Jonathan, the eldest son of the first Thomas
Bliss, came to America, and from them are
descended many or perhaps most of the
Blisses of New England. Those who came
from England were highly educated, gentle-
manly and refined in their manners, and were
much superior in their respect to their imme-
diate descendants, who had none of the ad-
vantages of the schools and society of the
mother country. The name is supposed to
have been originally Blois, the name of a
division of France, gradually modified in
America to Bliss.

(I) Thomas Bliss, the earliest known of the
family of Bliss of this article, lived near Oke-
hampton, in the village of Belstone, in Devon-
shire, England. He was a yeoman, a wealthy
landowner and a member of the despised sect
called Puritans, and suffered many persecu-
tions on account of his religious faith. He
was maltreated, impoverished and imprisoned,
and finally ruined in health (as well as finan-
cially) by the many indignities and hardships
forced upon him by the intolerant church party
in power. He is supposed to have been born
about the year 1550 or 1560. The date of his
death is not certainly known, but it probably
occurred about the time his sons emigrated to
America or soon after. One of his sons, Jon-
athan, was imprisoned for non-conformity,
fined heavily, ill-treated, and in long confine-
ment contracted a fever from which he never
recovered. The name of the wife of Thomas
Bliss is unknown. His five children were :
Jonathan, Thomas, Elizabeth, George, and
Mary Elizabeth, married Sir John Calcliffe.

(II) Thomas (2), second son of Thomas
(1) Bliss, was born in Belstone parish, Devon-
shire, about 1 580 or 1585. Thomas and George
Bliss embarked at Plymouth with their families
and came to America in the autumn of 1635.
and landed at Boston. They found they could

not be comfortably located together unless
they built new houses, for which undertaking
the season was too far advanced, so they
separated and Thomas settled in that part of
Boston called the Mousit ; it is across the bay,
a little south of the city, and was afterwards
named Braintree. The land there alloted to
him being situated upon the mountain, he soon
came to be called '"Thomas of the Mount,"
and was near losing the family name alto-
gether. The town has since been divided and
the part where Thomas lived is now called
Ouincy. Thomas Bliss and his family and his
nephew, Thomas Bliss (son of his brother
Jonathan of England) who had arrived in
Boston the year before, went from Braintree,
perhaps with Rev. Thomas Hooker; if not
soon after ; and became a pioneer settler in
Hartford, Connecticut, some time in 1636-37.
By making a farm and selling his improve-
ments to a newcomer, Thomas Bliss had
cleared a little money, then about the only
way to make money in New England. In the
second year after his arrival (1640), Thomas
Bliss, senior, as he was called, died. The land
apportioned among the Hartford settlers was

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