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lye, all of which, though orthographically dif-
ferent, have the same signification and denote
a pasture. Leland, therefore, denoting pasture
land, suggests that in early times this family
may have been generally shepherds and tillers
of the soil. Distinguished men in England and
America have borne the name Leyland. The
Leland attaining the greatest distinction was
John, chaplain to King Henry VIII, the only
person ever holding the office of "King's
Antiquary," one of the most accomplished
scholars and voluminous writers of his own
or any other age. The Lelands of America
have numbered among them many men promi-
nent in their lines of labor. The Leland coat-
of-arms is : Gules a saltier argent — charged
with three Pallets azure, on chief or crest,
with a crow, rising transfixed with an arrow.
Cui deveo, fidus.

( I ) Henry Leland, the progenitor of almost
all without exception who bear the name in
this country, according to the most accurate
information available, was born in England
about the year 1625. It is supposed that he
came to America in 1652, as the church records
of Dorchester show that he united with the
church in that town in 1653. After a short
residence in Dorchester he settled on land in
what was afterward the town of Sherburne,
where he resided until his death April 4, 1680.
Henry Leland made his will March 27, 1680
(O. S.) and it was probated June 8 following.
He wrote his name Layland. There is good



reason for believing that Henry Leland was a
man in character like his comrades in those
days, distinguished for firmness, courage,
patient endurance, and invincible moral and
religious integrity. He married Margaret
Badcock, by whom he had five children, all
born in America: Hopestill (died young),
Experience, Hopestill, Ebenezer and Eleazer.

(II) Ebenezer. son of Henry and Margaret
( Badcock) Leland, was born in Old Medfield,
January 25, 1657, died in Sherburne, Massa-
chusetts, 1742. He was a farmer like most
men in the colony those days. Timothy Leland
administered on the estate of Ebenezer
Leland, which amounted to £198 10s. 6d.
Administration granted October 18, 1742.
Ebenezer married ( first ) Deborah, whose
surname does not appear; (second) Mary
Hunt. His children were: Deborah, Ebene-
zer, Timothy, James, Susannah, Patience,
Martha, Isaac. Sibella and Amariah.

(III) Captain James, son of Ebenezer and
Deborah Leland, was born in Sherburne in
1687, died in Grafton, 1768. He was a farmer
and was a military man, serving as captain.
The commissioners' return of his father's
estate January 12, 1753, recites: Captain
James Leland received in the year 1708,
£17-10-0. James spent his early life in Sher-
burne, but after marriage he took his wife and
young family and in 1723 removed to
the county of Worcester, and settled
on a township of land called Hassan-
amisco, which afterward took the corporate
name of Grafton. James Leland married
Hannah Learned, by whom he had : Jerusha,
Thankful, (died young), Benjamin, Moses,
James, Hannah, Thankful, Thomas, Deliver-
ance, Phineas and Prudence.

'(IV) Phineas, son of James and Hannah
(Learned) Leland, was born in Grafton in
1730, died there in 1773. Like all his brothers
and sisters who attained majority he settled
near his father in Grafton and had a part of
his father's estate for a farm. This was situ-
ated on the Blackstone river. Phineas Leland
married (first) Lydia Fletcher, and (second)
Sarah Warren. His children, all born in the
homestead estate, were : Lydia, Phineas,
Eleazer, Joseph, David W., Thomas, Sarah,
Caleb, Joshua, Lydia and Deliverance.

(V) Caleb, son of Phineas Leland, was
born in 1765, died in Baltimore, Vermont, in
1843. He was a farmer and resided in Graf-
ton until about the year 1800, when he re-
moved to Chester, Vermont, and soon after to
the adjoining town of Baltimore, where he

continued to live until his death. He married
Lakin Willard ; children : Nancy, Otis, Joshua,
.Maria, Caleb, Lakin, Joseph W., Hannah R.,
Charles and James A.

(VI) Otis, son of Caleb and Lakin (Will-
ard) Leland, was born in Grafton, Massa-
chusetts, in 1791, died in Weathersfield, Ver-
mont, 187 1. He owned a farm and resided
for a time in Athens, Vermont. He was well
educated and well versed in Latin and mathe-
matics and taught school for several years.
He married, January 4, 1820, Nancy Spald-
ing, born November 30, 1800, daughter of
Jesse and Winifred (Swift) Spalding (See
Spalding VII). Their children were Octavius
A., Ellen R., Josephine M., Granville, Joseph
W., Levi P., Mary, Julia L., Henry S. and

(VII) Julia Louise, daughter of Otis and
Nancy (Spalding) Leland, was born in
Lowell, September 14, 1840, married, March
8, 1865, Lyman Eliot Bowles (see Bowles

(The Spalding Line).

The family of Spalding claim and rightfully
too it seems to be descended from one of the
earliest families that settled in Virginia, 1619,
though there had been a colony of men at
Jamestown for a dozen years before that. The
name seems to be derived from Spalding, a
market town in Lincolnshire, England. The
Spaldings have been distinguished in civil and
military life for many generations, both in
Europe and America. In law, medicine,
theology, and in commerce and manufactures,
as well as in the minor employments, Spald-
ings have held prominent places. It has been
computed that eighteen of this name partici-
pated in the battle of Bunker Hill, where one
had a horse shot under him.

(I) Edward Spalding and Edmund Spald-
ing are supposed to have emigrated from
England together with Sir George Yeardley
in 1619, and settled at Jamestown, Virginia.
In the "Virginia Colonial Record" is given
"Lists of the Living and the Dead in Vir-
ginia, Feb. 16, 1623." In this list, under the
head "Att James Citie and within the Corpora-
tion thereof," is to be found in "List of the
Living," Edward Spalding, Uxox Spalding,
Puer Spalding, Puella Spalding, indicating
that Edward Spalding with his wife and son
and a daughter lived at Jamestown at the time
of the making of the list. Edward Spalding
is supposed to have been one of those respect-
able settlers who for one hundred and twenty
pounds of tobacco secured wives from among



the "ninety agreeable persons, young and in- ■
corrupt," who went to Virginia in 1619.
Having seen the massacre of the English by
the Indians in March, 1622, and not being
satisfied with the conditions in Virginia, Ed-
ward Spalding probably left the colony and
went to Massachusetts. He is found of record
at Braintree, Massachusetts, where he was
made a freeman May 13, 1640. On October
1, 1645, he and nineteen others petitioned for
a grant of ten thousand acres of land and the
general court complied with their request. In
1652 he was one of twenty to petition for the
establishment of the town of Chelmsford, and
this petition was granted on May 10 following,
and the settlement immediately began. He
was one of the selectmen chosen at the first
town meeting there in 1654, again in 1656, and
in 1660-61. On the first division of lands,
February 4, 1661, he was granted twenty-
eight acres. In 1663 he was surveyor of high-
ways and in 1665 one of a committee to lay
out the meadow lands. In 1666 he was one of
the surveyors of Newfield, of which he was
an original proprietor, and afterwards he was
one of the surveyors of North Chelmsford.
He is of record in 1664 as possessing an
orchard of apple trees, orchards being much
desired in the colony at that time. Edward
Spalding died February 26, 1670. His will
was made "the 13th day of Feb. 1666" and in
it he makes "Rachel Spalding my wife my sole
executor." This was probated April 5, 1670.
The inventory of his estate amounted to one
hundred and forty pounds, eight shillings, ten
pence. Edward Spalding's first wife, Mar-
garet, died at Braintree, in August, 1640, and
his daughter Grace the following year. His
second wife, Rachel, died before April 5, 1670.
The children of first wife were: John, Ed-
ward and Grace; of second wife: Benjamin,
Joseph, Dinah and Andrew, who is next men-

(II) Andrew, youngest child of Edward
and Rachel Spalding, was born November 19,
1652, died May 5, 1713. He succeeded by the
terms of his father's will to the paternal estate,
and was a deacon of the church at the time of
his death, and in that position he was succeeded
by his son Andrew and grandson Ephraim.
His will was executed June 6, 1712, and he
signed it with his mark. He married, April
30. 1674, Hannah Jefes, a daughter of Henry
Jefes, of Billerica. She died January 21, 1730.
Their children were : Hannah, Andrew,
Henry, John, Rachel, William, Joanna, Benoni
and Mary.

(III) Andrew (2), eldest son of Andrew
(1) and Hannah (Jefes) Spalding, was born
March 25, 1678, in Chelmsford, where he
passed his life and died November 7, 1753.
He was a deacon in the church there. He
received, as his brothers did, a portion of real
estate before his father's death, and an equal
share of that portion in which his mother had
a life estate after her death. On September
2, 1726, he deeded land in Londonderry, New
Hampshire, to John Gofre, of that town. The
deed was dated Dunstable, September 2, 1726.
He married, February 5, 1701, Abigail Warren,
who died May 12, 1768. Their children were :
Andrew, Jacob and Henry (twins), Josiah,
Ephraim, Isaac, Abigail and Joanna (twins),
James, David, Benjamin and Sally.

(IV) James, son of Andrew (2) and Abi-
gail (Warren) Spalding, was born October
27, 1714, in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and
died about 1790. He removed to New Ipswich,
New Hampshire, but after a few years
returned to Westford, where he died. He mar-
ried (first) Anna, whose surname is unknown.
She was admitted to the church of Westford,
Massachusetts, September 4, 1737, and died
May 24, 1770. He married (second) Widow
Eunice Fassett, of Westford, January 15,
1771, published December 25, 1770. She died
in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, March,
1812, aged ninety-five or ninety-six. She was
born in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The children
of James Spalding, all by first wife and all
born in Westford, were : Benjamin, James,
Susanna (died young), Silas (died young),
Caleb, James and Susanna (died young)
(twins), Amos, (died young), Susanna, Anna,
Silas and Phinehas.

(V) Benjamin, eldest child of James and
Anna Spalding, was born in Westford, Mass-
achusetts, March 15, 1738, and was baptized
March 26, 1738. William, his son, stated that
his father went from Westford, Massachusetts,
to Ashburnham, Massachusetts, then called
Dorchester-Canada, as the town was granted
to the soldiers of Dorchester, in consideration
of their services in an expedition against Can-
ada, in 1690; from Ashburnham he went to
Jaffrey, New Hampshire. When he married
his second wife, he removed to Marlboro, New
Hampshire, where he died in 1810. Benjamin
Spalding, of Ashburnham, serving in the war
of the revolution as a lieutenant and was in
service at Dobb's Ferry, Tarrytown, and North
Castle, New Jersey, in 1776. He appeared to
have served in various regiments during the
war. He married (first) Sarah Chandler, of

1 548


Westford, Massachusetts; published February
3, 1759. She was born March 18, 1739, died
October 3, 1796. He married (second) Mrs.
Betty Flood, of Marlboro, New Hampshire.
The children, all by first wife and born in
Jaffrey, were: Susanna, Willard, Benjamin,
Sarah (died young), William (died young).
Reuben, Moses, Jesse, Peter, Sarah and Will-

(VI) Jesse, son of Benjamin and Sarah
(Chandler) Spalding, was born in Jaffrey,
New Hampshire, September 20, 1772, died
May 22, 1858. He married, May 31, 1798,
Winifred Swift, of Boston; she died Sep-
tember 18, 1868, in Cavendish, Vermont, in
the eighty-seventh year of her age. The oldest
and the six youngest children of this family
were born in Cavendish, Vermont. The chil-
dren were : Betsey, Nancy, Jesse, Horace,
Addison, Luther, Roxanna, Benjamin, Otis
and Elzina.

( Y1I ) Nancy, second child of Jesse and Wini-
fred ( Swift ) Spalding, was born November 30,
iSoa.and died at Weathersfield, Vermont, 1873.
She married. January 4. 1820, Otis Leland, of
Baltimore, Vermont (see Leland VI), and
resided in Lowell and Chester, Vermont.

The surname Pratt occurs among
PRATT the earliest English family rec-
ords, before the year 1200, and
indicates that the family came with the Nor-
mans to England. John Pratt ordc Pratcllis
or de Pratis, as then generally spelled, held
the Manor of Patrickborne (Merton Bridge
and Pelham Hundred) in 1200. Four brothers.
John, William, Engebraw and Peter de
Pratellis, figured prominently in the reign
of Richard I and John, all living in 1201.
John was a favorite minister. In 1191 Will-
iam and Peter both made a gallant record in
the Crusade. John Pratt was in parliament
from Beverly in 1298 and 1305. Before the
year 1300 the family was well known and
widely scattered through England, and the
shortened form of the name Prat was the com-
mon spelling. The other forms, Pratte, Pradt,
Praed, Prete, Prate, Praer, and Prayers are
also found. The surname means meadow and
was a place name before it became a surname.

(I) W r illiam Pratt, immigrant ancestor,
was admitted a freeman in 1651. He prob-
ably lived in Weymouth and we know prac-
tically nothing of his history.

(II) William (2), believed to be the son
of William (1) Pratt, lived in Weymouth and
was admitted a freeman in 1680. He settled

in Norton, Massachusetts, formerly part of
Taunton. He married (first) Elizabeth Baker,
daughter of Richard Baker; (second) Experi-
ence , who was admitted to the church

at Norton, November 1, 1714. Children: 1.
hlizabeth, married, December 8, 1714, at Nor-
ton, Nathaniel Dunham. 2. Josiah, settled at
Norton. Children of second wife: 3. Thank-
ful. 4. Joanna, born September 2^, 1692. 5.
William, born October 3, 1695.

( III ) Josiah, son of William (2) Pratt, was
born about 1690, probably at Weymouth. He
lived at Norton in that section that was incor-
porated as Mansfield. He married, November
22, 1716, Sarah Jones, of Taunton. She died
March 2, 1723, and he married (second) May
20, 1725, Tabitha Smith. Children, born at
Norton, now Mansfield: 1. Josiah Jr., Febru-
ary 14, 1719-20, mentioned below. 2. Naomi,
March 18. 1721-22. 3. Nehemiah, February
9, 1723-24. Children of second wife: 4.
Judah, July 30, 1727. 5. Zephaniah, July 5.
1729. 6. Samuel, July 23, 1731, was living in
1790, according to the federal census that year.
7. Sarah, February 22, 1736. 8. Mercy, Feb-
ruary 13, 1738-39. 9. Carety, November 18,
1742. 10. John, June 19, 1744 ; both he and his
son John were heads of families in 1790,
aconling to the census at Mansfield.

(IV) Josiah (2), son of Josiah (1) Pratt,
was born at Norton, February 14. 1719-20.
He married at Norton (intention dated Sep-
tember 17, 1743) Abigail Williams. He settled
at Stoughton, an adjacent town. Children,
born at Stoughton: 1. Josiah, May 26, 1745,
lived at Mansfield. 2. Isaac, November 24.
1746, lived at Stoughton. 3. Joseph, April 1,
1740. mentioned below. Perhaps others.

(V) Joseph, son of Josiah (2) Pratt, was
born at Stoughton, April 1, 1749. He lived at
Mansfield; married, perhaps second wife, at
Norton, January 15, 1784, Anna Tucker. He
was a soldier in the revolution from Stough-
ton, a private in Captain Josiah Pratt's com-
pany, Colonel Lemuel Robinson's regiment,
April 19, 1775; also in Captain Pratt's com-
pany. Colonel Gill's regiment in 1776; also in
Captain Ed. Bridges Savell's company, Colonel
Gill's regiment. There were many of the
same name in this section and it is impossible
to identify all the military records.

(VI) Josiah (3), son of Joseph Pratt, was
born September 15, 1769, settled at Mansfield.
Child, Josiah. mentioned below.

(VII) Josiah (4), son of Josiah (3) Pratt,
was born at Mansfield. Tanuary 26, 1802, and
died May 18, 1887. He" married May I, 1828,



Catherine Hall, born December 20, 1808, died
July 23, 1890, daughter of Joel and Lucretia
Hall. They lived in East Charlemont, Massa-
chusetts, where he engaged in the manufac-
ture of scythe snaths and axes; later he moved
to Shelburne Falls, and continued the manu-
facture of axes there. Children, born at
Charlemont: 1. Frank J., January 17, 1829.
2. Mary Hannah, December 8, 1830. 3. Cath-
erine Augusta, March 28, 1833. 4. Francis
Roscoe, mentioned below. 5. Julia M., April
29, 1837. 6. George Bancroft, October 23,
1841. 7. Ellery C, December 23, 1846, died
October 25, 1850. 8. Anna Isadore, born Jan-
uary 29, 1850.

(VIII) Francis Roscoe, son of Josiah (4)
Pratt, was born in East Charlemont, Massa-
chusetts, April 3, 1835. He was engaged in
the manufacture of axes at Shelburne Falls,
Massachusetts, and later connected with vari-
ous manufacturing enterprises there, being
superintendent and director of the H. H. May-
hew Company for many years. About 1900
he moved to Greenfield and became interested
in and a director of Goodell-Pratt Company,
tool manufacturers. He married, December
24, 1863, Lydia Taft, born at Newfane, Ver-
mont, January 15, 1831, daughter of Caleb and
Mary Taft. Her father was born at West
Dummerston, Vermont, May 14, 1795; mar-
ried Mary Burnet, of West Dummerston, born
May 1, 1801. The Taft family is descended
from Robert Taft, of Mendon, Massachusetts,
from whom most of the Taft families of the
country are descended, including Judge Will-
iam H. Taft, the Republican president. Child,
William M., born August 13, 1867, mentioned

(IX) William M., son of Francis Roscoe
Pratt, was born at Shelburne Falls, August 13,
1867. He attended the public schools of his
native town and was graduated from the Arms
Academy at Shelburne Falls in the class of
1883. He then went to South Dakota, where
he became cashier of the Pukwana Bank in
1885, and editor and publisher of the Pukwana
Press. He was assistant cashier of the Case
& Whitbeck Bank at Kimball, South Dakota,
from 1886 to 1890. He resigned to accept the
position of secretary of the H. H. Mayhew
Company at Shelburne Falls. In 1895 he
became treasurer of the Goodell-Pratt Com-
pany of Greenfield. He is also president of
the Massachusetts Tool Company ; vice-presi-
dent of the American Hardware Manufac-
turers Association ; director of the First
National Bank of Greenfield; of the Inter

ili — 29

Insurers of America; director of the Whitbeck
National Bank, Chamberlain, South Dakota,
and the Goodell Tool Company, Shelburne
Falls, and several other corporations. He is
a member of the National Civic Federation
and the American Chamber of Commerce of
Paris ; of the Country Club, Greenfield Club,
of Greenfield, and the Hardware Club of New
York City. He married, in Pukwana, South
Dakota, September 14, 1886, Emma C. Rich-
ardson, born September 29, 1865, daughter of
Asa W. M. Richardson, of (Lowell) Dracut,
-Massachusetts. Children: 1. Ethel Anna, born
July 7, 1887, died January 15, 1901. 2. Francis
W., April 11, 1894. 3. Florence L., March
25. 1897.

Matthew Pratt was born in Eng-
PRATT land about 1600. He probably
came to New England with the
Gorges company in 1623, though the author of
the genealogy fails to find positive evidence.
Joshua and Phinehas Pratt, brothers, came in
the ship "Anne" to Plymouth in 1623. Phinehas
went to Weymouth later and our first record
of Matthew was at Weymouth. The family
tradition of descendants of Matthew says they
were related. He may have been a younger
brother or nephew. Matthew's name appears
on the list of "old residents" about 1643. His
name was spelled Macute and in similar ways,
but the weight of evidence proves that Matthew
was the correct form. He received a grant
from the general court, December 7, 1636, of
twenty acres. He became one of the
prominent citizens of Weymouth and was
often townsman or selectman. He had other
grants of land from time to time and became
a large landed proprietor. His will was dated
March 25, 1672, and proved April 30, 1673.
He mentions his wife Elizabeth, his children
and grandchildren. He died August 26, 1672.
He married Elizabeth Bate. Children: 1.
Thomas, born before 1628, died April 19, 1676.
2. Matthew, 1628, died January 12, 1713. 3.
John, died October 3, 17 16. 4. Samuel, men-
tioned below. 5. Joseph, June 10, 1637, died
December 24, 1720. 6. Elizabeth, died Febru-
ary 26, 1726. 7. Mary.

(II) Samuel, son of Matthew Pratt, was
born about 1633 and died in 1678. He, like
his brothers, was a town officer and large land
owner in Weymouth. His estate was valued
at two hundred and seventy-five pounds,
twelve shillings. His son Samuel moved to
Taunton, and was ancestor of most of the
Pratt families in that vicinity. Samuel Pratt



married, July 19, 1660, Hannah Rogers, who
died October 16, 171 5. Children: 1. Judith,
born July 25, 1661. 2. John, August 17, 1663,
died February 8, 1744. 3. Hannah, December
21, 1665. 4. Mary, March 3, 1668, married
William Dyer. 5. Samuel, November 15, 1670.

6. Experience, January 8, 1672. 7. Ebenezer,
1674, mentioned below.

(III) Ebenezer, son of Samuel Pratt, was
born in Weymouth in 1674 and died in 1752.
He was prominent in town affairs and held
office. In 1 714 he was identified with the
establishment of the fishing trade between
Weymouth and Cape Sable, being with others
granted land called Hunt's Hill and the Beach,
in North Weymouth, on which to carry on the
business. He paid four pounds, five shillings,
for a pew in the meeting house, on the "west
side of the great dore." He married (first)
Martha , who died May, 1720. He mar-
ried (second) December 25, 1720, Waitstill
Washburn. Children, all by first wife: 1.
Ebenezer, born August 6, 1702, mentioned
below. 2. Ann, April 24, 1704. 3. Mary,
August 23, 1706. 4. Sarah, October 3, 1708.
5. Samuel, December 19, 1712, died December
28, 1793; married (first) February 17, 1737,
Betty Bicknell ; second Mary .

(IV) Ebenezer (2), son of Ebenezer (1)
Pratt, was born in Weymouth, August 6, 1702,
died October 9, 1760. He married, in 1726,
Tabitha Crane, of Weymouth, who died 1756.
Children: 1. Silas, born September 9, 1729,
died 1776. 2. Tabitha, April 8, 1732, married,
1754, Lieutenant Ebenezer Porter. 3. Ebe-
nezer, May 9, 1734. 4. Abner, January 14,
1736, mentioned below. 5. Hannah, August

7, 1738, married, 1754, Samuel Bate. 6.
Stephen, March 27, 1740, died January 16,
1806. 7. Rebecca, July 16, 1741, married,
October 26, 1760, Stephen Pain Jr. 8. Shere-
biah, April 5, 1745. 9. Reliance, November 16,
1749, married, 1766, Ebenezer Hovey. 10.
Molly, married, 1777, Zach. Bicknell Jr.

( V ) Abner, son of Ebenezer (2) Pratt, was
born in Weymouth, January 14, 1736. He
married (first) June 19, 1756, Mary Porter,
born December 15, 1739, died 1758, daughter
of Ebenezer and Mellea Porter. He married
(second) December 19, 1758, Margaret
Humphrey, born February 8, 1739, died Janu-
ary 29, 1832, daughter of James and Ann
Humphrey. Child of first wife: 1. Laban,
born May, 1758, died same year. Children of
second wife: 2. Laban, 1759, mentioned below.
3. Mary, 1760. 4. Alvan, October 1, 1762. 5.
Lucy, August 26, 1764, married, April 29,

1784, Levi Bates. 6. Esther, April 6, 1768,
married, May 22, 1788, Jonathan Derby. 7.
Sarah, November 1, 1770, married, May 28,
1789, John Rice. 8. Hannah, March 12, 1773,
married, 1793, Seth Johnson. 9. Abner, Sep-
tember 1, 1775, died October 9, 1845.

(Yl) Laban, son of Abner Pratt, was
born in 1759. and married, April 14, 1785,
Lucy Pratt, born September 2, 1765, died
October 13, 1837. daughter of Matthew and
Mary Pratt. He was a soldier in the revolu-
tion from Weymouth, in Captain Joseph Bax-
ter's company, Colonel Mcintosh's regiment;
also in General Lovell's regiment in 1778 in
Rhode Island, in the Continental army in 1778.
Children: 1. Lucy, born August 16, 1786,
married Samuel Loring, of Hull. 2. Laban,
June 27, 1788, died August 6, 1826; married,
1807, Nancy Thayer. 3. Ansel, April 9, 1790,
died unmarried. 4. Sophia, June 28, 1791,
married, 1828, Daniel Dyer. 5. Lewis, Janu-
ary 12, 1796, married, 1819, Elizabeth Wilder;
married (second) May 19, 1827, Mary Gould.
6. Jonathan D., May, 1798, died June 22, 1868;
married, 1823, Mary W. Whiton. 7. Norton,
December 22, 1800, mentioned below. 8. Mary
L., May 21, 1804, married, May 20, 1831,
Lemuel French Jr.

(VII) Norton, son of Laban Pratt, was
born December 22, 1800, in Weymouth, died

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