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October 27, 1879. He went to Braintree (now
South Braintree) at age of fifty. He married
(first) January 20, 1823, Priscilla Loud, daugh-
ter of Benjamin Loud, she died 1842. He
married (second) December 11, 1844, Emeline
Merritt, born July 4, 1808, died February 20,
1878. Children by first wife: 1. Lucy Ann,
born April 16, 1824, married Edwin Pratt, of
Weymouth. 2. Mary Norton, February 9,
1825. 3. Francis B., January 15, 1827, mar-
ried' (first) May 1, 1850, Abigail A. Nash;
(second) November 27, 1856, Lavinia A.
Nash ; children : i. Francis Norton, born June
19, 1858, died December 19, i860; ii. Abby
Priscilla, born August 7, 1861 : iii. Son (twin),
born May 14, 1866, died same day ; iv. Daugh-
ter (twin), born May 14, 1866, died same day;
v. Fannie Bartlett, born October 27, 1869. 4.
Laban, November 15, 1829, mentioned below.
5. Margaret H., June 29, 1832. 6. Marina,
August 15, 1835, married Daniel Potter. 7.
Betsey TiVrell, born December n, 1836, died
February 1, 1843. 8. Harriet P., October 27,
1839. 0. Mehitable R., March 27, 1842, died
August 7. 1842. Child of second wife: 11
Edward Norton, October, 1851, married, June
16, 1880, Harriet D. Whittier; died 1898.



1 55 1

(VIII) Laban (2), son of Norton Pratt,
was born in Abington, November 15, 1829.
He graduated from Phillips Andover Academy
in 1848. He became a director of the Dor-
chester Mutual Fire Insurance Company in
1859, and has served in a similar capacity in
the Milton Blue Hill National Bank since
1865. He has occupied various positions of
honor and trust, having served on the school
committee of Dorchester three years, 1865-68;
as representative in the general court from
Dorchester, 1871-72; alderman from ward 24,
city of Boston, 1882; was appointed member
of the Massachusetts state board of charity
in 1889 and performed his duties conscien-
tiously and faithfully until his resignation in
the spring of 1909 ; became actively connected
with the Dorchester Co-operative Bank in
1891, served as its vice-president many years,
and in 1907 became president, was park com-
missioner for eleven years, 1895-1906. His
life career has been characterized by persever-
ance, diligence, integrity, and a high sense of
honor in all his transactions, and he is
deservedly held in the highest esteem through-
out the community. Mr. Pratt married, March
4, 1856, Elizabeth Bradford Bartlett, born in
1832, daughter of David B. and Abigail (Free-
man) Bartlett, of Kingston, Massachusetts.
Few couples are privileged to celebrate their
"Golden Wedding," but Mr. and Mrs. Pratt
have had the very unusual happiness of observ-
ing their fifty-third wedding anniversary.

Captain Thomas White, immi-
WHITE grant ancestor, was born in Eng-
land about 1599. He came to
America and settled in Weymouth, Massachu-
setts, where he was admitted a freeman, March
3. 1635, and where he lived the remainder of
his life. He was deputy to the general court
from 1637 to 1657, and again in 1671, and held
other offices of trust and responsibility. He
died at Weymouth in July or August, 1679.
Children, born at Weymouth : 1. Joseph, born
about 1640, mentioned below. 2. Hannah,
married, June 24, 1659, Captain John Baxter.
3. Samuel, born at Weymouth, 1642, married
Mary Dyer. 4. Thomas, married Mary Pratt.
5. Ebenezer, born at Weymouth, 1648, married
Hannah Phillips.

( II ) Captain Joseph, son of Captain Thomas
White, was born at Weymouth about 1640,
died at Mendon, March 23, 1706. He was one
of the original proprietors of Mendon, and
settled there. His name appears in the Pro-
prietors' Records in all divisions of land

till his death. In 1669 he was surveyor,
and May 19, 1669, was on a committee to
purchase lands from the Indians. In 1670 he
was on a committee to call a minister, and in
1673-86-89 was selectman. In 1694 he was
elected assessor, but resigned. He was the
largest taxpayer in town for many years. He
was sergeant in command of a company of
scouts, November 15, 1675, and was in com-
mand of the garrison at Mendon in King Philip's
war, and in 1689 was called captain on the
records. He married, September 19, 1660,
Lydia Rogers, born at Weymouth, March 27,
1642, daughter of Deacon John Rogers, a
pioneer of Weymouth. Children, the first three
and probably Ann and Mary born at Weymouth,
the others at Mendon: 1. Joseph, July 5, 1661,
died young. 2. Joseph (twin), December 17,
1662, mentioned below. 3. Lydia (twin),
December 17, 1662, married Thomas Cook. 4.
Thomas, April 1, 1665, married (first)

Mehitable ; (second) Mary .

5. Samuel, February 14. 1666, married Anna
Bigney. 6. John, December 3, 1668, mar-

ried Sarah

7. Ebenezer, December

4, 1670, died at Mendon, August 27, 1726.
8. Ann, married William Trask. 9. Mary,
married Ebenezer Hill. 10. Experience,
December 5, 1680, married, at Mendon, Feb-
ruary 10, 1701-02, Ephraim Miller. 11. Han-
nah, November 29, 1681, married, at Mendon,
July 22, 1701, Samuel Warfield.

(Ill) Joseph (2), son of Captain Joseph
( 1 ) White, was born at Weymouth, December
17, 1662, died October 28, 1757. He lived in
that part of Mendon which became Uxbridge,
was selectman in 1690, and held other town
offices. He had the care of the meeting house
and was corporal of the militia in 1707, and
was called sergeant in 1714. He was on the
committee to seat the meeting house and was
surveyor in 1 7 19. He was one of the founders
of the First Church of Uxbridge and is then
referred to as lieutenant. He married Lydia
Copeland, born in Braintree. May 31, 1661,
died at Mendon, May 8, 1727, daughter of
Lawrence and Lydia (Townsend) Copeland.
Children, born at Mendon: 1. Joseph, October
19, 1683, mentioned below. 2. Lydia, May 10,
1686, married, March 21, 1704-05, Micall Met-
calf. 3. Thomas, November 26, 1688, married

Deborah . 4. Hannah, December 9,

1691, died 1761. 5. Abigail, November 10,
1693, married, at Mendon, March 31, 1712.
John Thompson. 6. William, 1696, married
(first) Huldah Thayer; (second) at Mendon,
August 3, 1721, Elizabeth Thayer; (third) at



Mendon, November 16, 1749, Elizabeth
(Harper) Brummel. 7. Benjamin, May 28,
1 701, married, at Mendon, May 23, 1720, Mary

(IV) Joseph (3), son of Joseph (2) White,
was born in Mendon, October 19, 1683, died
at Uxbridge, June 15, 1737. The inventory of
his estate amounted to two thousand one hun-
dred and fifty-one pounds, nine shillings, eight
pence, and his real estate was divided among
his nine children, December 2, 1737. The
record of his death refers to him as captain.
He married, at Medfield, May 24, 171 1, Pru-
dence Smith, born at Medfield, July 19, 1691,
daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Turner)
Smith. She married (second) at Mendon,
September 3, 1739, Benoni Benson. Children,
born at Mendon, later (after 1727) Uxbridge:
1. Joseph, September 22, 1712, married, Decem-
ber 4, 1734, Judith Clark, of Uxbridge. 2.
Peter, December 6, 1714, mentioned below. 3.
Aaron, May 22, 1717. married, at Mendon,
December 25, 1739. Susannah Thayer. 4.
Abigail, probably 1719, married, at Mendon,
January 2, 1768, Uriah Thayer. 5. Moses,
August 31, 1721, married, at Mendon, Decem-
ber 12, 1749, Abigail Holbrook. 6. Sarah,
November 8, 1724, married, at Mendon, March
16, 1749, John Lysure. 7. Ebenezer, Novem-
ber 20, 1726, married, at Uxbridge, April 21,
1748, Elizabeth Ellis. 8. Prudence, September
4, 1729, married, at Mendon, December 14,
1745, James Albee. 9. Rachel, November 14,
1732, married, at Mendon, December 14, 1749,
Thomas Darling.

(V) Peter, son of Joseph (3) White, was
born at Mendon, December 6, 1714. He mar-
ried, at Uxbridge, May 20, 1736, Jemima Taft,
born at Mendon, April 1, 1713. daughter of
Robert Jr. and Elizabeth Taft. and grand-
daughter of Robert Taft, ancestor of Presi-
dent William H. Taft. Children, born at
Uxbridge: i- Joseph, June 25, 1738, mentioned
below. 2. Elizabeth, December 17, 1743. 3.
Peter, October 19, 1746; married, at Uxbridge,
December 4, 1766, Chloe Farnum. 4. Jemima,
December 15, 1750; married, September 6,
1770, Joseph Cleveland. 5. Nathan, June 10,


(VI) Joseph (4), son of Peter White, was
born at Uxbridge, June 25, 1738, died Febru-
ary 5, 1805 (gravestone). He married, at
Uxbridge, March 15. 1759, Deborah Fish, who
died March 6, 1825 (gravestone), daughter of
John Jr. and Susanna (Taft) Fish. Both are
buried at Wardsborough, Vermont, and doubt-
less died there. Children, born at Uxbridge :

1. Henry, May 19, 1763, died at Uxbridge,
March 4, 1773. 2. Bethia, December 7, 1767.
3. Dolly, April 9, 1771. 4. Joseph, March 15,
1773, mentioned below. 5. Henry, December
15, 1774. 6. Deborah, July 14, 1778. 7. Abi-
gail, March 18, 1780. 8. Peter, February 13,

, I785-

(VII) Joseph (5), son of Joseph (4) White,

was born at Uxbridge, March 15, 1773, died
March 29, 1826, probably at Wardsborough,
Vermont. He married Hannah Hazeltine,
born at Wardsborough, March 17, 1781, died
there September 3, 1866, daughter of Abner
Jr. and Martha (Robbins) Hazeltine. He
removed from Uxbridge to Wardsborough
about 1795. Children: 1. Bezaliel, born April
15, 1 801, died February 15, 1885, married

Farmer. 2. Abner, September 26,

1802. mentioned below. 3. Chloe, March 16,
1804. died August 12, 1877; married Joseph
King. 4. Martha, March 24, 1806, died April

3, 1893; married Eliab Scott. 5. Farnum,
July 16, 1808, died October 18, 1868; married
Emily Bissell. 6. Peter, July 17. 1810, died
March 21, 1S90. 7. Mary Ann, October 16,
1812, died November 6, 1825. 8. Rensaelear,
February 15, 181 5, died April 12, 1818. 9.
Erastus, September 7, 1817, died September
9, 1880: married Lucinda Dryden. 10. Daniel
R., April 1, 1820, died December 12, 1882. 11.
Lucius A., November 16. 1823, married
Lucretia Newell.

(VIII) Abner, son of Joseph (5) White,
was born in Dover, Vermont, September 26,
1802, died December 28, 1883. He lived at
Wardsborough and later removed to North-
bridge, Massachusetts, where he died. He was
a farmer. In politics he was a Whig, later a
Republican. In religion he was a Congrega-
tionalist. He married (first) at Dover. April

2, 1835, Charlotte Harvey, born in Wards-
borough, February 22, 1803, died there May
20, 1854, daughter of Rufus and Sarah (Jones)
Harvey. He married (second) at Wards-
borough. May 30, 1855, Ann Fitts : (third) at
Northbridge, Massachusetts. April 27, 1868,
Abigail Aldrich, widow. Children, born at
Wardsborough, all by first wife: 1. Joseph
Harvey, January 16, 1837, mentioned below.
2. Lydia Amelia, August 28, 1838,- married J.
Frank Seavey. 3. Rufus Augustus, September

4, 1840, married Augusta E. Derby. 4.
Charles Abner, November 2, 1842, married
Anna W. Nichols. 5. William Franklin, Sep-
tember 23, 1844, died unmarried January 10,
1862. 6. Lucius Elmer, December 1, 1846,
married Mary J. Herbert.



(IX) Joseph Harvey, son of Abner White,
was born at Wardsborough, Vermont, Janu-
ary 16, 1837, died at Somerville, Massachu-
setts, October 15, 1907. He was educated in
the public schools and at the academy at Town-
send, Vermont, and assisted his father on the
farm. About i860 he went to Boston, and
entered the retail provision business with his
uncle, Eratus White. He enlisted for the civil
war in Company E, Forty-seventh Massachu-
setts Regiment, September 8, 1862, and was
honorably discharged when the regiment was
mustered out of service a year later. He then
entered into partnership with his brother. Cap-
tain Rufus A. White, in the wholesale produce
business. A few years later he became a part-
ner with George H. Yeaton in the same line of
trade. After the death of his partner, in 1873,
he conducted the business alone until 1898,
when he took his son. J. Harvey White, and
later his son, Walter J. White, into the firm.
In 1906 the firm sold out. Mr. White lived in
Charlestown until 1881, when he removed to
Somerville, where he lived the remainder of
his life. He attended the Winthrop Congrega-
tional Church, Charlestown, and the Winter
HilJ Congregational Church in Somerville. He
married, at Newfane, Vermont, November 22,
1864, Fannie Angelia Scott, born in Wards-
borough, December 30, 1840, died at Arlington,
Massachusetts, February 18, 1905, daughter of
Captain Eliab (5) and Hadassah (Plympton)
Scott, and descended through Ira (4), Lieu-
tenant Reuben (3), Richard (2), from Will-
iam Scott, of Hatfield. Children, born in
Charlestown, Massachusetts : 1. Joseph Harvey,
September 14, 1869, mentioned below. 2.
Clarence Scott, March 14, 1872, married, at
Rutland, Vermont. June 1. 1895. Nina
Cheney Nelson, born March 14, 1875, daugh-
ter of Edwin L. and Clara (Cheney) Nelson.
3. Mabel Amelia, September 15, 1876, died
June 11, 1877. 4. Walter Irving, April 24,
1878, married, at Somerville, September 3,
1900, Amy Louise Baxter, born at Neponset.
February 26, 1875, daughter of Hiram F. and
Mary Frances Baxter. They have one daugh-
ter, Mabel Florence, born July 3, 1901, at
Arlington, Massachusetts.

(X) Joseph Harvey (2), son of Joseph
Harvey ( 1 ) White, was born at Charlestown,
September 14, 1869. He attended the public
schools of Boston and Somerville, Massachu-
setts, graduating from the Forster grammar
school of Somerville and the Somerville high
school. He was a special student in the class
of 1892 of Harvard College for a year. In

1889 he left college to work for his father in
the wholesale produce business at 7 Black-
stone street, Boston, and was admitted to part-
nership, August 1, 1892. He continued in the
firm until January 1, 1898, when he entered
the service of the Boston Elevated Railway
Company, with which he has since been con-
nected in the office of publicity agent. In
politics Mr. White is an active and influential
Republican. For several years he was presi-
dent of the Somerville Young Men's Republi-
can Club ; member and officer of the Repub-
lican city committee of Somerville for a num-
ber of years and delegate to various nominat-
ing conventions of his party. He is a member
of Soley Lodge of Free Masons; of Somerville
Chapter, Royal Arch Masons ; of De Molay
Commandery, Knights Templar, and Unity
Council, Royal Arcanum, of Somerville ; of
the Central Club of' Somerville, the Harvard
Club of Boston and of the Boston Press Club.
He is a member and an earnest worker in the
Winter Hill Congregational Church and has
been superintendent of the Sunday school,
clerk of the society and chairman of the execu-
tive committee of that church. He is a mem-
ber of the Boston Chamber of Commerce and
of the Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange, of
which he was a director for four years. He
married, June 7, 1899, at Somerville, Alice
Carrie Burgess, born at Charlestown, June 23,
1872, died at Somerville, November 1, 1907,
daughter of Edward Bacon and Julia Ann
(Samson) Burgess. They had one child, Ruth,
born at Somerville, May 17, 1906, died May
19, 1906.

Philippi Hall, widow, was born in
HALL 1684 and died at the age of ninety
in 1774. She was mother or step-
mother of Jonathan Hall and settled with him
in Walpole, New Hampshire. Her husband
was undoubtedly of old New England stock.
The family may have come from Walpole,
Massachusetts. Jonathan Hall, of Taunton,
Massachusetts, perhaps the Jonathan men-
tioned below, married, at Dedham, Massachu-
setts, adjoining Walpole, April 11, 1726-27,
Sarah Smith. His eldest daughter was named
Sarah and his son Elisha married Philippi
Smith, pointing without doubt to the fact that
Philippi. a very unusual name, was of the
Smith family, which came to Walpole, New
Hampshire, from Walpole, Massachusetts.
This Jonathan Hall, of Taunton, was son of
John Hall and grandson of George Hall.
( II) Jonathan, son of Philippi Hall, was an



early settler at Walpole, New Hampshire, on
land north of the William Hooper place, and
the remains of the old cellar are still to be
seen on the old farm, which descended to his
son John and was lately owned by Henry
Foster. He came to Walpole with his family
soon after 1760. Pelatiah, probably a brother,
came also; died January 11, 1784, aged eighty-
two years, at Walpole. Children: 1. Sarah,
born 1 741 , married, 1770, Captain Levi
Hooper. 2. Elisha, 1746, married, 1770,
Philippi Smith who died without issue May
24, 1818; lived on the George Joslin place. 3.
Abraham, married Polly Floyd, daughter of
Benjamin, in 1783. 4. Recompense, married,
1775, Phebe Gary and settled at Westminster,
Vermont. 5. Jonathan Jr.. (called Old Munn)
a distinguished revolutionary soldier. 6. John,
resided on the homestead ; married Submit

and had eight children. 7. David, 1750,

mentioned below. 8. Elizabeth, married

Gould, of Westminster.

(III) David, son of Jonathan Hall, was
born in 1750 and when about ten years came
with his parents to Walpole, New Hampshire.
More than one David Hall was a soldier in the
revolution, but the following record appears
to belong to this David : Soldier in Captain
Ellis"s company. Lieutenant Colonel Henry
Dearborn's regiment, 1777-80. He married, in
1778. Lydia Graves, daughter of John Graves
Jr., of Walpole. The Graves family came to
Walpole from Saybrook, Connecticut, David
Hall's homestead was opposite the Preston
Titus house. Children, born in Walpole: 1.
Rebecca, married, December 26, 1805, Samuel
Martin. 2. David, born 1784. mentioned below.
3. Rhoda, married. July 23, 1807, Jonathan
Russell Jr.. and lived at Saxtons River, Ver-
mont. 4. Lydia. married, January 2, 1806,
Jonathan A. P. Bates. 5. Tirzah, married
Richard Russell and resided at Nunda, New
York. 6. Ezra, married Priscilla Russell,
daughter of Jeduthan, and resided on the
homestead of his father ; kept the tavern ; died
August 20, 1863. 7. Levi, born 1792, married
Susannah Foster, daughter of Henry Foster;
married (second) Mary Britton, of Surry,
New Hampshire.

(IV) David (2), son of David (T) Hall,
was born at Walpole, New Hampshire, 1784.
He settled at Walpole and married Lucinda D.
Burbank, who died August 8, 1840, aged fifty-
one years. Children, born at Walpole: 1.
David, October 1, 1815. mentioned below. 2.
Prudence, married Joseph Norton. 3. Louisa,

married Edward Shattuck. 4. Levi H., settled
in Georgia.

(V) David (3), son of David (2) Hall,
was born at Walpole, New Hampshire, Octo-
ber 1. 181 5. died at Lexington, Massachusetts,
January 19, 1885. He attended the district
schools of his native town and worked for his
father on the farm during his boyhood. When
he was eighteen years old he was employed as
stage driver on the route between Walpole
and Keene and continued for many years,
becoming well known to that section of the
state and to the traveling public. He became
proprietor of the stage line under the firm
name of Hall & Morrill. This firm had the
contract for carrying the mails and transacted
much baggage, freight and passenger business.
He finally sold his interest in the business to
his partner and engaged in the hotel business
at Henniker, New Hampshire, for a year.
From there he went to Boston and became a
partner in the firm of Shedd & Hall, auc-
tioneers and appraisers, with offices at Hay-
market square. After three years he retired
from the firm and continued in business alone
with offices in Faneuil Hall square. In addi-
tion to auctioneering he carried on a jewelry
Lusiness. At the end of three years he sold
his business and opened a general store at
Fall River, Massachusetts, under the firm
name of Hall & Wilbur. The firm dealt in
clothing, jewelry, boots and shoes, fancy goods,
etc. and enjoyed a large and profitable trade.
He sold out after ten years in this firm at Fall
River and bought the old Jonathan Harrington
farm of forty acres in Lexington, Massachu-
setts, April, 1858, including the home of Jona-
than Harrington, who was the last survivor
of the revolutionary war in that town and
section. Mr. Hall engaged in farming and
market gardening and for a time had an excel-
lent dairy and he became one of the most
enterprising and successful market gardeners
of his day in Lexington. When the town of
Arlington installed its water works, about
twenty acres of his farm were taken for this
purpose. He built a fine residence just west
of the old Harrington house and lived in it
many years afterward. The new house, the
old house and remainder of the farm were
sold by Mrs. Hall, September, 1907. to the
present owner, Albert Parsons, of Lexington.
.Mr. Hall was a Republican in politics and
attended faithfully to the duties of citizenship.
He attended the Unitarian church. In his
vounger days he served in the state of New



Hampshire militia in the Walpole company.
He was of sterling character, upright and
honorable in all his dealings and of jovial and
cheerful disposition. He was interested in the
temperance movement and other reforms. He
married (first) Jane Turner, of Alstead, New
Hampshire. She died in 1845. He married
(second) October 7, 1846, Mary Robbins
Smith, born August 7, 1821, at Lexington,
Massachusetts, died there June 25, 1876,
daughter of Elias and Harriet (Hastings)
Smith, of Lexington. Her father was a farmer.
He married (third) August 8, 1876, Mrs.
Susan Rebecca (Richards) Ensworth, widow
of Thomas Ensworth, of Windsor, Vermont,
and daughter of Chester and Fidelia (Whit-
comb) Richards, of Hartford, Vermont. She
survives her husband and resides on Massa-
chusetts avenue, Lexington. Children of sec-
ond wife: 1. Jennie, born in Boston, 1848,
died there May 6, 1857. 2. William Henry,
Lexington, April 29, i860, died September 13,

The family of Graves is one of
GRAVES the most ancient in England. It

went in with the Norman army,
and is mentioned in the Domesday Book. The
name has been spelled De Grevis, De Greves,
Greve, Grave, Greaves, Greeves and Graves.
The coat-of-arms : Gules an eagle displayed or
ducally crowned argent. Crest : A. demi-
eagle displayed and erased or enfield round
the body and below the wings by a ducal coro-
net argent. The English family was repre-
sented by many men of honor and distinction.

( I ) Thomas Graves was born in England
before 1585 and came to New England with
his wife Sarah and five children, all of mature
age, the youngest being about sixteen years old.
They settled in Hartford, Connecticut, where
Thomas was a property holder in 1645. He
was exempted from training in the militia on
account of his age, he being over sixty years
old. In September, 1661, he removed to Hat-
field, Massachusetts. He died in November,
1662, and his son Isaac was appointed admin-
istrator of his estate in Massachusetts, and
Nathaniel in Connecticut. Children, all born
in England : Isaac, John, Samuel, Nathaniel,

( II) John, second son of Thomas and Sarah
Graves, was born in England ; about 1645,
came to Hartford with his parents, settling in
Wethersfield, where May 18, 1654, he became
a freeman; he was several times afterward

selected to run the boundary line between
Wethersfield and adjoining towns. He, with
his wife and five children, accompanied his
father and brother Isaac to Hatfield, and with
his brother was killed September 19, 1677,
when they were building a house for Tohn
Graves Junior, the Indians surprising them
and giving them no time to protect themselves.
He married (first) Mary, daughter of Lieu-
tenant Samuel Smith, of Wethersfield, and
(second) Mary, daughter of John Bronson,
and widow of John Wyatt, of Haddam, Con-
necticut, who after his death married for her
â– Jiird husband, Lieutenant William Allis. June
25, 1678, and she married (fourth) Captain
Samuel Gaylord. The children of John Graves
were: John, born about 1653: Mary, about
1654; Isaac, about 1655; Samuel ; Sarah, about
1659: Elizabeth. December 6, 1662, at Hat-
field; Daniel, December 7, 1664; Ebenezer,
November 20. 1666; Bethiah, January 7, 1668,
died January 21, 1668: and Nathaniel, June
10, 1671.

(III) Samuel, third son of John Graves,
was born about 1657, at Wethersfield, Connec-
ticut, removed with his parents to Hatfield,
and about 1725 from there to Sunderland,
Massachusetts, where he died March 11, 1731.
By his wife, Sarah, who died October 15,
1734, he had children as follows: Sarah, born
July 1, 1687; Jonathan, October 27 1689;
Abraham; David. December 9, 1693; Noah,
December 19, 1695; Mehitable, December 19,
1696: Samuel, January 30, 1697.

(IV) Abraham, son of Samuel and Sarah
Graves, was born December 12, 1691, at Hat-

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