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April, 1838, daughter of Ouincy Reed. Her
father was a soldier in the war of 1812.
Children, born in Weymouth: 1. Emily P.,
died at the age of forty-five years, unmarried.
2. Annie L., died young. 3. Nathaniel A.,
horn 1875, educated in the public schools; is
purchasing agent for the New York, New
Haven and Hartford Railroad Company;



resides at home with his parents. 4. Helen
Maria, at home.

(For preceding generations see Abraham Shaw i).

(Ill) Nicholas Shaw, son of
SHAW John Shaw, was born in Wey-
mouth, March 23, 1662, died
there, December 19, 1717. He married

Deborah . His will was dated June 25,

1 7 17, bequeathing to wife Deborah and chil-
dren — Alice Hates, Deborah Beals, Ruth,
Sarah, Nicholas of Abington, Joshua, John,
Abraham, Benjamin and Zachariah. Children,
born at Weymouth: 1. Alice, April 13, 1687.

2. Nicholas, May 7, 1689. 3. Joshua, March
18, 1692. 4. John, March 31, 1696, mentioned
below. 5. Zachariah, May 7, 1699. 6. Ruth,
March 8, 1701. 7. Abraham, December 25,
1702. 8. Sarah, May, 1704. 9. Benjamin,
February 2, 1706. 10. Deborah.

( IV ) John, son of Nicholas Shaw, was
born in Weymouth, March 31, 1696. He mar-
ried, March 14, 1719, Jane Turner, born April
13, 1698, daughter of Jacob and Jane Turner.
She had brothers Elisha and Jacob for whom
she named sons. She died September 15,
1789. Children, born at Weymouth: 1.
Elisha, June 3, 1720, married, December 11,
1743, Susannah Clark, of Braintree. 2. Han-
nah^ October 2, 1722, died September 29, 173U.

3. Joshua, May 1, 1726, was of Abington. 4.
Jacob, May 30, 1732. mentioned below. 5.
Rachel, May 14, 1733, died June 26, 1733.

( V ) Tacob, son of John Shaw, was born
in Weymouth, May 30, 1732. The records of
his family are wanting in the Weymouth
records. A Jacob Shaw of Middleborough
served in the revolution and another from

(VI) Jeremiah, son or nephew of Jacob
Shaw, was born in 1767, died at Weymouth,
March 28, 1810. Children, born at Weymouth:
1. Jacob, April 23, 1794, mentioned below. 2.
Annis, May 11, 1796. 3. Jeremiah, June 11,
1798. 4. Ruth, June 2, 1800. 5. Jane, Sep-
tember 7, 1802. 6. Mary Beals, August 28,
1804. 7. Edwin, January 2, 1807. 8. Salome,
October 7, 1809.

(VII) Jacob (2), son of Jeremiah Shaw,
was born at Weymouth, April 23, 1794, died
at North Weymouth, July 17, 1861. He was
educated in the district schools of his native
village, South Weymouth, and during his
youth worked on a farm there. He bought
a farm at North Weymouth where he lived
many years. He established a milk route and
had an excellent dairy. He was a member of

the Congregational church, and a Republican
in politics after that party was organized. He
married, at Weymouth, May 16, 1818, Mary
Parker Holbrook, born March 15, 1797, at
North Weymouth, died August 17, 1862, in
North Weymouth. Children, born at North
Weymouth: 1. Ann, January 10 or 11, 1820,
died unmarried August 15, 1855, at North
Weymouth. 2. Jeremiah, March 23, 1822. 3.
James, August 18, 1824, died young. 4.
James, June 24, 1827, died April 21, 1891.
5. Jacob, October 14, 1829, died unmarried
January 10, i860. 6. William Tyler, May 25,
1832, mentioned below. 7. Mary Elizabeth,
September 21, 1835, died January 27, 1853.

(YII1) William Tyler, son of Jacob (2)
Shaw, was born in North Weymouth, May
25, 1832, died there January 22, 1909. He
was educated in the public schools of his native
town and worked on his father's farm. He
learned the trade of shoemaker, like most of
the farmer's sons of this section. He worked
several years at his trade in various shoe fac-
tories, returning at length to his father's farm
to take charge of the milk business. He con-
ducted the farm for his father a number of
years and finally succeeded to it, conducting
it to the time of his death. He was well
known also as a dealer in horses, making many
trips to Canada and other sections to buy
horses for the local market. He bought and
sold a number of farms and at the time of his
death owned the homestead at Weymouth.
Mr. Shaw was an upright, generous, kindly
man, supporting many good causes and con-
tributing to the funds of various churches in
the vicinity. He had many friends in all
walks of life. In politics he was a Democrat.
He married, 1858, Georgianna Bass, daughter
of George Washington and Ann (Arnold)
Bass. (See Bass family). His widow sur-
vives him. residing on the homestead at North
W'eymouth. They had no children.

The surname Bass is from the
BASS French bas, moaning low of

stature, and derived in the same
way as the English Short, Stout, etc. Le Bas
became common in England after the revoca-
tion of the Edict of Nantes. The surname
Bass dates back many centuries, however, in
England. An ancient coat-of-arms of the
family is described : Sable a bordure argent.
Crest : Out of a ducal coronet two wings
proper. Another coat-of-arms borne by the
family of Bass of Curzon street, Mayfair:
Argent on a chevron gules, between three



greyhounds' heads erased sable each ducally
gorged and chained or as many cross croslets
of the last. Crest : Out of a mural crown
gules masoned argent a demi-greyhound
issuant holding in the mouth a rose between
two leaves all proper.

( I ) Samuel Bass, immigrant ancestor of
all of this name in New England, was born
in England in 1600. He came to New Eng-
land with his wife Anne about 1630 and set-
tled first in Boston. He was among the
earliest members of the Roxbury church,
which was organized in 1632. He lived near
Hog Bridge, Roxbury. He removed to Brain-
tree in 1640 and became one of the leading
citizens. He was admitted a freeman May 14,
1634; was elected the first deacon of the
church at Braintree, and filled that office fifty
years. He was elected deputy to the general
court in 1641 and for twelve years in all. He
had a strong character and vigorous mind,
and was for many years one of the foremost
men of the town. He died December 30, 1694,
aged ninety-four years, at Braintree, and the
statement is made in the town records at the
time of his death that he was father, grand-
father and great-grandfather of one hundred
ami two persons. His wife Anne died Sep-
tember 5, 1693, aged ninety-three years. Chil-
dren: 1. Samuel, died of small pox at Nan-
tasket, August 9, 1690. 2. Hannah, married,
November 15, 1651, Stephen Payne. 3. Mary,
married Captain John Capen. 4. John, men-
tioned below. 5. Thomas, married, October
4, 1660, Sarah Wood. 6. Joseph, died January

16, 1714; married Mary , who died

March 15, 1675; (second), Deborah .

7. Sarah, married (first) Deacon John Stone,
of Watertown; (second), Joseph Penniman,
of Braintree.

(II) John, son of Samuel Bass, was born
at Roxbury in 1632 and died at Braintree,
September 12, 1716. He married, February
3- I 657"58, Ruth Alden, daughter of John and
Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, of the "May-
flower" Pilgrims. All the descendants of John
and Ruth Bass are eligible to membership in
the Mayflower Society. She died October 12,

1674, and he married (second), September 21,

1675, Anne Sturtevant, of Plymouth. He
was a farmer in Braintree. Children, born at
Braintree: 1. John, November 26, 1658, men-
tioned below. 2. Samuel, March 25, 1660,
married Mary (Adams) Webb, daughter of
Joseph and Abigail Adams. 3. Ruth, January
28, 1662. 4. Joseph, December 5, 1665. mar-
ried, June 5, 1688, Mary Belcher. 5. Han-

nah, June 22, 1667, married Joseph Adams.
6. Mary, February 11, 1669-70, married, May
24, 1686, Christopher Webb Jr. 7. Sarah,
March 29, 1672-73, married, January 7, 1692,
Ephraim Thayer.

(III) John (2), son of John (1) Bass, was
born in Braintree, November 26, 1658, died
there September 30, 1724. He married Abigail
Adams, who died October 26, 1696, aged
thirty-seven, daughter of Joseph and Abigail
Adams. He married (second). May 17, 1698,
Rebecca Saville. Children, born at Braintree:

1. John, November 3, 1688, married (first)

February 18, 17 14, , who died February

4, 1716, (second), June 21, 1716, Hannah
Neale. 2. Samuel, June 17, 1691, mentioned
below. Child of second wife: 3. Ebenezer,
baptized October 11, 1702.

(IV) Samuel (2), son of John (2) Bass,
was born in Braintree, June 17, 1691. He mar-
ried (first), August 15, 1723, Sarah Saville,
who died January 28, 1725; (second), Han-
nah Gould. Children, born at Braintree: 1.
Samuel (by first wife), December 29, 1724.

2. Abigail (by second wife), January 31,

(V) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2) Bass,
was born in Braintree, December 29, 1724,
died April, 1807. He married (first), (inten-
tion dated October 3, 1746), November 10,

1746, ; married (second), Abigail

(Crosby) Turner. Children, born at Brain-
tree, of first wife: 1. Samuel, August 22,

1747, removed to Braintree, Vermont ; mar-
ried, September 29, 1772, Elizabeth Brackett.
2. Edward, 1749, settled in Braintree, Massa-
chusetts. 3. Mary, October 21, 1750. 4.
William, July 19, 1755, died August 21, 1755.
Children of second wife: 5. Abigail, 1758.
6. Elizabeth, 1762. 7. Esther, 1766. 8.
Josiah, 1768, mentioned below.

( VI ) Josiah, son of Samuel (3) Bass, was
born in Braintree in 1768, died in Quincy,
formerly Braintree, at the age of eighty-two

years. He married (first) Spear. He

married (second) Ann Adams, born April 19,
1773, died August 9, 1818, daughter of Peter
Boylston Adams, brother of President John
Adams, of Braintree. His farm at Ouincy
adjoined that of Hon. Josiah Ouincy. Chil-
dren of second wife: 1. Josiah, born at
Ouincy, died there. 2. Abigail, born 1800, died
1856; married Horace Fiske, of Northbor-
ough ; children : James, Josiah, Charles,
Josiah, Abbie Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Lydia
Bass. 3. Ann, died unmarried aged seventy-
nine. 4. Josiah, married Ouinn. 5.

i 3 88


Samuel. 6. Tieorge Washington, mentioned
below. All are deceased.

(YII) George Washington, son of Josiah
Bass, was born at Ouincy, died at the age of
eighty-six years. He received his education
in the public schools of his native town and at
Milton Academy. He conducted a large farm
at Milton and had an extensive dairy business
shipping milk to Boston. He was a Unitarian
in religion, lie married Ann Arnold, born at
Ouincy, died at Milton, Massachusetts,
formerly Braintree, at the age of sixty-five.
Children: I. Georgianna, born at Ouincy,
May, 1835, married William Tyler Shaw, of
North Weymouth. (See Shaw family). 2.
Helen, born Ouincy, married Judson Thomas,
of Weymouth.

"He beareth gules two chev-
PARSOXS rons ermine between three

eagles displayed or : By the
name of Parsons. Crest : An eagle's head
erased at the thigh, standing on a leopard's
head — gules." Such is the distinction which
Charles 1 in 1634 bestowed on his faithful
subject, Sir Thomas Parsons, hart., of Great
Milton or Great Torrington, the immediate
ancestor of the principal founder of the family
of that surname in America, and himself a
descendant of an English family of great
antiquity, dating to Walter Parsons, of Mulso,
Ireland, 1290, and back of him in England to
the time of the conquest, for the Parsonses
of Ireland went there from England.

(I) Cornet Joseph Parsons, son of Sir
Thomas Parsons, bart, and who is said to
have been an officer in the English army,
sailed from Gravesend, England, July 4, 1635,
in the barque "Transport," Edward Walker,
master, for Boston, and next appears with
William Pynchon's colony of planters who
founded a settlement at Agawam, now Spring-
field, Massachusetts, in the year 1636. On
July 15 of the same year his name appears
as witness to a deed of cession from the
Indians of the Connecticut valley to Pynchon's
company, conveying to them all the lands in
the region of Springfield, for the "consider-
ation of 18 yards of wampum, 18 coats, 18
hatchets, 18 hoes, and 18 knives;" but the con-
sideration was fair, for William Pynchon was
a just man and they who comprised his com-
pany of planters were all just and honorable
men. and none other were admitted inhabitants
of his plantation. Cornet Joseph Parsons was
born in Great Torrington, near Exeter, Devon-
shire. England, and on his voyage to New

England was accompanied by his brother Ben-
jamin and others of the family, but it is with
him and his descendants that we have par-
ticularly to deal in these annals. He was
a man of considerable importance in the plan-
tation at Agawam and Springfield, and in
1642 he was one of the founders of the new
plantation at Northampton, and one of the
first purchasers of Indian lands there in 1645.
He was a fur trader and had the sole right of
barter and traffic in furs in the valley, for
which right he paid annually the sum of
twelve pounds. He accumulated a large estate
in lands and goods. He died October 9, 1683 ;
married, November 26, 1646, Mary, daughter
of Thomas and Margaret (Ford) Bliss, of
Hartford, Connecticut, and by her had eleven
children: 1. Joseph, born November, 1647.
2. Benjamin, 1649, died same year. 3. John,
August 14. 1650, died 1728. 4. Samuel, Jan-
uary 2T,. 1653, settled in Durham, Connecti-
cut. 5. Ebcnezer, May 1, 1655, killed by
Indians in King Philip's war, September 8,
1675. 6. Jonathan, June 6, 1657, died 1694.
7. David, April 30, 1659, died young. 8. Mary,
June 27, 1661, accused with the heresy of
witchcraft and was tried before the court of
assistants at Boston, May 13, 1692, and
acquitted of the charge. 9. Hannah, August
1, 1663. 10. Abigail, September 3, 1666, mar-
ried John Cotton. 11. Hester, December 24,
1672, married Joseph Smith.

(II) Joseph (2), Esquire, eldest son of
Cornet Joseph ( 1 ) and Mary ( Bliss) Parsons,
was born in Springfield, November, 1647, and
died November 29. 1729. He was a man of
learning and was made the first judge of the
county court of Hampshire county, 1698, an
office he filled with dignity and ability. Ke
had large business interests and for many
years was strongly identified with the military
and civil life, of the town and colony. His
wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Elder John
Strong. She was born in Windsor. Connecti-
cut, in 1648, died in Northampton, May n,
1736, having borne her husband twelve chil-
dren: 1. Joseph, June 28, 1671, died 1739;
married Elizabeth Thompson. 2. John, Janu-
ary 11. 1674. died September 4. 1746. 3.
Ebenezer, December 31, 1675, died July 1,
1744: married Mercy Stebbins. 4. Elizabeth,
February 3, 1678, died 1763; married Ebene-
zer Strong Jr. 5. David, February 1, 1680,
1 rdained minister. 6. Josiah, January 2, 1682.
7. Twin, born and died 1683. 8. Twin, born
and died 1083. 9. Daniel, August 18, 1685,
died 1774; settled in Springfield and kept an



ordinary. 10. Moses. 1687, died 1774. 11.
Abigail,' January 1, 1690, died 1763; married
Ebenezer Clark. 12. Noah, August 15, 1692,
died October 25, 1779; lived in Northampton.

(III) Josiah, son of Joseph (2) and Eliz-
abeth ( Strong) Parsons, was born January 2,
1682, died April 12, 1768. He married (first)
Tune 22, 1 7 10, Sarah Sheldon, born July 16,
'1688, died December 14, 1738, daughter of
Isaac Sheldon Jr.; married (second) Eliza-
beth, widow of Daniel Bartlett. He had nine
children, all born of his first marriage: 1.
Josiah, September 14, 171 1, died November,
171 1. 2. Josiah, June 9, 1713. 3. Isaac, De-
cember 23, 1715. 4. Enoch, September 6,
1717. died September 23, 1719. 5. Jacob,
October 22, 1719, died January 19, 1795; mar-
ried, February 25, 1746, Beulah Hunt. 6.
Esther, July 25, 1721, died October 12, 1740.
7. Sarah, May 29, 1723, married Daniel Kel-
logg, of Amherst. 8. Hannah, June 11, 1725,
married Caleb Clark, of Belchertown. 9.
Martha, May, 1727, married Martin Phelps.

(IV) Isaac, son of Josiah and Sarah
(Sheldon) Parsons, was born -December 23,
1715, died July II, 1798. He was the first
occupant of the parsons family homestead in
Northampton, where his descendant, Chauncey
E. Parsons, now lives. He married, January
24, 1744-45, Lucy Strong, born September 8,
1722, died May 25, 1801, daughter of Jonathan
Strong. They had eleven children, all born
in Northampton (dates recorded old style) :
1. Isaac, October 16, 1745. died September,
1819. 2. Elijah, March 20, 1747, died Janu-
ary 27, 1827. 3. Phinehas, October 17, 1748,
died December 30, 1748. 4. Phinehas, Janu-

_ 9, 1750, died Febr-ary 27, 1825. 5. Lucy.
July 2, 1752, died February 3, 181 1 ; married,
Tune 15, 1779. Jedediah Clark. 6. Sarah,
February 22, 1755. (N. S. ) died January,
1819; married, February 8, 1780. Seth Shel-
don. 7. Rachel, August 15, 1757, married,
January 5, 1783, Oliver Edwards. 8. Dorcas,
January 4, 1759, married, November 16, 1786,
Daniel Edwards. 9. Achsa, May 27, 1765,
married, December 29, 1791, Joel Lyman. 10.
Josiah, June 15, 1769. n. Elias, March 5,
1772, died July 8, 1842.

(V) Josiah (2), son of Isaac and Lucy
(Strong) Parsons, was born in Northampton,
June 15, 1769, died there September 31, 1847.
He married, December 28, 1791, Sarah Strong,
born Northampton, December 30, 1771, died
May 24, 1850. daughter of John and Sarah
Elizabeth (Lyman) Strong. They had thir-
teen children, all born in Northampton: I.

iii — 19

Infant child, born and died 1793. 2. Fanny,
May 6, 1794, died February 6, 1880; married
Justin Clark, of Leeds, and had Edward
Lewis Clark, who married Artemesia Whitney
and died May 12, 1885; and Elijah Clark.
3. Sarah, November 25, 1795, died July 26,
1880; married, 1818, Martin Wright, and had
Isaac Lewis. George and Mary Othniel
Wright. 4. Elizabeth, September 8, 1797,
married, 1832, James Clark, and had Solomon
William Clark; Isaac R. Clark, born May 23,
1834, married Sarah Avery and died July 14,
189Q; Julia Clark, who married Frank Ran-
ney. 5. Isaac Lyman, July, 1799. died July
31, 1801. 6. Lyman, June 28, 1801. 7. Julia,
.March 9, 1802, died May 29, 1885. 8.
Josiah, May 25, 1805, died April 9, 1806.

9. Josiah, November 21. 1806, died August
27, 1899; married (first) April 21, 1831,
Calista Wright, who died October 5, 1841 ;
married (second), May 4, 1843, Mary
G. Alden, who died November 25, 1878; mar-
ried ( third ) November 30, 1880, Mandana A.
Clark. His children by Calista: Louisa,
Mary Charlotte, born March 17, 1837, married
Joseph Marsh, Henry Wright June 12, 1839;
children by Mary G. : Ellen Calista, March 8,
1844. Sarah Pomeroy, March 31, 1845, Anna
Alden, December 26, 1848, Harriet Gould,
April 24, 1850, married Charles Doubleday.

10. John Strong, April 25, 1809, died Febru-
ary 12, 1878; married Lucy Wolcott, and had
John Strong, Mary, Lucy, and Stephen. 11.
Mary, December 26. 1810, died September 23,
1847: married Robert Christie, and had
Sarah, who married William Carman, and
Mary, who married Edmund Wells. 12.
Elijah Chauncey, December 25, 1812, died
June 9, 1845: married Letitia Ellsworth, and
Iiad Josiah, December 24, 1840; Sarah Dolly,
March z~, 1844; Diantha Letitia, -November
2, 1845. L3- Isaac Lewis, June 9, 1814, died
July 29, 1820.

(VI) Lyman, son of Josiah (2) and Sarah
(Strong) Parsons, was born on the old home-
stead in Northampton, June 28, 1801, died
there March 10, 1879. He married (first)
Olivia Wright, daughter of Sereno Wright;
married (second) April 24, 1846. Letitia Par-
sons, born June 25, 1819, widow of Chaun-
cey Parsons and daughter of Calvin and Dolly
(Lovejoy) Ellsworth. Lyman Parsons had four
children, all born in Northampton and by his
second wife: 1. Elijah Chauncey (Chauncey
Elijah), November 22, 1847. 2. Josiah, Feb-
ruary 13, 1849, died September 12, 1864. 3.
Almira Ellsworth, January 14. 1851, married



Henry G. Moore, and had Ethel Parsons,
March 19, 1885, and Helen Letitia, September
10, 1889. 4. Lyman, September 12, 1855, died
December 2, 1861.

(VII) Chauncey Elijah (baptized Elijah
Chauncey), son of Lyman and Letitia (Ells-
worth) (Parsons) Parsons, was born on the
old family homestead, November 22, 1847.
His whole life of three score years has been
spent on the old ancestral place on the west
side of Bridge street, facing the common. The
house in which he was born and still lives was
built by Isaac Parsons in 1744, and is a sub-
stantial structure still, having required no
material change during the century and three
score and four years which have passed since
its erection ; and it has been occupied in suc-
cession by Isaac Parsons, the builder, Josiah
Parsons, his son, Lyman, his son, and Chaun-
cey E. Parsons, four generations one after
another, and the children of the present owner,
three in number, were born and reared within
its comfortable walls. And best of all, the
old mansion stands on land which originally
was a part of a tract purchased in 1674 by
Cornet Joseph Parsons, the immigrant ances-
tor, the" planter of William Pynchon's com-
pany wild under the especial of the great and
general court pushed through the wilderness
and founded the first settlement in the Con-
necticut valley in the colony of Massachusetts
Bay. Mr. Parsons is a thrifty, practical and
successful farmer, and although the greater
part of his lands have been under continuous
cultivation for perhaps a century and a half
or more, they are today as fertile and pro-
ductive as when first cleared of their forest
growth ; and he himself is regarded, as one of
the best practical farmers of the Connecticut
valley. He is a member of the state organ-
ization of Patrons of Husbandry, and while
not in any sense a public man or politician,
he nevertheless has always felt an earnest
interest in the growth and welfare of the town
and city of Northampton and the well-being
of its people. For many years he has been
a member of the city sewer commission, was
a member of the city council several terms,
and in 1904 was a representative from North-
ampton to the general court. October 28,
[874, Mr. Parsons married Annie Augusta,
daughter of William A. and Sarah Augusta
( Wait ) Spaulding. Five children have been
born of this marriage: 1. Henry Spaulding,
August 31, 1877, married, September 24, 1904,
Gladys, daughter of John Bernard and Nellie
(Crosby) McCarthy," and had Ruth Eleanor,

August 17, 1905; John Bernard, September
15, 1906; Ann Augusta, December 13, 1908.
2. Josiah Wait, July 26, 1880, married, Sep-
tember 14, 1904, Lilla Emma, daughter of
Kirk H. and Emma (Rood) Stone, and had
Josiah Wait Jr., November 6, 1905. 3.
Chauncey Lyman, December 25, 1882, a
teacher. 4-5. Louise and Lillian, twins, born
May 11, 1891, died May 26, 1891.

Josiah Ellsworth ( see I 'arsons VI) died 1689 ;

married, November 0, 1654, Elizabeth Holcomb.

(j) Josiah Ellsworth, born November 6,

1655, died 1706; married, October 30, 1679,

Martha Taylor.

(3) Samuel Ellsworth, born July 18, 1697,
married, November 20, 1717, Elizabeth Allen.

(4) Charles Ellsworth, born October 13,
1721, married Betsey Bell, of East Windsor,

(5) Calvin Ellsworth, born February 9,
1770, died March 24, 1838; married, January
1, 1800, Dolly Lovejoy, who died January 22,

(6) Letitia Ellsworth, born June 25, 1819,
married (first) August 28, 1839, Chaun-
cey Parsons; married (second) April 24, 1846,
Lyman Parsons (see Parsons).

Jeffrey Parsons, immigrant
PARSONS ancestor, was born in England
in 163 1 at Alphington near
Exeter, Devonshire, and the name is still com-
mon in that section. His brother James Par-
sons had a daughter Elizabeth, who wrote a
letter to her cousin, James Parsons, of
Gloucester, dated May 14, 17 14. Copies of the
letter have been preserved by the family :

"Dear Cousin : I sometime received a letter
from my son, in which he sent me the welcome
news that he had seen his relations in New
England, and that my uncle Jeffrey had five
sons and two daughters living near together
in good fashion and good health, and that you
had sent me a book for a token, which I take
very kindly and give you many thanks for,
though I have not yet received it, my son
being not yet returned to England, but I had
a letter from him the last week that he hopes
to be home in a short time, being now in Port
Mahon, in the island of Minorca. My father,
your uncle, James Parsons, died about six
years since, and my mother about twelve.
They left behind them seven children, whereof
John, Robert and Isabel are since dead; but
fames, Jeffrey and Sarah, who together with
myself are (God be praised) alive and in good
health, join with me in their kind love and


1 39 1

service to you, and to the whole family of our
uncle. I am married to one Francis Morgan,

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