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dangers, and doubtless the friar took care not
to specify what he would do in case the auto-
de-fe was carried on. Sawyer built the mill
successfully, the first in Canada, it is said.
He and Bigelow came home after seven or
eight months of captivity. Elias Sawyer was
kept a year longer to run the mill and teach
others to run it. The captives were well
treated after the French found them useful
to them. Thomas Sawyer married (first)

Sarah in 1670; (second) in 1672,

Hannah ; (third) in 1718, Mary White.

He died in Lancaster. September 5, 1736, and
his grave there is marked by a stone. His will
dated December 15, 1735, proved November
3, 1736, mentions four sons and two daugh-
ters. He bequeathed twelve pounds to pur-
chase a communion vessel for the Lancaster
church. Children: 1. William, of Bolton. 2.
Joseph, mentioned below. 3. Bazaleel. 4.
Elias. 5. Mary, married Josiah Rice, of Marl-
borough. 6. Hannah, married Jonathan Moore,
of Bolton. 7. (Perhaps) Sarah, married Rev.
Nathaniel Whitman, of Deerfield.

(Ill) Joseph, son of Thomas (2) Sawyer,
was born about 1675. He died before 1739
when his eldst son Joseph deeded to his
brothers, Thomas Sawyer, of Bolton, and
Abner Sawyer, of Lancaster, a quarter of his
double share of the estate of his father, Joseph,
but "not my right in the thirds." by deed dated
March 31, 1739. Children, baptized together
June 22, 1718, in the First Church of Lan-
caster: 1. Joseph, married Tabitha Prescott ;
son Joseph was born 1738, according to guar-
dianship papers. 2. Sarah. 3. Thomas, men-
tioned below. 4. Abner, born 171 1, married,
April 8, 1736, Mary Miller and had six daugh-
ters mentioned in his will, all born at Lan-
caster: his wife was admitted to the church,
June 19. 1737. and he died at Sterljng, Decern-



ber 6, 1758; estate divided among five daugh-
ters and widow ; daughter Keziah married
Ezra Sawyer, a cousin ; Joseph Sawyer is said
to have built the first mills at the village called
Sawyer Mills in Lancaster, now in Boylston,
and Abner owned the mills later. 5. Aaron,
died aged forty-three: owned part of father's
grist mill and his son bought the saw mill of
his uncle Abner. (Aaron's name was not
given in the list of those baptized). 6. Asen-
ath. 7. Mary.

(IV 1 Thomas (3) Sawyer, son of Joseph
Sawyer, was born in Lancaster, 1705-10, and
settled when a young man in the adjoining
town of Bolton. He built a mill on Jackson
pond in Winchedon in 1765; another mill on
Otter river for his son Thomas in 1762-63,
and uther mills at Baldwinsville in 1767-68.
He deeded land to his son Abner, lots 5, 6,
36, 50, etc., in Templeton, September 3, 1763;
to his son Hooker, July 7, 1766. Children:
1. Thomas, lived in Bolton : was there in 1790;
married Prudence Carter, 1762. 2. Hooker.
3. Abner, mentioned below.

(V) Lieutenant Abner, son of Thomas (3)
Sawyer, was born in Bolton in 1742, died in
Templeton, September 4, 1779 (gravestone).
He was a soldier in the revolution : second
lieutenant in Captain Ephraim Stockwell's
company (Twelfth), Colonel Nathan Spar-
hawk's regiment (Seventh) of Worcester
county, chosen at Rutland district (Barre),
July 5. 1776, and commissioned December 10,
1776: lieutenant in Captain Josiah Wilder's
company, Colonel Nathan Sparhawk's regi-
ment in 1777. and first lieutenant also in the
same company in 1778. He settled in Tem-
pleton. He married, at Bolton, May 26, 1763,
Hannah Piper, as recorded at Templeton.
Children, born at Templeton: I. Silas, March
6. 1764, died November 21, 1841, at Phillips-
ton: married. 1785, Mary Ross; (second)
Elizabeth, who died March 9, 1840, aged
seventy-seven; (third) Mrs. Grace Howe (in-
tention April 19. 1841), of Petersham, died
November 26, 1841. 2. Abner, August 26,
1766, mentioned below. 3. Thomas. March
29, 1768. removed to Northfield, Massachus-
etts, in 1796, to Brooks, Maine, in 1801. 4.
Hannah. April 21, 1770, married, April 1.
1 7QO, Jonas Lamb, of Gerry. 5. Hooker, June
5. 1775. 6. Dorothy, died May 8, 1778. 7.
Phebe, March 15, 1777, married, January 9,
1797, Isaac Lamb. 8. Phinehas Houghton,
October I, 1779 (posthumous).

(VI ) Abner ( 2 ), son of Abner ( I ) Sawyer,
was born in Templeton, August 26, 1766. Jon-

athan Jones was appointed his guardian, Octo-
ber 2, 1780, after the death of his father, and
Paul Kendall was appointed guardian of his
brother Thomas. He removed to Athol from
Templeton. Abner Sawyer deeded land in
Templeton. May 4, 1790, to his brother Silas.
He removed from Athol to Northfield about
1796, with his brother Thomas. A deed of the
heirs of his father to Hooker Lamb, dated
January 8, 1834. gives the residences of his
brothers and sisters, viz: Silas and wife
Elizabeth Sawyer and Hannah Lamb, of Phil-
lipston, Massachusetts; Phebe Lamb, widow,
of Templeton; Abner Sawyer, of Northfield;
Thomas Sawyer and wife Olive Sawyer, of
Brooks, Maine. The homestead conveyed by
this deed was on the south side of the county

road. He married Eunice . The elder

children were probably born at Athol. Chil-
dren: 1. Josiah. married, December 1, 1822,
Adeline Griswold. 2. Benjamin, mentioned
below. Born at Northfield: 3. Joel, born
June 5, 1796, died October 15, 1796. 4. Asa-
hel, December 29, 1797, prominent citizen of
Northfield. 5. Eunice, February 3, 1800, mar-
ried Erastus Wells, of New York. 6. Lucy,
May 11, 1802, died May 14, 1824. 7. Keziah,
November 1, 1803, died December 13, 1826.

( \'II ) Benjamin, son of Abner (2) Sawyer,
was born in Northfield or Athol. He settled
in Northfield and had a saw mill on the
Natanis or Bennet's brook. About 1827 the
dam gave way, one house was destroyed and
considerable damage done to the lands below.
He married Charlotte Griswold. Children,
born at Northfield: 1. Rebecca. 1819. 2.
Benjamin. 1820. 3. Charlotte G., 1822. 4.
Lucy B., 1824, died 1825. 5. Lucy B., 1826.
6. John Flavel, 1827, mentioned below. 7.
Elizabeth T, 1829.

(YIII) John Flavel, son of Benjamin
Sawyer, was born in Northfield, November 12,
1827, died November 21, 1858. He was edu-
cated in the public schools, and like many of
his ancestors was a miller, owning a grist mill
in Shelburne Falls. He married, February
2 5> '857. Susan Hunt, born April 27, 1827,
died November 7, 1907, daughter of Captain
Salmon and Statira (Smead) Hunt, of Hali-
fax. Vermont. After the death of her hus-
band she was for several years a clerk in the
postoffice at Shelburne Falls and then opened
a book and stationery store and news room in
the hotel block in 1863. She was in business
there for the next seventeen years, and then
located in Wood's block, where the business
has since been conducted. Six years before



her death she withdrew from active manage-
ment of the store, which has since been con-
ducted by her only son, Herman J. Sawyer,
but she continued to visit the store almost
every day until March, 1907. She was one of
the oldest merchants of Shelburne Falls and
had a large circle of friends there and in the
surrounding towns. Her pluck at the begin-
ning of her career in business, her good judg-
ment, her upright and honorable methods, her
courtesy and consideration for everybody dur-
ing the forty years of her business life won the
respect, admiration and confidence which she
enjoyed in the community. She left one son,
Herman John, born February 19. 1858, men-
tioned below.

(IX) Herman John, son of John Flavel
Sawyer, was born at Shelburne Falls, Febru-
ary 19, 1858, and was educated in the public
schools of that village. He became associated
in business with his mother as clerk in Decem-
ber. 1863. For fifteen years he was manager
of the store and since the death of his mother
has been the owner of the business. He is a
member of Mountain Lodge of Free Masons.
In politics he is a Republican ; in religion an
attendant of the Universalist church. He mar-
ried. January 26, 1886, Lillie Roana Miller,
born February 19. 1862. daughter of David
and Sarah ( Kendrick) Miller, of Williams-
burg, Massachu setts.

There is no mention of this sur-
CAPEX name in any of the books on

English surnames, and the origin
of the name is unknown. A family of the
name lived in England, however,- in the six-
teenth century.

(I) Bernard Capen, immigrant ancestor of
the old American families of this name, was
born in England in 1562 and came to New
England from county Dorset about 1630 in
the ship "Mary and John." He was a propri-
etor and one of the original grantees of Dor-
chester Massachusetts, August 5. 1633. He
was admitted a freeman. May 25, 1636. He
married "on Monday in Whitsun week, 1596,"
Joan Purchase, daughter of Oliver Purchase.
The "Widdow Purchase" whose name is first
mentioned August 5, 1633, in the Dorchester
town records in connection with a land grant
to Barnard or Bernard Capen and three times
afterwards, was quite likely the widow of
Oliver Purchase, and mother to Joan and also
to Oliver Purchase who with Sarah his wife
joined the Dorchester church in 1639. Oliver
Purchase was admitted a freeman, December

7, 1636, and removed, according to Savage,
early to Taunton, thence to Lynn, where his
wife Sarah died October 21, 1671. He mar-
ried. September 17, 1672, Mary, daughter of
Rev. William Perkins ; was representative to
the general court in 1660 and often after; re-
moved to Concord about 1691 and died there
November 20. 1701. His age as given at
death varies from eighty-four to eighty-eight
years. On the town records at Concord he is
styled "Mr. Oliver Purchas yt worthy Gen-
tleman". William Perkins, father to Rev.
William, mentioned above, whose daughter
Mary was the second wife to Oliver Purchase,
of Dorchester, is mentioned in the will of
Samuel Purchase, author of the "Pilgrims" as
his brother-in-law. Bernard Capen was a
shoemaker by trade. His homestead was on
what is now Washington street, near Wheat-
land avenue. The last land granted him was
at South Boston, March 18, 1637, "with the
Cowcs pasture and other land". The family
has been prominent in Dorchester from the
first settlement to the present time. Among
the most influential and useful citizens of the
town have been the lineal male descendants of
Bernard Capen. He lived but a few years
after coming to the new world, and died No-
vember 8, 1638, aged seventy-six years. The
stone which marked his grave was the first
tombstone in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
and is now preserved by the New England
Historic Genealogical Society, Boston. His
will was dated October 9, 1638, and proved
November 19, 1652, bequeathing to his wife
and son John. He probably had a sister who
married George Dyer, whom he called his
"brother Dyer," and makes him an overseer
of his estate in the will. The widow Joan was
born 1578 and died March 26, 1653. The
Widow Dorothy Upsall. widow of Nicholas
Posall. of Dorchester, names John Capen as
"her brother" and Elizabeth Swift and
Honour Hannam as her "sisters." Children,
born in England: 1. Bernard, mentioned in
his brother James' will. 2. Ruth, born August
7. 1600. 3. Susanna, April 11, 1602, died
November 30, 1666 ; (believed by Stiles and
others to have married (first) William Rock-
well and (second) Matthew Grant). 4. John,
January 26, 1612, mentioned below. 5. James,
died in England. His nuncupative will is as
follows : "The third day of September A. D.
1628 lames Capen of Holborne in the county
of Middlesex, scrivener, being sick in body
but good of memory did by word of mouth
declare his will and purpose how his estate

1 588


should be disposed of after his death, as fol-
ioweth : first, he did appoint that his mother
Joane Capen the wife of Bernard Capen of
Dorchester, in the county of Dorset, shoemaker
should, out of the estate of the said James,
pay unto his four sisters unmarried four
pounds apiece. And all the residue of his
moneys, apparell and goods whatsoever he
gave to his said mother to do with it accord-
ing to her mind Whereunto were witnesses
Barnard Capen the younger and Jerom Wol-
verton." (P 1068 Gen. Gleanings in England.
Waters'). (See genealogy in Thayer Mem-
orial ; Pope's Pioneers of Mass. for other
references ).

( II ) Captain John, son of Bernard Capen,
was born in England, January 26, 1612. He
came from Dorchester. England, with his
parents in February, 1630, and settled at Dor-
chester, Massachusetts. He was admitted a
freeman in 1634. He was ordained deacon of
the Dorchester church, February 13, 1658, and
served thirty-three years and two months in
that office. He was selectman of Dorchester
sixteen years, representative to the general
court six years; town clerk thirteen years; a
military officer for fifty years; the last rank
he held being that of captain of the entire
militia of the town. He married (first) Red-
egon Clapp. daughter of Nicholas Clapp, of
Venn Ottery, England, and Dorchester, Mas-
sachusetts, October 20, 1637. He married
(second) September 20. 1647, Mary Bass,
daughter of Samuel Bass, of Braintree. Three
letters of courtship written by him to his sec-
ond wife before marriage have been preserved.
He died April 4, 1692. His widow Mary died
June 29, 1704, aged seventy-three. Children
of first wife: 1. Joanna, born October 3,
1638. died November 19, 1638. 2. John, Oc-
tober 21, 1639. Children of second wife: 3.
Samuel, mentioned below. 4. Mary. 5.
Bernard. March 24, 1650. died May 3, 1691 ;
married, June 2, 1675, Sarah Trott. 6. James,
November 17, 1654. died January 3, 1717-18,
at Charlestown ; married. September 21, 1682,
Hannah Lawrence, daughter of John Law-
rence. 7. Preserved. March 4, 1656-57. died
October 20, 1708; married. May 16, 1682,
Mary Payson. 8. Joseph, December 29, 1658,
died June 30, 1725: married Priscilla Apple-
ton. 9. Hannah, October 1, 1662. 10. Eliza-
beth. December 29. 1666, died 1679.

( III ) Samuel, son of Captain John Capen,
was born in Braintree, July 29, 1648. died May
l 9- l 7?>?>- He was admitted a freeman, Janu-
ary 9. 1674. His will was dated June 29, 1732,

and proved June 5, 1733. He married, April
9, [673, Susannah Payson. Children, born at
Dorchester: 1. Samuel, February 1, 1674,
died June 5, 1674. 2. Samuel, November 4,
1(175, died January 6, 1676. 3. Hopestill, Oc-
tober 13. 1677. 4. Mary. September 23. 1679.
5. Ebenezer, April 30, 1682, died November

I. 1682. 6. Edward, September 24, 1683. mar-
ried Patience Tolman. 7. Samuel, March I,
1686. 8. Susannah, November 10, 1688. 9.
Jabisah, born and died March 3, 1690. 10.
Jonathan. .March 17. 1691. mentioned blow.

II. Susannah, September 5, 1693. 12. John,
June 19. 1696, married Abigail v Bugbee, of
Rowley. 13. Elizabeth. September 28. 1698.

( l\ ) Jonathan, son of Samuel Capen, was
born in Dorchester, March 17, 1691, and prob-
ably resided at Stoughton. He died December
17, 1740. He married, February 22, 1722,
Jane Houghton, daughter of Deacon Ebenezer
Houghton. Children, born probably at Stough-
ton : 1. Elizabeth. 2. Jonathan, mentioned
below. 3. Samuel, married Sarah Beiley, of
Dorchester. 4. Edward, married Susannah
Clapp, daughter of Benjamin Clapp. 5. Jo-
seph. 6. Jane.

( Y ) Jonathan (2), son of Jonathan (1)
Capen, settled in Stoughton and married, No-
vember 20, 1746, Jerusha Talbot. He had
charge of an Indian tribe. He died August,
1813. Children: 1. Rebecca, born July 3,
1748. married Elijah YVentworth. 2. Jerusha,
May 16, 1750, married Jacob Leonard. 3.
Jonathan, September 20, 1752, married Han-
nah Glover and had Jonathan, died young,
and Thomas, resided in Stoughton. 4. John,
February 13. 1755. mentioned below. 5.
Meletiah, September 10, 1757, married Joseph
Porter Jr. 6. Theophilus, June 5, 1760, mar-
ried Rachel Lambert and removed to Yermont.
7. Eleanor, June 18., 1763, married David
YVadsworth. 8. Azubah, March 20. 1766, mar-
ried David Clapp.

(VI) John, >on of Jonathan (2) Capen.
was born Febrnuary 13. 1755. There were
four of the name in the revolution from this
section. John Capen and John Capen Jr.
served in Dorchester companies. One John
Capen. of Stoughton. was in Captain Peter
Talbot's company. Colonel Lemuel Robinson's
regiment on the Lexington alarm. At the
same time another John Capen, of Stoughton,
was in Captain William Briggs' company of
minute-men. One of these was also in Captain
Robert Swan's company, Colonel Benjamin
Gill's regiment, and "marched from Stough-
ton to the Moon" (Squantum) in June, 1776,



when Boston was evacuated ; also in Xathan
Randall's company, Colonel Thomas Mar-
shall's regiment, in 1776. The records show
that John (6) was in the revolution, though
we cannot point out which service belongs to
him. The other John Capen was son of
Samuel Capen Jr. He married, October 21,
1779, Patience Drake, both of Stoughton.
Children: John, Nathan, Adam, mentioned
below, Peter, George.

( VII) Adam, son of John Capen, was born
in Stoughton in 1791. He was a farmer, own-
ing land in Stoughton. He married (first)
Huldah Packard, of Eridgewater; (second)
(intention dated February 5, 1832) Betsey
(Tilson) Belcher, of Duxbury and Canton.
Massachusetts. Children of first wife: 1.
Jonathan, married Abigail Belcher. 2. Adam
Jr. 3. Robert, married Cynthia Brett. Chil-
dren of second wife : 4. Hulda, married Elisha
Gill; children: Emory. Clarence, Clara,
Laura, Adam C, Bessie F., Irene, Abner < Jill.
5. Bessie T., mentioned below. 6. Stephen,
died in childhood.

(VIII) Bessie T., daughter of Adam
Capen, was born in Stoughton. She was edu-
cated in the public schools of her native town
and in the Bridgewater Normal school. She
is now the principal of the Capen Preparatory
School, 26 Prospect street, Northampton,
Massachusetts. Most of the young ladies at-
tending this school are fitted there for Smith
College. The school was established in 1877
as the Classical School for Girls by Mary A.
Burnham, with whom Miss Capen was asso-
ciated from 1880 until 1885 when Miss Burn-
ham died and Miss Capen took charge of the
school. Under her management it has grown
from an attendance of sixty pupils to one
hundred and fifty. The number of buildings
has also been increased, forming the attractive
group of buildings known as Miss Capen's
School for Girls.

Many of the name were de-
TAYLOR scended from Taillefer, the
Norman baron who took part
in the battle of Hastings, under William the
Conqueror, in 1066, and this name gradually
changed to Taylefer, Taylour, Tayleur, Tailer,
Tailor, Taylor, etc. Savage gives two John
Taylors wdio swore oath of allegiance in 1678,
and in 1679 two of this name swore allegiance
on the same day ; many other John Taylors
are found in early records.

(I) John Taylor, of Hadley, Massachusetts,
was born in England about 1639, and died Oc-

tober 17, 1713, at Hadley, where he swore
allegiance February 8, 1679. He married, De-
cember 12. 1666, Mary, daughter of the first
Thomas Selden. who died January 7. 17 1 3,
and their children were: Esther, born Decem-
ber 9, 1667; John; Thomas, June 5. 1672;
Stephen, 1674; Mary. October 12. 1676, died
young: Thankful, 1680: Jacob, 1685; Samuel,
December 3, 1688 ; and Ebenezer, March 1,

( II ) John (2), oldest son of John (1) and
Mary ( Selden ) Taylor, was born January 6,
1670, at Hadley. and removed to South Had-
ley. where he was an early member of the
church, and where he was still living in 1744.
He married, February 9, 1694, Hannah, daugh-
ter of Samuel Gillet, who died after 1743.
Their children were : John, born May 3,
1695 ; Joseph. March 20. 1697, died August
6, 1698; Joseph, December 6. 1698; Hannah,
January 24, 1 701 ; Samuel. November 17,
1703; Twins, born and died in 1704; Joshua,
April 14, 1706; Mary, 1708; Moses; Aaron,
October, 1712.

(III) Moses, son of John (2) and Hannah
(Gillet) Taylor, was born in May, 1709, in
Hadley, Massachusetts, from which place he
removed between 1727 and 173 1 to South
Hadley. where he was living in 1770. He was
a member of the church, and his name is found
on the list of fifteen members chosen as a
committee to eject a minister who refused to
accept his dismissal and continued his preach-
ing until forcibly removed from the pulpit,
which was done while he was making his
opening prayer. He took part in the Indian
war in 1756. His children were: Oliver,
Reuben and John.

(IV) Oliver, oldest son of Moses Taylor,
W'as born at South Hadley, Massachusetts, and
died March 5, 1846. at Chicopee Falls. He
took part in the Indian war of 1758, and his
record in the revolution is found in the Massa-
chusetts Rolls. He was private in Captain
Noah Goodman's company, of South Hadley,
which marched on the Lexington alarm, April
10. 1775. time of service three days ; also
private in Lieutenant Wate's company, Colonel
Ruggles Woodbridge's regiment service four
days, on expedition to the Northern Depart-
ment, company reported to have marched to
New Providence on an alarm at Bennington,
August 17. 1777. He was also second lieu-
tenant in Colonel Chapin's second Hampshire
county regiment, Massachusetts militia, com-
missioned September 24, 1779: also second
lieutenant in Captain Joseph Clap's fifteenth



company, second Hampshire county regiment,
Massachusetts militia, where his name is found
on the list of officers, though the year is not
given. He married Lucy, daughter of Thomas
White, born in 1767, died January 18, 1845,
and their children were : Sylvester ; Porter,
born December 16, 1794; Elvira, February 5,
1797: Eveline, May 1, 1799; Andrew, May 22,
1801 ; Erastus, January 16, 1804; Sarah, or
Sally, April 26, 1806; Calvin. June 13. died
September 10, 1808.

(V) Sylvester, oldest son of Oliver and
Lucy (White) Taylor, was born February 5,
1793, at South Hadley. and died March 28,
1881, at Chicopee Falls. He married, Septem-
ber 12, 1815, Sally Eaton, born July 25, 1793,
died September 10, 1870. and in 1828 they
removed to Chicopee Falls. Their children
were: Ann Sophia, born July 22, 1816, mar-
ried Bailey West. 2 Harriet Maria, January
11, 1818, died May 2, 1819. 3. Anson Chapin,
January 28. 1820, married Louisa Buckland.

4. George Sylvester. 5. Varnum Nash, April
6, 1824, married Elizabeth Curtis. 6. Charles
Andrews, September 4, 182(1, married fane
Davenport. 7. James Eaton, January 18,
1829. married Electa Buckland. 8. William
Oliver, April 6, 1831, married Mary Morse
Barker, and died March 6, i860. 9. Sarah
Jane, July 18, 1833, married Gorge H. Nettle-
ton. 10. David Eaton, October 30, 1835, mar-
ried Delia Withey.

( \ I ) George Sylvester, second son of Syl-
vester and Sally ( Eaton ) Taylor, was born
March 2, 1822, and in 1828 removed with his
parents to Chicopee Falls, where he attended
the public schools, and later took a course in
the school kept by Rev. Lawton, at Spring-
field. He then spent three years as clerk in a
store and then in 1842 entered the employ of

5. A. Sackford & Company, of which firm he
became a member when he reached his
majority; the name was changed to Sackford
& Taylor, which firm did business for twenty
years. He was honored by the offices of
selectman and assessor of Chicopee Falls, and
in 1860-61 was elected by a large majority to
the legislature, and in 1869 to the senate. In
1891, when his native town attained the dig-
nity of a city, he was elected without opposi-
tion to the office of mayor. He upholds the
principles of the Republican party. Mr.
Taylor has been justice of the peace since
1845. and for many years special justice of
the Chicopee Falls court. In 1863 he entered
the firm of Belcher & Taylor, dealing in agri-
cultural tools, and after two years the name

was changed to Belcher & Taylor Agricultural
Tool Company, Incorporated. Mr. Taylor has
the respect and confidence of the community,
and holds a number of positions of trust; he
is president of the Chicope Falls Savings Bank,
also member of the Board of Trade, is director
of the Chicopee National Bank, of Springfield,
and was director of J. Stevens Arm & Tool
Company. He is a member of the Congre-
gational church, of which he has been deacon
for many years, from 1857 to present, 1909,
and for nearly twenty-five years superintend-
ent of the Sunday school, also taking great
interest in the Young Men's Christian Associ-
ation. He is a member of the Belcher Lodge
of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, of
Unity Chapter of Chicopee, and of the Knights
Templar of Springfield. Mr. Taylor married,
November 25, 1845, Asenath B., daughter of

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