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Mary S. (Bodman) Canterbury: 1. Lewis B.,
born March 25. 1875. He graduated from the
high school, studied one year at Amherst Col-
lege, entered Harvard College, class of 1900,
leaving at the end of the first year. He was
a student one year in the Boston Law School,
then took up music, and has since followed
singing and vocal teaching. He married Laura
Morceline, of Boston ; children: Sylvia, born
May 24, 1 90 1, and John Bodman, born June
5. 1906. 2. Mary Louise, born July 1, 1880,
died December 27, same year.

John Bodman, immigrant an-
BODMAN cestor, was born in England.

The earliest mention of him in
Massachusetts is in the church records, when
his wife Sarah joined the Boston church March
23. 1644. He was a shoemaker by trade. The
Boston Book of Possessions does not show that
he had any land grants, neither does the Suf-
folk Registry of Deeds reveal that he bought or
sold real estate, yet he owned land in Boston
at the north end, on Mill creek, adjoining land
of Hugh Drury in 1660, and in 1662 owned
land at the mill pond adjoining land of Thomas
Marshall. In 1673 he had land on Mill creek
adjoining land sold at that time by Henry Ash-
ton to John Saffin. Apparently the same land
was occupied by John Bodman "stone-layer"
in 1682. This must have been the son of
John ( 1 ) who was a cordwainer by trade.
Elizabeth, wife of John (1) was described as
a widow several years before this date. Chil-
dren: 1. John, born August, 1645. 2 - Benja-
min, baptized September 7, 1645. 3- Manoah,
born March 6, 1647; soldier in King Philip's
war. 4. Samuel, born March 23, 1651. 5.
Joseph, born October 17, 1653; mentioned
below. 6. Lydia, born April 26, 1756. All
were born in Boston.

(II) Joseph, son of John Bodman, was



born in Boston, October 17, 1653. He settled
in Westfield, Massachusetts, as early as 1685,
and died there July 8, 171 1, aged fifty-six
years. His first wife Hepzibah died January
15, 1686-7, and he removed to Hatfield, where
on May 4, 1687, he married (second) Naomi
Church. He was a soldier in King Philip's
war in 1675-6, first in Captain Savage's com-
pany, and later in Captain Turner's company,
at Brookfield. His name does not appear
among those who fought at Turner's Falls,
and it is supposed that he was at that time in
the service in Northampton or Hadley. He
probably lived first in Hadley after going to
western Massachusetts, for he was one of the
first proprietors of the town of Hatfield, when
it was set off from Hadley. He had lands at
Hatfield in the earliest division, October, 1684,
and afterward. He is said to have been in
Westfield, however, in 1681 and 1685. The
only child known of the first wife was: 1.
Lydia, born January 15, 1685-6, at Westfield.
Children of second wife: 2. Manoah, born

March 29, 1692; married Anna , died

without issue. 3. William, born January 5,
1698; died May or July 27, 1723, aged twenty-
five. 4. Sarah, born April 10, 1701 ; married
Thomas Kent. 5. Mary, born February 12,
1704; married John Billings. 6. Lydia. born
July 30, 1707; married Samuel Harvey. 7.
Samuel, mentioned below.

(III) Samuel, son of Joseph Bodman, was
born in 1712, and is said to have been the only
son to leave issue. He died February 11,
1761. He was deacon of the church at Hat-
field, and is buried there in the old Hill bury-
ing ground. He married Martha Manns, born
1715, died 1806. Of his seven children, three
were sons, who settled in Williamsburg, Massa-
chusetts, between 1770 and 1775: 1. Joseph,
born 1730; mentioned below. 2. Samuel, born
1739, died June 26, 1827, aged ninety-eight
years ; soldier in the revolution, from Hatfield,
in Captain Percy Graves's company in 1775.
3. William, born 1741 ; died January 15, 1835,
aged ninety- four years; soldier in the revolu-
tion, from Williamsburg, on the Lexington
alarm, first lieutenant in Captain Abel Thayer's
company, service is also credited to him as of

(IV) Joseph (2), son of Samuel Bodman,
was born at Hatfield, in 1730, and died at
Williamsburg, September 3, 1818, at the ad-
vanced age of eighty-eight years. Williamsburg
was part of Hatfield until 1771 and perhaps
the family remained on the same farms. Among

the children of Joseph was Luther, mentioned

(V) Luther, son of Joseph (2) Bodman,
was born in Williamsburg, in 1781, and died
in 1866. He married Clarissa Day, born Jan-
uary 16, 1787, died in 1864, daughter of Sam-
uel and Ruth (Booth) Day. Children: 1.
Luther Jr., born December n, 1814; men-
tioned below. 2. Lewis, see forward.

( VI ) Lewis, son of Luther Bodman, was
born at Williamsburg, Massachusetts, and died
in Bement, Illinois. He was educated in the
public schools of his native town, then worked
in the grocery store of Luman Pease, then of
Hatfield, and later of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
He then went to Williamsburg, where he en-
gaged in the manufacture of woolen goods,
and became one of the leaders among the
business men and citizens of that town. He
was active in town affairs, prominent in public
life, and represented his district in the general
court and state senate. Late in life he removed
to Bement. Illinois, where he passed his re-
maining days. He was a Congregationalist in
religion. He married Emily Caroline Nash,
born in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, died in
Knoxville, Tennessee, daughter of Elisha
Nash. Children: 1. Lewis Henry, M. D.,
born in Williamsburg; resides in Toledo, Ohio ;
has three sons and two daughters. 2. Mary S.,
died young. 3. Alvin N., died young. 4.
Warren, deceased. 5. Joseph G., deceased. 6.
Mary S., born in Williamsburg ; married
Nathan D. Canterbury. 7. Joseph, died in
Kansas City, Missouri, aged forty years. 8.
Frank H., a traveling salesman; resides in
Stamford, Connecticut. 9. Emily A., married
Henry W. Littlefield, of Philadelphia ; chil-
dren : Rose, married Joseph Potter, and Paul,
a lawyer. 10. Minnie E., married Henry
Kemp. 11. Joseph D., deceased.

(For first generation see Edward Bates 1).

(II) Increase Bates, son of Ed-
BATES ward Bates, was born December
28, 1641, and died February 20,
1717. His will was dated April 13, 1713, and
proved March 17, 1717, and mentions all the
children except Edward. He married Mary
Whitmarsh, who died December 21, 1715,
daughter of John Whitmarsh. Children: 1.
Edward, born January 21, 1681. 2. Ebenezer,
born March 1, 1686; married Catherine Arnold.
3. Samuel, born about 1693; married (first)

Grace ; (second) Hannah Ward. 4.

Anna, born August 23, 1695. 5- Ruth, born



July 9, 1700. 6. John, mentioned below. 7.
Mary, married Burrill. 8. Judith, mar-
ried January 7, 1725, Aaron Renouf. 9. Sarah,
married, May 17, 1720, Ephraim Richards.

(III) John, son of Increase Bates, died
September 17, 1746. He married Remember

, who died about 1758. Children: 1.

John, born March 9, 1707 ; married, November

19, 1733, Deliverance Proctor. 2. David, born
August 16, 1708; married, March 4, 1736,
Hannah Lincoln. 3. Mary, born February 17,
171 1 : married, August 7, 1723, William
Thomas. 4. Mercy, born June 11, 1713; mar-
ried, January 24, 1740. Thomas Porter. 5.
Jonathan, mentioned below.

(IV) Jonathan, son of John Bates, was
born November 2, 1718, and died September

20, 1 761. He was a weaver. He married,
November 29, 1744. Deborah Bates, born 1721,
died November 25, 1795, daughter of Samuel
and Grace Bates. Children: 1. Deborah, born
June 14. 1745: married, 1768, Josiah Ward.
2. Mercy, born March 8, 1747. 3. Eunice,
born February 14, 1749, died October 7, 1820.

4. Jonathan, born November 2J, 1751 ; mar-
ried, February 1, 1781, Deliverance Trufant.

5. Daniel, born January 15, 1754; married

(first) Mildred - , (second) Elizabeth

. 6. Samuel, born March 26, 1757;

married, 1778, Celia White. 7. Increase, men-
tioned below. 8. Noah, born June 2, 1761 ;
married Rebecca Hunt.

(V) Increase (2), son of Jonathan Bates,
was baptized April 15, 1759, and died May 28,
181 5. He served in the revolution, in Captain
Silas Wild's company, Colonel Brooks' regi-
ment, on duty four months and twenty-two
days, guarding the troops of the convention
at Cambridge. He married, (intentions dated
December 10. 1785), Matilda Cowing, who died
February 4, 1854, aged eighty-five, daughter
of Howland and Rachel (Hollis) Cowing.
Children: i. Matilda, born July 29, 1786;
married, November 4, 1818, Thomas White.
2. Sarah, born November 4, 1788. 3. Jona-
than, born September 9, 1790. 4. Ira, born
October 14, 1792; mentioned below. 5.
Pamelia, born April 22, 1795; died September
29, 1796.

(VI) Ira, son of Increase (2) Bates, was
born October 14, 1792, and died March 28,
1877, and is buried in Weymouth. He settled
first in Salem, where his children were born,
and removed about 1843 to Braintree. He
was a shipwright : he spent his later years in
Weymouth, where he followed boot-making.
He married Mary Peabody, of Topsfield, who

died in 1840, at Salem. Children: 1. Mary
E., born July 30, 1829. 2. John, March 26,
1831. 3. Sarah Matilda, October 14, 1832. 4.
Andrew Jackson, mentioned below. 5. George,
died young.

(VII) Andrew Jackson, son of Ira
Bates, was born at Salem, March 12, 1837,
and died July 10, 1904, at Braintree. His
parents came to Braintree when he was six
years old, and he attended the public schools
there. He worked for a short time in a grist
mill, and then engaged in business as a grocer
on his own account at Braintree. He was
shrewd and successful in business, and took
rank among the foremost merchants of the
town. He was active and prominent in town
affairs, and held various offices of trust and
honor. He was selectman and town treasurer
many years, and to an unusual degree com-
manded the confidence and esteem of his
townsmen. In politics he was a Republican.
He invested largely in real estate, building a
number of valuable houses, and was considered
an authority on real estate values. He was a
director of the Weymouth Savings Bank over
twenty years, and served on the loan and
investment committees. He was a member of
the Knights of Pythias, and attended the
I'niversalist church. He was keenly inter-
ested in genealogy and local history, and did
much research in the town records while hold-
ing town office. Few men of his generation
were more popular or beloved in the com-
munity. He married, January 7, 1869, Mary
Lincoln Whiton, born November 12, 1837. at
Quincy, Massachusetts. They had no chil-
dren. Mrs. Bates resides in Braintree.

(The Whiton Line).

The surname Whiton is of English origin,
and has many different spellings, among the
most common of which are Whiton, Whiting,
Witon, Wyton, Whitin. Nearly all of the
descendants of the Hingham, Massachusetts,
family, spell the name Whiton. The family
mentioned below were undoubtedly among the
settlers who came from Hingham, England,
to Hingham, Massachusetts.

( I ) James Whiton, immigrant ancestor,
was an inhabitant of Hingham, Massachusetts,
as early as 1647, as October 6 that year he
gave a letter of attorney to Richard Betscomb,
of Hingham, England, to collect a legacy due
him from Thomas Wyton, yeoman, deceased,
of Hooke Norton, Oxfordshire, England.
This Thomas was probably his father. James
Whiton was admitted a freeman May 30, 1660.



and was a farmer. He resided at Liberty
Plain, South Hingliam, where he had a grant
of land in 1657. He had other grants of land,
and also bought, and became one of the largest
taxpayers of the town. On April 20, 1676,
his house was burned by the Indians. His
will was dated September 29, 1708. He pro-
vided liberally for his children and grandchil-
dren. He died April 26, 1710. He married,
December 30, 1647, Mary Beal, born in Hing-
liam, England, 1622, died in Hingham, Massa-
chusetts, December 12, 1696, daughter of John
and Nazareth Beal. Children, born in Hing-
liam: 1. James, April 10, 1649; died Novem-
ber 11, 1650. 2. James, July 15, 165 1. 3.
Matthew, October 30, 1653; mentioned below.
4. John, December 2, 1655 ; died young. 5.
David, February 22, 1657-8; died March 18
following. 6. Jonathan, February 22, 1657-8;
died March 12 following. 7. Enoch, March
8. 1759-60. 8. Thomas, May 18, 1662. 9.
Mary. April 29, 1664: married (first) Jan-
uary 3, 1668-9, Isaac Wilder; (second)
Baruch Jordan; (third), May 21, 17 13,
Thomas Saver.

(II) Matthew, son of James Whiton, was
born in Hingham, October 30, 1653, and died
intestate July 22, 1725. He was a cooper by
trade, and resided first on South street, West
Hingham, and later on Main street, near
Tower's bridge. He was constable in 1701.
He married, December 27, 1677, Mrs. Deborah
(Pitts) Howard, baptized in Hingham, No-
vember 6, 165 1, died September 19, 1729,
widow of Daniel Howard, and daughter of
Edmund and Ann Pitts. Children, born in
Hingham: 1. Mary, September 25, 1678;
married, December 26, 1704, James Whiton
Jr. 2. John, January 10, 1679-80. 3. David,
June 5, 1681. 4. Matthew, November 28,
1682. 5. Elizabeth, March 31, 1684; married.
January 13, 1703-4, Hezekiah Tower. 6. Sus-
anna, November 14, 1686; died unmarried,
August 9 or 22, 1750. 7. Infant, born and died
August 19, 1688. 8. Lydia, born April 2,
1693 • married, November 26, 1719, Samuel
Tower. 9. Isaac ; mentioned below.

(III) Isaac, son of Matthew Whiton, was
born in Hingham, March 25, 1695, and lived
on Main street, Hingham. He was a weaver.
He married, March 17, 1720, Lydia Garnet,
or Gardner, born January 22, 1694-5, daughter
of Stephen and Sarah (Warren) Gardner.
Children, born in Hingham: 1. Isaac, Janu-
ary 7- 1720-1. 2. Stephen, October 13, 1722;
mentioned below. 3. Lydia, November 27,
1724; died March 30, 1728. 4. Deborah, Jan-

ii>— 33

uary 1, 1726-7; died January 24, 1756. 5.
Lydia, born February 23, 1728-9; died May 6
following. 6. Abraham, March 18. 1729-30.

7. Jacob, February 7, 1731-2. 8. Israel,
August 19, 1734. 9. Lydia, May 14, 1738;
died January 26, 1756.

(IV) Stephen, son of Isaac Whiton, was
born in Hingham, October 13, 1722, and died
January 14, 1812, aged eighty-nine years. He
was a cooper, and lived on the homestead.
He married (first) Mercy, daughter of Caleb
Campbell; (second), December 20, 1775,
Sarah Stoddard, born in Hingham, June 25,
1739, died September 30, 1823, daughter of
Jeremiah and Sarah (Macvarlo) Stodder.
Children, born in Hingham, by first wife: I.
Deborah, February 5, 1756. 2. Israel, Sep-
tember 20, 1758: mentioned below. 3. Sarah,
November 8, 1759. Children of second wife:
4. Isaac, born October 21, 1778; died February

1, 1856. 5. Daniel, born July, 1781 ; died June

8, 1857.

( \ ) Israel, son of Stephen Whiton, was
born in Hingham. September 20, 1758, and
died August 2, 1840, aged eighty-two years.
He served in the revolution, enlisting for three
years in the Continental army, in Captain
Brown's company, Colonel Jackson's regiment,
in 1778: also served in 1782 in Captain Daniel
Fisher's company, Major lob Cushing's regi-
ment, at Hull. He married, January 14, 1781,
Hannah Stowell, born January 9, 1761, died
August 12, 1827, daughter of Adam and
Deborah (Cowen) Stowell. Children, born in
Hingham: 1. Israel, November 21, 1781 :
married, April 11, 1812, Rebecca Cleverly. 2.
Campbell, February 19, 1784; married Desire
Jordan; died December 5, 1851. 3. Hannah,
May 15. 1787; died September 9, 1788. 4.
Isaiah, October 8, 1789; mentioned below. 5.
Royal, February 22, 1792. 6. Job Stowell,
January 23, 1797. 7. Hannah Stowell, Janu-
ary 30, 1799; married, November 20, 1823,
Lyman Barnes; died January 6, 1881.

(VI) Isaiah, son of Israel Whiton, was born
in Hingham, October 8, 1789, and died April

2, 1871. He lived in Hingham, and was a
"packet-man." He married, at Barnstable,
November 5. 1810, Martha Davis Estabrook,
who died November 21, 1857, aged sixty-
seven, daughter of Gorham and Susanna
(Gorham) Esterbrook. Children: 1. Martha
Davis, born September 18, 181 1; married,
September 25, 1838, Josiah Gorham. 2. Isaiah
Gorham, born May 5, 1813; mentioned below.

3, Charles Easterbrook, born February 22,
1816: married, December I, 1839, Susanna



Hobart. 4. Susan Allen, born May 24, 1817;
married, May 9, 1837, Thomas D. Blossom.
5. Deborah Kimball, born May 19, 1820; mar-
ried, June 1, 1843, Samuel Bronsdon. 6.
Albert, born December 9, 1823 ; died Septem-
ber 6, 1824. 7. Anna Allen Easterbrook, born
June 13, 1825; married, January 17, 1846,
Isaac B. Damon. 8. Emily, born October 11,
1827; married, November 30, 1848, Moses
Cross. 9. Albert, born October 10, 1829. 10.
Olive Marble, born May 4, 1832; married,
February 12, 1852, Edwin Wilder. 11. Will-
iam Stowell, born October 28, 1834; married,
October 28, 1857, Mary Leavitt.

(VII) Isaiah Gorham, son of Isaiah
Whiton, was born May 5, 1813, and died
October 17, 1886. He married (first) Novem-
ber 13, 1836, Mary Waterman Lincoln, born
November 5, 1816, died September 17, 1863,
daughter of Marshall and Lucy (Stoddard)
Lincoln; (second) December 25, 1866, Mrs.
Susan M. (Lincoln) Nash. He resided in
Ouincy, and was a sailmaker, doing some man-
ufacturing. Later he kept a general store,
as also sold coal. He was employed in the
custom house for a time. He was a member
of the Free Masons and a Republican in poli-
tics. Children: I. Mary Lincoln, born 1837;
married, 1869, Andrew Jackson Bates (See
Bates family). 2. Martha G., July 24, 1840;
married (first) Benjamin Clark White;
(second) George W. Hersey, he died in 1894.

3. Joseph L., born October, 1847; married
Mary Ann Litchfield; wholesale dry goods
merchant in Boston ; now retired and lives at
Quincy Point, Massachusetts ; has two sons.

4. Lucy Stoddard, born November 30, 1849;
married Elias McGown ; he died in 1900. 5.
Marshall Lincoln, born March 30, 1856;
educated in Ouincy, and at commercial school
in Boston ; followed the ship chandlery busi-
ness for a time, then in the beef commission
business, in the firm of Upton, McGown &
Co., and continued five years, when the firm
dissolved and he took a position as hotel clerk,
which he followed for twelve years, when he
resigned, and since has made his home with
his sister, Mrs. Bates.

The surname of this family was
MILLER originally Moller. with the

umlaut over the first vowel, and
was of ancient German origin. It has been
anglicized to Miller since coming to the
United States. It is known that the family
was of some prominence in Germany and
Scandinavia in the earlier generations, and

there have been many distinguished men of
this surname.

(I) Gustaf Adolf Miller (Moller) was born
in Sweden in 1803 and died there in 1869.
He was well educated and came of a well-
to-do family. His grandson, Professor Her-
bert Adolphus Miller, of Olivet College, Mich-
igan, has in his possession a silver-mounted
pipe, an heirloom that has descended from the
father of Gustaf A., if not from an earlier
ancestor. Gustaf A. was appointed in 1823
Kronolansmanned or landsman, an office
held for life, the appointment being vested in
the governor of the province of state of
Skone. The duties of this office combine those
of sheriff and judge of probate and some other
functions. He owned several large farms, but
the land which is now very valuable was then
worth but little. He was, however, a man of sub-
stance and influence in the community. He
moved several times, but always lived not
many miles from the village of Astorp, where
he died. He married, in 1825, Anna Beata
Ahlstrom, born 1805, died 1880. Her father
was a farmer. Children, born at or near
Astorp, Sweden: I. Magnus, changed to
William, born June 3, 1826, mentioned below.
2. Mary, June 30, 1827, died in 1869. 3.
Frichoff, August 24, 1828, still living (1909)
at Horby, Sweden, where he has made his
home for more than half a century; he was a
merchant there until 1899 when he retired to
devote himself to the care of his invalid wife
who died shortly afterward ; in 1908 the whole
village joined in celebrating his eightieth
birthday : he enjoys excellent health, having
never been sick a day in his life; his only son
died at the age of ten years. 4. Matilda, April
22, 1832, married Johan Nilson, a Lutheran
minister ; daughter Anna Nilson resides at
Grebbestad, a fishing village near Norway. 5.
Stephanie, February 1, 1836, resides at Astorp.
6. John, February 8, 1838, died in 1877, in
the army. 7. Axel, September 11, 1840, came
to America and died here. 8. Nelson, Febru-
ary 23, 1843, came to America and died here.
9. Child unnamed, born and died in 1843. 10.
Gustave, February 10, 1848, resides with
sister Stephanie in Astorp ; unmarried.

(II) William, whose baptismal name was
Magnus Moller, legally changed after he came
to America, was the son of Gustaf Adolf
Moller, and was born in Gotenbourg, near
Astorp, Sweden, June 3, 1826, died at his
home on Commercial street, East Braintree,
Massachusetts, July 10, 1883. He was well
educated in his native land. His was a varied



and eventful life. Me left home when a young
man and fought in the English army in the
Crimean war, but after the battle of Constanti-
nople he left his regiment and made his way to
Gibraltar, where he shipped as a sailor. He
followed the sea four years and was thrice
shipwrecked, once near Barcelona, Spain, once
off the coast of England and again off Key
West, saving nothing but the clothing he was
wearing. In 1857 he visited his old home and
spent some time with his relatives in Sweden.
He went to London and shipped on an English
steamship bound for the United States. Dur-
ing the passage he fell sick and upon arriving
in port was placed in the hospital at Chelsea,
Massachusetts, and he did not recover in
season to join his vessel before sailing. He
was employed as a nurse in the hospital after
he recovered and made himself exceedingly
useful, being able to speak four languages.
Many sailors of various nationalities were
treated at this institution and his knowledge
of their language was greatly appreciated by
the authorities. He was skillful and within
two years was head nurse of the hospital. He
decided to make his home in this country and
two brothers, Axel and Nelson, settled in this
country. He removed to Lowell, Massachu-
setts, where he followed his trade as an iron
founder until he enlisted in the civil war. He
served four years in a Lowell company in the
Second Regiment, Massachusetts Heavy Artil-
lery. At the battle of Gettysburg he was
wounded in the foot by a musket ball. He
took part in many battles and engagements.
At the close of the war he followed his trade
of iron founder and molder and various other
occupations. In 1880 he came to Braintree,
where he resided the remainder of his life.
He was buried in Mount Hope cemetery, Bos-
ton, but in 1909 his body was moved by his
son, Charles Oscar, to Weymouth cemetery.
During his life in Braintree he occupied the
old homestead of the late Rev. Jonas Perkins
at the corner of Commercial and Liberty
streets, where the Jonas Perkins school now
stands. He was fond of travel and during
his seafaring life visited the principal cities
and places of interest in Asia and Africa, as
well as Europe and America. He was a strong
swimmer and saved three persons on different
occasions from death by drowning. He was
a prominent member of General Sylvanus
Thayer Post, No. 87, Grand Army of the
Republic, of Braintree. He was converted in
London when a young man and was an earnest
and devout Christian throughout the

remainder of his life. He was one of the
organizers of the Methodist Episcopal church
at East Braintree, and continued active in the
work of that society until he died. He was
a conscientious, upright and kindly man, well
beloved by his family and friends. In poli-
tics he was a Republican. He married Mary
Elizabeth Webb, born at Noel, Nova Scotia,
in 1828, died at Boston in 1872. He married
(second) Nellie R. Thompson, born at Tuf-
tonboro, New Hampshire, daughter of William
R. Thompson. Children of first wife: 1.
Nettie M., born March 7, 1862, married
William K. Hewes, of Wareham, Massachu-
setts ; children : William A. Hewes, Florence
E. Hewes, Kenneth Hewes. 2. Charles
Oscar, August 3, 1863, mentioned below. Chil-
dren of second wife : 3. Herbert Adolphus, a
graduate of Wolfboro Academy and Dart-
mouth and Harvard Colleges, taking a three
year course in psychology at Harvard College;
now professor of philosophy and social science
at Olivet College, Olivet, Michigan. 4.
Eunice Ann, educated in Wolfboro Academy

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