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so that if you please at any time to send me a
letter, you must direct for Elizabeth" Morgan,
at Ashprington, near Dartmouth, in Devon,

I have had no opportunity of making you
any requital for your present, and therefore
must desire you to accept of my prayers and
good wishes for yourself and family and all
my relations, to whom I desire once more to
be kindly remembered, and so rest their and
your most affectionate kinswoman and hearty
servant, Elizabeth Morgan."

Jeffrey Parsons left England when quite
young and went with an uncle to the Bar-
badoes, where he resided for several years,
coming thence to New England, where he
made his home in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
He bought an acre and a half of land in
Fisherman's Field in April, 1655, of Giles
Barge, and later a house and land in the same
place, once owned by George Ingersoll and
still earlier by George Norton. He lived on
this place and his descendants have occupied
it to the present time. Among his descendants
were Chief Justice Parsons of Massachusetts.
According to a family tradition he met the girl
he married one hot day when walking by
Vinson's Spring. He stopped for a drink and
she was at the spring and offered him a cup.
The acquaintance thus begun developed into
a courtship, followed by marriage. He mar-
ried, November 11, 1657, Sarah Vinson, who
died January 12, 1708. He died August 19,
1689. He was a prominent citizen and served
the town as selectman and in other offices of
trust and honor. He was a husbandman. His
will was dated December 7, 1688. and proved
February 24, 1689. He bequeathed to his wife
Sarah and son James the residue of his estate
"to improve for themselves and bringing up
of ye young children and keeping of the fam-
ily together ;" to James the three acres on
which his house stood and other lots of land
and stock ; to son Jeffrey land and stock ; to
Jeffrey's son Jonathan ; to sons Jeremiah,
Nathaniel and Ebenezer, and daughters Sarah,
Elizabeth and Abigail ten pounds each ; to
other grandchildren. Children, born in
Gloucester: 1. James, born December 18,
1658. 2. Jeffrey, January 31, 1660-61, men-
tioned below. 3. Sarah, April 19, 1663, mar-
ried John Lee. 4. John, May 14, 1666. 5.
Elizabeth, March 22, 1669, married John
Durkee and died September 23, 171 1. 6. Jere-
miah, May 28, 1672, said to have settled in

Virginia. 7. Nathaniel, March 16, 1675. 8.
Abigail, March 25, 1678, married, July 2, 1699,
Abraham Foster. 9. Ebenezer, January 5,
1680, died next day. 10. Ebenezer, December
28, 1681.

(II) Jeffrey (2), son of Jeffrey (1) Par-
sons, was born January 31, 1660-61. He
received a grant of land in 1685 on the road
to Starnaught Harbor and Little Good Harbor
Beach, at the Farms, and built his house there.
Most of the Cape Ann Parsons families of the
present day are descended from his son
William, and his descendants occupied the
homestead at last accounts. His will was
dated March 14, 1734, and proved in 1750.
He married. May 5, 1686, Abigail Younglove,
of Ipswich, who died June, 1734. Children,
born at Gloucester: 1. Jonathan, February 8.
1687, mentiofied below. 2. Samuel, February
2, 1690. 3. Ebenezer, October 17, 1691, died
May 29, 1692. 4. William, January 8, 1693,
died April 21 following. 5. Josiah, February
23, 1694, died young. 6. Sarah, February 20,
1695, married Jefford Cogswell, of Ipswich,
December 2.-/, 1722. 7. Jeremiah, March 26,
1697, married Susanna Cogswell. 8. Abigail,
May 31, 1699, died February 5, 1700.

(III) Jonathan, son of Jeffrey (2) Parsons,
was born at Gloucester, February 8, 1687. He
married Lydia Stanwood, probably daughter
of John Stanwood, February 6, 171 1. Chil-
dren, born at Gloucester: 1. Lydia, December

4, 171 1. 2. Jonathan, July 24, 1713, married
Susanna (Millbury) Iladley. 3. John, May 8,
1 7 16, died 1796; married Ann Clark who lived
to the age of ninety. 4. Abigail, July 30, 1718.

5. Zebulon, November 18, died December 15,
1720. 6. James (twin), February 15, 1722,
married Abigail Tarr. 7. Joseph (twin), Feb-
ruary 15, 1722, married, January 8, 1748,
Bethany Gott. 8. Hepzibah, November 21,
1726. 9. David, October, 1728, mentioned

(IV) David, son of Jonathan Parsons, was
born in Gloucester, October, 1728, died there
November 28, 1808. He had the homestead.
He was a soldier in the revolution, a private
in Captain Daniel Warner's company (first),
enlisting January 13, 1776, and serving to the
end of the year; the company was stationed
at Gloucester for defense of the seacoast. He
was also private in Captain Mark Pool's com-
pany, Colonel Jacob Gerrish's regiment of
guards at Winter Hill from February 3, 1778,
to April 5, 1778, two months and two days,
at Cambridge. He married, August 17, 1758,
Marv Winnery, of Gloucester. Children, born

1 3' i- 1


at Gloucester: i. John, April 9, 1764. men-
tioned below. 2. Ebenezer, who was washed
overboard with three of his shipmates from a
vessel on the fishing banks and drowned. 3.
Joseph, who lived at the Farms and died at an
advanced age. 4. Benjamin, of East Glouces-
ter, died May 3, 1867, aged eighty-five.

( V ) John, son of David Parsons, was born
at Gloucester, April 9, 1764. died there April
5, 1854, lacking four days of being ninety
years old. He married. January 9, 1793, Bet-
sey White, born May 28, 1769, died November
28, 1844. Child, John, born November 26,
17^3, mentioned below.

(VI) John (2), son of John (1) Parsons,
was born at Gloucester. November 26, 1793,
died there December 13. 1881. He attended
the district school at Sandy Bay, where he was
born, and in early life occupied himself in
farming and fishing. His farm of ten acres
was situated on the* road to Gloucester. He
raised fruit extensively, and his vineyards and
orchards were noted. He was considered an
authority on fruit culture. He owned several
fishing vessels engaged in the mackerel trade.
He served in the war of 1812 in Captain D.
Elwell's company at the battle of Gloucester,
September 19. 1814. when the British ship
"Tenedos" was captured. He was a member
of the old Democratic party, and very strong
in his political belief. A member of the "Old
Sloop" First Congregational Church at Rock-
port, he always regularly attended its services,
and was a constant attendant at the mid-week
prayer meetings. His views on the temperance
question were positive and he always prac-
ticed what he preached, being a total abstainer
himself. He took an active interest in the
affairs of Gloucester, and had much influence
as a citizen. He married, January 21, 1819,
Esther Pool Tarr. born at Gloucester. January
22. 1799, died at Rockport, May 4. 1851,
daughter of Jabez and Peggy (Somes) Tarr,
of Rockport." He married (second) Margaret
Denison Gott, of Gloucester. Children: 1.
William Bainbridge, married Matilda White,
of Boston. 2. Benjamin, born March 22, 1824,
mentioned below. 3. John, December 21, 1831,
died August 14, 1903; he married. January 1,
1854, Elizabeth Gott Parker, of Gloucester:
children : Eliza Jane, William Emerson. 4.
James Collins, married Roxanna Smith and
died in Florida leaving two children. 5. Arthur
Tappan, February 11. 1840, died December 23,
1893 ; married. December 25. 1863, Lucy Jane
Brown, of Rockport, and had Mabel Ward,

born October 13, 1868. 6. Daughter. 7.

(VII) Benjamin, son of John (2) Parsons,
was born in Gloucester, March 22, 1824, died
at Boston, June 18, 1881, at 38 Gray street.
He was educated at Dr. Whipple's private
school and the public schools. At the age of
fifteen he went to Boston and served a four
year's apprenticeship at the carpenter's trade,
under Contractor Stockman. He followed his
trade at Rockport for a short time, but spent
most of his life in Boston working at his trade.
He built many of the houses and business
blocks in the Dover street section of the city,
which at that time was one of the best parts
of the city. While working here he was injured
by falling from a building and returned to
Rockport. starting in business there as a con-
tractor. For fifteen years he remained here
and in April, 1869, he returned to Boston and
wi irked for various contractors. He was over-
seer of the contraction of the Sears building,
built by Myles Standish. He was also employed
by Ticknor & Fields and finally by James R.
Osgood ( Boston Heliotype Company), a car-
penter, remaining in that position until his
death. During the civil war he was inspector of
customs at Gloucester for about eight years. In
1851-52 he was a member of the general court.
He was an adherent of the American or "know-
nothing" party in the latter part of the fifties,
and later a Republican. He was a member of
the Old Sloop Church at Rockport, and sexton
of the church, afterwards joining the Park
Street Church in Boston. While in Rockport
he served as chief of police and engineer of
the fire department. He was a justice of the
peace. He was member of Ashler Lodge of
Free Masons of Rockport ; of Granite Lodge,
No. 127, Independent Order of Odd Fellows
of Rockport. and of Rebekah Lodge of that
town, lie married. March 6, 1851, Martha
Ann Gott. born September 24, 1831, at Glou-
cester, daughter of Eben and Eunice (Teb-
betts) Gott. Her father was engaged in the
fish and oil business at Gloucester. She mar-
ried (second) Stephen B. Andrews, of Ouincy,
and now resides at 3 Granite Place, Milton.
Children: 1. Charles Sumner, born January
20. 1852, mentioned below. 2. Clarence Teb-
betts, October 29, 1854. mentioned below. 3.
Edward, December 2, 1861, died April 28,
1863. 4. Son, born and died same day. 5.
William Dunning, January 24, 1872. married,
June 0, 1895, Vina Bunton Brackett, born Jan-
uary 1. 1875. daughter of Albert Augustus and



Lavina H olden (Bunton) Brackett, of Milton;
children: i. Brackett, born November 8, 1896;
ii. Albert Edwin, September 4. 1901 ; iii.
Charles Sumner, September 24, 1904.

(VIII) Charles Sumner, son of Benjamin
Parsons, was born at Rockport, January 20,
1852. He was educated in the public schools
of his native town, graduating from the high
school in 1869. and studying at French's Busi-
ness College of Boston. He has since been con-
nected with the office of the city engineer of 1 >os-
ton, starting in January, 1870, as rod-man and
being promoted until he became chief clerk
and secretary. He attends the Congregational
church at Milton, where he resides. He is
independent in politics. He is a member of
the Columbia Lodge of Free and Accepted
Masons of Boston; of the Boston Society of
Civil Engineers ; of the Society of Colonial
Wars, serving as secretary ten years ; of the
Sons of the American Revolution : honorary
member of the Boston Chapter, Sons of the
American Revolution, of which he was secre-
tarv ten years, Ex-Governor Guild being the
only other honorary member ; vice-president
of the Society of the War of 181 2. He has in
his possession shells which were shot by the
British into his grandfather's house at Rock-
port, and into the Old Sloop Church there.
Mr. Parsons is unmarried.

(VIII) Clarence Tebbetts, son of Benjamin
Parsons, was born at Rockport, October 29,
1854. He received his education in the public
schools, and at the age of fourteen removed
to Boston with his parents. In 1869 he entered
the employ of Appleton & Sweet, cotton
brokers, remaining with the firm until 1878.
He was advanced from time to time, and
remained with the business when it was sold in
1878 to Appleton, Amory & Company. In
1886 it became Appleton, Dickson & Company,
and since 1894 B. H. Dickson & Company, and
Mr. Parsons has been head bookkeeper and
had charge of the general office work and em-
ployees. The business is at 141 Milk street,
and the firm supplies New England mills with
cotton. Mr. Parsons resides at Arlington
Heights, where he built his house on Clare-
mont avenue in 1898. He is a member of the
Park Avenue Congregational Church and one
of its original trustees and incorporators ; has
served on the standing committee of the church,
as clerk, treasurer, collector and deacon. In
politics he is a Republican, serving as delegate
to the various conventions of that party, and
for ten years was auditor for the town of
Arlington. He is a member of the Boston

Council No 4, Royal Arcanum, and in 1879
was regent of the council ; of the Ancient
Order of United Workmen, and formerly a
member of the Old Belfry Club at Lexington,
of the Boat Club, and of the Sons of the Amer-
ican Revolution. He married, April 26, 1881,
Mary Charlotte Abbott, born at Rockport,
March 24, 1856, daughter of Dr. Oscar Dun-
wreath and Margaret Safford (Pearce) Abbott,
of Rockport. Children : 1. Dora Abbott, born
June 30, 1882, (the second daughter born in
"the Parsons family in one hundred years )
married, April 26, 1906, George Hamilton
Lloyd, of Arlington, born June 3, 1880, son
of William Edwin and Mary Elizabeth ( [lag-
gens) Lloyd, of Arlington; had Charlotte
Lloyd, born September 2, 1907. 2. Clarence
Gott, December 2, 1885.

Edmund Hunt, immigrant ances-
HUNT tor, was born in England. He

came to Cambridge, Massachu-
setts, of which he was a proprietor in 1634.
He sold his house and land there in 1636-37
and removed to Duxbury. In 1645 he was one
of the proprietors of Bridgewater, but prob-
ablv resided at Duxbury. He was on the list
of those able to bear arms in 1643. He was a
town officer. The inventory of his estate was
taken March 20, 1656, filed October 24, 1657.
As he died intestate the documentary proof of
the names of his children is lacking, but some
of them are believed to be: 1. Edmund, of
Duxbury. 2. Thomas, slain in the King Philip's
war, March 26. 1675. Captain Peirce's corn-
pan v. 3. John, settled in Swansea. 4. Samuel,
mentioned below.

(II) Lieutenant Samuel, son of Edmund
Hunt, was born in 1640. He lived in Dux-
bury where in 1663 he was highway surveyor;
in 1665 on a committee to lay out a highway;
in 1667 a constable. He was admitted a free-
man in 1676 and was lieutenant in 1681. In
1684 he served on a committee to lay out roads.
He sold land August 30, 1704, to S. Harlow.
His will was dated July 2. 1707, bequeathing
to wife Mary and son John and four other chil-
dren. Thomas Hunt was appointed admin-
istrator of the widow's estate, February 22,
1711-12. Children: 1. John. 2. Thomas,
mentioned below. 3. Elizabeth. 4. Martha,
married, February 12, 1701, Joseph Chandler.
5. Mary, married, April 27, 1704, Jacob Bur-

( III ) Thomas, son of Samuel Hunt, was
born in Duxbury. Married, January 15, 1708,
Honor Stetson, born March. 1684, daughter



of John Stetson, of Scituate. She died August
22, 1739. He received grants of meadow land
in 17 10 and 1712. He was an active and use-
ful citizen. His will was dated March 2, 1775,
and proved April 7 following, mentioning five
children. Children, born at Duxbury : i.John,
mentioned below. 2. Thomas, died November

6, 1806. 3. Anna, married Ichabod Wads-
worth. 4. Mar}% married Benjamin South-
worth. 5. Abigail, born December 3, 1739,
married Captain Hezekiah Ripley, of Kingston.

1 IV ) John, son of Thomas Hunt, was born
at Duxbury. Married (first) Esther (Wright),
who died June 18, 1743. He married ( sec-
mid) May 1, 1746, Deborah Soule, who died
December 14, 1805. He sold. to Turner forty
acres of land at Duxbury, June 30, 1760. Chil-
dren, born at Duxbury: 1. Judah, born 1737,
mentioned below. 2. John. 3. Mary. 4. Asa,
died 177'': soldier in the revolution. Children
of second wife: 5. Samuel, died October 11,
1 77 1, at Liverpool. 6. Lot, died October, 1822.

7. Deborah, married, April 13, 1773, Joseph
Brewster Jr.

( V ) Judah, son of John Hunt, was born in
1737 at Duxbury, died April 18. 1826. He
was a soldier in the Canadian expedition in
1759 and in the revolution. He served on
the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775, in Cap-
tain Benjamin Wadsworth's company (second
Duxbury), Colonel James Warren's regiment,
also in Captain Bildad Arnold's company, Col-
onel Thomas Lothrop's regiment, in 1776, in
the Rhode Island campaign. He married, De-
cember 18. 1764, Betsey Oldham, who died
June 1 1,- 1774. He married (second) August
21, 1776, Deborah Weston. Children, born at
Duxbury: 1. Esther, born September 21, 1765.
2. Judah, 1768, died July 13, 1771 . Children
of second wife: 3. Seth, July 22, 1778, men-
tioned below. 4. Elizabeth, married Nathaniel
1 )elano.

( VI ) Seth, son of Judah Hunt, was born in
Duxbury, July 22, 1778, died January 25, 1852.
He married. May 12, 1801. Huldah Wads-
worth. Children, born at Duxbury: 1. Adeline
W., December 7, 1802. 2. Wadsworth, Janu-
ary 19, 1805, mentioned below. 3. Seth, Janu-
ary 15, 1807, died May 31, 1831, by drowning.
4. Huldah, January 19, 1809. 5. Elizabeth W.,
October 3, 181 1. 6. Judith, April 21, 1815.
7. Samuel W., November 2, 1817. 8. Joseph
W., March 7, 1820. 9. William F., July 12,

(VII) Wadsworth, son of Seth Hunt, was
born in Duxbury. January 19, 1805. He was
a fisherman by trade ; was a master of ships,

later mate. He married Lydia S. Sampson,
born March 27, 1807, died January 26, 1878,
daughter of Andrew and Lydia (Soule) Samp-
son. She had sisters Arethusa and Abigail T.
Sampson. Children, born at Duxbury: 1.
Andrew W., July 4, 1831, removed to Cali-
fornia. 2. Henry A.. February 2j, 1833. 3.
Mary S., September, 18, 1840. 4. Edwin, Octo-
ber 13, 1842, married Charlotte M. Glass; chil-
dren : Lottie Edwin ; Harry, has four chil-
dren ; Guy II. 5. Cassius, May 25, 1844, men-
tioned below.

(VIII) Cassius, son of Wadsworth Hunt,
was born in Duxbury, May 25, 1844. Fie was
educated in the public schools of his native
town. He began life as a fisherman, following
his father's vocation and was for some years
captain of a dory fishing boat. For ten years
he was a dealer in fish at 128 Faneuil Hall
Market and since 1885 has been at his present
location, 120-122 South Market street, in the
same line of business. He resides at 218
School street, Somerville. He is a Baptist in
religion and a Republican in politics. He mar-
ried, January 1, 1873, Georgianna Bickford,
born January 1, 1852, daughter of Josiah
and Silvia Jane (Gleason) Bickford, of Poland,
Maine. Children: I. James Henry, born at
Charlestown, January 15, 1874, attended the
Boston public schools and graduated from the
Somerville high school in 1894; associated in
business with his father; married, October 15,
1902, Sadie Frances Cromwell, daughter of
Christopher and Laura (Miner) Cromwell;
children: i. Cassius Cromwell, born August
2, 1903; ii. Ruth Alden, December 31, 1905;
iii. Charles Raymond, May 17, 1908. 2. Flor-
ence M., Duxbury, October 11, 1875, attended
the Charlestown and Somerville schools and
the Somerville high school ; married Charles
R. Raymond, June 2j. 1899. 3. Charles Cas-
sius, July 12, 1881, at Charlestown, died De-
cember 1, 1884, aged three years, four months.

Henry Sampson, immigrant
SAMPSON ancestor, came to New Eng-
land in the ship "Mayflower"
in 1620, a member of the family of his uncle,
Edward Tilley. He received an allottment of
land in 1623 and of cattle in 1627, and was
admitted a freeman, January 5, 1635-36. He
was a volunteer for the Pequot war in 1637
and commissioner of the court. He early
removed to Duxbury and was one of the orig-
inal grantees of Bridgewater in 1645, but did
not remove there. He was constable of Dux-
bury in 1 661. He died December 24, 1684.




J lis will was elated the same day and indicates
the most of his property had been given away
before his death. He married, February 6,
1635-36, Ann Plummer. Children: 1. Eliza-
beth, married Robert Sproat. 2. Hannah, mar-
ried, March 20. 1665-66, Josiah Holmes. 3.
Daughter, married John Hammond. 4. John,
born about 1645, married Mary Pease. 5.
Mary, married John Summers. 6. Dorcas,
married Thomas Bonney. 7. James. 8. Ste-
phen, mentioned below. 9. Caleb, married
Merc_\- Standish.

(II) Stephen, son of Henry Sampson, was
born in Duxbury and resided there. "He was
constable in 1690 and died probably in the
winter of 1714-15. His widow was appointed
administratrix of the estate, January 31, 1714-
15. He married Elizabeth . Children:

1. Benjamin, born 1686, married Rebecca Cook.

2. John, August 17, 1688, mentioned below.

3. Cornelius. 4. Hannah, married, December
13. 1 721, Robert Tyler. 5. Mary. 6. Eliza-
beth, married, February 21, 1722-23, Jonathan
Thayer.. 7. Dorcas. 8. Abigail.

(1IT) John, son of Stephen Sampson, was
born August 17, 1688. in Duxbury. He was a
farmer. His son John was appointed admin-
istrator of his estate. March 5, 1700. He mar-
ried, December 31, 1718, Priscilla Bartlett,
born January, 1697. died July 2, 1758, daugh-
ter of Benjamin and Ruth ( Peabody)
(Pabodie) Bartlett, and granddaughter of
John Alden (see Alclen family). Children: I.
Susanna, born August 30, 1720, married Deacon
Peleg Wadsworth. 2. Priscilla (twin). May 21,

1721, married, January 1, 1746-47. William
Brewster. 3. John (twin). May 21, 1721, died
September 11, 1724. 4. Zilpah, February 27,

1722, died unmarried July, 1796. 5. Elizabeth,
February, 1726, married Wrestling Alden. 6.
John, August 8, 1727, mentioned below. 7.
Elisha, April 6. 1730. 8. Sylvanus, March 13,
1732, died 1758. 9. Elijah, June 7, 1734, mar-
ried Ruth Bradford.

(IV) John (2), son of John (1) Sampson,
was born in Duxbury, August 8, 1727, died
there July 27,, 1805. His will was dated Feb-
ruary 8, 1804, and proved November 11, 1805.
He married (first) 1754, (intentions dated
March 16, 1754) Rebecca Brewster, of King-
ston, who died August 6, 1759, aged twenty-
five. He married (second) (intentions dated
October 25. 1760, at Kingston) Abigail Stet-
son, born July I, 1744, died October 11, 1831,
daughter «f Elisha and Sarah ( Adams ) Stet-
son, of Kingston. Children of first wife: 1.
Lucy, born 1755, died June 5, 1759. 2. Elisha^

1756, in the revolution. 3. Rebecca, 1758, died
young. Children of second wife: 4. Sylvanus,
November 8, 1761, married Sylvia Church
Weston. 5. Lucy. February 2, 1764, married,
November 13. 1788, William Bradford; died
February 14, 1854. 6. John, February 5, 1766,
married Hannah Alden. 7. Celia, August 21,
1768, died unmarried January 8, 1843. 8. Mary,
February 26, 1771, died unmarried October 21,
1822. 9. Dorothy, October 6, 1773, died un-
married March 16. 1853. IO - Andrew, May 3,
1776, mentioned below. 11. Clarissa, March
28, 1779, married Lemuel Cobb 12. Lewis,
March 5. 1783, married Polly Weston: died
June 2, 1821. 13. Rebecca, August 4, 1786,
died unmarried October 1. 1854.

( Y ) Andrew, son of John (2) Sampson,
was born May 3, 1776, died January 18, 1846.
He married Lydia Soule. daughter of Nathaniel
Soule, of Duxbury. Children: 1. Lydia S.,
married Wadsworth Hunt (see Hunt family).
2. Arethusa, married (first) Charles Stevens,
of Marshfield ; (second) John Church. 3.
Abigail T., married Luther Thomas, of Marsh-

(For preceding: generations see John Alden i)

(II) Elizabeth Alden, daughter
ALDEN of John Alden, was born in
Plymouth between the years
1623 and 1625, the first white woman born in
Xew England. She died in Little Compton,
Rlin [e Island, May 31, 1 717, in the ninety-
fourth year of her age. She married in Dux-
bury, December 26. 1644, William Peabody
(Pabodie), born 1620, died December 13,
1707, son of John and Isabel Peabody
(Pabodie). The house they lived in in Little
Compton was at last accounts well preserved,
also their gravestones in the old cemetery.
Children : 1. John, born October 4, 1645, died
November 17, 1669. 2. Elizabeth, April 24,
1647, married, November 16, 1666, John
Rogers. 3. Mary, August 7, 1648, married,
November 16, 1669, Edward Southworth. 4.
Mercy, January 2, 1649, married, November
16, 1669, John Simmons; died 1728. 5. Mar-
tha, February 25, 1650, died January 25, 1712;
married (first) Samuel Seabury ; (second)
Lieutenant William Fobes. 6. Priscilla, Janu-
ary 15, 1653, died June 3> 1724; married, De-
cember 24, 1677, ^ ev - Ichabod Wiswall. 7.
Sarah, August 7, 1654, died August 27, 1740;
married, November 16, 1681, John Coe. 8.
Ruth, June 27, 1656, mentioned below. 9.
Rebecca, October 16, 1660, died December 3,
1702; married, 1680, William Southworth. 10.



Hannah. October 15, 1662, married, August 2,
1683, Samuel Bartlett; died 1713. 11. William,
November 24, 1664, died September 17, 1744;

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