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3, i8o6. Nancy Potter, born at Fndfield, March
26,1784. Children: 1. John, born January 9,
1807. 2. Joseph, July 14, 1808. 3. Elizabeth,
December 8, 1810. 4. Obadiah P., see forward.
5. Sarah P.. December 29. 1816. 6. William
T.. April 12, 1823.

(VI) Obadiah P., son of Joseph Ingra-
ham, was born August 6, 1813. He was a
merchant at Hadley. He was a Republican in
politics. He married Margarett A. Marsh,
August 2J, 1840; she was born December 17,
1816. Children: I. Robert E., born May 30,
1841. died January 7, 1888: married Martha
Terwilleger. 2. Margaret Jane, born June 21,
1840, at South Hadley Falls, died January 12,
1908, at Westfield : married David D. Hewes,
of Westfield (see Hewes, IV.).

Robert Goodell. immigrant an-
GOODELL cestor, was of English birth.

The name is spelled Goodhall
and Goodale, as well as Goodell, in England
and this country. Robert Goodell sailed from

Ipswich, England, in the ship "Elizabeth," in
April, 1634, with his wife Katherine, aged
twenty-eight ; daughter Mary, aged four ; sons
Abraham, aged two, and Isaac, aged six months.
He was thirty years old, making the year of
his birth 1604. He settled at Salem, in New
England, and is called variously in the early
records "farmer" and "planter." He was a
proprietor of the town in 1636. He deeded
land there to his daughter, Hannah Killum,
in 1668. He must have married (second) Mar-
garet , for with wife of that name he

sold land adjoining his homestead in Salem.
He died in 1683. In his will dated October
12. 1682, proved June 27, 1683, he called him-
self "aged:" he bequeathed to wife Margaret,
daughter Elizabeth Bennett and grandchild John
Smith. Children: 1. Mary, born 1630. 2.
Abraham. 1632. 3. Isaac. 1633; mentioned
below. 4. Zachariah. born in Salem. May 31.
1640: married Elizabeth Bircham. 5, Jacob,
born January 9. 1642. 6. Sarah. 7. Elizabeth.
8. Hannah, born August 6, 1645.

( II ) Isaac, son of Robert Goodell, was born
in England in 1633, and came to New Eng-
land with his parents in 1634. He was a farmer
in Salem, and part of his homestead which has
never been alienated from the family, is now
kin >\vn as the Tacob Oscar Goodell place, in Pea-
bodv, formerly Salem. He married, January 2^,
1768-9, Patience Cook, who married (second I

before 1693. Stimpson. Goodell died

in 1679, and his widow and John Pease were
administrators. His inventory, dated October
23, 1679, taken by Nathaniel Felton and Job
Swinnerton, amounted to one hundred and
ninety-two pounds seventeen shillings. In settle-
ment of the estate Zachariah Goodell gave a
receipt to Patience Stimpson and Isaac Goodell
for his share, and John Goodell did likewise
October 22, 1705. Children, born at Salem or
Salem Village: I. Isaac, March 29. 1670. died
1730. 2. Hester. March 17. 1671-2. 3. Zach-
ariah, May 15. 1675 : removed to Wells. Maine.
4. Abraham." May 3, 1677, died three days
later. 5. Abigail', born early in November.

1678. 6. Son, born middle of September. .

died seven weeks later. 7. John, mentioned

(Ill) Tohn. son of Isaac Goodell. was born
in Salem Village. He appears to have re-
moved as early as 1702 to Woodstock, Con-
necticut. He married. November 10. 1702.
Lydia Titus: (second) October 8, 17 10, Han-
nah Colburn. He was non compos in 1724.
and had a guardian appointed. Children, born
at Woodstock: I. John. November 25. 1704:



mentioned below. 2. Hannah, married Octo-
ber i. 1735, Jonathan Berry, of Rehoboth. 3.
Patience, born June 1, 1707: married (first)
October 18, 1732, Jeremiah Reed; (second)
Thomas Bray. 4. Samuel, born February 9,
1708-9. 5. Eliphalet, born July 16, 1712. 6.
Isaac, born October 10, 1715, died at Mansfield,
Connecticut, 1743. 7. Abigail, born October
13. 1719; married, December 1, 1742. Samuel
( Ireen.

1 IV) John (2), son of John (1) Goodell,
was born November 25', 1704, at Woodstock,
lie was an active citizen of West Woodstock
in 1736. and was one of the signers of a pro-
test against the location of the meeting house
as proposed. He married, May 25, 1731, Mary
1'igbee, descendant of an old Roxbury, Massa-
chusetts, family. He probably married (sec-
ond ) April 4, 1742. Mary Wolcott. Children,
born at Woodstock: 1. Elisha, February 1,
baptized February 29. 173 1-2. 2. Eliphalet,
baptized February 3. 1733-4. 3. John, born
November 25, 1735. was at Woodstock in 1790.
4. David, mentioned below. 5. Nathaniel, born
October 9, 1740, baptized October 12. 6.
Lemuel, baptized February 13, 1743: living in
Woodstock in 1790. 7. Samuel, born January
8. 1742-43, probably the same, possibly a twin.
8. Isaac, baptized March 24. 1745. 9. Asa,
baptized April 12. 1747. born February 22,
living in Woodstock in 1790. 10. Twin of
Asa, born February 22, 1747. 11. Mary, born
March 4. 1749. 12. Esther, born May 12. 1750.

( Y ) David, son of John (2) Goodell. was
burn at Woodstock. October 5, and was bap-
tized October 8. 1758. He was a soldier in
the revolution, on the Lexington alarm. April
19. 1775. and marched with the Woodstock
company to Boston, under Captain Nathaniel
Marcy. Me doubtless removed to Readsboro,
Yermont. after the revolution. He married,
January I, 1761, Hannah Abbott (by Rev.
Stephen Williams). She died August 6, 1781,
at Woodstock. Children, born at Woodstock:

1. Isaac, born October 4. 1761, died September
8. 1766. 2. Zuba (Azubah). November 4,
1764. died December 29. 1766. 3. Twin, born
and died May 15, 1766. 4. Twin child, died
May 21. 1767. 5. Isaac, May in. 1767, died
September 7. 1767. 6. Ziba. 7. Levi, died young.
8. Levi, born March 29. 1772. 9. Sylvester,
September 10. 1774. settled in Stanford, Ben-
nington county. Yermont, died at Conquest,
Cayuga county. New York. September 18,
1834; married Susanna . born February

2. 1774, died December 1. 1828. at Pownal.
Yermont. 10. David, mentioned below. II.

Stephen, October 19. 1777. 12. Hannah, Octo-
ber 1. 1779.

1 Y I ) David ( 2 ) , son of David ( 1 ) Goodell,
was born at Woodstock, and settled in Reads-
boro. Vermont. According to gravestone he
died March 10, 1837. aged seventy years. He
married Louisa Wood, born in 1765. died Feb-
ruarv 16, 1 863, aged ninety-seven years two
months (gravestone). Children, born at Reads-
boro : 1. Harvey. 1792. 2. Lovinia. 3. Nancy.
4. Polly. 5. Chester. 1802. 6. Daniel, 1804.
7. Anson, mentioned below.

(VII) Anson, son of David (2) Goodell,
was born in Readsboro. in 1805, died May 9,
1802, at Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, buried
in Buckland, Massachusetts. He attended school
in Readsboro. was a farmer of that town, and
a member of the Methodist church. He mar-
ried Lucy Rice, born 1808. died June 17, 1899,
daughter of Oris Rice, son of Jacob Rice, the
immigrant, of Sudbury. Massachusetts. Chil-
dren of Mr. and Mrs. Goodell : 1. A son, died
in infancy- 2. Pamelia L., born March 2,
1830, died March 2, 1837. 3. Hiram A., born
May 6, 1831, died February 17, 1877. 4. A
daughter, died in infancy. 5. Anna P., born
October 9. 1833, died March 24. 1897. 6.
Albert Henry, born March 12. 1835. died June
9, 1839. 7. Dexter W., born February 18,
1837, died October 27, 1901. 8. Helen M..
born March 11, 1840, died October 20, 1873.
9. Lucy Almina, born July 19. 1842, died Au-
gust 25. 1905. 10. Albert D., mentioned below.
11. Henry E.. born October 12, 1847. I2 -
Martha M., October 11, 1849.

(VIII) Albert D., son of Anson Goodell,
was born in Whitingham, Yermont, August 3.
1845. He was educated in the public and
select schools, and during his boyhood worked
on his father's farm. He learned the trade of
carpenter, and followed the same for five years.
In 1870 he went to Millers Falls and was em-
ployed by the Millers Falls Company as in-
spector, superintendent and master mechanic of
their factorv. He invented many useful and
valuable tools used in their manufacture. In
1888 he went to Shelburne Falls. Massachu-
setts, and formed a company known as Goodell
Brothers, manufacturers of mechanics' tools,
the firm consisting of A. D. and H. E. Goodell.
This connection continued for a period of four
vears, when A. D. sold his interest to his
brother. Henry E., who removed the business
to Greenfield where it still continues under the
firm name of Goodell-Pratt Company. In
1892 Albert D. Goodell moved to Worcester,
Massachusetts, accompanied by his family, and



there established the Goodell Tool Company in
partnership with his son, Frederick A. Goodell.
In 1893 tne y removed their business to Shel-
bnrne Falls, and rented the shop and power of
II. H. Mayhew Company, remaining until 1904,
when they purchased the peg shop of J. R.
Foster, where they have continued up to the
present time ( 1909) ; they are manufacturers
of mechanics' tools, and their business has been
exceedingly prosperous. Mr. Goodell is a mem-
ber of the Methodist Episcopal church, and a
Republican in politics. He married (first) at
Millers Falls, June 1, 1870. Emily J. Hoyt,
born June 12, 1852. died February I, 1872,
<laughter of Isaac Hoyt. Married (second)
August 21. 1872, Harriet E. Peters, born July
24. 1854, daughter of Lyman Peters. Chil-
dren of second marriage : 1. Frederick A., born
August 26. 1873. 2. Helen E., born November
14. 1879-

John Hussey lived in Dorking.

HUSSEY county Surrey. England. He
married. December 5. 1 593, Mary
Wood, or Woodin. He died in England. Chil-
dren : John, died young; Christopher, men-
tioned below : one or more daughters.

(II) Christopher, son of John Hussey, was
born in England, in 1595-6, and baptized Feb-
ruary 18. 1599. He was among the parish-
ioners of Rev. Stephen Bachilor who went to
Holland, as it was only upon his promise to go
to America that Rev. Mr. Bachilor consented
to his marriage with his daughter. Christopher
Hussey and his wife Theodate. daughter of
Rev. Stephen Rachilor, sailed in the ship "Will-
iam and Francis" from Southampton, in May.
1630. and arrived at Charlestown. Massachu-
setts, about July 23. They settled in Saugus
(Lynn), Massachusetts. It is thought that
his mother. Mary Hussey, accompanied him
to Xew Fngland, but she may have come later.
He removed to Newbury, where he was a pro-
prietor in 1637. He was one of the original
grantees of Hampton, Xew Hampshire, Sep-
tember 6, 1638. He and his mother lived on
opposite sides of the meeting house green, the
five-acre lot of the widow, being about the
present site of the town house. She died June
16. 1660. Christopher Hussey was the first
deacon of the church in Hampton, and an influ-
ential man. He was captain in the militia, town
clerk, selectman and representative. When
New Hampshire was made a royal province he
was one of the commissioners named in the
charter. In 1650 he sold his property and
-emoved to Hampton Falls. He was one of

the purchasers of Nantucket in 1659, and sub-
sequently commanded an ocean vessel. His
wife Theodate died October 20, 1649, and he
married (second) December 9, 1658, Ann Min-
gay, who died June 24, 1680, widow of Jeffrey
Mingay. He died March 6, 1686. at Hampton,
New Hampshire, aged about ninety years. Chil-
dren : Stephen, mentioned below ; Joseph, John,
Mary, Theodate, died October 20, 1649; child
of second wife, Huldah.

(II) Stephen, son of Christopher Hussey,
was born about 1632. He settled in Nantucket,
Massachusetts, where he died April 2, 1718.
Before his marriage he lived at the Barbadoes,
and had accumulated considerable property.
He was a member of the Society of Friends,
and at one time was representative to the gen-
eral court. He married, in Nantucket, Octo-
ber 8. 1676, Martha Bunker, born November
11, 1656. died September 21, 1744, daughter
of George and Jane (Godfrey) Bunker, grand-
daughter of William Bunker. Children : Puella,
Abigail. Sylvanus. Bachelor (mentioned be-
low). Daniel. Mary, George, Theodate.

( III ) Bachelor, son of Stephen Hussey, was
born February 18. 1685. in Nantucket, where
he lived many years. He settled later in Bidde-
ford, Maine. He was probably engaged in
coasting, or the West India trade. He married,
October 11, 1704. in Hampton, Abigail Halle.
Children. born in Hampton : Christopher. Mary,
Jedi''ah ( daughter), John (mentioned below),
others born in Biddeford or Nantucket.

(IV) John (2). son of Bachelor Hussey,
born at Scituate, Massachusetts, 1710, died
1795. He married Jane Rollins, and came to
Nobelboro early in its settlement. Children :

I. Sarah, married Thomas Chapman; she and
her husband both died in one day, and were
buried in the same grave. 2. Margery. 3.
Susan. 4. Betsey. 5. John. 6-7. Martha and
Lydia, twins. 8. Job. 9. Jane. 10. Mary.

II. Benjamin, mentioned below. 12. Deborah.
13. Isaac. 14. Eleanor.

(Y) Benjamin, son of John Hussey, was
born at Nobelboro, about 1775. He settled in
the adjacent town of Palermo, Waldo county,
Maine, and was a farmer all his life. He mar-
ried Sarah Rigby. He died at South Montville.
Maine. Children: I. Benjamin, mentioned
below. 2. Albert. 3. Sarah. 4. Jane.

(VI) Benjamin (2), son of Benjamin (1)
Hussey, was born in Palermo, Maine, in 1814,
and died at Lincolnville, Maine, in 1866. He
was educated in the district schools. For many
years he was a successful trader, but owing to
ill health he gave up mercantile life and settled

1 668


on a farm. For several years he and his wife
were invalids, but they were fortunate in hav-
ing a son to care for them. He married Eliz-
abeth Eugenia Thomas, born at Searsmont,

Maine, daughter of John and (Davis)

Thomas, died at Lincolnville, 1873. Children:
1. Albert O., born at Albion, Maine, died in
California. 2. George F., mentioned below.
3. Carrie W., born at Albion, Maine ; residence
Lincolnville, Maine. 4. Elijah P., born at
South Montville, Maine, June 6, 1853, died at
Ellis, Kansas, February 25, 1907. 5. Nathan
P.., born at South Montville, Maine, died there
when quite young. 6. Theodore F., born at
South Montville, Maine, died at Jacksonville,
Florida. 7. Emma J., born at Lincolnville,

( VII ) George F., son of Benjamin (2)
Hussey, was born at Albion, Maine, June 19,
1846. He attended the public schools of Albion,
Montville and Lincolnville, until he was six-
teen years old, when he enlisted in the civil
war in Company G. Twenty-sixth Maine In-
fantry, for a term of nine months. Upon the
expiration of his term of enlistment he again
entered the service, serving as sergeant of Com-
pany H, Second Maine Cavalry. He was on
duty around Port Hudson, Louisiana, in Gen-
eral Banks's Red River campaign, and fighting
in the siege of Port Hudson, at Irish Bend,
and in several other engagements and cavalry
raids in Louisiana and Florida. After the
close of the war he returned to Maine, and for
a short time attended the academy at Freedom,
but owing to the illness of his parents he
felt it his duty to leave school and return home
and care for them. He afterward learned the
trade of machinist, and worked for several
years as a journeyman. In 1880 he went to
East Braintree. Massachusetts, for the purpose
of building some special machinery for the
plant of which he became assistant superin-
tendent. This position he held until May 1,
1889, when he was appointed superintendent.
This firm, the Jenkins Manufacturing Com-
pany, manufactured boot and shoe laces, welt-
ing cords and braids. Mr. Hussey designed and
made many improvements in their machinery,
and the firm's business increased more than
threefold while he was superintendent. He
remained with the company until he retired,
August 5, 1907. Upon the occasion of his
retirement he was presented with a solid gold
watch and chain by the company, in apprecia-
tion of long and efficient service. Mr. Hussey
has done much towards building up and beauti-
fying the section of the town in which he lives.

He is a selfmade man, and enjoys the universal
confidence and esteem of his fellow citizens.
In politics he is a Republican, and favors every
movement for the public good. He is a mem-
ber of General Sylvanus Thayer Post, No. 87,
G. A. R. ; Xeponset Lodge, No. 84. Independ-
ent Order of Odd Fellows, and a trustee of the
Weymouth Savings Bank.

October 7. 1872, he married Mary Moore
Dike, of Sebago, Maine, daughter of Kimbal
Jonathan and Asenath (Stevens) Dike, of Se-
bago, Maine. Mr. Dike was a farmer, and a
prominent man of Sebago, and was son of
Edward and Susan (Wood) Dike, of Athol,

This surname appears to be
CHILSOX another spelling of the ancient

English Chilton. Chilton is a
place name, the final syllable being town, and
a number of towns and parishes in England
still bear this name. The coat-of-arms of the
Chilton family of Wye, county Kent, and Cadiz,
Spain, is: Argent a chevron gules with a
bordure gobonated or and azure. Crest: A
griffin passant sable bezantee. The occurrence
of the surname Walsingham as a personal
name in the Chilson family indicates close rela-
tionship with the Walsingham family, which
has its seat also in county Kent.

( I ) Walsingham Chilson, immigrant ances-
tor of all of this surname in this country, came
doubtless from Kent, England, and settled
before 1647 in Marblehead. The records show
that he was witness in a case in court in 1647,
and that he owned a swamp lot in 1649. Fie
and his wife. Mary Chilson, sold land in
Marblehead to Francis Johnson, July 13, i<>55

(II) John, only known child of Walsing-
ham Chilson, was born probably in England,
possibly in Marblehead or Lynn, about 1645.
He married, at Lynn. July 28, 1667, Sarah,
daughter of Joseph Jenks. He lived at Lynn.
Children: I. John, married (intention dated
April 27, 1706, at Lynn) Elizabeth Jencks. 2.
Walsingham : mentioned below. 3. Joseph,
born latter end of August, 1670. 4. Sarah,
born August 4. 1673 ; married, February 2.
1(193-4. 5. William, married ( intention dated
May 23. 1696) Jane Rhodes.

(III) Walsingham (2), son of John Chil-
son, was born in 1681, and died at Bellingham,
Massachusetts, January 15, 17(10. He settled
at South Bellingham about 1738. and lived in
the vicinity of Scott or Chilson Hill. He was
a housewright and farmer, and his homestead
i-~ now owned by a lineal descendant. James A.



Chilson. Before his death he deeded to his
son Joseph all his property, including about
four hundred acres of land near Hoag Lake.
He was a tythingman in 1742, and in 1744 on
the school committee. The same year lie was
employed by the town to repair the meeting
house, also in 1747. In 1738 he with others
appeared in court to protest against the inter-
ference by the town in church affairs. He
married, October 20. 1709, Susanna Edmunds,
at Lynn. Children: 1. Joseph, mentioned below.
2. Dorcas, died November 18, 1743. 3. John,
died October 7, 17 41. 4. Mary, died July 14,
l 7$'- 5- Sarah, died July 19. 1747. 6. Sus-
anna, married, May 9, 1744. Jonathan Boz-

1 IV) Joseph, son of Walsingham (2) Chil-
son, was born at Lynn, and died at Bellingham,
February 8. 1778 ( ?). He removed with his
parents to South Bellingham, and was a black-
smith by trade. His shop was on the road from
Bellingham to Woonsocket, about a quarter of
a mile beyond his father's house. It was cus-
tomary for the town to post the town warrants
on the front of his shop, as it was a much fre-
quented place. He was employed by the town
to enlarge the pound. He served as town clerk
from 1745 to 1704. His name as well as his
father's often appears on the record of the
town. He married (first) November 23, 1744,
Mercy Shuttleworth, born at Wrentham, Feb-
ruary 8, 1716, died August 8, 1747; (second)
November 15, 1747, Lydia Pratt, who died
March 29, 1789. Child of first wife: 1. Mar-
tha, born April 13, 1746. Children of second
wife: 2. Joseph, born July 17, 175 1. 3. John,
born February 3, 1754: mentioned below. 4.
Joshua, born July 8, 1756. 5. Jedediah, born
April 18, 1758, died October 26, 1759. 6. Mary,
born June 23, 1761.

( V ) John (2), son of Joseph Chilson, was
born at South Bellingham, February 3, 1754,
and died there December 5. 1830. He was
brought up on his father's farm, and attended
the common schools. He was a prosperous
farmer, keeping forty head of cattle. At one
time he was engaged in the manufacture of
cotton goods in the old stone mill near his
house. Tn the early part of 1800 this mill was
burned, and later a saw mill was erected near
Hoag Lake. This he pulled down in 1816,
and replaced by a new one, which was but
recently demolished. He served in the revolu-
tion, in Captain Jesse Holbrook's company,
which marched on the Lexington alarm, April
19, 1775 : also in Captain Amos Ellis' company,
Major Seth Bullard's regiment (Fourth Suf-

folk ) , in 1780, and marched to Tiverton, Rhode,
Island, on the alarm in 1780; also in Captain
Jesse Holbrook's company, Colonel YVheelock's
regiment, in 1770. in Warwick, Rhode Island,
His death was caused by his falling backward
over a pair of bars, breaking his neck. He is
buried in the old cemetery at South Belliug-
liam. He was very kind hearted and generous,
giving largely to all worthy public enterprises
and private needs. He was one of ten who
contributed the necessary funds to complete
the town house, March 15, 1800. He married,
January 3. 1782, Mrs. Abigail Draper, born
1756, died June 29, 1834. Children: I. Anna,
burn October 3, 1783: married February 12.
1804, Colonel Joseph Rockwood ; children: i.
Lucena Rockwood, born October 18. 1806; ii.
Preston Rockwood, August 2, 1808: iii. Arti-
man Rockwood, December 23, 1810; iv. Susan
Rockwood, May 15, 1813; v. Maria Rockwood,
October 13, 1815; vi. Joseph Munroe Rock-
wood, July 1, 1818; vii. John Rockwood, Janu-
ary 25, 1821 ; viii. Emily Rockwood, June 2.
1823 fix. Abbie Rockwood, May 30, 1826. 2.
Ichabod, born August 29. 1785; married, May
8, 1808, Deborah Holbrook ; children: i. Sulli-
van, born November 2, 1808: ii. Jonathan,
January 30, 1810: iii. Draper. March 29, 181 1,
died October 29, 181 5 : iv. Caleb Adams. Janu-
ary 11, 1813, died November 9, 1816. 3. John,
born January 11, 1788, died February 12, 1789.

4. John, born October 25, 1790, died March
14, 1841 ; married., November 29, 1823, Elmira
Cook : children : i. John Draper, born October
29, 1824: ii. Lucius Addison, May 31, 1830.

5. Nabby, born June 2J, 1793 ; married, Decem-
ber 8. 1816, Captain Amos Hill. 6. Martin,
born April 25, 1797: married, January 3, 1819,
Lavinia Scott. 7. Orrin, mentioned below.

(VI ) Orrin, son of John Chilson, was born
in South Bellingham, July 26, 1799, and died
there September 6, 1863. He attended the
district school, and worked with his father on
the farm. At his father's death in 1830, Orrin
assumed the management of the farm, and
became a progressive and successful farmer.
In addition to his farming, he slaughtered beef
for the local market. In politics he was a
Whig, and in religion a Baptist. His ideals
were high, and his conduct of life without re-
proach. By reading and observation he kept
himself well informed, and his home was noted
for its hospitality. He married, at Franklin
(intention dated February 12, 1825), Diadama
Cook, born May 5. 1808. daughter of Reuben
and Martha (Cleveland) Cook, of Bellingham.
Her father was a farmer. Children: 1. Mar-



tha Whipple, born March 20. 1826, died 1854;
married. November 11, 1846, William E. Hub-
bard, and had Edward Livingston Hubbard,
born February 22, 1849. 2. Reuben, born
October 13, 1828: married, February 3, 1853,
Hannah Jane Cook ; children : i. Erving Elwood,
born January 29, 1854. married Carmilla Car-
roll, and had' Homer Lyon ; ii. Carrian Thurber,
born Tune 14, 1856, died January 29, 1858; iii.
Worthley Cook, born July 28, 1858, died April
30. 1875; iv. Stella May, born April 2, 1861,
died February 20, 1863; v. Bernard Burnside,
born June 6, 1864, married Alida Blanchard,
and had Mildred Beatrice, born December 21,
1896: vi. Etta Frances, born July 24, 1866,
married. June 12, 1888, Robert Lee Hawkins,
and had Ida Louise Hawkins, born April 11,
1889. died August 27, 1905, and Florence Ida
Hawkins, born June 27, 1906: vii. Wilmar
Grant, born January 3, 1869, died September
17. 1872: viii. Bertha Avis, born June 8, 1872,
died July 15. 1872; ix. Luther George, born
September 24, 1873. cnec ' March 11, 1874; x.
Mattie Jane, born February 20, 1875, died April
30. 187*5. 3- Orrin, born October 6, 1830; died
September 18. 1901 ; married September 27,
1858, Almira Belinda Cook : children : i. Austin

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