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Burnside, born October 13, 1861, married, Oc-
tober 1, 1890, Carrie Louise Grant, and had
Stanley Grant, born June 30, 1891, and Grace
Louise, born December 27, 1897; ii. Minnie
Bell, born August 24. 1865. 4. Diadama Cook,
born October 28, 1832: died March, 1880;
married Frederick A. Sherborn. 5. Libbeus,
born March 1. 1835, died December. 1906,
married Eliza J. Warren and had Loring ; sec-
ond, Louisa Weldon and had Pearl, married
( ieorge Saylor and had daughter Lillian. 6.
James Olney, born March 28, 1837; mentioned
below. 7. Lewis Morton, died December 14,
1901 : married, December 6, 1865, Frances M.
Sherman; children: i. Ida Lewis, born Octo-
ber 10. 1874, married February 19, 1902. Fred
Orrell : ii. Nettie Frances, born September 4,


Lester Sherman. March 28, 1891.

8. Mary E., died an infant. 1846. 9. Eliza
Ellen, born May 29, 1848; married. November

29. , Edwin Cook ; children : i. Lloyd Milton

Cook, born August 22. 1872. married, Novem-
ber 12. 1901, Cora May Adams; ii. Ethel Cook,
born September 14, 1874 ; iii. Maud Eliza Cook,
July 9. 1880. married. October 28. 1904, Rufus
Daniels Billings, and had Almira Cook Billings,
born March 5, 1906; iv. Cheney Edwin Cook,
December 14. 1882. 10. Marianna, born Feb-
ruary 7. 1850.

( YII) James Olney, son of Orrin Chilson,
was born at South Bellingham, March 28, 1837.
He attended the public schools, and remained
on the farm until he was twenty years of age.
At this time he went to work for his brother
Orrin, who was a butcher and cattle trader.
He drove a provision cart in connection with
the trade. After the death of his father he
and his brother Lewis conducted the farm
until 1866. In that year he went to Franklin,
and in company with Joseph W. Heaton, opened
a meat market under the firm name of Heaton
& Chilson. In 1870 Mr. Chilson purchased
his partner's interest, and soon erected a build-
ing to accommodate his large and increasing
trade. He also dressed cattle for the whole-
sale trade, and was very successful. In 1891
he sold his business to Richardson & Emerson,
and retired, and has since then devoted his time
to the care of his real estate. He resides on
Dean avenue, Franklin.

Mr. Chilson is independent in politics, and
served the town as assessor from 1892 to 1902.
He is a member of Excelsior Lodge of Free
Masons, of Franklin ; of King David Lodge,
No. 71. Independent Order of Odd Fellows;
of the Franklin Business Men's Club ; of the
Universalist Men's Club. He is a trustee of
the Benjamin Franklin Savings Bank, and a
member of the investment board of that insti-
tution. He and his family attend the Uni-
versalis! church, and Mr. Chilson is a member
of the parish committee. He married, May
10, 1864, Melansa Grant Metcalf Heaton, born
at Franklin September 4, 1843, daughter of
Samuel and Tirzah ( Carlton) Heaton, of South
Franklin. Her father was a farmer. Chil-
dren: 1. Eva Mabel, born July 1, 1805; mar-
ried, June 22, 1887, Edward Bertram Sherman,
postmaster of Franklin; children: i. Florence
Sherman, born August 4, 1889; ii. Ralph Ches-
ter Sherman, July 26, 1891 : iii. Howard Allan
Sherman. April 12, 1893, died July 29, 1905 ;
iv. Dean Carlton Sherman, born September 9,
1895; v - E ya Maud Sherman. December 12,
1896. 2. Annie D'Ette, born March 14, 1869;
died June 19, 1874. 3. Florence Chester, born
January 2, 1873, died June 17, 1874. 4. James
Carlton, born May 13, 1877; married, June 21,
1904, Emma Helen Gertrude (Dalton) adopted
Hatch ; children : i. Carlton Leroy, born March
27. 1905; ii. James Walter. May 2, 1906; iii.
Robert Olney, January 2, 1908. 5. Dean Le-
roy, born February 18, 1880; married, July
27, 1904, Edna Estelle Hursh ; children : i.
Frances Hursh, born July 26, 1905, died De-


167 1

cember 8, 1906; ii. Margaret Elizabeth, August
2], 1908. 6. Walter Olney, born September
9, 1888; died October 20, 1888.

Richard Lounsbury, immi-
LOUNSBURY grant ancestor, was an early

settler at Rye, New York.
The surname seems to be an English local name,
though the writer has found no locality now
bearing the name. The surname is not given
in "Patronvmica Britannica" or any other com-
monly used works on British surnames, and
books of heraldry do not mention the name.
The adjoining town. New Rochelle, was set-
tled by Huguenots from La Rochelle, France.
Lounsbury may be an anglicized spelling of a
French surname, though there are no facts to
support such a theory except the nearness of
the French settlers. Rye was an English settle-
ment, and Lounsbury was probably English.
He was a proprietor of Peningo Neck as early
as 1672, many years before the Huguenots
came. He sold lands and rights on the Neck
in 1673 and 1682, but retained land on Budd's
Neck in Rye. His will was dated January 2,
1690. He married Elizabeth . Chil-
dren : 1. Thomas, had rights in town of White
Plains, conveyed to him by his father. 2.
Michael, settled in Stamford, Connecticut, as
early as 1709; married, June 19, 1707, at Stam-
ford, Sarah Lockwood. 3. John, mentioned
below. 4. Henry, born August 15, 1684. 5.

(II) John, son of Richard Lounsbury, was
born about 1675, in Rye, New York. He re-
mained in Rye, and many of his descendants
have lived in that town and the vicinity. Chil-
dren: Isaac, Josiah (mentioned below), prob-
ably others.

(III) Josiah, son of John Lounsbury, was
born in Rye, New York, about 1700. He came
to Seymour, Connecticut, and settled in what
is now the town of Bethany, and lived nearly
opposite the present William Lounsbury place.
He married. May 7, 1724. Ruth Lines (or
Linus). Children: I. John, born January 18,
1724-5, married, April 4, 1751, Ruth Perkins;
children: i. James, born January 14, 1752:
ii. Benjamin, April 11, 1753; iii. Richard, Au-
gust 20, 1754: iv. Ethel, went west; v. Ethan,
died unmarried. 2. Jacob, born March 6, 1726.
3. Mary, February 12, 1727-8. 4. Josiah, Jr.,
August 5, 1729: married; children: i. Linus,
married Prudence Scot, and had Ransom, Cal-
vin, Obadiah and Ancel ; ii. Amelia, married
Samuel Davis ; iii. Esther, married Edmund
Mallory, of Davis Hill ; iv. Patty, married

Titus Smith. 5. Samuel, born 1731 ; soldier in
the revolution, 6. Ruth, born 1733; married
Tolles. 7. David, born 1735. 8. Ste-
phen, born 173 — ; married, October 26, 1761,
I Iannah Sperry : children : i. Elias, married
Appalina Judd, (second) Mary Perkins; ii.
Hezekiah, father of Mrs. Thomas Cochran;
iii. Peany ; iv. Ireua. 9. Esther, born 1738.
10. Timothy, mentioned below.

(IV) Timothy, son of Josiah Lounsbury,
was born in Seymour (now Bethany), Connec-
ticut, 1740, died in 1821. He married (first)

Hannah Smith: (second) Sally . Of

this family we find in the revolutionary war
James, Michael, Nathan, Peter, David, Enos,
Jairus, Linus, Prudence and Richard, several
nf whom are mentioned in this sketch. Chil-
dren of Timothy: 1. Son, died young. 2.
Timothy, mentioned below. 3. Eri, mentioned
below. 4. Lucy, married James Hotchkiss;
removed to Homer, New York. 5. Eunice,
married Truman Prince. 6. Hannah, married
Robert R. Russell.

(V) Timothy (2), son of Timothy (1)
Lounsbury, was born about 1765, and died at
the advanced age of eighty-six years. He was
of excellent judgment, thorough and thrifty.
Until 181 1 he lived in a small house, then he
built what was at that time the largest and
costliest in the town. He owned fourteen hun-
dred acres of land in Bethany and New York.
The Lounsbury cemetery was set apart for
burial purposes and surrounded by an iron
fence by him. He married Hannah, daughter
of David and Lois French. Children: 1.
Timothy, born March 25, 1791 ; married Mary
Ann Clark. 2. Lewis, born 1793; married
Charity, daughter of Amos Clark. 3. Daniel,
born 1795; married Sarah, daughter of David
Wooding. 4. Jesse, born December, 1796 quar-
ried Bede Bradley.daughterofJes.se of Bethany.
5. Dorcas, born July 17, 1798; married Jabez
Wilcox. 6. Hannah, born 1799: married Her-
schel Sanford, of Prospect. 7. Smith, married
Jenette Tomlinson. 8. Allen, born 1803; mar-
ried Maria, daughter of Elam Cool, of Che-
shire. 9. Eunice, born January 4, 1805: mar-
ried (first) Vincent Brown: (second) Mc-
Donald Fisher. 10. Mary, born March 14,
1807; married Burritt, son of Timothy Hitch-
cock. 11. Dr. John, born August 16. 1809, of
Oxford; married Mary Church. 12. George,
born November 23. 1812 ; married Aus-
tin, of Prospect.

(V) Eri, son of Timothy (1) Lounsbury,
was born about 1770, He settled in Bethany,
Connecticut. Children: 1. Abram. married,



September 12, 1824, Emily Perkins; lived in

Bethany. 2. Isaac, married Loderman.

3. Polly, married Miles Horton. 4. Rebecca,
married Asa Bradley. 5. Lucretia, married
Seldon Bradley. 6. Sally, married Lyman
Wheeler. 7. Harriet, married William Todd.
8. Lucy, died unmarried. 9. William II., born
December 30. 1815; married (first) Charity
Buckingham; (second) September 8, 1873,
Susan Beard.

(VII) David, grandson of Timothy or Eri
Lounsbury. (From the records of Seymour
and Bethany Governor Lounsbury and all of
the name belong to this family). He married
Ann Spencer, born and died in Branford, Con-
necticut. David. Lounsbury removed to West-
field, Massachusetts. Children : 1. John Hobart,
mentioned below. 2. William, born in Bran-
ford, and kept a hotel there, on Indian Neck ;
died within six weeks of his brother, 1907 ;
married Elizabeth Palmer; second wife, Bertha

( VIII ) [ohn Hobart. son of David Louns-
bury. was born June 14. 1843, at Branford,
Connecticut, and died Alay 3, 1907. He was
educated in the public schools of his native
town. He learned the trade of machinist in
Branford. and worked there as a journeyman
for a number of years. He embarked in busi-
ness in partnership with C. Dickerman, in 1868,
with a foundry and machine shop on North
Elm street. Westfield. In 1874 Mr. Lounsbury
bought out his partner and moved to the pres-
ent location of the business on Birge street,
where he manufactured steam engines, boilers,
steam fittings, shafting, gearing, mill supplies
and castings of every description. He built
up a flourishing business and took a prominent
position among the manufacturers of the
county. < Iwing to ill health he retired a few-
years before his death, leaving the business in
charge of his son and partner. Charles J.
Lounsbury. who has continued it since his
father's death and is now operating the same
as left by his father. During the three years
before his death Mr. Lounsbury was treasurer
of the Stimer & Moore Whip Company. 1 fc
owned large tracts of land on Birch avenue,
Westfield. and in other sections of the town
and vicinity had extensive real estate interests.
He was a prominent member of the Baptist
church of Westfield, held various positions of
trust and honor in the church, and contributed
generously to its benevolences. In politics he
was a Republican. He was a member of the
local lodge of Odd Fellows. Mr. Lounsbury
was highly respected for his sterling character

and great industry. He was himself a mechanic
of unusual skill, and he knew iron-working
thoroughly in all his branches. During his
active years he took much pleasure and satis-
faction in his business. He was quiet and
domestic in his tastes and preferred his home
in his leisure hours. He lived on Franklin
street, in the house formerly owned by Charles
Easton, into which he moved shortly before
his death. He married, in 1865, Christiana M.
Goodrich, daughter of Eli and Elizabeth F.
(Parker) Goodrich (see Goodrich, VI.). Chil-
dren : 1. Charles John, born August 5, 1867:
married Carrie A. Mackey ; child, Louis. 2.
Eli D., born November 25, 1873; a machinist;
married Ora .Mien : child, Christine. 3. Grace
Christine, born November 2. 1882: died Octo-
ber 9. 1883. 4. Anna Elizabeth, born May 5.
1886: a milliner in her native town.

(The Goodrich Line — See William Goodrich 1).

(II) Ephraim Goodrich, son of William
Goodrich, was born June 2, 1663, and died
February 27, 1739. He resided at Rocky Hill,
Connecticut. He married (first) May 20, 1684,
Sarah Treat, died January 26, 1712, daughter
of Major Richard and Sarah (Coleman) Treat;
(second) December 25, 171 2, Jerusha Welles,
born 1678, died January 15, 1754. widow of
Captain Thomas Welles, and daughter of Cap-
tain James Treat. Children of first wife: 1.
Richard, born February 27, 1685; married
(first) Hannah Bulkley : (second) Mehitable
Boardman. 2. Sarah, born August 3, 1689;
died May 6, 1785 ; married, December 15, 1725,
Richard Butler. 3. Ephraim, born December
21, 1693; married Hannah Steele. 4. William,
born February 21. 1697 ; see forward. 5. David,
born October 3, 1699; married Sarah Edwards.
6. Thomas, bom September 27, 1701. 7. Gideon,

born February 7, 1705: married Sarah .

Children of second wife : 8. Oliver, born Sep-
tember 14. 1 714; married Temperance Wright.
9. Gurdon, born December 29. 1717 ; married
Abigail Belden.

(III) William (2). son of Ephraim Good-
rich, was born February 21, 1697, and died
September 16, 1787. He resided in Glaston-
bury, Connecticut, and married, April 4, 1725,
Rachel Savage, born 1703, died September 20,
1787. daughter of Captain John Savage. Chil-
dren : 1. William, born January 25. 1729;

married (first) Mehitable ; (second)

Mary Hollister. 2. Stephen, born March 2,

1732; married Dorothy . 3. Elisha,

born May 27, 1734; mentioned below. 4. Eph-
raim. born June 15, 1737: married Penelope



Tryon. 5. Jehiel (twin), born September 16,
1 74 1 ; married Prudence Miller. 6. Jemima
(twin), born September 16. 1741 ; married,
February 19. 1767. Thomas Hollister. 7. Mary,
born November 18, 1745 ; married, January 14,
1767, Thomas Watson. 8. Rachel, born Octo-
ber 13, 1747. 9. Micah, born December 13,
1749; married Elizabeth Hills.

(IV) Elisha, son of William (2) Goodrich,
was born May 27, 1734, and died October 2,
1789. He married, March 14, 1754, Lucy
Goodrich, born February 24, 1738, died Au-
gust 17, 1807, daughter of David and Sarah
( Edwards) Goodrich. He resided in Glaston-
bury. Children: I. Eliakim, born November
28. 1762; married Sarah Kneeland, or Leland.
2. Asa, born March 10, 1765; married Ruth
Stratton. 3. Prudence, born October 25, 1767.
4. Sarah, born April 8. 1768. 5. Lucy, born
October 4, 1770; died May 3, 1774. 6. Elisha,
born September 10, 1772; died June 21, 1778.
7. Lucy, born September 28, 1775. 8. Ephraim,
born December 14. 1777; married. February
26, 1805, Prudence Bell. 9. Elisha, born Au-
gust 8, 1779; mentioned below. 10. Fanny,
born April 10, 1782.

(V) Elisha (2), son of Elisha (1) Good-
rich, was born August 8, 1779, and resided

in Glastonbury. He married (first)

Bishop; (second) July 31. 1821, Sally Bulkier.
He removed to Branford, Connecticut. Chil-
dren of first wife: 1. Eli, born 1818; men-
tioned below. 2. John. Children of second
wife: 3. Mary E., born October, 1822. 4.
Henrv B., November 10, 1824; married Laura
A. Hart.

(VI) Eli, son of Elisha (2) Goodrich, was
born in Branford, Connecticut, about 18 18 and
died there 1883. He married Elizabeth Parker.
He was a farmer and innkeeper in Branford.
Children: 1. Elizabeth, died young. 2. Chris-
tina, died young. 3. Benjamin, died young.
4. Charles. 5. Benjamin, died in Florida. 6.
Christiana, born in Branford, married J. J.
Lounsbury (see Lounsbury).

The name Matthews is of
MATTHEWS Englishorigin.andis spelled
variously Matthes, Mathes,
Mathis, Matthews, etc. At least eight immi-
grants of the name were in Massachusetts
before 1650. One of them. John Matthews,
was a tailor living in Boston, who sold a house
and land there October 10, 1649. His will was
proved April 11, 1670, bequeathing his dwell-
ing house to wife Elizabeth ; to son John (per-
haps the John mentioned below), and to

daughter Wigeer, living in Dartmouth, Eng-

( 1 ) Dr. John Matthews, perhaps son of
John Matthews, of Boston, resided in Marl-
borough, Massachusetts, and died some time
after 1729. His home was in the south part
of the town, which was later set off as the
town of Southborough, on what is known as
the Gilmore place, near Southville. He mar-
ried ( first ) September 20, 1686. Mary John-
son, died June 22, 17 10, daughter of Jonathan
Johnson, of Haverhill; (second) December 3,
1 713, Sarah Garfield. Children, all by first
wife: 1. Lydia, born March 16, 1691 ; died
1706; married Jonathan Witt. 2. Ruth, born
Maj' 9, 1693 ; married Timothy Johnson. 3.
John, born January 18, 1695; married, 1718,
Jerusha. daughter of John Bigelow ; had ten
children, among them a son John, who lived
in Framingham. 4. Daniel, mentioned below.
5. Mary, died October 2, 1706.

(II) Daniel, son of Dr. John Matthews,
was born in Southborough, March 16. 1696-7,
and died there May 22, 1755. He married, in
1724, Eunice Morse, baptized September 16,
1705, daughter of Samuel Morse. She married
(second) July 27, 1768, James Work, and died
a widow, March 17, 1794. Children, born at
Southborough: 1. Daniel, October 28, 1725;
millwright, and lived in North Brookfield ; re-
moved there from Southborough and bought
land April 24, 1749, and mill privilege on
Sucker brook; died 1805; married, May 25,
1734, Huldah Putnam. 2. Joel, born January
25, 1727. 3. Solomon, born January 19, 1728.
4. Eunice, born October 10, 1730; married,
May 29. 1749, Joseph Collins. 5. Asahel, born
August 9, 1732; married, November 25, 1760,
Elizabeth Woods ; lived in Framingham. 6.
Samuel, born April 23. 1734. 7. Persis (twin),
born November 16, 1735. 8. Hannah (twin),
born November 16. 1735. 9. Silas, born July

10, 1737; mentioned below. 10. Phinehas,
born July 26, 1739; died November 29, 1740.

11. Thankful, born March 9, 1740-1. 12.
Aaron, January 23, 1742-3. 13. Phinehas, Sep-
tember 3, 1744. 14. Grace, June 25, 1748.

(III) Silas, son of Daniel Matthews, was
born in Southborough, July 10, 1737. He mar-
ried, in 1765, Priscilla Woods, of Brookfield,
and settled first in North Brookfield, where his
two eldest children were born. He removed
to Leverett, and thence to Amherst. The census
of 1790 gives his family as consisting of two
males over sixteen, three under sixteen, and
three females. He was the only Silas Mat-
thews in the state of Massachusetts at that

1 674


time. In 1789 he served as hog-reeve in Am-
herst. He served in the revolution, as ser-
geant in Captain Eli Parker's company, Colonel
Leonard's regiment, and marched to Ticon-
deroga, May 8, 1777, in a company of men from
Amherst, Belchertown and Granby. In 1773
he signed a petition against the division of the
parish in Amherst. In 1776 his name appears
on the tax list there. Children, born at Brook-
field : 1. Katherine, January 21, 1767. 2. Silas,
September n, 1770; mentioned below. 3.
David, born at Leverett, December 27, 1778;
married. November 25, 1802, Lydia Rainger,
and died in Brookfield, August 4, 1759; four

(IV) Silas (2), son of Silas (1) Matthews,
was born at Brookfield, September 11, 1770.
He married Emeline Gilbert, and lived in Lev-
erett. Children : George, Emeline, Eunice,
Elvira, John, Austin and Asahel G., mentioned

(V) Asahel G., son of Silas (2) Matthews,
was born at Leverett. August 31, 1826, and
died in Brookline, November 8. 1884. He
was educated in the public schools, and for a
number of years was engaged in the piano
business with the firm of T. Gilbert & Com-
pany, but his health failed, and during his later
years his occupation was piano tuning, when-
ever his health permitted. In religion he was
a Congregationalist. He married, October 6,
1852, Mary A. Kemp, daughter of Lawrence
Kemp (see Kemp family). Children: I.Mary
Ella, born January 13. 1855; lives with her
mother in Brookline. 2. Anna Lizzie, born
June 14, 1856. died September 26, 1877. 3.
Florence Maria, born June 25, 1859; married
Harry Gaylord Collins, of Albany, New York,
now with the American Bank Note Company
of New York ; children : i. Hazel F. Collins,
born October 17, 1883; ii. Frances M. Collins,
July 4, 1885.

(For ancestry see James Bridgman 1).

(Ill) Ebenezer, fourth son
BRIIX 'MAN and ninth child of John and

Mary Bridgman, was born
in Northampton, Massachusetts, February 4,
1686. and died in Cold Spring, Massachusetts,
April 16, 1760. He lived on the "Plain." in
the northern part of the village of Northamp-
ton, and the family at the time they removed
to Cold Spring on the "Old Bay Road" in 1732
consisted of three generations: Ebenezer, the
patriarch ; his son Joseph, and grandsons Oliver
and Joseph, all citizens of the commonwealth
of Massachusetts by right of birth and age.

Their first home at Cold Spring was a log
cabin, which in 1773 was replaced by the sub-
stantial dwelling house which was occupied by
his descendants until 1862. when his great-
great-grandson, Elisha B. Bridgman, sold it
into the hands of strangers and removed to
Boston. Tradition in the family says that
Ebenezer charged his son, Joseph, "to bury
him in the land which he had purchased for
a possession." Ebenezer Bridgman married,
June 14. 1709-10, Mary, daughter of John and
Sarah Parsons, of Northampton, born July 5,
1681. Children, born in Northampton: 1.
Elizabeth, 1711, died May 27, 1746. 2. Joseph
(q. v.). 3. Ebenezer, July 10, 1714, died No-
vember 22, 1814. 4. Mary (twin), July 10,
1 7 14. One of these daughters married Joseph
King, of Northampton.

( IV ) Joseph, eldest son and second child of
Ebenezer and Mary (Parsons) Bridgman, was
born in Northampton, Massachusetts, March
16, 1712, and died in Belchertown, Massachu-
setts, June 15, 1773. He was brought up and
received his school training in Northampton,
working on his father's farm and with his
father and grandfather, aided in locating their
future home on the "Equivalent Lands," noted
hunting grounds on the highway leading from
Northampton to Boston, near a copious spring
made the camping place of the hunters and
known as Cold Spring. The settlement, which
took the name of Cold Spring, was commenced
in 1731 by his grandfather, father and others,
and had increased in 1736 to twenty families,
and in 1752 to more than fifty families. June
23, 1 761, it was incorporated as the town
of Belchertown, given in honor of Jonathan
Belcher, one of the original proprietors. The
farm of Joseph Bridgman, Sr., and which de-
scended to his son Oliver, who built the home-
stead dwelling in 1773, was located in the north-
western part of the future town of Belcher-
town, about three miles from the church and
town house at the foot of the eastern spur of
the Holyoke mountain range, a place beautiful
for location and desirable for healthfulness.
Joseph Bridgman married, five years after set-
tling at Cold Spring, Elizabeth, daughter of
Mark and Lydia (Phelps) \Yarner, of North-
ampton, born April 9, 1706, and married, No-
vember 17, 1737. The fruit of this marriage
was two sons and two daughters, and the
mother lived to see her children all married
and settled in life, and she died in Belchertown,
November 18, 1789. Joseph Bridgman was
made a deacon of the Congregational church
in Belchertown in 1770, and was a man highly



respected in the community. Children of Joseph
and Elizabeth (Warner) Bridgman, all born
in Belchertown: 1. Oliver, December 28, 1738;
married Jemima, daughter of John Fuld, of
Amherst ; built the homestead dwelling house
on the farm at Cold Spring in 1773; had rive
children, and died in the homestead, April 21,
1816. 2. Esther, November 11, 1740; married
Eliakim Arms, of Deerfield, and died March
20, 1818. 3. Mary, February 27, 1742 ; probably
married Colonel Guilford Young, of Hebron,
Connecticut, and died about 1828. 4. Joseph
(q. v.).

(V) Joseph (2), youngest child of Joseph
(1) and Elizabeth (Warner) Bridgman, was
born in Belchertown, Massachusetts, January
4, 1745, and died there March 10, 1826. He
was a farmer and, according to the church
records, "an eminent saint." He married, prob-
ably in 1771, Ruth, daughter of Reuben and
Sarah (Edwards) Wright; children, all born
in Belchertown : 1. Wright (q. v.). 2. Joseph,
November 21, 1773, died December 27, 1836:
married, February 2, 1803, Ruth Hawkes, of
Charlemont, Massachusetts. He was graduated
at Dartmouth, A. B., 1795, was a lawyer in
Belchertown, and a state representative for
many years ; had eight children. 3. Theodore,
June 5, 1775, died December 16, 1836. He
owned the farm on Pond Hill, which belonged

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