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to his father, grandfather and great-grand-
father Ebenezer. He married three times, and
had eleven children born between 1797 and
1 82 1. 4. Mary, April 15, 1777, died March
26, 1787. 5. Son, April 15, 1777, died next
day. 6. Sarah, June 8, 1779, died January 22,
1853. 7- Jonathan, June 21, 1781 ; married,
November 20, 1806, Achsah Granger ; (second)
July 27, 1809, Jerusha Smith, who was the
mother of his ten children, all born in South
Amherst, Massachusetts.

(VI) Wright, eldest child of Joseph (2)
and Ruth (Wright) Bridgman, was born in
Belchertown, Massachusetts, June 3, 1772, and
died September 8, 1839. He married, Decem-
ber 15, 1796, Irene, daughter of Phineas Smith,
of Granby, Massachusetts. She was born prob-
ably in Granby, April 9, 1777, and died in
Belchertown, Massachusetts, April 23, 1840.
He was a merchant in Belchertown and a lead-
ing citizen of the place. Children of Wright
and Irene (Smith) Bridgman, born in Belcher-
town: 1. Wright, December 1, 1797, died De-
cember 19, 1797. 2. Henry, January 2, 1799;
married, May 25, 1820, Clarissa Washburn;
two sons: William Henry, born 1825, and
Elliott, born 1830. He died June 9, 1853. 3.

Mary C, January 22, 1801 ; married Samuel
Hopkins ; had five children, and died about
1867. 4. John Baptist, May 3, 1803, died in
Boston, January 7, 1862. He graduated from
Harvard Medical School 1828; married, No-
vember 27, 1832, Betsey Maria Lee, of Spring-
field, Massachusetts ; had three daughters ; phy-
sician in Chicopee, Massachusetts, 1833-1858.

5. Wright, July 23, 1805, died May 31, 1874;
married, September 10, 1826, Mary P. Steb-
bins; (second) February 2, 1853, Mary Hawks
Sunderland ; (third) June 2, 1869, Eliza A.
Ferre. He had seven children. 6. Porter, June

6, 1808; married Amanda King, of Ware; five
children. 7. Phineas Smith (q. v. ). 8. Calvin,
December 21, 1812, died March 3, 1882. 9.
Helen Maria, November 9, 1818, died January
6, 1849.

( VI I ) Phineas Smith, son of Wright and
Irene ( Smith ) Bridgman, was born in Belcher-
town, Massachusetts, June 20, 1810. He mar-
ried, July 22, 1828, Sarah, daughter of Her-
man and Sarah (Dickinson) Stebbins, of Gran-
by, Massachusetts. She was born April 28,
1810, and died in lielchertown, Massachusetts,
January 28, 1885, and her husband died March
9, 1886. He was a merchant, and for many
years in business with his brother Calvin, and
served as postmaster of Belchertown, 1852-61.
Children of Phineas and Sarah (Stebbins)
Bridgman, born in lielchertown: 1. Jane Au-
gusta. October 11, 1829; married. November
23, 1847, Edwin C. Hayes, and died April 16,
1855. leaving two children. 2. Frederick Bruce,
February 21, 1832; married Harriet Sanford;
had two sons: Frederic Horatio (1864-1884),
and Harry Calvin (1866-1867). He died Au-
gust 10, 1872. 3. Sophronia Smith, June 30,
1834; married, December 20, 1850, Harvey
Purdy, of Belchertown ; three children. 4.
William Eustace (q. v.). 5. Eugene, March 24,
1839; married, December 22, 1865, Eliza, daugh-
ter of Porter and Amanda (King) Bridgman.
6. Edward Stebbins, June 10, 1841 ; married,
June 1, 1866, Dorcas Louisa Bement, at Pal-
mer, Massachusetts ; two children : Harry Bem-
ent, October 28, 1874, and Maud Louisa, June
1, 1883. 7. Frank Howe, January 24, 1844;
married, October 5, 1869, Mary Ellen Snow.
8. Arthur. June 21, 1849; married Sarah Rus-

(\TII) William Eustace, second son and
fourth child of Phineas Smith and Sarah (Steb-
bins) Bridgman, was born in Belchertown,
Massachusetts, October 17, 1836. He was
brought up on his father's farm, and attended
the public school. He learned the trade of



carriage trimming, and became an expert work-
man. He then engaged in general merchandis-
ing, and became postmaster of the town and
justice of the peace. His appointment as post-
master was made by President Cleveland at
the beginning of his first administration, the
first fourth-class postmaster appointed by the
president in New England, and he held the
office continuously for nine years. In 1875 he
was elected by the Democratic party a repre-
sentative from the Fifth Hampshire district to
the general court of Massachusetts, and also
served as a delegate to the Democratic national
convention at Chicago in 1892. He was made
a trustee of the Amherst Savings Bank and a
director of the National Bank of Amherst.
His fraternal affiliation is with the Masons,
and he gained the thirty-second degree. His
religious affiliation is with the Baptist church.
He married, November 13, i860. Elizabeth
Rebecca, daughter of Shubael and Charlotte
( Smith ) Kenfield, of Enfield, Massachusetts,
born in Enfield, May 22, 1838. Her father
was born in Belchertown, Massachusetts, Feb-
ruary 6, 1 801, son of Shubael and Bertha (Sel-
ton) Kenfield, of Belchertown, and was mar-
ried in 1 82 1, in Vernon, to Charlotte M. Smith,
born in Williamstown, June 22, 1801. She
died in Belchertown, May 26, 1891, and Shu-
bael Kenfield died in Enfield November 28,
1862. Children of Shubael and Charlotte M.
( Smith ) Kenfield, born in Enfield : Timothy,
April 23, 1822; Charlotte, February 20, 1824;
Mary S. June 1, 1826: Maria, June 19, 1828;
Sarah M., September 5, 1830; Charles S., May
9, 1836; Elizabeth Rebecca (q. v.) ; Emily W.,
January 21, 1841 ; Amos W., October 26, 1843.
The children of her grandparents, Shubael
and Bertha (Selton) Kenfield, of Belchertown,
were : John, Zera, Shubael, Polly and Bertha.

William Davis, immigrant ances-
DAVIS tor, was born in England or

Wales, in 1617. The tradition in
the family that he came from Wales is cor-
roborated by the coat-of-arms used by his son
Ichabod in sealing his will, and is the same
as that of the Davis family of Caermarthen,
South Wales. Moreover, a William Davis of
that family resided there in 1623, possibly the
father of William mentioned above, who set-
tled in Roxbury in 1635, coming in the ship
"Ann." The arms : Gules a griffin segreant
or. It is said that William was brother of
Tobias Davis, who also settled in Roxbury,
whose wife Sarah died in February, 1648, and
who married (second) December 13, 1649,

Bridget Kinman, who died April 25, 1690,
leaving a son John and daughters Sarah
Stephens, and Abigail. William Davis was
admitted a freeman in 1673. His wife Eliz-
abeth was buried May 4, 1658, and he married
(second) October 21, 1658, Alice Thorp, who
died soon afterward. He married (third)

Jane . His wife Elizabeth was admitted

a member of the church October 7, 1649, when
the three oldest children were baptized. His
wife Alice was admitted June 4. 1663, and his
wife Jane, June 8. 1673. He was admitted to
full communion April 20, 1673. His widow
Jane died May 12, 1714, at Watertown, where
she was living with her daughter Jane. He
died December 9, 1683, at Roxbury, aged
sixty-six years. His will was dated December
6, three days earlier. Children of first wife:
1. John, born October 1, 1643. 2. Samuel,
February 21, 1645. 3. Joseph, October 12,
1649. Children of second wife: 4. William,
baptized June 14, 1663; died December, 1678.
5. Elizabeth, baptized June 14, 1663. 6. Mat-
thew, baptized January 24, 1664 ; settled in
Woodstock, now of Connecticut. 7. Jonathan,
born February 2. 1665 ; settled at Woodstock.
Children of third wire: 8. Mary, born March
28, 1669. 9. Jane, December 21, 1670; married
January 28, 1696, Josiah Goddard, and lived
at Watertown. 10. Rachel, August 26, 1672.
The following were baptized in Roxbury,
given by genealogy as children of William and
Jane Davis also: 11. Benjamin, born May 31,
1674. 12. Ichabod, mentioned below. 14.
William, born 1680. 15. Sarah, baptized July
20, 1681. 16. Isaac, baptized April 18, 1683.

(II) Ichabod, son of William Davis, was
born in Roxbury, and baptized April 1, 1676.

He married Bathia . He was deacon

of the Roxbury church, and a man of promi-
nence. He was a tailor by trade. He bought
in 1733 fifty-one acres of land in Dudley, of
Clement Corbin, and again in 1737 one hun-
dred acres of William Dudley. This farm
adjoined the Indian meadow. In 1750 he sold
to his son Benjamin half of one hundred and
seven acres in Dudley, the place where his
son dwelt. Ichabod died March 16, 1754, leav-
ing the balance of his Dudley properly to his
son Benjamin, mentioned below, the only child
of whom there is record.

(III) Benjamin, son of Ichabod Davis, was
born in Roxbury, in 1710. He was a trader,
and became widely known as "Retailer Ben."
He removed to Oxford in 1731, when he came
of age. In 1750 he was living at Dudley, and
his father deeded him a half interest in the farm



on which he was living. He inherited the
other half in 1754 from his father. Dudley
was formerly a part of Oxford. He bought
in 1740, of Samuel Davis, eighty-five acres in
Oxford of the Bernon land in the eastern part,
near the house now of Lucien M. Chaffee.
The lot number is H. 22 ; the house long ago
was removed. He was a lieutenant in the
French war, and settled on his return near
Nipmuck pond of Thompson's grant, where
he had a contract to clear the land for sheep-
walks. He was ejected on account of a bad
title. He was a man of integrity and judg-
ment. In 1763 he was one of the three
referees, with Josiah Brewer and Rev. Thad-
deus Maccarty, of Worcester, to determine
the question of Mr. Hall's salary. He was a
deputy to the general court in 1749. A bridle
path ran from his house to the house of
Stephen Streeter, of Douglass, and it has been
called a bridal path because three sons of
Davis married three daughters of Streeter.
Benjamin Davis married, March 13, 1734,
Sybil Rockett (Rockwood), the first female of
English parentage born in Oxford. She died
1787. All the children except the youngest
were born or recorded in Oxford: 1. Sybil,
born December 28. 1736; married William
Davis. 2. Joseph, born 1739; died 1741. 3.
Joseph, born 1741-2. 4. Craft, born April 15,
1744; mentioned below. 5. Benjamin, born
March 5, 1747; married, 1780. Hannah
Streeter. 6. Susanna, born 1749; married John
Bound. 7. James Hovey. born July 27, 175 1 ;
married, 1777, Mary Streeter. 8. Ezekiel,
born January 17, 1754. 9. Sarah, born Decem-
ber 3, 1759; married Francis Blandin.

(IV) Craft, son of Benjamin Davis, was
born April 15, 1744, and settled in Oxford, in
that part which became the town of Webster,
a mile from the east village. He was a noted
hunter and fisherman, and died December 5,
1836, aged ninety-two years. He married,
January 16, 1772, Catherine, daughter of
Stephen Streeter, of Douglass. Children: 1.
Sarah, born September 26, 1772, died young.
2. Benjamin, born September 20, 1774; men-
tioned below. 3. Sally, born December 5,
1778; married (first) Joshua Wetherell ; (sec-
ond) Rufus Humphrey. 4. Ward, born De-
cember 1, 1782. 5. Katie, born April 2, 1784;
married, May 31. 1804, Roger Stevens. 6.
Craft, born July 18, 1786. 7. John, born Octo-
ber 13, 1788; died 1803. 8. Stephen, born June
22, 1 791. 9. Sukey, born August 15, 1794;
married N. Webb Hall. 10. James Hovey,

born November 7, 1797. 11. Lucetta, born
April 21, 1803; married Jonathan Harwood.

(V) Benjamin (2), son of Craft Davis, was
born September 20, 1774, and died September
19, i860. He settled at Ware. He married,
October 3, 1796, Theodocia Barnes, of Ware,
born June 23, 1776, died January 29, 1861.
Children: 1. Nancy, born March 17, 1800:
married (first) Reuben Sherman; (second)
William Goodwin. 2. Elmira, born Decem-
ber 31, 1801 ; married Calvin Whitaker. 3.
Cynthia, born February 21, 1804; married
Elmer Loomis. 4. Rev. William Page, born
September 6, 1806; married Elizabeth Bul-
lock. 5. Sarah, born February 13, 1809; mar-
ried James F. Brooks. 6. Benjamin, born
July 16, 181 1 ; mentioned below. 7. Dr. Wil-
lard Gould, born March 1. 1814: married
March 3, 1846, Mary A. Tygert. 7. Lucy P.,
died unmarried. 8. Caroline, married John
1 laker.

(VI) Benjamin (3) son of Benjamin (2)
Davis, was born July 16, 181 1, and died June
28, 1890, at Ware, Massachusetts. He was
educated in the public schools of Ware, after-
wards attending the academy at Monson,
Massachusetts. He worked on a farm, and
later in the mills. He opened a general store
in the village of Indian Orchard, Massachu-
setts, and built up a successful business. He
was a Republican in politics, and was repre-
sentative to the general court in 1858. For
twenty years he served as assessor of the town
of Ware. He married. May 4, 1836, Cordelia
Burlington, of Ashford, born June 4, 1818,
died June 4, 1891. Children: 1. Benjamin F.,
burn November 9, 1837; mentioned below. 2.
George Royal, born January 3, 1840, at
I 'aimer ; prominent Chicago lawyer ; served
in the civil war: representative to congress six
years ; county treasurer for Cook county, Illi-
nois : director general of the World's Colum-
bian Exposition, 1892. 3. William Page, born
June 29, 1842; died 1843. 4. Henry Charles,
born October 22, 1843 ; see forward. 5. Cor-
delia Jane, born May 26, 1848; married Albert
Howard. 6. Helen A., born December 26,
1849. 7- Mary Ann, born September 10, 1859;
married Myron L. Harwood. 8. Andrew J.,
born February 6, i860. 9. Georgianna Frances,
July 29, 1862.

(VII) Benjamin Franklin, son of Benja-
min (3) Davis, was born November 9, 1837, at
Three Rivers, a part of Palmer, Massachu-
setts. He was educated in the district schools
of his native town and at Williston Seminary

1 1 17s


of Easthampton. He began to work in his
father's factory, and later was clerk in the
Protective Union Store, No. 151, of which his
father had charge. He began farming on the
old homestead at Ware when he was eighteen
years old. He removed to Enfield, where he
followed farming and lumbering for about
sixteen years, and was very successful. He
became a prominent citizen there, being an
overseer of the poor ; in 1875 representative to
the general court, and in 1880 selectman ; also
assessor and chairman of the board. He has
always been a Republican in politics. Since
his return to Ware he has been and is still a
member of the board of assessors there. For
about twenty-five years he conducted the farm
in Ware, having a large and profitable milk
business. He retired from active labor in
1908. For a number of years he has been an
auctioneer, and his services have been in fre-
quent demand. He is one of the best known
and most popular citizens of Ware. In religion
he is a Methodist.

He married. July 26, 1856, Mary Jane Phil-
lips, born August 9, 1837, at Chicopee, Massa-
chusetts, died March 4, 1882, at Enfield. He
married (second) November 24. 1894. Susan
Maria Goyette, born at Worcester, Massachu-
setts, April 23, 1867. Children: 1. Jennie F.,
born December 17, 1856, at Ware; married
Frank E. Morris; children: Frank A., Ralph
and Hope. 2. Emma C. born March 4, i860,
at Palmer ; married Walter Newton ; children :
Florence, Lewis, Genevieve, Belle and Ruth.
3. Mary E., born December 15, 1861, at Ware ;
unmarried. 4. Benjamin F. Jr., born July 31,
1864, at Ware; farmer in New Jersey; chil-
dren: George R., Mabel, Walter and John.
5. Anna Belle, born March 22, 1866; married
Frank Booth ; seven children ; reside in Hood
River, Oregon. 6. George W., born August
29, 1869, at Enfield; died June 18, 1884. 7.
Cora Maria, born June 3, 1872, at Enfield;
married Fred Farrar, Manchester. 8. Helen
A., born June 22, 1874, at Enfield; married
Roy Cummings. 9. Rev. Charles H.. born
April 21, 1876, at Enfield; minister of Sum-
merville, Connecticut, church five years, now
pastor of Congregational church at Hollis,
New Hampshire; married, December 2, 1907,
Gertrude Kahn. 10. Mabel P., born January
16, 1880. at Enfield; married Philip S. Moore;
child, Dorothy D.

(VII) Henry Charles, son of Benjamin (3)
Davis, was born October 22, 1843, at Palmer.
He attended the public schools of his native
town and the Williston Seminary at East-

hampton. He studied his profession in the
Harvard Law School, graduating in 1868. He
was admitted to the bar that year and began
to practice in his native town. He has an
extensive practice, and ranks among the fore-
most lawyers of that section of the state. He
was appointed judge of the district of Eastern
Hampshire court in 1903.

Mr. Davis is a Republican in politics. He
has represented his district in the general
court and the town as member of the school
committee. He is a member of Eden Lodge
of Free Masons. In religion he is a Congre-
gationalist. He married. May 4, 1876, Jane
Almira Demond, born September 20, 1847, at
Ware, daughter of Lorenzo and Jane Chap-
man (Maslen) Demond, (see Demond VII).
Children, born in Ware : I. Henry Charles,
born February 19, 1877; married October,
1907, Dell Marden. 2. John Andrew, born
February 2^, 1879; married llzadie A. Jordan.
ami had daughter Gertrude, born June 18,
1907. 3. Marion, born July 29, 1882. 4. May,
May 1, 1885. 5. Arthur L., December 10,

This surname lends itself to a
DEMOND great variety of spellings. We

find Damon, Damond, Dam-
nion. Dimond, Dammond and even Deming
and Demming. It was probably De Mond
originally, and of French origin. The two
principal branches of the family in New Eng-
land trace their ancestry to immigrants at
Reading and at Scituate, Massachusetts.

(I) Thomas Demond, or Damon, the immi-
grant ancestor, was doubtless a brother of
John Damon, of Reading, Massachusetts. He
also settled in Reading. His farm was on
Cowdrey Hill. Very little is known of him
and his only child known was Thomas, men-
tioned below.

(II) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) De-
mond, was born January 31, 1659, at Reading,
and died there October 20, 1723. He resided
on Cowdrey Hill, Reading. He married. May
15, 1683, Lucy Ann Emerson, born at Milton,
October 2, 1667, died at Reading, 1740, daugh-
ter of Rev. Joseph and Elizabeth (Wood-
mansy) Emerson, of Mendon. His widow
married (second) Captain John Brown of
Reading. Children: 1. Lucy Ann, born May
20, 1684; married, 1706, Kendall Bout-
well. 2. Joseph, born September 28, 1686;
mentioned below. 3. Ebenezer, born March
12, 1688. 4. Thomas, February 9, 1690. 5.
Elizabeth, June 26, 1693; married Benjamin



Gerry. 6. Hannah, February 16, 1695 ; mar-|f
ried Samuel Leman. 7. Susanna, 1697; mar-
ried Nathaniel Townsend. 8. Mehitable, No-
vember 20, 1699; married Nathaniel Cowdrey.
9. Mary, August 31, 1701 ; married John
Holden. 10. Thomas, December 25, 1703;
died 1797; married Abigail Price. II. Ed-
ward. 12. John, born May 10, 1709. 13. Abi-
gail, November 29, 1713; married Robert

(III) Joseph, son of Thomas (2) Demond,
was born in Reading, September 28, 1686, and
died in 1777. He was one of the early settlers
of Mendon, Worcester county, where his
grandfather Rev. Joseph Emerson was min-
ister. He bought rights of Josiah Thayer and
shared in the seventh division of common
lands there June 10, 1726; shared in eighth
division July I, 1729, in ninth division May 10,
1733. and again December 3, 1736, in tenth
division, and 1745-6 in eleventh division of
land in Uxbridge, set off from Mendon. John
Emerson, his cousin, deeded land of the tenth
division to him at Mendon and Uxbridge in
1736. But he must have returned to Reading
to live, for he was described as Joseph Damon,
Sr., of Reading, in a deed of gift May 12,
1744, to his son Joseph Damon, of Uxbridge,
blacksmith, part of his homestead of sixty-five
acres on the country road adjoining James
Emerson's farm, also other lands. He lived
in Mendon, perhaps in that part incorporated
as Uxbridge. He married, 1707, at Reading,
Mary Batchelder; (second) 1755, at Reading,
Lydia (Emery) Bancroft. Children: 1. Joseph
Jr., born about 1708; died 1762, at Uxbridge,
leaving children : Joseph ; Mary, married Sol-
omon Biglo; Eunice, Thomas and Ebenezer.
2. Jabez, was witness of deeds in family, guar-
dian of Joseph Jr.'s children. 1762. 3. Daniel,
mentioned below.

(IV) Daniel Demond was probably of the
Scituate family. The first known of him defi-
nitely, however, was in Mendon, Worcester
county, whence he removed to Leicester, in the
same county. He was not in Mendon long;
he was not a proprietor, and none of the name
was there in 1 71 1 or earlier. But he was of
Mendon when his intentions of marriage were
published at Leicester, November 3, 1733, to
Deliverance Reed, a widow. That may have
been his second marriage also. He settled in
the north part of Leicester, on the estate
lately owned by Amasa Southwick, and owned
land on Tea Lane. He died 1739-40, and his
widow Deliverance married, January 20, 1742-
43, Robert Woodard. Nathaniel Patten was

appointed guardian of some of his children,
August 1, 1752, and his estate was divided
June 28, 1753. He was a weaver by trade as
shown by deed of John Lynd to him, dated
November 3, 1733, of land in Leicester. He
bought land of Joseph Potter in 1734-5, March
7. Children: I. Daniel, born at Leicester.
June 9, 1734, in the section set off as Paxton;
died at Rutland, December 21, 1848, aged
eighty-three years eight months ; John Lynd
was his guardian in 1753 ; he was a felt-maker,
removed to Providence, Rhode Island ; deeded
his share of the homestead to John Lynd, July

5, 1753. 2. Mary, married John Converse Jr.
3. Elijah, mentioned below.

(V) Elijah, son of Daniel Demond, was
born at Leicester, now Paxton, July 31, 1738.
He died at Rutland. Massachusetts, August
14 or 18, 1825, aged eighty-six years. He
moved to Rutland about 1765. He bought
land there June 3, 1765, of Eleazer Davis, of

Templeton. He married Lucy . They

deeded land to their son Daniel of Rutland,
April 2, 1796. She died at Rutland August 6,
1819, aged seventy-six. His will, dated July
13, 1824, proved December 7, 1824, bequeathed
to son Israel, of Barre, son Daniel, of Rutland,
son Alpheus of Ware, daughter Betsey Clark
of Spencer, daughter Dilla Haven, of Sanger-
field, New York, wife Polly of his son Asa and
their children, Mary, Martin, Loring and Sul-
livan ; granddaughter Lucy Prouty of Spencer
and granddaughter Mary Demond, daughter
of his son Asa. Children, recorded at Rut-
land: 1. Israel How, born February 8, 1764,
at Paxton. 2. Daniel Jr., April 6, 1765; mar-
ried, November 26, 1789, at Rutland, Hannah
Mills; bought land of Calvin Glazier, at Rut-
land. April 7, 1791. was a joiner by trade. 3.
Dilla. December I, 1768. 4. Elizabeth, Feb-
ruary 17, 1771. 5. Elijah, November 25, 1772.

6. Asa, August 29, 1775. at Spencer; died Jan-
uary 14, 1828, at Ware. 7. Lucy, died No-
vember 25. 1776. 8. Alpheus, see forward.

(VI) Alpheus, son of Elijah Demond, was
born in Rutland, August 15, 1779. He was
educated in the public schools of Rutland.
Early in life he was a successful general mer-
chant in Spencer, and was selectman of that
town for a time. He removed to Ware, Mass-
achusetts, April 1, 181 3, with Colonel Thomas
Denny, of Leicester, and bought of the heirs
of Isaac Magoon four hundred acres of land
including the mills privilege where Captain
Jabez Olmstead built mills as early as 1730.
Demond and Denny built a new dam at the
middle falls, repaired the saw mill and grist



mill, and started two carding machines and
also began to manufacture machinery. In
1814 the cotton mill was erected at the middle
falls, where the new mill now stands. It was
the intention to make yarn with power and
weave by hand, power looms not having come
into use. On account of lack of capital the
enterprise languished from 1814 to 1821, when
the property was sold at a loss to Holbrook &
Dexter. It passed to the Ware Company,
incorporated in 1823 for $600,000, and the
woolen and cotton mills that have since been
the nucleus of a thriving manufacturing town
were erected. The water power is valuable,
the fall being seventy feet in seventy rods, and
when Mr. Demond began operations there
were no mills nearer than Worcester and
Monson. Mr. Demond laid out the streets,
built the church and virtually founded the
town. He was one of the pioneers of textile
manufacturing of central Massachusetts. Col-
onel Denny died in 1814 when the enterprise
was hardly on its feet, and Mr. Demond
lacked the capital to carry out his plans alone.
At the same time the close of the war with
Great Britain was disastrous to manufactur-
ing. Demond, however, was superintendent of
much of the later work and was identified with
the interests of the town as long as he lived.
When age compelled him to retire from active

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