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business he was the patriarch of the village,
and held in the greatest reverence and respect.
He filled various offices of trust and honor
with fidelity and ability ; he was representative
to the general court in 1826 ami 1833. He
joined the Congregational Church at Ware by
profession of faith, and was an active and effi-
cient worker, lie died at Ware, August 27,
1859, aged eighty years. He married, Sep-
tember, 1806, Mary Stone, of Oakham; (sec-
ond) Priscilla McClentock ; (third) Clarissa
Dean. Children of first wife: 1. Albert
Augustine, born at Spencer, August 10, 1807.
2. Augusta, June 27, 1810. 3. Lorenzo, July
31, 1812; mentioned below. 4. Alice F., born
at Ware. 5. Mary Stone, born at Ware. Chil-
dren of second wife, born at Ware : 6. Thomas.
7. Edwin. 8. Charles.

(VII) Lorenzo, son of Alpheus Demond,
was born at Spencer, July 31, 181 2, and died
at Ware, November 13, 1872. He was edu-
cated in the public schools, and became a
prominent citizen of that town. He was a
manufacturer of straw goods. In religion he
was Congregationalist ; in politics a Whig, and
later a Republican. He married Jane Chap-
man Maslen, born at North Bradley. England,

May 10, 1815, died at Ware, December 12,
1904. She came to America with her family
when she was fourteen years old. Children,
born at Ware: 1. Alpheus, 1843: married

(first) Emma Kress; (second) Lizzie ;

had daughter by first wife, and son and daugh-
ter by the second. 2. Jane Almira, September
20, 1847; married Henry Charles Davis, (see
Davis VII). 3. Arthur Lorenzo, 1855; mar-
ried Georgia F. H. Davis ; child, Arthur L.

The surname Sterry in England
STERY is derived, we are informed by

the author of Patronimica Bnt-
tanica. from the place-name. Sturry or Sterry.
a parish in Kent. But Stari, an old personal
name, is found in the Domesday Book (1086)
and from this personal name some branches of
the family may have adopted their surname.
The name is variously spelled. The Stery
family of Western Massachusetts formerly
spelled the name Steree, which appears to be a
French form. The New England families
that have been traced, however, are all from
Roger Sterry. of Stonington, Connecticut.
Some of his descendants lived in Rhode Island,
many in Norwich, but the family is relatively
small in this country.

( 1 ) Roger Sterry, immigrant, came prob-
ably from England, when a young man, and
settled at Stonington, Connecticut. He mar-
ried, in 1670, Hannah (Palmer) Huet (or
Hewett. as now spelled). She was baptized in
1634, daughter of Walter and Rebecca ( Short )
Palmer, widow of Captain Thomas Huet or
Hewett. The only child known was Samuel,
mentioned below.

(II) Samuel, son of Roger Sterry, was
burn about t68o; married (first) 1703. Han-
nah Rose. Children, born at Stonington or
Norwich, Connecticut: I. Hannah. 1704-05.
2. Samuel. 1706. 3. Cyprian. 1707, died 1772;
married Elizabeth Brown. 4. Robert, 171 1, died

1780; married Rosabilah . born 171 1.

died 1738 : married ( second ) Lydia Olney ; an-
cestor of the Rhode Island branch. 5. Zerviah.
Children of second wife: 6. Sarah, 1727. died
1729. 7. Roger, 1730, married, 1748. Abigail
Holmes, of Stonington ; children lived in Nor-

(III) Samuel (2). son of Samuel (i)
Sterry, was born in 1706. Of him we know

(IV) Silas, son or nephew of Samuel (2)
Sterrv, was a soldier in the revolution from
Groton. Connecticut, and probably lived in
Preston, Connecticut.

J- & ^"!/



( V ) John Stery. as he spelled his name, was
son or nephew of Silas Sterry, of Connecticut.
The lack of records prevents a complete proof
of this lineage. It is known that he went to
West Springfield when a young man. He
may have removed to New York in his youth
with others of the family, though the drift of
population after the revolution was also from
Connecticut to Massachusetts. 1 he federal
census of 1790, however, show s none of the
name in Massachusetts, and but a few heads
of families except those mentioned and their
children in Norwich, Connecticut, and in
Rhode Island. There were none in New
York. John Sterry, of Worcester, Massachu-
setts, was a partner in the land bank of that
state in 1740. John Stery married Susanna
Carew, of West Springfield. She died May
24, 1849. Child, Harvey, mentioned below.

(VI) Harvey, son of John Stery (Steree),
was born in 1805. He died, according to his
gravestone. July 13, 1848, aged forty-three
years, according to the town records, January
9, 1849. The family thinks the town record
the incorrect one. He was a farmer and
owned a milk route. He married Lura Osborne,
born 1805, died September 5, 1871. at West
Springfield, aged sixty-six years. Children: 1.
Joseph H., born 1837. died November 27,
1857. 2. Mary E., died 1907: married Will-
iam Watts; parents of W. E. Watts, of 521
State street. Springfield. 3. Judson Enos.born
May 26, 1839, mentioned below. 4. Chauncey
E., living at last accounts in Colorado.

(YII) Judson Enos, son of Harvey Stery.
was born at West Springfield, formerly called
Amostown. Massachusetts, May 26. 1839, died
at Westfield, Massachusetts, January 28, 1900.
He was educated in the public schools, and
worked on the farm of his father during his
boyhood and youth. When he was sixteen
years old he went to Grand Rapids, Michigan,
for a few years, returning in 1 861. He fol-
lowed farming at Bush Hill until 1870, when
he made his home in Westfield and started in
business as dealer in meats and provisions at
Cowles Court and later with a market at the
corner of Elm and Orange streets. He was
successful in business and some years later
removed to a larger store that he erected for
his own use. He sold out in 1895, but for a
short time continued a cash market in West-
field. He built a house and market and dealt
in real estate to advantage. He was a consci-
entious, prudent, and thorough business man.
He belonged to no lodges, but was popular and
well known in the community. He attended

the Congregational church. In politics he was
a Democrat. He married Martha Pease
Dewey, born November 5, 1842, at Chatham,
Massachusetts, daughter of Andrew Addison
and Betsey Clara (Moore) Dewey. (See
Dewey, YII). Children: 1. Minnie Eliza,
born June. 1864. died 1902 ; married E. Brown ;
child" Fay V. Brown, born July 27, 1889. 2.
Mary R., born December 21, 1865, married
William H. Angell, of Westfield; children:
Raymond, born 1887, and Thelma, who is
deceased, aged four. 3. Carrie E., born April
7. 1868. married Clarence M. Walker, of
North Adams. Massachusetts. 4. Clara L.,
born August 23, 1871, married Peter Jensen;
child, Harold S., born June, 1903. 5. Mattie
N., born July 1, 1874, married Dennison H.
Eoomis. 6. Judson E.. born May 20, 1878,

Thomas Dewey, immigrant
DEWEY ancestor, came from Sand-
wich, county Kent. England,
and was one of the original grantees of Dor-
chester in 1636. He was here as early as
if 133. when he was witness to the nuncupa-
tive will of John Russell, of Dorchester. He
was admitted a freeman May 14, 1634. On
August 12. 1035. he sold his lands at Dor-
chester and removed to Windsor, Connecticut,
and was one of the first settlers there. He was
granted land in 1640 and his home lot was the
first one north of the palisade and extended
from the main street east to the Connecticut
river. He was juryman in 1642-43-44-45. He
died intestate and the inventory of his estate
was filed May 19. 1648. amounting to two
hundred and thirteen pounds. He married,
March 22, 1639, at Windsor. Frances Clark,
widow of Joseph Clark. She married (third)
George Phelps, as his second wife, and died
September 27, 1690. Children: 1. Thomas,
born February 16, 1640. 2. Josiah, baptized
October 10, 1641. 3. Anna, baptized October
15, 1643. 4. Israel, born September 25, 1645.
5. Jedediah. mentioned below.

(II) Ensign Jedediah, son of Thomas
Dewey, was born at Windsor, Connecticut,
December 15. 1647. died in May, 1718, at
Westfield, Massachusetts. He owned land in
Windsor, which he sold when he became of
age. He lived in Farmington, Connecticut,
for a short time after his marriage, and
removed to Westfield, where he made his
home. He was an early settler there, and
August 27. 1668. received a grant of land.
Two vears later he was granted a "home lot of



six acres on the fort side." In 1672 Thomas.
Josiah and Jedediah Dewey erected a saw and
corn mill on Two-Mile ' Brook, and were
granted forty acres of land for the use of the
mills. He received other grants later. He
was selectman in 1678-86-95-97-99, and was
ensign in 1686. He was admitted a freeman
January I, 1680, and joined the church Sep-
tember 28 the same year. He was a wheel-
wright by trade and lived on the east corner of
what is now Silver and South streets. His
will was dated April 4, 1715, and proved May
25, 1718. He married, about 1670, Sarah
Orton, baptized at Windsor, August 22, 1(152.
daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Pell)
Orton, o\ Farmington. She died November
20, 171 1, and a red sandstone slab marks her
grave in the old burying ground on Mechanic
street. Children, born at Westfield: 1. Sarah,
March 2S, 1672. 2. Margaret, January 10,
u> 74- 3- Jedediah, June 14. 1676. 4. Daniel,
March 9, 1680. 5. Thomas, June 29, 1682. 6.
Joseph, May 10, 1684, mentioned below. 7.
Hannah, March 14, 1686, married Samuel
Ashley. 8. Mary, March 1, 1689, died June
19, 1740. 9. James, April 3, 1692. 10. Abi-
gail, November 17, 1694.

(III) Sergeant Joseph, son of Ensign Jede-
diah Dewey, was born at Westfield, May 10,
1684. died there January 3, 1757. He was a
farmer and lived on the south corner of Elm
and Franklin streets. He was a selectman in
1726. He joined the church, April 30, 1727.
On July 4. 1715, he received by deed from his
father thirty acres of land in "Squawfield" at
Westfield. He married, in 1713. Sarah
(Warner) Root, born 1688 at Springfield,
buried February 19, 1769, daughter of John
and Sarah ( Ferry ) Warner, and widow of
Samuel Root. Children, born at Westfield : 1.
Joseph, October 7, 1714, mentioned below. 2.
Sarah. April 15, 1716, died March 4, 1729. 3.
Lydia, Alay 25, 1718, married. June 5. 1755,
David Weller. 4. Mary, March 21, 1720, mar-
ried. November 8, 1744, Joseph Clark; died
April 10, 1749. 5. Roger, 'March 17, 1722. 6.
Noah, May 3, 1724.

(IV) Deacon Joseph (2), son of Sergeant
Joseph ( 1 I Dewey, was born at Westfield,
October 7. 1714, died there August 25, 1799,
aged eighty-four. He was a farmer and occu-
pied the homestead on West and Silver streets.
His house was a large two-story building, and
Dudley avenue now passes over the site. He
married 1 first 1 January 26. 1738, Beulah
Sackett, born January 30. 1714, died October
27. 17119. 'laughter of Joseph and Abigail

Sackett. He married (second) November 25.
1773, Hannah Phelps, born May 12, 1734, died
November 2. 1815, daughter of Aaron and
Rachel ( Bagg) P'helps. A large red sand-
stone slab in the old Mechanics street burying
ground marks the resting place of him and his
first wife, with this sentiment inscribed:

" Our glass lias run
Our work is done
Our bodies mouldering

When time shall end
We hope to Ascend,
And live with God

on high."

Children, born at Westfield: 1. Beulah,
February 5, 1739, died July 18. 1739. 2.
Joseph. March 5, 1 741 . 3. Benjamin, April 5,
1743. 4. Gad, January 14, 1745. mentioned
below. 5. Eliab, November 2, 1746. 6. Beulah.
October 12, 1748, died Januarv 12, 1752. 7.
Sarah. September 12. 1750. died unmarried, of
consumption, October 30, 1799. 8. Marv, June

23. 1.753-

( \ ) < .ad. son of Deacon Joseph (2) Dewey,
was born at Westfield, January 14. 1745, died
there June 28, 1823. He was a farmer and
lived near W. G. Palmer's house (1871) on
the old Ashbel Fowler place. J. J. Fowler
place, Southwick. also at Fox District, near
the old Archibald Ely place. He and his wife
owned the covenant February 17. 1 771 . He
married. July 17, 1768, Deidamia Wood, born
January 1. 1747. died February 11, 1823. Chil-
dren: 1. Urania, born December 2, 1769, mar-
ried Eleazer Webster ; she was killed by light-
ning, April 2. 1841, and gold beads which she
wore were melted, some of them being found
in her shoes. 2. Roger, August 11, 1771, died
January 19, 1826. 3. Elijah, September 17,
1773. 4. Beulah, October 15, 1775. married
George Weaver: died April 7, 1812. 5. Esther,
May 6, 1780. 6. Anna. December 28. 1782. 7.
Reuben, September 6, 1785, died October 21,
1808. 8. Ethan, mentioned below.

(VI) Ethan, son of Gad Dewey, was born
May 20. 1788, in W r estfield, died there April
12. 1 84 1. He was a farmer and lived at Green
River, Columbia county. New York, and
Westfield, Massachusetts. He married Electa
Phelps, born January 2j,, 1791. died July 25,
1871. daughter of Jonah and Sarah (Max)
Phelps. She married (second) at Granville,
May 20, 1853, Elihu Clark, of Lee, Massachu-
setts. Children: 1. Andrew Addison, born
July 26. 1810, mentioned below. 2. Sarah
Amret. May 12. 1815. 3. Eliza Ann. October



14, 1816, married, March 3, 1842, Bradley
Dewey; died August 11, 1850. 4. Harriet,
August 18, 1818.

(VH ) Andrew Addison, son of Ethan
Dewey, was born at Green River, Columbia
county, New York. July 26, 1810, died at
Granville, Massachusetts, February 17, 1889.
The genealogy states that he was adopted. He
was a farmer and lived at various times in
Granville, West Springfield, Russell, and other
towns in western Hampden county, Massa-
chusetts. He married, March 1, 1837, Betsey
C. Moore, born 1817 at Suffield, Connecticut,
adopted daughter of Jesse and Clarissa Phelps.
She died at the home of ber daughter, Mrs.
Stery, Westfield, February 24, 1880. Chil-
dren, born at Westfield : 1. James Phelps, Jan-
uary 9. 1838. married. June 19. 1861, Delacey
Sherman. Horn at West Springfield : 2.
Julius Andrew, January 25, 1841, married,
December 3. 1863, Mary C. Bronson. 3.
Martha P., November S. 1842, married Tudson
E. Stery. (See Stery, VII). 4. Ethan Allen,
February 9, 1845, married Ellen A. ESisbee ;
(second) Emma N. Barber. 5. Bradley. June
22, 1847, married. December 13. 1876, S.
Annie Holmes. 6. Charles Waters, September
25, 1849; married, November 30, 1877, Mary
L\ Cadwell. 7. Milton H., October 10, 1853,
married Emily Brown. 8. Henry A., July 8,
1856, died August 2^, 1856. 9. Henry A.,
June 8, i860, married. April 30, 1883, Mamie
T. Pasco.

Abraham Pietersen Van
VAN DEUSEN Deusen (originally Deur-

sen), of Haerlem, in the
Netherlands, came to New Amsterdam at a
very early date, and like the majority of early-
Dutch settlers was not in the habit of using
his surname, which, unlike many Dutch sur-
names, was the surname of his family in
Netherlands and not assumed after settlement
in this country. It was derived from the village
of Deursen, in North Brabant. The earliest
New York colonial records state that Abra-
ham Pietersen, of Haerlem, Netherlands, took
possession in 1636, for the Dutch East India
Company, of the island of Ouentensis, in front
of Sloops Bay. Elsewhere it is described as
the island of Quetenis, in front of Sloop Bay
and Pequator's River. In 1664 the records
show that he was still living, and that in addi-
tion to the island mentioned he owned another
near Pequot River called by the English the
Dutchman's Island. In 1638 he was called the
first miller of New Amsterdam, and the miller

was then an important and lucrative position.
He is called Molenaer (the miller) sometimes
in the records. He was one of the twelve men
chosen to consult with the director-general and
council August 29, 1641, and of the eight men
who sent a memorial to fhe States General,
November 23, 1643, setting forth the distressed
condition of the colony and begging for assist-
ance. These twelve men and eight men were
the first assemblies in Manhattan island. He
was one of the contributors to the fund to
strengthen the defences of the island. October
12, 1655. He lived on the east side of Heeren
street, April 19, 1665, when he was assessed
to support soldiers. This street is now Broad-
wav. and his house was the third place south of
Wall street, opposite Trinity Church. He was
granted burgher rights April 14, 1657, and was
land corporal of the burgher corps. He and
his son Isaac took the oath of allegiance to
William HI., the Dutch King of England, in
October. 1664. He was a man of prominence
and some wealth and education. He and his
wife were prominent members of the old Dutch
church in the fort at New Amsterdam. He
married in the old country, and his older chil-
dren were born there. The patronymics Pieter-
sen and Abrahamsen were used until 1667,
wdien the English influence caused the family
to resume the surname Van Deusen. or Deur-
sen. Descendants have divided in the spelling
of the name, some using Van Deursen, others
Van Deusen and Van Dusen. There are rea-
sons to think that Abraham had two brothers
in New Amsterdam — Cornelius, a cadet in the
Second Burgher Corps, married Tryntje Hend-
ricks, and Pietersen, master of masters in 1638,
who married Geertje Everts. But the de-
scendants of the brothers did not resume the
surname Van Deusen, and their descendants
are lost si^ht of in the multitude of Cor-
nelisens and Hendricksens. William Pietersen
and Adrian Pietersen may have been brothers
of Abraham also. The Van Deursens were
among the leading families, and became con-
nected by marriaee with the most prominent
Dutch families of New York. Of Abraham's
sons. Isaac and Peter lived in New York ;
Mattheus, Jacob and Melchior settled in Albany
county. New York. Abraham was born in
160s : married Tryntje Melchior, about 1628.
Children: 1. Mattheus, born 1629; mentioned
below. 2. Isaac, born 1632: married, April 5,
1650. Jannetje Jans. 3. Marytje. born about
1634: married, about 165 1. Thomas Jansen
Mingall : (second) Evert Jansen Wendell. 4.
Jacob, born about 1640 ; married. September

1 684


23. 1663, Catalyntje Van Elslant. 5. Pieter,
baptized at New Amsterdam, March 23, 1642.
6. Melehior, baptized March 6, 1644; married,
1668, Engeltje Rutgers.

(II) Mattheus Abrahamsen Van Deusen,
son of Abraham Van Deusen, was born about
1629. He was granted a lot of land at Bev-
erwyk, Albany, October 28, 165(1. He removed
to Albany in 1667. He married, about 1653,
Helena Robberts. Children: 1. Tryntje, born
about 1654; married, 1674, Samson Benson.

2. Elizabeth, married, 1676, Johannes Benson.

3. Cornelia, born about 1665; married, about
1686, Matys Janse Goes. 4. Robbert, see for-
ward. 5. Marritje, married, January 29, 1(11)4.
6. Jan, married, March 14, 1695, Maria Mar-
tens Van Buren. 7. Abraham, born about
1670; married, May 23, 1697, Jaconyntje Van
Schoonhoven. 8. Jacobus, married, November
14, 1695, Aeltje Uyttenbogert. 9. Catalyntis,
married, December 5, 1699, Jacobus Martens
Van Usselsteyn. 10. Isaac, married. October
9, 170(1, Baata Van Usselsteyn. 11. Helena,
married, 1707, Harpert Van Deusen.

(III) Robbert Tennis Van Deusen, son of
Mattheus Abrahamsen Van Deusen, married
(first) about 1689, Cornelia Martens Van
Buren ; ( second ) August 21, i7i8,Geertruy Van
Benthuysen. Children: 1. Johannes, baptized
July 13, 1690; married, August 16, 1712, Chris-
tina Van Alen. 2. Mattheus, baptized Novem-
ber 1, 1691 ; married Christina . 3.

Marten, baptized February 21. 1694 ; mentioned
below. 4. Tobias, baptized August 16, 1696;

married Ariantje . 5. Robert, baptized

September 1, 1700: married. November 22,
1724, Christina Roorpagh.

(IV) Martin (Marten) Van Deusen, son
of Robert Van Deusen, was baptized at Clav-
erack. New York. February 21, 1694. He died
in 1782. His will was proved October 2, 1782,
and he was then of Pawling Precinct. He be-
queathed to sons Robert Melchert and John.
He married (first) December 23, 1719. El-
bertie Vander Poel, daughter of Melchert Van-
der Poel, Jr., of Kinderhook, and Catherine
(Van Alen ). She was born February 3, 1697.
He married (second) February 19. 1744, Zara
Gardenier. Children: 1. Cornelia, baptized
October 22. 1720, at Kinderhook. 2. Catherina,
baptized October 14, 1722, at Albany. 3. Mel-
chert, baptized April 17, 1726, at Albany, died
young. 4. Robert, baptized September 20,
1723, at Johnston, Columbia county. New York.
5. Ariaantie. baptized November 10, 1728, at
Kinderhook. 6. Melchert. baptized February
22, 1738, at Albany. 7. Cathalyntje, baptized

October 25, 1730. at Kinderhook, died young.
8. Johannes, baptized May 28. 1732 ; mentioned
below. 9. Cathalina, baptized June 15, 1735.
10. Elbertje, baptized February 9, 1739. Child
of second wife: 11. Geertje, married Abra-
ham Van Deusen.

( V ) Johannes (John) Van Deusen, son of
Martin Van Deusen, was baptized at Kinder-
hook, May 28, 1732, Johannes Vander Poel
and Catharina Van Alen being sponsors. In
1790, according to the federal census, John Van
Deusen, John Van Deusen, Jr., Winson Van
Deusen, Robert Van Deusen and Abraham
Van Deusen were heads of families in Hills-
dale, formerly part of Claverack, New York.

(VI) John Van Deusen, Jr., son of John
Van Deusen, was born in Hillsdale, New York,
about 1760. Children: Isaac, mentioned be-
low ; Martin, Robert, Lewis, Sally.

(VII ) Isaac Van Deusen, son of John Van
Deusen. was born about 1790. in Hillsdale,
New York. He lived in his native town. Chil-
dren, born at Hillsdale: John, Martin, men-
tioned below ; Calvin, Louisa, Juliann, Nancy.

(VIII) Martin Van Deusen, son of Isaac
Van Deusen. was born at Hillsdale, April 12,
1818, and died November 28, 1852. He was a
farmer in his native town. He married Esther,
daughter of David Baldwin. Children, born at
Hillsdale: I. Exene, January 10, 1846, died
February 4, 1849. 2 - Alice E., May 7, 1848;
married, February 3, 1867, Edward Cook. 3.
Henry Marshall, September 29, 1850; men-
tioned below. 4. Martin E.. January 25, 1853,
died November 1, 1864.

(IN) Henry Marshall Van Deusen. son of
Martin Van Deusen. was born at Hillsdale,
September 29, 1850. He was educated in the
public schools of New Marlborough, Massa-
chusetts, and later attended the South Berk-
shire Institute. After farming for a few years
in New Marlborough be took up the business
of manufacturing whip lashes. Afterward for
twenty years he was a traveling salesman in
the whip business. Since 1887 he has been a
whip manufacturer on his own account in
Westfield, Massachusetts, and has been very
successful. In addition to his manufacturing
business he has an excellent farm at Westfield,
and is especially interested in the raising of
Hereford cattle. In politics he is an independ-
ent Republican, and very much interested in
municipal affairs, lie served his district as
representative to the general court in 1896:
was a member of the school committee nine
years, and its chairman five years, lie is a
member of the First Baptist Church of New


168 =

Marlborough. He is a prominent Free Mason,
a member of Mount Moriah Lodge, of West-
field : Westfield Chapter. Royal Arch Masons ;
of Springfield Commandery, Knights Templar;
of Melha Temple, Mystic Shrine : and of Woro-
noco Lodge of Oddfellows. He has been a
director of the First National Bank since 1894.
He was one of the prime movers in construct-
ing the electric railway to Springfield, and is
one of the directors of the company.

He married. May 3. 1888, Adella Delight Lee,
born March 29, i860, in Westfield, daughter
of Hiram Harrison (usually called Harry)
and Lucella Lee, of Westfield, and granddaugh-
ter of Charles W. Spencer, one of the pioneer
whip manufacturers of Westfield. (See Lee
family). Children: Spencer Martin, born
August 9, 1890; Achsah Lee, September 29.

Walter Lee. immigrant ancestor, was
LEE born in England, about 1030. He
died at Westfield. Massachusetts. Feb-
ruary 9, 1718 "at a great age." He settled
first in Connecticut and was admitted a free-
man there in 1654. He removed to Northamp-
ton in 1656, and to Westfield in 1605. In 1664
he had a grant of four acres for a house lot
and thirty-three acres of meadow at Westfield.
He married (first) a wife who died at West-
field, February 29, 1696, and (second) 1705,
Hepzibah, widow of Caleb Pomeroy. Chil-
dren of first wife, born at Northampton: 1.
John, January 2, 1657; mentioned below. 2.
Timothy, August 8, 1659. died young. 3.
Stephen, March 5, 1662. 4. Nathaniel. Decem-
ber 25, 1663, at Westfield. 5. Mary, January
15, 7665, at Springfield. 6. Elizabeth, at West-

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