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of any other man. From his early manhood
he took a lively interest in all matters per-
taining to town affairs, and was honored with
nearly every office in the gift of the town, as
well as other offices of honor and trust. For
many years he was a member of the Episcopal
church, but he was exceedingly liberal in his
religious belief. He married (first) Cornelia.
died 1855, daughter of Judge William Bray-
ton ; (second) Emma Everest Gates, widow of
Dr. Horatio Gates. She died in February.

(VI) Mortimer Catlin, son of Jonathan
Ferris, was born at Swanton, Vermont, March
29, 1818, and died April 6, 1889, in Brookline,
Massachusetts. He attended the public schools
of his native town. He came to Boston when
a boy, and began work as clerk for Dane,
Dana & Company, importers and dealers in
teas. He was promoted from time to time, and
finally admitted to partnership. His connec-
tion with this firm lasted fifty years. He was
a capable and successful business man, well
known in the trade and highly respected wher-
ever he was known. He made his home in
Brookline, and was warden of the Protestant
Episcopal church of that town. In politics he
was a Republican. He married, June 22, 1852,

Mary E. Raymond, born June 20, 1832, daugh-
ter of Edward A. and Eliza T. (Pollard)
(Blackmail) Raymond (see Raymond). Chil-
dren: 1. Edward Mortimer, born December
26, 1853; died September 15, 1890: graduated
at Harvard College 1874, studied medicine,
but never practiced ; succeeded his father in
the firm of Dane, Dana & Company. He mar-
ried Marion Eliza Yale, December 11, 1879.
Children : i. Mortimer Yale, born March 29,
1881, married, February 14, 1905, Elizabeth
Leavitt, one daughter, Mary, born February 6,
1906; ii. Cyrus Yale, August 13, 1883; iii.
Raymond West, December 4, 1885, married,
December 28, 1908, Henrietta. 2. Mary Eliz-
abeth, born February 4, 1858; lives with her
mother at Brookline. 3. Lynde Raymond, born
November 6, i860; died March 5, 1907; grad-
uate of Harvard, class 1883; unmarried.

Captain William Raymond,
RAYMOND immigrant ancestor, came to
New England, according to
his own testimony given in the Essex court,
December 28, 1697, "about the year 1652." He
was of Essex county, England, and his father,
William Raymond, the "Steward," was brother
of Richard Raymond, a prominent pioneer, of
Salem. Massachusetts. Captain William Ray-
mond was born, according to his testimony on
the same occasion, about 1637. He made his
home at Beverly. He was in the Narragansett
fight in King Philip's war in 1675, and was
appointed by the general court in 1683 lieuten-
ant-commander of the Beverly and Wenham
troops. He also commanded a company in the
ill-starred Phipps expedition against Canada in
1690. He was deputy to the general court from
Beverly in 1685-6. He died January 29, 1709.
He married (first) Hannah Bishop, born April
12, 1646, daughter of Edward Bishop; (sec-
ond ) Ruth, daughter of Isaac Hull, of Beverly.
Children of first wife: I. William, mentioned
below. 2. Edward, baptized July 12, 1668;

married Mary , who was dismissed from

the First church, Salem, to the new church,
April 2, 1716. 3. George, baptized October 30,
1670. 4. Hannah, baptized May 18, 1673;
married (first) Nathaniel Hay ward ; (second)

Hutchinson. 5. Abigail, baptized July

23, 1676 ; married, March 29, 1694, John Giles.
Children of second wife: 6. Mary, born May
2, 1682 ; married Josiah Batchelder. 7. Ruth,
born 1690; died March 1747. 8. Ebenezer,
born 1 69 1.

(II) William (2), son of Captain William
( 1) Raymond, was born at Salem or Beverly.



Massachusetts, about 1666. He was a witness
in a witchcraft case in Salem, and seems not to
have been one of the deluded ones. He was
killed in January. 1701, by the fall of a tree.
He married Mary, daughter of John Kettle, of
Gloucester. Children, all born in Beverly: 1.
Mary, May 16, 1688; died January 20, 1689. 2.
William, February II, 1690. 3. Daniel, No-
vember 25, 1691. 4. Paul, mentioned below.

(III) Lieutenant Paul, son of William (2)
Raymond, was born at Beverly, January 22,
1695, and died in 1759, aged sixty-five years.
He was a lieutenant of a military company.
He married, February 28, 17 1 7, Tabitha, daugh-
ter of Freeborn Balch. Their first five children
were born in Salem and baptized in the First
church there. They were dismissed from this
church to the church at Bedford, Massachu-
setts, April 4. 1736- Children: I. Elizabeth,
baptized April 9, 1721. 2. Mary, baptized
March 10, 1723. 3. William, born July 30,
1725; mentioned below. 4. Edward, baptized
December 17, 1728. 5. Paul, baptized May 17,
1730; served in the revolution; married, No-
vember 2j, 1755, Abigail Jones. 6. Lucy, burn
at Bedford. August 7, 1737. 7. Nathan, born
February 29, 1740. 8. Tabitha, September 19,

1/43- „ ,

(IV) William (3), son of Lieutenant Paul
Raymond, was born July 30, 1725, and died
December 2. 1780. He lived at Holden, and
for a time in Princeton. He married, October
9, 1745, at Bedford, Mercy Davis, born July
2^,, 1725, died February 4, 1810, daughter of
Daniel and Mary (Hubbard) Davis, and - a de-
scendant of Dolor Davis. Children, born at
Bedford: 1. Mary, May 10. 1746; died July
30, 1838; married (first) February 25, 1767,
Bartholomew Stearns ; ( second ) Walk-
er. 2. Mercy, October 2, 1747; died July 15,
1829; married, August 25, 1768, Jonathan
Lovell, Jr. 3. William, September 20, 1749. 4-
Hannah, August 19, 1751 ; died April 29, 1790.
Born at Holden: 5. Betty, May 6, 1753; died
August 5. 1838. 6. Lucy, February 6, 1755;
married (first) May 16, 1775, Hezekiah Walk-
er; (second) Reed; died 1849. 7.

Amos. March 23, 1757; was in the revolution.
8. Tabitha, October 28, 1759; married, January
16, 1 78 1, John Perry, Jr. ; died September 20,
1822. 9. Lois, January 2, 1762. 10. Daniel,
February 1, 1764. 11. Asa, January 1, 1766;
mentioned below. 12. Lydia, May 26, 1768;
married, November 18, 1790, John Hubbard.
13. Persis, November 9, 1770. 14. Child, born

(V) Asa, son of William (3) Raymond,

was born at Holden. January 1, 1766, and died
January 5, 1863, at Shutesbury, aged ninety-
seven. (Shutesbury records say December 5,
1862). He was a farmer at Holden, and re-
moved to Shutesbury in 1800. He was a
farmer, a respected and useful citizen, active,
industrious and public-spirited. In religion he
was a Congregationalist. He married, at Holden,
April 17, 1787, Huldah, daughter of Elijah
and Huldah (Keyes) Rice (see Rice). This
couple lived to celebrate their diamond wed-
ding, the seventy-fifth anniversary of their
marriage, said by a writer at the time to have
been the first instance of the kind in the state,
if imt in New England. Mr. Raymond was
then ninety-six years old, and his wife ninety-
five. During their wedded life they were never
separated for a longer time than two weeks at
a time. At the time of the celebration, Mr.
Raymond was infirm, and both hearing and
memory were impaired, but he could read
without glasses, while Mrs. Raymond had her
hearing and an excellent memory, though her
sight had failed. The family gathering on this
occasion was remarkable. Among those pres-
ent were : Edward A. Raymond and daughter,
Mrs. Benton, and her daughter, of Boston ;
Hon. Z. L. Raymond, wife and daughter, of
Cambridge; Mr. and Mrs. Emmons and daugh-
ter, and Mrs. Willard Raymond and five chil-
dren, of W'estborough ; Mr. and Mrs. Ferris,
of Brookline; Rev. Lucius R. Paige and wife;
Rev. Asa Billiard, of Cambridge, and Horace
1 hint, of New Salem; Mrs. Huldah Spear and
daughters, and many neighbors and friends of
the vicinity. Photographs of the aged couple
were taken, and gifts made. The speakers
were Hon. Z. L. Raymond and Edward A.
Raymond, sons ; Rev. Dr. Paige, Rev. Mr.
Bullard and Mr. Hunt. "A prayer was offered
by Mr. Bullard, when the aged patriarch, amid
emotions that almost prevented utterance, ac-
knowledged the unceasing kindness and love of
his children and grandchildren that had never
allowed him to want, but had ever made his
cup of happiness to overflow. All then united
in singing "Praise God from whom all bless-
ings flow," in which grandmother fervently
joined." The longevity of this family is re-
markable on both sides. The mother of Mr.
Raymond died at the age of ninety ; and of her
thirteen children, mentioned above, six lived
to the age of ninety or more. Her father lived
to the age of ninety-seven, and the average age
of her brothers and sisters was over ninety-
two years. Mrs. Raymond died at Shutes-
bury,' May 17. 1862, a month after the cele-

1 692


bration, aged ninety-five years, six months,
seven days.

Children: I. Edward A., February 0, 1791 ;
mentioned below. 2. lluldah, born 1794: mar-
ried Moses Spear. .March 11, 181 1. 3. Lewis,
born 1796; died 171)8. 4. Daniel, born June
2 7- l 7 l >7- 5- Willard, born June 2$, 1800;
resided in Westborough, where he died June
30. 1851); married Sarah Dickman, of Peters-
ham. 6. Lucy, born June 2J, 1802; died De-
cember 14. 1803. 7. Zebina Lee, born August
2T,, 1804; state senator, mayor of Cambridge,
Massachusetts ; married Rhoda Hildreth, of
Petersham. 8. Emmons, born September 23,
i8o(>; resided in Boston and Westborough;
married Mehitable Munroe.

(VI) Edward A., son of Asa Raymond,
was born 111 llolden, February 6, 1791 ; died at
Brookline, August 1, 1864. He was a promi-
nent merchant in Boston. He was a member
of various Masonic organizations, and a dis-
tinguished member of the fraternity. He re-
sided on Beacon street, Brookline, in the house
now owned by Edward J. Mitton. He married
(first) September 10, 1817, Lydia Dunham,
died March 13. 1825; (second) July 2, 1828,
Eliza T. (Bollard) Blackmail, widow. Child
of first wife: 1. Caroline A., born June 2^,
1822; married, November 16, 1841, Austin W.
Benton, of Brookline. Child of second wife:
2. Mary E., born June 20, 1832; married, June
22, 1852, Mortimer Catlin Ferris, of Brookline
( see Ferris ).

(The Rice Line).

(Ill) Elisha, sou of Thomas Rice, grandson
of Edmund Rice (q. v.), was born December
1 1. i(>7<;. He resided in Sudbury, and married,
February 10, 1707-8, Elizabeth Wheeler. He
had a thirty acre grant of land in Worcester in
1718. and was a proprietor in 17 19, and his
fifth child was recorded there. lie returned to
Sudbury, where he died intestate in 1761. His
eldest son Eliakim was administrator of his
estate. Children: 1. Eliakim, born February
2~j, 1709: married Mehitable Livermore. 2.
Elisha, born March 2, 171 1 ; died young. 3.
Elisha, born November 3, 1713. 4. Julia, born
March 30, 1716. 5: Silas, born November 7,
1719; married Copia Broughton. 6. Elijah,
born March 5. 1722; mentioned below. 7.
Zebulon, born January 5, 1725; died Decem-
ber 26, 1799; married, December 7, 1749, Sus-
anna Allen.

( IV) Elijah, son of Elisha Rice, was born
March 5, 1722, and died at Holden, in 1818, in
his ninety-seventh year. His will was dated
April 8, 1799, and proved April 7, 1818. lie

resided at Shrewsbury, in that part now Boyls-
ton, and removed to Holden after the birth of
his children, lie married Huldah Keyes, born
1727, died at Holden. March. 1799, daughter
of Ebenezer and Taniar (Wheelock) Keyes.
Children, born at Shrewsbury: 1. Elijah, Sep-
tember 11, 1749: married Relief Williams. 2.
Lois, September 19, 1751 ; married, January 1,
1770, Edward Goodnow. 3-4. Tryphena and
Joseph ( twins), died young. 5. Ebenezer, born
March 12. 1756; married (first) Sarah Tain-
tor: (second) Ruth Eveleth. 6. Zerviah, born
August 6, 1760; married Simon Stickney ; (sec-
ond ) Thaddeus Colburn. 7. Lettice, married,
July 18, 1782, Thomas Davis. 8. Huldah, mar-
ried Asa Raymond (see Raymond).

Edward Southworth, pro-
SOUTHWORTH genitor of the family in

England, was born there
about 151)0, and died about 1621. He married.
May 28, i''i 3, Alice Carpenter, of YVrington,
Somersetshire, England. He was a silk worker
in Leyden ; one of the Pilgrim exiles who
formed Rev. John Robinson's church. He was
descended from the Southworths of Samles-
bury II all, Lancashire, where the family was
established in the thirteenth century. His
widow married Governor William Bradford,
of Plymouth. Tradition has it that Alice Car-
penter and Bradford were lovers before either
married, and that her parents selected Edward
Southworth because of his higher social rank.
After Brad ford's wife Dorothy was drowned
in i'rovincetown harbor. Governor Bradford
wrote to the widow in England, and she came
over in the ship "Ann," in 1623, to marry him.
Wtx two sons, Thomas and Constant, came
with her, or soon followed. She died March
2J, 1070, aged eighty years. Children of Ed-
ward and Alice Southworth: 1. Constant,
mentioned below. 2. Thomas, born in Leyden,
Holland. [616; died in Plymouth, December 8.

( II ) Constant, son of Edward Southworth.
was born in Leyden, in 1615. He was brought
up in the family of his stepfather, Governor
William Bradford, at Plymouth, Massachu-
setts. He was admitted a freeman in 1636-7,
and was in the service against the Indians in
the troubles of 1637. In [646 he was color-
bearer for the Duxbury company. He was of
the council of war in 1653: a deputy to the
general court and assistant to the governor :
and treasurer of the colony, 1659 to 1673. He
owned land in Tiverton and Little Compton,
Rhode Island, as well as Duxbury. He mar-



ried, November 2, 1637, Elizabeth Collier, of
Duxbury, daughter of William Collier, a Lon-
don merchant, who assisted the Plymouth col-
onists, and in 1633 himself made his home in
Plymouth, where he died in 1670. Constant
Southworth died March 10, 1679. Children :

1. Mercy, born about 1638. 2. Edward. 3.
Alice, born 1646; married Benjamin Church,
the celebrated Indian fighter. 4. Nathaniel,
mentioned below. 5. Mary, married David,
son of John and Priscilla Alden, Pilgrims. 6.
Elizabeth. 7. Priscilla. 8. William, born 1659.

(III) Nathaniel, son of Constant South-
worth, was born in Plymouth, in 1648, and
died in Middleborough, Massachusetts, Janu-
ary 14, 1710-11. He married, January 10,
1771-2, Desire Gray, born November 6, 1651,
died at Plymouth, December 4, 1690, daughter
of Edward and Mary (Winslow) Gray. He
lived at first in Plymouth, later in Middle-
borough. He was surveyor of highways in
Plymouth in 1673, constable there in 1668.
selectman 1689 and 1691, and ensign in 1694-
95. He owned land in Tiverton, Rhode Island.
Children: 1. Constant, born August 12, 1674.

2. Mary, April 3, 1676. 3. Ichabod, March,
1678-9. 4. Elizabeth, 1682. 5. Nathaniel, May
18, 1684. 6. Edward, mentioned below.

( IV) Edward (2), son of Nathaniel South-
worth, was born in Plymouth, in 1688, and died
in Bridgewater. April 26, 1748. He married,
in Hull, June 25, 171 1, Bridget Bosworth, of
Hull. He removed with his family to the
north parish of Bridgewater during its early
settlement. Children: 1. Constant, born July
25, 1712; mentioned below. 2. Bridget, April
15, 1714. 3. Ebenezer, August 13, 1716. 4.
Edward, December, 1718. 5. Theophilus, Feb-
ruary 10, 1720; in the revolution. 6. Sarah,
January 16, 1723. 7. Lemuel. April 27, 1728
(twin). 8. Benjamin (twin), April 27, 1728.
9. Mary, January 2, 1732.

(V) Constant (2), son of Edward (2) South-
worth, was born July 25, 1712, and died in
1775. He married (first) April 18, 1734, Mar-
tha, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Forbes)
Keith; (second) January 6, 1770, Mrs. Han-
nah Shaw, of Raynham, who married (second)
September 29, 1780, Robert Keith. Constant
Southworth and wife joined the church in
1 741. He was a bloomer by trade, and re-
sided at Bridgewater, where all his children
were born. He was in the militia in 1762, and
in 1775 was ensign in Captain Abiel Packard's
company ( Sixth Bridgewater) , Colonel Thomas
Clapp's regiment. He died from disease con-
tracted while working on the Continental forti-

iii— 38

fications of Dorchester Heights. Children of
first wife: 1. Betsey, born January, 1735. 2.
Nathaniel, mentioned below. 3. Ezekiel, March
10, 1738; in the revolution. 4. Martha, April
18, 1741. 5. Mary (twin), April 18, 1 741. 6.
Desire, September 7, 1742. 7. Jedediah, Janu-
ary 6, 1745. 8. Constant, January 29, 1747.
9. Sarah, December 9, 1749. 10. Ichabod, June

9, I75I-

(VI) Nathaniel, son of Constant (2) South-
worth, was born February 16, 1737, in Bridge-
water. He married (first) January 15, 1762,
Katherine. daughter of David Howard; (sec-
ond) March 18, 1777, Janet or Jennet, daugh-
ter of Simeon and Mehitable (Packard) Brett,
of North Bridgewater. She married (second)
April 20, 1789, Ephraim Groves. Children,
born at North Bridgewater: 1. Martha, 1764;
died young. 2. Simeon, July 17, 1766; men-
tioned below. 3. Nathaniel, April 6, 1769. 4.
David, born 1773. Child of second wife: 5.
Catherine, born 1777; married Ambrose Kieth.

(VII) Simeon, son of Nathaniel (2) South-
worth, was born in North Bridgewater, July
17, 1766, and died July 1, 1820, in Lyme, New
Hampshire. He married, December 24, 1789,
Elizabeth Anderson, born 1768, died August
28, 1795 ; ( second) April 30, 1798, Anna Stone,
of Oxford (North Gore), born February 1,
1770, died October 28, 1834, in Worcester,
buried at North Oxford, and was daughter of
Uriah and Lois (Stone) Stone. He was a
carpenter, born in Bridgewater, removed to
Ward, now Auburn, and later to Lyme, New
Hampshire, where his six youngest children
were born. Children of first wife: 1. Alva,
born 1 79 1. 2. Justin, 1792. 3. Child, died.
Children of second wife : 4. Elizabeth, born
July 12, 1799; died August 7, 1853; married
Benjamin Willis Childs. 5. Nancy, born April
24, 1801 ; died January 20, 1881 ; unmarried.
6. Sarah, born September 17, 1803; died April
5, 1824; unmarried. 7. Louisa, born Novem-
ber 29, 1806; died January 8, 1870. 8. James
M., born January 2, 1809; died September 19,
1872; married, 1843, Fanny Hunter. 10. Con-
stant, mentioned below.

(VIII) Constant (3), son of Simeon South-
worth, was born in Auburn, Massachusetts,
March 15, 1814, and died December 5, 1877.
He removed to Lyme, New Hampshire, with
the family, but when a young man settled at
Hardwick, Massachusetts, in the northwest
part of the town. He became a very promi-
nent citizen there ; was selectman eight years,
assessor four years, and moderator eleven years.
In 1870 he became an incorporator of the



Massachusetts Central railroad. He was inter-
ested in public education, and served five years
on the school committee. He was representa-
tive from his district in the general court in
1847 and 1857. Except for a few years when
he lived at Milford and Gilbertville, he spent
his active life in Hardwick. He was a farmer
and lumber dealer. He owned what are known
as the Wardwell Mills, where he manufactured

He married, January 23, 1839, Sarah C.
Sibley, of Auburn, born at Millbury, Decem-
ber 6. 1816, died May 21, 1891. Children: 1.
Constant Eugene, born December 8. 1839; he
served three years in war of the rebellion ; he
died in 1906; he'married (first) Lucretia John-
son ; children : Sarah M., May 29, 1867 ; Con-
stant F., May 10. 1870, died 1902. His first
wife died November 24, 1874 ; second wife Cor-
delia S. Johnson; child: Lucretia A., May 12,
1879. died March 31. 1895; this wife died in
1904. 2. Alvah Fitzroy. born August 11, 1843;
died unmarried February 10, 1869. 3. Artiller,
August 1 1 , 1843 I a soldier for three years in the
Tenth Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery;
discharged in 1865, and died the same year. 4.
Oscar Sibley, born December 6. 1845 ; men-
tioned below. 5. Frank Kossuth, born Sep-
tember 2. 1851 ; married, December 10, 1878,
Hattie J. Stark, and had : i. Mabel Anna, born
October 14, 1880; ii. Bernard W., May 20.
1882; iii. Laura A., November 26, 1883, died
October 12, 1884; iv. Gilbert S., September 14,

(IX) Oscar Sibley, son of Constant (3)
Sovtthworth, was born in Hardwick, December
6. 1845, and died there May 10, 1907. He was
educated in the common schools of his native
town and at Salem Academy. He then
entered the employ of his father in the lumber
business. Later he entered partnership with
his father and brother, and conducted an ex-
tensive business manufacturing lumber at Hard-
wick, Massachusetts. In 1891 Mr. Southworth
came to Ware and built a large mill for the
manufacture of doors and sash. He also manu-
factured boxes. His brother, Frank K., was
in business with him in Hardwick and in Ware.
He bought large tracts of land in Ware and
vicinity. From the wood lots that he owned he
cut the timber and sawed it with portable saw-
mills located on the property. He built a hand-
some home on Church street, and built and
rented a large shoe factory, both in Ware. He
was very active, enterprising and industrious,
keenly interested in the affairs of the town and
lending his aid to every plan for the improve-

ment and welfare of the town. In politics he
was a Republican, in religion a Unitarian.
Thoroughly upright and fair in business, his
agreeable manner and kindly disposition won
for him many friends and the esteem of the
entire community in which he lived. He mar-
ried. April 15, 1869, Fannie M. Collins, born
April 9, 1845, daughter of Daniel Collins (see
Collins, VIII. ). Their only child was Mary
Louisa, born at Hardwick, July 24, 1870, now
living with her mother, in the home at Ware.

(The Collins Line).

( 11 ) Joseph Collins, son of Henry Collins
( q. v.). was born about 1635, in England. He
settled in Eastham, Massachusetts, removing
thither from Lynn. He married, about 1656,
Duty Knowles.

(III) John, son of Joseph Collins, was born
about 1660. He married Hannah Doane, and
had twelve children, among whom were: I.
Jonathan, mentioned below. 2. Benjamin, born
1687; married Sarah .

(IV) Jonathan, son of John Collins, was
born in Eastham. in 1682. He married Eliza-
beth Vickory, and settled at Truro, Massachu-
setts. Children, born at Truro: 1. James, bap-
tized October 18, 1724. 2. Gamaliel (perhaps
the eldest, called an adult, being perhaps ten
years old), mentioned below. 3. Deborah,
born Jul}- 17, 1726. 4. Joseph, September 1,
1728. 5. James, September 12, 1731.

( V) Gamaliel, son of Jonathan Collins, was
born about 1715. baptized October 18, 1724.
At the church in Truro the following children
of Gamaliel were baptized: 1. Gamaliel, and
the four children following were baptized to-
gether, November 3, 175 1 ; mentioned below.
2. Elizabeth, born before 1751. 3. Jonathan,
lived in Truro, and had son Gamaliel ; baptized
September 28, 1783, and daughter Sarah, born
July 20, 1788. 4. Sarah, born before 1751. 5.
James, born before 1751 . 6. Benjamin, bap-
tized December 25, 1757. 7. Sarah, baptized
March 2, 1760. 8. Jesse, baptized October 5,

( Yl ) Gamaliel (2), son of Gamaliel (1)
Collins, was born in Truro, before 175 1 , and
was baptized there November 3, 1751. He
married Rachel Rich, of an old Truro family.
Their two eldest children were born and bap-
tized in Truro, but about 1774 he removed to
Hardwick, Massachusetts, where the rest of
the children were born. He was a master mar-
iner at Truro, and "the first adventurer in
whale fisheries at Falkland Island." His home
at Hardwick was in the southwesterly part of



the town. He died at Plymouth, apparently
on his return from a voyage, as his will dated
March 27, 1786, proved June 13, 1786, men-
tions among his children the youngest son,
born the previous September, "that was not
named when I left home." Captain Collins
was a member of the committee of safety and
correspondence in 1776, and selectman in 1778;
his descendants are eligible to the societies of
Sons and Daughters of the Revolution. Chil-
dren, born at Truro: 1. Jonah Stevens, bap-
tized December 10. 1768. 2. Rachel, baptized
November 25, 1770: married, February 23,
1790, Elisha Newcomb. Born at Hardwick :
3. Gamaliel, February 20, 1776; mentioned
below. 4. Jerusha, August 5, 1778; married
Judah Marsh, of Ware, February 20, 1800. 5.
Priscilla, April 24, 1780; married, November
15, 1803, John Wicker. 6. Aquila, January 29,
1782; married, October 18, 1807, Mary Smith,
of Grafton. 7. James, September 1, 1785.

(Y1I) Gamaliel (3), son of Gamaliel (2)
Collins, was born in Hardwick, February 20,
1776. He resided on the homestead, and was
a farmer in Hardwick all his life. Fie died
September 28. 1825. He married, June 21,

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